GOLDGIRL - Hi!!! I am glad you liked my office plant story,
it was a lot of fun doing it. I peed on the plant again
today, and it was really a repeat of what happened last
time, but I needed to pee more, and I needed to be really
careful about aiming well. I squirted a hot gusher, so I
needed to fire it at the soil in the pot. If I had pissed
hard on the leaves, there would have been spray all over
the floor I think. I did dribble and do a lot of drip drip
drip leaking for more than a minute, and I think that must
again have been because I was feeling nervous.
The other time I went for a wee at work today, I decided I
would use the sink instead. I went into the ladies' toilets
and nobody was there. Good, so I reached under my short
skirt and removed my knickers. I backed up onto the sink
and hopped onto it. I let out a hissing fart first, and I
am glad nothing else came out of my bum just at that moment!
When I wa! s feeling comfy sitting there on the sink, I let
rip with my wee, and it squirted out in a big gusher. There
was a lot of spray and splashing back, and I was getting
wet around the pussy and bum, and the tops of my inner
thighs were getting sprayed as well. I just kept on enjoying
my gusher though, as it felt good on my pussy lips as it
blasted out. When I was done, I washed my pussy and bum, and
patted myself dry with some toilet paper. I checked myself
to make sure there where no pieces of paper sticking to me
and then I put my knickers back on. Just as I was going out
of the ladies, another girl I work with was going in, and I
just waited long enough to hear her start tinkling. No wonder
she is often going to pee, because I think she must have a
very small bladder.
Goldgirl, I think you are quite tall for a 13 year old. You
could grow to be taller than me I think.
Have fun!!!

TEENAGE GIRL - What a real! ly, really, really lovely story
about you peeing while your boyfriend had a shower. You
said it was not as exciting as your other story, but it
was really sweet and romantic. Your boyfriend sounds
real nice and considerate, not wanting to embarrass you,
but I bet you are both glad he stayed in there with you.
Take care now.

PV - Hi, girl! I really enjoyed your latest letter, it was
worth the wait!
Steve is lucky!!! We all went for a swim again on Thursday,
and this time when we went to the men's toilets for a wee,
we all started in sync. From left to right, it was my sister,
mum, Steve, and then me. So standing in front of the steel
urinal, we all squirted big gushers against the wall. I did
one of my big geyser wees, and my mum was pretty much the
same. Steve did not know whose stream to look at the most
and I thought that was quite funny. My mum was amused by him
and spent most of her time looking at th! e wee squirting out of
his cock. My sister moved her aim around a lot, and she pissed
the longest this time. My mum enjoyed squeezing Steve's
foreskin dry, and I think my sister would like to do that!
It sure amuses Steve that we all have this fascination with
aiming his nozzle.
Yeah, I have found it easier to have a poo outside in the park
than go into a men's room all by myself. I do not know quite
why I feel that way, but I have not yet dared go into a men's
room alone, even one I know is not used much. Maybe I will have
to think about it a bit. I have always thought you are very
gutsy for going in all by yourself, and your stories of what
you have done in there have been real thrilling. I must try it.
I do not know how I would be if a man came in and saw me, maybe
I would react the same way as when I was discovered having a
squatting wee in the park and laugh it off. I guess I will not
know until it happens. ! I think you sound a little bit
disappointed at the guys' reactions at discovering you in the
men's. Guess they were more embarrassed than you!
I think you will like having a shit in the great outdoors, it
is a nice experience, believe me, especially if you have some
real good company! There is something about feeling a little
breeze around your bumhole that is just soooo pleasant. If you
do shit in the place you talked about, please tell us about it.
I was sorry to read that you are by yourself just now. That
seems a real shame, as I think you would be real loving support
for the right partner. Just think of what a mother you could be
to a little girl growing up without being told it is wrong to
stand to wee, or it will not work. Or, if you get with another
lady, you could teach her what she is missing! I hope you get
with someone real nice, and soon, you deserve it. There are two
bi women in my netball team, and the! y both looked at my puss
when we were all squatting with our knickers down and having a
wee before our match, but I did not mind. I think I am a little
bit that way myself, but I have never done anything. My man is
everything I really need, and more! He is very protective
toward me, but he supports and does not suffocate me, and yeah
he does make a wonderful clean up squad when I have a messy bum!
Hehehe. I would *love* to write about the horizontal jogging,
it is a real shame I can't!
Your workout routine sounds good. Maybe mine is a little bit
less intensive than yours, I tend to concentrate on things
for the shoulders and chest. I play tennis, but I want firm,
lightly muscled arms, not huge ones like some of the female
pro tennis players!
You do not know how right you are about it being a small world.
I saw the look on Steve's face when he read about the girls'
sports teacher I had when I was at school. He read! about her
thick black bush and gorgeous figure he said things that you
would only know about her body if you had been real close, and
then I realised how he knew. I knew his history included a
sports teacher for 3 years when he was about 20, and I guessed
that she was bedding someone nice. Guess who she was f***ing all
that time? It was such a big surprise. She was a nice lady, and
Steve being a gentleman, he will not tell me much, but he has
said she very much liked to piss gushers while standing up in
the shower, and she liked to wee outside a lot. No wonder she
was always smiling, but she must have had to wash her bush a
lot with Steve around to mess it up if you follow me!
Wow, I liked your great mirror story. I do not know how you got
your log to go back in again, wow!!! When I was 10 or so, I took
a hand mirror into the bathroom and watched in it as I hovered
naked over the toilet and pushed out a log. I have ! done that
more times since, and I think the last time was about a year
ago. I think I should do it again, it is a lot of fun!
Tonight I will try a forward pee into the sink. I really enjoyed
your story about that!

