Last night my husband and I had dinner at our friends' house. After dinner, the wife excused herself and went to the bathroom. While we were talking, I (and I guess we) heard a long, wet sounding fart come from the bathroom! The house isn't small, so the fart seemed loud. Then there was another long, wet fart and the sound of runny poo! Nobody said a word but the poor husband looked very embarrased. A few minutes later there was yet another loud, long, wet fart! This went on for 10 minutes, then we heard the flush and the wife came out and resumed chatting. Half an hour later she returned to the bathroom and I heard another 10 minutes of wet farts and runny poo! At the end of the evening I went to the bathroom to pee and it stunk! Plus there were brown wet poo splatters around the rim of the toilet. While I peed I farted and dropped a 5 inch log. In the car afterwards I said to my husband that the poor woman must have had a dire bowel problem. He blushed and said that he didn'! t know what to say or do!

Hello everyone. I have a small post,, I saw something that kinda freaked me out. We went to Sonic and my cousin set me down in the play area so we could eat. (sigh.. I wish I didn't have cats on my legs .. I could go play) Anyway.. I was watching the other kids play when I saw a little girl kinda squirming.. then I saw her head under the bridge and squat.. she looked around and slowly pulled down her pampies (panties) down and bit and let go.. the whole thing was in sand so her pee was soaked up by it. No one seemed to notice.. but actually she looked like she was just squatting there and playing in the sand. After a bit she pulled them up slowly.. looked around and went back to playing. I guess when you're small you can get away with lots.. I know I did. I have had some trouble pooping.. as well I guess laying around just makes poop build up inside you.. it takes days for an urge to hit me and when it does.. oh man.. it all decides to come out. I'm waiting for an urge to hit ! me.. but so far.. nothing. Well I'll wait a bit more. Poor Elena had the same problem.. and didn't want help. But I talked to her and told her about the times my cousin had given me and enema and he was gentle and well a lot better than anyone as he made you feel comfy. So she decided to go with it and well she's alot better now. [giggles] And now drags my poor cousin into the bathroom when she has to poop. Well that's all for now.. I promise if "it' happens.. I'll tell you guys everything. Bye

One Lucky Guy
Very quick post. I Promised Jules to concentrate on writing my college essays.

Has anyone out there got any favourite place names that remind them about going to the toilet ? To set the ball rolling, my personal favourite is the small Devon town of CULLOMPTON in the UK.

To me, that sounds like a monster poo dropping into the water, complete with a fat plop noise, and the water splashing back again ! Come to think of it, I don't know why I haven't used that name in my posts before. It describes the huge poos that Kim does a real treat !

Anyone with any others ?

I am interested in the shade of brown peoples poop are. Next time u post record the shade of brwon your poop is, using the color guide on the sitting on the toilet survey, (1 = yellow, 6 = green or give the colour.) And does anyone know how to make there poop lighter or darker, if so post them. I am seeing sally next weekend so I hope I will have a good story 2 bring you all.

