hi! this is my very first post. i am 13 years old and like to pee. what's so wrong with that anyway? sometimes i like to pee in unusual places. sometimes when i go swimming and i have to pee, instead of using the bathrooms, i just sit on the grass by the water in my swimsuit and let it go. sometimes i wonder if people ever know what i'm doing.

once i was sitting all alone in my room and had the urge to pee. my heart began to get excited as i thought of something i could pee into. then i thought of some plastic containers i had under my bed that baby wipes came in. i had saved them ages ago thinking they might come in handy for something. i looked out the door to see if anyone was at home, which they weren't. i then pulled down my shorts and then my white panties. i got down on my knees and put the container right under me. then i looked down into it and relaxed. pee started to flow out of me and into the container. it made a cool noise against the white plastic as it ! got more full. then slowly it stopped and i picked up the container. then i just sat there for like an hour staring at what i did. i just had to smile.

a short time ago i was visiting my cousin min while our moms were out shopping. she's 17. we knew each other all our lives, or at least all mine. we were in her room looking through some old stuff when we came across a baby wipe container. somehow i started talking about how they could hold water and then i mentioned pee. "i'd like to see that!" she said, looking like she may have been kidding. i then told her how i sometimes like to pee in strange places like containers. then she asked if she could watch me pee into the container. i was a little shy at first, but having known min for so long i agreed. i pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties, and knelt down with the container under me. min sat down on the floor right behind me and watched. soon the loud patter filled the room as the plastic container filled with m! y pee. min was so close she could smell my pee. but she didn't mind. we've since done more things like that together, i'll have to tell you more another time.

see ya later,

Is there a limit as to how far the anus can open up to let a large piece of crap out? Has anyone ever heard of someone being hospitalized because it was too large to pass?

Shy Pam
Two nights ago I was with my boyfriend at a local Home Depot store. While we were there in an aisle next to the kitchen cabinets get made I saw a woman with 2 girls, one about 9-11 and a younger one about 3-4. The little girl was squirming around a lot, seemed nervous or upset and reminded me of when I used to have to go to the bathroom REAL bad and was doing the "peepee dance". After a minute or so she began sobbing and I could hear "I just did poop in my pants! I just did poop in my pants!" Her mother was busy with the store guy and said something to her other girl. I guess she asked her to check her sister because the other girl pulled the little girl's shorts out a little in the back, got closer to them and I guess sniffed because she recoiled back like she got a nostril full! She said something to her mother and the little girl kept crying. While I wasn't close enough to smell, I could see her pants looked like she had a diaper on underneath, but I think she made qu! ite a load in her pants because there was soon a dark stain on the seat of her yellow shorts. She just kept crying until her mother, ugh, picked her up and held her until she finsihed talking with the store guy. The way she was holding the little girl had the girl's butt against her forearm...if her poop was soft there must have been one hell of a mess. I don't think I would have wanted to be her older sister in the car on the ride home! Hope the windows were open!

No Name Girl, what a great story again!!! You are so good at telling stories, please keep up the good work.

Tales from the Latrine:
Your story was great, if you have anymore stories like that on please post them. You really know how to tell a story too, please post more!!

Bye for now, keep on posting!!!!!!!

Jessica from Canada
My old school used to take us for a free swim on every tuesday. i had my own pool, but i signed up anyway. we would go at lunchtime. this was when i was in grade 5. we had been in the pool for almost 45 minutes, which is when we get out and go back to school. me and my 3 friends were in desperate need of going pee, so we were the first out of the pool. when you run down the hall to the changerooms, the air is extremly cold, so it made it real hard on us to get to the changeroom. we busted open the door and sprinted for the toilet. there was only 1 toilet, so we fought over who gets it first. the first person dashed in while i and my friend were fighting. i took off my swimsuit and held myself while in the long lineup, since many others had joined. when it got time that i was 2 in line, i couldn't stand the urge anymore! i ran to the counter and propped myself up onto the sink and blasted away! a second later, a teacher came in and told us to hurry up and came around to see wha! t was taking so long. i froze and stopped peeing, covered myself with a towel and ran to my locker. i pretended i was getting dressed, while i was peeing into the towel. the teacher came around and stopped me and gaave me a lecture to stop being childish and use the toilet. i explained that it was in use for a long time and i was bursting. she didn't believe me. anotheer girl came over and said it was okay. she said that i was brave and she would have done the same thing. i still hate that teacher.

