here's a couple stories for you!

my two friends mira and nicole and i were out walking in the woods about a month ago. it's something we like to do together. we had stopped to rest and i had to pee so i walked around to the other side of a clump of trees and bushes to take care of it - and enjoy it of course! i pulled down my panties and relaxed my body. pee gushed out and formed a huge puddle on the ground.

while i was peeing i heard the girls giggling. i peeked through the bush to see what they were giggling about. my eyes popped out at what i saw. they were each pulling down their pants and were going to pee together. my heart started to pound. i almost wanted to say "hey, i'll join you!" but i had already peed, and besides i'm not really that way in front of just anyone. i'm way too shy to pee in front of my friends. but there they were! they were going to pee right in front of each other! by this time they each had their panties pulled down. then i could! see pee start to flow from nicole. she let out a deep sigh as her pee puddle grew and grew. i could hear the soft patter of her pee as it landed in the dirt. then mira joined in with her stream of pee. i could hear both girls' pee hissing onto the ground. and of course they were giggling the whole time. then nicole stopped peeing. she let out a loud fart which made them both giggle even more. then nicole stood up and pulled up her pants.

just then mira finished peeing. she farted too, it was one of those farts that makes a bubbly sound as it comes out. i do those all the time! of course the girls giggled again, but then instead of getting up, mira made a grunting sound. "mira, you're not..." i heard nicole say, but i knew what she was going to do. right in front of nicole, mira pushed out a huge piece of poop. i don't know why, but i just had to keep watching. nicole kept standing there wrinkling her nose and complaining, but then why didn't she just walk away? mira ! just kept going, with a huge smile on her face, and i could tell it felt good.

when she had finished, mira pulled up her panties and jeans. she had nothing to wipe herself with, so she just didn't. when i walked out, mira had just buttoned her pants. i pretended not to see the pile of poop and we just walked along. since mira didn't wipe, i could actually smell her as we walked. i kind of wish i would've said something to the girls about what they did and if i could join them next time, but i just couldn't find the words. maybe someday i will. maybe someday i'll also tell them how i love to pee in strange places, even when i'm at their houses. until then, i'll always have the memory of that day.

when i was 9 or 10 years old we used to visit my mom's friend a lot. she had this extra bedroom that had two beds in it. no one ever goes into that room except me. i would always sleep there whenever we stayed overnight. i always had the whole room to myself. it was a! small room so the beds were right up against each other. there was hardly any space between them at all.

one morning i woke up and noticed i was alone. then i remembered everyone saying that they were going to go with my sister emy to the neighborhood playground for the day. so i was completely alone. i really really had to pee too, since it was the first thing in the morning. i've been peeing in sinks and bathtubs routinely since i was probably 7, so this time i wanted to try something different and more exciting. i pulled the two mattresses farther apart, so i could sit between them right above the small gap between the boxsprings. my heart was pounding as i felt the pee inside of me getting ready to burst out. i took off my panties and rolled up my nightgown. then after i was comfortably positioned between the mattresses, i let my body totally relax. my pee started to flow right out of me. it passed through the gap between the boxsprings and then ran down to the d! ark green carpet under the beds, forming a huge puddle of pee on the carpet. i must've been sitting there peeing for 40 seconds!

then when i was finished, i just had to take a closer look at the beautiful (to me anyway) thing i did, so i moved the one bed over and got down on the floor between the beds. the first thing i saw was my huge pee puddle on the carpet. i felt it, and it was still warm. it was so wet with my pee that it made a sloshy noise when i pushed on it. then i looked at the boxsprings. the sides of them were so soaked with my pee they were still dripping. the cloth on the boxsprings that was once powder-blue was now the familiar deep golden-yellow of morning pee. then i closed my eyes and put my nose right up to the cloth and sniffed it deeply. then i exhaled slowly with a peaceful smile on my face.

by the time everyone got back to the house, it was late afternoon. so i was able to pee between the beds like that all day long. later that evenin! g when i was getting ready for bed with emy, she said to me, "guess what? i got to peepee in the bushes at the park today!" all i could do was giggle like crazy.

hope you enjoyed those!

Louise - thanks for replying! i'm so glad you share my interest in peeing in strange places, like containers and sinks. peeing in the sink is like routine for me. i hardly use the toilet at all except to poop. i love the feeling of my pee splashing me when use the sink or anything hard-surfaced like that. and yes, i love to see how much i can pee. sometimes i will pee in a container and then again later and then compare the two. i usually let my containers sit in under my bed all day till right before i go to bed. then i spill them out, in the sink of course, never the toilet. i usually use only about 3 containers a day because i also like to pee outside, on the floor, my mattress, or anywhere else i can think of. if you have any more stories about unusual pee places, please tell about them! i cant wait to read them!

now i'm going to tell you something else i once did involving pee. my sister emy and i always hang around together, she's 9. we get along very well for s! isters. anyway, this one evening we were upstairs in my room on my bed watching tv. emy started making bubbles with her spit, something she likes to do. she kept doing it, and i couldn't help but watch her. she asked me if i minded if she did that. i casually said, "no, i don't mind, you could even pee in my room for all i care." she looked at me and said, "really?" i just said, "sure, why not, i sometimes do it. i use these little containers." "oh really? could i do it too?" she asked. i smiled and opened up a baby wipe container from under the bed.

