Anne (The bus driver)
Hello folks. Like a lot of posters recently I enjoy holding it in for a while when I need a motion and doing a nice big solid poo. Unlike others I dont sometimes have the choice as driving a bus I cant just leave the vehicle and go to the toilet but have to wait till I get to the terminus where there is usally a public toilet or one in a shop, cafe, school etc where bus drivers are allowed to use the facilities. Luckly I havent had an accident in my knickers when drivinbg a bus or coach although I HAVE done a jobbie in my panties when alone driving my own car as detailed in an old post. There is usually an off duty driver going home or coming into work on the bus so in an emergency they could mind the bus while you go to the toilet. The thing is to go at the depot if you feel the need before driving or at the terminus. On the coaches its a bit easier, you either have a spare driver for long hauls or a courier. Most of our coaches have a toilet on board these days. The toilets ! on the coaches have a foot operated flush.

I also sometimes deliberately leave the toilet pan unflushed and sometimes its so big it wont flush away in any event. It depends where I have done the motion. Also, like Tony from Scotland I would only flush while doing a poo if I was suffering from loose stools, otherwise Im happy to let anoyone else hear my performance.

Cousin, I have looked at some of the "scat" sites on the web and most disgust me I have to say. If they simply showed pictures or videos of people passing nice big solid turds or of such turds themselves then that would be great but some of the more extreme activities indulged in by the partcipants, (I wont give details as the Moderator has already given their judgement against such topics), are to my mind totally sickening. Im glad this site doesnt allow such activities to be alluded to or graphically described. If you want that sort of thing there are thousands of such websites both free and pay ! sites on the web, I hope that "The Toilet" stays as it is. Like most readers I use my imagination when reading others posts and most give sufficient detail to form a good mental picture of what they have done.

Rob (Canada) I sympathise with you having such a nasty accident. It can happen to anyone. Im surprised that, having got home and cleaned up without anyone knowing you then incriminated yourself by putting your soiled underpants in the trash can at home knowing the harsh and totally out of order attitude of your parents. We can all be wise after the event but I would advise anyone in such circumstances to wrap the shitty knickers up in a plastic bag, newspaper etc and dispose of them away from your home, say in a public trash bin or on a piece of waste ground, in the park etc. Unless the panties are very distinctive they wont be missed from the laundry. If you have an open fire you could burn them I suppose if noboby else was about although I imagine they would m! ake a horrible smell (has anyone burned a turd- what was it like?). DONT HOWEVER FLUSH THEM DOWN THE TOILET! This is asking for trouble as they will almost certainly block the pipes and when discovered will earn a spanking in this case well deserved. As others have said many times on this website, it is terrible now in the 21st century than some parents and teachers etc have such a harsh attitude when a child or pupil has an accident in their knickers or underpants. It can happen to anyone, young or old, famous or unknown. Okey, if some kid keeps shitting its pants with no good cause I can understand their anger, but this is not the usual way of things. Usually an accident occurs owing to circumstances beyond the victim's control such as being unable to go to a toilet when they need at work or school or a sudden attack of diarrhea causing them to be taken short.

Tony, (Scotland), I have had an experience when I did a nice big fat jobbie in a ladies toilet and when I h! ad finished and was washing my hands a teenaged girl came in, went to the toilet cubicle I had used and after she had closed the door I heard her say "Wow, what a nice big poo!" then buddy dump her own jobbie on top of mine. Yes, like you I did get a thrill from this and was happy to share the pleasure.

SCOTT AND KIM - Hi, you two! I really liked your latest
hot story and I am sure Steve will like it too when he
reads it. I know he likes to read about Kim and her logs.
I will try to get Steve to let me sit on his lap like
that. The closest thing we have done to that is when I
sat on Steve's lap on the side of the bath we had just
been in, and I pissed one of my geysers into the water.
That was fun too! I will need to jump on Steve when he
gets home, I am now really in that mood.
Oh, and I hope Scott did not tire himself out too much
by lifting the weights before you both went to the
shower for some real fun! Hehe. Take care now!

GOLDGIRL - Hi there! The measurements you gave work out
at about 24 cubic inches, so as we usually talk about
volumes in metric here, you are peeing about 400ml.
I thought you might like to know! I do not know how
tall you are or what your build is like, but that seems
quite a lo! t. I do not know if that is anything like the
volumes I pissed when I was 13. I am 26 now, 5 feet 9
and I have an athletic build. I think I do pee greater
volumes than when I was 13, but I do not know just how
much more I can hold now. I bet you can maybe hold
a lot more wee inside you than your 400ml and you will
still be growing, so there will be a lot more to come
I think.
I have been writing here for over 2 months now, so if
you look back through the old pages for my name, you
will find all the stories I have told. I hope you like
them, a lot of them are about what I have got up to with
my boyfriend Steve.