;-) see ya nextime!

Greetings, All.

Just time to post a quick one on the board today.

Scott and Kim, I'd like to say the 'Alternative to watching Miss Universe' story was quite remarkable. Kim, I think you must be quite a sight sitting on the toilet with nothing on, and from the sound of things your toilet performance must be worth seeing too! I can say your description of how you urinated and passed a big log has put a picture in my mind that is hard to forget. Not that I want to! Scott, I think you have the right attitude to other men looking at Kim. You seem to accept it without jealousy, which is how it should be. Louise is similar to your Kim in that she can turn just about any male head that she comes into sight of. In my opinion she can rival if not beat most of the so-called supermodels for looks, and has a fine athletic figure. And a _nice_ personality too, so she wins, hands down. I'm sure she was secretly pleased when men looked during her first time peeing nude on th! e beach. She attracted lots of male attention! So enjoy being with Kim, she sounds like she has some things in common with Louise, so the two of you have a lot of fun.

PV, mustn't forget you. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how time consuming doing these posts can be to do them well.
There are a few things I will write about when I do have more time, but just for now I would like to comment on the diarrhoea episode that Louise wrote about recently. I don't think I've ever seen her quite as desperate to empty her bowels as on that day. I'm not sure what caused the sudden need, she had no other symptoms of an upset stomach. When she was pulling her shorts down I kept a few feet of distance between us, as I remember her account of her 'exploding bum' that happened at the age of 15. Nothing quite so explosive happened this time, but there was a profuse outpouring of smelly brown liquid, flowing freely from her anus for 20 seconds or more and left a quite nasty brown! pool. Some people did indeed see what happened, but they were not too close in proximity. I heard one woman say something like "Ugh, that's disgusting!", while another she was with replied, "Ugh. Dirty b**ch, she's having a pee as well now". Louise was indeed having a wee, but not one of her big ones. Perhaps the ladies who were quick to condemn have never had an emergency, hmmm? It was clear that Louise faced the choice of either filling her shorts and soiling her legs, or venting herself the way she did. She was quite the lady about it, there was no better cover within reach, and I hope those two women remember their own words if they ever have to even take an emergency al fresco wee.

Until next time,


Ever since I was small I have always been fascinated by pooping. I was told that this was nasty and so for many years have suppressed by interest in it. I am so glad to find this site and know that I am not alone in my interest.

I especially find it exciting to hear about other women's experiences. My dream is to someday find another woman (I'm not a lesbian, just don't find it as interesting when men go to the bathroom)who is as interested in bm's as I am. I would love to have someone watch as I sit on the toilet and squeeze out my logs. I am dying to watch another woman go and maybe even help her clean up afterwards.

Any other women share the same interests? Please share your experiences.

Had dump this morning and it was over in about 25 seconds.About 5 mins after i drank my coffee,i had to go bad,so went into the toilet and sat down and didn't push at all,just relaxed my asshole and let out a hissing fart followed by a bunch of shredded- wheat poop which sounded like a bunch of splashing as it exited my open anus into the bowl and boy,did it feel good.My ass was wet from all the splashback.When i was done,i looked in the bowl and saw a bunch of pieces of poop all over the bowl and some long squgglies along with what looked liked watermelon seeds.It sounded like THHHHHHHHHHHHIiiiiiiiiT as it came out and it was quick!Then i sat there pushing out my anus to make sure i was done and i pushed out a small wet-sounding fart and i was done-Nice load-I would have liked to have done this dump out in the woods,but the weather here in the N.E. has been terrible.Hopefully this weekend i can get out on my bike and do a few shits in the Woods!Lately on! this forum i've been reading some great stories of either buddy pooing or somone watching others dumping-i wish i was as lucky as some of you to witness such pleasures-hopefully this summer i can catch a glinpse of someone dumping in the woods or buddy dumping along with someone else-I would also try this summer to go to washington square park in NYC and go to that Men's room with the open toilets and do a dump there along with others with no partitions or stalls-that might be cool to try-BYE

Jan (NL)
Ian: sorry, I am not a girl. I just like to see other guys shit and to have fantasies about that. It's rather a pitty that this site does not have much more about buddy-dumpings and experiences of guys having fantasies about shiiting other guys. Sometimes it looks more like a female-site. Nothing wrong about dumping females, but dumping guys are also exiting!!

