I had been checking this site since last year and, after a rebooting of my computer (that led to losing most of my bookmarks), I am able to be back to it. I think that I have something to share, as almost everybody here sounds (or reads?) pretty cool and with interesting stories.
I am a 34-year old male living in Chile (you know, South America), and I had always felt a great interest about shitting, mostly about women's shitting (that's a turn on for me).
I'm very much into outdoors (I'm an experienced mountaineer) and nudism, and from this last issue is that I have several stories. Now it's not time to go around naked (it's winter here, and in fact, I'm wrapped in my sleeping bag in front of the computer,as it is VERY cold and rainy these days, and for tomorrow is expected some snow), but I have memories from past summers.
I use to go to a nude beach near Quintero, in the central coast of Chile (about 3 hours from Santiago) and to camp there for several days; alt! hough nudism is not very common, nor officially tolerated, in this country, people gathers there almost every weekend after the weather starts to be finer (this is, around mid-October) till the end of March, when it comes too cold to be next to the sea without clothes on. There are about 8 to 20 people in the small beach on weekends, but up to 100 can be seen in summer, and as it is quite far away from any facilities, the bathers have to "go to the bathroom" wherever they can, mostly between the tiny dunes (the sand strip between the cliffs and the beach is quite narrow) or inside a cave that's at the end of the beach. I use that cave to take naps in the afternoons (I do not carry an umbrella for the sun,and sleeping inside the tent is a thing close to be in the hell after a couple of minutes), and o'course, I do that fully nude. I knew that the cave was used as a shitter, as the toilet papers and turds show that, but never seen anybody actually "using" it. It was a very hot ! afternoon past January, and after engaging in talks with 3 pretty girls that were sunning themselves there (two of them nude, and a third topless wearing a Brazilian bikini bottom, you know, these skimpy ones) I went apart to take a nap inside the cave. I was there, trying to get asleep when, after some 30 minutes, a silhouette came in, toilet paper in hand; at the beginning, I was quite dazed (I was half-slept), but then I realised that it was one of the nude girls that I had been talking to. She was 20,dark blonde and pretty slim. She was fully nude, and after walking in some 5 meters, she turned her back to me (she never spotted me, and at the beginning I was afraid of stepping out, 'cause that might make her feel embarrassed), bent forward (not squatting) and started to pee. It was a long piss, and the sight made me a bit aroused and quizzy :Why they have to hide, if everybody around is naked? Well, after she left, I decided to go out but after waiting for a while; just ! a couple of minutes later, another nude girl came in (a 19 year-old brunette) and pissed as well. I decided then to stay there longer. About one hour later, the most gorgeous of that girls came in: it was the one in topless, a 20 year-old brunette, really slim and curvy and clad only in that brazilian bikini. She walked further inside, and when she was about to step on me (she was barely at 2 meters from me), she stopped, turned her back to me and started to dig a small hole in the sand. She then checked if nobody was coming from outside, slid down her bikini to her knees and squatted; she had a really sexy tanline, and I was stunned watching it while she peed; needless to say, I was really aroused by that time. She peed like a waterfall and after she was over, she did not pulled her panty on; instead, she stayed a short time in the same position, then she stood up, removed her bikini completely and squatted once more, now fully nude, but this time she spread her legs quite n! oticeably. She waited for a second, then she moved slightly ahead and started to squeeze a beautiful turd from between her untanned cheeks. It was a firm one, about the width of a plastic canister of those used for 35 mm film rolls, dark brown and with a "feminine" smell. It was about 25 cm. long, but after it, she made two more others, and by the second turd, I payed attention to her broadening anus while the tip of the turd came out; it was like heaven, a dream come true, to see her fully naked in front of me, taking a shit. When she was done, she remained squatting for some seconds, then ripped some toilet paper from her roll and cleaned her butt while she was in the squatting position, using her forefinger to make a thorough cleaning of her asshole. She then stood up, wiped her vagina and anus once more, put on her bikini and walked out of the cave. She didn't covered her turds as we have an agreement among us (the nudists) about not to cover the shit to prevent others fro! m stepping on it.
Later, I "reappeared" and chatted casually with the girls and the other nudists, but I was unable to keep my eyes from her bikini-covered butt (she never got fully naked in presence of the rest of the group, so having seen her shitting in the nude added powerfully to the thrill), and when the time to leave came, we said goodbye and she hugged me in an overly friendly way.
I had seen other people (male and female) taking a crap in the dunes many times before, but this was really great and turns me on every time I recall it.
I like to take shit naked in the open, and it's a thrill when someone can see me, but I think this is going too long, so I will tell about this in a next posting.
I would like to know about these nudist-beach crappings (mostly from females, but males are OK as well), so if someone has a story about that,or can share her/his feelings about defecating nude under the sun, I will be very pleased.

Greetings from th! e South of the World.

P.S.:Don't forget to fill in the survey; it was cool!

Bryian – glad you liked my story – to be honest I preferred to poo outside rather than in the portaloo and so it was good that the queue gave me an excuse. I go outside quite often and don't really have a problem with being seen other than that some people might think I was being disgusting and be offended.

Louise – you're right my pulse was racing when I was being watched. I haven't seen your story though – I've not been coming here for long. Maybe you could tell me whereabouts in the archives it is. My boyfriend quite often does watch when I relieve myself outside but I think this time he was put off because there were so many blokes around pissing.

John(VT) – sorry to hear you have to put up with portaloos over there too. I'm still thinking about the encore – I'm open to suggestions.

Happy Pooping Everyone!

Ace - something not too dissimilar happened to me for the first (and so far last) time when I had sickness and diarrhea about three or four months ago, but it gradually cleared up as my illness subsided. I didn't have to pee as often as you, but the colour of it was dark and cloudy, though I don't recall it producing that much of a burning sensation. (This occurs often in cystitis, a bladder infection more common in women than men - apparently because their shorter urethra makes it easier for bacteria to reach the bladder from the outside world.)

