Just watched the 1999 film "Tumbleweeds," about a mother who attracts jerks for boyfriends and then either puts up with their abuse or runs from them, accompanied by her schoool-aged daughter. The film has a line for just about everyone here, although there's little to see. In one desert scene, the mom just finishes peeing by the roadside when her daughter announces that they're out of water. Says mom, "Oh, shit. I should have saved my piss." In another, mom and daughter, on the road at a restaurant counter, are on the topic of men. Says daughter, "You wanna know what I really think of men?" She grimaces, bears down and cuts a big fart, then another, while mom covers her nose. Outside, they laugh about it and daughter says, "But you farted too, mom." "Yeah," says mom, "but nobody heard mine and it certainly wasn't a big stinker like yours!"

My favorite is a workplace scene where the mom and a female co-worker are commenting on how many pots of coffee the place! goes through a day because of boredom. The co-worker offers, "I don't even drink it anymore. I just stick it up - my - butt." The mom asks what's up with that and her co-worker obliges, "A coffee enema! Let me tell you, besides getting a good buzz, you also get a real nice cleansing... So whaddya' say? Wanna come to my place after work and do a pot?"

TEEMING MASSES - The "super strong" TP debate in the UK at least shows that things have softened up there. Lots of Americans think that TP in the UK and other parts of Europe used to be better suited to wrapping fish and chips than to wiping one's bum. A TV comedian who had just returned from GB once commented "And that stuff they use for toilet paper. No wonder they say, 'God save the queen!'" Then there's the other extreme - that awful perfumed and dyed stuff available here in the US. I'll take plain white, medium soft, thanks. BTW, I'm a folder, not a "scruncher."

scott& kim
hello all! Hi steve. this is scott. I will try to answer your questiones on how kims monster logs flush. Well steve sometimes her logs flush sometimes they dont. When her logs dont kim or both of us get a toilet plunger and use the stick end to break it up a bit. we use the plunger end when the toilet really clogs and the water comes up overfilling the bowl. this happens pretty often when it does kims face turns beet red! we dont mention this in our posts because it doesnt sound as sexy. plus kim does pee alot but probably not much more then the average person. but when she pees especially when shes going to have one of her monster logs too she pees with great force. It just seems like shes peeing endlessly sometimes. I tell you steve a few times I have seen her do an absolutely enormous log in the morning and an absolutely enormous log at night on the same day!! I tell you i could not believe it or get rid of my hard-on! plus kim and i do stay fit. we lift weights and swim ! and play baseball among other things. kim also likes to jog on the beach sometimes. kim is athletic like your louise but shorter. they both have long blond hair and blue eyes but kim is five foot four with 40 inch boobs. she also has well-toned arms nice rounded buttocks, shapely longlegs with nice rounded calve muscles. plus like louise she is great in bed! i hope i answered your questiones steve. you and louise seem like a nice couple. Its a real pleasure to chat with you like this. bye now. from scott& kim. p.s.- louise is sooo funee talking about statues in peoples likenesses with the kim statue pees and has a big log! priceless louise! plus pv- you sound like a nice lady also. take care now!

This afternoon, I was in the shower because I had gone horseback riding and smelled like horses. While I was washing my hair, I felt the need to poop. I opened my butt to see if i needed to fart, and i let out a big wet fart that sprayed a little poop. the need to poop then became more intense, so, as is my practice, i gently pushed a finger up my ass a little ways to see just waht I had to do. i moved my finger around, but all i felt was wet stuff. i knew this was not going to be one of my regular semi-soft but firm and formed "motions". This one was going to be soft and watery, but not like diarhea explosive. I moved my finger around gently, and the need to take a shit became more intense.i started to involutarily push, and so I removed my finger, thinking that since it is so watery, I can just do it fight here in the shower, seeing as i had to go really bad by now and my anus was fully dialated to shit, so going anywhere wouls of been stupid as I was about 1 second away fro! m starting a big shit. I spread ny butt while standing ( I am female)because some shit was starting to come out.i peed a strong jet against the wall of the shower, and began to push a little more. A small blob of loose, watery shit fell from my butt and was immediately washed down the drain. I felt that there was alot more there, and as I was only 5minutes into my shower and it was watery poop anyway I decided to just continue going.i spread my butt and pushed, and more shit came was washed down the drain very quickly. I let out some more tiny blobs, but I really needed to just let it all out, but I could not do that while standing. I stopped pooping for a minute, and peed again. The pressure was really intense by now because i had let some out.I did not want to explode at the risk of making a lot of noise and my family hearing me. so, i squattedd right on the floor of the shower and just let it ALL out. I hadn't gone in like 5 days so there was an awful lot of shit the! re. it came out slowly, so I ahd some time to enjoy the strange ness of what I was doing. I squatted there for ten minutes doing a shit the likes of which I ahve never seen.I must ahve shitted 5lbs. of shit.there was this GIGANTIC mountain of shit between my legs, but I felt like there was more. I let out another wet fart that sprayed a little bit of shit everywhere, and strained some more. I realized I had filled my bladder again in the ten minutes I was shitting, so I sood to pee again. The shower had washed most of my mountain away, and i leaned back at the hips, spred my vagina open, and peed for a strong 2 minutes, and the stream never lost any power.i tried to poop some more standing up, but it didn't happen. I felt like I could do another huge shit and still not be empty, but I couldnt do anymore. an hour later, i felt an urge to go that you wouldn't believe! I wanted to have some fun doing another huge shit, so I went into the woods at the back of the house. i found ! my old shitting spot from when i was younger and had shit there many times.I pulled off my baggy shorts(before you think this is nuts, we live in a very secluded place, and all of my family was out), and peed on a tree standing up. I let out another huge shit and left.

