Rose - when I use a toilet that's not at home I always flush with my feet.

Golgirl - when I stay in hotels on business trips, I often pee on the floor. I've even done a poo on the carpet and have felt guilty later knowing somebody will have to pick it up.

Anyway here's a work story. Yesterday we had a new receptionist at work, a very nice young girl in her mid-20's, petite and blonde. Around lunchtime I needed a poo so I walked over to reception to get a ladies room key. The receptionist saw me and said "oh if you're going to the ladies room, could you show me where it is?" So she came with me. The left stall was occupied so I went in the middle one and she went into the one next to me. Once I sat down I made a gassy fart and started pooing. The poos were solid and were falling silently into the bowl. Suddenly from the next stall (where our receptionist was), I heard a monstrous fart followed by a sigh. I could easily hear the crackling sound of pooing and t! hen a few more farts. I guess her first turd fell silently into the bowl too, but then I heard several more of her poos make splashing noises. I was getting ready to wipe when I heard her make a ridiculously long fart followed by the sound of loose poo. The smell was actually pretty bad! I adjusted my clothing, flushed and left the stall. The receptionist was still pooing. I went over to the sink to wash my hands and to put on lipstick. Finally she came out and came over to the sinks. While she washed her hands we started talking about nothing in particular. We left the ladies room and started walking back to the office. As we walked the receptionist let out a loud fart. She apologized and said "I think I have to use the rest room again". I'm not sure whether she'd pooed in her panties or if she simply needed another poo.

By the way, a few months ago, you may remember me telling a story of finding a turd in the trash can of one of the female partners at work. I did h! ear a rumor that an intern walked into her office unannounced and caught this woman squatting over the trash can with a fat poo coming from her behind! It is supposed to be a rumor, but after what I saw... I have never told anyone in the office!

hi everybody!

Midwest Farm Girl 15 - that story is so cool! reminds me of something that i'm going to tell you about in this post. thanks so much for the compliment, and i too really like poOh bear's posts.

Louise - i've never really measured my pee as far as numbers and stuff, but the baby wipe containers i use are about 6 by 4 inch rectangular box-shaped containers. my pee is usually about an inch deep in the container. question - do you pee more or less now than at age 13? how old are you now? i didn't catch that. peeing against walls sounds fun, but i'm not too good at aiming if i'm standing. i usually just let my pee flow wherever it wants to. so i would have to say i prefer floors. or sinks. or anywhere i feel like for that matter!

Justa girl - cool, another girl my age who likes pee! do you like to pee in unusual places?

now it's storytime! i like to ride my bike on the paved bike trails near my neighborhood. i'm not athletic or anyt! hing like that, but i like to do it cause it's fun. there's a lot of woody area around where i live. so that means bathrooms are scarce, unless you ride through a park or something. one day i was riding along and ahead of me i saw these two girls ride off of the trail and into the woods. i figured they were going to relieve themselves so i just had to go find out! they were about my age, 13, but i didn't know them.

i parked by bike on the other side of some bushes and trees where i was sure they wouldn't see me, but i could see them. sure enough, down went their shorts and panties and they squatted down side by side. then pee started to flow out of them, first one girl started, then the other soon joined in. they were talking while they peed, but i couldn't hear what they were saying. something about boys, probably. but you never know, i like to think they were talking about how they liked to pee with each other and how fun peeing really was!

when they were d! one, they pulled up their panties and shorts and rode off. i of course went over and looked at what they left. most their pee had soaked into the ground already, but it was still very wet. i decided to make it even wetter and pulled down my shorts. i decided to leave my panties up. i squatted down and let my body relax. soon my warm pee gushed right through my white panties and flowed down to the ground, getting my legs, socks, and shoes a little wet as it flowed. my pee was forming a wet puddle on the ground, mixing in with the pee from the two girls.

after my pee had stopped, i squeezed out my soaked panties and pulled up my shorts. i sniffed my hands. they smelled like my pee and were still a little moist from it. then i hopped back on my bike, took one last look at our pee puddle, and rode off. now whenever i go bike riding i always hope i get an opportunity like that again.

