Went out to a bar with some of the girls from the office last night. After about half an hour I felt the need to poo as I hadn't been at lunchtime, so I headed for the ladies room. There were only 2 stalls and one was occupied. The stall I went in had a broken lock and the door didn't close properly but I went in, pulled up my skirt (no panties, just stockings, as the weather is hot) and sat down. As the door didn't properly close I could see out and I assume others could see me sitting down and wouldn't come in. I farted and felt a soft, but heavy poo slide out of my bottom. As the second poo was coming out I lifted my cheek up off the seat so I could look down to see what kind of poos I was making. Of course, just as I was doing that, the door flew open and there was one of the girls from work staring at me as I was looking at this turd falling from by bottom! She said "oh, I'm sorry" and closed the door. She waited for one of the stalls to empty as I carried on my farty poo! s. When I finished, wiped and flushed, I left the stall and went over to the sink where this woman was washing her hands. Out of the blue she said "you know I watch my shit come out as well", then she went into the stall and with the door open she sat on the toilet. Sure enough she lifted up her bottom and I saw a long turd hanging down! She let it drop, wiped and adjusted her clothing. She didn't flush saying "I like to show others who come after me." We went back to our table and talked about pooing and I told her of my public pooing. Seems I have made a pooing friend!

Gruntly Bogwell, I love your posts. I loved the ones about the shitting on the ships! The girl who had such a struggle shitting as you secretly watched is one of my all time favourite posts on here! Just wanted you to know.

Buzzy, you're such a brilliant poster here. I love all your stories. I wish you could come share an outside dump in my garden with me. There is a shed out there which is side on to a field. The two times in my life I was brave enough to take an outside crap took place there.. it felt very private as I squatted and dumped over the nettles.

GOLDGIRL - Hi! Yes, like Steve says, I like to pee in my
bathwater sometimes. I can just lay there in the water
and let it all come out. I have liked doing that since I
was a little girl, about 6 or 7! I like the yellow cloud
between my legs, and Steve does not mind if I do it
when he is in the bath with me, though I often just get
up out of the water and have a carefree wee into the
water and enjoy how it sounds.

KIM - Hehe I hope you do not get the wrong idea when I
wrote I did not see anything wrong with Tommy's idea of a
buddy dump. I did not mean I would want to sit on your
lap or anything, I was thinking of just squatting side
by side outdoors or something like that. Yep, you have
your Scott and I have my Steve, and though I have said I
think I might be a little bit bi I agree with you I
would not want to be sitting on the toilet with another
girl to shit, but I have enjoyed doing it with my man.
He! hehe I do not think Steve thought Scott's friend John
buddy dumped with you more than just the once, I think
he was just joking. Have fun now!

ADRIAN - You are right about the dirty public toilets. The
toilets at my local swim pool are not good for the ladies,
and it is one reason why I started going with my boyfriend
into the men's, and I often prefer to pee outside because
of dirty toilets as well. You know I think I agree with you
on the unisex toilet thing, I do not think I would feel
safe unless Steve was with me or there was a lady attendant.
I do not think it would be clean either because yes, men
and boys do not aim straight, and women would not like to
sit down on the seats when they see they are wet. In a
strange toilet, I hover anyway, but a lot of women always
just sit. I would say no to the unisex toilet I think.
I hope your infection clears up soon, I bet it is not very
nice for you I'm sure.

JOE K - I do not know about my shits being different so I
would notice when it is my time of the month.


A couple of days ago, I went bike riding along one of the trails. THere are several city parks along the wy along with bathrooms. At the end of the trail, there is a local private college. I ended up going in to dump a load. There are some college students there taking classes along with kids camps at the school. The downside, I got there after dinner which meant there were very few people that I could share a dump with.

Also, a question for Karl Camper. Which camping ground was this where there were the open stalls that had the teens dumping out of curiosity ?