I have a little story to tell now. I was alone in the
office at work, and I had a slight urge to wee. I would
normally hold it for a lot longer so I would gush hard,
but I thought I would water the plant that was sitting
there in its pot in the corner of the room. I locked
the office door from t! he inside, then I pulled the plant
out from its spot in the corner. I took off my little
knickers and lifted my short skirt right up, so other than
my shoes I was naked from the waist down. I stood over the
plant with my legs wide apart and I let go. I think it was
with me being in my office, but it took me a few seconds to
start going. When it started, it was a steady trickle down
so I did not really need to aim except in the middle of the
pee, when I started to gush and hiss a bit until it faded
again to a slow trickle. I dripped and dripped for ages, I
think it was because I was a bit nervous, but it was a lot
of fun. When I was finished, I put my knickers back on,
pushed the wet plant back into the corner, unlocked the door
and got on with my work. I did not spill a drop of wee on
the floor, so I think I did really well. I must do it again
another time. This happened yesterday, and when I told my
boyfriend abo! ut it, he said I should stick a 'Ladies' sign
on the plantpot! Hehe.

PV - Hi, girl! I am going swimming again tonight and I will
tell you about it. I hope I can get Steve to go, he is so
busy, but I think he needs to have some fun.


Sandra - ooooh, hotels! i have a hotel story! i will tell it now, thanks for mentioning that, i wasn't sure what i was gonna write about today!

Po0h Bear - i can't wait to hear your farm adventure! i would say i love peeing into things and peeing in my panties equally. i love the warm wet feeling i get when i let my pee flow through the cloth of my panties. and yes, i love to pee on my hands. sometimes when i pee on my bed or on carpet i will sit on my hands and let them get soaked.

when i was 12 (last summer) my family went on vacation. we got two hotel rooms, one for my parents and one for my sister emy and me. anyway, the family was going to go to out sightseeing for the day so i pretended to be way too tired and not wanting to go along. finally they said i could just stay at the hotel for the day, but not to leave the two rooms. fine with me!

all that time i had been practically exploding with pee, so as soon as they left (i made sure i saw the c! ar pull away from the window), i pulled off my shorts and panties and went into mine and emy's room. my pee was getting extremely ready to gush out, so i had to choose an exciting place very soon so i could let it burst. i looked around the room. the pillow on my bed caught my eye, so i decided to perch right on top of it and go.

i took the pillowcase off the pillow. it was a very clean white pillow, which made my heart beat even faster. i couldn't wait to pee on that pillow! i pulled off the bed sheet in case the pee would leak through the pillow and onto the mattress. then i sat my body right on the pillow, one leg on each side, on my knees. it was so soft and cushiony against me. i leaned forward a little, just because it felt better, and slowly relaxed my body. pee started to gush right out of me, flooding the pillow before absorbing right into it. i could feel the warmth of my pee as it kept flowing and flowing, right into the stuffing of the pillow. i kept peein! g, probably for 45 seconds. i could smell my pee as it soaked through the pillow.

when the pee stopped, i sat back up. i looked down at what i did. the bottom of my light blue tank top was wet from pee. then i picked myself up and looked at the pillow. it had a huge wet golden-yellow spot on it from my pee that was about 10 inches across. i felt the cloth surface. it was sopping with pee! and it was still very warm. i pushed down on it. i could feel the wetness sloshing inside. then i picked the pillow up. there was a 4-inch spot of yellow pee on the mattress where it soaked right through the pillow. then i just lay my head on the pee-soaked pillow and took a nice rest.

later i had to pee again. i glanced over at a wooden chest of drawers on the other side of the room. my heart started racing again. i knew right where i was gonna pee next! i opened one of the drawers. i already had my panties off, so i perched right up over the drawer and again let my body re! lax. a loud patter soon filled the room as my pee flowed out of me and into the wooden drawer. as i continued to relieve myself, my pee puddle grew and grew, and the pattering noise started to sound more splashy. then the pee started to leak out of the corners of the drawer and drip onto the tan carpet below. then as i was finishing my pee in the drawer, i let out a quiet fart. as i was pushing the fart out, my pee squirted out a little stronger, and it splashed against the side of the drawer, coating it with pee. then it slowed down and stopped. the whole chest smelled like my pee and my fart.