more to come, goldgirl~

TO MARC-Interesting story about you and your sis(?)Christine dumping together in the same bowl-Sounds a bit messy though-must have benn a serious clean up job,but a good story.TO SANDRA-LOved your poo-tail story-That must have been a pretty sight-Some years ago,i was seeing this dancer who was thin and tall,and i used to watch her poop.She would stand straight up and you could see her anus open up and she would do these long poos standing up and yes it did look like a tail-it was a real turn on!TO ROSE-Most of the time,i flush after i'm done pooing,but sometime when i know it's going to be smelly and i'm in a strange toilet, flush as the first load is coming out and i flush after each time i shit,but most of the time,i flush after the deed is done and usually with my right hand.Hope that's enough info on that.
Was at the gym yesterday a.m.and did a #3 ( that is a 1 and a 2 together-hey,where's Lawrence Welk?) First i had to pee for a bit and decided to wait cause i felt ! the cramps for a poo coming on,so after about 20 mins or so ,i had to do both pretty bad,so i got undressed and went into the stall and there was a guy in the next stall doing these long farts and sounding like he was getting ready to do some serious unloading,so i sat down and let out a big fart of my own and started to pee like a race horse and as soon as that started,the poo slid out my ass,along with some gas.Then i could hear the guy in the next stall start pooing with that crackling sound and it was great letting out all this excrement along with him at the same time,boy did it feel wonderful!I was pretty quiet,but he was grunting and groaning as he was dumping,it was great-Theni took a breather and i could hear him wiping and then i let out a small,wet fart followed by a bunch of mush and as i was doing this,i pissed a bit more.Needless to say,i got off and i think the guy in the next stall was doing the same-I kinda could tell-can't really elaborate without upsetting t! he powers that be on this forum,but i think i could tell and in a strange way,it was interesting,Then i wiped my butt and waited for him to leave the stall and i went to the showers-a good start to the day!More pooing in the woods stories,all! Hpoe to have some of my own about going in the woods asa soon as the weather gets a bit warmer here in the N.E.BYE

Rose, in answer to your question about flushing the toilet. I dont always pull the flush it all depends where I have done the motion, what it was like etc. When I was a kid at school from the age of 5 on I would often leave the toilet unflushed if doing a motion in the school toilets and lots of other kids, both boys and girls did the same. This was if you had done a particularly good one, say a big fat jobbie and you wanted others to see it. On the other hand if the poo had been small or a load of mush or worse still diarrhea then the flush would of course be pulled as nobody wants to see that sort of mess. When I grew older of course I would often do a big jobbie that was too big to flush away and this would be left for others to see. If I do a big one at home I will leave it for Theresa to look at and vice versa, (if we are both at home we accompany each other to the toilet for number twos), and eventually it will go away after a few flushes. Nowadays in a public toilet I w! ill just leave it, if at a friend' house if they are close friends of a similar attitude to defecation such as George and Moira, Donna and Lauren, I will leave it but if they are not of a like mind I will pull the flush and if needs be will push it over the hidden bend with my hand while pulling the flush if it it too big to go away. (I wash my hand well afterwards of course). There arent many foot operated toilet flushes in the UK only toilets on trains have these to any great extent otherwise it is usually a lever on the cistern if it a low level type or a chain pull if a high cistern. To avoid vandalism some school and public toilets have a button set into the wall to operate the flush and the water is discharged via a valve in the pipe from a large common cistern.