I agree about smells. Like you I enjoy watching and listening, but the smell from other guys' shit is often so foul as to spoil the whole experience of visiting the shitter.
I like to give myself a golden shower before I take a shower. I lie back in the shower stall (water not running of course) as far back as I can, hold my cock in the air and pee all over myself. It runs down my belly either at the sides, or better still between the legs, right through my pubic hair and perineum, and feels lovely and warm. Then I stand up, turn on the water, wash all the piss away and clean myself up.
I enjoyed the Aunty Susy story very much.
Adrian (England)
I agree with you about preferring to piss in urinals. A lot of men on this page say how they like peeing in a stall sitting down, but a urinal is quicker, more hygienic and uses less water. Pity they don't have them in private houses. I usually use the washbasin at home, except at night! , when I always sit to pee, because when I am sleepy my aim is dreadful. If I drink coffee in the evenings, which I often do, I can get out of bed to piss in the night as many as three times. If I don't want to need to get out, I have to keep off the coffee.

Chris (UK2) - yes, i do enjoy your stories! and yeah, i agree, not everyone on here can talk the way you, me, and a few other people do! i'm not sure why i don't like my own poop, i just can't picture myself staring at it, cause it's my own, i don't know why. we'll see what happens next time min is over.

Katrine - haven't heard from you in a while, any new adventures in the wonderful world of pee?

Ke-Ke and Jacobi - cool! you love to fart! so do i, and i love when my friends fart around me too! any more farting stories for us?

see ya,

Laurie, That was a great story. I don't think there is anything wrong with how long it took you to dump. You just like to sit and relax and enjoy a good poop. There is nothing wrong with that. I can't wait to hear your next installment about your trip. Love ya, Kevin


To goldgirl: Yeah i'd say peeing in a bathtub is an awesome feeling, i put that at number 2...cause number one feeling is excreting something else where guys pee from!!

To Gruntly Bogwell: Great story about u pooping with your aunt when you were seven, she got to wipe u, rub ur ????/back and then u got to rub her ????/back and wipe here...that must be a turn on for was for me....very cool!!

hello all! hello louise how are you? tommy's message was something. i dont blame him for liking hot blondes like us. and yes louise you would win the peeing contest and i would probably win the monster log contest. the score would be even.thanks for describing your steve to scott & i. we appreciate it- plus i hope i did not offend you by saying i did not want to buddy dump with you. i meant it in a polite way. like your my friend and i dont need to do that sort of thing with a nice girl like you especially when you have a man to do it with already. and guess what? i have tried doing what you said by looking in the mirror and pushing out a log. this was great louise because i havent gone to the bathroom in a few days and when i was ready i got nude like i usually do and crashed out an absolute monster bowel movement in the bowl!!!. i saw thru the mirror. my quivering pink ass and anus streching unbelievably wide to let it all out.This monster was a good 13 inches i meas! ured it! thanks louise for pushing me to try it. and dont worry my friend, when scott & i experience another hot toilet story you and steve will be the first to know about it!!. now you and steve take care of yourselves and each other ok? love, kim& scott

Friday, June 16, 2000

I loved the fantasy! GREAT!
My morning poop was on the money
I pulled down my shorts and panties, and slowly began to ease out soild brown turds. I sat there relaxing and enjoying my music and toilet farts (You Know how loud those farts can be). When I finshed my poop I looked a toilet full of brown LOGS and the smell was foul, I loved it!

I love to fart also!

You sound Shy, just remember every body poop's and farts.

There is nothing like farting in small area so the few people around can get a good wiff!!!

FART & shit with pride!

Talk shit you guys later!


I really enjoyed reading about your experience while doing temp work. It sounds like Karen also enjoys a good poop. Any chance you'll be going back to work there?

I don't see anything wrong with the length of time it took for you to poop. Like you said you hadn't gone for a few days, and it might also have something to do with having company while doing it. Maybe you just wanted to savor the feeing a little. I know I would!

