Hello everybody.
There is so much to read after I have been away for 5
days. I hope I do not miss anyone out.

SANDRA - I love your brown tail story. I tried something
a bit like it when I was a little girl. When I was about
7 or 8 I walked around the back garden with my knickers
down and a log poking out of my bum. It did not snap off
but I had such a strong urge to push it all out I could
not help it and the bottom line is I had a shit in my
mum's flower bed.

GOLDGIRL - Hi there, I was wondering how much you find
you have peed when you measure it. I find I can do about
1.3 litres, but I do not know what I could do when I
was 13.
I must do more peeing in sinks, I had forgotten just how
much fun it is. Do you ever stand to pee against a wall
like a guy does? That is a lot of fun too!

TEENAGED GIRL - Hi!!! Your story of how you saw your
boyfriend pee was lovely and romantic. Reminds me of how !
things are between me and my own boyfriend. Could you
tell us the other story of how your boyfriend saw you?
Could you tell us how you felt about it?

PV - I have to say thank you so much for giving me such
a lot of support for when I suddenly got the 'runs' when
we were out to go jogging. It was a lovely message you
wrote to me, and it is so good to know that someone
out there understands! Bless you! I found the message
containing the bit about that on page 351, and I do not
think that was a very good piece of writing. Steve does
these things much better than I do, but maybe I should
add a few words to what I said back then.
I do not think I would have felt the same if we had been
on that nudist beach, it would have been much easier for
me, but I knew I really really really needed to let go
soon! We moved away from where there were any children,
and Steve came with me to a tree a short way off the main path. I was squeezing my bumhole closed real tight, I did
not dare relax even a little bit. I went around the back
of the tree and pulled my little running shorts and
knickers right down, and I squatted down. It felt so good
really, to let all the thick brown sludge pour out of my
bumhole, and Steve stood with me and he was watching it
all coming out. I looked the other way, and there were two
ladies who saw me and could see my slop coming out. They
said how disgusting it was and pulled faces. I looked
around at Steve, and he was flashing some very accusing,
irritated looks at them. I had to have a wee, as well,
which the ladies did not like, and they called me dirty
for doing that. You know, I wish Steve could catch them
both weeing outside somewhere, then he could be a critic.
Steve was wonderful, he just told me that I was all right
to have had my loose shit and wee where I did it, and not
to worry about what! those ladies had to say. For a second I
felt embarrassed, but Steve's loving reassurance made me
feel so much better. He said so many nice things, like he
thought they were really envious of how I looked, and I
*know* he means what he says.
I think you might like to know that later, at home in the
shower, once he had cleaned my bum for me, I made a big
fuss of him and treated him to a very long session of
horizontal jogging. I only wish I could share the juicy
details of that with you. I do not remember you saying
anything about a man in your own life, but I think you
deserve someone really nice. No, you can't have Steve!
He's mine!!!


Justa girl

This is my first time posting here, but I have been lurking for a while. I really like this site as it makes me realize that I am not alone in my interests. I'm a 13 year old girl who likes peeing stories and holding on.

Justa girl

Last week i had my exams and my last was was 2 hours long (all the others were 1 hour) and I drank alot at lunch and I needed it the whole way through and I was really desperate and after the exam was over I went to the toilet and had a long gushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - I'm sure my condition didn't help my mark lol

Questions to guys and girls if have any stories..
What about pee hard-ons?? That was a major problem for me when I was recntly hospitalized/ I had been drinking tons of fluids and I had to go but I had an enormous pee hard-on and couldn't go in the bed pan.. Had to walk into bathroom with a nurse and try to pee with an enormous rod. Extremely embarrasing...

Jennifer. Ben in NY. Neither of you should feel anxious or guilty about having the interests you do. It's the way you are and you can't help it. I'm pretty much the same but as I've reached maturer years the interest has lessened and mellowed.

That said, I've always been fascinated by women being taken short and needing to go. I hope the moderator doesn't mind, but I can't help wondering sometimes if models and glamour girls ever get taken short during photo shoots etc. I think especially of the girls which feature in a well known British tablioid newspaper. If they do, I guess it's kept very quiet.

I was out of town this weekend (Memorial Day in USA). I was at Moab UT and spent today (Mon) driving back from there. First, I stayed at the Lazy Lizard Hostel in Moab which Pete (USA) is familiar. It is a neat place but as with Pete, the separate camping & cabins isolated people. They also had cool bathrooms.