Aim high,


Ben in NY and the dude - thank you for your input, but if you don't care for my stories, don't read them! there are other people here who do like them, including Po0h bear, Katrine, Louise, Lili, and Sandra, among others, so if you don't want to read them, don't. besides, did you know that pee is actually cleaner than most city water? did you also know pee and sweat are the exact same thing? who here doesn't sweat in bed? i go to the doctor regularly, so i'm not diseased or anything. so my pee won't hurt you, believe me. poop, on the other hand, isn't clean. to me, it's basically spoiled food. i don't play with poop. i feel that peeing is fun, and it excites me to pee in different places. i wouldn't say it arouses me, just excites me, there's a difference (not that anyone ever accused me of getting aroused). peeing is cool!

one day i was at my friend mira's again. this was pretty recently, we were all alone, lucky me! i had just done a pee in mira's room on her carpet! , so i was giggly. and i had just wet my panties too, so they were feeling real good against me. mira even thought i was in a silly mood. it was getting late, so we decided to go to mira's room and go to sleep. mira fell asleep right away and i sat up and looked at magazines for awhile. just then mira's 16-year-old sister nikki came home from being out with her friends or somewhere. she peeked in the room and said hi and then said that she was getting in the shower. so i got excited imagining her peeing. nikki's room was downstairs in the basement, and she had to go down there to get her clothes. while she was down there, i snuck into the bathroom and hid inside this big cubbyhole that is built right in the wall. nikki came in at that very moment and locked the door. she had no idea i was in the cubbyhole, so she got undressed.

then something wonderful happened! instead of sitting on the toilet, she stepped into the shower and started to pee right there! since the wat! er wasn't turned on yet, i could clearly hear the sound of nikki's pee splattering the empty shower. i could also hear her sighing with relief from holding it in. i sat there very quietly, listening to nikki pee for about 30 seconds or so. then she turned on the water and took a shower. when she got done and went to bed, i snuck back into mira's room. i had another pee in her corner and went to bed with a big smile on my face.

you know what? i think a lot of people pee in the shower! i think that it's a lot more common than we think. same with the sink, i always imagine someday walking into one of my friends' bathrooms and "accidently" catching her sitting on the sink and enjoying a pee in it. i keep hoping that someday it will really happen! and who knows, maybe it will!


College Guy
don't exactly know how I came across this page, but I came across from another web site. I'm reading these stories, and I
think that they are so funny. Anyway, here is my story:

About a year ago, I was with a girl whom I really liked alot. Well, for a Friday evening, I decided that I would take her out to
do something. She wanted to go to some Mexican restraunt, so I took her out. Well, after the meal, we were walking back
towards the parking lot. She told me that she wasn't feeling well. I asked her what was wrong, and she said that she felt sick to
her stomach. Well, the only thing that I could do was offer her a ride back to her house. While driving, she was banging on my
dashboard trying to get my attention. I asked her if she was okay, she yelled (as if she was frightened) "I feel like I'm going to
throw up...Pull over..." Well, when I heard that, I pulled over....and very fast (I'm a fanatic about my car, I didn't want to get it
mes! sed up..) she jum! ped out of my car, and about 15 seconds later, she threw up everything that she had eaten. I felt so bad
for her. We stayed on the side of the highway for about 15 minutes where she was constantly throwing up. I asked her if she
was okay, she told me that she needed to use the toilet. I told her that we were about 12 miles from town, and perhaps the
nearest restroom. I asked her what was wrong, she told me that she was going to have a diarrahea attack. The only thing that I
could think of, was to find a thick tree for her to go behind. I told her to "go there" and I will get some kleenex for her when she
finishes. I felt so bad for her. She must have had some food poisoning from the restraunt. When she was finished, (at least 20
minutes), I took her to her home, and explained what had happened to her parents. I told them that she had gotten sick, etc.
They were grateful that I told them, and I just drove home.

The next d! ay I went to visit her, and she was ! still sick. I felt so bad that she had to get sick like that, so I decided to buy her
something from one of the local gift shops. I wish that I didn't take her to that restraunt.

Today around first period, i got an urge to shit...I managed to hold it all day because it was a shortened day and i had to go to another school and i had no time to shit, so when i got home i took a shit...There were 2 logs about 5" and pretty soild and hard and dark brown. This coming weekend, im graduating and i nervous and afraid i will have to shit badly, any one have any storys about graduating and having to shit? Please tell me.

Monday, June 05, 2000

Hi everyone.

this goes out to LOUISE. Tell me more about yourself and have you got anymore stories to tell. as when you write one you have my undivided attention.

