Hi, all. To hOW do you mEn do it ? Yet another men's room with doorless stalls?! You must be talking about the USA (where else?), but I travel a lot and I'll bet less than 0.5% of men's rooms have doorless stalls. As for me, there was a time when I wouldn't even think of taking a dump in a doorless stall. It still wouldn't be my first choice, but I've become a lot more open about my bodily functions, so I could do it if I had to, no problem.

CANADIAN DREANER - The villagers just dispose of the baby poop in the woods or bushes where youth and adults go. They always clean up really well. The dirt floors and streets of rural homes and villages in South America and Africa are usually immaculate.

ALLISON - My kind of story abut your fellow employees' dumps! Please post some more.

TRAVELLER RICKMAN - Thanks for using a second name to distinguish your handle from mine. I don't get here as often as I used to.

To ALL - I'll be hitting the ro! ad for a while soon near a really woodsy area with lots of hikers. I hope to have some stories to post when I get back, later this summer.

hOW do you mEn do it ? - BTW, forgot to ask you in my last post... When you used the men's room, did you whiz in a urinal or a toilet? There's a campus near me where one of the men's dorms was converted to women's a few years ago, but the urinals were left in place. These are the big "bassinette" type, free standing, high in the back, low in the front, with a keyhole shape. You see them in older buildings but I don't think they're made anymore. Story is that lots of the women are getting into a stand-up routine using these things and like them better for a pee than the toilets, despite the lack of partitions. And why not? As I said here a while back, I like a woman who stands up for what she believes in - if she prefers to, of course. That's her choice.

This is a great sit.
to hiker_uk
Fantastic stories - Please more!

Hello everybody.

I have a story about what I got up to in the ladies
toilets at work today. I had really needed to go
for about 2 hours and I was really busting for a good
long wee. I had the idea of having a wee in one of the
sinks, but at the same time another lady who is blonde
like me but 10 years older went in with me. I went into
the far stall and she went into the one on my left.
She shut her door but I did not because the catch was
broken and that door swings back open at you. We both
tore some paper off, and she was really quick to pull her
knickers down and start tinkling. I pulled up my short
skirt and pulled my knickers down to my knees and hovered
over the bowl. I was really busting and when I let go I
started squirting real hard right down into the water and
making a lot more noise than she did. She was just
finishing just as I had got started. When she flushed and
went to wash her hands, sh! e glanced into my open stall and
she must have seen my yellow stream blasting down into the
toilet like a waterfall! I pissed for over a minute, wiped
my pussy carefully, and flushed the toilet. My peemate
looked back in just as I was pulling my knickers back up.
I do not know but maybe she was amazed how a woman could
hold so much pee, because I bet her pee was 150ml or less
and mine would have been close to a litre I think.

PV - Last night I tried a front wee into the sink while
Steve watched from the side. I positioned myself on there
and I was comfy with my pussy just able to aim at the
downward sloping bit. My urge was strong, and I just let it
go without aiming my lips with my fingers. I thought there
might be some spray of splashback but I was squirting real
hard and there was no problem. We watched my wee squirting
from my pussy and swirling around the sink in a bubbly
yellow pool as I was filling it ! up quicker than it went
down the drain. It was a lot of fun, and I would do it


Anne (the bus driver). I enjoyed your post about the "instalment motion" enormously. You must have needed to do a lot and it must have felt really good after the last visit when you'd finally finished. I've had similar experiences but, thankfully, so far at home. Generally mine are in two stages. One to remove the hard material and then a much larger, softer one, half an hour or so later.

The other week I had a water infection and some antibiotics cleared it up - or so I thought at the time (and I follwed the course correctly). I've now got a recurrence of what I think is probably the same problem and I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, so wish me luck.

Best regards

Jessica from Canada
Simon, i believe that i had 4 bottles of water beforehand, if that answers your question

Shy Pam... Certainly giggling and laughing is not very helpful when your bladder is about to explode. But you must have felt the need a long time before you started for work, haven't you? When I have to go desperately, it helps to move back and forth on my seat. Did you do that in your car? Or did you just let it happen? Would you say you hold it habitually up to bursting point, or does it come over you without further warning? (I usually get signals from my bladder quite a long time before it is really too late.) Continue your posts, please!

Hi! I am new to this forum but am excited to have found it. I am a 15 year old male and my name is AJ. During this posting, i will tell two of my experiences dealing with bathroom stuff.

My first experience took place when i was about 10 yrs. old, when i was going out for the day with my friend John. We had just recently become good friends, and this was our first day together. During the day we went strawberry picking, then to an animal farm, and finally to watch John's brother's baseball game.
Since it was a hot day, we had plenty of water to drink throughout the day. By 2pm, John was fidgeting and he went to some nearby woods to pee. At 4pm, he had to go again, and did.
Around this time, we went to the baseball game. Soon after we got there, John's mother went to talk to someone, leaving just the two of us. By this time, i was starting to have to pee. However, for some reason, i didn't want to admit this to John. My need became more and more desperate, and ! i had to start fidgeting to contain myself.
I was determined to hold out until i got home, but i quickly got to desperation level. I had to take a piss somewhere and fast. The problem now was that i didnt see any suitable area to go.
My worst fears came true soon after when i had to go so bad, i started pissing in my shorts. I had to do a big dance to stop, but John had noticed and asked what was wrong. I told him I really had to go to the bathroom and i was starting to pee my pants. As we searched for a spot, a few more spurts leaked into my shorts, and there was a big wet spot on the front. I grabbed my cock to stop the flow. Finally, John spotted a porto-potty behind the outfield. I ran as fast as i could there, but it was too late. I started peeing again, and couldn't stop it. My shorts were completely drenched in the front, and piss was running down my legs. I was embarrased to tell John what had happened, but i told his mother that i had spilled my soda. Somehow! , she believed it.