she pulled down her panties and squatted over the open container. my heart raced as the loud patter of her pee filled the room. then she was finished. "that was fun," she said, "i don't know why, but it was." "i know," i said. we just sat and looked at her pee for a while, then went back to the tv.

another time we were on my bed again, and it was almost time to go to sleep. i asked emy if she had to pee. she said! she probably could if she tried, i could tell she wanted to. she started to get up to get a container. "wait," i told her, "just let it come." "you mean just go on the bed?" she asked. "yeah," i said, "just let me move the sheet off first." i pulled off part of the sheet and covered her with my blanket, in case someone would come in. then i said, "alright, ready."

she pushed and pushed, but nothing came. "i guess i don't have to," she sighed. "it's ok," i told her, "maybe next time." just then our mom called her to bed. she quickly pulled her panties up and told me she would be back in the morning. i knew what she meant by that.

the next morning i awoke to the sound of my door opening. emy came in smiling. the first thing she said was, "i have to pee." i smiled back and pulled the sheet off. i could tell she really had to go bad. she rolled up her nightgown, pulled down her panties, and scooted onto the bed. i asked her, "do you want the blanket over you?" "! no, it's ok," she sounded very relaxed. i sat down next to her and looked down between her legs and saw the wet yellow spot of her pee begin to form. she let out a sigh of relief as her wet puddle grew and started to spread across the mattress. all i could smell was emy's pee. i asked her if it felt warm. "uh-huh," she said peacefully. when she was done, she just sat there for a while. "that felt really good," she said, "i really had to go bad." giggling, we covered the puddle up with my blanket and went on with our day. no one ever saw her pee spot on my bed. except for cousin min, who i already told you about.

well, that's it for now. i'll write more later!

see ya,

Liz, I know the ones you've been to see so far haven't been too helpful, but I'd get yourself to another doctor and explain your problems in pretty uncompromising terms. It sounds to me as though you may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome but I'd see another doctor before assuming that. Could it be that you have developed an intolerance to certain foods or a specific food and dietary changes are needed? I'd certainly discuss this possibility with the doctor. Good luck and let us know how you get on.



Hi For some reason my last post did not get posted, i guess things were backed up. I just wanted to say that On Thursday at school i took a shit in the school bathrooms. This was the first time this year i took a shit at school. The next day on Friday i woke up with a bit of gas, i go to school and in 1st period i have this major urge to thinking go to the bathroom,hold it and wait till next period, or going in my pants. I made it through the class and i go to my next class and asked to use the bathroom. It was before the bell so she said go with no pass, i was gone like 5 minutes or so...i guess that would be normal with hall trafic. I sat down and solid shit came out, i hurried up so i could get back to class with out a problem. I wiped and went back to class. I went to shit during 3rd period, and it was loose...I said down in the handicaped stall and went. I wiped flushed and went back to class and felt better after that.
The bathroom i went to the fi! rst time has 2 stalls one with no door(i used the stall with a door). The other bathroom i went to has 3 or 4 stalls in there and one has no door. When i was there the other day during lunch i picked a stall with no toilet paper, i saw it and grabed some from the next stall before i began. I didn't want to use another stall cause one had no door and the other was a handicaped stall which i didn't feel like using.

hello liz. I have read about your constipation problem and I have to tell you that I am no doctor but the post by canadian dreamer on 5/26/00 gives the best advice.I agree wholeheartedley with it! if you cannot find canadian dreamers post it says to see a gastroenterologist demand stool cultures to be done have a sigmoid colonoscopy if not a full gi series. LIZ- you should see this gasroenterologist at once. I have had constipation once in a while also but your seems scary to me., it could be just a flu bug or a once in a while thing like I had but dont wait around the house and do nothing worrying about what it could be. PLEASE TELL YOUR PARENTS TO MAKE THE APPOINTMENT WITH THE GASTROENTEROLOGIST IMMEDIATELY! and forgive me canadian dreamer for repeating much of your post but I dont want liz to miss this information I feel sorry for her.And I would like to see her get the help she needs. Good luck liz!

Hi, everybody!

Cheri: I also try to hold it sometimes so I'll be more full when I finally do go... Tell me: do you get satisfaction out of doing a really big log or two? Any memorable stories
you could share with your eager readers?

