JOhn (uk) - thanks for replying! i'm not really into poop that much, i can't imagine looking at my own, i don't know why, i just can't. i did enjoy reading your post though! and i'm only 13 - i've never been in love, so you never know, i may change! when i fall in love i may want to look at my true love's poop!

Katrine - i wanted to tell you, i'm a huge fan! i've actually been reading here for a while, and i still remember how excited i got the first time i read about you peeing on your dad's basement carpet! i can't wait to read more of your pee adventures! keep posting!

Molly & Mozelle - where are you guys? i really liked Molly's beanbag story (i happen to own a beanbag heehee), but what happened to you guys? i want to hear some more! you guys sound like you have the same interests as me. can't wait to hear some more stories!

and Becca - heehee i admit it! that was actually me that posted the "i miss you" message. i really really love your stor! ies! i have a little sister too, who's your age. you actually remind me a lot of myself when i was 9.

now for another little something from me. one time i was visiting my friend lauren's house. we were sitting around in her room when she announced that she had to use the bathroom. my heart skipped a beat when she said that, but i couldn't bring myself to say anything to her about my fantasies. she was gone a little while so i thought i'd go check on her. i went down the hall to the bathroom and i could tell she was pooping. i'm not into poop so much, but the smell of her coming from behind the door made me get excited. then i heard her fart loudly. that really got my heart pounding.

by this time i had to pee. lauren only has one bathroom at her house, but of course i didn't mind at all. in fact if she had two, i don't think i'd be in the other one, knowing me. instead, i thought of another place i could pee. i walked down the hall and back into lauren's room ! and pulled down my shorts and panties. by this time i really had to pee, so i got down on my ???? and wiggled my whole body under lauren's bed. i rested my head on the light brown carpet and lay there very still. then as i closed my eyes and relaxed my body, pee started to flow from me and slowly trickled onto lauren's carpet. i could hear it making a hissing sound as it landed on the carpet. my legs were getting splashed with it. i could feel the warm puddle spreading under my ???? as it grew and grew. i let out a sigh as i just lay there peeing.

as soon as the pee slowly came to a stop, i opened my eyes and slid my body down so that the puddle was now right under my face. my ???? and my chest were soaking wet. as i took a deep breath, all i could smell was my pee. i closed my eyes again and just lay there for a while.

by the time lauren came back in the room, i was sitting on the bed all dressed. "sorry i took so long," lauren said with a laugh. "that's ! ok," i answered her, "i just laid down and relaxed for awhile."

more to come real soon!

Thanks to everyone for your warm welcome.

Simon -- no, I wouldn't mind a guy watching me poop. I think I would prefer a woman (kind of a bonding thing, I guess), but I certainly don't think I'd say no to a male friend of mine's curiosity.

I am looking forward to this evening. Having the world's worst diet, I am very often constipated. Not to the point of not being able to go, but to the point where my shit is very jhard and lumpy and very long when it comes out. I sometimes try to hold it and not go everyday so that it's firmer when it comes out. Then I sit and enjoy a leisurely time on the toilet, not rushing. I love the feeling when it starts coming out and then stops half way. You can't pinch it back, but it's not going anywhere without some major straining. I try to hold it there as long as I can, and then enjoy the avalanche that comes after that first hard piece.

Anyone else savor the hard ones?

Rob (Canada)
I had an accident when I woke up this morning. I sat up in bed and had just stood up when suddenly I *really* had to pee. I usually have to go first thing in the morning, but never THIS bad, and I didn't even really drink anything the night before. I tried to hurry down the hall, but it was hard to not lose control. It seems like the faster you move when you really need to go to the bathroom, the harder it is to hold it. I made it just outside the bathroom door when I lost my last bit of control and completely peed my pants in the hallway. My sister caught standing there, wetting my shorts, and of course made a huge production out of it, making sure to tell my mom. My mom wasn't very nice about it either. I've only had this problem a couple of times, where I knew I might not make it and wet myself first thing in the morning, but this is the first time I didn't make it to the toilet in time.