Shy Pam
Just found out about this site last week from a friend who stumbled acrossed it. I find reading it is good and makes me feel normal, I thought maybe I was strange for having so many accidents when I was young. It seemed like the end of the world then and now is almost laughable. I find it reassuring that others had the same type of things happen. (I guess you can't relate if it never happened to you.)
I am female 19 year old college student with sometimes, ugh, a good memory. What I mean is when I think of my younger accidents it almost feels real and like it happened just yesterday.
When I was in preschool and elementary school, I had MANY little accidents (I would squirt a little in my pants while waiting on line at the bathroom or on the way home or out at the store with my mom, sometimes from laughing too hard and most of the time from waiting too long). Sometimes when my mother found my underpants damp and in the hamper she would ask if I had an accident. I ! told her that I forgot to wipe and it was from that. She bought it except for a few times they were wet too wet.
When I was in preschool I was playing in a sandbox with other kids. I was standing and it was like spring or early summer. I didn't even have to go to the bathroom. All at once, I just went - I wet and pooped in my pants and started crying which drew everyones attention to me. I had on these bright pink overall shorts and flowered undies (which my mother got me to make me feel 'grown up') and everyone there knew real quickly why I was crying. I don't remember if I felt more embarassed or disappointed in myself (I mean it's one thing to hold it so long you end up wetting your pants, but not to know its coming is something else.) One of the aides took me to the bathroom, got me out of my wet& dirty clothes and changed me into dry ones (I never knew what was in the backpack I brought everyday...others had bags, little sacks...for their change of clothe! s!)
That was my only 'true' accident, where I didn't know anything was going to happen.
When I was in kindergarten and grade school a lot of kids went in their pants. Usually it was the girls who waited to long and wet and they boys who held it to long and pooped. One day after school (I was in afternoon kindergarten) I was waiting for my mom to pick me up (usually I took a bus). I really had to pee but didn't want to miss her picking me up (now that I am older I know she never would have left me there, but you know how 5 year olds think). I was standing outside of the front door of the school close to the driveway waiting...and waiting...and waiting. I had thought about going but reassured myself I was a big girl and 5 year olds didn't go pee in their pants 'like babies' anymore. Needless to say I waited too long and found out the hard way that if you wait, you wet your pants. I was standing with my legs crossed and clutching my lunchbox and papers against my ! ???? (I didn't want to look like I was really holding myself). It kinda just came out although I don't know how to explain it but it was kinda peaceful. I really had to go and really had been trying to hold it and the urge suddenly sort of went away. Then I just released, it felt normal like it was the thing to do and it felt good to pee instead of holding it with the cramps and muscle titeness. I peed all over everything. I had pee in my shoes from where it ran down my legs, all over the sidewalk (a large puddle just sort of developed under my shoes). My "my little pony" underpants and white tights were soaked! My pastel green dress was even wet in the rear where it touched my tights and undies. I was cring so hard I felt like another puddle was made of tears. When my mother finally arrived, she figured out real quickly what happened and told me it was okay to have an accident in my pants, that I probably held it as long as I could and I tried my best not to wet my p! ants. She took me home, changed my clothes and did them in the laundry right then so I wouldn't have to think about the accident when I put other clothes in the hamper.
This really brings me back in time and it feels good to share my experiences with others who seem to have had the same type of thing happen to them. Gotta go for now, be back. Ciao! Shy Pam

No Name Grrl
Hi! Now I know the reason why my story isnt on dont put anything to do with someone TOUCHING themselves! Now Im not so upset about it. Well...

To Scott..Yeah. After awhile I got turned on by him when he went to the bathroom in front of me. When I first met him I was thinking whoa who is that guy?? He is HOT! Then I ended up being friends with him!! Heehee! BTW thanks for saying I sound cute!

To Teenage Girl...Yeah that would be cool to see all five of the BSBs peeing in the urinals but what be better I think is seeing them all in doorless stalls doing the "other one"!! I dont want to sound gross though!! If you want to see the dream with Brian Littrell going to the bathroom its on page 203 I believe! I know its not your A.J but its still a BSB!! Some other people I wouldnt mind being in the bathroom with is SoulDecision[the group that sings "Faded" and "No One Does It Better"], David Boreanaz[the guy that plays Angel on "Angel"]and Andy Griggs[coun! try singer that sings "You WOnt Ever Be Lonely" and "Shes More"]!!! David is sooooo buff and I think he would look sexy on the throne doing his thing!! Heehee!! What other celebrites do you want to be in the bathroom with??

To PV and Adrian[England]...thank you guys so much for saying that it is normal to #2 once every week!! PV I dont think it is megacolon I have because your right the doctors should of said something about it before when I first had this problem. They would be stupid for keeping it a secret behind my back. Wouldnt you hate it if you had a problem and didnt have a clue what was wrong and the whole time the doctors knew what was wrong and wouldnt tell you so you were worried the whole time??? Sheesh! I dont know why I make those #2 messes. Everything that is inside me goes straight into the loo like it does with everyone else. I dont know what happens. Doh!!