Me, Myself, and I
Hey People I've been reading these posts for several hours and i dont think there's a thing wrong with what goldgirl does. I personally think she has some of the, if not the best stories on this site! so what im saying is Leave her alone.

TO KIM & SCOTT-Cool story of the three of you dumping together-i'm jealous!wish i could do that with 2 girls,WOW!TO FIZZ-Welcome to the party.glad you enjoy my stories along with JOHN(vt)Post some of your own,i'd like to hear them-Well,i have another story for you all-I went out biking yesterday and went looking for the same spot to dump as the days before.So i'm biking along and felt a strong cramp and decided to stop and look for the spot-well,it took a while for me to find it and i really had to shit bad and when i FINALLY found it,i got undressed and as i was pulling my shorts down,the poo started to come out,i really had to go and as i got over to the log,the poop was starting to come out so when i squatted on the log,it was halfway out my ass!The first part of it missed part of my previous piles,but then i got on target and let out a bunch of mush with a lot of farting,it was a big load cause i was holding it for what seemed to be forever!The old piles were dark and starting to dry up and my new load was light brown and soft and completly covered the old pile and then i got up and abmired it for about 2 mins and then i had to go more so i had to move to make a new pile cause the old one would have touched my ass,so i let out a small fart and let out a long skinny soft turd followed by some shredded wheat poop and as i was letting this out ,got off in a big way,Ohhh did this feel great!To be totally in the "buff"and taking a good dump is nervana to me in the woods!I'm trying to hold it now when i get up til i can get out to the woods,but yesterday was a close one,i almost had an accident!I've got to get out there when i feel the 1st hint of a cramp,cause it don't take long for me to have to go in the a.m.!Hope to find someone else pooing in the woods this year too!!Would like to buddy poo along with them!More stories as they come !BYE

Harry (Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.)
Nguyen>> Just curious if you were camping somewhere in the Hell's Canyon area, as that sounds about the length of time it would take to drive down from Spokane to the Lewiston, Idaho area...Yes, it's me, Harry, I had made a comment about you being from Spokane a few weeks ago...Anyway, sounds like you most definitely had an interesting weekend camping!

Well, I had one of my "quarterly" monster dumps this week. I had been constipated for about 4 days, when I felt the cramps starting down my back passage, so I got up from bed, as I was asleep at the time, and they were fairly sharp pains, and went in and sat down on the toilet. I sat for about a minute, and when nothing started moving, I gave a push to get the mass started out. The turd started to dialate my anus and slowly emerge. I think I must have been at maximum size because it continued out very slow for about another 30 - 45 seconds before the width decreased in size and then the turd hit the water w! ith a thud. I felt like I had to go more, but couldn't get anything to come out, so I got up to check what I had produced. There was a turd about 2 inches in diameter and about 5 inches long in the thick part, and it tapered off from there to about a half inch diameter for another 4 inches...I wiped and flushed and much to my surprise, it got stuck in the toilet...So I got the plunger out and took care of the blockage....

The next day, I felt the call again for a big one, and that time, I sat down and within 30 seconds it was all over...A large turn about 12 inches long followed by another one that was curved about 6 inches long laying along side it...However, this time when I flushed, the toliet didn't plug...