As regards pulling the flush while doing a motion, this is something I would only do if I was suffering from loose stools or diarrhea to cover the horrible noises associated with this illness. On the co! ntrary if passing a good solid motion, as I usually do, the last thing I want to do is hide the sound effects as I enjoy hearing the "Kur-sploonks!" and I know that many others are also turned on by this. I normally wait till I have finished and then stand up and have a good look at the turds I have done, wipe my bum, and pull the flush then with the lid still up. If it goes away, fair enough, if ony the paper and any smaller turds go, but the big jobbie stays behind then, apart from the circumstances already mentioned, I will leave it for someone else to see, perhaps admire, get a buzz from and maybe even buddy dump their own motion on top of mine. On this note I was in a public toilet last week and someone entered the adjoining cubicle. I heard him do what sounded like a relatively small jobbie which went "Ku-plonk!" . I meanwhile needed a nice big one, ( a fat 12 incher) which came out slowly making the crackling sound as I went "OO! NNN!" and then dropped into the pan with! an almighty "KUR-SPLOOMP!". As I gave a loud sigh of relief and enjoyment I heard the bloke in the next cucicle say to himself "WOW! that sounded like a big one!" I dont think he realised I could hear him. This gave me a buzz so I left the toilet unflushed and as I went out of the toilet after washing my hands I heard him open the door of his cubicle and enter the one I had used. As there was nobody else in the toilets I tip toed back and heard him say "Cor, what a whopper, what a lovely big jobbie!" I silently left him to enjoy the experience with a feeling of pride and turned on. Have any other readers, male and female had a similar experience and did they enjoy this and feel proud of what they had done?

In response to Rose's question: If it is a public toilet, I flush with my foot. When I was seeing my lady friend a while back, she would let me watch her dump and then let me flush it down for her. Ohh, the sight of that fat hard turd rolling down the hatch.

Po0h Bear
The other day i needed to pee so i walked outside (feeling adverturious)i walked to a bushy area nad let some go (pulling my panties aside) then i deicded to do something i have not done before (since i was a baby anyway) i peed into my pants it was ok but i did not enjoy it as much as i enjoy peeing into things. I forgot the joy of sink peeing and will have to do it next time i need to pee. I am going away this weekend to a farm (meaning lots of bushland) and the toilet there is so old the door barely shuts and has a million cobwebs adn spiders there... i may just go to a padock instead (less bugs)... i'll post the details of that when i get back. I dont really have any stories in mind at the moment except i have a question for everyone:
Has anyone ever toched themselves and peed (getting there hands wet)??
luv Po0h Bear

Sue W.
I'm a 28 year old high school science teacher and I had a very embarrassing poop accident just a few days prior to Christmas vacation in '99. First of all, I was under seige by a very nasty stomach virus with diahrrea, fever, and nausea on the verge of heaving-ho any minute type of deal. I stuck it out and came to work anyway since it was so close to the beginning of the holidays and I thought I would make it through the day just fine since I'd spent practically the entire night sitting on the pot, filling it with putric liquid feces, and I felt confident that I had nothing more to offer. During recess, I grabbed a piece of cake from the teacher's lounge and took it to my classroom and ate it. I also drank some coffee--some very WARM coffee! That's where I made my mistake! My colon felt as if it were attempting to tie itself into a pretzel, and the faculty restroom was a longer walk than I felt like making so I opted to simply cross my legs and sit there and wait until th! e cramping subsided, but this was not a wise decision! I made it to the girl's bathroom which is just a couple doors away, and I was met by some curious looks on some of the girls' faces. After all, it's not everyday that a teacher comes storming into the student restroom. I tried to act nonchalant about it and just smiled and greeted them, then I walked into a stall. I yanked up my skirt and peeled down my pantyhose and panties, sat down and immediately there was a series of massive explosions of methane accompanied with a very liquid bowel movement, and o' what a relief it was! Some of the girls ran out and I could hear their laughter out in the hall. After I'd had the runs for a while I urgently felt like vomiting, but I wasn't ready to get up from my seat yet because I was still producing diahrrea, so quickly I rolled off as much toilet paper as I could hold in my hands and formed a sort of "bowl" out of it, and vomited into that. I thought it would just be a little! bit. Problem is, I threw up a lot more stuff than I thought possible! First I tasted the coffee and cake I'd eaten, which was fairly thick like a cake batter, and landed neatly in the t.p. I was holding, but after all of that was up, I started throwing up a LOT of watery, yellowish, bitter substance, and it was overflowing my hands now, and what's worse, soaked right through the tissue so that I was now holding a wet, sopping puddle of goop in my hands, so I just dropped it beside the toilet and continued to barf in the same spot. The restroom smelled just great, and I felt like crying. I stopped vomiting after a while, and the diarrhea ended after I'd been in there for maybe twenty minutes. My hands were fairly drenched with vomit, and despite my attempts to clean up with toilet tissue, I didn't want to handle my clothes, so after wiping my fanny I sashayed on over to a sink, undies still down, to wash my hands, but at least my skirt fell down by itself to cover my priv! ate areas. I washed my hands three times but I couldn't get rid of all the smell just yet. I pulled up my undies and with paper towels, tidied up the area beside the toilet where I'd thrown up. It took several more washings with soap and water to get rid my hands of the smell of bile. When I returned to my room my students were already there and I let them do homework or study, ect., since I was feeling so crappy. I put my head down on my desk and nearly dozed off when suddenly I felt a rush of saliva in my mouth. I grabbed the trash can from under my desk just in the nick of time and vomited copiously once again, and it looked greenish in color and tasted more bitter, and slimy like egg whites dangling from my lips. I went home for the rest of the day, and on the way home I had to make an emergency stop at McDonald's for another diahrrea attack, and the smell of food literally made me sick at both ends. After school a student from that period, who's reputed to have a ! crush on me, stopped by my apartment and dropped off some apple juice, chicken/rice soup, crackers, and some videos for me to watch. I spent the night throwing up but it stopped by midmorning next day, although my diahrrea lasted through the weekend.