Shy Pam
When I was in the first grade one day near the end of the school year, I felt like I had to poop. It wasn't that bad so I decided to wait until I got home. School was almost over so I waited. It was still not too bad when I got on the school bus for my 20 minute ride home. Waiting quickly turned into a bad mistake. The bus trip home was bumpy and I just had to go worse and worse with every minute and every bump. I just knew I wasn't going to hold it til I got home and knew I was going to poop in my Carters. Being a first grader on a bus mixed with older kids was bad enough but if they saw me poop in my pants I would be made fun of for weeks. I kept thinking "Please let me hold it until I get off of the bus!" Luckily, I was able to fight and hold it in. When my stop finally came I was thankful I was going to get off. I was the only one at my stop because my street is a dead end with a circle at the bottom. As soon as I got off of the bus I could feel it coming out. ! As the bus pulled away, I quickly squatted down as if to get something out of my bookbag. I pooped my underpants until they were quite full. As I was pooping, I let a squirt of pee loose too. Even though I was glad I didn't do it on the bus, I knew my mom would be mad and I felt uncomfortable with the load of poop in my dampened panties...I started crying. An older brother of one of my playmates, Samantha, was walking up the street and walked over to me. He said, "Let me help you, I can see you've had an accident in your pants. That's happened to Sammy a few times, too. Don't worry, everything will be o.k." I don't know why but I trusted him. We walked to an empty lot with lots of trees and bushes, this was a place we kids would often play. He told me again he could help me and said I would have to trust him. He told me to stand up straight and lift my dress high, then pull my underpants down. When I did, he kind of held the back elastic with one hands and dumped ! the poop out with the other (luckily it was stiff and not soft). He took out some kleenex and put it in my panties and told me to pull them back up. "Wait a couple of minutes and then take the kleenex out, it will help dry up the pee you did." he told me. After a couple of minutes I dropped the kleenex out of my pants onto the ground and pulled my panties back up. He told me if my mother said anything about the marks, just to tell her I forgot to wipe when I pooped at school and that I was afraid I would miss the bus. He also told me not to worry, he wouldn't tell Samantha or anyone else about my messy pants. The last thing I remember was he said, "Smile, you have't got anything to worry about anymore." I did and he went back to walking wherever he was going when he first saw me poop my pants and I went home. I got to the bathroom and changed my pants. My mother never found least if she did, she didn't say anything to me about it. I will never forget Samanth! a's brother's kindness, unfortunately he was died when he was in the military a couple of years later.

Sunday, June 04, 2000

To Goldgirl: I find your stories truly disgusting!! I have worked as a housekeeper on a cruise ship and at a hotel. What you did is ruin property that doesn't belong to you. And if I had caught you I would've made you clean it up with your own shirt. Have some respect for property!!

Ben - I have to agree with you. Goldgirl's behaviour was really yuk (if she really did it! I reckon it was fantasy.. I HOPE it was.)

How would her parents feel if they knew she had asked to be left alone in the hotel room all day just so she could wee all over hotel property? You'd think you had a really problem kid, wouldn't you?? I'm sure she would hate for her parents to think of her that way. PLEASE don't glory in such behaviour, Goldgirl.

I've loved this site for a long time. Reading of adults peeing or pooping where it won't annoy anyone is great.. but now we seem to be getting posts from children. ACK!! sorry, but that is not only gross if they are doing like Goldgirl did, but makes the whole site utterly dubious to view. Nicola... Tony.. George.. Moira.. Buzzy.. I respect all your views, having read them so long - what do you think??
Moderator - do you want this site closed down cos it
includes such juvenile postings?? want! us all investigated at as pervs who like to hear about kids peeing??


Traveller Rickman
Question to Anne (The Bus Driver) England.

I haven't been viewing this site for that long so I may have missed some of your earlier postings, but in your time as a coach driver, have you ever had any of your passengers have 'an accident' on your coach? When you have been driving toilet-less coaches, have you had anyone plead with you to stop to let them pee/poop? If anyone has either had an accident or been desperate, how have you dealt with the situation? I wouldn't imagine many men get themselves in that situation - presumably it's the ladies who have difficulties.

My oldest child Erin always pees while doing his homework. One time Erin was doing his school work and forgot to ask to go to the bathroom so he peed in his pants. When I got home my husband was whiping then pee went all over him. Then my Second oldest got home and said "mommy I have to go potty and hurry,please" then standing in front of the potty she pees. She got grounded. My last baby was napping and I woke him up and told him to go to the potty. So, the only child without an accident today.

Hi, everybody! Yikes! I've let things go for too long again!
I've got a lot of people I want to chat with, so here goes...

Lisa: Thanks for the fantasy invite for an eventful trip into the woods together! Unfortunately, I have the same problem as Buzzy here... last I looked, Vermont does NOT
border Colorado...oh, well, this is still fun! I'm anxiously
awaiting details of your next production, as are the rest of your many fans here, of course!

Kimberley: Yet ANOTHER great story! As I mentioned before,
I find your obvious confidence and enthusiasm infectious...
keep those stories coming! And I'm not in the least disappointed in a 13 1/2 inch log! In person, I'd be woozy with delight! The 17 1/2 incher was, of course, exceptional... and, as I recall, you DID thoughtfully get
a picture of it! I'd like to frame a blown-up copy of it and hang it on the wall directly opposite the toilet in our
master bathroom, just for inspiration!
Jill: Speaking of pictures, your impromtu(?) video comes to mind? Do you do that often? What a great idea!

