Being watched in public toilet
I find it interesting to enter the toilet cubical and as I prepare to do it notice a peep hole or two on the sidewall. When I see this I take my time. I slowly unfasten my belt, unbutton my levis, and let them slide over my hips, down my solid thighs and drop to the floor. I slowly pull down my C.K. shorts and let them drop. I stand there for a brief time and then sit down. You would be surprised how many time I see and eye ball pressed up against the hole in the wall. The hole having been placed in just the right spot to peep at the private parts and private moment of the neighboring party. Do I care. No, not at all.


JacobG in Florida
Hi everyone! Sorry I have not posted in a while, but I was waiting until I had a good story to post. I've added "in Florida" to my name to help distinguish me from Jacobi (a female). I'm male.

Last Friday night, I was reading the posts about the doorless stalls in the men's restroom, and decided to post about how I've rarely seen such a thing. It seems a lot people posting here think doorless stalls are common in men's restrooms, but I do not. At least, I never seem to have the knack of running across any. Just as I was about to compose my post, a friend came over unexpectedly and I never posted. Then, the next day (Saturday), another friend and I drove over to Panama City Beach to attend a hot rod/classic car event. After walking around looking at cars for about two hours, I suggested to my friend that we walk across the street to the beach. As we exited the car show, I noticed "real" restrooms, as opposed to the dreaded porta-potties I had seen earlier. I! told my friend to wait on me while I went inside to pee, but he said he had to pee too, so he followed me into the restroom. I walked in and saw a row of urinals straight ahead, then almost fainted when I saw about seven open toilets to the left, with FOUR of them occupied. Short tile partitions separated the toilets. I walked to one of the urinals, being careful not to stare or make eye contact with any of them. However, as I stood at the urinal, out of the corner of my eyes, I could see this guy, probably in his late 20's, sitting in the end stall immediately to my left. He had blond hair and was wearing sunglasses and a cap. His pants were at his ankles. Suddenly, he leaded forward and reached down to his ankles. I thought he was about to pull up his pants, but instead he started grunting. When he finished grunting, he sat back up for a few seconds. Then he would lean forward, grab his ankles, and begin grunting again. By this time, the other guys started grunt! ing and farting too. One of them seemed to have diarrhea. I absolutely could not believe this was happening. In fact, I was so distracted I could not pee. I looked over at my friend who was two urinals away and he had a funny look on his face and was looking to the right, away from the stalls. As I turned away from the urinals and stalls to leave, I saw about three more men walk in. It was so funny to see the looks on their faces when they saw the open stalls. As I exited, the guys were still grunting and farting. My friend was so funny - he kept saying how shocked he was to see that. He said he had never seen open stalls before. I went back to that restroom three more times throughout the day, but each time, it was empty. When we were driving back home that night, my poor friend kept talking about how shocking that experience was to him. It was really funny, at least to me. He said if he had seen that as a child, he would have been traumatized for life. I'm look! ing forward to going back next year.

Hello and best wishes to all posters, old and new.

Mia, I havent heard of a fecal deodorant that is eaten. if it is merely a substance which masks the smell with its own then I suppose it would be harmless. If it somehow masks the natural smell of the stool by changing its chemistry then I would be cautious about using it. The smell of poo is caused by Indole and Skatol, although the type of food and drink taken by the person doing it affects the odor. Real ales and stouts such as Guiness makes a really foul stink and of course strong foods such as curry or full of garlic will impart their own aroma. As others have said the looser stools smell more unpleasent than good solid ones. I imagine the smell from a kid's diaper (nappy) is so strong as the poo is squashed up and spread over a larger surface area than a solid cylindrical one. I have also found that sqaushed poo done in the knickers in an accident smells worse even if the motion was solid and formed. A girl I we! nt to school with called Hazel used to have dreadful flatulence and took peppermint oil capsules to aleviate it. Her jobbies, which were big easy sausages, always had this smell of peppermint as did her farts which still occurred despite the capsules.

