That guy just isn't my boyfriend.. next month.. he becomes my husband. Oh yeah.. trust me it was awful.. and hard to do.. but I did it. I feel kinda odd talking to a guy about me pooping but Linda says you're okay. well as I posted on ym first time.. I never got an enema.. but Miguel reminded me that once I did.. but I'll tlel that story later when i have time.. but here's a story that does involve an enema but it wasn't given to me.. but it did make me go? Confused? Let me tell you a story.. this happened a few monthes after my first post and when Miguel saw me poop when we were small. Well I know my mom was worried cause I had not pooped in a few days.. me I didn't notice.. but I tried.. to make her happy. I remember sitting on my potty looking at a book. (what a cute mental pic eh.. a little girl nude on the potty looking at a book pretending she could read the words under the pictures) Anyway Miguel poked his head in and said Hi. I stood there look at him and said h! i back. (I was little and hey he had seen me go before.. we even took bathes together) Anyway.. he asked if I had pooped.. my mom told him I could not play with him till i had. I shook my head and said sorry.. I have to go.. but it won't come out.[note.. me and Miguel were speaking spanish.. think of this as the dubbed version]Well my mom heard and asked if I had tried. I told her I had. She said she didn't like doing this.. but I would have to get an enema. I screamed.. as did Miguel. Now she became panic stricken as now she had two panicy kids on her hands. Miguel hugged me and told my mom no.. she couldn't do it. My mom smiled and said.. I should marry this boy as he's so sweet and it's rare for a guy to stand up to a person bigger than him to protect a girl. (I wonder if she knew) Anyway she said there's was no chice.. she said she would have to.. and she started looking for the stuff. Well let me tell you that I was scared.. and nervous.. so nervous.. my ???? started gur! gling and well it got my bowels to moving. My eyes opened wide and I whispered to Miguel.. It's .. it's coming.. I can feel it. Miguel held me and said good try.. if you do it.. your mom can't make you get an enema. I sat there..holding him trying to push quietly.. my mom missing the whole legs bobbed up and down as it slide out making crackling popping sound. I remember feeling soooooooooo good and my shoulders drooping as it came out in my potty.I yelled I did it!!! My mom looked back and said what? Miguel giggled and said she did it.. she pooped and you missed it. i got up and there was this huge poop kind coiled in my potty.. it broke off a few times as it could not fit all in there. My mom kissed me and said good girl. I did a few more poops as my mom and Miguel cheered me on. heh that's all for now.. next time I promise.

P.S. I noticed lots of people would like to see movie stars and such use the toilet.. my guy finally confidened in my that he would ! love to see many females from anime and manga .. to which I said it's okay.. they don't exist.. but if he covets those that do.. he's got to answer to me.^-^

Molly of Molly & Mozelle
Hi GoldGirl. I have not been here in a while and I am not sure what bean bag story you are talking about. Can you please refresh my memory?

Traveler: Did you ever watch any female pee while standing on your travels?

po0h bear
Gold Girl~ : I too am like you and interested in peeing into things nad peeing in weird places... I am 15 and are not gay yet seeing guys pee is not as muh of a turn on as see gurlz pee. This forum is good nad i would like to share my discoveries with you all.
Since i was little (8 or so) i was interested in peeing and one time i had a friend come voer adn we went to the park. She said she needed to pee nad under the playgound she dug a hold and started to pee in it.. I also dug a hold and peed in that too... Then she started to take a dump then covered it up. This really interested me and from then on i always had an intertest in watching people pee. When i was in year 5 and aat a farm a friend and i built a cubby house and even made a toilet that we used.. we used to watch each other pee in it all the time. Now at 15 i practice watersports alone and pee into things or watch myself pee.. i discovered a way to watch yourself do things in the toilet. You sit the wrong way a! round and place a mirror on the toilets backrest. I enjoy nothing better than to take a good dump as well and only really go every few days they are never as impressive as what you all do but i mgiht start trying to get them better.!
I'll write more of my experiences in here for you all later :)
po0h bear

I was working as a UPS driver in Detroit. One time I really had to dump big time. The package car had a little hatch in the floor that allowed the mechanics access to the gas tank gauge sending unit. So, I parked in an alley, opened up the little hatch, and dropped a huge log out the hatch. It dropped on the drive shaft and fell to the ground. Before I drove away I checked to see if the alley was clear of pedestrians before driving off and leaving this huge pile of poop and paper. Hated to do that, but if ya gotta go, well.....