I've been reading this forum for over 2 years ( wow this long and maybe longe--I never really realized how long until now) and before I started reading this one I used to be a regular reader at Bianca's bathroom until it was shut-down.
I've never posted to this forum and very rarely posted to Bianca's. I don't know why I haven't posted, I guess a lot of reasons really the biggest being a time issue. It seems like I never have enough time to do anyhting and just took the role of reading the posts and not writing them. Posting takes a long time, its hard to sit down and just write something and have it make sense, it is for me anyway. Also another big reason I've never posted is that I don't have any really exciting stories, sure a couple that are intesting to me but nothing that hasnt been covered a million times in here. I've never thought my experiences were as "good" as a lot of the others posted here. I suspect some of the posts are embelleshed and please ! don't get offened by that but its probably true, but also I guess in a forum that deals with this subject draws people interested in this and I guess someone interetsed has more thoughts and experiences to share because they are looking for this sort of experience. Really to be honest the biggest reason is that actually posting would mean I'd be admitting to myself that I am interested in this subject. I know reading for what--5 years means it is an insterest, its different to post, actively participating is much harder than merely watching. Admitting this interests me has really been hard for me to do.
I have really struggled with the fact that this subject interests me. I don't mean to offend anyone by saying this because I really think as long at whatever someone does doesnt hurt anyone else then its up to them to decide if its ok to do. I'm not judging just sharing how I feel and I really need to write how I feel because I've never told anyone this before--at ! all, and have been living with yes I'll admit guilt, shame, fear and a whole bunch of other emotions for years.
Sometimes I feel really disgusted with myself, sometimes I think I'm not normal, its gross and disgusting that I think about these things. Other times I think its not hurting anyone else and everyone has a "thing" that interets them and this is no more wrong than anyhting else that interests someone. I mean I have a life that I'm basically happy with (most days) and even though I think about this, a lot more than I want to admit, it doesnt affect my life in a negative way and is not an obcession. I've gone through stages where I feel guilty like I'm doing somethign shameful, especially because I was raised catholic by pretty strict parents and even whent to a Catholic highschool. I've even prayed and asked why I'm insterested in this and to please stop me from being interested and I've tried not to be interested but I can't help it. Again, please don't be! mad im just sharing what i've gone through because selfishly I need to. I'm really glad I found Bianca's and eventually this forum, whcih is much better than Bianca's ever was becasue it it moderated and I'm not into some of the more sexual aspects of this or anythign that has to do with kids or death which some elements in Bianca's were promoting. I've been able better to deal with my feelings about this knowing that there are a lot of people like me who have productive lives and share the same interests. That's why I want to thank you for posting because its really helped me and this is really why I decided to finally post: 1) I need to 2) I feel like just knowing how others feel has helped me and I owe it to others that maybe have the same feelings like I was/ am to post because maybe I can help them.
No one knows that I am interested in this, no one! I've never told anyone or shared it with anyone until now. I have been living with the fear someone would f! ind out, how I don't know because I hide it very well and am very careful always, but I've still feared someone would find out or catch on about my interests. I know many people would say not to worry about other people but i think, a lot of people if they knew wouldnt accept it as an interest and see it as gross and basically freak out if they found out so thats why I hide it.
People who know me I'm sure would least suspect that I had any interest in people going to the bathroom. My personality and everythign is basically really preppy and I always am done up when I leave my apartment so I get the preppy snob tag all the time. So I'm sure my interest in bathroom stuff is not suspected.
I've often wondered why I have this interest and have read other posts about experiences people had when they were younger that they attribute to their interests. I'm not sure why I have this interest. I grew up in a really normal boring family. I can remember when I was young! er having trouble with constipation because I do remember my mom giving me laxitives and supositories and even a few enemas. I can remember I that I really did need the laxitives and stuff so It wasnt a case of a parent being obcessive about going. My mom never really botherd me about my bathroom schedule unless I complanied of a stomach ache I think the last time I got a supository was when I was in around 2nd or 3rd grade I can't really remember but that seems right. I did have trouble going I can remember when i was in Jr high and high school and even college and still have trouble today sometimes.
I enjoy having a bm and watching others go too. It doesnt really matter girls or guys but I think I prefer guys because its more interesting for me anyway thinking about them going, but girls are ok too. I think i just have more ooportunities being a girl seeing other girls in bathrooms or my girlfriends. I'm not sexually interetsed in the girls but I am in the guys b! ut not sexually interested in the act of goign to the bathroom alhtough I will admit it might turn me on if it were the right perosn. Hard bms are more an interest to me that soft ones or runs.
Here's my big step I guess I need to tell about myslef sorry about all the long explanation above but I just needed to write it and hope some of you will respond and let me know if you've ever felt the same way and had the same feelings.
My name is Jennifer and I'm 23. I graduated from the University of Alabama last year with a degree in Public Relations and work for a large company in Orlando, FL doing PR. Ok, its an entry level position I basically handle the letters of people complaining and call them or write back and I also have to make sure the company's newsletter gets done once every quarter. I'm 5'7" and 125lbs. I have dark brown hair down to the back of my neck and I either put it up for work or do it in a flip. If im working out I'll just pull it back and ! usually wear a baseball hat. I have blue eyes and love to lay out at the beach when I can so I stay pretty tan. I work out at the gym and run at least 3 times a week and love to play tennis. I was on the dance team in highschool and was really into dancing when I was younger, I still love to go to clubs and go out dancing but didn't exactly make a career out of it.