ICM, the pans in the Girls' Toilets in the schools I went to werent usually overflowing with unflushed poo thankfully, but often there were jobbies unflushed lying in the pan. These would either be fairly ordinary sized jobbies but had deliberatly been left for others to see by the girl doing them, a practice also common in boys and still occuring today. Otherwise they would be the really big "panbusters" which were too big to flush away, and I have done my fair share of these over the years. Often someone would buddy dump on top of some other girl's jobbie. The janitor (caretaker) sure had his work cut out as he had to clean both the Girls and Boys Toilets every evening. Only occasionally did we get a blocked toilet ! pan, generally caused in Secondary (High) School either by girls flushing sanitary towels down the pan instead of putting them in the bin provided or by someone using too much toilet paper. On a couple of occasions some girl had done a poo in her knickers and had flushed these down the pan causing a blockage and this also happened in the Boys' Toilet. By and large our school toilets were quite clean with lots of tiles on the walls, handbasins, hot water, soap, towels and doors on the cubicles. The Boys' Toilets were dirtier than the girls owing largely to the horrible urinals and their pissy smell.

Big D, a lot of reasons can effect whether a jobbie sinks or floats. This is due to their density. Food of course will affect this, as a high fat content will probably cause a floater. I tend to pass either type of jobbie, the harder ones sink the easier ones float but which ever type I pass they often stick and wont flush away.

I recently used one of the Unisex to! ilets in a bar . As I entered the toilets, (where there is a discrete sign warning patrons that this is a facility for both genders), a young man of about 20 also entered. I went into the cubicle next to him, (there were of course no smelly urinals-hooray!). I heard him unndo his belt, unzip and pull down his trousers and sit on the pan. He did his pee than with an "UH!AH!" passed what sounded like a fair sized jobbie with a "Ker-sploonk!" . Meanwhile I treated him to my performance hitching up my skirt and pulling dowm my knickers , doing my wee wee with a hiss and tinkle then bearing down "OH! NN! AH!" passing a fat hard knobbly turd of about 8 inches long which made a loud "Kur-Spool-loomp!" followed by and easier fat sausage of about 12 inches which crackled as it slid out of my back passage and went "Floomp!" . I was sure he was listening so I said to myself "Oh, that's better, I really needed that!". had a look at my big jobbies, wiped my bum, pulled up my knickers, dr! opped my skirt and went out leaving the toilet unflushed. It was no surprise after I washed my hands and was going out to see the door of his cubicle open and this man go into the one I had used. I hope he enjoyed what I had left for him to admire. Have other readers had such an experience?

Goldgirl: You said you don't mind your friends farting, but doesn't farts smell simular to poop? Anyway have you got any up to date stories on watching your friends poop? Anyway I have a sudjestion for you, try pooping a Ice cream tub (empty of course) and see if you enjoy, I bet you will, report back on the experiance to the forum, please!
I said I would bring you a story about me and Sally, (i was under my other name John UK then.) Chris is my real name. Anyway over the may holidays, I again went to visit Sally. In the past we have done a lot of buddy dumping together. As she lives about 50 miles away from me we don't get to see each other, so every moment we spend together is precious. On the saturday, Sally played football (soccer) for a local girls team. After the match, we stayed behind,to spend some time together (they won 2-0 by the way.) There was no toliets on the site and Sally after everyone had gone said "do you want 2 come and watch me poop?£ I said O.k, not! turning down an oppertunity like this and we went behind a very large oak tree. She first took off her boots and blue football socks, she then removed her blue football shorts and black knickers. She was well into puberty (she's 13 now) and a thick crop of light coloured pubic hair had formed. I told her to relax and let it come as we didn't have to be back for and hour and I wanted to relax her. She started to pee and formed quite a large puddle under her. Then she squatted a bit away from the trunk so i could see and relaxed. Almost imgently a thick light bown turd popped its head out. Then the rest of it slid out. Then more came, soft yet more log like, she dropped a few droppings and another log, in minutes it was over. She got up, put her clothes back on and we looked at the poop. I haven't been for 3 days she said, do you need to go? I said I didn't although I really did. We join hands and wanlked off, went we went 2 bed (in seperate rooms) Sally came in and annoused th! at she needed to poop again, so did I, best pooping experiance I have had, but I will leave it on a cliffhanger, I will tell you tomorrow!

Happy Crapping (and peeing goldgirl)

Jennifer seems to have had a good discussion going here so I'll post for the first time in over a year (havent posted since the 140s to 150s pages, because nothing much exciting has happened to report).
My parents were private about their toilet habits. Also brought up as RC (not any more), and Univ. educated. Only when admitted to hospital with stomach pains when aged 9 or 10 did I ever have a suppository. However, I have had a lifelong fascination with pooping, particularly females. Why, I don’t know, but experiences go back to when I was around 7 years old (post page 143). Growing up, I thought I was weird, and kept my fascination secret, believing I was the only one with such an interest. So what a surprise when I too came across bianca's (1996), and then here. Other people do have the same interest-I'm not alone!