On the 4x4'ing in Moab, I met with some people who are from where I live at. One guy I rode with was going through some things and found a roll of TP. He told me a story when he was in Moab before, a guy offered him $100 for the roll who was biking. Later on, he took off with the roll. He was an older guy and I definitely did not offer company.

On my way back to Colorado, I stopped at this one place to eat dinner and while I was looking for the place, I got the sudden urge to shit and took some napkins with me into the woods and dropped a load. I enjoyed it :)

Well, more later.....

Tuesday, May 30, 2000

no whizer
to pboy

to answer your question about getting a hard on when having a medical procedure, yes I have. It has not happened frequently, but it has a time or too.

It is most embarasing, and one time it happened I went into a restroom off the xray room(they always have one) and quickly masturbated. did not want to get on the xray table with an erection.

Also I like going in a coffee can(large) but I will pee first and only do #2 if I know it will be hard or firm. I like the adventure of going like this and hearing the kerplonk in the bottom of the can. quickly wipe and pull pants up, cover coffee can with lid and put in the garbage.
anyone else like to do it in containers?

Also check out story at start of page 295. It is very cute and slightly sexy.

To everybody:
I kinda enjoy rectual exams. They have to done by a
woman M.D. with me up in the strupps(sp). Since I'm on
the female hormones(TS) I don't get an eraction(sp).
I just saw the movie Fools Rus In and saw the bathroom
scene. I thought it was quite nice. I sure wish I had a
pretty woman that I could go to the bathroom with.
Talk to yu all later.

Canadian Dreamer
TRAVELER - Thank you for the insight! Your comment about toilet training was especially surprising. I've never even considered the social aspect of using the toilet... Then again, I don't even like talking to the person in the next stall, regardless of how familiar I am with them.
One thing however. I understand that by the time a child in our culture becomes toilet trained, they've gone through through literally thousands of diapers. Speaking on a purely practical level, how do parents in those other cultures deal with all that baby-poop?

Hi everyone!
I've been lurking here for a while and I decided it was about time I started contributing.
A little about myself: I'm 20 and I'm going to university. I work in a grocery story, which I mention because most of my stories will probably revolve around work. I've always enjoyed hearing other girls on the pot. I'm heterosexual, but I have to admit that I find the sight and sound of another girl doing a good number two is kind of a turn on.
I'll start with something that happened a couple of days ago.
I was in the break room, eating lunch with some friends when I began to feel a little "bottom heavy" (if you know what I mean:) and excused myself to the bathroom. My friend Jen decided that she'd come with me (for those who are interested, Jen is what most people would call "cute". She's very petite, wears glasses and has a pixie cut). We walked into the bathroom/change room and where almost floored by the smell of someone taking what seemed to be a monste! r dump. Whoever it was, she was farting up a storm and dropping some huge poos. Her farts sounded like really low tuba notes that echoed through the small room. Jen and I just stood there, in a state of shock, as whoever it was continued farting, grunting, moaning and plopping away. I couldn't believe how loud she was! Jen had pulled the neck of her t-shirt over her nose, and I could tell she was kind of grossed out. Finally, the girl in the stall wiped, (just a couple of times; I guess it was a fairly clean dump, despite it's size)flushed and pulled up her pants. Finally, the door opened and the mystery dumper was revealed. it turned out to be my friend Sarah (who's very pretty. She's about 5'5", slim and has brown hair with blonde streaks. She's really open about her bodily functions. She's also about a month pregnant). She smiled when she saw us. "Oh, Hi!" she said excitedly. She walked past us and started to wash her hands. "Sorry about the smell! I had some chilli for lun! ch and it ran right though me!" She giggled and patted her ????. "I guess the little one isn't helping matters any, ether!" We chatted a bit, and then she headed back to work. The bathroom still stunk really badly, but I didn't really mind. Jen, on the other hand, insisted that she was going to be sick and said that Sarah should probably go and see a doctor (Jen's really not a snob, it just REALLY stunk in there!). Anyway, we took our stalls. Jen began peeing, and I peed a bit before I let out a small fart (nothing like Sarah's massive, bowl splitting foghorn's) and began to dump. Jen must have heard the crackling a popping sounds, because I heard her shriek "Oh God, not you too!" I cackled evilly as my log broke off with a plop and I farted again. I pushed out a couple more small logs and a few small farts. Nothing major, but on to of Sarah's smell, it was pretty bad in there (I'm surprised they couldn't smell it in the break room!). We wiped, washed, and quickly retreated b! ack to work.
I hope you enjoyed my story. I'll try to post another one soon.

poOh bear - thank you so much for replying! i can tell you and i will get along fine! i am dying to hear what all you've peed in or on. i would love to hear a detailed story of you peeing somewhere. i hope you keep posting!