Ryan at JC Penney's, you soound like a great catch, your wife is lucky :-) Aren't you embarrased about shitting, where almost anybody could wander in and see you guys? I could never use a toilet like that. and worse yet, your co-workers? I think they should put doors on for the men. What does everybody think?

Rose - To be honest, it depends on the situation, I will either flush while i'm pooping, if I know it's going to be noisy, or after when i'm done but always flush with my hand though, sometimes if at work I will flush with the lid down as male/female share the loos and there are only 2, so I open the window and close the lid.

Does that help?

Buck (IL)
One Summer,When I was going into sixth grade or so in Chicago, a group of about ten of us were all on a neighbor's porch talking and joking when we saw one of the littler kids across the street banging on his front door. His name was Roberto and his mother would put him and his brother out for the day and not let them back in until lunch, then out again until supper. He was crying and trying so hard to get her to answer. Finally, he and a little girl who lived on that side of the street walked down about four houses or so, which placed them directly across from us. The City of Chicago had cut down a bunch of trees in the neighborhood due to the Dutch Elm disease, and replaced them with saplings. Roberto approached one of these saplings on the parkway (the grassy area between the sidewalk and the curb), took off his shorts and underpants,
and stood perfectly straight up against the young tree; he then bent at the waist and pushed out a huge turd while all of us watched! across the street, and the little girl who was with him, watched him. When he finished, he turned to retrieve his underpants, but had gone on them, so he picked up his shorts and was starting to put them on when his mother came storming out of their front door down the street toward him. She began to seriously beat the poor little kid on the head and buttocks for doing what he had to do as all of us watched. I always felt so sory for that poor little guy as his mother was the one who should have been punished for not letting him inside when he wanted to go to the bathroom.
His turd and his underpants must have been there for a week afterwards as it became the talk of the neighborhood, and everyone had to go see it.

Rob (Canada)
Once a friend and I were visiting our friend Liz (this was in Jr. High school). We were messing around in her room, and we had watched a movie. Finally it was time to get going home. I had felt the need to use the toilet in the back of my mind but I had been putting it off, because a delay would have meant missing the bus home. We all walked out to the bus stops where I had to cross the street (my house was in the opposite direction). I was really regretting not using the toilet sooner, because my bowel was giving me warning signs that the time was near. It was even nearer than I expected. As I got on the bus, I felt a piece of poop begin to push its way out of my bottom. I decided to stand on the bus, knowing that if I sat down, I would make a mess of my underwear. When I was about halfway home, a cyclist cut in front of the bus and the driver had to stop suddenly. This made me lose my concentration, and try as I might, I couldn't stop the load from pushing into my pants. I k! new that in a few moments, there would be a visible bulge in my pants, and I was beginning to smell my accident. I didn't have much choice. I sat down and tried to cover my lower abdominal region with my jacket to cover the smell. I felt the poop squish all over my backside. It was so humiliating. By the time I'd gotten off the bus, my pants were filled to capacity, and there was a telltale circle on the front of my pants as well (I almost always pee when I poop). I got some looks while I was getting off the bus and heard one girl snicker to her friends. My face was burning with embarassment. I managed to sneak into the house and clean up in the bathroom, putting my dirty underwear into the garbage. My dad found them and told my mom, and I got the worst spanking! I am just thankful that my friends never found out about it! Five minutes earlier and I would have had a lot of explaining to do!


