the most awesome poop experience ever would have to be the shit over a log into a pit outdoor poop house. I had the honor of crapping into one for a period of 3 days when i went camping once. There were two outhouses that could be used: one that was an outhouse with a toilet seat over a deep hole (for the wimps), and the supreme shithouse: simply two long logs nailed horizontally between two nearby trees. You sit on the bottom log (make sure to stick your ass out far, lest ye shit on ye-self)and lean againt the top log for balance and crap away! There's nothing freer than swinging your legs back and forth, enjoying the scenery of a forest, sticking your ass out into mid-air and moving bowels like there's no tomorrow. heaven.

Hi Louise,

Got it in one, these days I'd stand up straight and wee behind the bushes instead of sitting on the fence!

I cleaned my teeth and weed in the sink at the same time again last night! It seems to be very easy -- could be the hot tap trickling in the handbasin that does it -- I just add a yellow stream to the general swirl. The brushing I originally thought would make it imposible, but it looks like the two seem to go together somehow! Yes please, let me know how your expeeriment goes!

Yes, that first time I was so excited I can remember the feel of my heart nearly jumping out of my chest! It was beating so hard I could feel my boobs moving in my dress, that's the absolute truth! I don't think I've ever been so excited in my life. Or scared, but a nice kind of scared! Hm, I guess a guy might rise involuntarily to the occasion if presented with a wee-vixen casually anointing the steel!

Absolutely I understand why it's best to stick t! o the forum! I had an experience with a cyber-friend a while back that kinda got out of hand, and I know another who has had the most shocking experience when a cyber friendship blossomed into a real one that might have been wonderful, except it turned out to be a disaster. The moderated forum format is here for a reason, and it does its job exceptionally well (as does the moderatOR!.)

I can stall hardly get over the 'circle' of Steve, your gym teacher and yourself, all being in the same place at the same time, and ... it's amazing! Spooky! Yeah! Kinda preordained!

I'll have to find a compact mirror and take a rear view myself. had a couple of good poos yesterday, was fairly desperate all of a sudden, I went twice and the second time left a pile right out of the water -- that's the first time I've done that in ages!

Yes, I read your sink-wee piece! Well done, that's exactly how I did it! Could be habit-forming, eh?

Yes, the statue piece came! to mind after a bit on the news about this photographer who gets hundreds of people to pose nude in public for him... I thought of the garden statues people have, and the classical fountains, and about the famous statue of the peeing boy in Brussels, and wondered why there shouldn't be a peeing female statue? Or a dozen, in magnificent manneristic poses, that spray realistic-looking wee every so often! Hmmm, I can just imagine getting plastered-up, whilst guzzling water, coffee, beer, fruit juice... Coke, lemonade, iced tea, a nice cuppa -- to fill up for the performance! They'd have to get it on film, this great array of baroque figures, all fountaining! Crazy! And the Kim statue emits a monster log somewhere in the process, a Godzilla-turd -- without blinking or moving an inch, of course! Ha! (Hi Kim & Scott -- many thanks for the kind words, you sound like a fab couple yourselves! I also would love to know Kim's urinal volume, but if it's anything like her poos she'll ! probably put my record to shame!)

Steve -- hello again!

Thankyou so much for your kind wishes. Yes, the right pertner does keep the bloom of youth in your cheeks! And you're right, let life come a day at a time and enjoy each for its own sake, and the right partner will come along when fated to! Yes, a teensy touch downbeat... But not too much! I can't be depressed when nice people say such absolutely lovely things about me! My turn to blush a delicate pink, you thoughtful, considerate gentleman, you! Yes, maybe I'll blunder into a chap having a wee and strike up a relationship there and then! Or raid the men's room and find another daring lady already washing the wall, I'll step up by her and match her performance, and we'll leave with a new-found intimacy? They're all adventures and they could all happen!

I won't be happy until I've had an experience one tenth as delicious as your adventures at the pool! Yes, I fully grasp what an experience it m! ust be! A girl thing, sure -- and heaps of fun. It's hard to explain, really, but the really wonderful thing is that it's an experience that can be shared to delightful rewards!