There is a downside to this for some of us. Those of you with a poop fetish who are still looking for the right partner (and from the posts, ! finding them) are so lucky. You have the opportunity to work out if a potential partner is going to have similar interests or at least be happy to tolerate. I had found my current partner before I knew of this and other 'poop' pages. She is wonderful, but shy about her bathroom habits and I cant ever see things changing. I'm happy to keep with this situation because I couldn't leave her just because of her shyness. But to others looking for a partner, take the opportunity to make sure that you are both compatible.

Regarding the peeing on hotel sheets (goldgirl's post). What about all the 'damp patches' that couples (singles, groups) no doubt produce and soak through hotel sheets? I don't really see why either one should arouse any disgust. Sheets get washed.

PV - Hi! I stood in the bath and I found I could not
brush my teeth and wee at the same time. I started weeing
but when I started brushing, my wee stream stopped.
Steve came home and came into the bathroom, and there I
was with my toothbrush and looking down between my legs
trying to brush and wee at the same time. I started
laughing and becausre of that, I started weeing again
and it started squirting down my legs! So Steve watched
it all happen and it went wrong, so I will have to try it
again when I am alone. Hehehe.
I nearly used a men's toilet today, but just as I had told
myself I was going in, some guy appeared and went in, so I
sort of chickened out. I do not think I am doing very well
with my expeeriments just now. Must must must must must try
You know, I get a big thrill out of knowing Steve was
bedding my gym teacher. Well now I know why she had once
gone missing for a bit and came back with ! a big grin. I
know why she went to wipe herself when she came back, and
it was not from weeing! I bet you know what I am saying when
I tell you Steve is very filling!
I watched myself in the 'rear view mirror' when I had a
big shit just now. It was one of my bigger ones, about 10
inches long, and when I saw how wide my bumhole had gone
stretching open when I started pushing it out I knew I had
forgotten just how big a hole it looks with a brown monster
tail stuck in it!
Yeah, I have weed into the sink again. I think I could like
doing that quite a lot. Like you have said, after doing that
you are in a place that makes you want to have a little wash,
so it is very good to do that I think.
Yeah, you are right. There are some male peeing statues.
Steve does not get the same entertainment, because I know he
might like to see a statue of a female having a squatting
pee, but I do not know of one. I think what gets i! n the way
is that taboo thing about girls peeing being too embarrassing
for people to see. Most female statues do not even have a
pussy do they?!

LISA - great to hear that you are dating your friend. Be a bit
careful though, you might have to soften him up a little bit
by letting him watch you have a pee before he will be ok
with you seeing him pee again. I think maybe it would be best
if you were there in the bathroom with him, you could just be
very close to where he is standing. You could look keen and
maybe snatch your hand away and then he might get the idea of
what it is you want to do. Hehehe. What I mean is you might
ask him if you can hold his cock without asking in words eh?
I think most men would like that but they would by shy about
telling you.
Please tell me how you get on, I would really like to know!
Good luck!

SCOTT - Well thank you so much for saying Steve and I are a
nice coupl! e. I know I do not shit as often as your Kim. I
hope your drains are not getting blocked by all those big
lumps! Yes like Steve says, I think I am getting more keen
on jumping on him, I try to be everything he needs that way!
He is sure all I need and more! I hope you like my story of
me watching myself in the mirror while I have a shit.
Byeee I hope I hear more from you soon!

ANDY - My mum taught me I could stand and pee when I was 9
years old. I watched her do it and she told me how to put
my fingers so I could shoot forward if I wanted to. She
knew I should have a choice about squatting or standing and
so both me and my sister were taught by our mum that way.
I am so glad she did, and we are trying to learn how to pee
out of the open zipper of our jeans just now but we need
the practice. Even my mum did not know a few women can do
that and we want to be two of them!

VICKY - That was a *great* story ab! out what happened at the
pop festival. I do not know if you read my story of how I
felt when guys looked at my pussy when I had a wee on a
nude beach, but I bet your heart was hammering just like
mine was then. Didn't your boyfriend want to be with you or
even watch you? It can be so romantic if your boyfriend is
there and watches you squirting hard. And what a big dump
you had as well!


Greetings All.