I was at the beach once. and I saw this girl, she must have been about fifteen. She was walking around, and her bathing suit bottom was stuck inside the crack ( back and front). And there was a wet spot, on the front, where it could have been an accident.

GOLDGIRL - Hi there. Yeah, I always enjoyed peeing
through my swimwear like that. It is a lot of fun and
nobody will notice by just looking, especially if your
swimwear is already wet. The thing is with me, when I
really need to go, I usually piss quite hard and make
a loud hissing noise, so I could not really do it
through my swimwear if anybody was near me.
I too think it is fun to pee into containers, and I
usually do it only if I want to measure what volume I
am peeing. Have you ever done that?

JESSICA FROM CANADA - Hi! I too have peed in sinks,
and I bet you know how draughty it feels, and how if
you are having a good blast in there, you can get
splashed quite a bit around your bum and pussy. I had
some spare time yesterday, so I want for a swim. Before
I went to the pool, I went to the ladies' toilets which
are quite horrible really. If I am with my boyfriend
Steve, I usually go with him into the me! n's and we stand
peeing together at the urinal, but I was not brave enough
to go there alone. So in the ladies', I quite badly
wanted to piss, but did not want to use the toilet bowls.
I took off my swimsuit, and climbed onto a sink and let
rip. I squirted hard, and a lot of piss sprayed up and
onto my bum, but I did not mind. It was lots of fun, and
I wish Steve had been there to watch. He would have liked

SCOTT AND KIM - What a story. I know I can not match Kim's
shits for size. That was a really hot ending to the story
too. It's kind of put me in the mood, can not wait until
Steve gets home!

After today, we are going to be away until Tuesday. When we
get back, I hope there will be more fun toilet times to
write about.


To Canadian Dreamer, look up the classic book,
"Coming of Age in Samoa : A Psychological Study of Primitive Youth for Western Civilization "
by Margaret Mead
It is a great read and fascinating.
Since I was poking around in looking for the above book I saw
"Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies "
by Margaret Mead
which might be interesting.
Best wishes,

People, PLEASE reply to my last post. I am desparate!! It's getting worse!! I am still constipated, and I don't know what to do! I think it's really bad. I took laxatives, and it didn't work (and it usually work for me in the first hour!), and some enemas, and they don't work either! I have really bad cramps now, and I fart a lot. I sit on the toilet evey hour, trying to push the poop out, and I almost fainted from pushing too hard. I am really afraid now. This never happened to me. I need everyone's advice, PLEASE!!

Firstly thanks to Kimberley and Scott for the steamy hot toilet story. I just loved it!
It made me think about the length of logs. Like everyone, I I've done some very long ones sometimes, but as I don't usually have a tape measure in my pocket I've never measured any.
I agree with Daniel (UK) and Jan (NL) about wanting male stories, but some of the 'mixed' stories are starting to appeal to me. I liked the 'Chuck' stories most of all though.
Someone mentioned the colour of poo. There are several reasons for this. The basic reason its brown is apparently because it contains lots of dead red blood cells. If you take iron tablets sometimes they makes your poo go browner, and if you get hepatitits and your liver isn't working properly, your poo can go very light coloured. Then again it can be influenced by a few of the things you eat and drink. For example, when I drink lots of real coffee, it makes my poo go very dark. And eating lots of beetroot (I think that's ru! tabaga in the US) can make it go reddish. I'm sure some other foods can have this effect. Asparagus contains a chemical which makes your urine smell really terrible. Before I knew this I remember taking a bad-smelling pee after eating asparagus and assuming that the toilet itself was really smelly and needed cleaning!
I think that the smell is one of the problems which those of us who are turned on by doing poos or watching other people do poos have to ignore as a sort of unpleasant inevitability. I know that not all poos smell terrible, but sometimes it is just gross. Do other people agree? Perhaps some people are turned on by the smell.
Some people have been writing about having persistent watery diarrhoea, or this alternating with constipation. This sounds like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which seems to be a catch-all name for a lot of things. If you haven't yet been for thorough medical checks it's essential that you go to a doctor. Often these problems are tr! eatable. However I know from the experience of friends that sometimes conventional medicine can't do very much. One person I know had a persistent diarrhoea problem which doctors couldn't help, but he eventually cured himself by following a special diet which he found described on the internet. Someone else I know just gets diarrrhoea because of stress, he has to go to the toilet 2 or 3 times before going to work in the morning, but when he's on holiday its perfectly normal and he has no diarrhoea. He tried various different diets (dairy-free, wheat-free, yeast-free etc) but none had any effect on the diarrhoea.
I had been trying not to do a poo today so as to save it up for a really massive one tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait and went to the toilet at work this afternoon. After I sat down, I started to wee first. Usually its the other way round, I poo first and wee later. I had to push to start the poo coming out. It was wide and hard. This made me start sighing, and t! hen I noticed the person in the next cubicle was also sighing in just the same way! I've no idea who it was, and didn't want to know. What if it was my boss?