Molly & Mozelle - remember when you posted that little story about you peeing in the beanbag at walmart? its on page 338, right at the top. i would love to hear more stories like that, and maybe some longer ones. short and sweet is good too though!

i can't really think of any real stories at the moment, but right now i'm going to tell you some interesting places or things that i've peed in or on. i'm sure i can fill this post pretty good with that! first of all, there's my bed. i try not to pee in my bed everyday to avoid too many stains on it, but it's hard not to because it feels so good to be half asleep first thing in the morning and just let it leak right out. i usually only use my bed on weekends when i can sleep in and not have ! to get up right away to clean up.

then there's the sink. that wonderful bathroom sink that probably got me interested in peeing to begin with. i don't really remember when my very first thought about peeing in unusual places was, but i do remember when i was in 2nd grade i was listening in on some older girls during recess. one girl was talking about a day when her toilet was being fixed and she had to pee in the sink. then she went on about how exciting it was and how she still did it all the time. that right there is what really got me obsessed with peeing. i wish i still knew that girl. i was determined to do it too, so as soon as i got home that day, i locked myself in the bathroom, pulled down my pants, boosted up onto the sink, and let it flow. i'll never forget how wonderful it felt to be peeing in the sink like that. since pretty much that very day, the toilet was no longer used by this girl except to poop in.

i started peeing in the bathtub pretty mu! ch right after that. i always make sure i have to pee before i get in. then i let it go, and i can see the yellow coming out of me and mixing in with the water. and i love the fact that i'm actually bathing in my pee. usually on school days i take showers. so what i do is before i turn the water on, i take the fresh dry washcloth, wrap it around my peehole tight, and then i flood it with my pee. then since i have my own bar of soap, i just soap up the pee-wet washcloth and wash myself with it. heehee if my friends only knew.

i love to pee on carpet. whenever i'm at someone's house, i always have to sneak into a room somewhere and pee on their carpet. then when i'm done i love to just lay my head down next to my pee spot and just relax and let it touch my face and nose. and of course my carpet at home is so full of pee it's amazing my friends and family don't wonder what the smell is. i think since i've peed in pretty much every room, everyone figures its just a musty ! house and they think nothing of it.

if i'm out somewhere, i always hope that the bathrooms have only one toilet in them, so i can lock the door and let my pee flow into the sink or sometimes the floor. if it's a big bathroom with stalls, i usually go to the stall way on the end and pee on the floor. if i'm not in a hurry and have time, i pee right through my panties and then dry them as best as i can before leaving the stall.

i love peeing in strange public places too, like dressing rooms, movie theater seats (my friends don't even notice), and of course pools. one time emy and i were at one of those pizza places, i think discovery zone, that has those tunnels for kids and the big mesh cage of balls. when i was in the balls with emy i was covered from my chest down. so i managed to pull down my shorts and panties just a bit and pee right in there.

well, i guess that's all i can think of right now. if i think of any more i'll mention them. and if anyo! ne else thinks of any, let me know and i'll tell you if i've done it or not. if not, i'm sure i will after you tell me!

see ya later,

Canadian Dreamer - I used to buy coloured toilet paper all the time in the early 1990s because it matched the decor of the bathroom. But since about '92 or '93, you can no longer buy coloured toilet paper in Canada. Apparently it caused problems for many women I was told. As one who dumps at least two or three times a day, I never had a problem with it. I'd love to buy some more.

No Name Girl - sorry about the confusion with names. The way it was posted, it looked to be Leo's post. The story was good and thanks for clearing up the seat part. I know I certainly find sitting on that porcelin bowl with the toilet seat up or no toilet seat is very uncomfortable. Not only is it extremely cold on your butt but can be messy if you pee while having a dump. I've only sat on the bowl once and that first thing in the morning when I really had to go and just sat without looking. I'd left the seat up the night before. I learned a valuable lesson--I always put the seat down before ! going to bed.