Now in conclusion a few short tidbits: once when i was coming out of a hockey game with my dad i really had to take a piss. But i knew i could make it home. When we got to our car, i went to the passengers side and found two girls (around 18-20) sqatting and peeing behind the car. Seeing this made my need very urgent, and some piss escaped into my boxers. I then told my dad i had to pee before we left and i then pissed in the same spot as the girls had........... I'm sure i'm not the only one who does this but when im at the beach and i have to pee, i'll just do it in my bathing suit, regardless of where i am. If i'm just standing on the beach, and even if i am completely dry, i'll just completely piss in my suit. Same thing if i am sitting down. It's just not worth the effort to walk down to the ocean to pee. However, sometimes people will walk by as i'm pissing and give me strange looks, but i dont really care b/c they're total strangers

! Well, thats all for now. Until next time.......

I've been a lurker here for so long.. couldn't believe my good luck when I found the site. To find other people like me who love toilet thoughts is just so amazing. (I thought I was so alone and so weird!!) And the people here are so great. Buzzy, I just love you for your uninhibited love of, and sharing of poops, both indoors and out. You are one special person. If ever I see your name by a post I know I will love it. You have given me many happy moments. I wish I knew you IRL!

I also love - for many and different reasons: Anne the bus driver, Gruntly Bogwell, Nicola, Tony, Moira and George.. I loved Malcolm specially for his (alas)one and only post about his wife's difficult motion - that was the best post I ever read.. I love Louise and Steve, and that guy who posted recently about the camp (dad, Mom, grandma, girls etc who all pooed)

In the past I loved Bridget and the guy who wrote about Chuck. I've loved so many of you. I haven't forgotten ANY o! f your names even if I've not mentioned them and always hope you will post some more..

The Mod didn't like me not liking Goldgirl's posts, I think.... (note his recent,long and barely intelligible foreword/slap on the wrist to those of us who objected to her tales of soiling public property) but, sorry - ! while I love the idea of adults pooping in the woods or in some other sanitary place and telling us about it here, the posts of a child boasting about weeing all over hotel sheets and her friend's carpet strike me as totally against the spirit of this site.

Today i took a shit this morning and it was pretty soft and loose, this was before school(late morning) then i took another shit after dinner, it was loose and soft as well

Slayer Moon
To How Do Men Do It:

I don't! If I have to pinch a loaf, I won't even consider a stall without a door. I like my privacy, thank you. I just look elsewhere until I find a restroom where the stalls have doors with lockable doors. I'm concerned not only about privacy but also security. If I just have to take a leak, I try to use the closable stalls for extra privacy (still standing up, of course) but I'm not that choosy about privacy.