Hey everyone. It's been a long time since posting but I must admit that things were rather pedestrian in my bathroom going experience. That is until 2 days ago. For some reason I was awakened at 3 AM Tuesday with horrible stomach cramps and perspiration and I knew this could only mean one thing: I was going to have the runs that day! I had about 3 movements between 3 and 6 AM. And fool that I am since I was feeling better thought I would attempt to go to work. Well, it wasn't too bad actually, but I did get another attack at about 10:30, followed by another an hour later. And yet another around 2PM. Each attack was less severe than the previous one, although I did lose quite a bit of fluids as everything was pretty much liquid at that point. I guess I just had a mini bout of food poisoning. By that night I was back to normal. And I haven't gone since 8 PM Tuesday...Mikey

Teenaged Girl
No Name Girl!! That was classic that story of Nick and Brian! I was dying when I read that! That was great I loved it! You tell excellent stories.
I think every person will remember the first time they saw a member of the opposite sex go to the bathroom. The very first time I did was with my own boyfriend who had been my boyfriend of 2 years at the time. (We're going on 4 years this September.) We were still virgins at the time so I had never even seen him naked at this point. We were paired up in Science class to do Astrology observations on stars. So we went to some woods behind my house and laid down for about 3 hours doing our project. When we were filling out some worksheets, I noticed that he was starting to squirm alot. After a few minutes he just came right out and said it, "Baby, I really really have to pee." I of course already predicted that! I told him to just go and come back and he shocked me when he replied with, "will you come with me, I don't want to go a! lone." I was shocked, in disbelief, and excited all at the same time! We walked a little deeper into the woods and he stopped at a tree. At first I was really nervous about looking (I'm not sure why!) but once he took it out my eyes were practically glued! I think he was even a little nervous about me watching cause once he had it out it took a bit for him to be able to relax and go. I was in amazement with what I was seeing! He really did have to go cause he went on full blast for quite a bit. When we was done he was a little red in the face and so was I. But I broke the silence with ,"feel better?" He smiled and said yes and we went back to our work and it was as if nothing happened. It was something I would never forget and in the back of my mind knew I owed him for that one someday! And not too long after that, he got to see me go to the bathroom but that's another story if you want to hear it. I would absolutely adore to be walking around the back of an arena at a Backstr! eet Boys concert and finding Brian peeing by a tree cause the tour bus bathroom was busy! lol! Well that's all for now! Keep up the great stories No Name! Have a good safe weekend everyone!
With Love!