Last week I held my BM for four days and I so enjoyed the full feeling. Sitting a my desk at work I would get the urge to shit and I could feel it poking out of me. I had on a short dress and no panties so I could stick my finger in and push it back in. I could feel that it was rock hard and that it would not be an easy one to pass. After the third day of holding it in I stoped getting the urge to go. After four days I thought that I had better try to get rid of this big turd. I hated to get rid of it because I was enjoying the full feeling. When I did try to go to the toilet I could not get it to move. I pushed and strained for hours with no results. I had to use a hot water enema to get things started. I just used enough water to get some small turds out and the I strained and enjoyed pushing the rest out. I squated over a video camera and was able to watch as I passed alot of rock hard turds.

Wednesday, May 31, 2000

ith kimberley & scott
hello all! hi louise and steve welcome back. Scott and I have another post. recently one afternoon my boyfriend scott and I went for a drive in my flaming red mustang. We had the brown ragtop down and were enjoying the cool breeze that really made my blond hair flow. we saw the movie the gladiator-which we recommend and then we ate out at red lobster. we stuffed ourselves eating there. when we got back in my car I told scott I will drop him off but then I have to drive to my house because I could feel a monster shit !! coming on. scott smiled and said he had to go also. I then fired up my red mustang and roared down the road. ohhh my god ohhh my god! I said to myself as I squeezed my buttcheeks together I dont think I can hold it much longer and to make it worse I had to piss badly also. my mustang raced down the road like a supersonic racecar from hell(Dont worry i did not go thru any red lights folks) we finally got to scotts house. and saw that his parents car was gone an! d found out thru one of their notes that his parents would be gone till late evening. then scott and i looked at each other with delight we had the whole house to ourselves. we rushed upstairs to scotts room and began taking off all of our clothes. (We like being naked in case ya didnt know) scott took off his grey sweats , underwear, socks sneakers. while i took off my white-playboy bunny t-shirt with black rabbit logo in front and short shorts. when i unhooked my bra my big , balloon shaped tits popped out excitedly happy to be free from the harness that held it,. then i took off my panties and took of my white sandal platform high heeled shoes. soon scott and i were very naked. i wanted to race scott to the bathroom but surprisingly he picked me up and carried me there. once in the bathroom he put me on the floor. since we both had to go to the bathroom bad. i lifted up the toilet seat and sat scott down then I sat on scotts lap in front of him. my back was pressing aga! inst his chest. scott and i then pissed into the bowl. then scott said' i am going to crash out a log now kim' "Go ahead scott. I think I am going to crash one out too. scott and i both went unnnghghh" together .as i put both hands in the back on my legs and raised and bent both knees to my chin . i do not know why i did this maybe to get more leverage to crash the log out or maybe i thought it was a kinda sexy pose . but whatever the reason i held it. I then quickly took a peek into the toilet bowl and i saw a amazing sight I saw one huge log coming out of scott and another huge log coming out of me. scott and i were both having huge bowel movements at the sametime!! Scott gave one more push and his log came crashing out . I soon joined him going "Unnnghghgghh" as a huge brown torpedo came out of my ass like a cannon blast and hit the water with a great big splash!! scott and i then got off the toilet and admired our logs ,then scott got a measuring tape and measured his log! at foot long and mine at 13 1/2 inches long. sorry john (Vt) not all my logs can be 17 1/2 inches. scott and i quickly wiped ourselves and flushed the toilet. then still nude we went downstairs to lift some weights and then we hit the showers were scotts cock grew like pinocchios nose and banged me silly. we hoped you liked our story. love, kim and scott.