Just had to post someting about a very pleasant and unexpected incident from my day at work today. I was working in an area which did not have any ladies toilets at all, and the 32 year old young lady I was working with really needed to wee. A shapely girl with long strawberry blonde hair, she told me she was bursting, and asked me if I would take care of her and take me into the gents'. Well, what could I do? I went to the nearest gents' toilet, which in fact was seldom used, but even so I made very sure no other men were present. Then I beckoned her in, and quick as a flash, she ran into one of the cublcles and slammed the door shut! Almost straight away I could hear her urine stream splashing into the water at the bottom of the bowl. We were holding a conversation the whole time (on a subject unrelated to our present location). I guessed she was hovering above the bowl in a similar fashion to how Louise does if she is using an unfamiliar toilet. Sin! ce I was in the gents', I made the most of being in there myself and went to urinate in the procelein trough. I had expected to have finished by the time my companion left her cubicle, but the door opened and she emerged while I was still only half way through. She saw me standing there at the trough. To my amazement, though her skirt was down at the front, it was still raised at the back, and her knickers were still around her ankles. She was standing with her front facing towards me, and complaining most bitterly about there being no toilet paper. It was then that seemed to properly realise the situation involved her standing there with her knickers down while staring at my pee stream spurting against the porcelein. So she giggled, and her face flushed a deep shade of red. In fact, we both laughed, the situation was so bizarre. It was laugh, or be squirming with mutual embarrassment. I made a comment something similar to "If only .... could see us now!" which only served to ! fuel the state of mirth that had now engulfed us both. I know she caught a glimpse of my penis as I had completed my own wee and was stashing it away in my trousers. I went into the other stall and tore off some paper for her to use. She has a nice bum, as I could see on the way back. She gratefully snatched the paper from me, reaching underneath her skirt to perform two quick back to front wiping movements. I actually had a brief sighting of her pussy surrounded by gingery pubes as she (maybe) accidentally (on purpose?) lifted the skirt up at the front, causing her to start giggling again. She adjusted her clothing (it was a remarkably sexy sight to watch her drag her knickers back up) and said, "Steve, you're a pal!" and gave me the paper back so I could throw it in the bowl she had pissed her yellow wee into! Clearly if we both had not had partners then things would have become very physical, as the spark of mutual attraction was certainly there for at least a second or two! . Ha ha, but Louise is quite exhausting on her own, don't worry about that! She is reading this over my shoulder as I am writing about it, and it is not hard for me to predict what we'll soon be doing!

Scott and Kim. Hi there. How is it your digestive systems seem to be so in sync? Louise and I very rarely seem to want to dump at the same time, so it seems as if one of you is always waiting for the other to be ready to dump before you both eventually go! That's my thought for the day. By the way, I'm still quite fixated on the mental image I hold of Kim in a skimpy pink bikini! Ha. Hope you enjoyed the story too. Take care.

PV, Yes, I thought you seemed a little downcast. I hope the story I've just told has given you a laugh just as it has done for Louise here.
You obviously share Louise's amazement at knowing Diane, her school sports teacher. Well, I knew her rather closely of course! Louise is having a great time asking me about her. Not that I have ac! tually said much!
Rest assured, I will certainly enjoy things at the pool. Such events I'm sure are very rare, and so are people like Louise's mother. She seems to have no sense of embarrassment at all, and was always highly amused at my initial reluctance to stand with the girls at the urinal. If you happen to have similar luck to me, enjoy the event for all it is worth, because it might not come again. Make the most of it.
I really don't know why someone just hasn't snapped you up by now, PV. I wouldn't want to focus for an undue length of time on you being alone, but we both wish you the best of luck in meeting a partner.
Again, I hope you enjoyed the story. There is more to come from past weeks, but at the moment, finding the time to tell the stories is not easy (sigh).

Bye for now,


i love it! i'm a "subject" now! you know, criticizing me won't do anyone any good, i'm not gonna stop posting if you do that! i can't help it, i'm a teenager! i have to do the opposite of what everyone wants! and if people are gonna try to keep fighting me, it won't work, cause there are way too many people who will back me up here! let's just do one thing and we'll all be at rest. you stop criticizing my posts, and i'll stop fighting back your criticisms, ok? cool! what a concept!

by the way, Shy Pam, thank you very much! i love your stories too, sorry i never told you that before. keep 'em coming!