I have an aprtment that I can't really afford but I have a roomate and that helps but I guess like everyoen who gets a real job i spent way to much on new cloths and a new car that I will paying for when I'm retired. My roomate is namd Kristen ( she goes by kris and I go by Jen alot) and is a bar tender for a really popular place here in orlando, we get along really well except i'm jelous she makes more than me tending bar without a degree. She's planning on going back to school in the fall so she can get a real lower paying job. hahah
Last night I went to the NSYNC concert in Tampa (couldnt get! tickets for the orlando one here) with Kris and her sister Allison--she's 14. We had a lot of fun the show was really good I liked the danceing because i really was into dance for a long time and they are really talented. Pink opened for then and the thong song guy cysqo (sp).
We left yesterday at about 4:00 even the the show started at 7;30 because of one word..Traffice we had both Tampa and Orlando traffic to deal with at rush hour on I4, for those of you that know I4 you know the terror of driving on it at rush hour.
We got there at about 7 and both Kris and I couldnt belive thery were selling beer and drinks ( it was at the ice palace) we both got a beer and Allison got a coke and an italian ice and went to our seat which were 3rd level just right of center stage, ok but kinda far away. We were sitting there and I decided to go to the bathroom because it was going to be a long show and I hadnt peed since I left the office at about 2:30. I also kinda! of felt full and knew I probably needed a bm but like I said before I usually have trouble going a lot of the times and I never go at the same time of day and don't really have a schedule. I really don't go that often anyway because my life is so busy and I'm so hectic plus I don't really eat that much I guess that has somethign to do with it too and I usually hold off the urge to go because I'm so busy and its usually bad timing when I need to go so i put it off until later and then either don't need to or cant go later.
I think the fact that it was thursday and I was taking today off (so it felt like friday)and it was the 1st time I had sat down and relaxed all week basically is what made me feel like I needed to go. We were rushing and stressed because of the traffic on the way there b/c we didnt want to miss anything and after gettign the beer and drinking half of it I was finally relaxing before the show. Work had been hell that day because of me takign friday ! off and monday being a holiday.
So, I said to Kris and Ally that I was goign to go to the bathroom before the show because after it started during intermission the bathrooms would be packed. The bathrooms were just behind where we were sitting on the outside of the arena basically so it wasn't far to go. Kris said she was fine and Ally said she'd go too so we both went together---well there was a line aready for the bathrooms which is expected I guess since 90% of the poeple were girls. We waited maybe 1 or 2 minutes in line and about 4 stalls came open within 10 seconds so we both took a stall next to each other. The bathrooms were really clean and had about 8 stalls on one side of the wall and 8 on the other. There was a ton of noise and talkign with all the people in there and it was obvious most of the people were peeing. One lady had been in there awhile and I heard a mid 30ish woman say "mom are you ok" and the other woman said "fine but this button is broke! n hold on" and then she came out without flushing so I assume she was done before I got there and was just trying to fix her button. Ally and I had both taken stalls basically in the center. She was wearing kaki shorts and an NSYNC T-shirt from there 1st tour and I was wearing black pants and an aqua top that was open in the back except for 2 straps that tied in the back.
Ally was done really fast, I didn't even hear her pee really but it was really noisy, just flush and say I'll meet you back at the seats. I was just finishing peeing and had the full feeling and could tell it had been awhile since I had had a bm and needed to go . You know the feeling like you need to go but thers not a huge urge. I have no idea how long it had been since I had last gone because believe it or not I really dont keep track of it and Im not an everyday or every whatever person I just go when I have time and when I can, but I don't go that often somewhere between every 3 or every 5 days! or somthign like that. Not to be gross but I had the feeling that the bm was there and it was at the opening but not a huge urge to go so I decided to sit there for a few seconds to try to relax. I get so used to holding off going when i'm busy it takes me a little bit to relax even if i really have to go bad I still have to relax so i was just sitting there and seeing if it felt like I could actually go. Next to me was one of the other stalls that had opened at the same time Ally and I got ours and the girl in it was maybe 14 or 15, she was ahead of us in line and seemed to be alone because she wasnt talking to anyone so I guess she was just going on her own and didnt drag her friends with her. She was still sitting there and was done peeing and just sitting too from what I could tell. Again it was really busy in there and noisy and all I really heard was stall doors banging shut and the lock sliding in place and then the toilet flushing, it was really fast paced so most ! people were just peeing. The oder was of cleaner as it looked like the bathrooms were just cleaned and you could still smell the cleaner pretty strong.
I was just sitting there trying to relax and pushed a little silently and nothing was really happening but I could feel when I pushed that there was a bm there and I could tell it was pretty firm and a good size just by feeling how my muscles tightened up when i pushed a little. The girl next to me was shuffeling her feet a lot then I heard the toilet paper roll a lot and she flushed and came out so she was int here may 4 min or so. I decided that I wasnt going to be able to go and I didn't want to push a lot because of where I was and I knew I could easily hold it so I went back to our seats maybe 5 min after Ally got back.
Today i swpnt the mornign laying out at the pool at my apartment complaex and then came in and have been writing this so I still havent gone but still dont have a huge urge, i just know its! there sort of thing and I'm used to it and probably will go later.
Thats all I can type for now, sorry if this hasnt been the best post but I'm glad I wrote it.