Thursday, May 25, 2000

a message of thanks from kimberley& scott
hello everyone. scott and I do not have any new stories to tell but we want to say thanks toJohn (VT),Misty(VT),bryian and a host of others who liked our stories. we greatly appreciate it! We will post more sexy-hot toilet stories when another one comes up. thanks again from Kim and scott

Canadian Dreamer
This is the first time I've posted here, so please excuse me if you've heard this for the zillionth time. But I've always wondered how tribal peoples usually approach toilet time (if you can call it that.) Do most have some version toilet training. By that, I don't mean using that ceramic thing we're so use to. I mean do they have etiquite about when and where it's appropriate to releave themselves? I recently saw a documentary about life in some of the poorer areas in India. The narrator was making the point that the sanitary conditions some urban slums are, not suprisingly, exceedingly bad. Just to make the point I guess, while he was talking, they displayed a mother and her daughter. The daugheter had to urinate so she just squatted down and did her thing. For her mother it didn't seem to be anything of interest as her attentions were elsewhere.
I've never seen the same issue address in, say, among the tribal peoples of South America or Africa.
I've even ! seen puberty & menstruation addressed amongst these peoples, but apparantly they never take a crap in the jungles or out there on the savanah...

Can anyone enlighten me?

This is simular 2 goldgirl pee story. I disperately needded 2 poop. I was inmy room and couldn't be arsed going to the bathroom. Under my bed was a ice cream tub with lots of pencils and pens in from when i was younger . I emptied it, put it on the floor under me and started 2 poop. It came out it bits and it lasted about 5 mins, it was quite soft so easy 2 pass. Does anyone have any other pooing in conatiner stories

I have a big problem. This started a few weeks ago and I need everyone's advice. I can't control my poop. And it is different every time. Is everyone confused?? I'll explain. What I mean is that when I go, it's either REALLY runny diarhhea, or I go in constipation. I'll tell one of my bad days.

I woke up in the morning, really want to poop. Just as I pulled down my pants, all this brown and runny stuff came bursting from my ass!! This stuff is liquid. It's like peeing from my behind. It kept on coming, and coming, and coming....and so on. And this happened for the rest of the day, so I stayed close to the toilet.

Nothing much happened the days after. Actually, I didn't even go!! I thought something funny was going on. 5 days after the diarhhea, and I still didn't go, so I took some laxatives. It still didn't work, so I took more. That worked, but the poop came out realy hard.

I went to the doctor after a few more of the similar accidents. The docto! r gave me some medication, which only made it worse. I pooped and pooped, then I constipated, then I pooped and pooped..etc. Now I feel really horrible. Now I am at the constipation stage. And my stomcah is killing me. I also went to more doctors, but they didn't help. What can I do?

Hey everyone!!! I'm new to this site but have enjoyed all your stories thus far...I'd like to share an exoerience with all of you.

About a month ago, my wife and I threw a dinner party for a few close friends. The party started at 7pm and lasted until about midnight. Dinner was served at 8pm and afterwards we all sat around and talked or danced.
About 9:30pm my wife politely excused herself....I knew she needed the restroom so I waited for her to leave before politely excusing myself. This didn't appear strange since we have 4 bathrooms and our guests were taking turns using them as well.
My wife went to the one off our bedroom, I quickly followed her.....I noticed she didn't shut the door but half way!! I love listening and watching her go and someday hope we can officailly watch each other go. I found a spot where I could watch and she wouldn't notice.
She lifted the toilet seat, pulled down her navy blue suit pants and white cotton panties down to he! r thighs and sat down. She had her hands folded nicely on her lap and leaned forward. After about 5 seconds she was peeing a river. This lasted about a minute then there was a pause and a few small dribbles of pee. She sat in silence for about 10 minutes, then shifted her feet and began to grunt softly.....she let out a soft fart and grunted again. Then I heard the famous crackling sound of her poo before it hit the toilet with a plop! She let out a sigh of relief and leaned back against the bowl. She sat there 5 minutes before letting out a few soft farts. She leaned forward again and I heard a plop plop plop......about 3 small poos followed by a couple of minutes of silence and pee. She sat there another 7 minutes before reaching for the toilet paper to wipe herself. She made sure she wiped well before flushing the toilet and pulling up her panties and pants.

