I need some help... I just got out of school 2 weeks ago. Ever since then, I've been pooping everyday.. I'm one of those people that only goes 2-3 times a week. The past few days, I've been getting bad cramps and I really gassy. I need some help. I've been pooping really solid.. that's normal for me. Its just there's twice as much plus I do it sometimes 2-3 times a day!!! Help me!!

Shy Pam
Dear Hans,
My "going to work accident" really had no warning; I never felt the need to go. I went from laughing SOOOOOOOO hard, you had to hear the tape of this guy (trying) singing. As I said earlier it sounded kind of like someone stepping on a cat's tail. It was the funniest thing I have heard in a long time and I can't remember when I laughed this hard or this long. My ???? even ached for a few hours afterwards from using those muscles. This tape went on for about a half an hour segment with commentary. If you have not heard the show, Howard Stern is considered to be the one who started the "shock jock" culture, it is almost no holds barred radio. The tape of Enrique Inglesias (supposedly) was incredibly funny with the added comments. I could not stop laughing...and later I couldn't stop peeing in my panties. I think all the laughter brought it out, I sure didn't plan on wetting my pants or want to on my way to work. I did try last week holding it intentionally and waiting until I peed my pants intentionally in the shower (influenced a little by the posts I have read) but that was much different than my drive to work.
Today on the show, the real singer came in and proved it either wasn't him, or, that it was done as a laugh. He really could sing and I wished I had seen him, he is supposed to be real cute! Thanks for your nice wishes.
Shy Pam

Yeah, I agree with the Moderator. It is quite true that there will always be some sicko either pretending to be someone they are not or trying do something illegal. It is also very true that you can't be everything to everyone. No matter what is said, I'm sure there is someone who doesn't agree or appreciate what is being said. I just hope that the 1% who is posting something they shouldn't be don't spoil it for the rest of us. This is one of the few sites that allows people of all ages to talk about the "taboo" subject of the bathroom. Personally, I don't see what's so "taboo" about it if everyone has to do it every day. There are very few things we can say that about and it seems all the other things are readily discussed (eating, etc.) I think it would be a lot better if people just got over the "taboo" part of the whole idea, because there is really no need for the added hassle. Of course there are people that cringe at the very though of doing just that, but that is their right. But that's not for me... Anyway, just thought I'd make my opinion known (that's me in a nutshell) Bye all...

Hi, everybody!

Lisa: Very enjoyable story about your obviously satisfying
shit in the woods last Saturday. As you know, I appreciate
the details; an added bonus this time was the fart info!
Made it easier to imagine I was there! Hope you can do a
repeat performance this weekend!

You asked me to talk about some of my memorable ones, so I
will! Actually, after thinking about it for awhile, I have
quite a few stories, but I'll START with a few... I did a
nice one yesterday; solid, in one piece, and maybe 9-10
inches long(I know, not fair, no tape measure yet, but I
didn't know anyone CARED until now!). I usually do fairly
big solid ones, with occasional monsters that clog the
toilet. When I do one of those, I generally show it to my
wife first (who has a passing interest in the subject; many
of you know she's posted here) before attempting to flush.
I usually go in the toilet, but MAY try one outside during
this more comfortable season... I did an artistic one I
showed to my wife recently, which consisted of "the main
course," a long, fat log displayed diagonally across the toilet, and three "garnishes," short pieces arranged above
the main one, and at either side. I also did a geometric one
at the office which went directly north-south, with points at both ends, which I discovered to be in the shape of a
parallelogram! I didn't get to show that one to anyone, but
described it to my wife(and now everyboby here, too!). More
to come!

Buzzy: I like the "double shit in one place" ongoing story.
It ties in with a fantasy of mine: the "treasure map fantasy," in which some female (COULD work with my wife's friend Zelda...) does a spectacular (this is acceptable because it's my FANTASY!!) shit in the woods, informs me of this fact, and the gives me a hand drawn map to follow to the treasure (X marks the spot of the wondrous production!).
Sound good?