To Justme...

You needn't worry, not every UK toilet is pay-to-use, although it seems quite a few are going that way. In a lot of railway stations you have to pay about 20 pence to enter a "turnstile" style gate to use the urinals or the cubicles, but often people who don't have the change just hop over the bars at the side.

As for public toilets in general, it really depends on the location. You'll probably find that some of them in high tourist areas are pay-to-use, but a lot of them are still free.

JENNIFER: Welcome to the forum. You must have felt relieved (no pun intended) after finally getting the courage to post. I, too, was a former reader of Bianca's Bathroom (never posted there) and lurked around here for a long time before getting the nerve to post. You will find plenty of people here who share your interests and will be willing to help if you ask. Please share any experiences that you have.

LONGTIME LURKER DUDE: Ever since I can remember I usually was able to go to the bathroom when I needed to and didn't have any accidents. That was particularly true with respect to peeing. When I had to do a BM, I was at first apprehensive about doing it away from home, especially in school and public places. I was really conscientious about it from sixth grade through most of high school. I would try to hold it in until I got home. After a couple of incidents where I had to poop in a public restroom and ended up doing massive BMs, and especially during the s! ummer I worked in my Mom's office, I bcame less apprehensive about doing it in public restrooms, and I completely overcame it during my first year in college when I was in the dorms. It was just in time, since I had many massive pooping sessions during my last two years in high school and in my undergraduate college years. Nowadays I have much better eating habits and fairly regular pooping sessions, and the massive BMs are few and far between.

Hi all,just discovered this site the other day,I had no idea there was anything like this on the net!
Two things that surprise me is the number of females who post and also the age range.
I seem to have a rather boring bowel life compared to some of you(how can someone shit for 20 mins non stop?!?!?where do they keep it?!?)about 5 mins is usual for me.
I don't have many stories so I'll have to spread them out a bit.The first is desperation.My then g/f and me were out in my car,I can't remember where,but on the way home we both started to need to pee badly.
We were going to her flat in the city and it took quite a long time to get there,what with traffic etc.By the time we arrived both of us were holding our crotches and doing the pee dance.We dived out of the car,bolted up 2 flights of stairs to her door and spent about 3 hours trying to unlock the door.(Why does it ALWAYS take so long?)
Finally got in and raced to the tiolet.While all this is going on I'm ! thinking,yes!buddy pee!!Before we get into the bathroom the phone started ringingand what did I do?Answered it.Duh!
However the phone's beside the tiolet door so I pushed it open to make hurry up signals and was treated to the sight of her on the throne.All this while making polite conversation with her grandmother!
Finally got in for my own pee after about 5 mins.Oh the relief!!
Hope this wasn't too boring,gotta go,chow.

TO STEVE M-welcome to the forum!I like to dump at the gym(check some of my old posts)for the same reason- to poop along with others while doing a good poo of my own-i too have gotten off while listening to other guys really letting go,but try next time when YOU really gotta go bad to do it at the same time as the other guy!Now that's great!TO TRAVELLER-Yes,fabulous is the right word for a dump like that!Isn' it great to just relax and let the poo just ooze out of your open anus!I love to poo like that-I hold it for moments like that esp in the outdoors!Great story,i enjoyed that! TO LIsa-I'm flattered to hear you were thinking of me while you did that great dump in the woods-I'm going for a bike ride today to the woods and as i'm sitting here typing this to you,i'm feeling some cramps in my ????-so i'm heading out to the woods soon and i'll be thinking of you,lisa,as i'mrelaxing my anus and letting go in the woods-I'll let you know how it turns out!Love your stories-Maybe we'! ll run into each other in the wwods(kinda unlikely,cause i'm in NY,and my guess is you are not-too bad)But it would be nice-have a great memorial weekend all-happy dumping!BYE

Jennifer--- STOP WORRYING, your beating youself up over something you have very little control over. For a long time I was like you I felt really guilty about my own interest in pooping. Gradually I realized that, yes there is a segment of the population that has this interest and yes, at least for me (and perhaps for you) there's a good eplaination. You attention was focused on your bowels from a very youn age because of your disposition to constipation. I had the same experiences as you, lots of laxatives, lots of enemas, and lots of time spent attending to an straining on the toilet, with my mother watching and instructing. Its a part of you...enjoy it...and tell us more stories, it helps a lot to talk about it.-- JW