next time i had to pee, i sat down on the small wooden chair that was in the room. as soon as i relaxed, i flooded the chair with my pee. it got so drenched that the pee began to overflow and run right down to the carpet. my legs and feet were getting a shower from my warm pee. soon the carpet was soaked.

then later i had to pee one more time. i got a towel from the ba! throom and put it on the dresser, still folded. then i sat down on it and relaxed. the towel got wetter and wetter as it absorbed all my pee that was flowing out of me. it soon was soaked through and the top of the wooden dresser was getting flooded with pee under and around the towel. i farted again as the last of my pee flowed out of me. the fart made a bubbly noise as it seaped through the wet towel. it was pretty strong-smelling, but i didn't mind.

finally, i just stared at all the places that i peed on for awhile, then i wiped the dresser top off with my panties and put them back on. then i put the sheet and pillowcase back on. i put the drenched towel between the mattress and the boxspring. everything else wasn't really noticeable. then i curled up in bed with the wet pillow and drifted off to sleep, thinking about what would happen if some girls who liked pee came one day and found all the peed-on things from me.

i love vacations! see ya,

Great story about holding your poop for 4 days. It must have felt great once it got going.

Marc, your story about sharing a crap with your sister was outstanding. Too bad it had to be so messy.

One of my most exciting experiences occurred a couple of years ago when my toilet broke over a weekend. The janitor couldn't fix it and I had to wait until Tuesday for a plumber to come. In the meantime I couldn't use it.

Peeing was no problem, as I just sat on the edge of the bathtub, but since I usually try to "save up" for the weekend, finding a place to enjoy a leisurely poo session was going to be more difficult.

I solved my problem by putting a double plastic grocery bag down in the bathtub and squatting over it. I never realized just how much could come out until this time. In the toilet it looks like a lot, but some of it goes under the little curve and is hidden from view. Not this time though...the first piece was about 12-1! 4 inches long and very firm. I had to raise up in order to finish letting it out, cause once it touched the ground it wasn't gong anywhere unless I did. Then there must have been about 3 or 4 more about 5-6 inches and a bunch of little pebbles. After wiping, I tied up the top of the bag and carried it (weighed a few pounds!) out to the dumpster (how appropriate).

I think I might try pooping outside the toilet again. Maybe this coming weekend...

Sandra. I was intersted to read about your new receptionist at work and her heavy lunchtime output. Two things puzzle me though; how is it that she managed to last to lunchtime without needing the toilet, if only for #1? Most people need to pee sometime during the morning. Secondly, if the massive BM she had is anything to go by, her bowels must have been pret


Rick> Down the hatch???? Interesting choice of words!

Hey, thanks to everyone for answering my question and if more of you will answer, that would be great also!

And to answer my own question, I usually never flush in between poops but rather just one good time after I have finished. But there have been times when I have flushed while seated (because as some of you might remember, I mentioned that does kinda turn me on) but I wasn't necessarily flushing poop down. Anyway, I've never flushed with my foot although I know others who do.

Wow Sue, your 28 and a Science teacher! I am 38 and I do not even know basic algebra. I like to read about women pooping and see women poop, but only if they are doing it in a normal casual way. I have to admit I felt a little queazy when I read your story because I cannot stand to see a woman sick or hurting. I really felt for you when I read that. P.S.- hope you get your tenure at a big college soon, because a lot of them get their own private bathrooms.

Sorry it's taken me so long to post again, but I've had a real shitload of assignments to deal with these last few weeks (I'm a Computer Science major at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington), so first things had to come first before I got back on this forum. Now to answer some of your questions....


Small world isn't it? Here I am in Spokane, Washington. There you are in Lewiston, Idaho. We're practically neighbors! I've been to Lewiston many times, especially when I was in the Microbiology program at Washington State University, in Pullman, Washington - just 30 miles from you in Lewiston. Glad to see I'm not the only person in the Inland Northwest with an interest in going to the bathroom.


Sounds like we're both computer geeks with toilet interests. Isn't it great to know that even with all the advances in technology which we're part of, they'll probably never find a way for a machine to replac! e going to the bathroom (At least not in our lifetimes, I hope!).

I've never been to your home town of Toronto although I have been to Canada (Vancouver, BC). The closest I've ever been to Toronto is New York City where I have an uncle who lives in the Bronx, but I have heard Toronto is a nice city. Somehow it appeals to me that even in a super neat and clean country like Canada, people's shit still stinks as much as it does in the States, Vietnam, or anywhere else. Truth is, more than almost anything else, shitting and pissing is what unites the world.