To Drew, JacobG, Tiffie and everyone else who wanted to know more about my friend and! his #2! Since the last story is probably to bad to put up here because of him touching himself...I guess you wont be able to see that one. Doh! Well I have another one.

I was at my friends house and we were watching the X-Files. He said that he never took a dump for days again and it was harder than last time to go.
"It must be because I never eat vegetables" he said "Maybe I should eat some"
"Yeah maybe" I said
"First maybe I should try to take the dump" he said and he got up and went straight into the bathroom "Coming?"
"Sure" I said. I was getting way used to seeing him in the bathroom so it didnt bother me a bit.
He went in and pulled his pants down and sat. I was standing this time. He was already grunting "Unnnhhh!" but nothing happened "Unnnnhhhhhh" but still nothing so he took the deepest breath he could and "UNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" nothing. Not even a drip of pee or a fart. He rolled his eyes and grunted again but no success at all. He got up and pulled his pants up and then went straight into the kitchen.
"What are you doing?" I asked him
"Looking for something that can make me go" he said
"Oh I see" I said
He was humming and looking in the fridge at the same time. Then he smiled "A ha!"
"A ha? What A ha?" I asked
"A ha as in I found something A ha!"
"What is it?"
"Prune juice!" he said "My mom always keeps prune juice in the fridge. Its just that I never bother taking any because Im a junkfood kinda guy. Maybe this will make me shit better" he took it out and poured it into a glass that was on the counter. He drank it all in one gulp. He made a disgusted face. "Well hopefully this will work" we went back into the living room again and were watching the X-Files. We were sitting there for about half an hour when he got up "I think its starting to work!" he said "Follow me!"
I followed him in and he whipped down his pants and plonked down on the toilet. It must of b! een kicking in alot swifter! I didnt know that prune juice can kick in so swiftly...even if its a big glass! He once again immediately started grunting "UNNNNNNHHHHHHH! I can feel it coming! Unnnnnhhhhh!" yep. He was having success because the loud crackling was audible "Unnnhhh!" he grunted "This feels grrrrreat unnnnnhhhh!" I kept hearing the crackling and then it out of the blue stopped. "Its stuck" he said he looked between his legs "Its a big one!" he grunted again and was red in the face. "Unnnnnnhhhhh!" after about 4 minutes of 100% pure grunting and straining...the poo was on its way again. The crackling and everything was back again. Then about 20 seconds later...there was a loud "KER SPLONK!" he sighed and took deep breaths "I think thats all for now" he said so he wiped and flushed and we went back into the living room. The X-Files was over now so we were finding a movie to watch. Nothing else happened the rest of the evening. But I was spending the night at his hou! se so there would be another chance.
That same night at around 2 or 3 in the morning...I heard footsteps in his room[I was on the floor]. I think it was him.
"Hey" he whispered "Wake up"
"I think I have to go"
"So go"
"Arent you coming?" he asked
"Well what would your family think if they noticed we were in the bathroom together?"
"They wont know" he whispered "They are big sleepers"
"Okay" I said "But I hope we wont get caught"
"We wont get caught" he said "Come on"
He was tiptoeing out of the room and was only in his boxers! His shirt was off and everything! He walked quietly into the bathroom and let me in and then closed the door quietly and locked it. Then he went to the toilet and pulled down his boxers.
"Can you turn on the fan for me?" he asked "I think this is going to be noisy"
"Sure" i said and turned it on
"Thanks" he said and then he peed for about 15 seconds and then grunted and let out a loud fart! "See I told you I would be loud! And this is just the very beginning!" he took a deep breath and grunted again. The crackling was so loud that we thought the others would hear it! No I dont think so. "Plop!" went a piece of poo "Plop! Plop! Plop!" he held his stomach "I knew this was what was wrong "BRRRRRRTTFFFFFFF" went a loud fart "Kerplonk...crackllleeeeeee....UNNNNNHHHHHHH!.....KERSPLONK KERSPLOOSH!...BBRRRRRRRRFFFFF!.....UNNNNNHHHHHH" then he sighed and looked at me "I had this really bad stomachhhh unnnnnnhhhhh" he must of had to grunt again "UNNNNNNNHHHHH! KERSPLONK! I think the next few waves of shit are going to be unbelievably loud and messy!" he said and then soon after that he grunted and "BBBBRRRRRFFFF! Splat splat kersplonk! UNNNNHHHHH BBBBRRRRRFFFFF CRACKLE BBBBRRRRRRFFFFFF! SPLAT PLONK PLOP SPLAT! BBBBBRRRRFFFFFF! UNNNNNNNNHHHHHHH! KERSPLAT!" then he sighed again "Wooooo. That was alot! I think Im better now" he got some toilet paper and wiped himself alot[me! ssy poo]. The smell was unbelievably bad!! Then he pulled up his boxers and flushed the toilet and washed his hands.