How do men do it?: I DON'T!! That's too much of a lack of
privacy for me! Of course, the ALL MALE "audience" has a lot
to do with this, as I've posted before...

Anne: I very much enjoyed the "installment shit" story...
and each one was better than the last! I would REALLY have
loved to see that last one sticking four inches out of the
toilet! Nice job of telling it, too... maybe it's just me,
but I'll go out on a limb and state my opinion that the
British posters here ALL seem to write well, with a very
sophisticated vocabulary... anyway, I liked the term "constipotatoes" better than the correct medical term!

Laurie: Welcome! BY ALL MEANS, continue your story! You have my full attention! And by the way, what was your latest
poop that interrupted your last post like? Please tell us!

To the Moderator
I understand why the post I wrote 2 posts ago was not put up. But could you please just post the fart story of my post? I think people would like it and it is in no way contradictory to the "golden rule."

We don't cut or edit posts becasuse that means the post is no longer what the poster wrote. We can send the post back to you if you stop by the courtesy phone.

Kevin L
Justin, no way. Most guys don't like to dump in doorless stalls. Just think how many guys dump in high school with doorless stalls? Not many, and only the desperate. There are some such as your self who are comfortable with it but I think the majority don't like to.
Kevin L

Anne (the Bus Driver)
Yes, I have had people poo on my bus. Not merely the likes of the schoolgirl who did it in her knickers, but once when I was driving a double deck bus back from an sport event with some teenaged girls I heard giggling and laughter from the back of the top deck but thought nothing of it. When I went up to check the bus after the girls had left I noticed a plastic carrier bag at the back. I thought some girl had forgotten her Games kit and picked it up. It was heavy and then the smell of a solid trud hit me. I looked in the bag and saw a huge fat solid jobbie of about a foot long and two inches thick, a big knobbly one. I now knew that one of the girls must have needed a motion and that was what all the giggling was about as she hitched up her skirt, pulled down her knickers and did it in the bag. I disposed of it into the rubbish skip at the garage. Next time those girls used my bus I did tell them to ask me to stop if they needed the toilet, though I have to say that I was glad she had the decency to do it into the bag and not on the floor of the bus.

Adrian, I hope your waterworks infection clears up and thanks for all your kind words of appreciation about my installment motion. I thought about you today as i did a single big log in the ladies toilet at our social club after my shift. It was a nice big solid jobbie, a bit knobbly and dropped into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!" and was shaped like a carrot. I sure felt better after it and thought to myself, I bet Adrian would have loved to have been in here with me. (By the way I was wearing pale blue Sloggi briefs today to help you visualise the scene).

Moderator, I think I agree with what you are saying but I wish you would spell out a bit more clearly what you object to, your italicised comments are somewhat eliptical. Perhaps your should call a spade a spade to get your points home. Anyway, as I have said before you do a very good job on a difficult topic.

Greetings All.

I have had to rapidly scan through the recent pages to catch up on what has been happening on the forum. Time pressures are currently preventing me from posting some quite interesting toilet stories. If they are worth telling, and I believe they are, it is worth telling them properly, so I have to apologise for keeping everyone waiting for the moment.

Kim and Scott, it seems that you are still having some great times when you find yourselves alone. I cannot help but wonder how Kim's larger productions actually flush away in one piece. Or perhaps they don't - please tell me what the result usually is. I have no recollection of you saying anything about having to use a stick or some other kind of
implement to break the turds into smaller pieces. I have a hazy recollection of a discussion thread on the forum on the subject of American toilet dimensions versus the British ones, so possibly American toilets are more accomodating for the larger bm? I'm not sure my memory is reliable on that, as my mind is a little scrambled at the moment I'm afraid. Oh, I was wondering if Kim has ever measured her urine output when as she says, she "pees like mad". Louise currently has a fascination with measurement of urine volumes, and seems to be becoming quite an accurate judge of how much either of us has peed at any one time.
Scott, I have one piece of advice for you and that is to try to stay fit, because it seems to me that women become more keen on the physical side of relationships as they get older. If Kim follows that rule, consider how frisky she is likely to be in ten years time!
Look after yourselves, you two!