I have not post for a long time. I am the part greek and part Salvadoran girl with the very hairy crotch and butt. Any way when last heard I choose to keep the hair there. But recently I get a new boyfriend and he talked me into waxing because he likes it when he makes love in my pussy and anus. But now it is so srange to me when I am wiping after I shit. So much easier to come clean. Maybe I will stay waxed some day when I have moved on to another man.This is Nydia saying bye.

Boy,after reading all these constipated stories on the forum lately,i consider myself pretty lucky.I just sit down on the bowl and out comes my load,I find exercise really helps along with plenty of liquids.I have had some bouts of being binded and it's was no fun!I feel for some of you.I think some folks are just prone to being binded up and that's too bad.Pooing should be a pleasent release,not a chore of straining and pain!TO NO NAME GRRL-Interesting story about you and your male friend and you watching him dump.TO TALES OF THE LATRINE-I enjoyed your long story about the family dumping out in the woods.It sounds too good to be true.You should consider yourself a lucky guy,but one thing,how did you know the young girls names?This story is somewhat hard to believe,although i enjoyed it!More stuff like that!
For the past few days,i've been reading thes posts with my friends laptop in the bathroom while sitting on the bowl.It's great to read some of the stories while push! ing out a good long poop-as a matter of fact,i was reading the tales from the latrine while doing a good load and it was a real buzz.Every time that one of the campers in the story was taking a dump in the latrine,i was pushing out some soft turds myself.It was pretty nice!I did one load for every person that pooed in the latrine!You guys should try this!BYE

Hello Everybody!

SCOTT - Thank you for telling me about how you pee when
you are having a poo. Steve usually hovers above the
toilet when he does it and does not really need to hold
his cock if he pees as well, so he has a different style
to you I think. I think he is unusual in the way he does
not sit down to shit, but he says hovering like that is
a good exercise for the the thigh muscles, so I think
that is a big reason why he does it. He is real busy at
the moment, so he does not get much time to post or
have fun with me either just now. I will try to get him
to post something a bit later on, I know he has stuff to
talk about.

KIMBERLEY - Wow, that was a great story about how you
accidentally unloaded a big log into your jeans. That has
never happened to me, because even when I have had a real
strong urge to crap, I have always been able to hold it
in my bum even though it has been hard for me to! walk
properly! Usually when I feel like that I end up pushing
out a large log. The only times I can not hold it too
well is when I have had the runny stuff, and then I need
to get to the bowl quick! I told about it here a few days
back, so you will have read about when Steve and I were
going running and I had to drop my shorts and let it all
pour out of my bum! And golly, did I have some fun with
Steve later, during and after my cleanup shower!
Keep having fun with Scott, he sounds really nice.

PV - Hi!!! I wish I had more fun stuff to tell you about,
but there is not too much just now. Just to say I went
swimming with my mum and sister on Thursday, and we went
to the men's toilets again. We enjoyed giving the steel
urinal wall a good wash, and my mum even had a shit in
one of the stalls and left the door open. She said Steve
would have liked to have been there, but I think he might
have been a bit shy b! ecause obviously my mum had to pull
her swimming costume right down to her knees and he
would have seen her bare melons. She still has lovely
melons, and I think it is the exercises we both do that
help, so I hope I have the same firmness when I am mum's
age. My mum squeezed out a dry 6 inch log and made a
good splash. The only bad thing about it was that she
did not enjoy the hard toilet paper. Owww.