Cheri: Great story about your exploits in the days of the broken toilet! It reminds me of an old story my ex-wife
told in the days I was repressing these interests... It seems that the family toilet was broken (this was while we were still dating, and she lived home), and she found herself in need of a bm. She took a large paper convenience
store to-go coffee cup which I had left there, and went to the bathroom to do her duty. She the amazed herself by producing a monster turd which did not fit inside the cup, greatly embarrassing her! She was astounded she couldn't even get the platic lid on, especially since she claimed
"I NEVER do big ones!" I thought aterwards that maybe it had more to do with it being outside the toilet too; as you mentioned, the toilet tends to minimize the appearance of its contents! Keep your stories coming; your definit! ely "my
kind of girl..." And yes, I vote you do another one outside the toilet A.S.A.P... How imaginative can you be?

Jacobi: Welcome! TWO nice posts since I've been back! I think you mentioned a "foul" odor of your latest monster dump (or some similar adjective). Let me affirm here and now I would have LOVED to have experienced it first hand, and I would have chosen to have used my sense of smell first
(see an old post of mine about an actual occasion with my wife's friend Zelda). You sound like a real, honest, healthy
girl! Keep those detailed posts coming!

Allison: Enjoyed your post about helping to really permeate
a ladies room, to your friend's obvious disgust! Any clue that your friend Sarah could do such a monstrous load?

Sue W.: DISTRESSing story! I was cringing as I read it! Do
you have any more enjoyable stories of a nice, healthy,
memorable poop session?

Moira: Good to hear from you again, too! I also remem! ber you from the old posts! And I love hearing about your pan-
busting jobbies(I'm working on my British jargon!). I'd
love to see a toilet you freshly christened!

Anne(bus driver): Likewise, it's very intriguing to me that you like to show off your creations to the next lucky user... would like to see that EVEN ONCE!!!

Rose: I'll respond to your question about flushing... I always do it with a convenient hand, after I'm done. There
was a lighthearted "guide to using the toilet at work" that
circulated in our office last year that suggested flushing
as each turd hits the water, to avoid inflicting offensive
odors on your co-workers, but I've never done that... How
paranoid? And what a waste of water!

Portland, Ore. resident: I, too, share your opinions somewhat about the relative interset of male vs. female
poop... it SHOULD be the same, but undoudtedly because I'm
strongly heterosexual, FEMALE feces is attractive! to me,
while MALE feces is not... Not very logical, I'll agree...
the question occurs to me: what if I used a unisex toilet
in which the previous unknown occupant left behind a healthy
movement? NOT a common occurence in the boonies where I live, but I still don't know how I'd handle it! What do
our individual posters here think?
coffee cup which I had left there

Sex And The City
Sex in the City is back for it's 3rd season, and they're going for the toilet humour again. This refreshingly blunt thirty-something-female show already covered the "what do I do when I fart for the first time in front of my boyfriend" quandry as Sarah Jessica Parker's character (Carrie) let one fly in bed during the first season.

This season promises more of the same, as Carrie gets hit with a fetishists' request. From E! Online:

I don't wanna give away too much about the seemingly new Mr. Wonderful (John Slattery) in Carrie's life, but let's just say he's wonderful all the way up until the second episode, where he makes a very special request that leaves Carrie pondering the question: to pee or not to pee? Hey, it ain't always pretty.

Airs next Sunday 6/11 on HBO.

I'll keep you posted.

Teenage Girl
Louise and Lili: you asked me to tell the story of the first time my boyfriend saw me go to the bathroom. It was nowhere near as exciting as the first time I saw him! Ever since the time I saw him, it always sat in the back of my mind wondering if he asked me to go with him because he wanted me to return the favor. I promised myself that I would one day suck up the courage and bring myself to pee in front of him. One night when his parents were away, I spent the night at his house. When I woke up, I heard the water running and knew he was in the shower. I was dying to pee and figured this was a pretty good oppertunity to go in front of him. I waited until the water stopped running and went and knocked on the door. He said come in and I did just that! I told him I really had to pee and he said he would wait in the hall. I told him he could stay. He looked shocked and couldn't hide the smile or the redness from embarassment on his face! He tried to look away as I was going but I! caught him sneaking glances! When I was done, he said he would have gone outside the door if I would have asked him and that was when I told him that I wanted him there. He smiled and we kissed and that was the end of that! I told you it wasn't exciting! I felt kind of weird actually when it happened. We have gone in front of each other since then. We were about 16 when that happened and we're now 18. Since then we have become more used to goign in front of the other. But it's no big deal. It happens when it happens. I hope I answered both of your questions!

No Name Girl: How's it going?! Haven't heard from you in awhile! Any new dreams?! Talk to you soon!

no good storys to tell,just the truth. i,m a male 37 i poop everyday at 10-11 am faithfully. my poop is not real big, 6-8 inches long maybe 1 and half thick. sometimes it longer and a bit wider,depends on what i ate the day before.
my poops are almost always a clumpy the first few inches, then smooth yet firm for the remaining 4 to 6 inches. i almost never have to strain or grunt and groan, can probably count on one hand the times i,ve been constipated in my adult like.
have seen here in the forum where some women and girls leave theses huge turds daily, like 12 inches long 2 inches thick. what do you eat ? one girl also mentioned that a womans poop is knobie at the beginning then smooths out at the end and that a womens rectum is wider than a males.
i often use port a potties and will often go in right after a female drops her load, i can,t help but notice what she left behind and it never seems that huge of a turd. not much different than mine. also this 15 ye! ar old girl cindy who leaves 12 inch by 2 and half inch turds, i,d love to see one or hear more play by play on your bm,s meantime keep the stories coming, i love hearing poop tails, from woman especialy.