There do not seem to be many recent posts about skidmarks and/or poo/pee stains in underwear. May I ask whether this is because of a lack of interest (surely I can't be the only one who is curious about such happenings), is it that we all usually only see our own 'mistakes' and not often other peoples, or just that the topic hasn't been raised lately? Thanks.

Just to please all I have changed my name again and this is the last time! Goldgirl, It's great that me and you can talk like that on this forum, I support you in anything you write! One question to goldgirl, you said you couldn't look at your own poop but you could look at your mates, tell me if there's any differance?! Buzzy: Thanks mate, yer there will be more storis about me and Sally (doing a buddy dump this time) soon, but it's a long one and I don't have time to post it because I have to be at work................................NOW! Oh god late again, Goldgirl: do you enjoy my stories

Bye 4 now!

Joe K
Hi everyone! It has been 3 weeks now since my last post and
I have a question for the ladies. I hope this doesn´t offend anyone and if it does I sincerely apologize. When you are in your menstrual period does your shit smell like blood or something, or its just as usual? Please answer.

Midwest Farm Girl
Tommy - no, that question doesn't offend me at all. as i've said before, i am a lesbian, and yes, my friend and i are more than friends. we've never gone beyond kissing, but we are only 15 and 14, so that will come later, i know it will. we definitely love to pee with each other. that is what makes us such a special couple. i hope we are together forever.

love, MFG

Josh - great story! have you ever peed in unusual places?

Laurie - thank you for sticking up for me!

Tommy - why, thank you! i am definitely unique, that's for sure! do you have any peeing stories?

Bryian - isn't peeing in the bathtub the most awesome feeling? i wish i could do it for 10 minutes without stopping!

Steve, England - thats so cool that Louise likes to pee in the bathtub too! like i said above, i absolutely love that relaxing feeling of letting it go in the warm water. and like Louise, i love to watch the yellow mix in with the water.

Jessica From Canada - that was a cool story! you sure did pee a lot! i've never been able to overflow something the size of a thermos, especially not more than once! i am extremely impressed! i wish you could come to my house and pee with me!


VICKY - I have some other stories that you can read. That
one I told you about is on page 336. I bet you know how close
you feel to your man when you are pissing outside and he is
watching you. I love it, and if we have been out in the
evening for a drink, I often go into an alley with him on
the way home. In the alley I usually squat and wee a huge
gusher while he watches it squirt out, so you are not alone!
I have written here to tell of how I have been caught
weeing in the park on my way home from work. My heart was
thumping hard then, but what a giggle!

TOMMY - I would not mind buddy dumping with Kim at all,
there would be nothing wrong with doing that. I do not
think I do logs as big as Kim's. My biggest logs are
only about 12 inches long, but I do not push such huge
ones out very often. Kim has said she has done logs
much longer than that, so I think Kim would win.
It maybe I could beat Kim in a pissing! contest, but I
do not really know until Kim measures how much she
does like my boyfriend Steve has asked her. I think the
dumping and pissing contests would be good for an audience
to watch!

KIM, what do you think about Tommy's message? Maybe the
score would be even, one event each? Hehehe.
Yeah, I read about Scott being black and a muscular 6 footer.
I bet he is big in all the right places eh? Hehehehe. Steve
is as tall as me, leanly muscled but well proportioned, you
know how I mean? He is very handsome with blonde hair, and
girls like him a lot, but he is mine!
Try the thing with the mirror. You will enjoy yourself,
to see one of your logs stretching you open!
Yes please tell us about any more exciting times you have
with your Scott! Have fun!!!

ANDY - No, hehehehe When I was at school I did not usually
stand to do it, I bent over the bowl and hovered my bare
bum over it while I squirted my p! ee straight down like I
do when using a toilet away from home. I knew it was not
usual for girls to stand and pee, but my mum told me I
should have a choice of squatting and standing, so she
taught me how to do it. She told me when it would and would
not be a good idea to stand, and I understood why she told
me all that. Anyway I love to squat and pee, but I love to
stand also, so when I do either depends on my mood and if
I feel ok with standing just then. My mum did not have anyone
teach her, I don't think. I think she just heard that girls can
stand to pee and she liked to try things out, so she did and
and decided that girls *can* stand too. Hehe. I will ask her
if that is right when I see her.