Wing Chun! Wow! That's a hard-ass style, and very effective! I think Louise is perhaps right in not wanting to actually move into the style with you, the level of fitness and dedication it calls for are pretty phenomenal. I remember a fellow karate student (several times better at it than me!) going to a kung fu class or two, and even someone as fit as him was absolutely inadequate. The warm-up alone trashed him... But perhaps Wing Chun, being more internalised, is not so heavy an energy-penalty? Still, perhaps there are other self-defence styles Louise might enjoy taking up with you, both for futness and for their practical benefits?

Okay, back on topic! Have a wonderful time at the pool, and here's an idea: perhaps you and Louise could stand hip-to-hip at the sink, both brushing you! r teeth and both having your evening wees into the bowl? Nice image!

Looking forward to your next posts,


Karl Camper
Hi, I'm a 23 year old white male. I am using the handle "camper" after my first name because my first post here will be about a camping trip my girlfriend, Wendy (24) and I took over the U.S. Memorial Day weekend.
I really like this site. I'm into the "goings" of others but don't want to hear or read about scat and other garbage.
Wendy and I met a very nice couple and their two sons soon after we arrived at the campsite. The couple were in their mid-to-late 30s. The man was an African-American and the woman was half-Taiwanese and half-Lebanese (she volunteered this information). The older son was 15 and though I am not gay and NOT, I repeat not, a pedophile, I thought he was very exotically attractive. He looked somewhat like Tiger Woods (who is of mixed African, Asian, and Native American ancestry). The younger son is 11 and had mostly "African" features, though his skin was a little lighter than dad's. I am describing the racial/ethnic figures because I, an! d some others, think this is fascinating, in a positive way.
I knew, from a previous visit to this campsite, that the nearest toilet building has, in the mens' room, a latrine style toilet setup. There are 6 toilets, three on each side, with only about 2 feet between each adjoining toilets. Everything is done out in the "open." I did use the toilet on my last visit, but I was the only one using the room at the time.
Now, on to my story. I woke up the next morning and had to shit pretty badly. As I was headed toward the latrine building, the gentlemen and two boys I met the afternoon before were headed to the building from the other direction. I was a little nervous, thinking I'd be the only one having to drop a BM, and a little excited, thinking I'd be "buddy dumping" (I like that word) with at least one of them. We said "hi" to each other and headed into the building. The father and 11 year old sat next to each other on one side, and I sat on the other side, o! pposite the father. The 14 year old sat down next to me, opposite his brother.
We obviously all had to take a shit. The 11 year old sounded like he had the runs, he let out a couple of very quick movements. The father and I were both straining to begin going. In the middle of this, the father and I were engaged in some small talk. The younger boy then again let out another soft movement. "I have diera," the 11 year old said. (What he said sounded like "die-ra") "What did you say, son?," dad asked, puzzled. "You know, diera, very wet doo-doo," the son said. "Oh, you mean diarrhea," he said, more of a statement than a question. "Yeah, diarrhea. My doo-doo was very watery," the younger son said. "I gotta wipe my butt," the son said. There was one roll of toilet paper, next to me. I handed it over to him. "Thanks, what's your name again, Ken?" I told him it was Karl. "Oh, sorry." No problem, I said. He got up and, with his little butt faced towards my side ! of the latrine, began to wipe himself.
The 15 year old, who, up to that point hadn't said a word since we simultaneously sat down, said "turn around, *****" (I am deleting the names of the boys out of respect for them), Karl doesn't want to see your ugly butt." I sheepishly said it was okay and the father admonished the older boy to be respectful. By this time the father and I both began to "go" and the bathroom began to reek.
The younger son pulled up his clothes and went over to wash his hands. The father told him to make sure to drink plenty of water. Just as the younger son left the room, a teenaged boy with shoulder-length, blond hair came in to the bathroom. "Looks like a full house this morning," he said, cheerfully. He pulled down his clothes and sat diagonally opposite me, two seats over from the father.
This kid was very friendly, and as he was peeing into the toilet, stretched out his hand to the 15 year old sitting on the other side and introduced! himself. They exchanged names and the 15 year old son asked the blond boy how old he was. "I just turned 16 last week," he said. Although the blond boy did say hi to us two adults, the older son and blond boy began chatting incessantly as if they were longtime friends.
The father was finished and got up to wipe. I was also just finishing up. The 16 year old was passing very runny shit, though I don't think as bad as the young boy a few minutes back. A woman's voice was heard yelling into the bathroom, "are you in there, *****?" "Yeah, mom, I'm sitting on the potty." She said okay and then the blond boy said, with a sinister whisper "having a totally major case of the shits." The older son chuckled at his new best friend and said "wished I had that problem. I'm very constipated." I hadn't heard him pass anything since we went into the bathroom, though he grunted several times.
As I was washing my hands (the father just left), the 15 year old boy said "I feel l! ike I have rocks up my ass, nothing's coming out." "I know, that sucks, dude," the 16 year old said, in reply.
I said bye to both of them. I don't know if the older son was finally able to move his bowels, but I did see the family several times while we were there, and the blond boy and older son were seemingly inseparable during the rest of the trip. I know they exchanged e-mail addresses and phone numbers as they left, and maybe a sleepover and "buddy dump" will result. I think it's cool that two boys quickly became close pals by meeting each other sitting on the toilet.
I hope this post isn't too long. I have some bathroom stories about my current girlfriend, Wendy (though nothing from this last camping trip), my first real "love," Patrice (a black girl), and a girl I've known since we were literally both in diapers, Suzette. Please let me know if anyone's interested. Peace out.