Bryian - that's cool what you do in the sink. i'm not into doing things with my own poop, but i certainly don't have a problem with anyone who is, and i like reading about it. and i would definitely enjoy watching one of my friends poop in the sink like that! do you ever pee in the bathtub? i love lying back and relaxing, and letting my pee just flow right out int! o the bathwater.

can't think of any stories for today, it's so hard to think of things everyday! of course, all day i've been doing my usual routine pee things. here's a typical day for me. i wake up, i am still too tired to get out of bed, so i just relax my body and let my morning pee run out of me and into my panties, and then into my mattress. last night emy happened to sleep with me in my bed, so there were two girls wetting my bed today. then i get up and do all the normal morning things that people do.

later when i have to pee and i'm in a hurry cause one of my friends are over or i'm busy doing something, i pee in the sink. i love the way my pee gives me little splashes as i let it fill the sink. if i'm alone and not in a hurry, i go into my room, pull down my panties (or sometimes leave them on), and let my pee squirt right out of me and soak into my carpet. i like to sit all the way down on the floor when i do it so i can feel the pee as it forms a ! huge puddle. sometimes when i don't have time i just squat.

if i have to poop, i have to use the toilet, but i try not to waste too much of my pee. i sit on the toilet with my panties only off enough for the poop to come out. that way my pee goes through my panties before it can go into the toilet. or i use a container to put under me to catch all the pee. i always stare at it for a long time before pouring it out in sink.

i already told you about my favorite pee place at school, that one-person bathroom, right in the sink. that's probably the only thing i miss about school during the summer.

at night if i have time i take a bath and pee right in the warm water. then i bathe in that same water, i love that! sometimes if i had waited long enough to pee, i pee so much you can see a slight yellow color in the bathwater. if i'm in a hurry, i take a shower and use the washcloth to pee through. then i soap it up and wash myself with it. i can't help it, i'! m a crazy peepee girl! well, there you have it, a typical day for goldgirl! i filled this post better than i thought i would!

see ya next time,

Hi, everyone! A nice batch of weekend posts here! I was struck by how many people seemed to emphasize the "natural"
aspect of defecation; this is a help to all of those who sometimes feel dirty or guilty thinking about their interest. Specifically, thank you to Susan, Audry, PV, Karl
Camper, Ke-Ke, Vicky, Mel(N.E.),Buzzy, John (NOT from VT!),
and especially Anne(Eng)for their fine efforts in this area.

Susan(Midwest): I'm jealous! Three unisex toilets in one place! I guess there ARE advantages to living in "civilized"
areas...I can only imagine what you enjoyed...

Vicky: A very entertaining story! On our side of the ocean we also sometimes have the disagreeable experience of dealing with portable restrooms, which are called (at least
in this part of the country "port-a potties" (as opposed to your "portaloos!"). VERY understandable that you would avoid using them. And it seems you put on quite an entertaining performance for your! obviously appreciative audience...wish I had been there! What do you do for an encore?

Ke-Ke: Nice quick tease build-up... I was imagining taking you out to breakfast while you began to have these fart attacks... I'd ask you to talk about what you were feeling,
which it seems you'd have no trouble I right? And
do we let the waitress know what you're building up to? How
about other customers nearby? Hope you liked the fantasy...
now could you give me and the many other curious readers all of the exciting details of your fulfilling morning dump?

Anne(England): Another SUPER post! I like your admission that you're proud of doing your big jobbies... and you keep them around for awhile to admire... good description of your
enjoyment experienced while creating your latest fourteen
inch(Wow!) masterpiece...keep posting!

Chulia. Interesting post. I wonder whether actors/actresses taking a dump in films always do it for real or whether theatrical tricks/props are used to create the illusion. I don't doubt that sometimes actors/actresses are taken short during filming and a decision has to be made as to whether or not the accident should be kept in or edited out. I never got to know for example whether Kate Winslet actually did a planned wee during 'Holy Smoke' or whether she was simply taken short and the producers decided not to edit the incident out.

rather not say. Thanks for posting again. I appreciate that you may be scared, but I would urge you to be courageous and seek medical advice. If your problem isn't serious the doctor should be able to reassure you of that. If, on the other hand it is, it may well be easily treatable. This is important. If there is serious problem, it almost certainly better treated sooner rather than later. The likelihood however, is that it m! ay not be. You will not know for sure though, unless you take medical advice. Perhaps you could explain your anxieties to the doctor.

Anne (the bus driver) - and my favourite poster! Thanks for your kindness and concern in relation to my water infection. I've been taking the antibiotics for some days now and I've certainly begun to notice a distinct improvement. Alas I shan't know for certain whether they've completely killed the infection or not until I've completed the course but I'm hoping and praying that it will be the case. So far as the antibiotics themselves are concerned, they haven't given me the runs so far. If anything, they've been mildly constipating. I guess that different people react differently to them.