Hi all! I don't know if any of you remember me, but I posted on here a while back. I'm sorry I haven't posted lately but I've been real busy with the end of my senior year and all. Anyway, the last time I posted, I promised stories about a spring break trip I took this year with my good friend, Amanda. Well, I'm here to deliver the goods. Actually, I've pretty much got stories from every day so I'm not going to cram it all into one gigantic post, rather, I'll put them into various "installments" if you will. Well, here goes.
My family and I (me, my younger brother Mike, my mom and my dad) took a trip to a Carribbean island for spring break this year (it will remain nameless cause I'm paranoid someone will recognize me here!). I was allowed to bring along a friend, so I chose Amanda. She's about 5'5", blond hair and blue eyes and she's really in good shape. I hear a lot of the guys think she is so hot but I don't really care (neither does she). Anyway, (oh, I'm ab! out 5'6" brown hair green eyes fairly good shape but I'm not bone-thin) in case you were wondering. So, I had never ever been around Amanda when she had to poop (if you remember, I'm really into girls' pooping more so than guys, but I do like the thought of guys shitting as well). We'd peed together in public restrooms and all but never crapped. So, this would be the first time I'd get to be around her for a poo as we would be spending an entire week together (we were going to get our own room at the resort). We were leaving early on saturday morning so amanda was going to stay with my family that friday night (the beginning of spring break). She came home with me right after school as she already had her stuff with her. Right away, we went into the kitchen and made a rather large snack as we were both starving. Then we went and watched tv. About six that evening, I felt the urge to take a dump...a little bigger than usual because of the large snack. But, I also wante! d Amanda to "know" i was pooing just to see her reaction. (if she was grossed out, turned on, whatever) So, I got her to come into my room saying we could watch tv up there since my parents had just come home. I know, it was pretty lame but I had to get her near my bathroom upstairs. So, we watched tv for about 15 minutes until I was just dying to poo (i didn't want it to look too suspicious) and then I said, "I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." She barely even said "ok" without so much as the slightest interest. So I walked out of my room and across the hall into my bathroom. I shut the door, lowered my jeans and panties to my ankles, and sat on the toilet. Immediately I let out a fart and began peeing. As I had been correct in my feeling, it was a little bigger poo than I normally have. The poos were maybe slightly softer than normal and there were more and they came out quicker than normal. All in all, I produced about 3 or 4 big ones and 1 or 2 l! ittle ones. I was also farting more than normal. It took about 15 minutes and I felt great afterwards! I just love a nice long satisfying dump. Anyway, I came out and Amanda gave me this sarcastic look and looked at her watch and said "long time no see!" I just smiled and said "sorry, I really had to poo!" She said, "I understand. Did you stink it up in there?" with a laugh. I was shocked! Here was this supposed godlike girl to the guys talking frankly with me about my poop. "Not that I'm aware, but 15 minutes of crapping can stink up any room!" She wrinkled her nose and said "ah don't worry. My shit smells bad too. You'll realize this after spending a week sharing a bathroom with me." She then turned back to the tv, normal as ever, as if we had just been talking about a non-taboo topic like shopping or who liked who. I couldn't describe the state I was in. First of all, I was excited because I just had a wonderful dump and second was that a good friend of mine! obviously had no qualms about discussing poo. I was psyched up about spending a week with one of my good friends and that I would have the opportunity to spy on her while she was pooing. Unfortunately, she didn't poop that night and I was sort of disappointed. She went in my bathroom about 8:00 that night and when I heard the door shut I ran over by the door and crouched down so I could see through the crack between the door and the floor. I know that it's bad of me to do such evil things, but, like I said, I get a kick out of being near people who are pooing, especially girls, but i'll spy on guys too! Anyway, she rolled her pants to her knees cause I couldn't see them by her feet and she sat on the toilet. She sat in silence about 30 seconds then let out a long stream of pee. After she was peeing, she farted once then grabbed some tp and wiped and stood up. I darted out of there quickly as I heard the toilet flush. She then came back and nothing was said about the ! trip to the toilet. Before we went to bed, we both changed and stuff in the bathroom but neither used the toilet (I spied again!). Well, that was day 1, the beginning of our trip. I'll post about the next day later on or tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you don't want me to continue the story let me know and I won't take any offense. I know how some of you are picky about the stuff that gets posted here. Also, about the spying. It's not really spying. I just look at her feet through the crack in the door and listen as best I can. It's not like I then go blab to the world about what I do. Well, I guess posting here is blabbing to the world but it's different in that we are all totally anonymous. Well, I've gotta go now. I kinda have to poo actually. Talk to you all later and I hope you like my stories. Love, Laurie
By the way, I love each and every story that gets posted here. Keep up the wonderful forum everyone!!!

Ben in NY
First off, I would like to thank the monitor for instead of blocking all people under 18, considering the coherence and relevance of the post. I am 15 and would be very disappointed if I could no longer post (although I don't feel that my posts are inconsiderate, inconherent, nor controversial).

Back to our regular broadcast, I would love to know all of your reactions to my last post. Actually...Its not up yet. How come moderator? Well anyway, thanks to everyone who backed me up, although it seems that I have begun a "revolution" that will ultimately get me kicked off this site for being "underage." Oh well, I guess it's all for the better

This is john (uk) under a differant name. Goldgirl, do you think your intrest of peeing in unusual place was brought on by puberty? My intrest on pooping I think was brought on by puberty, that the only way I can explain it. Any other people thing that when they weny through puberty they had this sudden intrest in the toliet?
(formally John(UK)

dear staff at the toilet - i just wanted to say thank you for posting that paragraph on june 6th (it starts out with "We will now put the nonsequitur of those under 18 posting and attracting perverts to rest"). i totally agree with that post, especially the very last two sentences. everyone seems to want to pick on me because of what i do. but everyone has a right to do what they want to. and i have to admit, they have a right to their opinions too, but like i said before, if they don't like what i post, they don't have to read my posts. maybe i am a little weird, but let's face it, if everyone on here wasn't a little weird, why would they be posting on a forum like this anyway? there's nothing wrong with being weird, and if people think i (and others like me) should be more "normal", then maybe they're just not weird enough!

hey, becca, i still miss you!

see ya,

Wednesday, June 07, 2000

We will now put the nonsequitur of those under 18 posting and attracting perverts to rest.
1. When you search for something on a search engine, clicking on the resulting link returns an environment variable called the HTTP_REFERRER to the site on the other end of the link. This variable is the url of the page containing the link. In the case of the search engine, this variable contains the url as seen in the location box. Most servers log this variable to see where traffic comes from and goes to. Looking through the access logs for a typical site you see that half of the hits are resulting from searches for all kind of freaky, nasty, profane, and all kinds of sex etc and other fool mess. Always has been this way. You know how bad many search engines are and how they pull up unrelated and erroneous items contatntly. You wouldn't beleive some of the stuff people are really looking for and not finding here.
2. Do you see any perverts on here? how are you going to get on here if the only way in is by a moderated post? Remember there are no email addresses posted, no ICQ numbers, and anything that looks like a username gets the "8741235478354" removed. (Is someone implying that we are about to start falling off and somehow manifest a freak show?)
3. This entire site is PG-13. How do you know that the regular posters are not the kid next door? We automatically throw out any posts from anyone claiming to be a kid that obviously is illiterate, because chances are they shouldn't be anywhere near a computer. There are very, very few of these We are not showing porno here so an adult is someone read and write and construct a coherent argument without name calling, slurs and four letter words (besides the obvious for this forum), as well as accept others viewpoints even if they are of a differing opinion. If you have mastered that whether that argument is right, wrong or indifferent you are old enough to speak your mind.