TO SANDRA-loved your poo-tail story-You mean you just stood up straight and the poo just came out-you must be one of those people that you can see their anus even when you are standing up-Some years ago,i went out with a woman like that-it was a great turn on for me to see her poo also-cool storyTO MIKE AND ROGER-by the way,where in Wash sq park is this men's room-can you tell me where exactly in the park it is.I've been to the park and never knew it was there-maybe this summer.i'll get the nerve to go there and poo with others out in the open,sounds like a cool place ( as long as no one there gets weird or tries to pick you up) none of that stuff for me-just want to poo along with the other guys!that would be kind of a turn on for me.TO LISA-WEnt to the woods yesterday a.m.and by the time i got there,i had to dump pretty good,so i found a spot and took off my clothes and dug a hole and waited for a good cramp and i brought my mirror along and took it out and put it in a spot ! where i could see good and squatted down and let out a big fart and saw my anus start to open up and didn't push and just let this smooth long turd come out slowly and watched it grow and grow til it was touching the groung as it was still coming out my domed asshole.It was about 1 1/2 in wide and about 12 in long when it finally fell out.It was smooth but firm and it felt great coming out and i was thinking of doing this poo along with you Lisa as you would be pooing along with me-would be fun don't you think?.Then i got up and walked around for a few mins and then felt another cramp and squatted in the same spot and watched in the mirror and a bunch of soft mush with some farting flew out my anus and of course at this point,i got off big time-I love going in the woods,it's so care free and then i wiped my anus and got dressed and went on my way doing some more biking-as i left i looked at the pile which was a long sausage coiled up with a lot of soft ice crean poo on top of! it-a nice load then i covered it up and left-a good day always starts with a good dump for me!Let's hear some poo stories in the woods from you all! BYE

Elena- Sorry I didn't mean any insult by calling him your boyfriend...I just forgot he was you feince (sp). Thanks for the story, I too have been in that situaiton a few times. The threat of an enema can make straining a lot more effective! Say Hi to Linda for me.-- JW

Jennifer - I feel for you, mine is a secret too, nobody knows about my toilet fantasies, except the people here, but I was the same until I found this site, we are all in the same boat here so don't worry, and please post again, I think a lot of people here can relate to your story and appreciate your honesty....and you must try to empty your bowels more often, if you hold your poop, the muscles stop contracting and the desire to go is lost, try eating more fruit and bran.


Toledo, the Tree Whizzer
Hello all! Elena & JW, I have some info with which to expound upon what I mentioned earlier about the animé Slayers. I managed to get a copy of Slayers: The Motion Picture (aka Slayers Perfect in Japan) on DVD. This is one of the prequels to the series that features Lina's travels with Naga. On the movie. the two are aboard a boat sailing to Mipross Island. At dinner, Lina downs 7 buffet platters and asks the wiater for an eighth, causing the poor guy's jaw to drop a foot ^^;;. I sure wouldn't have liked to have to use the can after her! Also in Slayers Perfect, Naga is shown to be quite the lush; she literally likes her booze by the QUART. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she can start new rivers without resorting to her sorcery skills ^_^.

Jennifer, welcome to the forum! Don't worry about the fetish issue; we have a moderator who ensures posts are not sexual in nature, passing references are allowed but not much more. Read the F A Q for more details.

Wh! omever posted about using a pee jar on long road trips: I have myself trained to the point where I can last an entire 10-hour drive from northwest Ohio to Northern south Carolina withot having to stop. It can be done!

One year after graduating from college and working in a department store as a management trainee, I decided that retail was not for me. I decided to get a Master's degree and got two jobs - one full-time as a receptionist for a dental office and one part-time in a bookstore - to save some money for graduate school. I was also taking some computer classes at night, so I was very busy. Both jobs required long hours standing or answering the phone and dealing with customers. It was sometimes difficult to go on break, even if it was just to go to the bathroom.

One time at my receptionist job I returned to work from lunch and was developing a stomach ache and an urge to poop. It was busy that afternoon, as the dentist was running late and a couple of people tried to walk in to see the dentist. I usually worked with another person at the front desk, but she had to leave for a while and wasn't coming back until later that afternoon. So I was alone answering phone! s and checking people in and out, and I was getting increasingly uncomfortable as I struggled to hold it in. Finally my co-worked came back and helped out, but it was still very busy. After another hour the crowd began to subside, and I had a chance to step out, so I immediately headed to the ladies room, but not before letting go a booming fart that could have been heard in the waiting room had someone been paying attention.