WOW I had a great day. It started off with this mother & son (about 5) who were waiting to check out at the counter.
The little boy tells his mom he needs to poop bad. She tells him to wait just a few more minutes. He's doing a lot of wiggling & dancing. She begins talking to her friend & kinda forgets about the boy. After just a few minutes he wanders over behind a display & lets out 3 farts. (I can see him from where I am but no one else is around) HE kinda grunts & squats down & I can see a bulge beginning to form in his shorts. He again farts, grunts & the bulge grows bigger. His face is all scrunched upAs he's obviously doing a BIG load in his pants. After about 5 minutes his mom comes looking for him & sees him squatting. He sees her coming but is in mid shit. She says what are you doing? & he says I couldn't wait anymore. She takes him bye the hand & they leave quickly. His shorts were saging pretty low but non got loose (luckily or I would need to clean it.) Now I'm not really turned on by a kid taking a dump but I found it quite interesting to watch his facial expressions. He was really concentrating on what he was doing.
The day doesn't end there. Later in the afternoon I was heading to the bathrrom for an afternoon piss. I came around the corner & saw a guy standing there taking a really wicked piss. He'd left the door open & I could see all. He didn't even seem to notice me. He was just finishing up & kinda shook his dong to let the last few drops fall. He pulled up his pants (they were only down far enough to free his dick & piss) & flushed.
The best part was my own crap of the day. I felt the urge a couple of hours ago but wasn't in a hurry. Just before i got here I couldn't hold it anymore. I went into the bathroom & pulled my shorts & panties down to my ankles & began to piss. I let out a long hissy fart & the turd started slowly out my ass. I ! didn't push but just let it come on it's own. It came slowly then would stop. After a few more seconds it started again. It finially tapered off & splashed into the water. I took a quick look & saw a whopper in there. It was 12 inches. (getting closer to beating my record John) & let out several farts. The feeling as the turd slid out was so satisfying. I was getting a real turn on as it crept out slowly.
Well that was my day. Pretty great huh??? Couldn't ask for much more (except to do it with a partner--but i'm working on it)

I have added grapes to my fiber regimen. I love them, only they give me gassy diarreah. I run to the toilet at all hours of the day expecting a huge movement, only to expel water or a small amount of solid doo-doo.

i just wanted to thank Chris (UK), Becca, and Midwest Farm Girl 15! thank you SO much for sticking up for me, guys! that made me feel so much better! we can always appreciate each other's stories even though so many people don't! but that's what friends are for, right?

your friend,

Chris(uk) - i have been peeing in unusual places since i was 8 (starting with the sink, then later the bathtub). i suppose i was 10 when i started peeing on carpet, and i had my first period at age 11. so puberty came after my pee interest started. as a little kid, my parents never really cared about when i peed in my pants. whenever i did, they were never in a real big hurry to clean it up or anything, so i guess i always had a laid-back attitude about where i peed. i don't really remember how i felt when i had wet panties at that age. as i've said before, my interest came when i overheard an older girl at school talking about peeing in her sink. naturally, i had to try it too, and i've been enjoying it ever since. i'm not really sure what the cause of my love of peeing actually is, but i have no regrets that i have it. it makes me feel good, and that's all that matters.

let's see, a story...

emy and me were in my room again. we were sitting on the floor w! at! ching tv. i always tell her that if she ever needed to pee while she was in my room, she could just go ahead and go wherever she was. but she always tells me first so i can watch her go. we were just sitting there and she smiled and said, "bridget, i hafta pee." i gave her a big smile and giggled. she pulled off her panties and lifted up her skirt and then got on her knees. i leaned over so i could watch her. she sighed as her whole body relaxed. her pee soon flowed out of her and soaked into the blue carpet, forming a wet puddle. her legs were getting wet from kneeling in her pee. she sat there and peed for about 20 seconds. then as she was finishing, she let out a big bubbly fart. i giggled and said, "that's alright, emy, you know i don't mind when you fart." i didn't want to sound like i was overly excited about her farting right in my face. she farted again as the last drops of her pee squirted out and onto the carpet. then she put her panties back on and we went back to! w! atching tv.


To Cindy and John - Thanks for the kind words welcoming me back. I'm glad you appreciate my posts.

Cindy - Please post stories of your long poos. There's nothing I like better than to just sit and relax on the toilet while pooing. Sometimes I even sit there longer than necessary enjoying the feeling of a poo coming out.

John, for your info, the poo I took the other day was nothing special...I was on the toilet for about 10 minutes and pushed out two medium sized logs and two small ones. It kinda smelled bad but oh well.