PV - I did it I did it I did it today! I went into a men's
toilet in a deserted part of the building and I had a wee
there! I was in my white blouse, a short black skirt, bare legs
and black high heels. I had waite! d until I was really bursting
for a wee before I went there. When I reached the door of the
room, I felt really nervous and my heart was jumping real hard.
I looked around and I waited for a minute just in case some guy
was in there, but I was really needing to go, so I just pushed
the door open and went in. I was real close to pissing in my
knickers, and I hurried over to where there were three of those
funny shaped bucket type wall standing urinals. I lifted my
skirt up and pulled my knickers to the side. The shape of the
urinal was easy for me to stand straight over because I am tall
enough, so I did not even have to aim with my fingers. I took
off my knickers to make it easier, then I lifted my skirt right
up again so I was nude from the waist down. I stood over the
urinal and I just let rip so straight away I blasted a real
strong yellow stream down into it. When I do it with no hands on
my pussy lips like that, ! I pee a little bit forward naturally so
there was no problem even though I spray just a little bit when
I wee real hard. I hissed real loud and the wee lasted a really
long time. I bet it was over a litre, easy. My heart was thumping
hard because I knew that if some guy came in now, he would have a
good look at my bare bronzed bum and between my open legs to see
wee squirting down into the urinal. When I finished weeing I
dripped for a minute of so, then I went into a stall and took some
paper, wiped my pussy dry again and threw the paper it into the
toilet. I did not flush it. So I put my knickers back on again and
walked out of the room, my heels making a noise on the floor tiles.
I bet it is a while since high heels walked on that floor, that is
if they ever did! I felt really daring and excited when I used the
men's all by myself, and I would do it again. Perhaps I will be
lucky next time and have some male company to! surprise eh? Hehehe!
I enjoyed Steve's story about how he took his lady workmate into
the men's, did you? I bet she was after him.

Aim high,


Josh a.k.a MeMyselfandI.. what part of Kansas?

Anne (the bus driver). Thanks for your kindness and frankness which is refreshing and always much appreciated. I always like to hear about your motions, especially the really big meaty ones.

So far as Sennokot is concerned, I wouldn't ever use it myself from choice - for the reasons you've already stated. If a gentle lax is needed, prunes, figs and dates are by far the best things to have - as indeed fresh fruit. I wouldn't over indulge if you were taking a bus out though! I know the advertisement you mean, although I think the woman in it is a little younger than fifty.

So far as unisex toilets are concerned I'm not keen on the idea. Apart from the obvious safety issues for both women and men I'm not keen on the idea of using a cubicle unless it's for #2 and I'm fairly desperate. I like urinals because it doesn't matter if the man's aim isn't perfect and mine often isn't. I sometimes sit down for #1 at home and at work, but that's purely from choice.! I wouldn't really like to do it in public toilets unless absolutely necessary. Properly cleaned and maintained urinals shouldn't be smelly anyway. From some of the postings I've seen here, there are quite often smelly cubicles.

Best wishes for now

TO LAURIE- Looking forward to another good post.

Well anyways here's a story. Last night after coming back from a baseball game, I stopped to get a burger and fries from a fast food place. I know what you are all thinking, HE GOT THE RUNS, but actually no I didn't. I never knew that fast food could make you sooooooo constipated. I was having stomach cramps all night and they were really painful. So I got up this morning and had a huge urge to take a crap. Well I sat down and BOOM, crap city, it felt so good, like I had lost 30 pounds. After I was done wiping and everything, I looked at it. It was the wierdes shad of black-green in my life.

That's it for now.