Anne (the bus driver). Glad to see you back after what seems like a long absence. You've been sorely missed. I'm pleased you like holding #2 - I had a feeling you did. Have you done any significant jobbies just lately that you've been really proud of? Also have you had any close shaves just lately when you've got there in time but only just? I'd love to know.

From what you've said already, your jobbies tend to be fairly firm and substantial. Mine tend to vary although they've been fairly firm and bulky just lately. I had a good dump yesterday and a good one earlier this morning.

I agree with you entirely about the nature of the forum and, like you, I wouldn't wish it to be otherwise thus. It's important that it remains a safe place where people of all ages can just share the simple enjoyment of something which so basic and part of everyday life. Although I used to visit Bianca's 'Daily Dump' sometimes when it was on the go, I've no real experience o! f the sites to which you were alluding and, quite frankly, don't want to either. I'm no prude but such sites not only contain material which some people find offensive; they will necessarily also include much that is boring and irrelevant.

Good to see you back.

Best regards

Sunday, June 04, 2000

Jane: I also was apprehensive about using public toilets for bowel movements. Only in grammar school a few times, then in 10th grade, I became a bathroom "regular". I too had atrocious eating habits and had some huge, messy and explosive bowel movements. In college, I had no fear of exploding. Daily, at my summer jobs, I would go twice or three times. I would release my stomach with ease, while my clasmates would grunt, groan and strain. There was a Chinese girl in my class and we would meet in the girls room. She would strain and grunt to pass some long pieces of doo-doo.

Sue W.: When you are sick like that, stay home. You only make your life difficult. I had almost the same thing in 1988 and I went home and stayed there. I did not vomit. But, I was shitting a river of brown water. I was never that sick since elementary school. Then, I used to have it from the front and back. In third grade, one morning I could not go to school. I had it both ways. So, in between dia! rreah, I would throw up just by sitting on the toilet, with my head between my legs.

Jenn W.
Hey all! I have been reading for a while but I haven't posted I have a question. When women are on their periods do they get frequent bladder infections? I have a couple poop stories I will share at a later time if I get response to this question. Thanks bye

Timid Tigress
Hello again, everyone, new and old to the forum. I see some new posters since I last checked, which was right around the first of May. I had mentioned in a post shortly before then that I was going on a road trip to California, on which I'd be visiting the Grand Cannyon. It was a fun trip, though I had to put up with three crazy guys the whole time.
I had a few interesting bathroom experiences on the trip. The most unpleasant one was that I stayed a bit constipated for the first couple of days. And though I didn't end up with an upset stomach afterwards, I did find that I had to dump just about every time I went to the bathroom after that. I quickly learned the art of dumping in installments. I'd run into the bathroom whenever I had the chance, push out a log or two, and finish up and leave without anyone knowing that I had to do more than a pee.
I saw a few interesting bathrooms along the way. Quite a few toilets with motion sensors in the rest-areas. S! ome of them worked, some didn't. There was one that seemed to flush right after you sat down, but not when you got up. That would be good for the people who like seeing the poos of previous users, though, eh? Anyway, I also found a few with the push-button flushes, either on the wall or on the top of the pipe in back. And one I saw was really strange. It was a regular toilet like what you find in most U.S. homes, the kind with the tank in back. But I couldn't find the flush anywhere. I looked on the front of the tank and on either side of it. I looked on the floor for the foot-pedal, but there was none. I had just about given up when I happened to find it on top of the lid of the tank. It was a push-button mounted in the lid. Never have I seen such a thing. Has anyone else seen a push-button flush on a tank toilet? (Keep in mind that it took me so long to find it because I can't see, so I had to carefully feel around with a tissue in my hand.)
We also found a few unisex bathrooms. At one service-station, it was obvious that it was a unisexer because the pee-smell was so strong in it that they had the door propped open to air it out. It had two stalls in it that had doors on them. And one of my friends, who of course was a guy, offered to walk me into the restroom (not into the stall, though.) Doubtless they wouldn't have allowed that if it wasn't a unisexer. Is this common, to let a guy and girl into a restroom together even if it's a two-seater unisex bathroom?
Unfortunately, I didn't get to use the airplane restrooms this time.
Well, I hope this hasn't been a boring post. I don't have the knack for the vivid descriptions like most of you do. Since I can't see my own work, it's really hard for me to describe such things as length and color and consistency. But keep posting. And I'll keep reading and contributing when I can.