Well, now, it seems like my girlfriend has been acquiring some admirers on the forum. She had made quite a few new friends lately, Jamie, Goldgirl, Teenaged Girl and others. I know she has been doing some unusual toilet related things at work (or after work) of late, such as turning the plant pot into a very handy ladies latrine, and peeing in the sink when she doesn't have to. Thanks to those who have commented on her accounts of her adventures, she very much appreciates them.

PV, Your latest postings to Louise have been quite interesting reading. It is indeed a small world, and it does underline how there is an 8 year age gap between Louise and myself when I discover I was having a hot relationship with her school sports teacher at the time when Louise was reaching puberty! I remember at least once when I dropped by to see Diane, she had no qualms about casually lifting her tennis skirt and dropping her knickers, squatting to have a gushing wee just out of sight of the girls on the field. I seem to recall it was another time when Diane urinated and then wanted a quick session of intimacy with me just before taking a netball class. Diane was 25 at the time, and I was 20. Good times then, but better ones now. Louise helps keep me feeling like I am _still_ 20!
I must not forget to join Louise in wishing you the best in finding a really suitable life partner. You will hardly need me to tell you how much of a difficult search that is nowadays. My view is just to try to enjoy life as best you can, without actively thinking, "Okay, today I'll find that special person". That attitude does not seem to work, in my experience. I've seen lots of friends make repeated mistakes by rushing in like that. Did I detect a downbeat note in your post? Please don't be that way. You are obviously a very intelligent, very articulate, educated, good natured, lovely lady. If luck is with you, and I sincerely hope it is, you will find your other half almost by accident when you least expect it. I think you will know when you have stumbled over that person (perhaps literally when they are having a pee, who knows?) :>
I'm quite enjoying the excellent company in the men't toilets at the swimming pool. It is quite a remarkable experience to be standing with three women at a urinal and having them urinate with you. At one time I thought I would not be able to bring myself to do it, but I love it now. Louise's mother is such a joker, and once I allowed her to point my penis at various areas of the urinal as if she was writing her name, and her daughters were both having fits of giggles. It's a girl thing, I suppose, not that I minded!
Almost forgot, but just quickly, I will just tell you, at Louise's request, that I practice the Wing Chun style of Kung Fu. It is an internal rather than an external style, more concerned with economy of effort and energy drills, but highly aggressive and direct, with some quite dirty techniques. I can't really go into it much more here to avoid being off-topic for too long, but you may wish to explore that by yourself.
I'll speak to you again soon, sweetheart.


I would just like to support Goldgirl in what she said, I am 16 and what me and my girlfriend do 2gether in not normal its my choice 2 post it. I would like to ask Louise and Goldgirl a question. Do you think women prefer peeing and men prefer pooping becuase girls can see there pee usally and me can, where as no-one usally can see there poop come out.

see ya all
Chris (UK)
formally John (UK)