Hello there to all the girls here. Jacobi I love your posts about how you like to watch your friend's go poop,and I also like that you are in to the poop thing.I am also in to the poop thing and I am a nice guy.I am a 22yr old male. You go girl. Allison I love your storie about you and your friend walking in to the bathroom to take a poop when you heard your co-worker taking a massive shit. I wish I could have been there to see that. If there are any girls out there who want a guy to watch them poop I will be your man for the job. Aloha Kapena

How arousing!
Im a 26 yo male who is extremely (for lack of a better word) aroused by pretty females pooping. I don't know why this is and it seems I'm not the only one that feels this way. Here is the thing I love about this forum. Although I and the other people that post here cant seem to exactly state the reasons for this , I can relate totally to some of the postings I read on here. It is as if I was posting what the other people of this forum posted (like it were my own thoughts).
Here is a story I like to contribute to the forum. When a girl friend sleeps over my place and say shes with me for nearly 2 days the question that immediatly comes to mind is when will she poop? Some girls go every other day or longer and some go 2 times a day on average. Im happy to say the one I had sleep over was the more frequent poop makers. Sometime in the evening she said she had to take a shit! I just had sex with her like 2 or 3 times but when I heard that , it was like I was shipwrecked on ! a desert island and had not even seen a girl for a year and then suddenly 5 of the hottest girls appear and want to make up for my lost time. Well she told me to leave my own place for like 5 minutes so she can shit. She said she couldnt shit with me there. Now I felt both disappointed and intrigued at the same time , because the way she acted made it seem all the more mystical about a pretty girl pooping. I did what she told me and i tried to go back in there when she finished and she locked the door with her on the outside of it. By the time I opened the door the smell if any was gone. This is getting long I will post more later.

Midwest Farm Girl 15
some thing really cool happened to me today!! i couldn't WAIT to tell everyone here about it!! i lurk in this forum all the time but have never posted. i'm a 15-year-old lesbian girl who likes peeing. anyway, i was in the mall using the bathroom, pooping in the stall. i was just about to flush the toilet when these two girls came in. they were probably 12-13 years old. i peeked through the crack between the door and the wall of my stall. they were in the corner of the bathroom pulling down their jeans and panties. then they each squated down. one of them said "ready?" and the other one nodded back at her. then pee started to flow right out of them and onto the floor. two yellow puddles formed, and soon they combined into one big puddle. the girls' shoes were getting splashed on by their pee and the bottoms of their jeans were getting soaked from touching the wet floor. they were both giggling hysterically. i couldn't take my eyes off of them. then one of them farted and they b! oth burst out laughing. when they finally finished peeing they pulled up their pants and left the bathroom together. i flushed the toilet and walked up to the huge puddle of pee on the floor. i must've stood there for a good half-hour staring at it!

Goldgirl and PoOh bear- i like your stories! keep posting!


I gotta ask you all a question that I don't think has ever been asked in particular before!

How do you all flush the toilet after pooping? Do you flush with your feet or something interesting like your elbow? Or do you flush while seated? Or perhaps, do you close the lid first and then flush? I know different people have different habits so I'm just curious!

PLEASE, everyone answer!

Katrine - thanks so much for those wonderful stories! you and i have a LOT in common! i can't WAIT to hear more from you! i have the urge to pee in a towel now. i think i will!

hey Chas (from page 354) - any more posts coming? you seem like you're interested in peeing around the house and in strange places like i am. i would love to hear some of your stories! how old are you?