John & Buzzy-- I know you can' really be here when I take my shit in the woods but it's fun to imagine. John let's hear of a few good shits youve had.

I went up to the hills again this weekend & had a ery productive outting. As I said before I haven't gone in a few days & about mid-morning on Saturday I got a severe cramp that nearly doubled me over. I knew what would be coming so I started up the hill behind our cabin. I walked for about 5 minutes when i got another cramp & realized it was coming NOW. I undid my jeans as I moved off the path behind some trees. (it's private property but ya never know) I took my pants & panties totally off & the next cramp caused me to let out a really loud & long fart. You know the kind that changes in volume & intensity before dying off. I squated down & began to pee like crazy. Without any urging the first turd started out. It continued to ease out for several seconds. It touched the ground befor! e finially breaking off & falling to the grass. Another fart preceeded the next turd. It came quicker but was still long. I let out 5 turds in all with quite a bit of dry farts. After wiping I looked at my work & saw quite a pile. The first long one was just over 10 inches. another was 8 inches with the others ranging from 4-6 inches. It felt great to loose the extra weight & especially outdoors. I haven't had a crap session like that in a long time.

I have been reading the posts on here for awhile and decided to write my first post. A few years ago I was at the beach with my family and had to come back home because I was starting summer classes the next day. My sister-in-law Carmel offered to drive me home. I was 20 years old at the time and Carmel was 35 years old. We left a little after noon and stopped at an all you can eat seafood restuarant. Carmel was a little overweight and we both loved seafood. We were starving and wanted to fill our bellys before the two and a half hour ride home. Carmel and I both ate like gluttons, and each had 3 heaping servings. About half way home, my stomach began hurting and I felt a fart coming on. I did not want to fart in front of Carmel. I expelled a little gas, but still had to fart. I looked over at Carmel and she was shifting her ass a little. I realized that Carmel had to fart too. Carmel let out a loud fart, so I decided to let one rip as well. We both said "excuse me" at the sam! e time. We both began farting and the smell was putrid. We both had to take a dump. We finally stopped at a rest area, that had a porta-toilet. We got out of the car and we both ran over to the porta-toilet. We started arguing over who would use it first. I felt a large log coming and went inside, Carmel came in right after me and we both just pulled our pants and underwear down. We had both had wet shit stains on our underwear. I lifted the seat and we sat side by side. I lifted my left leg and cheek up and Carmel lifted her right leg and cheek. Our cheeks were together above the hole in the toilet. We both farted and began pushing out a gigantic log. Our two huge logs fell in the toilet as one log. Carmel and I continued pushing out log after log. My left thigh started cramping up as Carmel's shit was all over my left cheek and some of my shit was on Carmel's right cheek. We were shitting for over 30 minutes, dropping log after log. There was no toilet paper in the porta-toi! let. Someone knocked at the door and we both said "just a minute". We pulled our pants up and walked out. There were three cars in the rest area now. We both reeked of shit as we walked to our car. Carmel quickly drove away and we had to sit in our own shit as we rode home. We kept the windows down and the lady at the toll booth could smell us. We had shit all over our underwear and pants. We finally arrived at my house (which was empty) and went inside. We went into the bathroom and both stripped and began wiping each others asses. We climbed in the shower and uses the hand held shower head to clean our asses. We threw of underwear and pants away. We never told anyone about this. As bizarre and unbelievable as this sounds, this is an absolutely true story.

big r
Teenage girl,
What are your'e three favorite things about taking a shit? would you ever take a shit in front of your boyfriend?

P>Jessica from Canada - I would like to know how much you had to drink before hand, did you drink 2 or 3 pints of water, or lemonade, or was it cranberry juice ? You must have been in great discomfort, it must have been a great relief for you when you finally peed.

To Dan
Fantastic stories Dan - keep 'em coming!

hOW do you mEn do it ?
I had to use a mens restroom while the womens restroom was being cleaned. I only had to urinate, but Guys, how can you drop your pants, sit on a toilet bowl, and make poop without doors ???? Do you greet other men when they pass by you? Tell me more.

hOW do you mEn do it ?
I had to use a mens restroom while the womens restroom was being cleaned. I only had to urinate, but Guys, how can you drop your pants, sit on a toilet bowl, and make poop without doors ???? Do you greet other men when they pass by you? Tell me more.

Shy Pam
Well, yesterday (Monday, 6/5/00) was an exciting drive to my summer job...luckily I left early. As I was driving to work I was listening to the radio (Howard Stern show). He had this tape of what was supposed to be Julio Inglesias' son, Enrique Inglesias, singing...or more like attempting to sing. Apparently he lip syncs or has his voice altered, but this time the board operator had a live feed and recorded it. He sounded like a cat who had someone stomp on its tail, I mean he was absolutely horrible! This went on and on, they kept playing it. It was funny. I couldn't help but laugh. When I kept laughing I couldn't help but pee. It started as a little dribble. With more laughing I gave a couple of spurts. I couldn't stop laughing because the tape was so horrible but hilarious as well. I wet my pants as I was driving the car. I had to turn around and go home to change. My jeans and panties were soaked to the max all over the rear, crotch and legs. The car seat wa! s really soaked also. I had to put towels on it to help it dry when I drove to work after changing. I didn't feel too bad though because another listener called up and reported just about the same thing happened to her! I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of commuters had wet pants on that trip! The tape was really hysterical. Anyone else hear it or wet their pants???
Shy Pam

Goldgirl....why do you pee where you pee??? Thats not really being a friend if you pee on your friends carpet. And to stuff your face in your pee?? Thats repulsive!!! Sorry it had to be said. But what if one of your friends parents noticed the pee stain under her bed one day and blamed HER for it???