The next day his parents were gone but him[of course] and his sister were home. They were sitting at the table eating and I had to go pee. After I came out he was in the living room watching the morning news.
His sister ran by the room and into the bathroom closing the door behind her.
He got up "Hey" he smiled "Check this out!" he tiptoed over to the door and put his ear by it. I would be upset if someone was spying on me when I had to go to the bathroom!
"What are you doing?" I asked
Then we heard the sound of her peeing then it got quiet and there were a few big plops and then sighing. Then it was silent for a few minutes and then a few more plops. Then the sound of the toilet paper roll and then flushing. He ran back to the couch and pretended to watch TV.
His sister came out humming a song from the radio and then went back in! to the kitchen.
"Oooh" he said "My turn. Come on" he moved his hand for me to come
"Your sister?" I reminded him
"She wont care" he said
I sat there for a few minutes. He went to the bathroom first and then I ended up following him. He was already sitting when I came in.
Then I heard him peeing and then a short quiet fart echoed in the toilet. Then I saw his ???? muscles go up and down when ever he strained "Unnnnnnhhhhh" the crackling was already coming "Unnnnnnnnhhhhhh. This is alot easier now! KERSPLOOSH" went a piece of poop "UNNNNNNHHHHHHH" Then he farted loud "UNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHH! KER-SPLOOSH!" Then he was silent for a few minutes and we talked for awhile. We were talking about graduating and stuff and then his voice started straining again "UNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHH!!" and then after a few more grunts "KERSPLONK KERSPLOOSH SPLAT!" a few peices came out "UNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHH" he grunted for a few minutes and the crackling was there the whole time and then he f! arted and the last poo slid silently into the toilet "Flloooomp". he turned around to get some toilet paper. He wiped himself a few times and then he flushed and we left.

Well that was the only time I heard him poo that day. What did you think this time?? I hope this story is up here tonight since there is nothing about sex stuff!!

No Name Grrl

Greg (from Kansas)
Hey Kathie, I saw your post and I have some questions for you concerning your problem.

1. Are you eating any ve????s as in a nice salad. That is natures way of sending you to the toilet with no ill after effects.

2. Have you been active? I've found that after walking 4 miles a day, I was taking a shit twice a day!

Those questions you must ask yourself. if you have been literally starving yourself to death an only eating things like no fat potatoe chips ect than you are literally putting your bodily waste function on hold. Now for some folks the no fat chips will give you the shits (believe me
I know!)

So let us know what you've been eating etc and maybe we can
help you out a bit, What ever you do don't take any laxatives until you feel you must ABSOLUTELY have to! They'll give you the runs something terrible and that's not something you want to think about with on bikini briefs on!
Plus the farts that it will produce would evacu! ate a whole town located "down wind" from you! (smile!). Besides that
you wouldn't feel too sexy knowing you might have some "steam" to blow off!