my cousin min is over today. she just got done peeing on my bed. she says hi! i sure did get her interested in peeing! this is the first time she's watched me type a post. she has read all my other ones already. she says i should tell you what i look like. i'm not good at describing myself. i guess i'm a typical-looking 13-year-old girl. i'm 5'4", about 120 lbs. i have darker blond hair cut a little bit above my shoulders. i have green eyes, and a mischievious smile! my friends say i look like natalie portman (the girl from the new star wars movie), only with shorter hair. i don't think ! i'd go that far! i'm not into star wars, but i know what she looks like. i think min looks more like her than i do. me and min do look a lot alike though. we both have those innocent green eyes and that same smile. but min has lighter hair than i do, like alicia silverstone, long like hers too. as for emy, she's basically a smaller version of me, but with very long hair. there, i did it! i described myself! and min thought i couldn't! then again, so did i!

one time a long time ago i had to pee really bad. i always like to wait until i have to go bad, then i enjoy it more. i was 8 at the time so my sister emy was 4. as i've said, i've been interested in pee since i was 7. so at 8 it was routine to pee in strange places, or at least the sink and bathtub. anyway, this particular time emy just happened to be using the toilet in the bathroom and i had to pee really bad. our mom was the only other person at home, but she was outside i think. so we were basically alone.
i went up to the door. i could hear little emy grunting away. i could tell she was pooping. i knocked on the door and said, "em? it's just me bridget (my real name, i use goldgirl because there's already a bridget on this forum). could i come in?" "yeah," answered emy. i went in and told her i needed to pee real bad. "i'm going to just use the sink," i told her, acting like i'd never used it before. i could've used the downstairs bathroom and peed in that sink, but i wanted to see what emy's reaction would be. i pulled down my pants and bounced up onto the sink. emy watched me in awe the whole time. i relaxed my body and out gushed my pee. emy giggled as she heard it spraying the inside of the sink.

as soon as i finished i got down and emy said, "i wanna see!" "alright," i said with a smile. she flushed the toilet and came over (i don't think she even wiped herself). then she peeked into the sink. it was full of wet yellow splatters of pee. "wow!" she said. then ! she left the bathroom and went to go play.

i asked emy recently if she remembered that or not. she said she pretty much did. she also told me that she never told anyone about it. i was glad of that. even back then she knew better. i wonder if that's what got her interested in pee. she's not nearly as into it as i am, but once in a while she still asks me if she can pee in a container. then of course there's that one time when she peed on my bed. i never did wash that out yet.

well, guess that's it for this girl for now! see ya,

A month or so ago I was staying with friends following a night out. I woke up Saturday morning with a real need to take a shit. A curry on the way home from the pub if you know what I mean. When entering the Toilet there in front of me at the side of the toilet was my friends daughter's potty, a yellow one in the shape of a turtle. I do not know why but I thought this may be fun to use her potty. Beeing 25 years old and 6'2'' this was not an easy thing to do, I managed to get my bottom sat on the potty and shitted my life away. I filled the potty being some what runny the shit stuck all over my bottom and all over the potty, it took ages to clear up by this was real fun. I wish I had the currage to buy a potty of my own but I do not how my girl friend will take this, she hasn't see this page. I would love to she her sitting on a potty taking a dump, I would like to see her anywhere taking a dump but not sure how to arange this yet. I might have to get her on the curry and l! et this take it's course.

I love the recent stories about holding in and doing large firm jobbies. Since I was a kid I have enjoyed doing this too. I have always been on the ???? side and have passed large fat turds. When I feel one come down if I can (see below) I will hold it in for a while enjoying the sensation of the big lump in my back passage, but like others I avoid holding it in so long that I risk an accident. I have had a few in the past as told in old posts and on some occasions I have had the "turtles head" and "touched cloth" when the jobbie has actually come out sufficiently to make a brown mark on the seat of my knickers, though on these occasions I have been lucky enough to be able to get to the toilet and do the motion in the normal manner. Unlike some correspondents such as Sandra I DONT enjoy doing a poo in my knickers or panties but each to their own. I am also a bit constrained by my occupation as it is difficult to deal with clients, barristers (advocates) etc in the office if ! I am holding in a big fat poo and they would not be impressed if I gave a loud smelly fart during a case conference. Again in Court I cant just get up and go to the Ladies Toilet during a case. Accordingly I usually go to the toilet and do my motion when I need if I am working but will hold it in a bit longer at home. Like the others who have posted about this, and of course my husband, George, I get a buzz doing a big fat solid jobbie. My offices being an old building the toilets have good old fashioned high white pans and the sound effects are great, resounding depth charge "Kur-sploonk!" sounds and we also have such toilet pans in the toilets at home having replaced the rather pathetic modern low level syphonic pans, which we both usually clogged with our big logs anyway!