Anyway, on with my story.

As I had said when discussing day one, i had pooed once (big time) and amanda had yet to poo (having done just one pee).
By the way, this is sort of embarrasing but I kind of jotted down some notes about our toilet experiences so that I wouldn't forget because I knew I wouldn't get to post until now, 3 months later. So if I seem to have remarkable detail for something that happened so lon! g ago, that's why. I hope you all don't think I'm some sort of nut cause of that! Really! I'm not! I just figured you all like that sort of thing (highly detailed stories) just like I do.

So, we had to wake up real early on Saturday morning to catch an early AM flight. We first had to fly to Miami then on to our "island destination." Nothing eventful happened on the plane to Miami or getting ready in the morning. Just some normal pees from the both of us in my bathroom and in the bathroom on the plane. We had about an hour and a half layover in Miami and for some reason I was beginning to get the urge to take a dump. (It was only 11 AM there, way earlier than my normal time) I guess traveling screws up my system or something. So, I told Amanda that I was going to go to the Ladies and she said something along the lines of "I'll come join you. I've gotta go myself." I was wondering if she had to poop too but I didn't ask as I didn't want to appear too interes! ted cause we had talked so openly about it the night before. There was a small line at the ladies and I began to feel a slight cramping pain. I knew instantly that this was going to be a yucky poo...not the solid slow ones I like. Two stalls eventually opened up next to each other and Amanda and I took adjacent toilets. I quickly pulled down my shorts and sat down. I peed a little and then felt the cramping. I farted kinda loudly and this nasty liquidy shit came pouring out of me. Ew! It was soooo nasty, especially in a public toilet. It kinda hurt and was coming out rather quickly that I accidentally let out an "ooooohhhhhh uggghhhh" type of moan. Amanda, who I could hear peeing in the next stall, asked me if I was OK. I said "yeah, i'll be fiinnnnnneeee" with the last word another wave of liquid poo came running out of me. It was starting to smell kinda bad in there. By this time, Amanda had finished peeing and was wiping. I couldn't believe she had gone this ! long without pooing. "I'll meet you outside" she said after asking me if I was ok again. I don't want to disgust you with details about this nasty shit I had, but it was about 5 major waves of the runny stuff. I even had to flush the toilet twice while I was on it to make sure it didn't overflow. It took me awhile to wipe myself, at least 10 wipes before I lost count. Incidentally, i don't think any other ladies in there were pooing, although I was so focused on my own predicament that I didn't really notice. So, 20 minutes later, I emerged and Amanda came over and hugged me and asked if I was going to be alright. I assured her I felt much better (I did) and that this was gonna be a great trip. I then said, "gee, i'm glad i didn't do this in our hotel would have really stunk it up!" She wrinkled her nose and said "yeah, sometimes a public toilet is the best place to have a nasty shit!" We laughed then went back to our gate.
Well, this post has run on qu! ite long. I'll be back later today or tomorrow to continue my story of that day (oh yes, there is more from that day!)
Until next time,
Keep up the good posts everyone, and thanks for the kind words.

This is my first post here, however I have been reading the posts here for quite some time. I think it is about time I contributed.

Occasionally I go out to the bars on the weekend for a few beers and to socialize. One time a little while after entering the bar I had to poop badly so I went into the bathroom which was quite small and did have a stall with a partition but no door. This does not bother me, but the fact that there was absolutely no toilet paper available was quite distressing especially because my poop was particularly runny and my bum and my bum got messy. You know how it is when it is almost liquid. Fortunately there was a hook to secure the door. I got up and used the sink to clean my back side. I had to do it several times to get clean including wash my hands. My bum was still quite wet when I finally was able to pull my undies and pants back up. Now whenever I go out I make sure I always have some napkins in my back pocket, just in case.

! There is another tavern I go to where the bathroom is located almost directly in the center of the bar inside there is a urinal against one wall and a toilet directly across from the door. There is no barrier what so ever and anyone who opens the door exposes the person sitting on the pot to whoever may be in eyeshot of the mens room. The walls have mirrors so you can see every angle. Most of the time there are only men there but occasionally there are women who come in. I don't care if they see me peeing because my back is to them, but I don't want the whole world to see me making my most importnat movement. I have not had to poo there, and I dread the thought. Don't get me wrong, I'm not shy but I do like some privacy. It would be interesting to know if anyone has run into this type of situation.