I quickly ran down to the guests before she noticed I was there......when she came down the stairs I gave he! r a hug and kiss on the cheek.

And that's my story...there's more where that came from

I just discovered my new girl friend has a small problem that I thought some of you ladies mught help us out with. The other night she said she was constipated and that this always happens just before her period. The question I have are:
1. Why does this happen, and does it happen to other ladies, and 2. what can be done aside from strong laxatives to reduce the problem?

Hi everyone!!

Cheri - I know you said you are'nt lesbian, but would you mind a guy looking at you while you pooped?

Ta Ta!! - I know it must be difficult for you to fart in front of your boyfriend, but if you can overcome it,I know he would appreciate it, and I am sure it would make your love stronger if you let him see you poop. It's just exciting for him to see you do something private (just don't let him get the idea you will do it all the time!)
I have never had a woman do this for me, but I know I would not try and invade her privacy too much, if I loved her, it would be all the more special when she did let me watch.

My story is a very recent one, Tuesday in fact, I was out with my boss Caroline at lunch time,(She is a very good looking 43, I am a hansome 28!!) helping her do some shopping, as we get on quite well, and we both enjoy eachothers company, she is a fun person, and very easygoing,and she had asked if I could accompany her to th! e shops, of course I said yes, and after lunch (Large chips and Pye) we left. After about 15 minutes of shop browsing, I began to feel that farmiliar feeling in my bowels, Caroline asked me if I was feeling OK as I clutched my ???? suddenly, I was due for my 2pm poo and I was stuck in a cramped shop in the high-street, now I hate public toilets, especially if I need to poop, and will not use them, I would rather suffer in agony, which is what I proceeded to do...I felt a large turd slide down my poop-shute and I let out a loud dry fart right infront of Caroline, I think she was too polite to say anything, as I opened the shop door to leave, and after a few minutes walking I descreetly told her of my need to use the bathroom and she became concerned. I told her I would be OK, and that we would visit the last shop she wanted to see, before I escorted her back to work. Once in the shop, I began to get cramps, which she started to notice when I grimaced, and let out a stinking ! wet fart as she stood close to me. I think she smelt it, she said she was worried and thought I should go back to work as she did not want me to get ???? ache because of her, After 10 minutes we left, I had bearly walked 10 paces when I really felt like I would burst in my pants, and Caroline asked if I was OK, I told her I couldn't walk I needed to go so bad, and she told me off for not leaving her and going back to work to use the loo, but was caring when she offered to slow down if she was walking too fast, I apologised for being such a burden but she was wonderful and made nothing of it.

I made it back (hobbling) up to the second floor, when I dropped my pants, I let out a long fart proceed by a fat black 11.5 inch solid torpedo turd, which opened me up to the max and dropped into the bowl without a sound but a light slosh.

We did not say any more on the subject.

No Name person who misses me-I'm still here and I'll post a story this weekend. Sorry for sorta dissappearing I'll explain that when I post a story.


Hi, everyone!

Cheri: Welcome aboard! Rest assured there are LOTS of
interesting people here that share your "weird" interest
and have come to accept it, as I have. In regards to your
fantasy of sharing an experience with another woman, I thought of Lisa right away... I'm willing to bet she's on
today with a post addressing your fantasy...(hope so!)

Scott and Kimberley: INCREDIBLE(!!!!) STORY! WOW and DOUBLE
WOW!!!! I first read Kim's desperation story and enjoyed that, but the "steamy hot" tale was hotter than molten lava!
Great detail, too! And thanks for using my idea for scientific authenticity, the TAPE MEASURE!! Judging by the
number of regular posters who habitually address you, I'd
say you're currently the #1 "hot item" at this forum! And I
think it's great you mention all of your "fans" individually! Kim: I've thought before of the "orgasmic shit..." Incredible you were CLOSE!!! AND 17 1/2 INCHES!!!
I have a b! it of a statistical interest, so I'll keep track... SO FAR that's the official(measured!) record at this forum! Has anyone done one you think was even CLOSE
to that size!?!?