Goldgirl -

Your post about peeing all over a hotel room is quite inconsiderate and basically downright rude. I think we can all appreciate good watersports in the privacy and comfort of our own homes. But when you invade on other's property with such a malicious intent, that's terrible. And please, no nonsense about pee being cleaner than tap water. It doesn't mean i'd like to sleep in a bed that you've pissed on.

Just think of the poor hotel staff that had to clean your mess. Please grow up, girl.

to all who don't care for my stories - don't read them! hello!

Jessica from Canada - awesome story! i would really love it if we could play pee games together too! i sure wish my friends and i could do that. but i have emy and min. that was pretty scarey about your mom almost catching you, i've been really lucky that way so far. i've never been caught peeing anywhere. my parents hardly pay much attention to us anyway. not that we care, we have our own fun!

Louise - great sink story! i bet the feeling that someone could walk in at any time was pretty intense too! yeah, i am pretty tall, i always was for my age. min and i are the same height right now and she's 4 years older than me. she said she stopped growing taller at age 12, so maybe i'll stay like i am. she matured early in general, and so did i.

i don't really have any stories this time, only that today me and emy thought we'd try something different, so we both peed in the sink at the same time! . min and i have done that too. well, guess that's it for now.

see ya,

Anne (the English bus driver)
Lots of you have mentioned me in your posts. I suppose its a bit like they say about buses, nothing for ages then a number come along at once.

Combining if I may answers to Adrian, Fizz and Cousin. I agree with Fizz that I would be happier if this site was 18+ although I DONT want to see it have the tedious "adult check" rip off requirement, which to my mind is a license to print money. I would hope this site would remain free to access. Adrian, I possibly have a easier attitude towards disussing the sexual arousal etc aspects associated with defecation but bow to the Moderator's rules which censor out all but the slightest allusion to such matters. I have to praise this person or persons as this is a difficult subject to administer. Fair enough Counsin, I now understand where you were coming from, and that you too do not like "Scat" sites. The problem, as with allowing more frank discussion of the sexual associations is "where do you draw the line", so I can see why ! the Moderator has to take such a firm hand in censoring some postings. To quote the old engineering maxim, "if it aint broke dont fix it!" and there are plenty of very explicit Scat sites for those who want them.

Traveller Rickman. As far as people having accidents in their underpants on the buses or coaches I have driven I would say that genderwise its about even. I have had men both piss and shit themselves and women too. As far as I am able I will always stop for someone who urgently needs the toilet. If you read old posts I relate the story of a teenaged girl who was taken short and did a poo in her knickers when I was driving the school bus. Luckily it was a solid poo and as she was standing it didnt squash up too badly in her knickers. Since I was driving the bus back light (without passengers) I dropped her off near her home on the way back. The next day she brought me a letter from her mum thanking me for being helpful to her daughter at such a difficult mome! nt. Most of our coach fleet now has toilets on board but I have driven the older coaches when someone has had to go urgently. Again if its safe to do so I will pull into the side of the road to let them go, but sometimes if driving on a motorway this is neither possible or legal. I have had both males and females taken short, usually they havent said anything but have tried to hold it in but lost the battle. I try not to be judgemental as accidents can happen to anyone, but if they have made a mess over the seats or the floor this is extra hassle for me and the cleaners, as is the case if someone throws up over the seats or floor. Luckily, this has only happened a few times, usually with young kids, and that cannot be helped I suppose. Once when driving one of your coaches on a tour with a load of elderly people one old lady much have been taken short and had flushed her soiled knickers down the toilet. This of course empties into a large tank under the vehicle which is emptie! d into the drains at the bus station. When I did this later the flow stopped then I got a mechanic to push a long rod up the outlet and he dislodged a large pair of white cotton womens briefs which had the evidence of a squashed up poo in the seat. I didnt know who had done this of course but did politely mention when I took the coach out the next day that passengers should not flush objects down the toilet as this causes blockages. The worst I had to deal with was a drunken man who got on the last bus when I was driving it. he was reeling and I could have refused him as a driver has this right if they feel a passenger is likely to cause disturbance. This man wasnt loud or abusive so I let him on and he did have the right fare in his had. He staggered to a seat and sat down. Unfortunately he started to make retching sounds and threw up with great force over himself and floor and seat. I stopped the bus to let him off but as he stood up there was a spluttery fart and squelch as! he shit himself. Again he was proabaly wearing boxer shorts as the mess leaked out over the floor. YEUCH! I did fell a bit sorry for him but had to put him off the bus. Luckily there were only 2 other passengers and they got off a couple of stops further on so I quickly finished the route and as was scheduled ran light back to the garage. I helped the cleaners sort the mess out. I must say since then I am a lot less likely to take a reeling drunk passenger.