Gruntly Bogwell
When I was a lad of 7 years old back in the mid 1950's I went to New York for a wedding, my 25 year old aunt Susie came in from England the same day. She really took a liking to me, she would tousle my hair and tell me what a fine boy I was and what a handsome man I would grow up to be. I thought she was pretty because she had brown hair and green eyes. The next day she asked my parents if she could take me downtown to do some shopping for the wedding, they agreed and we headed off to Macy's. By the time we got to the store I really had to pee. I whispered my need to her and she marched right into the ladies room before I could say anything. I was old enough to go by myself, but she caught me by surprise and I was embarrassed at first. She took me into a stall and I had to hurry to get my little organ over the toilet bowl in a hurry to avoid peeing in my pant. As I was peeing I farted and Aunt Susie said, "Whew that's a little stinker, how long has it been since you ha! d a poo." I told her not since we left on the trip…"No time like the present and she whipped down my pants and lifted me up on the toilet. My feet couldn't touch the floor and my skinny bottom hung over the rim of the seat with plenty of room to spare. I was to flabbergasted to poo, but I another fart came from my little hole. "Go ahead sweetie, its OK, we're family and I don't want you to have an accident while we are shopping." So I strained, but nothing came out, but another small fart.

Just then I heard the klip, klip, klip of high heels coming into the ladies room. The lady took the stall next too us and I saw her blue shoes turn around facing away form the toilet I heard the rustle of clothes being pulled up and panties being pulled down, her high heels klip, klipped as she backed up to the commode…I heard her bottom plop on to the toilet followed by a very loud fart, which scared me and I farted another small one…my heart was racing. The lady in the next! stall sighed and began to dribble pee in to the toilet…all of a sudden the pee stream became a fast hiss and the lady grunted. I realize now that she was straining for a poop and this put her pee stream into high gear. Then I heard a PLOOMPPP, followed by several plops and an "ahhhhh" come from the stall next door. My Aunt Susie giggled and whispered for me to try again…I tried real hard and another fart came out of my bottom. The lady next door wiped several times, got herself together, went out to the sink washed up and klip, klip, klipped across the white tile floor and out of the restroom.

Aunt Susie said her let me help you and she squatted down next to the toilet and put her hand on my ???? and rubbed the lower part of my back just above my bottom. Aunt Susie was wearing a tight tan skirt, which rode up as she squatted to help me and I could see down into the darkness between her legs to where the white skin was above her stockings. Her hand rubbing my! ???? and the rubbing on my lower back acted like a laxative and my bowels opened up and a lumpy, then a smoother poo began pouring forth. "Oh good boy," Aunt Susie encouraged me and several more turds fell out of my seven year old rectum. Before I could do anything my pretty aunt began wiping my bottom…"OK all clean," she said and helped me down from the toilet and pulled up my pants. As she stood up, she winced and said "Whoops, I think the squatting down to help you and this mornings prune juice have given me an urge which I can't ignore.

No sooner had she said this than she turned around positioned herself to use the toilet, pulled up her tight skirt exposing her thighs above her stockings, pulled her white lace panties to just below her knees and sat down quickly as a fluttering fart echoed into the bowl. She reached around and flushed my poos away, leaning forward to strain, which caused another bleating fart to be emitted form her rectum. The toilet stopp! ed running and Aunt Susie said, "I hope it isn't a false alarm, those long plane rides bung me up a bit."
Meanwhile, I was in a state of shock as my pretty aunt was sitting on the toilet in front of me giving me a full view from the waist down as her tight skirt was hiked up. I could see the white garters of her garter belt coming down over the tops of her thighs and along the side of her legs where her thighs filled up the toilet seat to hook into the light brown stocking tops. Her legs were together and a tuft of brown pubic hair peeked out from where her legs came together with her stomach as she sat perched on the commode.