PV - Hi!!! I liked your weeing backwards over the log fence
story, but I bet you would stand in front of it and wee
forwards over it now.
How did you clean your teeth and wee at the same time? I
do not know that I could do that. I bet if I tried to brush
my teeth while weeing that I would stop weeing. It does
sound like a lot of fun though, but it could be messy.
Steve will think I have gone nutty, but I think tonight I
will stand in the bath and try to clean my teeth and wee
at the same time and see how I do. I will tell you what
Yeah, you did write about your first time at a men's urinal
and I loved it. I bet you must have been real excited that
first time. Thanks so much for your ideas on how to act if
I do feel brave enough to go into a men's toilet all by
myself. Yeah, I do not think a lot of guys will mind too
much really. Steve says with his tongue in his cheek that
maybe I will cause them to stop their flow because they
will have risen to the occasion!
Blush blush! I am glad you liked my best wishes for you,
and I really do not know what else I can say! Blush!
If you were as good a mum to any future daughter as mine
has been to me, she would be a very lucky little girl!
I agree it would be good to communicate privately but of
course I think we both understand the reasons why we
cannot. I think it is a real shame that so many good things
can not happen becuase of, as Steve says, the darker aspects
of human nature. There is so much we could talk about but
we have to stick to the rules!
Karate huh? I do not do anything like that, but Steve loves
his Kung Fu. I am afraid I do not know enought about what
he does to say any more, maybe I can get Steve to tell you
a bit about what he does. He tries to get me to start with
it but I do not think I would be good at that.
Yeah, it was a bit of a shocker about my sports teacher.
I must make Steve feel old here when he reads this, but I
was only 12 when Steve started bedding her. Well there are
lots of thousands of young women out there and it is real
strange that Steve was with her, and he has been just on
the edge of my life even from back then! I remember seeing
her once coming back from talking to a fit looking young
blonde man who gave her a quick kiss. Guess who it was even
though I did not know him then? Spooky eh?
You know the next time I have a shit I will use a 'rear view
mirror' too. It is too long since I did that, and I know it
will be fun!
I hope you have read about my sink wee. I did it in the
bathroom sink at home, so I could be really relaxed and
just let go.
Hehehe, good idea about pretending to be statues. I can
imagine some of us doing that. I bet Steve would enjoy
painting us up and spending a lot of time on all our
important little places. Hehehehe can you just see the looks
on people's faces when Kim the statue wees and then pushes
out a big log? Then we would wee gushers too without moving
a muscle?

Why *not* be silly? Hehehehe.



I was so happy to see you posting again. I used to post here late last year, but have not had much time. I like you enjoy long poos and long posts! Hopefully this summer, with school out I can post seom good poos I have had.

Please continue your account of your friend and your trip to the Islands!


Is it safe to post here or am I gonna get yelled at cuz I'm a kid? Just kidding. I do have something to say though. A few of you really seem to be punishing Goldgirl for what she posts and does. Well to those few of you I have just a small newsflash: Obviously the moderators here don't have a problem with it so here is some advice, if you don't like it don't read it!

And Goldgirl I'm sorry I had to spend what little time I had tonight ranting on your behalf. I promise, no matter what I will post a story tomorrow.


Midwest Farm Girl
you guys pick on goldgirl WAY too much! leave her alone! like she said, if you hate her stories so much, then for gosh sakes, don't read them! i think she's awesome! i look forward to reading her stories every day! she can pee in my room ANYtime!

Mike ((hOw do yOu mEn do it))
Well, i work in a bar on friday and saturday night. While the womens restroom does in fact have lockable door stalls , the mens restroom has two stalls without doors. the way they are angles, when the ourside door opens , the very fronts of both toilets ave visable from the outside, where the pay telephones are. Well any guy sitting on the toilets , while their face is not visable from outside, both of their KNEES of both users are visable from the phones. Everybody uses them, including the owners and managers. See, when you gotta shit, you cannot hold it it. It is not only painful, but dangerous also. One of the waitresses, a nice girl in her early 30's , knowing that i am happiy married, said to me...."nice knees you got, Michael" . We both laughed !

When I was in high school, none of the toilets in the boys bathroom had stalls around them. They were also visible from the outside. The urinals were on another wall, however, they were also visible from outside the bathroom. At the beginning of the year, most boys were too shy to sit on the toilets, but as the year went on, necessity required some of us to use those toilets. I happeneed to be one of the first. I admit it did take guts at the time. The girls room was completely private. Many girls saw me sitting on those toilets as well as the boys in the restroom. They would talk. And giggle about it. So nowdays I don't see the point in having seperate restrooms for men and women. We should all have one big bathroom to use together. Just give privacy between people using the toilets and people not using the toilets. Just my opinion.