po0h Bear
Goldgirl: With emmy and you peeing on your carpet.. doesn't it stain it or smell? i thought it'd be better with peeing into things instead because atleast it doesn't leave a tell tale mark!

Well its been a week since i've last posted in here so i spose i better start writting and sharing!.
Well just then i went to the loo and too a dump, first i had a pee but for some reason it was a bit cloudy in colour then i took a load, it was about 9' long but it kept breaking into golf ball size bits. so that was the end of that!.
The other week as well i was in my spa and no one was home.. i was in need of a pee nad poo so i took off my shorts and walked outside. I went and peed standing up against a wall (it aint as easy as it seems!!) then peed over some weeds. then went and sat on some bricks with my butt hanging over the side.. i dug a hold and pooed. it wasn't a big one only about 3' x 1 '. I covered it up and putba brick on it so i know not to dig there again!. I ! went back inside and wiped my bottom then jumped in the shower and peed again.

I dont reaLLy have any stories atm *thinks*. One thing i dont like doing is using someone elses toilet... especially if its someone you haven't known for long.. like i have only ever twice in 5 months ever used me bf's toilet adn that wa sin desperate occasions. NOrmally i can put off having a poo for ages but peeing isn't that easy.

Well i'll post when i have something well worth it!.

goldgirl & others: the day before i went to the farm i got my period and was unable to do anything of interest as during my period it is a bit more difficult. The toilet there was cold and disgusting and got blocked up alot. My bf used it and i went in there after.. there were no little surprises for me n the bowl just some toilet paper with was a bummer. I wonder what he would think of my likes?!

I female, 24, and love to do the do (SHIT)
I have been FARTING all morning, time to take that morning DUMP!
I will love to here about some real gassy, smelly dumps in a public restroom were other people herd you, or knew it was you.
Talk SHIT with you guys later.

Shy Pam
To Goldgirl: I just read some of the posts that were recent criticizing you. Don't listen to them! You have great stories, KEEP POSTING! If the others don't like them, they are not being FORCED to read them or visit this great site!
To those who criticize Goldgirl, if you don't like what you are reading, check with the manual that came with your computer, it can tell you where the scroll buttons are and the OFF button.

Hi everyone! I'm just getting back from vacation, mostly visiting my sister Beth and her family and my husband Gary's brother Rick and his family. I have a couple of stories from the trip that I will post later. I'm spending some time catching up on two weeks' worth of posts.