What happened next was to doom me to a life of fascination with feminine bowel habits. Aunt Susie leaned forward and grunted again and turned a little red with the strain, and blew a fut, fut, fut type of fart. She saw my wide-eyed stare, tousled my hair and said, "It's OK my little darling, we're family and nature has to take its cours! e," her voice rising with another grunt. "Maybe I should rub 'your' ?????" I stammered with my heart pounding in my ears. "Maybe you should Aunt Susie laughed and placed my hand on her rounded stomach caused by her squatting, she leaned forward trapping my hand between her ???? and the lacy garter strap on the top of the leg. I felt her stomach tighten as she groaned out, "I believe its working!" her face going very red as I heard a crackling sound from the bowl under my aunt, her green eyes squeezed shut, An "uuuhhhnnnggggghhhh" was followed by a FALOOMPPPP and a surprised "OH!" "What happened?" I whispered. "That poo just splashed water right back up my bottom," she laughed. Aunt Susie grabbed some toilet paper and rolled up on her left cheek and began to wipe the toilet water off her bum. I peered down into the toilet with ultimate fascination to see a knobby brown turd floating in the water. It was a five incher and a fetid smell reached my nose. Aunt Susie sett! led down on the seat and caught her breath as another crackling sound came from the bowl, followed PLUNK and a sigh.

I gently put my hand back on her stomach, she smiled and leaned slightly forward again, her ???? tightened against my hand as poos came plunking and plopping out. "Thank goodness for prune juice!" she whispered to me and relieved herself of a few more turds from her nether region which added to the growing smell in the stall. Aunt Susie ended her poo session with a wet and gurgling fart, took a wad of toilet paper raised up on her left haunch to clean up, she pulled it back with a dark brown smear across it. Looked at it and tossed it back in the pot. This activity gave me a good look at the mess from her bowels distributed throughout the toilet water…brown logs of various sizes surrounded the first lumpy one which had some brown mush on top of it. "Sorry about the smell, you're a good little boy to put up with your constipated Auntie." Embolde! ned by the intimacy we were sharing, I heard myself ask if I could help her wipe her bottom, like she helped me? Aunt Susie laughed, handed me the toilet paper she was wadding up for another pass and raised up on her left haunch so I could get at her rectum. My trembling hand slid around the curvature of her pretty bottom and disappeared into her crack, the skin of her rounded right cheek felt very cool against my upturned wrist after hovering over the toilet water for so long. I heard a slight groan and looked up to see her eyes closed as my little hand rubbed the toilet paper back and forth. I pulled the wad back with a brown smear and showed it to Aunt Susie. She said, "Good job honey, here is some more paper, clean me up real good." This time she rolled way up on her left cheek and I saw her puckered hole, which would pooch in then out after each wipe. After two more passes there were no more stains on the paper. Aunt Susie stood up, pulled her lace white panties an! d I saw it all…she flushed…we went to the sink, washed our hands and left. Two teenage girls brushed past us as we exited the ladies room, this was followed by muffled "EEEUUUWWW's" from the other side of the door and complaints about the smell as we walked away. To this day my Aunt Susie and I have a special bond from our "buddy" dump in Macy's. When I visit her in England and she announces, old lady fashion, that her prune juice is working, then winks at me as she leaves the room. I think back to that day when nature took its course.

Shy Pam
This past week has been "poop week" at work - I kinda had two poop incidents to report.
I work for one of the top name toy stores while I am on summer break from college. During the last week I went to the back of the store where the stock room, office and bathroom is. As I went past the bathroom I heard a VERY loud, long string of farts, they went for I guess over a minute. I've never heard anything that long or with the variety of noises! To make things worse, I can't tell who was inside - both the manager (male) and assistant manager (female) weren't around so I couldn't pin down who it was. There was no grunting or other noises to help me identify the artist. Everytime I see them now I hope they don't notice my curiousity as I look at them. I didn't get back to the bathroom until several hours later so there was no tell-tale evidence. Maybe I will find out who it was.
The second incident happened near my check out register. I was busy with a man buying a ! Nintendo game for his kids. The girl at the other register was waiting on a woman with 3 kids. Two of the kids were I guess 6 or 7 and 9 or 10. The other kid was about 4 and stayed in line with his mom. All of a sudden I heard "MOM! I think I hafta poop!" followed about 1 second later by what sounded like a long wet-fart. It turned out to be diarrhea. The kid just stood there as it really ran out into his pants! His light blue shorts really highlighted the mess he made in his pants. His mother who was paying at the time very angrily said "Dammit! Of all times for you to pick to poop your pants! You know I'm in a hurry and now I'll have to drive home to change your goddam pants. It's gonna make a real mess in the car and I hope your sisters don't get sick in the car from the smell! I should make you wear them so you remember next time!" She went on and on instead of taking the kid to clean him up. The kid really didn't look too upset and wasn't crying. I kept think! ing "Good for You! Give it to that bitch mother of yours! She needs more aggrevation for being so uncaring." As he finally waddled out there was a diarrhea puddle and trail on the floor...thank god we have tile and not carpet! The manager had to get someone to clean it up. It really didn't smell too bad considering it was diarrhea. I really felt bad for the kid though.