Teeming Masses
That's torn it
FEARS that a new super-strong toilet tissue might clog up
Britain's sewage system have been averted, thanks to the
swift introduction of a "flushability" test.

The crisis was sparked by Procter & Gamble of Newcastle upon Tyne, which in January launched a fortified brand of toilet tissue. Charmin contains special ingredients which give it "transient wet strength". This prevents "premature
disintegration" of the tissue when it is exposed to small
amounts of moisture during use.

Kimberly-Clark of Reigate, Surrey, which makes Britain's
best-selling Andrex brand, cried foul. In a letter to Procter & Gamble and the industry's trade association, Kimberly-Clark said that the technology had been rejected by British manufacturers because of fears that stubborn tissue would clog filters at sewage works.

To rescue a touchy situation, the trade body, the Association of Makers of Soft Tissue Papers, drafted a voluntary testing protocol for new tissues, which can check that their "flushability" and "dispersability" stay within agreed limits. Procter & Gamble, meanwhile, has agreed to halve the transient wet strength of Charmin to match a sister product sold in the US.

According to one source in the industry, there is evidence that before Americans use toilet paper they usually "scrunch" it. Britons tend to fold their tissue, which makes it weaker when wet. This might explain, says the source, why Procter & Gamble opted for an extra-strong product for Britain.

What is this excerpt from?

Thursday, June 08, 2000

Remember the "you need label the other group's" posts flap? Two groups want us to legislate in their favor, even cut this forum in half. Yesterday's ruling is not an affirmation or defense of anything or any post. You can't please everyone and everyone will always object to something. As always hollering, cussing, name calling, and the ever present sex post in support of the topic from both sides of the aisle get dumped. We stepped in here because the subject of minors came up where the assumption that perverts, deviants and freaks are on their way because of our lack of age verification [read invasion of privacy]. Well, just like the poor, the perverts are a constant that sadly, will always be with us. If you think the most extreme fetish site is bad, even that won't prepare you for what is in that 1% of posts to this forum that you don't see. That steady 1% is always there. Always has been and it doesn't look like it will change.

(look closely this covers at least three posts from today)
As for what is covered in the FAQ, there are 350+ pages of posts and still growing. The faq. it is a finite size and contains in bold type, the golden rule of all forums everywhere, including the entire usenet, "You can get the best idea of acceptable material by reading the posts already on the spool." Documenting everything will lead to more FAQ than forum.
"But... but... you posted XYZ"
The purpose of the golden rule of all forums is to say watch what we post, because we can't cover everything in a rule book. In the FAQ two criminal acts are specifically mentioned: voyeurism by a.)breaking and entering or b.)entering facilities of the opposite sex for same purpose. Rape, incest, sexual assult etc. should be implied. Note that public/nuisance urination/defication are not covered. Think about it, that is water cooler quality material. Something has to fill in for the heavy metals, mind numbing toxins, agricultural run-off, carcinogens and biohazardous contaminants missing from that fancy bottled water. That's a tall order to fill.

Finally, to the person who attempts to publicly drag everyone all through the gutter every time something like this comes up, by claiming that the moderator, and the entire forum is skewed in a direction contrary to him or her:
1.) You do not get to question why someone else should be allowed to express differing opinions. That is the other half of free speech.
b.) If you disagree with a poster take it up with that and only that poster by posting a response, and only a response. If you disagree with us or our decisions take it up with us and only us, [not on another forum you know we don't run, and don't, won't post on.] Don't mix the two they are apples and oranges. Readers read the posts and say what they say based on what they see. We see every post, the decisions we make are based on things you see and don't see. Don't mix the two they are apples and oranges.
c.) Do we need to post an excerpt from one of your posts showing you generalizing, calling names, and trying to make an argument containing 4 letter words?
3.) Mixing "you people [in this forum]..." and or "lets try to trap the moderator" as seen above into a normal post won't go either.