Elena-- Your boyfriend told an interesting story
on you. I'd like to ask if you've had enemas before
and is it always hard to get the stuff out afterwards?
I'm asking because most stories I've read describe
everything as just rushing out like diarrea (sp). Its
NEVER been that way for me. I got soapy water enemas
as a kid and it was always a STRUGGLE to get them out.
I'd need to go so bad but I'd still have to push and
strain with everything I had to go. Is there something
wrong with me or is it often like that?-- JW

Biggest Backstreet Boys fan
Has anyone ever daydreamed about the Backstreet Boys taking a dump? I wonder if they leane over and grunt loud or stay quiet? I wonder if they've ever heard each other taking a dump? I wonder how long they take? I usually fantasize about Nick or AJ taking a dump. I'm 12 years old and this is my first post. Any body feel free to respond.

hi all, this is my frst post. i am sitting here at the computer with a huge piss pushing at my vagina. i am drinking more waer so i can get more. i don't have anwhere to go tho, wchic annoys me. i don't live alone and all the carpetsa re white so i can't hide anything. there's no privacy in the backyard eitehr. i might get my bathing suit on and a ress and go stanf in the flowers and pee, tho, but i'm afraid a neighbor willsee me. i love this site and i love the piss stories, espesially the desperation. i can fel the pee inside em trying to get out. it is hot and throbbing in time wth my heartbeat. soon i will have to decide where to do it. talk later!

My friend Elissa is very silly. She once hid in my bathroom behind the shower curtain. And when I went to the bathroom, she came out and said "boo!" very calmly. This scared the hell out of me, and I went all over the place.

By the way, yes, she saw my penis. I have no problem with that - she's a lesbian.

To Jan (NL)--
My friend Nathaniel is in the middle of some very important exams at the moment, so I haven't seen him for a few weeks. He had his 18th birthday recently and I bought him a celebratory drink and wished him well on the exams. We're planning an evening at my place for supper and videos soon. Next year he's leaving the area and will be travelling around America and Australia, before he starts drama at university. He's going to be in a feature film one day soon, so keep an eye out! OK, sorry to be off-message!

Last time I listened to Nat shit was memorable, because he farted and did a pretty loud grunt, which he usually doesn't do. Nat's usual pattern is three or four big splashes then a big sigh of relief, then a long piss. The thing that's great about listening to him is knowing that he's one of my best friends and he's sitting in my toilet doing his business.
I'll report more next time I see him in a few weeks' time.
'Bye, Daniel

Sunday, May 21, 2000

Johnny Fartpants
Public Toilet Hater.......I certainly wouldn't have eaten at a place with filthy toilets like that either. I always go to the toilet before I eat somewhere as I hate eating on a full bladder and also to check the toilet as I consider the toilets to be a good indicator for the cleanliness of the whole place. The worst place I ever came across was a hot dog and burger place I went to once. This place looked like something out of Happy Days and I was expecting The Fonz to rock up on his bike any minute! The toilet looked like no one had cleaned it since the late 1950's too!!! Like the place you went to, there was piss on the floor, huge skid marks of shit inside the bowl and paper all over the floor. The sink was filthy, the mirror above it was half missing and the walls were covered in graffitti. Needless to say there was a powerful stench of piss and shit. I've seen public toilets that were worse than this but this was the worst I'd ever seen at a fast food place. They ought to! take a leaf out of McDonald's book, their food may be tasteless but at least the toilets are always spotless. Many is the time I stopped at McDonald's, not to eat but just so I can shit in a clean toilet. Anyway, getting back to that other place, I took one look at that toilet and walked back out to the car and told my girlfriend we were eating elsewhere. I'm glad to say that that place has long since closed down.