I went into the ladies room and into a stall, and I lowered my slacks and panties, and sat. I began to push out a large turd, which was long and thick and unusually bumpy. It fell down into the toilet and made a huge splash, enough to get my butt wet. After that, I continued to push out large pieces that were long, thick and soft but solid. I must have pushed out a dozen or so pieces before I was done. I wiped several times, got up and couldn't believe how thick the turds were. I flushed the toilet and saw that everything went down. It w! as a relief.

Gary and I will be out of town for a couple of weeks. Will post more by then.

Hi Jennifer
I liked your post!
My name is Jacobi and this my first time posting. I have been reading these post for about 6mo. now. I also like to have bm and I like to fart. I like to watch other people have bm and fart. I like really like solid, long, brown poops. I like it when a person farts before they start to poop. Sometimes I like to go into the bathroom with my friend so I can smell her poop, and hear it when drops into the toilet, but I don't want her to know that I'm intersted in her pooping. I also like when she walks in on my while I'm haveing a bm.

I am a 20-year-old female who loves the sight and the smell of poop.

po0h Bear
I wanna share my last toilet experience with you all...
seeing as this is such a sharing friendly place i want to share with you what just happened.. i needed to take a dump so i went to the toilet and let go it was a pretty impressive one.. about 7 inches long and 1 inch in diameter i wiped but it was clean then i needed to go for a pee... so i put on a skirt and walked out the back of my house to the sand section then sat on some bricks and let go.. I think i must have peed for about 1 minute and in that time i decided that next time i need to have a dump i'll do it outside somewhere and see what ist is like.. more details about that when it happens! cya's
po0h bear

Ben--you want a desperation story?? I think this will fit the bill. I'd gone out for lunch to this buffett resteraunt. I had had a large ice tea & that really goes through me. Before leaving I went for the bathroom. It was closed due to a plumbing problem. This wasn't good news for me. I was really feeling the need to go. I had a few stops to make before going home for the day. I was driving to an office building to pick up some papers & knew I'd better hurry & find a place to pee. There isn't really anyplace to pull over along the way. I'm starting to fidget in my seat. When i finially get tothe building I thought about squatting behind a car & going but the people traffic was rather heavy & I didn't want to be seen. I hurried inside & got into the elevator to get to my floor. The elevator was empty & as I started up I was holding myself & doing the "GOTTA PEE NOW!!!" dance. When the elevator stops I let out a little squirt (you know how it ki! nd of lurches & catches you off guard). I quickly go to the office I need & get the papers. Before leaving I ask the secratary if there is a bathroom I can use. She says it's down the hall. I quickly head off. It's a 1 person bathroom & I'm lucky there isn't anyone in there already. I quickly go in & lock the door. As I'm undoing my jeans Another squirt comes out. I sqeeze my muscles & keep thinking "just a second longer". I quickly sit & piss for over a full minute. Then it comes to a trickle. After a couple seconds I pee a little more. I haven't had to go that bad in a long time. Hope that works for you Ben.

Buzzy--Your right it would be pretty hard to buddy dump. I'm in Colorado. Just a little ways from's fun to imagine a partner while dumping though. I get a nice "BUZZ" from a hearty dump myself & would love to share sometime.

Cheri--I too enjoy holding my urge as long as i can & having a nice firm crap. I ca! n't hold it that long on purpose though. The longest I've held it was like 8 hours or so. I don't crap everyday. Sometimes I go for 2 or 3 days with out feeling the need. Then when it comes it comes big time. I rarely have diahrrea or constapation. I like to let the turd start out then pull it back & wait as long as I can before letting it out. I love to crap in the outdoors when i can. There's something about going in the woods that just feels great.Please post some of your stories & tell us your favorite time/way to go.