hey everyone!! I just came across this site, and boy, am I glad that I found it!! Anyways, I got to tell this to everyone here.

One of my favourite things to do is going to the washroom. Why?? Mostly because of pooping. I go at least 3 times a day.....I know most of you go once a day, but I have this problem which I can't control it. Once I eat something, it goes through me really fast. And I have a problem holding the poop in. That's why I have to bring extra boxers and pants to work everyday. I poop in my pants everyday. But I got used to it.

Anyways, I have pooped everywhere besides the toilet. You name it!! The tub, the sink, in my pants, the outside (in the bush, behind a tree, in the woods while I was camping, etc.), in the pool....EVERYWHERE!!!

It wasn't a problem after awhile. I got used to it. But some ridiculous things have happened to me. And I'll tell you guys them.

I had (and still have) troubles controlling my poop, and I po! op wherever I am. Once I was in shower, and I had to poop. I didn't know what to do. And then suddenly, my poop slid right out of my ass!! It landed on the floor, and I was disgusted at myself for doing that. I felt more coming. So I turned off the water and ran to the toilet. After I finished, I cleaned up the poop and continued.

That wasn't the only time I did that. I did it many other times, so I decided to do something about it. I found a bucket in my garage, cleaned it and put it in the shower when I needed to go. It became really easy for me.

When I work, I always have to go. And I am not allowed to take a break, so I always find myself in the chair, pushing out all my poop like I was on the toilet. It forms a lump. So I always bring extra boxers and pants.

And once, in the morning, I woke up, and wanted to poop right on the spot. In the bed. I was deciding whether I should or not. Just as I sat up in my bed, all of this brown and mushy diar! rhea came out!! It kept on coming and coming. I have no idea why I didn't try to stop it. So I just let all of it go. I had diarrhea for the rest of the day. And I managed to poop in my pants every time I had to go. WHY ME??

Also, whenever I REALLY, and I mean REALLY have to go, I don't know why, but I push the poop to my pants. And I get really big loads, so the poop slide down my pants. Everyone stares at me when I do that….but I got used to it.

Those aren't the only times. I poop in my pants in front of the public…all the time!! Even though there's a washroom, I always have to poop in my pants. I don't know why I can't stop myself from doing that. Does anyone have an idea? I will take any advice you guys give me!! Thanks…..uh oh……I have to go now!! Looking forward to your responses!!!


Hi Yesterday at school,during lunch i had to use the bathroom, i had to shit!! This was the first time i had to shit at school this year,luckly there was no one in there hanging out!! The stall i went in had no toilet paper what so ever, i had to take some from the next stall, that stall had no door there was no way i was using it.
Then today at school during first period i was getting another urge to shit, i held out till 2nd period and i asked if i could use the i really had to shit!! I was gone like 5minutes, i was hoping no one noticed i was gone too long. Then during 3rd period i had to go again, i have to go at the begining of the class cause i couldn't go in the middle cause we were in a lab, also i was hoping no one noticed i was gone tooo long. When i went during 2nd period it was pretty solid and then during 3rd period i had diahreah and ever since then i haven't had to go again today. But during last period i sneezed and it felt like so ! loose shit came out but i check my boxers after class and it appeared as i didn't wipe too well cause they smelled and there was a little staining in there. Thats it!!

Ryan (from J.C. Penney's)
Hey folks, sorry I have been away so long, I recently got married to the love of my life, Marie. We put a down payment on a small townhouse, and will be moving this summer. Meanwhile, back at Penney's , I was promoted recently, and I am a department manager. The stalls remain doorless, even though we were promised they would be replaced 2 years ago. Everybody seems so much more comfortable, and more at ease sitting on the toilet bowls, than a few years back. The only embarrasing moment was when myself and another manager were caught "with our pants down" early one morning before the store opened, by Lydia, the maintence woman.She was embarrased, as were we. But we were both "firing loud and hard" and beyond holding back, so we laughed it off....Anyway, take care, and see you all soon :-) Peace

No Name Grrl
Hi its me again!! Sorry...nothing about my guy friend today.

Teenaged Girl...thank you for what you said about my Nick and Brian dream! Why dont you make up a story about A.J or someone?? I would love to know what you would put!!

Nick...that wasnt Leos was MINE. at first I didnt know what you meant by "porcelain" bowl. But I think I know what you mean mean the part of the toilet guys pee[when they lift the normal toilet seat]in right?? I hope you get what I mean! Sorry I always forget to say things like that. Brian did put the normal seat down before he sat I just forgot to say that he did! Doh! And when I said that Nick came in and lifted the seat...the whole toilet was closed and he just lifted the main lid thats all. Same with Brian at first but then he lifted the second lid to pee and then closed it again to poo!! I hope I didnt confuse you! Thank you for liking it though!!

Longtime Lurker Dude
Hello all. I've been lurking around here for about 2 months, and I've found this forum to have quite a friendly environment, unlike others. Anyway, I have noticed something that I wonder if anyone else can substantiate. It seems that in childhood/teenagehood (if that's what you call it) people seem to forget about their own bathroom needs in favor of some other preoccupation. This often results in desperation and sometimes accidents. I remember times that I was too involved with school and other things like parties and whatnot where I simply forgot to go. However, it always caught up with me and I had to find the bathroom. I never had an accident since I was like 2, but I have had some close calls. I know of other people that hate public/school bathrooms so much that they will always wait until they get home. Can anyone else relate to this?