Hi everyone, I think that I might be having a potential problem and I would appreciate any help you might offer. A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to lose 5 pounds for the upcoming bikini season. With a little self control on my food intake, my goal was within reach. Now for my concern, I was always blessed with nice, large, and regular shits, until now. Now I can't shit worth a damn, nothing comes out. I still sit on the toilet at my regular morning time, I pee a lot, thanks to my 6 glasses of water a day, but, no shit. This has been going on for a full week now and I am getting a little worried. I have read too many horror stories about toxins inside the body. Can anybody tell me if I have anything to be concerned about?

Jan (NL)
DANIEL (UK) the last time you are not telling anymore about your experiences with your friend Nathaniel. Do you still listen to his shits? Liked your stories about that.

I have a story about a guy shitting on a camping-toliet in Marocco. I was sitting there on the floor cleaning my feet and shoes and I could look under the doors of the toilets. In Marocco they have toilets to squat on and I saw a guy go in. Just a little later I saw him squat and I saw a big turd emerge from his butt. This was realy cool to see!!

I was afraid to crap in the public restrooms in college so I went home every weekend my freshman year to crap and go to my job. Sometimes it took fifteen minutes to crap once I got home and it would be really large in size. I wouldn't eat much food during the week so I wouldn't have to go crap. As a bonus, I lost alot of weight my freshman year.

I have had a problem with my bowels for many years now and it embarresses the hell out of me. I felt okay to mention it in this forum, but I have never been able to tell my family or doctor. I have diarrhea many times a week. This started when I was in about sixth grade. I am now a 24 year old man. I have literally not had a bm that wasn't loose or watery since I was a child. I am a teacher now and am afraid that I may need to go during teaching time, but have always managed to make it to a break with some close call. I thought I might be lactose intolerant(I have read some old posts by Blake which gave me the idea- by the way Blake if you are still aroundplease respond). Ice cream, frozen yogurt, and cheese pizza have done some serious numbers on my stomach. However, here is the weird part. Since I was young, I have been addicted to milk. I drink skim milk. In the morning, I wake up and have 2 or 3 sittings of diarrhea before I get dressed. Then I feel queasy unles! s I drink a big glass of milk. I t always calms my stomach down. Otherwise I feel real strange. (Sort of weak and nauseated) Once I get to work I usually have to do diarrrhea one more time as soon as I get there. It's only about a fifteen minute ride. Usually I am ok after that. Sometimes there is blood on the tp but none in the toilet- this has happened on and off for at least 10 years and scares me every time. I don't know why I need milk to settle my stomach, but the other dairy products seem to upset it- How can that be?????? Does anybody know what could be wrong with me? I used to think it was something life threatening, but was too scared to admit it to myself so I dealt with it silently. After all this time I feel sure it's not life threatening, but it's embarressing. Also, there are tims when the diarrhea comes out feeling hot. If anyone can help me please repond and let me know. Sorry for such a long post, but I needed to get all of that off of my che! st and didn't want to leave out any details that might be important. I just don't understand what's wrong with me, but I know something can't be right. Thank you so much in advance for any advice you might be able to give. I hope this was appropriate for this site.

hi everyone!!
I don't have a story to post today, but i do have something to ask. Whenever I sneeze or cough, i pee on my pants. Whenever I jump, I fart and want to go to poop. Why does this happen? Does this happen to anyone?

To the author of the Tales from the Latrine Trilogy ....
Bravo. It's amazing to think such an amazing and revealing experience could ever happen to someone., especially a teenager. This was superb writing and personally I think it's a shame there aren't awards given for such writings. If there was, this one would take first prize. Wow.
Keep 'em coming!