Alex (N.Y.)
There has been a lot of good stories that I have read here. I have a story that occured not too long ago. I remember one time I had the runs in high school. I didn't feel good 1st period, so I asked the teacher if I could go. So I went to the bathroom. The minute I sat down my stomach growled so loud, the whole bathroom could hear it. (It's a small bathroom, and there was no one there at the time.) Then loose mushy diarehha came out. It stunk real bad. 2 more waves of diarehha came out. I usually get diarehha attacks out of nowhere, then the next load is solid. Well I cleaned up, flushed the toilet, and went back to class. I survived the rest of the day without anymore attacks. I don't have a lot of stories, but I'll try my best to come up with some. Keep up the good posts everyone. You got a story, post it as soon as possible. Take Care. Alex

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

a steamy hot toilet story from kimberley and scott!
hello all!this is kim again.And I have another story to tell!. My boyfriend scott and I were alone in his house recently. His parents were out somewere for awhile. So scott and I decided to fool around in his room a little bit. I gave him a light kiss that soon turned into necking. I then broke off from scott and started to take all my clothes off my white head band,white tank top,white short shorts,underwear ,socks ,sneakers.everything. scott followed my lead and took off his clothes also. when we where very naked an idea hit scott he got out his camcorder and wanted to film me nude .I said it was ok as long as the pictures remained private between him and me. scott agreed. he was always such a nice sweet boyfriend to me. so I trusted him and loosened up and smiled and did one sexy pose after another for him. this gave scott a jolt of excitement in you know where. soon though I told scott I had to take a shit since I had eaten quite a bit that day and had not had a log i! n two days. I then headed for the bathroom and invited scott to join me. "I am right behind you kimmy" scott said "I bet you are scott!" I replied as we walked totally nude to the bathroom, my 40 double d ta-tas quivering all the way!scott was really on the ball he remembered what John (VT) had said about how I should measure my logs. and scott brought a tape measure along with his camcorder to the bathroom with him. As soon as I sat my bare ass on the toilet seat scott started to film me. (I know scott has an envious job here. I know) I then started to piss like mad into the bowl(Scott and I were both hoping his parents would not come home early to catch us doing this or they would of killed us.) as I was pissing like mad into the bowl I slowly began to push out a log . and to my delight I could feel that it was going to be an enormous monster! My quivering hole stretched wider and wider trying to get it out. I then pushed a little harder this was one massive BM!! each push! I did sent great tingling sensations in my ass! I tell you at one point the sensationes were so great I thought I was going to have an orgasm and a massive log at the sametime!! (I tell ya I was close folks) My log at this point was only halfway out of my ass. I then closed my eyes and clenched my teeth and pushed real hard "Motherf?????er I said aloud as I crashed out a mighty log that hit the water with a great big splash! I tell you my bumhole was still quivering excitedly after that drop!. I then quickly picked up the measuring tape from the floor to measure my log. the measuring tape notched up all the way to 171/2 inches . 3 inches thick in one enormous log!(Can you believe it!) it had to be one of the best and biggest logs I have done and totally filled up the toilet bowl(No shit kim!) the log was so big it had nowhere to float. I also noticed when I was bending down to measure my humongous beast my ass was sticking out and was perfectly lined up with scotts sizeable! dong! scotts a nasty picture taker he took close up pictures of my upturned ass and enormous BM!!I then quickly wiped myself and flushed the toilet. after I finished all this my ass was still lined up with scotts erect you know what so I gave my ass a sexy little shake to let scott know the invitation for sex was open. as soon as I did this scott entered me and rode me like a wild stallion! it was a good thing that nobody else was in the house with us because they would of heard my loud moaning and groaning!! bye for now kimberley.

No Name Grrl
To whoever puts the stories up...thanks for putting mine up this time!!

To Biggest BSB Fan...your not alone!! There are two other BSB fans on here!!! Me and Teenaged Girl!! I dont fantasize about them but I would definitely love to see them do their thing!! I wonder all those things too!! I dont know much about their bathroom habits but some of the pages on the internet say things about them. Some are rumours though and here they are

-Nick takes the longest on the can
-He sings to himself on the can
-Nick once crazy glued Brian to the toilet when he had to go as a prank[and some skin ripped off his butt!]
-Brian talks to himself on the toilet
-Brian has peed outdoors on occasions because of the tour bus bathroom being busy
-Kevin once got spends hours on the toilet and once got his butt stuck and had to get firemen to get him off!
-no bathroom rumours on A.J or Howie yet!