I've never bothered timing my shits, but 7 minutes as an average sounds about like many of my own shits.

I almost always pee after I poop while I'm still sitting on the toilet. I think like most guys, it's the only time I ever pee sitting down.

I am circumcised.

The toilet seat where I live is pretty damn hard, but I never really thought about it much until you asked.

! Once I did a buddy dump with my older brother out in the woods back in Vietnam. I must have been about 8 at the time. No one else was around and we were both pretty desperate so we just pulled down our pants, squatted and crapped on the ground. We didn't clean our asses either while we were out in the woods, but when we got home we splashed water around our buttholes so we'd be clean again.
Other than that one time, I never did any other buddy dumps.

About toilets in Vietnam - where I lived, near Cam Ranh Bay, was pretty primitive. Toilets were mostly just holes in the ground surrounded by wooden planks where you'd squat to do your shitting. Next to the hole would be a basin of water with a scoop. What you did with the scoop was to splash water in your ass after you were finished and clean yourself that way.

I have seen some flush sit down, Western-style flush toilets in Vietnam, but even with these toilets you usually still have the basin with th! e scoop although sometimes you can find toilets with toilet paper, too. However, most of the plumbing and sewer systems in Vietnam are so primitive that they can't handle toilet paper, so there will often be a box by the side of the toilet where you throw your used toilet paper just like women throw their used tampons in boxes next to toilets in the West. I think a lot of Westerners would find this system really gross, but in Vietnam we never even thought about it since it was all we knew. I'm just glad I wasn't one of the people who had to clean out those used toilet paper boxes!

Skylab 2K for Me
Hey guys. Ive never posted before, and had a question. Does anybody know of any good bathroom scenes in movies? I am interested in women on the toilet, etc.. You guys are a fun bunch keep up the posts people.

Cousin- Tell Linda thanks for the compliment...I think.
I have to admit that I don't ALWAYS think abou Linda
while I'm on the toilet...only sometimes. Like other
morning, I neeeded a dump and my poop wasn't having any
of it. I grabbed the toilet seat between my legs and
pulled. I struggled and sweated for about ten minutes
before I won. In the middle of it I remmember wondering
if Linda was doing the same thing at the same time.
Linda, have you and Elane buddy dumped, has she seen you
or you seen her yet? Elena tell us about your firs enema.
Jennifer if your still around please come back and write
some more.- JW

joe b

I enjoyed reading your post. I too, like the full feeling from holding my bm and getting it out with an enema. I can only hold one or two days usually.

My boyfriend and I just recently started pissing and shitting together. It was so much fun! Here's the story:
Derek (my boyfriend) took me out clubbing. We had a few drinks and then danced. In the middle of a song, I suddenly stopped and Derek asked me what was wrong. I told him I had to go to the bathroom. He said that we should leave because it was getting late. He got in his car and started to drive off. I was yelling at him to hurry up because I wasn't sure that I was going to make it in time. We finally got to his apartment and I ran as fast as I could to the elevator. I opened his door and ran into his bathroom. He knocked on the door and asked if I was alright. "Yeah but I can't go now." He asked to come in and I said yes. He got on his knees and started to rub my leg. All of a sudden, all the poo came out. I couldn't stop! Derek told me that he needed to go, but was going to go in the sink and I told him to sit with me. He sat down and we started to piss and poo to! gether. It was very loud and very arousing. After we were done, he told me that he wanted to start doing that more often. That's my story! :) Hope you enjoyed it!