Hello all. I'm back to pst this time. Congradulate Elena as she had tried many times to poop in front of me.. and finally succeeded. Not like she had much choice. here's how it went down. Elena hadn't gone in 4 or 5 days but she had been busy lately and hadn't noticed. She does the books for her aunt's condo on the island and gets free room and board..(yup our happy home) Anyway.. I ntoiced she had gone a few times to the toilet holding her ????. I got the feeling she felt bad.. so rather that bug her or pop my head in.. I let her alone.(See I'm not such a big monster) Anyway after the last time I asked what's wrong. She said she had a HUGE urge to poop but.. nothing would come out. I told her many she should take a laxative.. she said she had.. that's why she had the urge. I looked at the box and said.. geez.. you use these mild.. female ones.. (Not picking on females okay.. just that I can't believe they get the job done as my mom gave me some when I as younger and they NEV! ER moved me at all) I told her when you're backed up.. the last thing you need is mild.. you need something like battery acid. She laughed and threw the box at me and said.. wlel logic tells me that would kill me.. so have you any ideas? I suggested wlel there's always at enema. Oddly enough both her and Linda who was sitting near by both gasped at the same time. I said well.. how botu we keep that as a weapon of last resort. She agreed. I said.. well.. and went into the bathroom and said.. we could try this? She saw the cannot be mistaken for anyhting little silver foiled supossitory. She made a face and said okay. She walked into the bathroom I followed her and said need help? She slammed the door in my face and said NO. So I went back and flopped down on the sofa. linda mentioned she too hadn't gone in 3 days.(considering how she packs food away I'm not surprised.. secret to her small frame.. she never gains weight cause she poops it all out days later) I said.. she'd proba! bly go soon enough.. elena is my top priority as she has gone longer.. and if she wnated i could give HER an enema.. she screamed and shook her head. (mental note.. best way to get anyone child to quiet down is to threaten them with an enema.. just fooling.. you'll scar the child for life) Anyway Elena came out in just her t-shirt and undies. (I was in heaven) She looked at me and said don't get any dieas. I frowned and said.. okay and let her sit on the sofa as i moved to the love seat (only love in that room at the time) Later Elena bolted to the bathroom barelt shutting the door. me and Linda had or fingers crossed as we heard her moan.. then she started making sqeals and kinda high pitched breathing. I blushed (sounded likda ertoic.. and yes it was getting to me) So i went and knocked at the door. I asked you okay? She said no.. (she sounded like she was crying) I opened the door and there sat my girl.. red faced and tears in her eyes. It broke my heart. I kneeled down in ! front of her and wiped her eyes with tissue and said nothing huh? She shook her head and said.. all that came out was the stupid partailly dissovlved supossitory. I said.. well you know what we can do. We can get your mom or someone else to give it to you as I know.. you don't want me to do it. She said let me think about it as she covered my eyes with one hand and got up and pulled her panties back up with the other (don't ask.. i can't even do that) So she sat back down with me and Linda.. I got up to go check on the laundry.(Yes girls I do housework.. I work the least hours so I do the most house work..sides it's Elene's house I live in so it's the least I can do) Anyway I heard Linda and Elena talking when I came back Elena told me to get what i needed ready.. she took a deep breath and said she would go ahead have have an enema. I looked over at a giggling Linda and guesses she talked her into it. So to spare Elena any embarassement.. and by her respects.. I'll skip ahead! and Elena had her enema and was holding it in so it could work it's magic. She sat figeting saying that Linda talked to her about when she was wounger and how she hated getting them.. but that it was better if I did it cause I was easier on her and that I would go easy. So.. she went rhough it.. and blushed.. so.. you saw.. my bottom at long last. I took her hand and said.. was worth the wait.. just wish it had been under beter circumstances. Here eyes opened wide and said this was it.. She slipped her panties down quick and sat. Out came a loud blast of water.. then Elena's eyes opened wide as she made those sounds again (I couldn't stand it my mean my gal was half nude and making those sounds.. ARG.. but I kepted my cool) She pushed and starined.. she said.. the enema didn't do anything it was coming out a bit easier.. but the poop was still rock hard and hard to get out. She would gasp.. and starin.. i would hear a sort fo wet crackling.. rather loudly too. She whimpered a! nd went... owowowowowowowowow.. I held her hand and she squeezed tightly.I could only imagine her poor ring was being stretched beyond human measures. tear poured down her face.. I couldn't stand it. I hugged her and dtrokes her head and tried my best to comfort her.. then she sighed and I felt her body relax.. there wasn't a might thundering plop.I looked at her and she wiped her eyes and said. Man.. I really needed that. I laughed as did she. The rest came easier.. and she sat there as we talked and she plopped away.. blushing after every plop. We took a peek.. just to see what gave her such greif. There was a guhe poop with a bit poking out of the water (she said aomehting about Nora being proud) and about 6 more 5 inch poops around it. I left so she could wipe in peace. Later after many flushes.. we finally go it all to go down. She curled up on the sofa with me.. and fell asleep with her head on my lap. I felt so bad for her.. but she looked so peaceful reasting now. I lo! oked at her undie covered bottom and imagined how red and sore it was. i gently patted it.. my poor gal had been through so much... but the best part was.. I SAW HER BARE BUTT!! heh no.. the best part was she was now feeling better. Linda has a post so she will post later as will Elena

Ben in NY
You're definately a cool guy. I can't give out where I live, but I'm pretty close to you. Has Kim ever had any accidents? Desperation stories are my favorites! Sounds like you guys are having one hell of a time! And fyi a red mustnag with a wicked paint job is what I want when I can drive (very soon).

'till later,

Jenny: I would love to hear about your accident in seventh grade. Please give every detail, like holding yourself, crossing your legs, things you mumbled to yourself and such. Also, I would love to know what you look like!


Hi, everyone, I am sending a post after a long time. I am enclosing one of my experiences when I was 14 years. One day I went to my friend's house which was far away from my house to meet him and play with him. But when I reached there, he was gone for a sports training camp and his mother alone was there. In the afternoon I planned to go back to my house. But we knew from the news that there is no transport service due to some riot in the city. So my friend's mother told me to stay there till the riot ends. I stayed there in the night. I slept in my friend's room. In the early morning I had a sudden urge to go to the toilet. I had not gone to the toilet after my morning dump of previous day. I arose from the bed and went to the only toilet, which was near to my friend's mother's room.

As I went near I saw the door was partially open. It was a big room. I was about to enter the toilet and to my surprise I saw my friend's mother shitting in the squat! model toilet. She was a beautiful lady in her thirties. I stepped back and peeped through the gap of door and doorframe. She was shitting non-stop pushing out thick and long yellowish turds. While shitting she was looking at her ass. She had not seen me. I looked down between her legs to the porcelain bowl and saw a good pile of turds of different sizes. As I was looking at her turds she let out a long loud fart. After that for few seconds there was no flow of turds she was just straining. Her face was tensed and she was sweating. After that I saw the tip of a turd at her ass hole. It took some time to come out. She was pushing with much effort. It also fall on the pile. It was a carrot shaped one. The air was filled with the aroma of her shit. She passed two more small turds and stood up and walked to the tap near to the bath tub with her skirt lifted up and rose panty in her knees. She squatted infront of the tap and washed the ass with soap and water. She stood up and lowe! red her floral skirt and flushed. As she was about to come to the door I ran back to the room. She was the 4th lady I saw performing in the toilet. Now I am 17 years and I still love to remember that incident.

Hi Nancy,

Yep, I've heard of folks who enjoy constipation here before, but for the life of me I can't fathom why they would take pleasure in something so, well, taken to extremes. It was the bane of my life as a girl and I had quite enough of it then. Well, all I can say is that her habit may be gratifying to her, but she'll pay the price in due course, in poor general health, bleeding haemorhoids, pain and smell, and then she might regret doing what every medical practitioner would tell her is something rediculous and self-destructive.

About the only side effect to a properly done enema is the loss of friendly gut bacteria, and a yoghurt culture puts them back pronto. So, so long as you're careful not to use undue pressures, you're safe. I hardly think the two extremes are comparable!


Nice to hear from you, though, and I hope you're having plenty of fun!



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