An anonymous correspondent in a recent post asked, "How do men do it?" She referred to men taking a dump in bathrooms in which the stalls lacked doors. Many men are completely comfortable with the arrangement. I am a 29-year-old male and previously lived in a Midwest College town. One Saturday my buddies and I headed out to a bar to grab some hamburgers and beers before the football game. After a few beers and food, I needed to take a dump. The men's room had a washbasin, a urinal and, at the end, one shallow stall with a partition but no door. I did not know it was occupied and walked in on a young blond guy sitting on the can. I excused myself and started moving away. He flashed me a broad grin and said that it was no problem. He asked if I was attending the game and I said yes. He then related his opinion about his team's prospects. During his monologue he occasionally grimaced and grunted as he took his dump. I heard 4-5 loud plops as his turds hit the wa! ter. Eventually, he got off the can and wiped himself talking all the while. He then flushed the toilet and moved to the entrance of the stall to button his jeans. I went in and saw 5-6 large turds left in the bowl. He saw me looking, came back in and said, "I did real good huh? Let me take care of that" and flushed successfully this time. He said he hoped that I would enjoy the game and thanked me for my patience in waiting. I then took a dump and others occasionally walked in on me. I tell this to illustrate that among men taking a dump in the presence of others can be a perfectly natural experience. What do other guys think?

Anne (the English bus driver)-
Has anyone ever pooed on your bus? When I was living in England, I had to commute from Bath to Bristol on a double decker. Once, I was on the top deck, sitting in the back and needed to poo. There were a few people near the front so I pulled up my skirt, eased down my panties and worked my bottom to the edge of the seat. I did a hissy fart, then a huge fat turd slid out and landed on the floor. It didn't smell too much and I pushed it under the seat in front of me with my foot. I pulled up my skirt quickly, which was good as some of the people in the front got up to go to down the stairs. I didn't wipe, by the way.

Hi Louise!

Hey, I loved your water-the-plant story too, that must have been a lot of fun. It's nice when you get a spur-of-the-moment idea and it works out really well!

I remember once several years ago when I was out for a walk after dark and got taken short, I was about half a mile from home and wondered what to do. There were no public toilets in the entire district, to I went into a reserve, a kind of narrow strip of parkland lined with trees, went behind a tree and pulled my pants down. I sat on a low pine-log fence and peed backward over it. This was a couple of years before I came to the crashing realization I could do it like a guy, and also about the first time since childhood that I'd had a wee outdoors. I was very relieved to be done, and happy to get away with it. That was a momentary decision, but not so much fun as yours!

I've weed in the sink again, this time I was actually brushing my teeth and having a wee at the same time! It was a ! lot of fun, especially as the action of brushing at one end caused my stream to jump around at the other! LOL!

Ohhhhhh, I can just imagine Steve with three happy wee-gals! (Hawker deHavilland Pee-Vixens -- do you fancy planes? Steve will probably know which aeroplane I'm alluding to!) Feeling a bit silly here... But what an experience it must be for you all. And your Mom is enjoying something few people do, the intimacy and safe, caring fun of having a "hands-off" relationship with plenty of spice! Envy for you all!

On using men's rooms alone -- I guess I had no choice but to learn this way. I started deliberately, but impulsively, I could have gone into the ladies' instead, it was just a heart-thumping decision to try doing it the "other" way. Did I post here about my first ever experience? I can't remember... It was at my local town hall when I went to pay some bills. If not, I'll write it up again for you! But over many instances I became a bit blasť, espe! cially what I considered to be "my urinal" which is on the top floor at the university library, one I've used a great many times during research sessions. I've hosed that wall more times that I can remember and look forward to doing it again! Yes, I was a touch disappointed to not be recognized or to cause any fluster on the occasions when I've been walked in on, though at the time I remember experiencing a mixture of relief, giddy fun and faint disappointment too. Thanks for thinking me gutsy! And I'm delighted to thrill with my accounts. This will be a continuing service!