Rose: Regarding the question you posed to the group two weeks ago about how you flush the toilet, it seems like you have asked that question previously, although it is likely you may have been asking a certain individual. Anyway, I usually use my hands to flush the toilet, and sometimes I use TP to hold the handle while flushing. Of course, as I have chronicled in my stories, I will flush the toilet while seated in order to prevent the toilet from clogging and to alleviate the smell, though it's usually a losing battle as far as the smell is concerned. I haven't had any bad consequences as a result of flushing while seated in public toilets. I just enjoy the muffled sound it makes, especia! lly if there are others around.

Althea: Good to see you posting again. I didn't know that grapes can make you poop that much. That's interesting.

As far as the debate that has gone on the past week, I will briefly add that the moderator has been doing a great job keeping the content relatively clean. Yes, there are some stories that depict behavior that I find objectionable, but there's nothing we can do but simply ignore it.


Today on Foxfamily channel, there was a show called S-CLUB 7 IN MIAMI. It's about these young teens that travel and they sing, and they were traving in the desert and the one girl said she had to use the bathroom and they were at this pay outhouse and she had to go pretty bad as she was jumping up and down. The owner said you have to pay me a couple 100 dollars she said, how bout $10....well give me 20 ok, she agrees and goes to her friends to get more money. She goes in and the outside is run down and the inside looks like a nice hotel bathroom...All you see her do is taking a bath.

Latly there has been talk about peeing in strage places...I was wondering if any one on here poops in strange places? I love to pee and poop in strange places. For instant like many other posters on here i love to pee in the sink...I also love to fill the sink up with warm water and sit in and poop that way, then the clean up is a mess. Any one do this?I did this, this morni! ng.

rather not say
To Adrian, Donny, Desmond, and others who responded- Thank yuo for responding to my post about the diarrhea problem that I have had. Desmond- you said your boyfriend had the same problem. I too like to drink beer or other alcohol, but I am not an alcoholic I'm more like a social weekend drinker. but I also drink plenty of water. What did it turn out to be that was wrong with your boyfriend? i have similar problems, but have never gotten to the point where Imessed up my clothes. I have however had to leave places that did not have suitable restrooms and race home literally doulbled over in pain. All of you are right that I should see a doctor, but it is just so dam scary that I don't know hwo to do it. Please write back. thank you.

Yesterday I went to a pop festival with my boyfriend Sam; in one of the breaks between bands we had something to eat and then I needed a pee; there were some portable loos but there was quite a long queue for the ladies. It was not long until the next band were due on and so Sam suggested I found somewhere to go in the area behind the toilets. I walked round there and it wasn’t a very large area; there were a few trees but there were about half a dozen blokes peeing in various places and also three or four blokes scattered around just sitting on the ground. It seemed a pretty strange place to sit; maybe they liked watching people pee.
I looked back at Sam; the band were just starting up and he shouted at me to get on with it. I just thought to hell with it; if blokes can pee here why can’t I and so I backed up to the back of the toilets pulled my pants down and squatted; the bloke peeing farther along the fence would have had a side view and the guys sitting on the ground ! were a little way off and so I thought no-one would really see much.
Just as I was starting to go a bloke suddenly came up to a tree that was directly in front of me and only a few yards away and started peeing; he must have been able to see my private parts but there wasn’t much I could do I was pissing a major noisy gush by then.
Suddenly he said “ you look like you need that”.
I was a bit amused and surprised at his cheek and said “It’s all the beer going straight through I suppose.”
“Were you too desperate to wait in the queue?” he asked.
“Maybe” I said, “I didn’t want to miss any of the band anyway.” The pee was still gushing out of me. It was really strange holding a conversation with a stranger while he stared at my vagina while I was going.
Anyhow he carried on staring while I finished and wiped myself. I scarcely noticed how the other people around reacted.
When the next band finished I was desperate to wee again but also the meal we had ju! st had started my bowels moving and now I needed to poo badly too. When we went round to the loos the queue there was even longer than before.
My boyfriend laughed and said “looks like you’ll have to do that round the back as well”.
I knew he was right. There was no way I could have waited; I would have ended up doing both in my pants and down my legs while I stood in the queue. Besides I didn’t like the idea of having a poo in a horrible portaloo –even weeing in them is grim. It was a good thing the drink had reduced my inhibitions.
I went round the back of the toilets again – if anything it was busier than before. The same four guys were camped out on the ground – there were more blokes having a pee than before.
I decided I just had to get on with it; I went to pretty much the same spot as before though there were two guys having a piss not far away along the fence. Virtually before I got my pants down the bloke I’d been talking to before appeared in the same! spot as before; I guess he was waiting somewhere close by on the look out for desperate girls.
“Hello, nice to see you again,” he said
“Are you talking to my private parts or to me?” I said; it was meant to me a rebuke for the way he stared but he just laughed.
“It looks like you’re pretty desperate again,” he said. By now the wee was already gushing out.
“It’s really embarrassing though,” I said. “This time I have to poo too.” I deliberately said it quite loud thinking that the guy I was talking to and others around would quickly want to get away from the sight and smell of me defecating.
“Nothing to be embarrassed about,” he said. “We all have to do it. I’ve never seen a girl poo before; it should be fascinating.”
So he wasn’t going anywhere and neither did anyone else. There was nothing I could do now anyway. I could already feel the poo starting to come out. It was a really large thick one and about halfway out it stopped and hung there for a whil! e until I pushed and it grew longer and quickly dropped to the ground.
“Whoa, excellent,” my friend said and it there was also a cheer from the two lads a little way along the fence. Then two more logs almost as large as the first followed quite quickly afterwards accompanied by various noises and comments from my little audience.
“That’s what I call a dump,” one of the other lads said.
I then cleaned myself up with tissues and stood up; I put the dirty tissues I had in a plastic bag to dump in a bin when I saw one. I looked down and it really was quite a pile I was leaving behind; I hoped it was far enough out of the way so no-one would accidentally step in it.