Well that is all I wanted to sayy. Ciao!

i miss you, becca

Just did a nice BM. Took 2 minutes and 2 waves came out. 5 wipes did it with poo stuck to my anus. That's my story. Here is another one. On Friday at school during 7th period, I see someone taking a dump. As I was washing my hands, The person who was taking a dump came out and he was from my French class! I've only pooped at school twice this year.

More to Come

Hi its me...AGAIN!!!

Biggest BSB know how you said that you fantasize about A.J and Nick taking a poop??? Well I have to tell you about this dream from last night! It was the oddest dream! I think its the first time it ever had someone going to the bathroom in it! Nick and Brian!!! They both pooed right in front of me!!! It was so weird!
I dont remember most of it except the #2 parts though. For some reason they call me Sasha in this but that isnt my real name! This is what happened....

I dont remember why but I was in Florida and we were staying at Nicks house for awhile. This was the second day I was there since I was there at like 8 at night the night before. I was in the bathroom putting on my make up and doing my hair and then out of the blue...the door opens wide and in comes Nick.
"Dont mind me" he said and closed the door
"What are you doing?" I asked him
"Sorry I gotta do this Sasha" he sounded like he was desperate
! "What?"
I was for some reason shocked that he went over to the toilet and lifted the seat! I didnt think he would go in front of a girl he first met! I expected him to take out his cock and just pee but he pulled his pants down to his ankles and sat! He looked like he was in heaven already.
"Sorry" he said again and then he farted and looked away like he was embarassed.
"Dont be embarassed Nick" I said "Everyone has to do this"
"I never went in front of someone I first met before" he said red in the face
"Well I would never make fun of you" I said "I do it all the time. The other guys do it all the time. Jay Leno does it all the time. Superman probably did it in his movies"
That made him smile and then it faded. The show must of been starting. I didnt notice him grunt or anything but I could tell he was pushing by the way he looked. I heard him take a deep breath and he made that face again.
He shifted his feet around and tried again
"I dont wa! nt to sound dumb but I think Im constipated" he looked down "I thought I had to go but I guess I dont"
"Here" I said "I know a way to help constipated people go. Someone told me about it and it actually works" I put my lipstick on the counter and went over to the straining Backstreet Boy. I kneeled down in front of him and kind of lifted up his shirt
"What are you doing?" he asked and I could tell he was shocked
"Just trust me on this one" I said and I was rubbing his ???? for awhile. "People say this actually works. Do you feel anything yet?"
"Yeah I do actually" he said and then he pushed and out came a fart "Yeah I think its on its way down me now" I stood there stroking his silky blonde hair. Then the sound of crackling came. Yep it was working now!!! He kept straining silently and the crackling kept coming. It sounded like it was a big one "KERPLONK!" it landed in the water. Nick sighed and closed his eyes "I can feel more up there" he said and pushed ag! ain a little louder "Unnhh" he said "Unnnnhhhh" and then we heard another sound coming "PLOP!" he grunted again "Ploop" "I think Im done" he said. He sat there for a few minutes to see if he had to go anymore. Nope it sounded like it was over. Nick got some of his toilet paper and wiped himself[I turned around so he could]and then looked down. There was a big one and a medium sized one and a small ball[I would say how long they were but I dont measure it...besides it wasnt real!] The smell was really gross[like any #2]!
That was all I remember about that day.