Hi, everybody!

Coprologist: Thanks for the Dept. of Sanitation official
health guidelines. Rest assured, however, that my wife and
I suffered no adverse health conditions, as I took the precaution of throwing out all of the food that we had been
storing in the refrigerator before placing my monster load inside... come to think of it, maybe THAT is what freaked my wife out...

Hiker: Greetings from the Northern Hemisphere! Very entertaining story of your hot January(!) caving expedition! I look forward to hearing more from you.

Cheri: Thanks for the compliment! Next time you're cruising through Vermont, you'll have to stop by so I can give you a live performance!

Linda: SUPER buddy dump post! Good to read another post from you in your very amusing, upbeat writing style, and as a bonus to hear more about the incredible MONA!! Thanks!

Laurie: Yet another excellent, detailed post! You did a
superb! description of an obviously BEAUTIFUL, satisfying
poo... I can also relate to the heightened pleasure of doing a really nice one after a period of loose, messy,
smelly, disagreeable ones, because I'm currently suffering
through a time like that... I think it started with a Bloody Mary I made a week or so ago that I accidently put
"too much" (Ha! Any more than .000000001 ml, if you ask me now!)of a specialty store spicy hot sauce (habanero peppers!)in, and then did my best to finish over two nights... oh, well... to answer your hypothetical question, I also usually spend 20-30 minutes on a nice, leisurely movement at home when I can, and try to use at least ten
minutes if in a hurry(like at the office), simply because for me it's too uncomfortable to "close up shop"(!) too soon! Since my anus generally stretches a great deal, it
hurts to contract it too quickly. Also, I usually have the feeling(sometimes correct, sometimes incorrect) that there's more ! in there that needs to come out... so I take my time (I usually read). Final point: You're invited to
use my bathroom for AS LONG AS YOU LIKE any time, provided
you promise NOT to flush and allow me to enjoy your wondrous creation!

I have a story that is just like a scene out of American Pie. I was in my science class freshman year (we have longer science classes at our school) and we had a little party for the end of the year. We all had cans of pop. There was this one guy that didn't like very many people, and I guess this was his way of getting back at them. He had a bottle of ex-lax with him, and when two people put their cans down, he poured some of it in their pop. (I didn't know this, but someone else told me later.) one of the people with the laxative was my best friend. She drank the whole can of pop. About ten minutes later, she was just sitting at a table looking kind of uncomfortable. Then she farted, and liquid shit ran down her leg. She dashed from the room and went to the bathroom. After ten minutes, I went to check on her. There were wet farting and liquid shit splashing sounds echoing throughout the small bathroom. She couldn't stop. She lost so much water, that she passed! out on the toilet, still pooping. The nurse had to come into the batroom with a wheelchair and lift her off the pot. We found out later the guy who did it, and he got suspended. Does anyone else have a story of a laxative-induced poop?