Adrian, recently I has what someone called an "instalment motion". I hadn't gone for a few days, this doesnt bother me as you know. I was on early shift and had booked in when I felt the need to go. I let go a couple of loud farts which amused some of the other drivers in the mess room and as I went to the ladies one of them said, "Anne's gone off to bomb the toilet" I went into one of the cubicles, hiched up my grey unform skirt and pulled down my knickers, (white full briefs with a blue floral pattern) and sat o! n the pan. After doing a hissing tinkling wee wee I felt my ring stretch and passed 3 hard balls the size and shape of goose eggs with loud "KER-SPLOONK!" sounds. I think it was George who used the phrase "Constipotatoes" to describe the hard balls passed when constipated (the medical term is scyballa). Anyway, although I felt there was more to come down I only farted a few times, so wiped my bum, pulled up my knickers and came out and took my bus out. After a couple of hours I had a break and after breakfast at the cafe at the end of the route I felt I needed another motion. I went over to the Ladies Public Toilet on the other side of the road. This time I felt my ring stretch and slowly but surely this big fat "brick" came out with my going "UH! NNN! OH!" KUR-SPLOOMP!" when I looked down the pan there was a turd of about 8 inches long but as fat as a beer can. My ring throbbed. I left it unflushed for another user to see. Even after getting rid of this big jobbie I felt I s! till needed more. During the second half of my shift I did begin to fart quite a lot and was happy that the sound of the bus engine covered the sounds. On our buses the driver has a screen of plastic to protect them from assault but this meant I was gassing myself so was glad to open the side window. When I came off shift I again went to the Ladies Toilet at the garage sat on the pan and after a wee wee I felt this big load come down into my back passage . This time as my sphincter opened it slid out smooth and easy with very little effort on my part. It was so long that it made no sound at all and about 4 inches stuck up out of the water, I estimate it was about 16 inches long and very fat. I wiped my bum and as it stuck anyway I left it for others then went home well satisfied with having had 3 good motions.

To the person who asks about women's jobbies being thicker than men's, I agree that the shape of the female rectum is wider than the male and this would allow ! fatter turds to accumlate. Men also pass turds which start knobbly and then become smoother as they are passed, I dont think this is gender specific.

TO FIZZ-I totally agree with your view about some of the posters on this forum as of late-some of these people are way too young to be posting on here-eventhough some of their stories i'm sure are mostly fictional,they could be asking for some trouble from some pervs or somthing...I don't know,but i don't think a 12-16 year old should be posting here-whatever...TO BEACH MIKE-Good story about pooing in the woods-I too would like to poo with some beautiful women watching,but i never got the nerve up to do it -my luck.i'd get arrested for indecent exposure.I would not want to offend anyone by doing that in front of them if they would freak out or something like that!Great story!
Yesterday,i went out biking again to the beach,but i had pooed before i left the house,but i treid to hold some of it back,so on my way back from the beach in the afternoon,i felt i could go again,so i looked for the spot where i dumped this big load the day before and after much looking i finally ! found it,and by the i had to really go ,so i got undressed and went over to my 1st pile tha i did the day before and sat down on the log and pushed out a long sausage after i let out a big fart and watched it as it grew and fell on the old pile-i didn't dump as much as the day before but it was one 10 inch kielbasa that fell neatly on top of the other pile-it was someting to see-a big pile of turds-it looked like a bear did it!I'll tell you,after reading some of these stories,i would love to buddy dump with some lovely woman who bad to go bad like me in the woods-i don't know if it will ever happen--hopefully someday! BYE

JAMIE - Thank you so much for your nice compliments
about my stories. I think it is quite a thrill to hear
how people have enjoyed them. I have been writing about
things I have done for over two months now, so have you
read all of those?
If you have not seen the messages where I have described
myself, I am 26 years old, 5 feet 9 and I am an athletic
sort of build. You will want to know that my bust is 38D.
I have long blonde hair, naturally tanned looking skin.
I am quite sporty and I enjoy things like tennis and
netball, going swimming or running with my boyfriend,
other things like that.
I also like going to the toilet either for a piss, shit
or both, and I like peeing and shitting in lots of other
places too. I like peeing in lots of ways other than
squatting. I really like peeing while I am standing up
and shooting it forwards.
I also like tiring out my boyfriend Steve when we are
in bed. Hehehe.
Taht is all for today, and I hope you have enjoyed my
latest stories.


Tuesday, June 06, 2000

I was on vacation this week. We went through the Smokey Mountain National Park. It's a 33 mile drive doing about 35-45 mph. I had never noticed there are no restrooms and very limited places to go into the woods should a bm or pee become necessay. I pulled over just as I excited the Park. I walked up over a hill rise so I could squat in peace. I came upon a path with two beautiful blondes jogging but they just kept on. I figured that I'd be alone so I dropped my shorts while I pushed up against a tree. I was really enjoying my poo as it flowed out so slowly. I looked down and seen someone else coming up the path. I hurridly pulled my clothes up and pretended to be looking. After the second girl rounded the corner and started to poo again. I was really into when a male jogger came up upon me from the opposite direction. I apologized but just keep pooping away. I wished it had been the first two female joggers. I would loved to seen their expression. By the time! I was finished I had a nice swirl of about 5 inches tall in each of my two poos. I think it's the most I ever pooed in my life. I was so desperate and quite arouse after the meeting the two blondes. I was hoping for a repeat but really my intent was to just releive myself on this occasion.