hello rose, to answer your question about flushing the toilet. I am like tony from scotland I do not always pull the flush. Like i do not know if you read some of my stories but when i went to a baseball game i raided a mens bathroom because the ladies bathroom was filled. And i had a major major shit in the mensroom and left it there without any toilet paper inside (I put the toilet paper away in a basket outside)I wanted one of the men to get a major buzz out of what I did. and when i opened up my bathroom stall I saw a young handsome man there to my delight. And he saw every bit of my enormous log!!(And i think he got a major buzz also!!) It depends rose sometimes i flush and sometimes i dont. But if there is especially a cute guy around and i have an opportunity to unload a monster shit and let him see it i do just that. my boyfriend scott has seen many of my huge logs because i let him watch often. I hope i satisfied you in answering your question rose. take care now. fr! om kim

Well me and this girl i was paired with in a schol project were hanging at her house and we were watching the news for school. I was 18 she was 16 and she had to go to the bathroom i could tell but she was embarrassed. She went and i heard her maon so i went to the door to ask if she was ok she said yes and i watched her take a nice crap through the key hole lol. She found ou in the middle of her going and she invited me an and she hovered so i could see her reliese her presents into the toilet, it was fun. I havent talked to her since =(

Anne (The bus driver) England
You are mistaken.. I like you find those thing a bit too extreme for my taste as well. What I mean are just simple pics of them seated on the toilet.. that's all.. I'm not THAT huge a pervert and never will be!! I admit I am a pervert but that doesn't mean I'm happy with it. So.. one more time.. I don't like scat or water sports sites okay. The site I had had just pics of them seated nothing more.. it was a voyeur site poking fun at how the media goes to far at practicly invades the private lives of celebraties. Alothough I can imagine how you'd nistake it seeing as how in my post I wrote Linda instead of Lina. (I meant Lina Inverse from Slayer not my cousin Linda.. NO WAY I WOULD SHOW HER!!!!)
Linda loved your compliment as well. Me and Elena have yet to buddy dump as our.. um systems are not insynch yet. I go but once or twice if I'm lucky a week. She has seen me go many times.. even before she started going in front of me again. ! Linda had gievn me permission to post this:

Today I enjoyed sleeping late as I rarely get to do that with my job as a dispatcher at a custom brokage firm. But I woke up and went to go check on Linda. She was up and kinda antsy.. she said she need to go to the bathroom.. so I carrried her and carefully set her casted legs on a chair as I sat her down and she with some difficulty took down her underpants as low as her casts would allow her. Then she sighed and said finally. I said I was sorry.. she said it was okay.. she wasn't holding it long.. just that see woke up a few times and went back to sleep and the urge just(at this point there was a guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush sound in the toilet as the dam must have burst)got worse.After it died down she looked at me and said I gotta poop. I told her if she wanted privacy. She shook her head with grinding teeth. She tired to strian it out but I guess not much success.. so finally she bent all the way over and wrapped her arm! s under her legs about where her knees were and pulled them close to her body.I rubbed her back and she said no.. to let her concentrate a bit. So I stood there rather worried.. I couldn't see her face as her hair was fallen around it and her head was prcaticly kissing her casts.I heard her gunts and huffing and it broke my heart. I wanted so badly to end it for her. Finally she relaxed.. gave out a huge sigh and straighten herself up. She brushed her hair form her face and looked at me and said.. it's okay.. I got it out.I didn't ask but I assumed out came a huge hard poop that was too long to make a splash.(Laying about with casts seems to make poop build up in her even more thna before.. luckily she goes to the doctor this week to see if she's healed enough for the casts to come off) Anyway she made small talk as she plopped a few more out. Then she did her paper work and I got her up and she got dressed. I sat her in the living room till Elena came home and could help her ! change clothes. (I would but.. I'm getting rather nervous about it since she is 9 years old now.. and people nowadays need little excuse to point fingers. (I have withdrawn form going in the bathroom with her but I go from time to time.. to make sure she's okay.. mostly Elena goes with her and they have buddy dumped) Well hoped you enjoyed it. Elena will try to post as she is busy with work and the wedding.. if not.. I'm authorized to post it and give you my side of that story.. but I think it won't be as good.

Just a girl - hmmm, my favorite place...gosh, its so hard to decide...i suppose i would have to say something made out of cloth, like my mattress, carpet, or my panties, because i love the way soft material feels on me when it's warm and wet from my pee. but i love to pee anywhere. i can't wait to read some of your stories!

Louise - great story about you and your office plant! i like all your stories. about the measurements, i'm not too sure how accurate they are, but i do seem to pee a lot, so they probably are really close. as for my build and physical characteristics, see my post on page 360, from may 30th.

Lili - yeah, min and i are very close. a couple days ago i actually did post a story about the two of us peeing on each other through our jeans. it was wonderful, but for some reason it didn't post. maybe it was too graphic or something, although i don't like to be very graphic. i'll try to post it again today, if it doesn't post, i'll tone it down a bi! t, if i can. heehee maybe i just never posted it and just thought i did! anyway, i'll do today for sure, so keep an eye out for it.

let's see...what can i tell you guys about today...?

one time i was at my friend mira's house. you remember her, the one who pooped in the woods in front of my other friend nicole as i was watching secretly. well, this story takes place before that. one evening, we were on the floor in mira's room watching tv. we were all alone in the house, except for her older sister nikki, who's 16. nikki was sleeping on the couch downstairs. i had to pee really bad, but i wanted to hold it as long as i could, hoping that mira would leave the room long enough that i could pee somewhere naughty. then suddenly mira farted. it made a bubbly noise, hers seem to do that a lot, at least whenever i get to experience them. we both giggled, and her fart really smelled. but i of course didn't mind at all. i said, "do you need to poop or something?" soun! ding like i was teasing her. she just kinda looked at me with a big grin and said, "yeah, i better!" she walked out of the room, bubble-farting as she walked.