Jay From Texas
To pboy: It's common to get a hard on when getting a rectal exam...I do and I'm not ashamed of it. no one should be, because it's perfectly normal reaction. Also pboy, are you the one that has the website dedicated to shit? if so I have a request/idea...I would like to see pics of guys sitting on the toilet if possible.

to the people talking about Washington Square Park: we have a park here in Houston that has a mens room similar to that. there is a men's room in Memorial park that does have partitions but no doors. the toilets are the metal-jailhouse type with the flush button on the wall. No seats, no doors, no toilet paper holders. Just be careful, the HPD (houston Police dept) sometimes time people in there and if they think you've been in there too long, they'll come in there and kick you out...sometimes they ticket you for either soliciting, or criminal mischief. It pisses me off that they do this....what are they worried about...people using too much! of the city's toilet paper???
If there is anybody in this forum in or around the Houston Metroplex are then you know how tightwad our city is with it's citizens but extremely frivolous with the politicians.
Anyways, I like to hang around the Memorial park toilet and get caught by others coming in there to crap, or pee. It's a turn on for me to be walked in on.

more later. See Y'all....If there are any Houstonians out in the Forum, i'd love to hear from ya!

Ben in NY
Hi Jen!
I would like to thank you for posting what you posted. It must have taken a lot of courage and I'll bet it helped you in many ways! It also helped me in so many ways too! I am 14, and for about a year now (that's how long I knew I had the same interests as you, and also in desperation) I have been thinking every other day or so "what the hell is wrong with me?" Thanks to you, I guess there is nothing wrong with me. And now I can tell you that there is nothing wrong with you either! I am totally normal, I am popular at school, I'm good looking, I have a 155 I.Q, I'm athletic, and I'm also a Phish Phanatic! But every night I masturbate to the thoughts of a girl in one of my classes getting extremely desperate (to pee or poop). I was wondering if maybe there is a direct corrolation with intelligence and this sexual fetish. Many of the people here seem to be inteligent beyond average expectations. I also wonder if sexual fetishes get passed from generation to! generation i.e. do my parents have the same fetish? Just a thought, and actually, I hope that they don't! I like to be my own person=) Regarding religion, I don't accept a lot of things in my religion, and in my opinion, nothing should be accepted by you if it goes against what you think. Be your own person! Make up your own little religion as I have done. I have my beliefs, and although many of them are derived from my religion of Judaism, many are not. So keep doing what you're doing! Keep having fun with it! And hey, keep being who you are, despite the beliefs of others.

P.S. Until your post, I probably wouldn't have said what I said in the last few sentences of my own post. Now I know that as long as I am a good person, I shouldn't be botheresd by my sexual pleaures (unless, of course, it involves hurting someone else, which I assure you it doesn't).
P.P.S. My appologies for the rant.

Longtime Lurker Dude
Well, I think the alias I'm using will get old fast, so from now on I will use the initials LLD.
Jane - It is not so much being able to go when you need to. Usually there are bathrooms just about wherever you go, so they are there. It is the fact that sometimes you just forget to go. Take this situation for instance:
Say it's the end of the school year and students have to take final exams. I remember being so focused on doing well on the tests that I wasn't thinking about anything else. Well, the tests take all day. It just happened to be very hot that day, and I had been drinking a lot of water. I don't remember feeling any need until on my way home. The need came on in a hurry and before long I was desperate. As soon as I got home I rushed to the bathroom and released a long pee. If I hadn't been so occupied with the tests, I probably would've realized that I had to go sooner.
I always thought this happened to everyone. Maybe I'm wrong. I would appreciate ! some feedback. Thanks

Hi, everybody! WHOA... BUSY weekend... I've got some catching up to do!

Lisa: Good to hear from you again! Impressive nature story
that I enjoyed very much! Nice detail and I'm flattered that
you remembered to bring and used your tape measure! It was
understandable that Buzzy was happy you fantasized about him
being there, but just for the record I'd stand in for him
any time! That would have been an incredible live performance... oh,well, I can dream, can't I?

Jennifer: Welcome to a friendly place! Most, if not all of us here, have had to struggle with feeling "abnormal" because of our "unusual" fascinations in this domain...
It IS O.K... There is a lot of support and understanding
here. I had a few detailed posts about this a few weeks ago,
which you might want to check out if you didn't see them at the time. J.W. is right, you should use this forum to express yourself... it is bound to help. I have a question for you: what e! ver happened to the stuck bm you tried to do
at the concert? Could you share this with us? (Please?)

Nicola: Nice post! I was glad to see you back again, as you
were one of my favorite regular posters from the archives I
discovered a few days before I found the present forum. The
field hockey incident was certainly a great story... brought back memories to you in more than one way, eh? It
reminded me of one of your old posts in which you buddy
dumped with an unknown partner at a pub at a Friday lunch,
where co-workers were giving you the credit/blame for doing both! Remember? I do! Also, interesting material on the relative smells of different types of turds... I hadn't really thought about it, but I'd tend to agree with both of your theories... a hearty welcome back!!