I never did find out whether mine was caused by blood or not, but this isn't necessarily the reason behind a reddish discolour of the urine anyway, as some dyes used in confectionery may produce the same sort of appearance (e.g. rifampicin turns it orange). Urethritis (inflammation of the urethra) can result in blood being excreted during urination though. Your problem might disappear of its own accord anyway, but if it doesn! 't within a few days, I really think you should see a doctor.

TO CHRIS(uk)Enjoyed your poop story with Sally-sounds like that girl can really dump!More stuff like that!To BEING WATCHED IN PUBLIC TOILET-I myself may have a hard time with that happening to me-i don't know how i would react to seeing someone's eye watching me,but some years ago i had to dump in a park toilet and i had to go pretty bad and as i was cleaning the bowl to sit down,i noticed between the stalls where the partition hangs on this clamp that is into the wall,there was a very small mirror sitting there and it looked like it was positioned in a way to see the back part of my toilet and there was a guy in the next stall and he was doing some seroius shitting himself and i figured ,what the heck,i'l just sit down and go and when i sat down,i leaned forward and gave him a show with a lot of soft turds and some farting.I'm sure if he was looking at the mirror,he could see the turds coming out my butt-and in a way i got off on it.Then i got done and he was still in the sta! ll and i wiped my ass(which i'm sure he saw too)and got out of there cause i didn't want to run into him!,but i'm sure he got a great show from that angle!I really leaned foward so he could see it all-It was cool in a way,and it never happened again--TO SCOTT & KIMBERLY-Look forward to hear some more stories from you guys-yes i did know it was 2 guys and you,kim-i was thinking of what i would like to do in the same position!More stuff!BYE

To JW, Navy, Kevin, John (VT)- Thanks for the Kind words regarding my posts. I'm glad you enjoyed them and rest assured, there's pletny more to come.

Vicky - I am amazed at your last story. If I had been in your position I have no idea what I would have done. While I am a staunch advocate of pooing when you feel it and NOT holding it in, I still don't think I would have been able to poo out in the open with strange men watching me and talking to me. Hats off to you and your openness.

On the subject of Goldgirl, I thought I would add my two cents. I think the moderators are doing a fine job of keeping this forum clean. It's what I like best about this place. I've typed in searches for "poop" and found all these really nasty websites with disgusting stories and all. While I find those places interesting, they really can't compare to this site. Personally, I like really detailed stories about pooping. I'm sure some of you like detailed stories about pee! ing or peeing in weird places or whatever. Everyone's got something to bring to the table and, while I may not enjoy goldgirl's posts as much as some of the others, I certainly can respect what she chooses to write about as well as those who enjoy her posts. I know that I would be upset if some people asked that MY posts were to be censored!!! It's plain and simple folks: Read what you like and ignore the rest.