Jenn W. I can't tell you why women are prone to bladder infections when they have their periods. What I can tell you is that bladder and urinary tract infections are not uncommon amongst both men and women. If you think you have an ibfection the best advice, as always, is to go to your doctor and take a urine sample with you. I had a urinary infection a couple of weeks ago and a course of antibiotics seemed to clear it up. So far as keeping clear of infections is concerned, it's not easy but drinking plenty of fluid, especially water, is good. Also cranberries and cranberry juice are meant to be good preventetives.

Brittney. You should never punish your children for accidents. All childern have them sometimes and they're a normal part of growing up.

When I was a teenager (I'm 22 now) I used to mess my pants quite regularly. I got into trouble frequently for either having dirty underwear or hiding them in my room which I often did to avoid being found out. Amongst my friends at school there were several boys who also dirtied themselves including two friends who were worse than me. One of them, Peter, never seemed to have clean pants although he said that he changed them every day. Both he and his brother had the same problem but their mother didn't seem to bother about it and never punished them.

I remember on one occasion Peter another friend and myself were walking to the swimming pool when Peter decided he needed a poo. He went behind a tree pulled his trousers and pants down and did it a on the ground. He immediately pulled his underwear up and carried on as though nothing ahad happened. When we got to the swimming pool and got changed his pants were very badly stained. After swimming when we got dressed he p! ut his pants on inside out without realising it and another group of boys started taking the mickey out of him. This did not seem to bother him in the least and he just laughed and joked about it while putting them on the right way.

On one occasion at his house we were playing when I couldn't get to the toilet quick enough and messed myself. I went to their bathroom to clean up and decided to put my messed pants in their laundry basket and put on one of his pairs of pants to go home in. I searched through the basket and found one pair which had only a slight mark in them which I put on inside out. A few days later I was back at his house and looked in the cupboard in his room when he wasn't there to get my own pants back. I could not find them so the following time I was there, about a week later I had a look again and this time they were there and I took them back. When I got home I put them in my drawer and the following day went to put them on. As I did so I notice! d that there was the shadow of a very big stain in the back of them. I was sure that I hadn't messed them that badly so could only assume that some time while they were at his house he had worn them and done a poo in them.

Went out biking yesterday and rode out to the beach and on the way out i was riding along drinking some coffee and felt my rectum start to fill up so i went off into the woods and found a big log and took off my clothes and squatted down on the log and as i was drinking my coffee,let out a big pre-poo fart( farting outdoors sounds so much smaller than when you are on the bowl,but it sounds kinda cool outdoors!)then i pushed slightly just to get the dump started and then just let the poo come out on it's own-this one came out slowly and then stopped after about 8 in were out and i just let it hang there for awhile-that feels real good to me-doe's anyone else do this and enjoy it? After about 2-3 mins i felt another cramp and my turd started to move again and as soon asa this turd fell on the log,i farted again and this soft ice-cream poo came out rather quickly along with some more gas in the middle of it.That felt real good!Then i just sat there,pushing out my asshole for a b! it and letting out some mucus and squgglies.Then i wiped and got dressed and tried to note where i was cause this was quite a pile i produced tha i want to come back to the same spot and dump again on top of this load-something i haven't done,i got the idea from someone on this forum-so we'll see what happens and IF i can find this spot again-Thinking of pooing along with you ,LISA! Post some goods dumping in the woodsstories,all! BYE