TO HIKER-WoW,boy would i have loved to see that-Lucky guy!TO LAURIE-Love the ladies room pooing story-It's time like that is when i would like to disguise myself as a woman and go in to a ladies' room just to hear all you girls dump-Funny what you said about the smell-I don't care for the smell of other people's poo myself-i love to watch other people poo and i love to listen to them poo,but if the smell is too a way it turns me off-the other day i was at the gym and i had to shit,so i went to the men's room and just as i'm preparing the bowl,some guy runs into the next stall and lets go with some serious loose dumping and i was hit right in the face with the smell!It was horrible-i almost couldn't take it-so i got up and went outside for a few mins,while this guy got rid of whatever crawled up his butt and died and i had to go pretty bad and i stood there holding it and even when he left,i waited another 5 mins and ran into the bowl and dumped-i couldn't stand that sm! ell!My dump was OK i guess,but i couldn't enjoy it like usual cause of the stink!Nothing else to report-just waiting for the weather here in NY to get better so i can poo outdorrs some more! Would love to run into some of you in the woods to poo together! BYE

How did you ever manage to contain such a large amount of liquid, Josh?

I assume it felt pretty good.

To Laurie- That was a great post about your Monday poop with Karen. Loved the detail! I hope you will not mind knowing that reading your story made me hard...

kim & scott
hello all! dear steve: my boyfriend scott and i buddy dumped with scotts childhood friend john just once. and it will most likely be just once only!! john heard about us buddy dumping from scott and I decided to let him in on it just this once. ok steve? and to tommy: louise is my friend. I really dont want to buddy dump with her. I have scott and she has steve. and actually tommy... louise is the one that pees alot and I!! am the one that has the monster logs ok? and to anonymous please-i liked your story about the man crashing out a huge deli sized turd .believe it or not I have crashed out logs like that myself once in a while. like not too long ago i had a 17 1/2 should see my monster logs anonymous please!! they will probably excite you or make you blush or both. take care now from kim

Harry (Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.)
Ace>> I would also reccommend that you see a doctor as quickly as possible. Several years ago, a friend of mine, when I was living in Seattle, had come down with hepatitis, and it turned his urine dark brown, almost the color of coffee or very strong tea. He didn't know it at the time, and only found out about it, because he had to have a physical for a job with the company he was applying for. Needless to say, the doctor that took the urine specimen about fainted when he saw the color of the urine.

John (VT): A turd in the bottom of the toilet would have been wonderful. I farted (SBD) in front of my co-worker today, It smelt like rotten eggs. I had a nice time for a couple of sec. breathing in that fart. My co-worker said "ohhhhhh What did you eat, that fart smell liked you need to take a shit, next time give me a warning! I laughed and said maybe. I wish I could see some turds coming out of her asshole, or if my face could be right in front of her ass while she lets out a long smelly fart!

Thursday, June 15, 2000

Ace. I'd see the doctor without delay. It sounds like a urinary tract infection (UTI). I know all about those - I'm currently being treated for one.

Buck (IL)
Don't mess around with this situation. Odd coloured urine can be a sign of kidney infections and other illnesses. If you've had this more than a day, it's already too long. See a doctor or go to the Emergency Room. It may only be a minor infection that a few days on antibiotics can knock out; but some more serious diseases also manifest themselves this way. Even letting a minor infection go untreated can lead to much scaring and damage inside your body. Hope you get better.
Buck from Illinois

Today I had to go to the bathroom. I have a favorite I like to go to. I went to the Hess Station restroom. I also brought my girl along to watch. I pulled down my baggie jeans to my knees. Then I sat and let out a huge fart. Lots of liquid shit flew out. I sat there for a while more and just let out a load of wet shit and wet farts. My girl felt sorry for me she gave me a kiss. As I was finishing she said she had to go. So I wiped my ass And let her go. She passed out 8 brown pices I kept count. She wiped her ass back to from to front. She pulled up her tight pants and flushed. What a relif. It all went down. And then we left. We kissed and went to my place.

Joanah is 5'8 165. She makes me look small. Im 5'5 140. She likes to work out a lot . She has musclar arms and chest. I am listening to my Jay-Z cd right know in the bathroom with my laptop on the counter typing this.

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