Not all UK toilets are pay operated, but believe me you'll prefer the ones that are! Basically that money pays for the cleaning, which means that pay-toilets are usually sanitary. Otherwise the council pays for cleaning, which means the toilets usually get cleaned literally about once a year. The toilets block, people do their buisiness on the floor and in the sinks, the whole place turns into a stinking cess pool within months. I'm told the gents toilets are even worse. Personally I opt out, I wear diapers 24\7, and where that isn't appropriate I will find myself the nearest bush or quite alleyway, both of which are easier to find in the UK than a public toilet. I reccommend you do the same.
PS. I have been visiting here for a while but not yet posted. I hope to tell my life story and how I got into what I'm into shortly, but finding the time is the problem!

JUSTME - I live in the UK and I can assure you that we have normal toilet. Ok, some of the off the street ones can be a bit grotty but I've never come accross a pay one over here all my life. Heathrow has just normal toilets. Where do you come from by the way?
Luv ***


Yeah, it's me again at long last!

I've got all your posts, except the one where you describe your loose bowels incident -- what page is it on? I looked but couldn't find it, and my thought here are based on Steve's comments

Girl, I just wanted to say that you did the right things, made the right choices. The women who were scathing when they caught sight of you were obviously without compassion and I might imagine that some day their outlook will be broadened by unpleasant experience. I don't wish it on them, but it's a possibility. I've not had such an experience myself, but I've been in proximity to such an event, and the kind of shame, helplessness and emotional trauma it can bring about is wicked to say the least.

You're a big, healthy girl and you know what's what with yourself and others, and Steve was there "on your side," which would have helped a lot. You didn't set out to offend anyone, but the situation was out of you! r control, and given the alternative of a messy, embarressing accident, you did the only practical alternative, in surrendering to the situation and making the best of it by squatting and defeacating 'properly.'

To call you a 'dirty bitch' was the height of crassness -- do they imagine you were divesting yourself of dignity in public willingly? That makes me so mad! It's not *quite* the same as our friend Sandra enjoying a firm motion in public, or indeed in any way comparable to your Mom enjoying a passing at the pool men's room with you.

All I can say is that you handled it properly, and have nothing to regret.

I still mean to write a proper posting in reply to yoursand Steve's last batch of postings, and promise I will as soon as I can!

Thinking of you, girl,


Jen-- pleeeeeeeeeeese post regularly! and be detailed! you're terrific!

I'm spending this holiday weekend in the country with my husband (happily he brought his laptop so I could post this. We're staying in a house owned by some friends of ours and they have a lot of land which is mainly woodland. Yesterday I went for a walk alone in the woods. As it is private land, after about half an hout I decided to take off my clothes. After walking naked for about another half an hour I decided I needed a poo. I stopped walking and the poo started to come out. I wasn't even squatting...the poo was sliding out. It was a thick poo and after about 5 inches of it had come out it stopped. I figured that if I carried on walking the poo would either snap off or come out. So there I am walking naked in the woods with a brown tail! After fifteen minutes, the poo dropped off but there was more inside so I took some leaves and picked the poo out. Then I wiped. I put my clothes back on and walked back to the house.

Have any of the rest of you ever had a rectal exam?
I had my first one when I was 13. I was having some problems with bedwetting and the doctor thought I might be constipated. He was partialy right. I do get constipated and it did make my bedwetting worse, but was not the only problem. I still wet the bed sometimes (about once every two or three months) and it is worse when I am constipated. The first time I go the rectal exam I got a huge hard on even though I had not reached puberty yet. I have been getting exams every year since (I am 28 now) and get hard every time. Any body else have any similar experence?


Glad to find someone else who savers the feeling of holding a shit for a few days. I have held it for a couple days consciously; but since my diet is so bad, I don't go but 3-4 times a week anyway. Then my my first turd is usually the longest, sometimes as much as 12 inches or more. Most of the time it gets stuck halfway out and I just sit and savor the feeling of being stretched. I try to hold that position for as long as possible, and sometimes when I start pushing again, it won't go anywhere. You wouldn't go into detail about the things you are forced to do to move it on, but I suspect they are some of the same things I do.