If you do try a mensroom by yourself for a nice wee at the wall, please post the details asap! You might want to do as I did and rehearse the various reactions -- if the place is not empty when you arrive, appologize for being in the wrong one, call yourself a goose, giggle and leave. Most guys will smile in spite of themselves, I'll warrant. If alone, step up and enjoy yourself! If interrupted, co! ncentrate on your business, if spoken to, just smile and say something clever about biology having nothing to do with it. If you meet someone on the way out after an uninterrupted wee, reprise number one!

I'll certainly be working toward having an outdoor poo at the nude beach next summer! I've seen guys squatting behind those bushes with tissues, so it's the locality to use, and probably the "unofficial" latrine for regular users (what a pun!) I'll be sure to write it up in complete detail for the folks here!
"I was sorry to read that you are by yourself just now. That seems a real shame, as I think you would be real loving support for the right partner. Just think of what a mother you could be to a little girl growing up without being told it is wrong to stand to wee, or it will not work. Or, if you get with another lady, you could teach her what she is missing! I hope you get with someone real nice, and soon, you deserve it. There are two bi women in my netball! team, and they both looked at my puss when we were all squatting with our knickers down and having a wee before our match, but I did not mind. I think I am a little bit that way myself, but I have never done anything. My man is everything I really need, and more! He is very protective toward me, but he supports and does not suffocate me, and yeah he does make a wonderful clean up squad when I have a messy bum! Hehehe. I would *love* to write about the horizontal jogging, it is a real shame I can't!"

Oh, Louise, you are one in a mil, girl. You make me feel so good. It's not the easiest to be without an intimate companion, and I've got my fingers crossed that one day there'll be someone special. And your words about what a mom I could be gave me a real glow, an unexpected and very human compliment. "Thanks" doesn't cover it. And, you know, I've found that an awful lot of very nice ladies are bi -- it's a pretty wonderful club to belong to!

There's something ab! out email addressed in the FAQ but I've not been able to find section 5.5 -- I looked the other day. If we were communicating privately, there are indeed *other* topics we could touch on! Sigh.

Yep, I do a lot of upper-body workout stuff. I did karate years back, but dropped out to concentrate on college (and I got sick of a series of minor injuries to hands and feet that left me constantly in pain...) I'd love to do archery and horseriding (Amazon, that's me!)

Ha! Steve and your sports teacher! Small world isn't in it! That's a closed circle that almost defies belief! I must say, Steve's had his dream rewards for the female pee fascination! And so have you, really, you've had so many positive, good-humored experiences over so many years that it's a whole part of your life, and a source of rich fun. You're a lucky lass!

Nope, to this day I've no idea how I reversed the direction of defecation and drew the log back in! It was conscious, and I can actu! ally remember seeing it disappear back into my bum! I'll have to get a small mirror and watch myself going, like you describe. Apparently one of the astronauts took a hand mirror up to the old Skylab space station for the same purpose, so it was easier to control emission and get cleaned up in zero-G. It was promptly dubbed the "rear view mirror!"

Let me know how your forward wee in the sink goes. You'll need a sink with a narrow edge, a hand-basin really, rather being set into a vanity-type counter, but it should work. I did my second wee while wearing high-heel boots, and they made me the perfect height to wee straight into the sink!

Here's a bit of nonsense. We could do a modern art exhibit. You, me, all the gentle gals who think alike. We'd get naked, get painted up with a thin plaster that would set and make us look like marble. We'd all lie around, stand and kneel in renaissance poses, like a great grouping of mythical figures. The statuary could be cal! led "A Fountain in the Park." You guessed it, the fountain is because we all wee gallons simultaneously, every fifteen minutes or so!

Did I say I was feeling silly tonight?



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