Anyway, on to more happy things. Before I continue on with my trip story, I want to tell about my wonderful experience taking a dump last Monday. First, a little background. I work downtown (in an unnamed city) for a temporary firm. What that means is that they send me to various different places depending on what is needed. The work I do can range from anything to stuffing envelopes to typing reports. Anyway, I had gotten a call to stuff envelopes for an insurance firm all day on Monday (9-5). When I arrived there, I met another girl who would be wo! rking with me. She was actually a pretty attractive girl, medium height and slim with brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. I was wearing a light blue summer dress (they said dress nicely) and she was wearing a navy blue suit. Her name was Karen and we were going to spend the day in our own office suite stuffing these ridiculous envelopes. Needless to say the work was mind numbing and excruciatingly boring. We chatted and worked nonstop for three hours till noon. We then took a fifteen minute lunch break and ate meals we had each brought with us. Then it was back to work. At about 1:30, I had to poop. I hadn't gone on Sunday because I had gone to a party with at my friend's house. We had so much fun and I ate a ton and consequently didn't feel the need to crap then. So that's why I felt the urge in my bowels a bit earlier than normal. So, I finished the envelope I was working on, set it down, pushed my chair back and said I had to use the restroom. She said s! he had to go too and would accompany me. I felt sort of uncomfortable in that I would be pooing with someone I didn't really know and I would have to talk to her after I pooed. I also felt kind of nervous in that I knew it would be a pretty bad one since I had eaten a lot and hadn't gone the previous day. So, we walked down the hall to the ladies room and lo and behold the place was tiny! There were two stalls and two sinks in a very cramped space and it was decorated in pink. However, we were also dismayed at finding both toilets occupied!! There was a small uncomfortable couch in the corner and we both sat there to wait for a toilet to become free. I noticed that both ladies had high heeled shoes and nothing down by their ankles (I assume there panties were up by their knees). So, we sat for a little while and it became readily apparent that both ladies were pooping. At one point, the lady nearest us let out a fairly loud fart and a small "unngghhh" and then we hear! d a plop. I looked at Karen, wrinkled my nose and said "ew" really quietly in a joking manner. I was shocked when she didn't laugh back and said sort of sheepishly "I kind of have to do the same thing." "What do you mean?" I asked, feigning naivete. "I mean I have to go number 2." she said. "Oh. well don't worry. I was only kidding. I have to do that as well." "Oh." She responded, looking a bit more relieved. By now, these ladies had been on their toilets for a good ten minutes and my stomach was telling me I need to go NOW. Fortunately, they both started wiping at around the same time. Unfortunately, they both created such a smell that it was getting hard to breath. I got a good look at them when they came out, I was surprised to see they were quite young, maybe early twenties. One was blond the other was a brunette. As we entered the stalls I was overcome by a rather foul smell from my toilet. I pulled up my dress and lowered my panties to my knees and sat ! down. I felt the toilet was quite warm from the previous occupant (the blond). As they were leaving, one of them called out "sorry about the smell!" and left with a quite evil laugh. "Ug. How annoying!" Said Karen. "oh well. What are we gonna do?" I responded. I was shocked when Karen let loose a long fart. "That's what were gonna do!" We both laughed quite loudly at that. I responded with a fart of my own, a bit longer than hers. "Oh! That was a good one!" She said. "Well, I gotta do my thing now. I'll let you poo in private" She said and I think she meant silence. "OK." I said. we then continued our pooing in silent. Now, on to the description. As I said, this one of my most satisfying poos in a real long time. Lately, My poos had been on the soft side and I didn't like that all. For one thing, it had become really hard to wipe myself completely clean. I stand there for what seemed like ever trying to clean myself. I'd wipe and wipe, flush the toilet, w! ipe some more, flush the toilet, and continue wiping. I absolutely HATE that. Also, they hadn't felt good either, they slide out all quick and messy and they cause cramping pains in me. Finally, they reek! A couple weeks ago I took a soft dump at my boyfriend's house and when he went in there after me he came out right away and said "geez laurie!! You stunk it up in there!" So anyway, I let loose a long stream of pee, it seemed like it took forever! Then I pushed gently to see if this was another soft shit. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt a hard log begin to move itself down to my butt. When I say this was a firm poo, I really mean it was a HARD poop. Basically, the log would not come out unless I pushed. It was absolutely wonderful!!! I would push a little and let it sit hanging out. I must say it felt actually kind of good. It didn't hurt or anything, no pains like the soft ones. I guess I got a little carried away in the hardness of it in that I let ou! t some audible grunts. "Unnnggghhh" and "mmmmmfffhhhhh" Karen heard me and asked, "are you ok?" "oh yeah, I'm sorry!" I said. "It's just a little hard and it needs a little push to come out!" "I hear you" She responded. "Mine's kind of hard too, so please excuse me if i grunt a little." "Hey, don't worry about it" i said, "we all gotta go sometime!" "Yeah we do!" She said. So, I continued slowly pushing this poop out. I just can't say it enough, I wish all my poops were like this. Slow and hard, only moving when I push it too. I might end up taking 30 minutes or more! Finally, the entire log came out and with a fairly loud fart accompanying it plopped into the toilet. I still had more to go however. I slowly pushed out three more logs! It was unreal how much I had to go! Usually, there is only one or two big pieces followed by the little ones. Not the case here. Four major pieces of poop!! And I was surprised that it didn't smell all that bad. "Geez, Laur! ie!" Said Karen as I was grunting the third one out. "You really had to go a lot!" "Unnnnmmmmgghhhhh. Yeah! I did!" I replied with a grunt. I didn't really here that much from her. Just a few random farts. Then, at about the same time I was pushing the third one out, she let out a really loud fart and I heard several splashes in a row. She also let out a really soft moan, sort of an "ohhhhhhh" as it was coming out. Then I heard her grunt and say under her breath "uggh. come on. unnnnhhhhh." then a fart, another fart and a splash. Then she started wiping. I was in the middle of my fourth log when she got out and started washing her hands. "Meet you back at the room" She said and left. I finished off my fourth poop and felt completely empty, relieved, and downright good. I sat on the toilet for another minute, contemplating the mass of poop I had just created. I stood up and looked. It was actually less than I had originally imagined. There was one giant piec! e (the first I guessed) that looked a good 12 inches long. Then there were two other 8-9 inch pieces and one 4 incher. All in all a great trip to the toilet. I flushed the toilet just to make sure it went down which it did. There was a huge skidmark left over. I grabbed some tp and wiped my front first then some more for my butt. I was pleasantly surprised when it came out relatively clean! It only took two more wipes and that was it. I flushed the toilet and left the stall. That was so much better than standing there for twenty wipes of a wet shit. Yuk. How nasty. Anyway, as I was drying my hands, yep, you guessed it. Two more ladies (who i think were receptionists) were coming in the restroom. One of them said "oh god! it stinks in here!" The other then said "yeah, but it always does at this time of the day." "I guess you're right," replied the first. "besides, we're gonna add to that stink anyway." I then walked out and back to the lovely business of enve! lope stuffing with Karen. She asked if I felt better. I said I felt ten pounds lighter and she agreed with me.
Well, that's about it as far as Monday's story goes. Oh yeah, I forgot to add that we spent a good 45 minutes in the bathroom. As I said, it took 15 minutes for the ladies to leave the stalls and I took half an hour for my poop and Karen took about twenty five minutes.

Now, I wanted to ask you all a question which I've asked before. Is that normal? I mean, I'm only eighteen! She was probably twenty four or twenty five and she took a crap in less time than I did. Now, I understand that it was longer due to my overload from not pooping the day before but 30 minutes seems a little long for an eighteen year old to be spending on the toilet. Well, now that I think about it, I did sort of go slower than usual, savoring the feel of the hardness of my crap.
But, just for a hypothetical question, how would you all feel if I was visiting your hous! e and proceeded to sit on your toilet for thirty minutes? Would that strike you as extremely abnormal or should I just attribute the long length of time to not going the day before and the hardness of the poop. Just to let you know, my normal time is about 15 minutes and even that seems a little long compared to most on here. Please! Let me know how I'm doing as far as the time it takes me to poop!

Sorry for making this such a long post!! I'll continue the story later but I felt that my experience from Monday was noteworthy and that many on here might find it interesting. I love you all...keep up the great posts.