Laura, by and large toilet cubicles, (stalls), both male and female in Britain have doors unless destroyed by vandalism. The only toilets without are in prisons and lunatic asylums, some hospitals, and some infant schools in order that teachers can see the kids dont get into difficulties.Junior (grade) Schools and above also have doors on the stalls. Toilets without doors would not be tolerated in the UK unlike some mens toilets in the USA where this practice seems to be quite commonplace. Likewise I dont see British workers taking kindly to employers puting cameras in their toilets, Paul of New Zealand.

John (VT) Im glad you like the posts from British correspondents. George and Moira have been like minded friends of mine for years and I met my wife Theresa through them. It is interesting that the term "jobbie" for a turd has become more commonplace, I had always thought it a peculiarly Scotish term although commedian Billy Connolly helped to make it better known. L! ikewise this site has picked up terms such as "panbuster" for a really big jobbie that wont flush away, "Constipotatoes" as you mention for the hard balls passed when constipated, and the onomatopeic words such as "Kur-sploonk!" and "OO! and NN! for the sound effects and we have learned "log" and "dump" although I still cant get used to "make" or "take" an number two as used by Americans.

Molly. So long as your motions are solid and healthy and there are no signs of abnormality such as bleeding, I wouldn't worry unduly. If however, the situation continues and you are anxious, I'd see a doctor without delay. I very much doubt that there's anything much wrong with you, but it would probably be worth taking medical advice - if only for peace of mind.

Anne (the bus driver). I enjoyed enormously your post about doing a big jobbie after your shift in the social club toilets. No wonder you felt better when you'd done it. Do you sometimes enjoy the sensation of needing to go for a poo? I do occasionally. It's nothing compared to the sense of relief when I've been though. The last few days I've been passing good, thick solid jobbies and it's been a pleasure - almost as if my body's been purging - or trying to purge - itself. Thanks for your kind words vis a vis my urinary infection. I went to the doctor yesterday and he confirmed what I already susp! ected - namely that the infection was still very much there. I've been put on some different, stronger, antibiotics - this time for a week. I'm hoping they'll work this time round.

Thanks and Best Regards

Louise: You seem to have an original mom. Did she taught you to pee standing or how did you begin peeing standing side by side in the first place?

Traveler: Have you ever seen a woman pee standing up on your travels?

Hi everybody!

Laura: Most bathroom stalls in men's rooms do have doors. Exceptions occur in public places like beaches, lakes, parks, some schools, picnic areas, etc. What problems do your sons have with the restrooms at school?

Kevin L: I agree that guy's attitudes to dumping in doorless stalls vary. It seems to depend on how we are raised, social class, etc. I was raised in a working-class family with three older brothers and one bathroom! It was pandemonium in the bathroom in the morning since we were usually in danger of missing the school bus. One of us would be in the shower, one brushing his teeth, another on the shitter and the other waiting. Therefore when I went to High School it seemed OK to dump even though there were four adjacent toilets without partitions. The latter had been removed some years previously because of vandalism. I noticed that only about 50% of guys would dump there, but others would avoid it. You are correct that s! ome guys go to extraordinary lengths to avoid dumping at school. Did you see the movie "American Pie?" There is a character with the nickname "Shitbreak" so named because he would not use the guy's room but went home during break to shit. He was cured of this when another another guy slipped a laxative into his food. There is a hilarious scene in which we see him shitting and farting in the girl's bathroom because his buddies had contrived to have the boy's bathroom closed for repair.
I have noticed similar attitude differences towards dumping with my two current apartment roommates, Joe and Brad. Brad is fairly uninhibited and will often dump in the morning while Joe or I am in the shower or shaving. Joe, on the other hand, almost barricades the door when he has to shit. He does not mind, however, if Brad or I take a dump while he shaves. Does it bother you only to be seen dumping or do you find it a problem to see other guys dumping in a doorless stall?
John (VT): Since I missed your previous posts, I did not follow what you meant about not dumping in a doorless stall because of an "all male" audience. Would you be comfortable shitting in a doorless stall in a unisex toilet where chicks could check you out?

Donny: My high-school toilet seems to have been similar to yours. The guy's room had four adjacent shitters without partitions. There were five urinals along the opposite wall. I took a dump there almost every day and there was often a lot of kidding around between the guys on the crappers and those at the urinals. This was prompted usually by loud farts or plopping sounds. Some guys who had particularly large dumps would often want to display them to other guys. It seemed a macho thing to boast about it. Do you have any interesting stories from your High School toilet days?