Me, Myself, and I - thank you SO much for sticking up for me and for the ultimate compliment! saying i have the best stories on here is certainly the greatest thing you can say to a writer! tell us more about yourself, age, sex, etc. what kind of peeing adventures are you into? any stories?

Chris (UK) - i see what you mean about men pooping and women peeing. i too think that probably since men can pee anywhere they want anyway, they are more interested in poop. women can only pee in certain places, so to pee somewhere different is a major excitement. i myself don't care to poop in strange places, to me it's too messy, even for me. i don't think of pee as a dirty thing, so i prefer peeing. however, i do enjoy watching or listening to my friends poop, as i'm sure you've read. but i could never touch my own, i don't even like to smell it. i do enjoy a good fart though! when one of my friends lets out a fart, that really gets me! i love the idea that you can fart anywhere! , and the idea of farting on things has always excited me, at least as long as i've been interested in pee. as i'm sure you've noticed, i always write about when i fart while i'm peeing.

the other day min and i had to pee at the same time. we were in my room, as usual. we were both wearing bluejean shorts, and min said to just leave them on. of course i had no problem with that, i love to wet my jeans. we sat down on my bed facing each other, about a foot apart. our legs were spread out, mine were on top of hers. she then smiled and said, "ready...go," and we both relaxed our bodies. i could feel my warm pee flowing out of me and through my panties, and then soaking right through my jean shorts. i looked over and i could see min's pee soaking through her shorts too. then a huge yellow puddle started to form between where we were sitting on the bed. min sighed from the relaxation of letting her pee flow out wherever it wanted. i could feel our warm pee against my legs.! i loved knowing that it was mine and min's mixed together. soon there was a huge pee puddle soaking into my mattress. min finished first, and as she was letting out the last of her pee, a fart seaped out of her. i could smell it as i was letting the last of my warm pee flow out of me and into my jeans. then when i finished, we both just smiled at each other and giggled. no one was home, so all through the day min and i kept adding to our pee puddle.

see ya next time,

Mel N.E.
This is my first post here although I have been reading for several months. My little sister Chelsea, age 4, just ran in from playing with her friends in the yard. She put on quite a show. She was grabbing her crotch real tight, stopped running when she was in the middle of the kitchen floor looked down as she peed in her pants all over and made a big load of poopy too. She kept saying she just couldn't make it even though she tried. Mom and I hugged her, told her it was all right and took her to the bathroom. She made such a mess in her pants she needed a bath. I felt bad for her but it looked cute and I thought it would be a good story to share on this forum.