Thanks for your post about the huge wee and the enormous jobbie you did on Saturday morning. You must have felt heaps better for it. I often wee quite a lot when I first get up - even though I normally have one at bedtime and often ! get up in the night - I guess a lot of people do. At fourteen inches it must have been some jobbie - and all in one big sausage too! I had a good dump yesterday after lunch and counted eight average sized pieces of about an inch thick and four inches long each. My guess is that you hadn't done anything solid since using the ladies at your social club. Is that right? I'm glad you enjoy the sensation of going and the satisfaction of knowing that you've produced something substantial. I do too.

Thanks again & best regards

caught peeing
as i was reading justin's post about guys seeing him take a dump and his embarresmens-i wanted to share a somewhat similar incident that happened to me while i was taking a piss. i was at my daughter's softball torunament and really had to pee as soon as i got there. i asked a concession stand worker where the mens room was and she directed me to around the corner where a door was. i walked in and there was a small hallway right before the actual bathroom. it was an odd setup-on the left side of the bathroom against the wall were 4 urinals, straight ahead was a wall with no room for anything, to the right were the sinks and against the back wall were 4 stalls with toliets. i walked to the farthest urinal and started to piss long and hard. i noticed 2 men walk out of the bathroom, thinking it was a little odd that neither used the urinals but maybe they both had to shit. anyway, when i am about halway through peeing, a large gruop of girls walks into the bathroom and 4 ru! sh to the stall. it must have been an entire team arriving and some parents of the girls were also waiting in line for the stalls. the girls waiting in line were giggling and whispering about "the guy peeing in the urinal" and i was growing quite embarrassed but i had to pee soooo bad that i was just going to stay and finish my business. what made the whole thing worse was that the way this bathroom was designed-the girls and everyone in line could see my dick and everything from the front because the urinals were on the left side of the wall. so it would not have been so bad if i had my backs to the girls, but i was to the side so they not only could see me peeing but they could see my dick too!! so after about 30 seconds i flushed the urinal and walked out of the bathroom, past the shocked girls and parents. on my way out, i noticed a sign i missed on the way out that said this is the fields' only bathroom-men-please do us a favor and do not use the urinals today because! girls will be coming in and out. i guess i was in such a rush to get to the room to pee that i forgot to read the sign.

Midwest Farm Girl
goldgirl - i have to say it again, i really love your posts! they have inspired me to try new and exciting ways and places to pee. as i've said, i do consider myself a lesbian, and although i've never had a "real" lesbian experience, my friend and i have kissed each other before, and now thanks to you, goldgirl, i'm getting her interested in peeing in different places too! we now pee together in containers, in the sink, and a couple times on my carpet in my room. hehe and i too like it when she farts! she's 14 by the way, a year younger than me. and she's a cutie! anyway, thank you again, goldgirl! you've opened up so much for us!
love, MFG

scott & kimberley
hello all! this is scott and kim together responding to some questiones. first to the very nice and lovely pv. i do not know if you read scotts post a few days ago but it told everyone i do pee a pretty lot but not more or much more then the rest of you. you see when I am going to crash out one of my godzilla turds as you would say it. hahaha your funee pv-I often piss in such force it seems like i am pissing endlessly . and i have never measure the volume of piss that i do. louise and you probably piss more but i do much bigger logs i guess.i like pissing but i like to have great big logs which i do quite often which leads me to john vt.-you have asked what i like to eat and is my appetite bigger than most? well john i do not know if you know what i look like but i am five foot four, with long blond hair and big blue eyes. most boys think i am at least cute(Not to brag just describing myself) I also happen to have a 40 inch chest ,nice rounded ass and shapely long legs i am n! ot fat at all. i often wear tight clothes to show it all of like spandex,thong bikinis,tight dresses. i have a good healthy appetite but since i work out with weights,jog ,swim play baseball i work off my bodyfat instantly. i also eat healthy. bananas,fruit,yogurt, and grain cereal. and dont drink or smoke or do drugs. I think the grain cereal causes the huge logs that i do have and i love it!. scott likes to lift weights,play baseball and swim. and even though he eats grain cereal and bananas he doesnt eat them as often as i do. scott is a muscular six-footer. i dont think hes mentioned this but scott and i are an interracial couple. hes black and i am white. just so you know the score i hope i answered all your questiones. bye now love kim&scott