Mike: I have had a similar experience to yours in the bar you work weekends. One bar in the College town I once lived! in had a long narrow men's restroom. There were two doorless stalls at the entrance opposite the main door to the room. There were three urinals towards the end of the room. The girl's restroom was adjacent. There was often a line of girls outside the latter. Therefore when the door to the guy's room was opened the chicks would catch glimpses of guys taking a dump or pissing in the stalls. The guys, however, were more of a problem sometimes. You know how college guys lose all inhibitions after a few beers! Because of their need to piss urgenly, there would often be a crowd outside the two stalls waiting in line for either the stalls or the three urinals. Once when I was taking a dump there, the area got so crowded that there were guys kind of pushed into my stall so that I had difficulty reaching the toilet paper which was nearer the entrance to the stall. They were pleasant about it though and pulled paper off the roll and passed it to me. Another time a group of! drunken guys was not so pleasant. They kept yelling at me to hurry up and get off the crapper. I enjoy dumping and like to take my time. One even asked me if I had ever tried taking "Ex Lax." One kept opening the door to the restroom so that their girlfriends in line outside could see me on the crapper. They mockingly applauded me when I started to wipe my butt. I was a bit annoyed, but thought better about complaining. I just smiled to try to keep things pleasant.

Look forward to hearing from you guys!. See ya all later.

Jhon(VT), Kepena: Thanks for the nice welcome.

While at work today, My co-worker took a rather long poop. When she came out I acked like I really had to use the bathroom, and she said "wait a while before you go in there". (with her hands over her nose) I told her I can't wait any longer (I didn't really have to go to the bathroom just an excuse to smell what she had pooped out from behind) I went in and smelled the stinky order from the bathroom, and it brought a smile on my face, because it didn't look like she could produce that kind of a order (at work any ways). I flushed like I actually used the toilet, I told her you really let go in there she said "I warned you" I smiled and went on with the rest of the day. I want to give her a little warning one day, if I ever do I'll tell yall about it.
Thanks for reading!

I am a 14 year old girl, and I go to the beach very often.

What do I do if I have to go to the bathroom at the beach but there aren't any toilets?

I pee in my bathing suit. This usually works because I wear a black bathing suit, and that hides the dark spot that would form on a lighter color.

I told some of my best friends this trick and they use it too.

This technique can work even if I'm walking along the beach. First of all, nobody's looking, and second of all, the pee just runs down my leg.

Or I pee in the ocean.


To Kimberley: Wow another hot story posted here. I really love your stories and i think they sound really hot!! I wish i could buddy dump with you or someone else. And thanks for the cong!

Hi, I am a long time lurker to this site. This is my first post, basically because I have been a little bashful about it, but now seeing that I have read every page, I kinda got used to everybody talking about their poops. Basically I am a college age kid from the US, just so you know a little bit about me. I look forward to posting some stories in the future. Thanx - Navy

Nick (Canada)
Another poster had asked how men do it? I have to say, the same question has crossed my mind. I will not use a stall that has no door. I'm not even a fan of doors that don't lock.
When camping at Darien Lake (in upstate New York), I hate (but have to use) their washrooms where not only do the doors not lock but the partition stops right at the toilet. When you walk into the washroom, you can see some guy's ass seated on the toilet. I always head for the second stall. But even then, with your feet almost sticking out the bottom because the stalls are so shallow, some guy will open the door while I'm sitting there. I hate that. I like some privacy when I'm having a shit.
Where I went to college, we had a few stalls without doors. Those stalls were never used. The seats were always up because the guys would use the ones with doors. I would think the majority of guys prefer to have a door on the stall. But then again I'm from Canada.
Adam from Canada used to post her! e ! often--haven't seen any of his posts in awhile. What does he think?

Saturday, June 10, 2000

Paul (NZ)
How would you like it if your employer installed a hidden camera in the workplace toilet? This is what has been in the news here this week and there has been a real stink about it. (sorry)
Apparently the management of a timber mill installed cameras in 2 unisex toilets in order to catch workers using drugs. The cameras were eventually discovered, after how long being there no one is saying, but the staff, especially the female workers, are really upset as is their union. In this country there are strict rules governing employers to ensure the workplace is safe and it is under this guise that the employer is stating it had every right to take this action, although in the face of adverse reaction from everyone they appear to have realised they may have gone to far. There appear to be many unaswered questions, such as how many people viewed the tapes, what did they see and how long had they been there? Are there any other instances of this happening elsewhere?

just curious, do most mens restrooms have doors on the stalls or do not have? i get confused, seems like most do not have doors, from posts here, and my sons complain about the school restrooms...... curious

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