Then I was in the bathroom again doing my hair again and this time the door opened and BRIAN came in.
"Hey" he said
He went over to the toilet and lifted the seat. He pulled his cock out and peed loudly in the toilet humming to himself. He looked at me and smiled "I needed to do this allll night" he sighed
"Oh I see" I said brushing my hair. I stared at Brian again when he stopped peein! g. I expected him to put his weiner back in and flush but instead he turned around and sat down!
"Sorry" he said "The urge just came" Whats with the BSBs and saying sorry about going to the bathroom? Probably again because Im new! He spread his feet apart and looked down at the floor with his hands on his face and his elbows on his legs. I then heard a small fart. And Nick...was straining silently only for him it didnt take so long for the crackling to come. He took a deep breath and pushed again. The crackling was there for awhile like Nick[they must of been together for so long that even their DUMPS were the same!]and then came the "KERPLONK" sound.
Then he put his arms down on his legs and looked at me "I feel so embarassed" he said
"Dont be!" I said "Nick went in front of me too and he told me he was embarassed. Why cant you BSBs not be so embarassed about something everyone does?"
Brian shrugged "I dont know" he said and then went back to his ! business. He grunted silently through his nose a bit louder than he was last time. Then he exhaled and inhaled again and pushed. Another crackle. He pushed one last time before it fell "KERPLONK!"
He grunted again and again. Another loud KERSPLOOSH sound and then a fart. He pushed one last time and a small one came out "Ploop" then he looked up at the ceiling and rubbed the back of his neck
"I needed that" he sighed. He got some toilet paper to wipe himself and then I saw him look in the toilet. I didnt see it this time since I wasnt near him like Nick. The smell wasnt the worst smelling but I could sure smell it!

Thats all that happened. Well ciao!

This is my first time posting here.
I am 20 years old.
I have sort of a problem. (not really)
My boyfriend loves for me to fart, and it took me a long time to fart in front of him.

Now he wants me to take a dump in front of him, and I can't picture myself pooping in front of him.

I barely even fart in front of him.

hello everyone. hi ben from NY! I heard that you wanted to hear one of my desperation stories.Well I will tell you and everyone else one! I was in elementary school-6th grade to be exact when I was walking home from school. On this day I was walking rather fast because I had to take a massive shit in my pants. I had a mile or two to walk home. the backyard to my house is pretty deep woods when I reached the woods I had the really strong urge to unload right there and then but instead of pulling down my tight blue jeans and panties I thought I could make it inside to the toilet. But just when I hit the backyard door to my house I unloaded a humungous beast of a log in my panties!!!. This rock solid monster log which was approximately 11 inches long ,2 inches thick not only made my pants sag it absolutely stretched my panties out of shape! I was soo disapointed I did not make it to the toilet. Once I got inside my mom cleaned me up without scolding me or anything(I got a great! mom!) Well bye for now kim.

Smartboy & Others - I fully understand your passion for watching women do their toilet! A a young boy we lived on our farm. This old house only had one bathroom and almost everytime when I was in the bath tub, my mother, aunt or grandmother would have to do their pee & poops. I was always rewarded not only by the sight of seeing their panties and private parts, but also with the sounds and smells of their peeing and pooping. My aunt was the best as she would stand after she pooped, turn to face the toilet (which had her butt to me in the tub) and then wipe her shitty ass. I could really see the results of her prior efforts. I also enjoyed that these ladies would talk to me while doing their business. I got to have fun too when they would be in the tub and I had to go. I loved standing in front of the toilet and pushing my pee out as hard as I could. It made such a loud and wonderful noise.

Kathi. Changes in diet can affect bowel movements - it's not uncommon. If you've still not been in a day or so and you're feeling uncomfortable, I'd take medical advice though.

rathernotsay. I'm glad you feel able to share your difficulties in this forum. It concerns me however, that you haven't taken medical advice before now. My advice is go to the doctor without further delay - please. I'm no expert but it sounds to me as though either Colitis or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is responsible - both conditions are treatable - for your difficulties, but I'm no expert and I'd advise you to be courageous and seek medical opinion immediately.

Rathersotsay - You could have any number of things wrong to cause the shits, but if I were you I would eliminate dairy products for a while to see if that is the problem. If there is anything else in your diet that may be the culprit I would think about that also. It can also have an emotional cause if you are too anxious or nervous, barring any disease, etc. Good Luck.

Rathernot say: Go see a gastroenteroligist soon! Don't wait. You could have a serious problem or one that could be remedied with simple medication. I can't imagine having such a problem for so long. Get help soon!

Jan(NL): You lucky girl! How excitign to see such a site! Wish I had been there!

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