Steve M.
Hi. I'm new to this forum. It's great. I have a story. I was in the bathroom at work yesterday and I was just finishing up a nice solid dump, when this guy came rushing in and went into the stall next to me. I could tell he really needed to unload because he fumbled with his belt and didn’t bother with seat paper. When he hit the bowl he immediately had this incredible bowel explosion which was followed by a barrage of turds. This guy was seriously unloading with a lot of very loud farts and grunting. Now I’m totally straight but I just get turned on when a guy is really uninhibited and really goes for it, and this guy was awesome. So he wipes and flushes and gets up, but wait! He’s not done! He puts down some seat paper and sits back down and after a few seconds of shameless farting and grunting he starts unloading more logs – BIG TIME. And it just keeps going. Then the most embarrassing thing happened -- right in the middle of him blowing out all those turds, I ha! ve an orgasm – I just couldn’t help it. And what was amazing is that I thought the shitting sounds drowned out whatever sound I made, but then I heard the guy chuckle. After he wiped, we both came out together. He was very tall and stocky. We washed out hands side by side and the whole bathroom stunk of his shit. He looked at me in the mirror, smiles and says, “That was pretty wild, huh.” “Sure was!” I replied. After that we went our separate ways, but talk about a hot experience. Wow!

To Cheri.

I too enjoy a good hard shit. I like to hold it for as long as I can before going to the toilet. The more I have to strain and push the better I like it. I sometimes have to shit real bad a work and have a hard time holding it but after awile the urge passes. I try not to shit for about three days befor the weekend. I get up sat. morning and have a cup of coffee to get things going and when I feel the urge to poop I spend a few hours on the toilet. I enjoy the feeling of passing hard balls of shit, one at a time. This is followed by a large hard long turd that takes a long time to pass and sometime gets stuck halfway out and I have to help it along in ways I won't get into.
Cheri, I am glad we share the same interest in passing big hard BM's. What is the longest time you have held your shit before going to the toilet?

Canadian Dreamer
Thanks Flu!

I'll take a look for that book.

"Fabulous" sometimes gets overused as a word, but it's the only one this guy can think of to adequately describe what just happened. It's too good to keep to myself, so I want to share it with everyone here.

When I left for work this morning, I didn't have to take a dump, but I suspected somethng might be coming on as the day wore on because I've been eating lots of grains and fibrous fruits over the last few days. I wasn't wrong. All through this morning that sensation we all know so well kept building and building in my rectum. I could have relieved the situation at work, but I decided to wait until I went home for lunch.

By the time I hit the front door, the pressure was really on. A few minutes more and I would have been "touching cloth," as others have said here. I went straightaway to the john, hoping that my urgency wasn't so great that everything would slide out at once, giving me little or no pleasure. Instead, when I sat down and relaxed, som! ething strange happened at first. Despite the pressure, no action began. That was my other hope, that it would be an "automatic": no pushing required. I tried some relaxation techniques, including deep breathing, determined at all costs not to push at all. Well, that didn't work, so I tried pushing just a very little bit. Wow, that worked!

Once the movement got started, Mother Nature took over. Thanks, mom! My colon and rectum must have started contracting because a log started to emerge very slowly. And then it happened: WOW! Ooh! Ahh! The log just slithered out on its own, ever so slowly. As it did, I was filled with such an intense sensation of pleasure, so intense that I could feel a tingling all over my body for what must have been at least 10 or 15 seconds. I was beside myelf with pleasure and I let out a couple of long, low moans, "Ohhhhhh! "Ohhhhhhh, that's so good!"

The intense sensation subsided but I could still feel the log slowly ! snaking out past my ring. That in itself was pretty pleasant. When it was all over, I just let out a long, long sigh. When I looked into the bowl afterwards, what a surprise: although the log felt like it had come out all in one piece (I can't remember ever before passing a log that long), it had evidently broken up as it hit the water. Just the same, it had been a whopper - one 12-inch piece, another 6-incher, and three smaller pieces, about three to four inches each.

This was definitely a hall of fame dump for me. I'm glad I decided to wait until going home because if other people had heard all that moaning and groaning in a public toilet, they would have suspected I was doing something ilegal or immoral. Now you can see whay I called that poop "fabulous." I'm wishing an equally good dump for everyone here, if not today, then this weekend or in the coming week. Take care, all!

Shy Pam
I just remembered another school "experience" I had...when I was in afternoon kindergarten I felt like I had to pee while playing with the Legos. I knew if I left someone else could start playing with them and I would have to wait my turn again so I kept playing. It got to where I really had to pee bad...and I knew it was time. I left the Legos and went over to the bathroom. I had to wait in line because others were using it, someone was already in it so I was next. Before the person finished and I could get in, I just couldn't hold it anymore (it was burning and my ???? hurt like it was going to burst) and I wet my pants standing there in front of the bathroom. I made a rather large puddle and the janitor had to mop it up. The teacher took me into the bathroom and changed my undies to dry ones. I guess it was good I was wearing a dress because I don't think she had spare clothes, just underwear. This type of thing happened to a lot of kids. I guess now I could be ki! nda funny and blame it on the toys by saying I had to go so bad I just "Lego" in my pants.
Anybody else had a lot of school accidents too or am I just the lucky one....ooh, just remembered another one! I'll save that for another post. Ciao.