Porland Ore Resident
Havent posted for awhile. Last weekend plus a couple extra days wife and her sister and I flew to LA for a family wedding. Because sharing the bathroom with my wife and also with her sister (as I posted about several months ago) have been quite a turn-on for me, It never occurred to me until recently when I have had a good chance to think about it, that any similar experiences with males would have the opposite effect. Over that past six- day period I was forced to use public lavs at LA international and also at several places downtown when we went sightseeing, and so forth. I enjoy being nearby, and also watching, when those lovely femalse take a dump but I dont think there is one good thing about being in the same bathroom with another male. Most of them are disgusting, they make all kinds of revolting noises and stink worse than a goat. I had to take a dump at LA international and some fat guy came in and took a stall ahead of me. I went into the next stall. The noi! ses that came from his stall were something else and the smell would gag a maggot. My shit, and my wifes too, smells bad also, but at least it smells like normal shit and not like someone has actually died and is decaying or some kind of unnatural chemical reaction is taking place. Then to compound things, the sloppy cretin left the next stalland didnt even wash his hands. I could hardly wait to get out of there. This is pretty much my experience every time I use one of those public toilets. I try to avoid them, but when the urge hits you they are not quite as repulsive if you get my drift, but when I am "done" I find myself asking what I am doing in a place like that, and wondering if I couldt have held it in a little longer. - Back at home last night, after we were in bed my sweet demure Mrs. got up, went into the bathroom, left the door open, removed her nitie, seated herself in the nude on the crapper, and pushed out several logs as she read the funny pages from ! the Oregonian. When she was done she carefully wiped using several sheets of TP and then wshed her hands with hot water and soap and came back to bed. There was a faint odor left afterwards, but for sure nothing like the stench left by most of those males. Her whole performance was slightly arousing and we had a "good time" afterwards. I vote for sharing the bathroom with women anytime, but not men. I suppose some may disagree with me, but I would like to hear what others think.

Teenaged Girl

Thank you so much for telling us about the time you were working on the Astrology project with your boyfriend. I thought it was very exciting when he asked you to go to the woods with him and watch him pee. Has anything happened since then? Do you watch him pee often now?


A few pages back, you talked about peeing in front of your cousin Min. You said that you've done things with her since but I can't find any stories posted about it. Please tell us where you and cousin Min have peed?

Sandra. I particularly liked your story about the new receptionist at work. Two things puzzle me though. Firstly, how was it that that she managed to last all morning without going to the toilet if only for a #1? Secondly, given the size of her BM she must surely have had pretty full bowels all morning. It surprises me that she didn't empty them before coming to work or on arriving at work. I think I would have done in similar circumstances.

SueW (science teacher). Your predicament made interesting reading but it must have been pretty awful. Clearly you weren't well enough to work that day and staying at home would have been better. At least you had the good sense to use the Girls Toilet in the event of the staff ones being too far away.

Hi Louise,

Well, it HAS been a long time since I had time to write properly! A lot has been happening, you've had some adventures and misadventures, some new friends have joined us, and the fun goes on!

I've been re-reading all your exploits of the pool, and Steve is one of the luckiest guys around. not only a beautiful and fun-loving Significant Other, but her sister and mom as well, all intent on the same kind of fun! I know he knows this, and appreciates it! The first time you got him to relax and wee with you all was a milestone, and I hope you've all shared this amazing human bonding many times!

You speak of not being brave enough to sue a men's room alone, but I'd have to say your ability to casually empty your bowels in the park despite the chance of being spotted has the edge in courage over my own men's room exploits. I seem to have the timing down to a fine art, I've only been interrupted maybe three times in total, and they came to nothing! , but my heart would be in my mouth to go down for a poo someplace. The nude beach, behind the bushes near the gully, that's a prime "target" as it were, and might be my first ever wide-open poo. When the warm weather returns!

Nope, dear, there's no significant other in my life at the moment, more's the pity. I'm comfortable with the realization I'm bi, so a nice lady would be as welcome as a nice guy, but to date there's not been an applicant for the position (and that's a double-entendre too!) When I find one, I hope he or she has Steve's quality! Yes, I figured he'd be in full-on mother-hen mode when you had your accident, and standing guard for you, and I can just imagine how delicious it felt when he washed your bottom for you in the shower. Mm-mm! I'd looove to know about the "horizontal jogging" afterward -- if only! Ha!

Small world -- I use weights just like you and our lusty friend Kim, and I tend to enjoy doing my exercises naked when the weather is! right too. I use twin 3kg/6.6lb dumbbells and do multiple reps/sets of a dozen or more exercises, and devised a flow-on sequence that exercises the whole upper body in one continuous series of moves from a starting point to a final point, then reversing to the start point. It's pretty intensive, but it's fun! And I'm convinced it does my boobs good, the muscular development provides an excellent "foundation" for the soft tissue.

I enjoyed the "brown tail" anecdotes from you and Sandra, and it brings back some memories from long ago. I can remember the feel of doing the same, my anus wide open as I walked, and the feel of a mass in that locale, but I can't remember quite where or when. Though here's something similar: I can't have been more than seven years old when I was curious and wanted to know what was happening in back, so I got off the toilet and went into my bedroom, backed up to the mirror, bent over and started to push out a log. I watched it come for a way,! then, not wanting to make a mess, I clearly remember thinking "that's far enough." And without any difficulty, I used my rectal muscles to actually draw the log right back inside -- today I have no idea how I did it, but there it is!