Sandra: Welcome back to YOU, too!! An excellent, relaxing nature story! The odd part for me, though, was walking around with the brown tail... didn't you have an urg! e to finish? I think I would have... intriguing story, though!

Tony(Scotland): Excellent, detailed post! Curiously, for whatever reason,I also much prefer the jobbie to come out in one piece, or I'm disappointed! And may I add you sound like a lucky guy to be able to buddy dump with you wife Theresa!

ck you up) none of that stuff for me-just want to poo along with the other guys!that would be kind of a turn on for me.TO LISA-WEnt to the woods yesterday a.m.and by the time i got there,i had to dump pretty good,so i found a spot and took off my clothes and dug a hole and waited for a good cramp and i brought my mirror along and took it out and put it in a spot ! where i could see good and squatted down and let out a big fart and saw my anus start to open up and didn't push and just let this smooth long turd come out slowly and watched it grow and grow til it was touching the groung as it was still coming out my domed asshole.It was about 1 1/2 in wide and about 12 in long when it finally fell out.It was smooth but firm and it felt great coming out and i was thinking of doing this poo along with you Lisa as you would be pooing along with me-would be fun don't you think?.Then i got up and walked around for a few mins and then felt another cramp and squatted in the same spot and watched in the mirror and a bunch of soft mush with some farting flew out my anus and of course at this point,i got off big time-I love going in the woods,it's so care free and then i wiped my anus and got dressed and went on my way doing some more biking-as i left i looked at the pile which was a long sausage coiled up with a lot of soft ice crean poo on top of! it-a nice load then i covered it up and left-a good day always starts with a good dump for me!Let's hear some poo stories in the woods from you all! BYE

hey all:
my mother had to give me an enema last night after i had been constipated for almost a week. i had to lay down in the tub with my legs spread open for the enema and when the water squirted out of my ass it brought huge turds of shit with it relieving me tremendously.

also the effects of the enema gave me a hard-on like you wouldn't believe.
has any of you other guys ever had this happen to you while you were getting an enema?

I really enjoyed your post. This is my first time posting. I have been reading all the great post for about 6mo. now. I love to FART and have bm! I like to watch people have bm also. I am a 20 year-old college student who love to Fart and have a nice big poop, and I realy love the smell. I know I might sound a little sick, but I'm really a nice person.

Hi Jennifer !
Great bio and story! Hope you keep posting !

I am a lurker myself....I may start posting now that I got one post under my belt.

OK, i promised, here are some neat pisses i have taken/am planning to take. i go to an exercie club regularely and love pissing in weird places there. often i will do it in the sauna but this can bedangerous - if i do it on a towel the towel will turn yellow, and if i don't use a towle and piss a lot it will fall through the cracks and make noise on the floor. what i also like doing is when i change after the workout in the pool i will go change n a stll int he bathroom, in there i will do one of two things. i will just piss down my legs and make a puddle on the floor, which is great cuz ppl just hitnk its water and feels good. or i will pen the toilet and take one of the white towles they supply and spread it across the seat and piss onto that and make it all yellow, then bundle it up and throw it in the cleaning basket. i never wipe myslef then because i love the feel o a wet panty crotch, do others do this? goldgirl, know you do! :)

i have decided taht if ! no on is home when i get home tomorrow i am gonna piss in the wastepaper basket, it is plastic and solid. i am also emptying a smaller container i hope i can use. please tell me more stories of where you have all pissed so i can get ideas!

goldgirl, i love your stories!!! more! :) glad you like mine too!!!! ;)