Have you ever shared this private time with anyone, male or female? I wish I could find someone who enjoys this process as much as I do, and am curious if you have?

Cheri and Nicola, John (VT), Jill. I have enjoyed doing a big firm motion since I was a kid of pre school age and still do some 40 plus years since. Like you I enjoy the sensation of a large solid jobbie in my back passage and will hold it in but also dont take the risk of an accident. For a male of course there is the added attraction that a big fat well formed turd in the rectum puts pressure on the prostate gland and causes an erection with its pleasureable sensations . Even as young as 5 or 6 this would sometimes happen to me. I would enjoy going to the toilet, undoing my "snake belt" (an elasticated belt with a snake shaped chromed buckle worn by schoolboys in the 1950s and 60s in Britain to hold up their trousers), slip down my grey short trousers and underpants and then with an "OO! and NN!" or so feel the jobbie come out of my bum. I always hoped it would be a nice big one and tried to get it all out in a oner and waited for the loud "Ker-sploonk! as it plunged into th! e water of the toilet pan. I would then look down the pan at the big carrot shape or sausage type jobbie and, in common with many who post here, have a feeling of pride and say to myself "I did that". Again like many others if I did a good jobbie at school I would leave the toilet unflushed so others would see it and vividly remember when I was about 11 in my last year in Primary (Grade) School I hadn't been for 3 days and did a really big jobbie in the Boys Toilet at school which had stuck in the pan. I had a feeling of pride when I heard one of the other boys telling his sister about "the big jobbie Tony did". If I was able to "buddy dump" my poo on top of someone else's this always gave me a bigger thrill particularly if they had done a really big one and it was a girl or woman who had done it. To this day I still enjoy doing a big jobbie and of course I often do them nowadays and have the added pleasure of being able to buddy dump with my wife Theresa. She has also simila! r feelings about doing big turds and will herself post some of her experiences.

The remarks by Nicola and others on the smell of a BM hold true. The firm solid turds dont usually give an unpleasent smell but the softer looser ones do. I also agree that men find the smell when an attractive woman has defecated normally to be attractive. I definitely get a buzz from the odor Theresa makes and likewise from other women, but the smell when a male has done a similar motion is at best neutral to me and sometimes unpleasent even when he has passed a good solid turd, so Nicola's theory about pheromones seems to be correct. One thing I noticed a long time ago as a kid was that if someone smokes a cigarette in the toilet while doing a motion the combined smells are most unpleasent. I had an Aunt (Lucy) who used to smoke in the toilet. She did some nice big jobbies and I listened to her and often saw her big turds stuck in the toilet pan, but the smell of the cigarette smoke and! of the poo she had done combined to make a rancid stink. One one occasion when she had no cigarettes and did a motion in our toilet the smell afterwards was quite pleasent, (her jobbie for those interested was a big fat curved sausage which was a floater).

For Just Me, UK Public Toilets vary a lot from the luxurious in big hotels, expensive resturaunts, luxury shops such as Harrods, to the acceptable, most Pubs, Resturaunts,Shopping Malls, Airports etc, to the downright disgusting in Bus and Train Stations, municipal toilets especially in car parks etc which one would only use if desparate and the alternative was to wet or shit one's underpants or knickers. By and large most UK public toilets are usable however and free, though some charge but these are usually very clean with toilet paper, soap, hot water in the hand basins etc. The toilets your describe are called "Superloos" these are pay toilets and are automated in booths.After every use powerful sprays clean o! ut the cubicle and air jets dry it for the next user. One caution however, these toilets are usually timed to open their door automatically after 15 minutes or so thus anyone with either diarrhea or constipation could be sat on the throne when the door opens to reveal them to the people outside. These are becoming more common but the majority of Public Toilets in Britain are more conventional types.Most UK public toilets are sexually segregated into Ladies and Gentlemen, sometimes indicated by the outline figures of a woman in a skirt and a man in trousers. However some modern pubs such as the "Bar 38" chain have unisex toilets. These are all cubicles (stalls) of course, no urinals for obvious reasons. These are a great boon to those of us who enjoy listening to a woman doing a good motion! UK toilets also have doors on the cubicles and the user is expected to close and bolt this when in use, doorless stalls just would not be accepted in Britain, nor would the partitionless t! oilets mentioned by Mike in Washington Park Square. Finally, we dont use "ass gaskets" in the UK, so if you like these, bring some from the States. If the Public Toilet looks a bit primitive I suggest taking some toilet tissue or better still moist wipes with you as these can be used to clean your hands afterwards. By the way, if you are male and using a urinal I advise you just to do a pee and get out. Chatting to a stranger in a public toilet in the UK is likely to be misinterpreted and could result in either being beaten up or an unwanted homosexual advance if you are NOT Gay. I hope this sets your mind at rest about UK public toilets.