Many thanks for your heartfelt comments on my thoughts re your accident. Thanks for describing it in your own words once more. My pleasure, dear! Simple humanity is a commodity in short supply today, and, like good manners, it costs nothing. We've seen stories here of people caught short and placed in a position of the most acute embarrassment, constituting a veritable trauma, and this is a tragedy. It's not funny, and while it may be entertaining to some, it rarely is to the person at the center of the event. Your situation was not *quite* so dire, you were able to do your necessary, and you had a great "pit crew" looking out for you, so that's something to be thankful for. (Blessings reciprocated!)

I had a nice 550ml pee the ! other night, not a record but fun all the same.

Here's something interesting. There's been much talk of peeing in unusual places, and last night, on the spur of the moment, I thought I'd try something a teensy bit different. Just before bed, while I was cleaning my teeth, I looked down and realized the sink was just about the right height... It's none too strong, I didn't want to try sitting in it, but I realized if I pulled my pants down and just eased up on tip-toes facing it, my mound would be cupped perfectly over the edge of the sink. I did, and just needed to relax to release a healthy flow in the sink! I really enjoyed it, and can see it becoming a habit. Another benefit -- when I was finished weeing I was able to give my puss a little wash from the warm tap, which felt wonderful. Then a quick dab dry with a towel, pull my pants up, and off to bed. I guess I'm pretty fastidious about how and where I have my adventures, but there are always opportunities to enj! oy a wee a bit different from the same old tinkle in the pot!

Spray a mighty arc, dear, and I'll spray one for you,



What happened to the video footage of you squatting over the camera?!!

It's rare to hear that a woman will stick her finger in
her anus like that. Did you notice that your anus was open
when you went to stick your finger in,or did you have to
open it a little?
One thing about the exam that I forgot to say is that I
hate the loose BM's after it. That's when I use a tampon
in my rectum for about a day.

po0h Bear
Its great to hear so many peoples like my stories!! I wonder if there are any aussies posting in here or if its just me.. peeing in the woods sound like fun but we just have "bushland" and where i am in Perth theres not many ideal locations near by. I just went to have a poo then and its left my bum very sore. It was a big but short one and it broke in half followed by some pebble sized ones.. i haven't needed to poo for a few days so that was ok. I'm off on a bike ride soon to see where there would be an deal location (i am in Perth.. the city of lights) And i'll be sure to list a few locations if i find any.
For anyone who wants to know i pee into containers mainly like old shampoo containers (when in the shower) but normally same my fun for when in my bathroom or toilet our outside then its no so hard to clean the mess.
As for my story well lkets go abck into my memory.... When i was about 10 i was at this farm with my cousin who was about 14 (female), my cousin who! was about 12 (male) and his 2 friends (who were cute!) and my dad.. we were camping out in the bush meaning no electricty and far from civilsation (1km actually :P ). Anyway my gurl cousin and i needed the toilet so we walked into the bush (i can still point out the exact spot) and i sat on a tree log (i had bad balance) and pulled down my pants and started to pee my cousin bent over and started to pee.. it was fascinating then she did a poo and wiped with toilet paper leaving it there on the ground..Then later on my dad killed a bird (it was half dead) and the boys stood around it in a cirlce and pissed right on it... it was gross!!! oh well enough for now catcha later
po0h Bear

I flush a minimum of three times when I do my business. My shit comes out in installments, and I flush after each one. In that way you reduce the smell and prevent skidmarks in the toilet (if you're shitting at home). When I've done the last installment, I wipe and then flush for the last time. I only flush with my left hand if the lever is on the left side of the toilet tank. I have found from bitter experience NEVER to flush while sitting on the toilet. If it is one with a violent and prolonged flush, you are liable to get a spray of water up your arsehole, as if you were sitting on a bidet, but without expecting it!

Friday, June 02, 2000

William, while your post is off subject for this forum, we will say this, you really will be better off in the long run if you talk to someone in real life. It doesn't have to be some expensive quack either, try talking to your friends or family. Look around you, there are other people who are probably close to you that are in the same boat.

Sigh.. I too wish such things were shown but they seem dead set against it. If you ask me.. it be damn funny to show the consequences of Linda eating so much or any gluttonous anime gal(and trust me there are lots of them. I once tried to make a sight that would have pics showing such mysteries.. but it seems you and I are the only ones interested in such matters. Sigh.
JW Linda says hi.. and wishes you to know she thinks of you everytime she uses the bathroom.. it's odd how most people would take that as an insult.. but people here would not.

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