Cheri, like you I savour the big firm jobbies. Luckily I usually do tbis type of motion. Typically I will pass the first really big fat turd say of 12 inches long or more and it will be a bit knobbly for the first few inches then get a bit smoother, taking a steady effort to pass, a very enjoyable sensation as it slowly comes out of my back passage, then often I will pass another jobbie, this time smoother but still nice and solid and formed . This second turd will be from 6 to 8 inches lomg, just as fat as its big companion and it is this one which usually makes the resounding "KUR-SPLOONK!" as depending on the type of toilet pan the big panbuster sometimes just makes a gentle "Floomp!" as it is so long the start of it is already in the water while the rest of it is still coming out of my back passage. I gave done really big jobbies since I was a kid , it may be a family thing as both my mother and my young brother do big panbusters as well. I like the sensation of holding a! big jobbie in and feeling this big lump in my rectum, but I dont take risks of having a huge accident in my knickers and ensure that I go when I feel its time to pass it.

I was playing (field) Hockey for my former school's "Old Girls" team against the senior (16 plus) pupils fist team. I needed a jobbie afterwards and went into the main Girls Toilets on a sentimental journey. I found a pan with a nice big jobbie stuck in it, so it was good to see that some girl is keeping up the tradition and I had much pleasure in passing my nice big fat torpedo on top of it. Both of course stuck when I pulled the flush. It was a great thrill sitting there again as I had done often about 6 years previously when a pupil myself with my navy blue knickers at my knees doing a big fat jobbie.

Mark B I agree with your comments on stool colour. The pigment bilerubin gives the typical brown colour. This is initially the green bileverdin and is changed to the brown colour as the st! ool moves through the gut. This is why loose stools and diarrhea are often green as this hasnt had time to change colour. Again as you say the absence of this bile ingredient in obstructive jaundice causes the light putty coloured stools typical of that illness and the dark urine and yellowish tint to the skin. Different foods of course cause interesting colours to the motions. I rememeber one time when I was eating a lot of white meat, pasta and bread and my jobbies were a light khaki colour. Again when on Iron tablets my turds were black. As regards the smell, a solid motion isnt usually offensive but the looser ones are. Food and drink can affect the smell just try using the toilet after someone who drinks Guinness (stout) the stink is terrible! Some Real Ales have a similar effect. As regards the smell turning some people on I have to say the odor of a healthy solid jobbie is usally reasonably pleasent. My husband says the smell of mine gives him a buzz and I imagine that! pheromones play a large part as when a women is sitting on the toilet pan doing a motion her legs are apart and her knickers are pulled down so the smell from her vagina will also be present and in a clean healthy woman this is attractive to most men. I think it was the German sexologist Grodek who said that "if a man wants to know if a woman is for him he should visit the toilet after she has defecated. If he finds the smell attractive then she is for him, but if it is repulsive she is not".

Johnny P.
I've been a lurker for a while and think this board is cool. I hope my name doesn't confuse anyone; I'm orignally from New York state. Between the age of 8 and 13, my family would drive down to Florida for a Christmas vacation. Because of the toll highways and my Dad's impatience (and lack of time) to get to where we were going, he would not stop if we had to urinate. Instead if we had to go, me and my 3 brothers would use a large glass bottle which we call a "pee jar". I used to hate this jar and used to compete with my brothers to see who could last the longest between stops. We couldn't beat my oldest brother, who was 5 years older, but it was usually close between myself and my next oldest brother who was about 1 year older. Of course, our youngest brother who was 4 years younger than me, usually ended up using the jar the most.

Perhaps this topic has been covered before, but I wonder if others have similar experiences. As this occurred in the 70s, would! this be considered to be a form of child abuse today? Also, with girls having slightly smaller bladders, or more "nervous" bladders, how they or their parents dealt with this situation when stopping was not as convenient during long trips.

On another note, I find it somewhat strange that there are so many constipation stories here. I was always taught as a child that, along the lines of "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", "plenty of fruits and ve????s keeps constipation (and other ailments) away". Following this advice has keep me regular with one BM daily.

Canadian Dreamer: As a small kid my parents discovered that I was allergic to colored toilet paper. It gave me the itchies on my vulva. From then on it's white paper only!

Liz: Please get help at once! As one person said, general practitioners will only treat it as IBS. A few years back I suddenly developed orange stools that were like tar and smelled awful. Every time I ate food I could hear it going through my digestive system. After three months I told my family doctor who said, "You have irritatable Bowel Syndrome. You'll just have to live with it." He wouldn't test me, exam me or even take samples! Luckily my stools became normal again almost a week after the visit.

Liz: I feel bad for you. I don't think I've experienced problems to the extent that you're feeling right now. You should see the doctor again to have some more tests done. In the meantime, if you try to go to the toilet, don't try to force your poop out too much. You might cause some bleeding to occur. That happened to my Dad once when he was constipated and tried too hard to push out the poop and started bleeding. You might try to make some changes to your eating habits, like eating more green vegetables and drinking plenty of water. Eventually things will balance out and you will have more regular bowel movements, but that will depend on what the doctor finds out. Good luck to you and keep us posted on your progress.

After I graduated from college I worked at a department store. I was standing and walking around most of the time, and most of the time I was able to hold it in until break time or at the end of the shift. Even during the busy holiday season, ! where I would spend the entire time on the floor with no breaks, I rarely had to step out for a bathroom break. There was one time, however, when I took too much of a chance and almost paid for it by having an accident.