i got up and pulled down my shorts, but not my panties. my pee was really pushing against me, dying to squirt out. i quietly opened mira's bottom dresser drawer. it had all her jeans in it. i got very excited as i looked at those blue jeans. they were practically begging me to pee on them. i just had to do it. so i perched my butt right on the open drawer and relaxed. my panties soon got drenched with warm pee. then the pee started to soak into mira's jeans, making them sopping wet. i kept peeing, probably for 30 seconds or so. it felt so naughty to be sitting on mira's drawer and flooding her jeans with my pee. i smiled at what i was doing.

when i stopped peeing i quickly got up, pulled up my shorts, and closed the drawer, knowing that mira would be back very soon. when she did come back, she said, "ah! , that feels better!" then we both giggled. heehee i knew the feeling, but of course i didn't tell her that. i just sat there giggling, and enjoying the feeling of those soaking wet panties against my skin.

all through the night, i was hoping that the jeans would be dry before mira would open the drawer to wear them again. but since it was summer, it was shorts weather, so i didn't worry about it too much. mira never said anything, so i doubt she ever noticed the pee. of course, i always hoped it was because she liked having my pee in her jeans, and was just too shy to say so! hey, a girl can hope!


Rob (Canada)
Man, I had a BAD accident yesterday! I was at work and my best friend and I were sitting outside eating our lunch. She was smoking a cigarette and I was finishing up my pizza. I had one slice left but was too full to eat it. Stacey asked me if I was finished with my pizza and I said yes, and then as a joke she put her cigarette out right on the leftover slice of pizza! I don't know why it was so funny, but I began to laugh so hard othat I completely wet my pants. I tried to regain control over the stream, but it was impossible. I knew there was no way I could hide it from her, so I told her what happened. She felt kind of bad for me, and when we got up to go back inside after our break, she loaned me the blanket she'd been sitting on. I kind of draped it over my shoulder and covered the wet spot on my pants. I went to the washroom and took of my pants and underwear, putting the underwear away. I stayed covered up with the blanket and dried my pants under the hand dryer. They s! melled a little, but it was better than showing everyone what I'd done. I then went back to work and showered and changed as soon as I got home. This was one accident that really could have turned into a disaster!

Jessica from Canada
My brother keeps bragging about our Bentley. it is the SC. I just thought of something that i did when i was 7, it was the first time that i peed on a bike. i had just got out of the bath and i needed to pee but my mom was still drying me off. i had my little tricycle and i had been riding it previously, so it was in my room. my training potty was at the end of the hall, and i forgot about my toilet in my bathroom. so i ran out from my moms grasp, dripping and naked, ran to my tricycle and pedaled away. i was halfway there when that cold air on my skin twitched my pussy and i started peeing. the seat was filled with pee and my mom scolded me and told me to tell her when i have to pee next time. i helped clean up the mess.

Hey JW hugs and kisses. Um.. there's a post on here where Me and Elena did buddy dump.. and I did watch her.. this was the first time. We go in front of each other lots of times.. or not I sit there with the door open. (When we have no company of coarse.. HOW EMBARRASSING!!!) And well we're open about it so I sit there pampieless and have a comfy poop. Oh here's a story for you. This was about a few days ago. I was sitting on the couch when I saw Elena walking towards the bathroom.. the couch is near the door.. well not right next to but close enough to hear. She undoes her pants as she walks to the bathroom and well since she can now poop in front of my cousin she leaves it open. She pulled down her jeans and then her pampies.(It's funny to see her do it cause she pulls them down a side at a time and kinda wiggles when she does)She sat and sighed.. I could hear her pee.. yeah I was watching.. and trying not to giggle. Then she grabbed her ???? and leaned forward. I watched h! er feet cause they kinda got on her tip toed and kinda bent toward each other.. Then her feet slid back in place and her shoulders drooped as she sighed again. Then she looked my way and laughed and said What do you think you're looking at? She shook her head and made another face as she pooped. I then looked back as I heard someone laugh.. she didn't say that to me.. she was talking to my cousin who was behind me watching too. Silly boy. Well that's all for now. I'm tired and wanna take a nap.

With all this talk about peeing in unusual places, I think I will share my most unusual escapades in urination. I'm a guy who enjoys the outdoors, so it's only natural that I would enjoy peeing outside. I haven't really done it anywhere too unusual outside, but I did pee into this tiny little stagnent pond in the woods while on a camping trip. I have always tried to think of interesting ways to go to the bathroom. I figure since we all have to do it every day, why not make it fun??? Once when I was younger, like 12 years old, I peed out a second floor window. It was night time and no one was home, and I was bored. What else can I say? I live in a somewhat sheltered area, so no one caught me. Just thought I'd add my two cents...


Thanks for replying to my post.

I have been pooping quite a bit this week. One thing that is causing it is that I am increasing my fiber intake and I hear all those things about regularity and the health problems that are caused when you aren't regular.