Anne (Bus Driver)
Adrian, hope the antibiotics work on your water works problem, Do antibiotics give you the runs as they have this effect on many people. I believe this comes from their killing off the helpful bacteria in the boweland altering its chemistry.

Im glad you liked my description of doing a big jobbie. I do enjoy the anticipation of needing a big one, but really like the sensation as it slowly but surely comes out of my back passage, growing quickly in size and dropping into the toilet pan with a loud "kur-sploonk!", then after wiping my bum, (Im a folder by the way), pulling up my knickers and having a good look at the big solid jobbie or jobbies I have passed. The feeling of relief is mixed with one of pride as others have said, the feeling "I did that!" I would query the use of the word "purge" though Adrian, to me this is redolent with images of laxatives and the consequent diarrhea these nasty medicines cause. To my mind passing a nice big solid motion is the finalisa! tion of the eating and enjoying of the food of which it is the undigestible residue. Defecation is an enjoyable natural function, I have always felt like this since I was a kid, and get both a physical pleasure and a turn on from doing a healthy solid poo. You would have loved what I have just done. I have today and Sunday off, (we have a rota which gives you a free weekend every so often). I woke up about half an hour ago and needed a wee wee. I went to the toilet and pulled my black briefs down and sat on the pan. I peeded long and loud with a hiss (I have been told that I pee like a horse) and then I felt the movement in my ???? and down into my "poop chute". I held it back in my rectum for a minute or so. It was a nice big easy one which as soon as my ring had opened slid slowly but easily out making the crackling sound and slid into the pan with a "Floomp!" It was a whopper! Id say about 14 inches long , nice and fat and curved with its pointed end sticking up out of the! water. One of Nicola's "panbusters". Its still stuck there now, but it will go away after a few flushes or I will throw a bucket of water down the pan to dislodge it.

Finally, on the Goldgirl subject. Im not into peeing but if this is her turn on, fair enough. Again if she gets off by pissing all over the carpets, bed linen etc in her OWN home and has to wash this herself or can put up with the smell then that's her business. I would however criticise her for pissing on hotel beds etc. Some other person has to clean this up. Urine soon goes off and develops the distinctive pissy smell that most people dont like to say the least. My own feelings about any practice is that it should harm none other, if its something you do by yourself or with a consenting adult then okey. If for example I did a big jobbie which wouldn't flush away in the toilet of someone whom I knew would be offended then I would ensure it flushed away, even pushing it over the bend with my hand if ! needbe. Luckily I usually do my motions at home, or the ladies toilet at work, or public toilets, where it doesnt matter, or at friends houses were they dont mind or even get a buzz themselves from seeing it. In effect, Goldgirl, post your experiences but dont be too surprised if some other posters are very critical.

To Laurie- I enjoyed reading your posts about the island vacation, looking forward to hear more.

Laurie-- Please continue your stories they are GREAT I
can't wait to hear if Amanda finally poop.-- JW

Jarod, where aer you? We need to hear some more Chuck stories!

Thom and Gary: In response to your recent posts, I also avoid taking a dump in a doorless stall that is exposed to anyone outside the restroom when the restroom door is opened. Gary, I have not encountered a restroom layout exactly the same as the one in the tavern that you describe. I did, however, see one unusual setup in the restroom of a bar that I used to frequent occasionally. There was a completely exposed toilet (no partition or door) with two urinals immediately along side of it. Even though I am not usually shy about dumping in doorless stalls, I usually avoided using this very exposed one when I was there. Once, however, I needed to take a dump real bad and did not have any choice. I seated myself on the can. There were guys pissing on one side of me and others waiting in line to piss. They were mainly young College guys. I tried to avoid eye contact with them, but I cold see that they were amused by my exposed situation. Some were a bit hostile. One of t! he guys in line said to me "This place is for pissing only - no shitting is allowed" and the others all laughed. Another asked me "Are you sitting and thinking or shitting and stinking?" and this remark also provoked general amusement. That was the last time I took a dump there!