Boy, did I get lucky this weekend! My brother and I and two couples (both of them are Vietnamese, too) went for a camping and boating trip along the Snake River in southeastern Washington state (Its about a two and a half hour drive south from where I live in Spokane). Call it ESP - somehow, I had the feeling Id be seeing something interesting bathroom-wise before I even got to the spot where wed be camping. Once I got to the spot I realized that my sixth sense was working well - there were no bathrooms anywhere nearby. Because of this situation, one of the guys quickly dug a hole in the ground for a latrine behind some bushes. Immediately, I began hoping thered be a way for me to spy on the two women. Even though theyre both married and at least technically off limits for me, both of them really turned me on. Both of them are a few years older than me - in their early 30s - and both of them are so sexy that I couldnt stop thinking about them once that latrine was! dug and I knew that sooner or later both of them would be using it. Unfortunately, however, from the start I could see that getting an opportunity to peek on them was going to be difficult - not because of the location of the latrine, but because there always seemed to be someone around (namely, their husbands) who would see me if I were to be poking around in the same area where the women would be squatting over the hole. Although it was hard to resist following them every time Id see one of the women disappear behind those bushes, I had to resist my urge, telling myself Id have an opportunity if I was just patient. When Id go out to the latrine to do my own pissing and shitting, Id stare at the collection of toilet paper and turds and wonder which of those pieces of toilet paper had been used by the women to wipe their pussies and asses and which of those turds had come out of their anuses. On Sunday morning, I finally got to be alone with the two women - all of the! other guys had taken a boat and gone fishing on the river. If those two husbands had had even the slightest idea of what was really on my mind, they never would have left their wives within 10 miles of me, but fortunately they didnt know, so there I was alone with those two babes and their four children. The two women were very flirtatious with me once their husbands were gone. One of the women, whom Ill call Jeannie, I think was kind of bored with her marriage, which really gave me some incredible thoughts about what I might be able to do with her if I played things right. At one point, the other woman, whom Ill call Janice, whose marriage seemed to be in better shape, got up from her chair at the spot where we were talking and announced to me that Im going to go and pump out some water. My God, I thought! Shes really reading my mind! Then I couldnt believe what came out of my mouth. I actually asked her Can I come along? It was the first time I ever confe! ssed my interest in watching women piss to a woman I wanted to watch piss (or to anyone else outside this forum). Her reaction? She just laughed with a very naughty look on her face. Then Jeannie, who was standing a few feet away, asked her what was so funny. Janice then told the Jeannie that I had told her I wanted to watch her pee. At that point both women were laughing like two schoolgirls who had just heard a dirty joke they enjoyed although it might have shocked them a little. Had I been a braver man, I might have then followed Janice beyond the bushes and watched her pull down her shorts, squat, and take a piss in that hole, but somehow my courage left me at that moment so I just stayed and talked with Jeannie while Janice slipped away behind the bushes. I think the fact that Jeannie was present was what kept me from following Janice because I really think she probably would have let me watch - guess its one of those things Ill always have to wonder about. Whi! le Janice was out of view behind the bushes pissing, Jeannie kept telling me that she needed to find me a nice girl in Vietnam to marry - and shes probably right. Then after a minute or two, Janice came back and I was left to fantasize about how she must have looked while she was pissing behind the bushes. This wasnt my last opportunity for the day, however. Really, the best was yet to come. Surprisingly, I got my long awaited cheap thrill after the husbands had come back with my brother. After they came back, we started packing up to go back to Spokane. Who ever would have thought that at that moment, while I just happened to be walking by Jeannies mini-van (her husband and two kids were off on the other side of the campground), I would see a sight that would make my heart stop? Yes, just as I was passing by Jeannie's mini-van, I noticed that Jeannie (her back was turned toward me and she was standing between the van and some bushes) was pulling down her shorts. I s! tood there stunned, unable to take my eyes from her as she pulled down her shorts and her green panties and squatted over the dirt between the van and the bushes, giving me a great view of her ass and thighs, which were very nice, although I couldn't see her pussy. Then, just seconds after she squatted I saw a stream of piss come down between her legs, forming a puddle in the dirt. She pissed quite a bit - in fact, her total piss must have lasted about a minute and the whole time she was pissing she was making a really distinct hissing sound - a sound I've always liked. When the last drops of piss came out of her, she took some Kleenex and wiped her pussy. As she got up and pulled up her shorts and panties I got out of there quickly to keep her from knowing I had been watching. Later, when I saw her husband again, it was hard for me to keep from laughing. The whole time I wondered what he would have done if he knew I had spied on his wife while she took a piss. When I g! ot home I had some important business to take care of - the same business that the writer of Tales From the Latrine had to take care of after he got his eyeful on his camping trip. Thank God for camping and all the opportunities it provides for people with my interests!

TO POOP FREAK: I usually do like to use a lot of toilet paper when I wipe my ass - I think it gets the job done better that way. My poops are usually pretty soft, too.

Jessica from Canada
last weekend, i had one of my friends over to stay for the weekend. we both decided to try peeing techiques and games, like see who could hold it the longest and such. when we did these games, we were allowed only to wear a t-shirt and thats it. this was done to make aiming easier and the cool air would make it more difficult to hold our pee. we first tried peeing in the crawlspace in my room. my friend sprayed every where and soaked her t-shirt, so she had to go get another one. when i went, i got stuck and i had a hard time getting out of the crawlspace after i was done. after that, we tried staying in the furnace room and the first to even dribble some pee out, was finished. we could now see who had bladder control. i picked the furnace room because it's always frezzing in there. my friend went first. at about the 7 minute mark, she gasped, held her pussy and then let it flow out. i was impressed. then i went. at the 10 minute mark, i was about to explode, when i heard my m! om coming down the stairs. i panicked, i didn't know what to do. my friend had already fleed the scene, while i was sitting her, only wearing a t-shirt and i just squirted twice. the sound of my pee hitting the floor made me want to go more, i then peed for 3 seconds. i looked around for a place to hide when i thought i should hide behind the furnace itself. i crawled in behind and pulled my shirt down and pulled my legs closed. i don't know how long my my was looking for me, but it felt like an eternity. the agony was too much to bear. i felt around with my hand to find a pan because i didn't want to let go of my legs. i luckily found a bucket and i carefully stood up and sat into the bucket. the relief was amazing, but i heard my mom walk this way so i got off and hid again. although this time i couldn't stop, so i dribbled it out slowly. i heard my mom opening the door, so i ran over and put my back against it so she couldn't get in. my legs were crossed and my feet were wi! de away from each other. my pee was starting to come out at a reasonable rate now. i was so scared that i would get caught. my eyes were tearing from the pain and the relief. there now was a large puddle under neath me. i stopped. my mom had left. i opened the door a crack and pulled my shirt down again. i looked around, grabbed myself, and ran for my bathroom. for all of rotten luck, my friend was in there washing her hands. i burst open the door and peed and peed and peed all over the floor. she didn't care. after, i went over to the towel to wipe myself clean. i then needed to pee again for some reason, so i just peed into the towel. See ya ;-)

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