A rush of customers had just cleared out of the sales floor, and it was time to straighten out the floor. I was putting away some dresses when I suddenly felt gassy in the stomach. I wanted to let go a fart and tried to do it discreetly. I passed a quiet hissing fart, then quickly walked away to another section, leaving a big stink behind. Fortunately, no one noticed. A few minutes later, I felt another urge and tried to pass another silent fart. As I pushed, I suddenly felt a turd try to come out, and it actually started coming out. I pressed my butt cheeks together to prevent it from coming out, and I could feel it going back in. By then I had no choice but to relieve myself, so I excused myself to go to the ladies room.

I managed t! o make it inside the ladies room and into a stall before it started coming out again. As soon as I sat down, that piece of turd that had tried to come out finally did, flying out of my butt like a torpedo and making a loud splashing sound. I proceeded to push out several more pieces of poop and plenty of farts. I checked to see if I had left a stain in my white panties, but there was none. After I was done and returned to the floor, I started to feel gas again. This time I didn't hesitate and went straight to the ladies room, but not before I let go a loud fart in the middle of the floor and another one as I was entering the ladies room. I went into a stall and sat down. At first it was all gassy as I was letting so several farts. Finally, I started to push out poop and managed to push out a dozen solid pieces. After I was done, I didn't have any more problems with gas.

Hi Cheri. John's right I wouldn't mind sharing a crap session with you. I'm not gay (nothing wrong with that I'm just not) but would love to be able to share the experience.
Buzzy--thought about you while taking a crap in the woods.
I was up at the family cabin with my grandparents. Grams made me a big breakfast of eggs (which can REALLY make me go) & bacon,etc. About an hour later I was feeling the need for a shit. I held it off for a while so I could enjoy the experience a bit more. After about another hour I decided to head out on my walk. I hiked just a little ways when I let out a long dry fart. I was really feeling the need now. I'd gone about 1/2 a mile when I could wait no longer. I found a spot between 2 trees that looked like a good spot & undid my jeans (not warm enough for shorts yet) & blue cotton panties. I squatted down near the trunk of 1 tree & began to piss like crazy. The turd started out my ass at the same time & fell to the so! ft ground. The pee stopped but I layed out 3 more logs & felt another coming. Another loud fart came & then my anus opened up very wide. I had to give a push to get it coming. It felt great as it slowly slid out my ass. It tapered off the the much talked about carrot & landed softly on the pile. I took out a bit of tp I had in my pocket & wiped but it was a nice clean shit. I pulled up my pants & looked at my work. There were 4 short logs of about 4 inches each & the long fat one laying across the top of 4 inches around & 11 inches long. (yes john i did measure) not bad for my first crap of the summer season. Would have been better with a partner though Buzzy.

Saturday, May 27, 2000

Ben in NY
To Scott and Kim:
WOW! What a great story! I also loved the desperation story, although I wish you would give more detail, i.e. holding yourself, mumbling things, etc. etc. I always thought it would be impossible to find a hot girl with the same interests as mine, but, evidently, they are out there!
Please, please, PLEASE, keep them coming,

I love to sit on the can. I sit there and fart and grunt. One of my girlfreinds likes to watch me. She sits on the bed and talks to me and watches while i sit there. I'll take a dump anywhere; bars, clubs, restaurants. I like to take my shirt off and really get comfortable when I do it. I go 2-3 time a day and really take my time. I used to not let my girlfriend (the one that likes to watch me) watch me wipe, but now I let her. She seems to really get into it, so what the hell? OH yeah, I have lots of tatoos and am a good looking, stocky Mexican guy.

ok--a guy story. Like many other people here, I like to go to College campuses and hang out on the toilet in the library. There is this one bathroom that i go to every Saturday. At about the same time a really cute guy comes in and sits on the toilet with a newspaper. He grunts a LOT! He sucks in a big breath, then somtimes blows out a little wet fart, but usually nothing comes out. Then he takes a big regular sigh type breath, then another big push. He usually sits there about 30 mins and usually doesn't get much out at all. He is the frat boy type, khaki shorts, t-shirt, basball cap, tennis shoes. I guess he is really constipated. One time the moment he sat down and huge watery fart come out, but he still did the grunt sigh push routine for a long time. He usually sighs after he gets up also, i guess from frustration of not getting anything out. I wish I was his roommate!

Canadian Dreamer
Here's another question that just came to mind. I wonder what percentage of the population is alergic to coloured toilet paper? I am for one... I don't break out in a rash all over, but after a week or so of using the stuff it takes a HERCULEAN effort on my part to get anything out.
Still, it's not usually a great problem since #1. Asthetically, I can't stand the stuff (regardless of colour), and #2. The only time I seem to run into it is when visiting relatives or when staying in hotels...

Besides the asthetic reasons, does anyone else here have to stay away from it?

Liz: Don't mess around with general practitioners. They will treat your problems as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and only treat symptoms, which is is all can be done. See a gastroenterologist. Demand stool cultures be done.Have a sigmoid colonoscopy if not a full GI series. Don't mess around, you could have a serious illness.

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