Monday, June 12, 2000

Wilma had eaten enough for three people, and he wanted her to hold it?
"I really…" Another stroke hit. She buckled. "Let me up!"
Wilma put on her pajama shirt and fled. Tatron laughed when the toilet seat popped against the tank. He put on his briefs, got out of bed and followed her. When he got to the door, she watched his frantic wife sat down, ready to give forth all she and stored in her teaming bottom. Tatron shut the door.
Wilma knotted her toes as something chunky and unpleasant crept from her constrained depths. She gathered tissue and saw Tatron. "What are you doing?"
"I can't go…if you're watching me." She tried to maintain some control of the putrid birth that racked her bottom. "Do you mind?"
His smile spread, as did Wilma's. "When are you gonna get a job?"
Wilma balled up tissue. "My job is tough enough."
Tatron knelled before her, hands on her knees. "I mean, a real job."
"I'm a house wife." She moaned ! and liberated a foul breeze. "That is real."
"Listen, since we're here. I need to tell you something. I know I've been…"
"A jerk?"
"A rude, wife-neglecting, ignorant oaf?"
"I was going to say…"
"A inflexible, difficult, stiff who can't bend the rules, even for his own wife?"
"Stiff?" He kissed her forehead. "Honey, I'm not the one who's constipated."
"I told you I'm fine."
"Why were you moaning in here the other day?"
Wilma felt like laughing, but she couldn't risk splitting open. "I was curling my hair."
"While reading a magazine?"
She gave Tatron the tissue paper. "It was a heavy magazine." Wilma moaned and held on to her husband's shoulders. "Is this what childbirth is like?"
Tatron covered his nose. "I…I wouldn't know."
Wilma bowed her head, hiding her grim expression from Tatron. Her horrendous, packed emptying brought forth a gaping sensation close to her last climax. "Goodness," she asked herself ! as backsplash raised her. "What did I eat?"
Tatron pattered Wilma's right knee. "Your words."

I liked John's description of the real cool toilet in Washington Park Square. It sounds like a great place for buddy dumping! It reminded me of a restroom I once used at Higg's Beach in Key West while on vacation. It had two toilets side by side with no partition between them. They were separated from the general restroom area by a partial barrier. One morning at the beach I needed to take a dump and headed into the restroom at the same time as two teenage guys. The one headed to the urinals, while the other and me went to the toilets. When he saw me cleaning the seat with TP before sitting, he remarked "Its kinda scary to take a shit in a place like this." I sat down on the can, but he pulled down his swimming shorts and squatted buck naked over the toilet and started straining and grunting. We were joined shortly by his buddy. The guy started talking to both of us and said that they were there on vacation. I started expelling some large turds. I could also see la! rge turds slowly emerging from the squatting guy's asshole. They hit the water with heavy thuds and the friend remarked "Bombs away!" I started to wipe my ass. The guy then noticed that there was very little TP on his side and he asked his friend to get some from the wall on my side. The friend did so and stood between us as we both wiped our asses passing paper to his friend. It was a real friendly place to take a dump! When I returned to Key West a few years later the two toilets had stalls around them and doors.


I remember a few years there was a pill being developed to delete or mostly delete the smell of a bowel movement. I know I did not imagine reading such an article in the paper.
What ever happened to this project? It was being touted as a Godsend to mothers who had to change diapers, etc.

Hey people. I have never written in this forum but have read lots. I really like stories of buddy dumping and people who have to grunt and strain really hard to shit. I unfortunately havnt had any of those experiences! Oh well, keep writing!

I thought that I would like to mention something that would often took place at my high school many years ago. At the end of the day, most or all of the boys' toilets (about 6 or 7) would be filled with shit because nobody bothered to flush. To Nicola and other female readers, did this often happen in the ladies' room often in your high schools?

Just a question. Anybody know for sure why most logs sink but sometimes they float? I figure it must be a component of diet but don't know for sure.

Hi Laurie, WELCOME BACK! I'm glad to see you back and posting. I can't wait to hear more from your trip. Cindy- I would like to see you post another story sometime. Love ya, Kevin

Hi fellow posters!