Jennifer, I too was brought up in a strict Roman Catholic home but have grown out of religion since I was a teenager. I dont want to stray into topics NOT relevant to this Forum, but to my mind ALL religions are about "thou shalt not!" and declare as "sinfull" any physical activity which is pleasurable. I reject all repressive religi! ons and say, if it harm no other person and is pleasurable, then do it. Eating and drinking in moderation is a pleasure, as is sex, and if you get pleasure from the natural function of defecation then I can see no harm in it, so enjoy!

Shy Pam
Reading the older posts really got me curious. I can vividly remember the feelings of having accidents in my pants when I was young - desperation, worry, fear, tenseness, helplessness, wanting to control what I had no control over, disappointment in myself, embarrassment....all of the feelings. I can remember where I was, what I was thinking, what I was wearing, when I lost it and wet. It was weird cause with all the bad feelings came the feeling of relief, not having to struggle to hold pee anymore, and the warmth of the pee streaming through my underpants.
As I said, I got curious reading how many people on this site still go in their pants! While I can't imagine what it would be like to poop in my pants, all the posts got me thinking back to just before I let everything go in my panties - that almost "dare to" hold it more, knowing sooner or later wetness would cover my body and I would feel my self-esteem drop because "I didn't hold my pee like the kids m! y age were supposed to do".
I decided that I wouldn't intentionally just wet my pants, but really wondered if that old feeling was just as it was. When I had to pee, I waited. Like I said, I couldn't just pee my pants on command, can't accept that, but......I decided to wait until I just couldn't wait anymore, I was going to try and hold it until it was too late.
I took off my Nikes and socks and stepped into the shower. I was wearing red sweatshorts and my cotton brief panties...and I stood there and held it...and held it...and held it...and myself. I had my legs all tight together, I held myself to keep from peeing (even though I wanted to), fidgeted. I even started gritting my teeth, closing my eyes and going "Oooh, Ooooh." It didn't take too long before I got my desired result, I started peeing, it was more like a flood, but I peed in my pants. The red sweats got dark as pee flooded my crotch, backside and down the legs. The bathtub I was standing in echoed! with the sound of pee spattering. A very large amount of yellow liquid waited to go down the drain. While I thought to myself "I can't believe I just wet my pants when I didn't have to", I also got that almost adrenaline rush from the relief of releasing all that held pee! It felt kinda weird but good too. The warm pee really felt good. I don't know what to think anymore. I am glad I found this site which gave me the courage to experiment...and that I am not alone!
It's really late and I have to get to bed, but I had to share my experience. Next time I'll print more of my childhood rememberences. Ciao!

Justme: No not all toilets in England are like the picture
you saw. Actually most are not. I assume that the pictures
are of the single-person "automatic" toilets. There are a
number of these in the streets of London and in a few other
cities, but mostly the public toilets are single sex, multiuser
but single person unisex self-contained (ie contain a sink) as
well as a toilet) are becoming more common.

As for the toilets themselves, I believe that most of them
are slightly different than those in the USA. For example I
have never seen any seat covers which believe are normal in
America. Most of the toilets are of the type where there is a
long drop between the seat and the water, and the toilet flushes by
by water entering the bowl and forcing everything out of the opening
at the back.