Linda (without icky casts)
I'm freeeee> Hey JW I have no casts on me.. I can walk again I can run. I can dance.. well I'll do that later. Anyway I got a story you all would like to hear. Those of you who like buddy dump stories and Nora.. listen up. Okay this happened yesterday.. I was sitting by the pool. (the condo I live in has a pool.. no I wasn't in my swimsuit I was in short and a T-shirt I just had my feet in the water enjoying freedom) I had to poop.. but I put it off for a while. too long I think.. cause I got a huge pain in my ???? and then my bottom kinda hurt. ( you know.. the place where poop comes out. yeah there)So I paniced and run upstairs ( and almost broke my leg again when I tripped hoo boy) Anyway my cousin and Elena were at the steps talking. (and me my poop was trying to poke out running up steps while you have to poop is hard) Anyway I said out of the way poop emergency!! They laughed and said don't knock over Nora. I pulled the stupid door that sticks (not easy when you hav! e poop bursting out of you)and I ran to the bathroom undoing my jean shorts and pulling them down(yeah i see Elena do this lots.. I figure it's smart.. saves time) and I burst into the bathroom crashing the door open... and Elena's friend Nora was sitting on the toilet. She saw me and kinda freaked.. me too... my shorts dropped to my ankles and I was in my pampies( panties)I said I gotta poop.. please hurry (I was dancing around and had hopped out of my shorts by then.. thank god I shut the door) Nora looked at me blushing a bit and said.. Sorry kiddo.. I'm doing that right now. I said noo please let me sit down.. I promise I'll hurry. Her face wrinkled up like she was in pain and she said Can't.. it's coming.. now. I had my hand on my tushie.. digging my nails into them saying please please hurry.. or I'll bury us in poop. Nora laughed and said.. so you're a giant pooper too huh? I said hey buddy.. I've broken toilets before. Nora laughed and said.. yeah well.. I've have too.! .. I've made toilets clog so bad.. they've flooded people out. I said wow.. you use public toilets? She said sometimes.. if it's real real bad. I said cool.. I can't... I barely let people see me poop. It would scare people I giggled. She laughed then made a face. She said sorry kiddo stay if you gotta but my bowels are moving like a semi going down hill with no breaks. (I know it makes no sense but I think she means her poop was big and coming fast)I sat on the rim of the tub and squashed my tushie against it to keep it closed.. it hurt though and so did my ????.. I hadn't gone in 3 days and I coud feel that the tip was dry and hard) I looked at Nora.. it was freaky. She had her back kind of humped back and was gunting like crazy. She kinda looked like my sister's cat Stripes when it used it's litterbox. Anyway her poop was not coming out quietly.. it made popping and crackling sounds. It was like going on for a long time.. I even forgot I had to poop. Then she relaxed and ! let out a huge sigh. I stood there with my mouth open just watching her. She slicked her hair back and looked at me and said whew much better okay sweetie.. you have a sit. I said huh..and the feeling hit so hard.. I felt the scratchy tip poke out and I said Yipe and pulled my pampies down and sat and peed like crazy. Then out came a loud noisy burst of gas.. it was embarassing. Then it started coming. Nora said.. you okay? I looked up and her and said yeah.. I saw you poop.. so it's only fair you see me.I grabed the sides of the toilet and with my feet straight out in front of me moaned as a huge spikey poop came out of me. My cousin heard me and came into the bathroom.. so he saw me.. panting like mad.. and nora's bare tushie cause her back was too the door. He saw her turned pale I moaned again(I really didn't wnat to push.. it hurt coming out slowly.. if I pushed it would hurt more) and he saw me. he said he was sorry to Nora. She smiled and said it's okay. My cousin kept ! his eyes on me as he held my hand as I squeezed tightly evertime the poop would move and it got to big to pass. I pushed like 2 times and well it made no noise like Nora's. I sighed and then started laughing. He asked what was so funny. I said.. poor you.. this toilet's gonna explode cause of me and Nora's giant poops.. and you got to clean up the mess and then fix the toilet again. Nora laughed.. my cousin said no poor you.. that means.. you'll be out of a toilet for a few days. Yipes poor me. We looked and saw the poops.. we couldn't tell who was who's cause they were both thick and long and both poked out of the water. My cousin said mine was the one rests on the top as Nora's went down the hole first. Nora wiped behind my cousins (he didn't peek I kepted my eye on him) then I wiped too and oh the place where poop comes out.. it hurt bad. Anyway my cousin stayed behind and tried to break up our poops so they would go down. He picked on me saying that he had to use a chisel ! and hammer to break mine. Elena found out about my cousin seeing nora (he told.. yeah he has a guilty conscience) but she didn't get mad.. he said if nora was mad.. she wasn't.. if she let's him it's okay.. but if he touches her or tries anything funny. he's dead. poor guy. Anyway I hope you enjoyed that.
Being watched in public toilet
Wow.. you're brave and cool.. can you tell me and the others about a time you were watched? Well anyway I have to go now..hugs and kisses to all fo you.. yeah you too JW.

Karl Camper, you seem like a very nice guy. And I sincerely enjoyed your post! :-)

Ace.......I'd get down to the doctor right now if I were you, that doesn't sound good at all. It might not be anything life threatening but should be checked out just the same. Please let us know how it turns out......all the best to you :o)

Skylab 2000

"Physco III" and "The Choir Boys" are two movies with women sitting on the toilet. Check past post for other recommended movies. I will not give to much away so chow!

Ace,sounds to me like if you just caught some sort of VD,
perhaps it could be "The Clap".Anyway that was just my
opinion and not a professional one.Good luck Ace.

Anne (the bus driver)
Ace, if you havent got to a doctor yet, DO SO! Sounds like some urinary trouble, possibly an infection. The sooner its treated the better! If you are shy about seeing your own doctor try the "special clinic" who of course deal with genito urinary infections of all types.

Adrian, again thanks for your compliments. You are right, I dont have a motion every day, I tend to go say 4 or 5 in a week sometimes I will go two days then go, at other times I have two solid normal motions in a day, the first one usually a big one the second later on smaller though this can be the other way especially if I am slightly constipated when I will pass a hard jobbie of medium size or some big balls then later that day an easier carrot or sausage shaped turd. I have to say that, having read your posts for some time now, when I do a nice big satisfying jobbie I think to myself "I bet Adrian would love to be in here with me and see this!"

I noticed on British TV an advert for laxa! tives namely Sennokot (made from Senna Pods and Leaves). In the past certain products and services, (laxatives, sanitary towels and tampons, funeral services, etc), could not be advertised on TV but this has been relaxed in recent times. This one features a woman of about 50 I'd say who takes the Sennokot at bedtime, is shown having a peaceful sleep then later that morning having a shower and being full of the joys of spring. They dont of course show her on the toilet and the inference is that she had a bowel movement and feels a lot better thanks to the Sennokot. DONT BELIEVE IT! I dont use laxatives, I dont believe in them but I do know people who have taken Sennokot and it isnt "gentle". One took the recommended dose but didnt have a peaceful nights sleep but had to get up urgently at about 3.00am and pass a load of loose shit with griping pains in the belly, then it hit again at 5.00am and the consequent diarrhea was so bad they had to call in sick. Lets face it, no advert! ising agency is going to sell laxatives with the slogan, "It clears you out and makes you piss through your arse!" are they? Their idea of gentle is somewhat different to most people's. Many other posters here have advised, only Liquid Parafin, (Mineral Oil) is a truely "gentle" laxative being a simple lubricant. In normal doseage it doesnt make the stools loose or watery but they come out nice and solid but slide out easier. The only disadvantage is that the oil can leak through the sphincter and make brown stains in the seat of the knickers as if you had a wet fart. (When I take it when I am bunged up I make sure I am wearing brown knickers just in case.) You will also see an oil slick on the surface of the water in the pan and wiping your bum afterwards can take a bit longer owing to the brown oil on the anus. Some of the diet "experts" say that using it can prevent vitamin absorbtion but I think you would have to take it every day for this to be any serious concern, but f! or the "gentle" relief of occasional constipation it is quite safe. Besides, the more powerful laxatives as well as being unpleasent to use also prevent absorbtion of food, fluid, salts, etc as the contents of the bowels are rushed through. In any event, Sennokot, Cascara, Ex Lax, Castor Oil, Epsom and Glaubers Salts, etc are better avoided. The best advice is only use laxatives on a doctor's orders. I do a motion when I need one, enjoy the experience and as at my medical last week I am in good health thankfully. I had hoped that in the 21st century we had got rid of the Victorian and Edwardian obsession with "Inner Cleanliness" but if this Sennokot advert is anything to go by the old maxim of Sir Thomas Beecham of the Beechams Pharmaceutical Company of "Make the people shit and make a fortune" still holds true.

On the topic of unisex toilets, I am all in favour as long as their is some degree of protection, such as an attendant, for women using these. Otherwise it ma! kes sense. Of course it will sound the death knell for the horrible male urinal, not before time either. I have had to use mens's toilets in the past and the stink of piss is terrible. One interesting question for the men. If using a cubicle (stall) with a toilet pan in a unisex toilet do you still stand to pee, taking the risk of wetting the seat and the floor surrounding the pan or do you more sensibly sit to pee? I have found an interesting difference that older men, say 50 plus still tend to stand but the younger blokes take down their trousers and underpants and sit on the pan as they would when doing a motion. I wonder if this is due to the unisex type of underwear that the younger men tend to wear at least in the UK, these being flyless briefs identical to women's panties in shape. As a man wearing these has to undo his belt and unzip his trousers and pull down the front of his briefs to get his penis out to pee, it is probably easier to do this in a cubicle anyway and ! thus preserve his privacy, and he may as well sit and pee safely and more comfortably. On our coaches with toilets there is of course no urinal and there is a notice asking male users to sit to pee to avoid wetting the seat and floor while the coach is moving. I have noticed that when I drove a group of men in the 45 to 80 age group to a function and back the floor was soaking as I assume most stood to pee. The following week I drove another all male group but this time blokes from their late teens to about 40. They had as mich to drink as the older group but thei toilet floor was dry although many of them used it on the trip home. I can only assume that they sat to pee as requested on the notice while the older men were not prepared to do this. The observations of other readers, especially men, on this would be interesting.

Ok Chris Uk, you post as chris (uk1) and I'll post as chris (uk2)anyway whats in a name!

Hi everyone this is my first post. I have enjoyed reading all the posts, and really enjoy the posts by Steve and Louise and Kim and Scott. I would like to see a contest between Kim and Louise to see who could produce the biggest logs. My money would be on Louise, but I bet it would be close. I am a 27 year old male who likes to see and hear about women taking dumps. I have a question for Kim and Louise. Would the two of you every consider buddy dumping together, if you were to meet. I know that you have both buddy dumped with your partners (Scott and Steve), but given the right opportunity would you buddy dump together. I hope this question doesnt offend either one of you. You both sound like very open minded women.

Josh A.K.A Me, Myself, and I
Not a problem Goldgirl ... i luv this site and the stories. Im a 15 yr old male that lives in Kansas. I have dark hair and green (i think) eyes. I do have some peeing stories ... but none as wild as Gold's :P.
Here's one.
I was on my to camp last year and i drank a whole bottle of Dr. Pepper (1 liter.) Anyways i guess i musta fallen asleep cause the next thing i knew i moved and my bladder almost exploded. I crossed my legs and that helped for about a hour. Then i started to get the "ticklie feeling" if you will, really bad even with my legs crossed. No problem i figured, we're almost there. Then i heard the counsler say, "Guess what? only three more hours!" My heart sunk. Ever seen anyone do the Peepee danc while sitting down? Im sure it was funny cause i was! Anyways I amazingly managed to hold it for about 1 and 1/2 hours then the driver (who was my schoool teacher at the time) called me to the front. Well i walked up to the front (from the very back) and every step! made my bladder sting almost! Well i got to the front and he asked if i need help drinking my pop (a old joke from the year b4 ... dont ask LoL) Anyways i turned and walked all the way back and did my dance some more. Well finally aftewr another 1 hour 20 minutes we stopped and were topld go only if it is an emergency ... 3 of us got up. and me being as kind as i am let them go first. Well i finally got in the crudy bathroom and ran to the toilet. I let my stream (a very powerful, yellow stream) fly for about 3 minutes before finally stopping. I felt betetr and vowed never to have another experience like that again ... even though i did just a few month after at a wedding. Ill tell that later Bye all!

Hey nice forum, glad I stumbled onto it. Poeple here seem pretty honest about their habbits. Im pretty open with mine as well, always have been. Im athletic, play basketball, have never been fat no matter how much I eat. I love to eat! But my "motions" are ussually way too quick. Ussually I but sometimes I have a nice long one which I really love. Nothing better than to empty everything out. But as I said ussually I dont go for longer than 2 minutes at most.

Is this the average for most poeple?

goldgirl-You are really unique........I like that.

midwest farm girl-You say you pee with your friend and that shes a "cutey". Do you have any feelings for her? I mean more than "friend feelings"? Just curious.
I hope that question doesnt offend you, sorry if it did.


I have been here for a while and I have been trying to catch up the postings. First, I enjoyed Karl Camper's recent post about going to the bathroom with the teen kids.

Second, I have no dumping stories but I am planning on going on a moonlit hike on Friday with some college kids and it seems like a cool group. I hope there are some good dumps and open ones :)

Well, that is it for now.

To ShowOff

Its great to find a peephole in the sidewall or a hole behind the wall of a ladys restroom.

kim& scott
hello all! hello steve and louise! scott and I enjoy your stories!! to steve: scott and I do not always buddy dump together when we feel like we are going to have to do the # 2. that is just sometimes when we are together and both have to go when we think of buddy dumping together. It is just sometimes steve. not all the time ok? and we dont always show each other our logs either when we have to have them. thats only sometimes. to louise: I liked your story with you using the mirror to watch yourself crashing out a log. even though I have never tried it scott had done that when he was a little kid. (he doesnt do that anymore). I have never tried it but maybe I should HAHAHAHA!! well thats all I have to say for now. Don t worry when another hot story between me and scott come up we will be sure to tell you about it.I have mentioned this to john vt but in case you did not read my message to him scott and i are an interracial couple. hes black and i am white just so you know mor! e about us ok? well goodbye now. take care of yourself s and each other ok? love, scott & kim. plus bryian: you do not have to answer if you do not want to but what are your plans since you have graduated high school? scott and i are just curious. scott and i are both in college now . Is that the next step for you? take care now!

To John(VT)
It is NOT a good idea to store turds in a refrigerator, which is probably used to store food. Bugs that go down the sewers cause no harm, but if they get into food they can be quite nasty.
I think most people who post here like shitting in public toilets, even if they are not on view to other people. I try to do my business in a public toilet at least five times a week, even if the toilet is only at work. If I shit at work, I try to pick a toilet and time when there are likely to be other guys doing the same, just so that I can hear and smell what's happening. I hate the kind of public toilet that you often get in shopping malls, where they play music so that you can't hear anything.

To goldgirl~: I've peed in the bath tub....It's like i sit down and relax and my ***** is relaxed as well and it lets it all out.

Last night when i posted i mentioned that i had to shit, right after i finished posting i went to shit. I sat down and let it out, it felt like a big log and solid. I finished and wiped...and looked at it. I was all in small little pieces and it was soft and was at the bottom. I think it was like this cause im on medicine.
I got online this morning and noticed a friend is online and they had an away message up saying that they were's been like that all morning.

Greetings All.

I thought I would take the opportunity to post the results of last night's sink pee experiment that Louise and I performed.
Neither of us had any clothes on and we were in the bathroom, preparing to retire to bed. Both brushing our teeth and trying very hard not to break down in uncontrollable laughter, we approached the sink. Louise was on my right, positioning her genitals over that corner and settling quite nicely, and I stood at the other corner. I was holding my penis in my left hand, as I am right handed and use that hand for toothbrushing. Now we tried to start urinating simultaneously, but as it happened, I began first, and peed a good steady stream. Louise was a few seconds behind, but she did begin her urine flow, and this time she was able to maintain her peeing without the sub-consciously operated automatic shut-off that she had problems with in the bath a few days ago. She did not pee one of her heavy gushers. This time was more of a sl! ower outpouring, with some dripping mixed in, changing to short gushes with some hissing. Since we were attempting to brush our teeth as well as pee, there was some body movement, and of course this caused both streams to wave around slightly. The volume of urine squirting into the sink was from two people of course, and swirled around noisily as it drained, gurgling, down the plug hole. Part way through, the toothbrushing gave way to bouts of laughter!
When Louise had finished, she remained in position to allow me to give her an intimate wash, which we both enjoyed.

PV, Hope the story entertained you. Sorry about my last post - I forgot to answer your Wing Chun point. You have very broad knowledge, don't you? I think it must have been some other Kung Fu style to get your friend wasted by the warm up. Wing Chun does not have to be like that. Correct technique is more important than the fitness. Since it is an internal style, it is about _refined_ force, very often! not meeting opposing energy with equal opposing energy as in a hard block, but seeks to deflect, go with the flow, and strike with economy of effort. The one-legged stance is very hard to maintain, so demanding, but it does condition the legs, which can hurt like hell after such exercise. The elbows also become sore, as they release the energy in the punches. Yes, it does require dedication, lots of it. I wish we could further discuss it, but I think I've already spent too much time off-topic.
I eagerly look forward to your next post!

Scott & Kim, hello again. In case I haven't already commented on it, that was quite an astounding buddy-dumping story you posted recently. I don't consider Louise and I to be quite so quick to strip off in front of friends as you two seem to be, let alone buddy dump with an audience! Take care, you two.

Goldgirl, hello there. You seem to have a thing or two in common with Louise, though to my knowledge she doesn't pee o! n bedsheets and carpets. She does share your liking for urinating into the bathwater, or in it while she is sitting there so she can watch the yellow billowing from her pussy.

Ace, From how you've described it, I fear you might be right about having blood in your urine. That is not normal. I do not wish to frighten you to death, but seek medical help right away.

Bye for now,


Sounds like a urinary tract infection. Head to the doctor!

Louise: Didn´t your friends thought it was weird that you peed while standing in school for instance? Where did your mom learn it and did she told you that it wasn´t very common that girls peed standing up?

To Ace: Sorry to hear about your problem. You don't mention how old you are. Young healthy guys usually don't get bladder infections, but it sounds as if you could have one. The dark color of your piss is probably not due to blood but the result of an infection. Also, young guys who have unprotected sex can get the clap. This can cause burning and having to piss a lot. You should get a doc to check you out. They usually send your piss to the lab and if positive for infection they will treat you with antibiotics. I hope you get better real quick!

To Show Off: Your story reminded me of my days at College. I used to study in the Library and would often take a dump there. There were four stalls separate from the pissers. At the beginning of the semester, the toilets were in good condition. As time went on, someone would drill holes in the partitions between the stalls. They were not really small peepholes, but were fairly large. Later in the year, the adm! inistration would remove the doors to the stalls because of activities other than pissing or shitting. Eventually the restroom would be padlocked so that legitimate dumpers would have to go elsewhere. When I used to go for my morning dump, I often noticed eyes at these holes in the partitions. Like you, I would sometimes put on a little show for the peeper - I guess that makes me a bit of an exhibitionist! After taking my dump, instead of wiping sitting as I usually do, I would stand and turn my butt to the peephole and wipe away. I hope they enjoyed it!

To JacobG: I liked your description of the doorless stalls in the restroom in Panama City Beach. Is that the place where all the springbreakers go? That restroom must be a riot when they are there! The description of the guy bending forward and grabbing his ankles was interesting. That probably was the best position for him to expel some large turds. Your friend sounds like a real nervous nellie. Its ! hard to believe that anyone past 5 years of age has never seen a guy shitting before! Although many contributors to this forum seem to dislike doorless stalls, they can be very interesting. It's fun to see just how differently guys take a shit. Some practically get naked, while others pull their pants down just enough to uncover their assholes. It is also interesting to see guys wipe their asses. Some use large amounts of paper. Others use one small square and will often use both sides and then fold it again for further use. Why do they try to save on TP in a public restroom? Most guys seem to sit and wipe. Others stand. It will be interesting to see what the "Sitting on the Toilet Survey" shows about this when it is complete.

Adam from Canada
For the last few days, I haven't been feeling too well. It started on Sun morning when I woke up. I felt some discomfort in my stomach and it came and went all day. I also feel like throwing up sometimes too. I have been eating, but I am not sure if that is the problem. I went to this BBQ on Sat and the weather was humid and 90 deg. Does anyone know about food poisoning? I don't think I have it.

I have been pooping more and it has been once day for the last 3 days. It has been coming out soft and in small bouts. I haven't had dierria yet.

Today is Tues and I still feel alittle yucky.

Has anyone been experiancing this in the last while?

po0h bear
nah it was out the back of my house so i was surrounded by walls and a fence.
i'd love to get into contact with your out of this thing as we are of the same age.
Story time

just before christmas 3 friends my bf at the time and i went into town to see the annual pagent. But first we planned to see the Blair Witch Prject. Anyways we were sitting there nad both me and my friend **** needed to go to the loo... we were waiting for a bit that didn't look too interesting then we ran out (literally) of the cinemas we looked around for the loos and almost ran into the mens.. we went in a sat down... we both started peeing and because we were so loud we laughed... trhen we ran back into the theatre and looked for our spots we went back and sat down still chuclking over the event.

Just then (right in the middle of this posting) i needed the loo so i went off and sat on the sink in my bathroom and peed... there was no splashing tho anyway i wal! ked to my toilet (after rinsing my sink) and somewhat squatted over my toilet and grabbed the mirror and started to poo.. it was nothing big but was a bit stringy (thanx to my diet that has let me eat alfalfa sprouts (like grass). i wiped the flushed and came back here.

i pooed yesterday as well i think i mgiht be all this healthy food going thru me... ah well :)
YAY i turn 16 on the 22nd :)
cyas luv po0h
p.s. IDEA why dont we get a chat room in here as well as this posting for people to talk one on one privatly?

Chris (UK) - looks like your not the only Chris (UK) in this forum either! try using John Chris or Chris John. or since you love poop, try Chris Brown! that's like me, i couldn't use bridget, which is my name, so i came up with goldgirl (heehee with the little ~ to look like i'm peeing). about farting, i don't know why i like farts, i just do! i guess cause they don't have the mess that poop does. i'd rather smell my friends farts than my own, but i still like to type about when i fart while peeing. min is coming over one of these days, maybe we'll try pooping in a container to see what it's like. i don't really want to look at my own poop, but i'm sure min will, and i wouldn't mind seeing hers. i'll let you know if we try it!

thank you, coneys! another person on my side! you have a very good point about people's "damp patches" soaking into the hotel sheets and mattresses. and it's like i said in the past, pee and sweat are the exact same thing, and everyone sweats in! bed, or pretty much anywhere else i've peed.

Midwest Farm Girl - i'm so glad i inspired you to try new things with your girlfriend! i hope someday you'll inspire me to get the courage to ask some (or at least one) of my friends to pee with me!

i wish i could think of a story tonight, but i can't! i hope i think of something tomorrow.

see ya later,

Anonymous Please
During college summers, I worked as an aide in a residence for mentally retarded young adults. It was a good job, it actually taught me a lot about compassion and caring for the less fortunate. One of the young men I took care of had a juvenile form of Parkinson's disease and would often get constipated for up to 4 days. On one occasion (the 4th day at the end of which we had to call the nurse) I was assisting him on the toilet. For the longest time, nothing came out. I stepped out to inform my supervisor that we would probably need to call the nurse, but when I got back, I was astonished to look in the bowl and see (no joke) a poop as big and as long as one of those bolognas hanging from the ceiling of a deli. I called my supervisor in to look and he gasped and actually let out a little laugh at the cite of it. We checked the resident to make sure he wasn't bleeding, then poured hot water on the poop to melt it down before we flushed it. Never in my life did I think a human b! eing could produce a poop piece that huge. Have any of you ever seen a larger than life poop?

Kirk (on the subject of doorless stalls)
Well, I have used them many, many times. Seems that they were very popular UNTIL the 90's....than 10 years they seemed non-existant, however they seem to becoming more popular now. Parks, beaches, rest-areas, and the only problem I really have is....WHAT HAPPENS IF A WOMAN WANDERS IN ACCIDENTIALLY? and say it was a relative, co-worker, or friend (female of course) I THINK I WOULD DIE ! but other than that, i have no problem, because other men arenn't looking at my privates. Opinions?

