Hi, this is my first post here. My name is Alexis but everyone calls me Lexi and I'm 12 years old. About a year ago I had to have surgery on my legs because my knees pointed towards each other like this: ><. Anyway, I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days afterwords. Nothing big happened while I was in the hospital. When I finally got to come home my mom had to work so my dad is who brought me home. I had to lay on my back in the backseat of the car because of my casts, and I was wearing nothing butmy hospital gown and panties. About 5 minutes after we left the hospital I started to need to poop but I thought I would be ok for a while. We drove for a while and because I was laying on my back I couldn't see how close we were to home but I knew I needed to poop pretty bad.
"Yeah Lex?"
"I need to go."
"Pee or poop?"
"Don't worry, I'll clean you up when we get home."
"What? But I haven't...."
"I know but we're a while away fro! m home and there's nothing you can do back there, right? And I know there's nothing I can do up hear so you should just relax and let it come."
"I guess you're right.
Almost immediatly I closed my eyes and let my poop come out on it's own. A few minutes later I guess I fell asleep and got woke up by the car door opening. When I was fully awake I realised that i had wet myself wile I was sleeping.

Ok, more to come later it's my bedtime. I would love to hear some childhood stories if anyone can think of any.


JANE - just to tell you I liked your letter. Do you remember more occasions where you held it until desperate?

hello everyone, hi louise! I think my answer to your question "Do you hold your cock to aim it when you are pissing or do you let it hang loose like steve does? question" got lost in cyberspace so I will try posting it again. When I sit on the toilet louise I actually do both. Sometimes I hold my cock down and piss other times I dont. I usually hold my cock down when I am pissing like mad and having a big log at the sametime. I hope this answers your questiones louise/ Take care now and how is your man steve I havent heard from him in a while? Plus I enjoyed the other posts tales of the latrine part three with the sexy 16 year old girls plus the post from no name grrl. To no name grrl when you saw your muscular five foot eight male friend on the toilet having a log or logs you said it was gross but at the end of the story you saw him on the toilet a few more times.later- wondering if its not too personal of a question or questiones really. Did you like to see your muscular fr! iend having a log after awhile? and did this guy turn you on anyway when you saw him before in class or something? just wondering no name grrl write me back later if you like . P.S you sound like a cute girl!bye for now scott.

Bear--I wouldn't mind seeing Tom Selleck or (especially) Chuck Norris taking a nice healthy dump. Outdoors would be best of course.
No time to post a story tonight but next time.

Just been to a family get-together and had a real laugh at embarrassing my brother who was reminded of this incident by my parents. When I started junior school aged seven, I was really shy and my brother who was nearly eleven was supposed to look after me on the first day. At lunch-time, we all went into the school hall for dinner and my brother was allowed to come and be with me. He was standing next to me in the queue waiting to get our dinners when I heard this dripping sound and I looked down to see his long grey socks getting all wet and he was peeing down his legs and in his shorts. All that fuss about looking after me and he was the one who went and wet himself! All his friends laughed and pointed at him and he got taken to the medical room and when we left to go home that evening, I was still wearing my school uniform and he had on football shorts and short socks with his pants and shorts and socks in a paper bag. He's twenty-seven now and he tried to laugh it off whe! n all the family reminded him and had a good chuckle at his expense but he was beet-red in front of his girlfriend and I kept up the teasing all night.

Saturday, May 20, 2000

ALASKA GUY - Yes, I would very much like to hear more of your stories. I really enjoyed the one about the big guy with the handlebar moustache and the hairy butt!

REDNECK - I have stayed at the Lazy Lizzard, but did not like it. It has cabins instead of one building and there was a terrible rain storm and the whole area was kind of flooded. It was such a bad place that I found a motel for the next night. I don't even remember the bathrooms, but I think I had to walk through the rain to get to them. One of my least favorite hostels.

MARC - I'd love to read your stories.

ALL - I'm off for a two week vacation, so I'll get back to you all the first week of June. