thanks for the details, Strider. I'm sorry that you do not have nicer bathrooms at school. I work as a school custodian and the ones I'm involved with are decent, and the kids don't vandalize them for some reason. The girls love to use the boy's urinals. To Alex - I REALLY enjoyed your story, drop in again sometime.

I bumped into my friend Denise and her fiancee at a centrally located mall (we live about 20 miles apart- the mall is about 10 miles from either of us). I met her husband-to-be for the first time (lucky guy :) ). It was around lunch time and he asked me if I had anything to eat. I said "no," and he then asked if I wanted to join Denise and him for lunch. I agreed, and we went to a pizza place within the mall. We finally got our pizza and drinks, and, as I watched Denise eat her pizza and sip her Diet Coke, I couldn't help fantasizing about having to relieve herself two hours later. I normally don't think about girls (or guys) doing their duty, but since I found out about this site, and Denise reminding me of watching each other going to the bathroom when we were younger, I got quite "excited" (if you know what I mean) thinking about her on the toilet. Hope this isn't too racy, but boy did I love seeing her and thinking about her having to go...

hi alex, i am an avid camper myself and am fascinated in woman taking poos especially in outhouses or camping toilets. while just camping beside a washroom on the weekend, i couldnt help but notice all the woman that went in and out to use the bathroom. would love to hear more of your outdoor activities.

To Alex: I really enjoyed your post about you and your 3 friends. Had any more experiences like that? I want to hear them. Keep posting.
Today I was kind of sick with I don't know what. I had to take a dump this morning; I had the bathroom all to myself since I took the day off and everyone else was at work (I rent a room in a house with several other people). Good thing, because I had one hell of a time trying to get it out. That's unusual for me, I'm usually right-in, right-out kind of person, shit just falls right out of me. But today it was almost gas-forced. I was making quite a bit of noise in the bathroom there, hoping nobody was listening (but not really caring), and when it finally all got out it looked like a hundred little rabbit droppings, all dark in color and apparently pretty dense and heavy since it sunk to the bottom. But at least it was a "clean" shit--the kind where toilet paper is not needed!

Eric (Alex's brother)
story: We were out one day about 3 yrs ago, and my sister Alex had to take a piss. The girl's room was closed, and Alex was "straining" to hold it in. I checked the men's room to make sure no one was in there. I then led Alex into the men's room. I stood outside while Alex did her thing. She must have peed for 3-4 minutes (she's always drinking bottled water and diet soda, so no wonder!). She finished, flushed, and after I made sure nobody was coming in, led her out of the men's room.
I'll tell you about the one and only time I've had to crap outdoors (I've peed more times than I can remember); I was 7 or 8 and our class was on an all day hiking trip. I had to go really bad and couldn't wait to get back to the entrance. I ran out into the woods, dropped my pants, and let out a couple of hard logs. My crap was a lot harder when I was younger; can someone tell me why it's become a lot softer since I became a teen? Diet perhaps? Thanks and later all

Hi, my name is "Steph" (short for Stephanie)- Alex's friend. This site is so cool; I don't see what the big hangup is about relieving yourself is about - all living creatures take dumps!
I've never had to take a dump outside, but I have peed numerous times out-of-doors, usually at concerts or while camping. I usually squat slightly when I have to go, but I have also peed into plastic, non-biodegradable milk bottles (plastic milk bottles, how politically incorrect :/ )
I usually don't have as hard a time dumping as I did on our last camping trip. Again, this site is great - I'll be checking in again later. Shit happens to everyone :)


P.S. I agree with Alex- Jodi's shit STINKS!!!

Hi guys, thanks for listing my post. I just showed Steph (one of the "subjects" of my first posting; she stayed over my house last night) and my brother, Eric (16) this web site. Steph thought this was "far out" and Eric will post something about me. We all have to fill out the survey (2 females, 1 male), so I'll check in again later.......

This is my first visit here and I really like the stories!
I myself have had (my English is not that great) only one accident in my life. One day while I was on a Boy Scouts camping trip, I had eaten a couple of things that did not agree with me. Later that day, actually it was around 8pm, my stomach was beginning to grummble. Stupidly, I just passed it off, thinking I was hungry. Well, my stomach kept on grummbling for a while and I kept on passing it off. That was the stupidest mistake ever.
It was then 9pm and it was lights out. We were in tents with the zippers halfway up (just to let the fresh air come in). I felt a little pressure down in my ass and I though it was just gas. Instead, it was a flood of liquids and logs. My pants were ruined, but the sleeping bag was not too stained. About halfway through, I tried to get up and out of the tent and finish it up outside. Instead the explosion increased and things got a wee bit messier. Thanking god that the $180 sleeping bag was not too ruined; and as I unzipped the bag, the scoutmaster asked me if anything was wrong. He had heard some rustling and cursing (he was on the far left of the tent where I was on the far right, four person tent with three people). I told him what happened and he told me to jump in the small lake that was around 150 meters away and clean up. I was not the only one that had an accident. Two other people soiled their shorts and bags. The people who were not effected did not eat the stew that was fixed earlier that day. I guess the stew had something in there that acted like a laxative.
Anyway, after cleaning up, I changed my clothes and got back in the tent. I did not sleep the rest of the night and had to go several more times.


I couldn't beleive it when I read your post. I am a male professional pilot in Ohio. I have been lurking here for a short while now and when I saw your post, I just had to write you. While I am interested in all facets of male and female toilet hygene, I would also love to share some "relief tube" & "belted potty" a/c stories with you. I am so releived (pardon the pun) to know a fellow aviator is into the same things that I love. Do you have any stories about accidents you have had in the aircraft?
Keep it out of the trees - RedWings

To Doug, I really don't know how to describe the diffrernces in a man's pee urge, having never experienced one myself. I can tell you that my urges are a pressure or full feeling in the low abdomen area, a few inches above my urethra and a little inside. I would agree with the statement that I am pretty full by the time I feel the urge to pee, and usually only have 3-5 minutes to find a place to go - notice that I didn't say bathroom - before I'm in trouble. The fact that I have a relatively small bladder capacity is also part of the urge situation. My doctor has checked this and tells me that my normal capacity is about 250ml, and at around 350-400ml, i am in severe pain. A "typical" female can hold about 500 with a pain level of 700, an many guys can go up to 1000ml on a regular basis.
To JSlide (and everyone I guess),
Here is a unique, and slightly embarassing, poop story. As I mentioned in my previous message, I am a pilot for a small freight and charter flying service. I mostly fly Piper Navajos, which are 6-9 seat twin engine aircraft. Our company uses them for both passenger and freight service. As I also mentioned before, I have a rather small bladder capacity, and also short warning times when I have to pee. I learned early in my flight training that I needed a method for relief in the airplane, after wetting myself on my second cross country flight. How embarassing for a student! Anyway, since that time I have been much more careful. Now I always wear a diaper (Attends brand) under my clothes. This way, If I need to relieve myself, no problem. I usually end up using the diaper about every other flight.
That's the background info, here's the story:
Usually I fly alone, but on the night of this event (about three months ago) I was with a new pilot that was in training for the route I was on. His mane was Dan. He was a cute, single guy about my age, which made the whole thing worse. It was about a three hour flight, with a load of some sort of car parts in the back. About twenty minutes into the flight I felt the urge to shit coming on, and knew that i should have made a stop before we took off. Within the next ten minutes or so, I realized that I had a serious problem. Had I been alone I would have just shit in my diaper and cleaned up when I got to my destination. No problem, I've done this several times before.
However, big problem here, I knew from a few farts that this would be a smelly load, and I didn't really want to sit in it for two hours with another person in the plane. I could have shit the diaper and then changed it (I always have extras in mu flight case) but that would still leave me with shit smashed all over my butt. Landing is out of the question, we have a schedule to keep. I began thinking about what was in the plane that I could use, and didn't come up with much. Next problem, since we had a cargo load, there is a really heavy net right behind the pilot seats, so I can't go to the back of the plane or anything. I decided that my best bet was to tell Dan about my problem. About the same time I had to pee, so I did a regular diaper job. I tell Dan about my urgent need to poop, and after a few minutes of thought, he produces a trash bag from his flight case. Now, I cant go in the back of the plane anywhere to take the dump, so I realize that it's going to have to be done right in my seat. I also realized that this menat undressing in front of Dan, including showing him my now wet diaper. Resigned to my fate, I drop my pants, revealing the diaper. I am watching Dan for a reaction, but he is really professional, and totally helpful. Off comes the diaper, which I rolled up and put away. I am now nude from the waist down, and I realize the next problem: finding a good position. At this point, Dan showed his true colors as a really caring guy. I had only met him a few days before, and in this awkward situation, he suggests that I move so that I am sitting with one cheek on each seat, and my asshole centered in the six inch gap between. Dan then climbed over the seat into the small gap, and crouched against the net. As I was using both hands to support myself in this awkward position, he held the bag under my ass for me. It was really hard to go in this settingm but I really had to go, and somehow managed to let loose. It turned out to be a pretty hard shit, about five logs, so it didn't really stick too much or make a mess. It would have been a really bad one to do in my diaper, however. After I finished I wiped myself with a dry part of my old diaper, and then put it in the bag with the shit, and placed it out of the way. Dan helped me get a clean diaper on, and then I got my pants back up. We spent the rest of the flight talking about the experience. We became a lot closer as a result of this, and have seen each other socially a few times since. It was really an embarassing situation at the time, but turned out really cool in the end..

It's after my bedtime, later ya'll.. ..Brielle

I get the feeling to pee up inside. I would think it is the same as for men, just in a different location.

I would sure like to hear some of your stories. Could you describe what is like when you are going. What type of things do you when you are going. (ie how do you sit, do you make sounds when you go etc.) Also have you heard or seen other girls go? Looking forward to your responses!!!
Also ALEX, I loved your story. Your attention to detail is really appreciated. Looking forward to more of the same!!

Friday, August 08, 1997

Today's useless facts: Most of the female respondants squat when going outside the next most used positions are roughly in order, sitting, bending over, leaning against an upright surface and standing up. While scanning through the meager stack of female responses, we found that a good number of women enjoy standing up to pee... In other news, some of the more interesting people have relieved themselves while outdoors, into a rag, a car trunk, several shoping mall floors, and a gas tank. And the third and last item, most parents kids playing outside to come in to use the bathroom. However much fewer in number, many also send the kids home or allow them to use their yard.

would like to hear any and all of your stories. I am especially interested in your poop stories. Could you tell us a unique poop experience?

I was interested on what Susan said about becoming less shy about bowel movements after becoming a regualar on this page. You realize that OTHER PEOPLE also grunt and moan and leave a stink behind in the bathroom. I've now come to the conclusion that anyone who locks himself in a stall who does NOT make a noise is probably in there for reasons unrelated to taking a dump, that I am not allowed to mention on this page. [In fact, I sometimes wonder why I have become such an addict to the Toilet, when really I much prefer Maxx Fordham's page. I'm sure I will not be allowed to give you the URL, without getting myself banned!]
So now if I need a shit in a public restroom, I have no worries about grunts and farts. And as for splashes as your friends hit the target, well, that's what you're in there for. I always feel better if has been a struggle and I really have produced a lot. I still hate leAving skidmarks in the toilet, though, but preompt and rapid flushing take care of that. I flush at least 3 times per visit, because it reduces the stink as well as prevents skidmarks. You owe it to the next customer, and you're not paying the water bill.

Hi everybody. Today at work, after I got back from lunch, I had to unload some crap in the bathroom. There are four urinals and three stalls in our bathroom. When I went in, there was already somebody in the middle stall. So, I went into the other little one, pulled my pants to my ankles and sat down. Bam! Instant relief! Dozens of small turds were "gas propelled" into the bowl. It was noisy too. I guess the guy next door recognized my shoes. It was my friend from down the hall. So we struck up a conversation while unloading. He was being pretty loud as well, farts and splashes occasionally. He wiped and left, and I followed a few minutes later. More posting tomorrow. Bye.

Brielle and Susan, where do you feel the urge to pee? I think the urge is different for women than it is nor men sense you don't have a penis. Also I read that Men's bladers are less full when they feel the urge to pee. Hence women can become desperate sooner than men.

Hi, I'm Alex, short for Alexandra, but everyone calls me "Alex." I didn't notice any other Alexes on here, so I'll post in the future as Alex; just want everyone to know I'm female (Alex is one of those "gender neutral" names, ya know).

I'm a 19 yr old female, and this post is about a recent day hiking trip with three of my friends (all of whom are also 19), Laura, Jodi, and Stephanie. By the time we were finished hiking, I had to take a shit, really bad. All of us went into the bathroom, which conveniently had 4 stalls. Jodi sat in the stall closest to the door, than Laura, than me, then, in the last stall (by the wall), Stephanie.

Imagine the cacophony of 4 girls simultaneously peeing. Once we stopped piddling (I didn't yet know whether anyone else had to crap), there was about a minute of bathroom silence; I then heard Jodi unload a really "wet" sounding crap into the toilet; I then smelled Jodi's poop (I've been in the bathroom after Jodi on other occasions, so I recognized the distinguishable stench...) from two stalls away. I began defecating (this is a good time to tell you my "normal" shitting habits; I have diahrrea or mild constipation about 2-3 times a year. Otherwise, I normally shit once or twice a day, average 3-4 not-too-soft, not-too-hard logs, with a mild odor (not nearly as bad as Jodi's!). I usually spend no more than 10 minutes on the toilet). My friend Laura, in the stall to the right between me and Jodi, then began to fart out some "medium" sounding turds (in other words, similar to mine).

Stephanie, in the stall to my left, obviously hearing the three of us crapping, then said "I'm wicked constipated, maan." "Try pushing real hard," advised Laura. Stephanie began straining about 5 or 6 times. Laura and I were still "unloading" our buttholes (if you know what I mean :) ). Jodi, who by that time was finished (but hadn't yet wiped her butt), offered "Steph, try putting your hands on your abdomen, press in while you push out." About 2 minutes later, Steph proudly exclaimed, "its coming out, its coming out. Finally dumpin', maan." (Steph is a "neo-hippie," and loves to end her sentences with "maan.")

Jodi and I were finished, and I think Laura also was, but Steph was still "plopping" really hard crap into the toilet (yes, these were flush toilets with water, and toilet paper!!! Laura agreed to carry a roll in her backpack just in case any of us had to go in a "no toilet paper" zone. We luckily didn't have to use it :) ). "Sorry I'm taking so long, guys," said Steph. "No problem, Steph," exclaimed Jodi. I then said, in good-natured mimickry, "that's cool, maan." Steph, Laura, and Jodi burst out laughing!!!

I hope this wasn't too long, but to summarize, we spent a total of about 25-30 mins in that washroom. Nobody else came in or left while we were there. We all wiped our vaginas and butts, washed our hands and left. I'm not a lesbian (although my Laura is bi), but I found this "female bonding" experience quite arousing. More later...

Thursday, August 07, 1997

We promised two of these yesterday here is one and we will have 3 later when the sun comes up. If you are using and AOL browser under Windows 3.1 or the browser with the name IWENG/1.2.000 (thanks to poopster for helping us track down the bug) or Netcom's Netscape 3.0-NC320 please give us a ring on the courtesy phone.

Seems that survey respondants are putting the toilet paper in the holster [sic] overwhelmingly so that it rolls of the top of the roll (not down by the wall.) There is a steady stream of survey responses from those who put the toilet paper the other way though.

On its own page due to size.

To Matt and anyone else interested in my stories (all true) let me know where to start (accidents, strange places I've gone, etc.)

To Gary, about urinals in ladies rooms. I've been to a few places that have had them, or at least fixtures other than normal toilets. The rest stops on the Ohio Turnpike have fixtures similar to the mail urinals where you can face the device, which is sort of a triangular bowl, with your pants down around your knees. The narrow end of the bowl is about five inches across, and fits comfortable near your thighs. You can then pee, and urine flowing anywhere from straight down to far forward will be collected. Seems that most people handle them well or else don't use them, because they tend to be pretty clean. I have no problems with them, but I am pretty experienced with going in places other than toilets (more on this later.)

To Claire, Don't feel too bad about that.. Bedwetting happens to people of all ages for many different reasons.

To everyone, I'm glad to be here, in a setting where bodily functions can be discussed freely. Due to the fact that I have a very small bladder capacity (and often very short warning times before I go) and spend a lot of time in places away from a bathroom, I have lots of experience with going in locations other than toilets. Urinals, diapers, and assorted outdoor locations are almost daily pee stops for me, along with many out of the way places occasionally. If anyone (guys or girls) have questions about this, however personal, I feel that I can probably answer them here. I can't be too specific on who I am, but I will tell you that I am a 24 year old single female in Ohio. I am a pilot for a regional freight airline service.

I'll try to get back to this site often, so everyone please feel free to drop me a line.. Later.. ..Brielle

Sorry I haven't posted since my first one but I have been away for a few days. I haven't had a BM for the last two days. Riding into work on the subway I could feel it starting to move around inside of me. I knew that I would have to go as soon as I got to work. After droping my stuff off at my desk I headed straight for the ladies room. When I came in I saw two of the stalls were occupied. I went into the open one between them. The girl on my right was there for the same reason. As I was pulling up my skirt to sit down I could here a long piece coming out of her. It splashed into the toilet and was followed by a rather loud fart. The girl on my left was peeing. She finished and flushed and left. As I sat down on the toilet I could feel that this was going to be a big one. I leaned forward and started to push. ( When I am pushing I lean so far forward that my head is between my knees. This seems to make it easier to push for me.) As I was pushing I looked under the stall at the girls feet beside me. She had on blue pumps and her feet were spread quiet far apart. She must have been finished because I could here her taking toilet paper to wipe. As she took the paper I could see her feet moving around. It looked like she stood up and faced the toilet to wipe herself. She had to wipe 5 times before she was finished. I know had to concentrate on the urge building up in my bowls. I took a deep breath and pushed and it started to come out. It was very hard and slow at the beggining. I think this was due to not going for a couple of days. After the first piece it started to get softer and faster. I didn't have push as hard. I kept on pushing and straining through them all. Normally I would try and be as quite as I possible. But after seeing all the other post's here I'm not as shy in the bathroom anymore. Acutally I find it exciting to hear what other girls are doing and to think they can hear me. There were 6 good size pieces in all. When i finished I had to wipe 7 or 8 times to get everything clean. When I was wiping another girl came in to the bathroom. I'll have to leave her till my next post.

Just read Clare's description of her dream and how she wet the bed while dreaming of being and peeing on the beach. A similar thing happened to me when I was about 17. I had gone to sleep without my usual pee, and found myself dreaming of being desperate to pee, but being on a bus. In the dream I was h olding myself and squirming around (this has happened for real), but then managed to get off the bus. In the dream I was wearing a skirt and a top. Dreaming that I was running to the house, I didn't make it and began to wet my panites and totally soak my legs. Then I began to wake up and realize that I was soaking my panties and everything on the bed. I jumped up, and just stood by the bed with my legs spread and finsihed going in my panites, making quite a large puddle on the floor. My bed was soaked, and my panties and ass and legs were too. I was embarassed and amused at myself. My younger brother (15) found out since for some reason he was still up as I walked to the bathroom to clean myself up still wearing my wet panites and t-shirt. He teased me endlessly about wetting my bed and panites, and it got around school in the next few days, with some other kids teasing me. I found out, however, that similar things had happened to a few other girls.

Oh, well: Pee Happens, I guess.


Wednesday, August 06, 1997

Nick, Coprologist your posts concerning the below were dropped to save space. Here is what you requested. We will have more totals for tomorrow. This is slow going because due to a programming screw up with some of the coding behind the survey, a serious data conversion problem and early changes and corrections in the survey, all of the data has to be entered into the database manually. Ouch. we just found all this out at the last minute. We are currently working to correct the problems to make for less work for ourselves in the future. Please note: any female results will have a high margin of error due to the fact that we have so few ~124 as opposed to ~340 male For now since we don't yet have enough responses to run a validly scientific survey we will also throw in and use around 200 responses from the original survey The ~660 responses we have are out of about 7,000 hits (that we know of) in other words, Thousands of people have blown us off. The target number of responses was 1,000 for each sex. Anyway we did promise results this week and won't have any actual facts and figures for a while, but we will post general observations,

1. In the highly secretive but widely practiced field of relieving oneself outdoors: several common places that many of the people responding have gone: Swimming pools, beside a road while traveling, potted plants, and trash cans. That is both bodily functions. Would anyone out there care to share on this subject?

2. From the question "strangest places children had to go": most common, parking lot, some of the more interesting ones, hamburger box, behind a rock at the beach. In front of the house when the bathrooms were out of order, and off the side of an escalator.

Later Today: Places people have gone (adult) that fell under the other category and other people's kids, send them home or let them come inside when they need to go. Also later this week, Which way the paper should go in the holder, what positions women use most outdoors, and the most common times of day to catch someone on the crapper. In the mean time, If you haven't already please fill out the survey. and don't forget that this forum is not this entire web site.

One time when I was in 8th grade, I went over to a friends house in a different neighborhood, but the same town. My friends name was Dave. Dave had a pond about 100 yards down a pretty steep hill from his house. Dave and I had a mutual friend named Phil. Phil was a normal looking guy (average 8th grade size), but there was something about Phil that was not-so-average. This guy could crap. Dave and Phil and I had gone down to the pond to do some swimming, and the moment we got there, Phil had to take a dump. He swam over to the edge of the pond, and couldn't wait any longer, he crapped right there. As Dave and I were laughing at Phil, and throwing clumps of mud at Phil, I saw the biggest terd I've ever seen come out of this guys butt. Later when he was done, I went and looked at it, and it was a solid terd about 2in in diameter, and about 14in long (I am not kidding here). The best part of the story hasn't even come yet. Later, Dave Phil and I got into a mud fight. When me and Dave ganged up on Phil, he actually went to the edge of the pond, and grabbed a handful of this monstrous poop in both hands, and proceeded to throw it at us. It was the most disgusting thing that I have ever seen. You guys have a great page here, keep the stories coming.

Hey Brielle, I would love to hear your stories!!
Hope to hear from you soon...


A Confession
The Tequila Poop

This is a shameful story about a night of excessive partying, the very unconscious and very complete loss of bowel control it caused, and the embarassing and messy after effects. It was the seventies. I was a junior in a college town in the wilds of the mid-west, and was invited to a mid-winter party at a sororiety. Lots of alcohol, joints, music -- anything to make another frozen weekend pass by. The problem was those shots of tequila. Too many shots of tequilla, taken too fast, with a heavy starter load of beer and bongs. The whirlies set in, and I decided it was time to go. I managed to find my coat, but got lost getting out of their house- and ended up passing out in the basement! Now Išve been with girlfriends who puked from drinking, who wet the bed, I had a roommate who had epilepsy and would have seizures where she would mess in her pants-- just loose all control, shaking and shivering with a wet stain spreading between her legs-- sometimes uncontrollably loading her pants. Well that night, passed out on the floor, old Jose Cuervo did the same to me, but all three together. I donšt remember anything until the next morning, but during the night in my drunken stupor I barfed all over my jacket and had a big accident in my pants. I woke up the next morning, and all I could feel at first was my pounding head. My legs and crotch felt warm, damp- I thought I was sweating until I saw the puddle. The puddle of pee, my pee, that I was lying in. Things got worse. I felt something in the back of my underwear (I was wearing panties with long johns - those winters are cold!). Had I? Could I have? I sat up, and felt my jeans and panties sticking to my ass. I reached back and felt myself, I couldnšt believe it -- but I had done the dirty deed, complete loss of bowel and bladder control while passed out from drinking. Worse, I must have rolled around- the poop had squished out of my panties into my long underwear, which was like a sponge soaked with pee. I was too hung over to be really embarassed. I remember standing in the shower washing the shit off my ass and swearing off tequila forever, or at least until next weekend. My roomate was understanding- she even offered my one of her diapers for my next party.

I haven't been able to get on this site for a couple of days. I've been at Susquehanna University preparing for some extra classes I'm taking this week [since Monday] and next week. You might not see me here for a while. I'm not sharing a story but answering some questions directed to me.

First,it's a junior high school,so what would you expect. I've heard from some friends [male and female.I hear so many people saying I can't have females as friends. Do you see a problem with that?] that some girls have just walked out of the boy's bathroom[and vice versa] every so often,but never saw any myself. Only one stall in both boys and girls bathrooms have a door. There were doors on them about 35 years ago. [these two sentence probably belong in the next answer]

Guess! The only time they are cleaned is during the end of a school year for the next year. Every mirror is cracked or broken and the main one downstairs has a lot of toilet paper on the floor and everywhere else. Also,if you ever visit them,WATCH WHERE YOU STEP!

It matters which sex you talk about. Females,yes. Males,no. I only know [even from hearing other people] of 6 males that have. From what I hear about the females though,about 85% of them have gone at least once. I'm going into eighth grade and these are for my seventh grade year. In Elementary school, 95% of the males went at least once.

Does this answer all your questions,PottyBoy?


Hi, I'm a 15-year old girl and I'd like to tell you all what happened to me last week. I had gone to bed at 10 pm as usual, and woke at about 1 am (unusual!). I needed a pee, but could hear my older sister in the bathroom, having just come in from a party, having a shower. Well, I must have drifted off to sleep again, because I was dreaming I was walking along a deserted beach. In my dream I was wearing a pair of tatty jeans. I remember it clearly, they had a hole in the knee, and were far too long for me. I was also naked above the waist. The waves were washing over my feet, and this, together with the excitement of being bare-breasted meant that in my dream, I was desperate to pee. I giggled to myself, gave my nips a tweak, and just peed in the jeans. I looked down, and watched the wet stain spreading down my legs, but strangely, I only felt the warm wetness on my bottom and back. I closed my eyes, and suddenly I was lying on my back on something soft, warm, and ...... my bed! I woke up and I was soaking myself! I just lay there until I was finished, then surveyed the damage. I did what I could with towels and talc, but my mum was furious, convinced I had just been lazy, and threatened me with a plastic sheet if it happened again. I told my friend the next day and she was tickled pink. She agreed with my mum, and told me she wished she had the nerve to do something like that!

Hi. Today I'm talking about my bathroom detour today. I can't think of any more stories for right now. I was at home right after lunch on my much needed, but very hot day off. This guy I live with, who chooses to remain nameless, (He thinks people can figure out who he is because he lives with somebody named Joe.) was in the bathroom taking his sweet time about things, right when I needed to fart out my heap. He was in there with about 3 separate newspapers, stinking and crapping the place up. I kept yelling in to the bathroom for him to get out. He sat there saying "Sorry, I had alot to eat yesterday, out in a minute." After 10 minutes (he was obviously stalling). I threatened to kick the door in. I was about to take hostages to get him to come out when he flushed and left. I already had a piece of crap half way out, but not yet touching my briefs. I quickly ran in to the bathroom, which smelled like 12 horses had just relieved themselves in it. And sat down. I pushed out the rest of the half way out log, then dumped about thirty more small pieces with loud, wet farts in between over the course of about 5 minutes. I reached for toilet paper, and, just like in the horror stories, there was an empty roll. Knowing there would be brown stains if I pulled my pants up now, I had to get a plan, quickly. My ass crack was still dripping with soft crap. So, I got up with my pants down, and waddled to the hall cabinets where there were several rolls of toilet paper. On my way back to the bathroom, my female roomie came around the corner, and at the sight of me started laughing her head off. I made a fast retreat to the bathroom, wiped up, flushed, and came out to find my friend still rolling on the floor laughing.

Gary Re ladies urinals I am interested in the comments by Gillian & others on "urinals in the ladies room". Until recently, I thought that this was quite impossible. However, after visiting "Thomas' water resources page", and "patches place" I am now convinced otherwise.

The pictures are quite convincing that women can pee standing up. I am interested in the (un-named) response that some women like to use the urinals in the mens room. How many women visiting this site have actually done this? or how many guys have seen a women come into the mens room and use the urinal?

After some further surfing on the net, I have found that there are actually urinals made for women. Aparantly, they are common in some countries, but I have yet to find out which countries, and how the women use them. The ones I found on the net have a hose with a funnel, which is then hung up and flushed. Are the type used in the mens room common in overseas counrties?
I would really like to here of people's (especially women's) peeing experiences here.


Tuesday, August 05, 1997

Brielle, We would be very interested in hearing your stories.

Hey all, I'm new at this, and need a little encouragement. I have many stories about my self and my friends to share. If you are interested, drop a note to let me know..

Last week I got my hair cut in a high end downtown salon. The place is always full of scantily clad beautiful women that makes the expensive fees worth it.
I was kept waiting for about five minutes and Sui my stylist finally emerged from the back room giggling. I have been to see Sui many times before, a very tall ( 5'10 ), woman with exotic long black hair from Taiwan in amazing physical shape. Sui's body is " model-like " waifish with a perfect tight ass which she obviously didn't mind people staring at since she was wearing a pair of skin tight white pants and a short T-Shirt reveling a perfectly flat stomach and mid sized breasts.
After I sat down at her chair and talked about what I wanted done another girl approached us and they both started laughing... the other girl whispered something in Sui's ear and walked away.
I felt I knew Sui -- we went out for coffee the last time I got my hair cut and feeling a little paranoid I asked what all the laughing was about.
After pressing a bit -- she finally sheepishly told me that she hadn't pooed for about three days and somehow this trivia had gotten around the salon. This morning when she finally felt the urge one of the hair washers Marie and the woman that owned the salon Sara followed her into the bathroom, and tried to help her out.
I asked her to tell me what exactly happened. As she began to trim my bangs she began to blush as she recanted in very broken English:
" I come into staff bathroom with the girls, feeling a bit funny about taking my pants down but Sara tell me to relax and she my boss - anyway - Marie tell me to turn around and sit on toilet backwards hands against the wall - she tell me western women do this - I climb on toilet and Marie start to give me slow back massage making me feel conformable - I still embarrassed to poo because my bum so exposed - Sara squat down beside me and tell me not to worry - I began to push hard and finally I feel my bottom hurt and I start to make very loud loud noise - like I'm making love, a poop the size of a large sausage came out and made a huge splash both girls found this very funny. It felt very nice Sara my friend holding my hand - she telling me to push, she like the sounds I make, - I become even louder and then another big one came out -- I feel so good, tears come down my face Sara Marie and I hug. - "
After telling me this story I almost fainted but tried to hold it together. She changed the subject - I got a good cut and gave Sui a big tip. Her story alone was worth 50 bucks.

We had a visitor staying at the weekend, a very old friend and ate and drank a lot more than usual. In paticular on Saturday I drank some 3 pints of beer, two glasses of wine and one of vermouth, and we went to an expensive restaurant and had some excellent Italian food. The consequence was that within half an hour of getting up on Sunday I had had two dumps. The first was a massive explosive blasting out of a huge quantity of very soft shit, blown all over the inside of the toilet bowl. The second shit was similar, but less explosive. Some of the beer we had drunk was brewed in Burton-on-Tent where thae water is full of magnesium sulfate. Also known as Epsom salts, mag sulf is a very effective laxative, as I found. The other thing that happens with Burton-brewed beer is that some of the sulfate is reduced during the fermenation to sulfide, which you can taste in the beer, and which makes your farts smell particulary foul. So my two dumps were both smelly, and when I later went for a third dump, I found I had left skidmarks on the bottom of the toilet.

We have two loos in our house. One is in the bathroom upstairs which is where I prefer to do my business; the other is a "cloakroom" right next to the front door. The other evening, I needed to "go", but my husband was in the bathroom taking a shower, so I had to use the downstairs loo. I had more or less finished my dump, when the doorbell rang. I quickly wiped and went out to answer the door, intending to return to finish off. It was a friend of my husband's so I invited him in to wait, and went into the kitchen to make him a coffee. While I was there I heard the loo flush , and I realised he must have gone into the downstairs loo, which I had just used - and hadn't yet flushed. I didn't mention it, and he said nothing to me, but the next evening, my husband asked whether there had been something wrong with our loo. I said "not that I was aware of - why?". Apparantly, his friend had commented that the loo appeared to be full of poo - and he could recommend a good plumber! By the way, I did fill out the survey form some time back - since you claim that there has been a lack of female participation, should I fill it out again? Thanks but one to a customer please.

Hi, it's Joe agian. Today, I guess I'll tell about last week. I hadn't been feeling too good last week, and on Saturday, it all came out in a huge bout of diarrea. It started at work about mid-morning. It just felt like the regular need to crap, only different. So, I went into the bathroom and locked myself in. I sant down, and there was a sort of fart/liquid explosion. It kept me in there for 20 minutes, all liquid with an occasional chunk of something. I kept running to the toilet every half hour. Then I finally, after careful timing, went home sick. Once I was in the car, I felt the urge agian, despite careful timing. So, I quickly pulled off into a gas station, which had suprisingly clean restrooms. This held me over until I got home, where my explosions continued for the rest of the day. Finally, by the next morning, the liquid crap stopped, and I felt much better.

Monday, August 04, 1997

Hi Strider, nice to have you here. Tell us all about your school bathrooms. Do some of the girls use the boys rooms, and vice versa? Are the restrooms clean and comfortable? Or are they a mess? Do a lot of kids poop at school?

Yesterday I was on my lunch break from work and i had to shit real bad before i went back on the clock. So i went to the restroom of the place i was eating at, dropped trou, and let out this humongous fart when a little crap nugget shot out of my asshole at about 40 miles per hour! It was the first time I had ever shot something out of my ass, usually i just drop logs... about that story about shitting at the public toilets in the beach... Washington SQ Park has a restroom like that, but when ya gotta go there's nothing you can do but assume the position and pray... i've heard it's easier to bend all the way over when you can't sit down, like in the woods. Opinions?

Sunday, August 03, 1997

I feel so releived after reading the old posts today! I thought I was the only fairly young person here. But I saw a couple people my age or close with posts here. Many stories I write will have to do with scout related activities. This doesn't.

I was at a camp in the mountains for a school activity only for selected students with leadership qualities and all A grades. I hope I don't sound arrogant. I hadn't gone to the bathroom since last night and I think everyone else didn't either. After the buses unloaded us,I would guess everyone ran to the bathroom. I was on the last seat of the last bus to unload and really had to take a dump. I got to the Men's batroom and saw a line extending 15 feet from the batroom door. I went around to the Women's bathroom and probably for the first time in world history,there was no line. I saw one of my friends going in [female,not male] and followed 20 seconds behind. I sat down in the stall right next to her and started to go. From her stall I heard sounds of straining and the words "come on,get out". I finished in about 5 minutes and left,hoping she didn't know it was me. I waited for about another 5-10 minutes before she came out. I started to talk to her when she came out. From what she said ,I don't think she knew it was me. THANK GOD! If she knew it was me, I don't know what she would say!


This is my story about this one time I was at a baseball game with some of my friends. This was definately not a major league baseball game. So, there were portable toilets next to the stadium. Knowing my intestines, I was quite sure that they would force me to use one of these. So, at about 5th inning, I headed down to the plastic toilets. I stepped inside one of these, the smell of crap, piss, and whatever blue chemical goes into these things was enough to kill somebody in the gas chamber. But I held my breath and ran in. The toilets were almost full, so it was kind of hard to expell anything comfortably, so I sort of sat down and let go several large logs, being very very careful not to get splashed. It came out quickly, which was good because I was running out of air. There was no toilet paper, so I pulled up my shorts and found some TP in the next toilet. I finally ran out of the next toilet where I found the TP gaspin for air. It smelled even worse then the one I was in before. Three weeks later, real bathrooms were installed, lucky for me, but a little too late. Keep on posting!


Back 7 1/2 years ago I was in Little Rock, Arkansas, at The Lions World Services for the Blind. In Dixie they had some dishes not common in the north, one was fried okra (it was good) and the other was peach juice.
On the first Sa-turd=ay I was there I drank lots of peach juice for breakfast. After I took my post breakfast dump, I took some mini pee squirts, a sign that my kidneys were getting rid of a lot of liquid; I did not take the warning.
I went for a 3 mile walk on that January day. As I was heading back the urge to pee was getting very strong. As I was returning I thought of pissing in the storm sewer openings; they are large there because they get much rain. Well, I held on and returned to the institute. I went to the bathroom on the ground floor then exclamed "Made it!" A man using the urinal said "It is occupied!" Fortunatly, a stall was open if it was not I would have done it in the sink. As it had turned out I did a bery Dixie thing "I peed in the toilet."

Friday, August 01, 1997

To Gillian:

We don't have many urinals for girls but some of their toilets are out in the open, such as in schools, to prevent vandalism, smoking, etc., A lot of women like to use boys urinals.

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