Sunday, May 28, 2000

Poor guy huh...that's too bad. May you should pretend you're constipated too someday while you're there. You could bring a laxative with you so you could offer it to him and perhaps help him out. suppositories maybe helpful for him. he may not know they exist or is afraid to try. good luck

Washington Square Park is quite unique. Most guys have no problem shitting side by side, since the toilet bowls are in a seperate room from the urinals. I use the toilets often, when i jog also. See you men there

CANADIAN DREAMER - You asked about traditional peoples in South America and Africa. It happens that I did development work for several years among rural people in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and, on the other side, in Liberia, W. Afirca. The most important thing about traditional people's elimination habits is their complete lack of self-consciousness about their bodily functions. They treat it very matter-of-factly, much like eating or sleeping. Nor hang-ups like we have in Western cultures, or at least very few. The way you describe the mother in India paying no attention at all to her daughter's outdoor urination typifies that.

That said, it doesn't mean that traditional peoples aren't sanitary. Those who live in rural areas have very definite, if unwritten or unspoken, rules about where one can do his or her thing. (It's when they move to the cities and have not been oriented to restrooms or indoor plumbing that there can be misunderstandings and problems. Fil! thy public toilets often offend them.)

In Ecuador and Liberia, I found that men and women tended to segragate themselves when taking a dump or a pee. Not so in the Peruvian or Bolivian Altiplano. When I lived in a small Peruvian village, there was a semi-enclosed area away from the houses, surrounded on three sides by stone walls, often used as a public "toilet." You could find at least a few people people of any age and either gender there just about any time of day. Just drop trou, squat down, relax, and have a nice conversation or catch up on village gossip while you do your thing!

At night when people didn't care to walk to the common place, you could sometimes see the Peruvian villagers squatting to take a pee in the gutters.

Traditional peoples do indeed have customs about when and where is appropriate. For example, you would never just "let go" in the midddle of a public place like a market, nor in or around someone's home. About toilet ! training, it tends to happen a lot later than what we're used to, say at about age 4 or 5, because traditional cultures aren't so uptight about elimination and because they feel that the children will catch on through social learning.

To end, as I've said here in the past, given my own interests in elimination that bring me to this forum from time to time, I really enjoyed the refreshing and honest attitude of the tradidional peoples about peeing, pooping, and a lot of other things, too. They have a sense of joy and good living that we often seem to lack, despite their relative poverty and all our material wealth. I often miss being there with them.

MISTY(VT) If you've read this far... Sure, there are lots of us that get turned on. Don't feel like a strabger here - you're among friends. Keep the posts coming!

Hey, Buzzy. I'll look for you in the Washington Square Park men's room in New York City this summer. It's hard to believe that such a metropolitan city can have such a primitive men's room -- five toilet bowls side by side, no walls, no partitions, nothing. If I'm jogging and have to take a dump, I'll use the facilities. That's usually in the morning. Sometimes it's empty. Sometimes there's company. Now that summer officially starts here in the states on Monday, I'll probably be jogging and hitting the john there next week. Join me if you're around.

I wonder if there are any other places like this for buddy dumping. Anyone know?

I have a question for all UK people. I'm heading to England soon,and i wanted to know what the toilets are like? I saw a picture in a book that showed a public toilet,and it's a PAY toilet! You have to actually pay and the thing opens for you.Very strange! Are ALL public toilets like that? What about the regular washrooms with stalls? LOL!
What does Heathrow have? Restaurants? I can't believe these pay things are all the place.
Let me know!

in one hallway at my school (i'm in 7th grade by the way) they have these bathrooms that are made for only one person at a time. so of course i always use them. they just have a toilet and a sink. there's one bathroom for girls, one for boys. if you're quiet you can kind of hear if a boy is peeing in the boys' room because its right on the other side of the wall, but that doesn't really excite me for some reason. well anyway, everytime i go in there, i use the sink to pee into instead of the toilet. but a couple days ago i felt even more daring.

it was right after lunch, so i had a half-hour break to kill. i went into the little bathroom and locked the door. i pulled down my jeans, but this time i left my panties up. i boosted myself up onto the sink and just relaxed. i could feel my pee start to leak out of me and soak my cotton panties before it flowed into the sink. it felt so good to be wearing those warm wet panties. and i loved just knowing that it was because o! f my pee that they were so warm and wet.

all too soon i was done peeing. i gathered up the wet part of my panties and squeezed out most of the wet pee and then shook them around awhile to get them as dry as i could. then i pulled up my jeans, rinsed out the sink and my hands, left the bathroom, and went back to class. all through the rest of the day i could feel my pee against me. and no one even noticed what i had done.

see ya next time! i sure do love this forum!

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