This afternoon - my husband and I attended another art show opening in downtown St. Louis, MO. We love this place not only for the wonderful art that is shown, but also because all three of this bathrooms are unisex. Because it was an opening, and many attended, there was the usual rush on the toilets. Bob and I enjoyed visiting the largest of the three, which holds five stalls and two sinks. We finally worked our way into the toilet, still waiting our turn. While there, we enjoyed the sounds and smells of the other guests. We also took up some quick conversations while waiting our turn. Each of these stalls have doors, but are open about a foot at the bottom. It is such a pleasure being able to do something so natural, like doing your pee and poops, in such a natural, shared environment. We hope that more and more businesses will move towards full, unisex toilets.

Mary- I am a 15 yr. old boy and i do the same thing you do. When i go to the beach i bring lots of sodas so naturally i have to pee really bad before too long.

So i'll just sit down and pee, and then stand up like nothing happened. The problem is that i dont wear black bathing suits, so the wet spot on the front is visible. But i dont really care because im probably not the only one there who pees his/her suit. I'll only pee in the ocean if im in already b/c im too lazy to walk down otherwise.

to all- I just hate it when im in the car on a trip and i'm bursting to pee. This one time my family was returning from the beach and i really had to piss. But my dad told me to hold it, which i did for a long time by holding myself and fidgeting. However, a few spurts leaked out and formed a wet spot on my shorts. I got it under control again, but i still had to pee very badly. A few minutes later, another couple of spurts leaked out, and i couldnt get it back under c! ontrol. I wound up completely pissing my shorts, and caused a huge wet spot on them, which was uncomfortable to sit in for the rest of the ride.

Well, thats all for now! see ya!

Hi, everybody!

Lisa: I'm flattered you'd like to watch me take a monster shit, and I don't think you'd be disappointed! (I'll try to have my wife confirm this in her own way soon.) If I don't go for a couple of days, they're generally 10-15(?) inches
long, and VERY fat... (only one piece allowed for my "perfect shit," you may recall, but one SUPER piece! You'd see my ass open wider than you would believe! One summer day a couple of years ago, when I hadn't gone for 2-3
days, I had the urge to go at work around 11 A.M., but decided to hold it. On the way home, I bought a coffee coolada, which came in a nice, wide, cup, which I planned to
use for this monster shit that was getting very insistent at
my back door. I thought I'd do it at a roadside, dirt pull-
off area which are common in Vermont. There was one about halfway home(a total half hour drive), but when I got there, I decided I could wait...the last ten minutes or so of the drive were ex! crutiating, as I recall, but I made it... and I DID use the cup, in the middle of the kitchen
floor! I let go of three or four huge turds in a big WHOOSH!
Then I saved it in the refrigerator for my wife to see! I
think she was pretty freaked out, as I remember...

LK: Interesting story, in lots of detail! Could you tell us
about some of your more usual, more solid shits?

Laurie: Aha! So you took notes! NO WONDER this is such a detailed story!! But the suspense is KILLING me!! I'm guessing Amanda is working up to a TREMENDOUS shit the
evening of Day 2... Am I right?

Jacobi: Intriguing story that's right up my alley! Were you
hoping you'd find your co-worker's huge turd in the bottom of the toilet, in addition to enjoying the smell? Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to happen here as often as it
does overseas in Britain, it seems to me...oh, well... maybe next time...

Scott: Just curious... What are! some of Kim's favorite foods? And would you say she has an above average appetite?
Just trying to get an insight into her incredible performances... and of course, Kim, if you'd rather respond yourself, by all means do so!

Hi! Anyone seen the movie "Big Momma's House"? The opening scene has Big Mamma on the toilet taking as big and messy a crap as you can imagine. I was wondering...does anyone know of any other current movie that shows a woman crapping?

Hi the other day, i went to this school for a graduation practice, it was held in a college gym and someone i knew was taking a shit, right before practice was about to start, i thought it was sooo cool cause i knew who it was. Then i was back here tonight for the real thing(u know what i mean) and i went to blow my nose as i have a bad cold and all the stalls were filled so i peed first and then got some tp and i notice in the first stall that a little boy was taking a shit, he had to be atleast 4 or 5. I've always wondered why do little kids wait to feel/take a shit when they are out in public?

Then aftwards my family was talking about how my one family member is nosy, and was talking about shittling, they said im surpried he hadn't asked when she last took a shit? she said she went at 4pm, maybe this is where i got this intrest and i notice if i have the courage and i know someone who is in to this stuff i like to ask them when they last went.
I will always remember my final high school days because i took a shit at school like 3 times in one month at school, i think thats cool cause i love going in public. Does any one like taking a shit in public like i do?

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