I just came across this web site recently and have a story to share. A few years ago, I had been at a keg party all night and my younger sister Christine was there. I was 20 at the time and Christine was 17. Our parents were divorced and we lived with my mother, who had gone away for the weekend with her boyfriend. I left the party around 2 am, and Christine asked if she could ride with me. We were both drunk and stopped at Denny's and we both pigged out. On the way home, Christine let out a loud fart. She smiled and said that she had to take a huge dump. I also felt a massive dump coming on. I let out a fart, and we both proceeded to keep farting and totally stinking up my car. We got home and as we walked into the house, we both ran up the stairs towards the bathroom. Christine was ahead of me and I tackled her at the top of the stairs. I told Christine that I was going first, and she said that she was going to go in her pants. I felt bad for her, but I also felt a movement ! coming on. As I walked into the bathroom, Christine ran by me saying she couldnt wait. I again said that I was going first, and ran over to the toilet and began pulling my pants and underwear down. We were both still pretty drunk. Christine pulled her pants and undies down and we both attempted to sit down on the toilet. Our asses clashed and we both let out a fart. It was obvious that neither of us could wait. I lifted the seat up and we sat ass to ass on the toilet. I had seen Christine and she had seen me use the bathroom before, but we had never used it together. We both farted and began pushing a huge log out of our asses. Our logs collided and both splashed into the water spraying our asses. Christine and I both pushed another log (each at least 12"s) out of our asses. We continued pushing and straining as we shit all over each others asses. The back of our heads slammed together as we strained. Our asses were connected by clumps of our shit. We had gotten shit all over ! our backs and the toilet and on the floor, it was disgusting. We were burping (from all the beer we had) and farting, and I fell back and knocked Christine off the toilet. I fell right on her ass as we were both passing a small log. She fell on her stomach and I landed seated on her ass, squishing the logs, coming out of our asses, together. I briefly passed out, and woke up about an hour later. Christine had also passed out on the floor. I woke her up and we finished shitting. There was shit all over us and on the toilet and floor. We cleaned our asses and went to bed, and cleaned the bathroom when we got up. We later agreed not to talk about that night again or tell anybody.

Monday, May 29, 2000

Hello to all the girls and women in here.How
are all of you doing today. I am a 22yr old single male
and I enjoy listening to women go poop. I have never been
in the same bathroom with a girl while they went
poop,and I would really love to get the chance
to watch a girl go poop while I was in the same
room. If there are any girls who would like to
let a guy watch you go poop then E-mail me.
I live in Hawaii and where I go to the beach
there are only portta-potties to go pee and poop
into and when i go and have to take a poop,I
really get excited because I can go poop and I
may get the chance to listen to a girl also go
poop and pee. I usually poop two times a day,
and when i go poop it usually comes out in 3-4
pieces. This post is getting to long so I am
going now. kap

Hi guys, sorry not to have posted lately. i wanna tell you all about a wonderful pissing dream i had this past weekend. Anyway, it started with me getting on the bus to go home from school. i could feel the piss inside me and while i wsn't desperate, i sure needed to go! i was sitting on the bus planning what to do with the piss. these were my thoughts: 'i don't have anything to piss in when i get home. too boring in the sink. too boring in the shower. too open in the backyard.' then i decided taht i was gonna get out the hose and change into my swimsuit and wash down the back orch and while i was doing this i could either piss down my legs as i washed or lay down on the wet porch and add to the wetness and let it spread down my front as i lay there. as i was thinking this i had my hands tucked in my crotch, not holding me but just keeping warm. then the bus hit this huge pothole and i went flying into the air. when i came down, my control broke and i spurted piss.! i don;t empty myself, i got control back, but i had really wet my jeans (black, yay!) and i felt the crotch with my hands and it was damp but not dripping. for some reason i got off the bus there even though i had to go so bad now and i was making it longer by walking. as i walked i could feel the wetness rubbing against me and it just made me have to go more! I was wlaking thorugh the woods in my dream and i was glad cuz i kept squrting little bits. i had so much in me theat it never abated. finlly i couldn't hold it any longer but didn't want to squat on the ground. so i climbed up a tree and took my jeans off but didn't bother to take mt panties off since they were already pretty wet. so i sat on a big branch and poointed my crotch at the tree and held it until i couldn't anymore, and it felt so great when i let go. this huge flood rushed out of me and even through the panties (which were pretty thin) it spashed off the tree trunk and splashed my legs and panties ! more, which really didn't matter much anymore though! i put my jeans back on and got down with my wet panties on - goldgirl, hthis must be what you felt like at school, i could feel the wetness rubbing softly and it was so exciting. i have to do what oyu did sometime, my school has something to the same effect with the oneperson bathrooms.

at this point i woke up tho and was bursting in real life. i wanted to do something ratehr than just go in the toilet but people were home. so i dribbled a little on the foot of the bed to content myself and then went and pissed in the sink. i need to find more exciting things to do! willt ell you some of the other things i have done in another post shortly, don't want to be too long!

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