Jessica from Canada
The other day, i tried peeing in weird places in my house and room. i got properly dressed, t-shirt only, and drank 4 bottles of water. i also was trying to see how capable i was while peeing then stopping and to see how long i could go without leaking. my first place was my pool, and after drinking so much if i went in to the water, i would be sure to pee because the water is quite warm. i went to check the heater just to see how warm it would be and i also went to turn on the jets which are on the steps. by placing my pussy onto the jets, it would be a great challenge not to pee. i carefully stepped into the water and i cringed due to it was kind of cold out and the water was so warm. while walking over to the steps, i squirted out some pee by accident. i then gently placed my pussy over the jets and bit my lip. i felt really good and i nearly leaked, but i still made it. i got out and sat on the lawn chair on top of a towel and i wrapped a towel around myself. after about a! minute i realized that i was peeing into the towel because there was a dark spot growing on the towel and i was feeling pretty good. i must have relaxed my bladder muscles without knowing really. i gasped and immidetly tightned them because i didn't want to waste all me pee. i stood up quickly and then i realized that i couldn't stop, it was still dripping out every now and then. i ran into the house grabbing myself so tightly with both hands. as i ran through the kitchen, the phone started ringing and i checked the number, i t was my friend. so i thought i should answer it. i slowly let go of one hand and answered it. she talked for at least 5 minutes, which felt like an etirnity to me. i was jumping up and down and told her that i really needed to pee so could she call me back later. i was sweating alot and my hands kept filling with pee. i went into the laundry room and desperately looked for a bucket, the closest thing i could find was a thermos. i quickly unscrewed the t! op, and i was peeing and a normal rate onto the floor. at this point i really could care less about the carpet. i sat down on the thermos and unleashed a torrent of pee. there was a problem, it didn't hold very much. i had to keep stopping while peeing to empty it. when i would get up, i would try not to spray the carpet, but i would end up doing it anyway. finally at the 5th emptying, i had just about finished and i knew that i could manage to go to the bathroom and finish up. just then the door bell rang and scared me. i then peed all over the front hallway. i cleaned it up in time before my mom came in.

See ya later ;-)

Wednesday, June 14, 2000

hi all, I am new here. I love to see and hear males shit. I love to go to gyms or malls and sit in stall and listen. I wish there were more stalls without doors or no partitions at all/ It does not bother me to shit in front of other. Karl Camper,I loved ur story,could u tell me where the campgrounds are that u went to? Love to hear more stories about camping and seeing other guys shitting.

Ben in NY
I have a GREAT story (to me anyway). I wastalking to my friend today (she's a girl) and I said something like "yeahI'll bet your farts smell too!" She was making fun of some kid forfarting during science. Any!way, she said hers don't smell, but this girl (Natalie) makes thesmelliest farts she's ever taken a whif of! Now, imagine this. ThisNatalie girl is about 5'6, very skinny, probably B size breasts, longbrown hair, brown eyes, the best face I've ever seen, and an incredibleass! Now take this girl and imagine her making smelly farts. She is oneof the hottest girls in my school.

We got farther into the conversation and she said another one ofher friends, Jenny, makes farts that smell just as much but she likes tosmell her farts too! Now this girl is even hotter (if you can imagine).She has long dark brown hair, brown eyes, and is about 5'8. But this oneisn't skinny as hell. She has the most perfect body and ass I have everseen in my life!!!! She has D! breasts (the most beautiful breasts I'veever seen) and just as good of a face as Natalie! Anyway, imagine thisgirl sitting and ripping smelly farts, and then smelling them! Well, I
have to masturb!ate just thinking about it! Anyway, doesn't that sound like the perfectwoman...I like to imagine her farting softly during class so nobody knowsit's her, and then dribbling a little poo into her pants by accident.Then I imagine that she begins to get desperate and wiggle in her seat,but the teacher won't let her go to the bathroom. Finally, she begsenough and when she gets in the stall at the bathroom, her jeans zippergets caught on her panties and she shits and pisses herself! How hot isthat!!!! Well, have fun with that!


Hi everybody. I have a serious question. For the past 24 hours, I've had this sudden urge to go pee just about once every moment. And everytime I go, it comes out sort of brown-yellowish. And it burns. I fear it might be blood. I was wondering if any of you know would know anything about it and would fill me in on what I should do about it. Thanks.


Great posting about your experience in the kitchen. I, too, would love to watch you take your monster shit. Long and wide, too. Sounds exciting.

Skylab 2000
Can anyone tell me if there are any movies with female poop scenes in them. It would be very greatly appreciated. My boyfriend and I are interested in seeing them

Audry - That pooping sounds like heaven!

I think we may be heading for a little confusion here. I have been posting as Chris(UK) for a couple of years now off and on. Now formerly John(UK) you've changed your name to Chris(UK).
How about Chris(UK1) and Chris(UK2)to avoid confusing our readers.

Adam from Canada

I feel the same way you do. I really miss dumping in high school and college. Sometimes i think about those days and they were somthing. Now I am going to a technical school in an office building in Downtown Toronto and have gotten into the habit of having a daily dump.

Hi I like to use the toilet. AMEN. I have my own term, ya'll... I like to...shoot whoopies! cosby's...and...LL Cool J's. Thank You! Have a nice day!

To Karl Camper: I loved your story you posted on here. It's soooo cool how you sorta got to buddy dump(sorta) In the open with young boys and you had so much detail, i just love your story!! I wish i could dump in the open like that!!

To po0h Bear: I have a question...since you sat on some bricks and pooped over that, wasn't it outside? And couldn't people see u?

To Vicky: I loved your story just as much as Karl Camper's story!! That must suck that you had to poop and the line for the porto potties were too long and you couldn't wait. Thats very cool that u got to pee around guys and that you had to poop around them too.

Well I Better be going, i was feeling an urge to's not a strong urge and it's not as urgent as a few minutes ago...I better go to the bathroom soon,bye

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