Goldgirl: Do u like 2 poop as well and do u have any stories?

Jan from Holland:

I agree with you 100%. There used to be more stories about male dumps here. Then a few weeks ago it was almost all stories about women. Now it's shifting back to a few male stories again. It's just sort of the way things go. If not many guys post their stories about male dumps, other guys won't be encouraged.

I sure wish there was a way we could get in contact. If you search around a little, you can probably find me.
Cheers, Daniel

Mark B
Funny how this forum evolves. It's about a year since I made regular posts but I still read it. Several times over the last few months I thought the forum was going down the pan (sorry! I couldn't resist that) but things picked up again. It's been good recently. I like to hear stories about
people pooing in outside latrines. Great! Especially if you can watch,unobserved, yourself. That's been a fantasy of mine for years. And I love to read about guys going in their pants because they were really desperate. Not always that many stories here about guys, so I (and many
other readers I expect) appreciate them when people do post them.
I raised the subject months ago of changing the masthead and showing a guy for a change, but no luck. No matter.
I find that I can't think of much to post these days. I sit on the toilet almost every day and do my stuff, but it's very routine and there's only so many ways you can describe the same event!
In response to recent ! questions I often sit there naked if I am at home, and I often read when I feel a big poo coming on, and then let it squeeze out really slowly, of its accord, while I am reading.

Enjoy those dumps everyone

Mark B

No Name Grrl
So everybody knows...that dream about Nick and Brian in the bathroom below Leo is MINE not his!! I wanted to tell you that in case you thought it was him that said that! Well bye!

Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Leo - in your dream you say that Nick came into the bathroom lifted the seat and sat down. Then Brian came in later, lifted the seat and had a leak. Then he turned around and sat down. Wouldn't they have been uncomfortable sitting on the porcelain bowl? I don't get it.
Otherwise, it was an enjoyable read. Nice to have some guy dumping stories for a change. Let's keep them up.


To Kimberley: You have awesome stories!! I love em, they are such a turn on!!

No new stories

Hi, I'm John's wife Misty. I,ve really enjoyed reading some of the posts, especially Scott and Kim, and a few more. I am a true redhead, and very hot into things that turn other people on. I share a little of the fascination that my husband has with shit, because it turns him on so much.Last week, I took three really good ones that I told John about, but he was working and didn't get to see. It really excited me just to see them, because mine aren't usually award winning ones. I get really turned on by the fact that it turns someone else on to see, or hear about this. Is there anyone else out there that shares my feelings in this area? I'd really like to hear from people. I have a lot more to share, because I've really gotten into reading about other people's experiences in this area, but will keep it short, because this is my first time. God, I almost feel like an internet virgin just writing about this!

You really should see a doctor. I had a boyfreind that had the same problem. Every morning he would have emergency diarrhea 3-4 times before he went to work, and then said he felt another one coming on as soon as he got there. He said sometimes he would feel like a fart was coming, but it wouild be more than a fart. It got to the point that every time he felt like he was going to fart, he would have to run to the toilet and sit down, becaused often a lot of liquid would shoot out. I washed his clothes for him, and let me tell you, we went through a lot of bleach. Like you, he never had a solid movment. If you are having watery stools often, then most likely you are getting dehydrated, which can be serious. Some other things that he did that might help you find out whats wrong. He was an alcoholic, and when he drank beer, we would have to stay at home and he litteraly would stay on the toilet the whole time he was drinking. Whenever he drank wate! r it would go straight through him. It seemed to be worse in the mornings, but did happen all through the day. He never wanted to go to clubs or anything, becuase he felt "safer" staying at home close to the toilet. Hope this helps!

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