To LISA-Always enjoy your dump stories-you do some serious shitting-try doing some of those loads in the outdoors,you'llenjoy it!TO LK-really enjoyed the shower poop story-sounds like quite a load!I don't know if i could put my finger up my ass when i have a load there-too messy-usually i can feel what kind of dump it's going to be-but sometimes you get surprised!Great storyIt's going to real hot today here in NY,but i don't think i'm going to be able to make it out to the woods to dump cause as i sit here typing this,my rectum is filling up with my morning excrement and i'm going to have to go real soon.I've niticed lately people are talking about doorless stalls-i myself have never used onebut i was thinking about going into NYC to use the one in washington sq park-if i can get the nerve to do it BTW can someone tell me exactly where in the park this toilet is-I know where wash sq park is,but where is this cool sounding toilet? Good stories,all-i gatta go shit now and LISA,it feels like it's going to be a soft one,but not loose which is most enjoyable-wish i could hold this for outside,but not today-woooah,gotta dump!I love the feeling of having to shit while typing to you all It's a real "buzz"! BYE

Sunday, June 11, 2000

I just paid my first visit to Washignton Square Park ! what a great place for conversation ! 5 toilet bowls, all next to each other, no partitions, obviously, no doors...... there is a wall directly in front of the toilets, with 2 toilet tissue holders stragetly placed so all 5 men can reach either of the two rolls.....there were also 2 rolls chained up as backup. he frst 2 toilet bowls, had no toilet seats, while the last 3 had toilet seats ... 0 0 0 0 0.. i sat on the first one with a seat, as the third one was in use, a jogger came in and asked about the toilet bowl between us, he said "IS THIS SEAT TAKEN' we both laughed soo hard, it was a very comfortable situation, we leaned foward to grab toilet tissue, and exposed each others dirty asscracks to each other, and when we each stood up, our sausages were floating on the top of the bowls...GUYS< IT WAS GREAT !!!!! we chatted, and said "take care buddys" i will return soon :-)

hello all! hi buzzy glad you liked my "Super bodies in the bathroom" story but you have got it wrong. it was me,my boyfriend scott and his friend john in the bathroom. It was two guys and a girl in the bathroom not one guy and two girls ok? glad you like the bryian I hope your graduation was nice thanks for your nice comments .scott and i appreciate them very much.I have no new stories now but when another one comes up worth posting Scott and i will do that. so long now!

John--you simply must have an outdoor shit. you'll really like it. Please tell of one of your "monster turd" shits. I would love to see a guy passing a HUGE turd for me. The idea is a real turn on for me.
Buzzy--loved the double shit story. You mentioned that one of mine sessions sounded like your coffee shits. The difference is i don't drink coffee. LOL..
Louise--I've been casualy dating my friend from work. This weekend I'm going to his place to watch wrestling. Maybe something will come of it. I'll let ya know.

Regarding no doors on the stalls in men's rooms. I went to schools (K-12) in public schools that did not have doors on the stalls. When I was really young K-3rd grade I was too shy to use the toilets at school and would hold it until I got home.I started getting over my shyness by about the 4th-5th grade and even started enjoying it( a little exhibtionist streak there). I used to do buddy dumps with friends at school and as I think I have always had an interest in seeing other guys going to the bathroom the open stall setup was great. When I got to college it was all stalls with doors. By that time I was completely over being shy in a mens room with no doors EXCEPT when you could see the stalls from the open doorway. I don't mind sharing my dumps with other guys but not with people standing in a hallway. I usually will never use the stall if that is the case. It seems like where I am from (west coast USA) there was a period when there was a lot of men's rooms with doorless stalls. They are not nearly as common now as they were even 10 years ago. Enough from me.
Moderators you are doing a great job! Keep it up and know that you are appreciated by many of us.

Molly: My advice to you is not to worry - just enjoy it!
It is a long time since I had a solid dump, they are always soft these days, and never very big. You should think yourself lucky that you can shit loads, you are probably very healthy.
In reply to the "no doors" discussion, I wouldn't entertain the idea of using a stall without doors. I avoid dumping in a public toilet at all, and if I was desperate I would find a secluded place outdoors.

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