Sometimes I feel like buddy dumping,but those days are over. I kind of wish I was back in college or high school as those are the best places to do it. I used to poop alot in high school and collge, but no one was around. Sometimes someone will be coming out of the stall and I will go in where they were. I like the feeling of a warm seat.

Do you use lots of toilet paper to wipe yourself? I use about 5 piesces and sometime my poops are messy.

Are you poops hard or are they soft like mush?

Tell some more of you poop stories..

Hi there, I'm an air steward (straight) and thought I would tell you a little story about my crew, last week two of the stewardesses got asked out for a drink by one of our business class passengers, they had a great night and went back to his hotel room for a drink. The room was a large expensive room with a glass topped table, the guy then asked the two stewardesses to squat over the table and have a shit while he lay underneath and watched it going on. One of the girls said that she didn't need to go so just watched on. The other girl Mandy pulled down her panties and got up on the table while the guy lay under the table looking up. Mandy apparently dropped three large long turds onto the glass table and said it was quite a thrill, the guy was pretty turned on by the whole situation and after cleaning up, the three made love all night.

TO LISA-Sounds like one of those coffee induced BM's.Was this in the a.m.?I sometimes do BM's like that in the a.m. after coffee-It feels so good to go cause you gotta go so bad and that 1st explosion is such a relief-i liked your post cause i can relate to the great feeling of that kind of dump!Hey lisa,it's going to be a great weekend here in the N.E.and i'm going to try and get out biking and do some dumping in the woods-keep ya posted if i can hold it long enough to get out to the woods to do it!BYE

The dude
Damn Goldgirl, didn't you think about what would happene if some girls who didn't lime pee stayed in that room?

I want to tell you about yesterdays dump.

I was sat at my computer when I got a strong urge to pee/shit. I had to squeeze my buttocks together hard to avoid messing myself, I could just feel a turd starting to push out into my briefs. I managed to hold it and went to sit on the toilet to relive myself, once there however I decided to hold on to see which came first, #1 or #2.

I sat there becoming increasingly uncomforatable and I had to do #1. After that my body took over and started to expel my #2 with no concious effort. Three good sized ones dropped, then I wiped but then had to push out a small one to finish off after which I once again wiped myself clean.

At the end I felt very satisfied.

Must tell you about one of my outdoors...

Saturday, June 03, 2000

To Kimberley and Scott: You have great posts!! I love em....every time you like go pooping together and it is sooo exciting and a turn on for me that u used the same toilet at the same time, keep those stories coming!!

Just a girl
goldgirl - yeah I like peeing in unusual places!! where's your favourite place to pee?

Ben in NY
To goldgirl: I was disgusted with your last post. I don't want to offend anybody, but I was really angry to read that someone would deficate on public property. People put their heads on that pillow, have some consideration! I myself am an obsessive-compulsive germaphobic, and the thought of urine being all over my hotel pillow makes me physically sick. Thanks for now giving me a fear of hotels.
Ben I had to post again. I am just so angry that someone could be so inconsiderate. I read the rest of goldgirl's story, and I am horrified. Not only did you urinate on a pillow and mattress that people sleep on, but you urinated in a chest in which people put their clothes, on a chair that people sit on, and on a towel that people use to dry themselves off after getting clean! You obviously could care less about how petrified people would be if they knew your urine was all over the exact items they were using. Think before you do goldgirl. And I invite anyone who feels I have done wrong to contradict me in this post, because I do feel like I'm being a little harsh, but I think a lesson needs to be taught here.

While at home today I had a really good dump, it was real nice and firm, lots of turds and a foul smell. I didn't flush the toilet because I wanted my friend to walk in, so she could see and smell my poop. that has been in the toilet for about 30 min now. She walked in the bathroom and walked back out and asked me why didn't I flush the toilet, and I said when I was finshed The phone rung, and I forgot about it. Then she said it looks like you relevied a lot of stress. I looked at her and laughed. I felt real good about myself.

Great story Sue W.! These kind of stories are the most amusing and interesting because they happen spur-of-moment. If anyone else has these diarrhea stories, keep 'em coming. To tell you the truth, it gets kind of boring reading peoples everyday poop and pee stories, so post the other kind! See ya!

Hi all. John I'd be happy to have you as a stand in during my outdoor shit. Like I said it would be more fun with a partner.
Buzzy--sounds like an excellent gym crap. Hope your weather gets warmer so you can shit outside. I plan on another this weekend so I'll let ya know.
I had an interesting experience the other day. I was sitting here catching up on my email when I had this incredibly urgent need for a shit. I mean there was no delaying it. I quickly went to the bathroom & pulled down my sweats & panties. I sat & as I bent forward to release it I felt this quick explosion from my ass. It even made a pop like sound. I took a quick look to see this HUGE pile of mush had literally poopped out of me. I sat to finish the job. I began to piss furiously & let out a long wet fart. Then another load of mush came followed by a long shiney turd. Another fart & I was done. My turd was about 10 inches (sorry John--no time to grab tape measure). A nice quic! k shit.
I should have a good story to tell soon as I haven't gone in 2 days. Not constipated just no urge to go. Should come tomorrow though as I've never missed more then 2-3 days. I'll tell you about it when I can.

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