I can agree with Tony and others that sitting there doing the motion is enjoyable, (as long of course it is a normal formed solid stool, not a load of loose mush or the dreaded runs- luckily I do! nt often suffer from these). The feeling of anticipation, the sensations of the turd in the back passage. Holding it in for a while then going to the toilet, hitching up my skirt and pulling down my briefs then sitting on the pan, the hiss and tinkle of the wee wee then the feeling of my sphincter dilating and the firm turd starting to come out as a go "OO! and UH and NNN!" Will there be only one jobbie or perhaps two or three, will it be lumpy or smooth, carrot shaped, cylinder (log) or curved sausage shaped, what colour dark brown to light tan, will it slide quietly into the water with a "flump!" or make a depth charge "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!". Like Tony I too have always had a good look at my jobbies after I have done then and take pride in what I have done. Of course when at home George if he is there will come in with me which adds to the pleasure and we often buddy dump.

Nicola's story about using the Girls' Toilet at her old school when playing Hockey there is simil! ar to an experience I had a year or so ago. I had been invited to my old school with some other former pupils for the prize giving day. After the ceremony I was at the reception for senior pupils and staff and felt a big jobbie come down my poop chute. I could have used the headmistress' toilet but I didnt want to clog the pan with what was almost certain to be a big panbuster so I excused myself and saying I was just going for a walk to rememember old times I went to the main Girls Toilet. One of the girls recognised me as "one of the ladies at the prize giving" but this didnt bother her. I went into one of the cubicles, unlike Nicola's there wasnt a jobbie in the pan already. I hitched up my skirt, a knee length grey pleated one similar to the type I wore when a schoolgirl and as luck would have it I was wearing a pair of white cotton interlock briefs, the same type of knickers I wore then too,(navy blue ones of course for PE and Games), so it was just like old times. I pull! ed my knickers down and sat on the pan and passed a nice big fat 14 inch torpedo and a 7 incher after it with good "Kur-spool-loomp!" "Kur-Sploonk!" sounds. When I pulled the flush the big jobbie stayed behind so I left it for others to see. Has anyone else had an enjoyable motion in a toilet they used to use at school, or a former home or place of work?

Marc, I feel you were a bit unfair to Christine. Sure we all get drunk at times but you really should have let her use the toilet first and you could have done your poo into a bucket, or the bath or shower tray or even onto a sheet of newspaper on the toilet floor and emptied it down the pan later. That way you would both have avoided getting into such a dreadful mess. Trying to do a motion with two sitting on the pan is okey for thin people but certainly when you are ???? like George and I it would be almost impossible to do so without getting dirty. As I kid of about 10 I did it with a cousin and that was difficul! t enough. Perhaps someone will make a twin seater pan? I have seen an old cottage were there was an outside privy with a long wooden seat with two holes side by side so two people could sit on this and dump together. By the way, Nick, I have often sat directly onto the toilet pan with the seat up when doing a motion. Some seats have a rather narrow opening and tend to compress the buttocks for ???? people like me making it difficult to pass our large jobbies even causing the turd to touch against the insides on our bum cheeks making cleaning afterwards a major task. If i have to sue a toilet pan with such a seat I will lift it, wipe the rim or the pan with toilet paper to ensure its clean then sit directly on the pan allowing my buttocks to part properly and the jobbie to come out easier. Sure it can sometimes be a bit cold but that is a small problem. The seats on our toilet pans at home are decemt wooden ones with a wide central opening so this problem doesnt occur there, l! ikewise on the toilets st work.


To Marc: I liked your story about you and your sister being drunk and using the toilet at the same time and it was pretty funny.

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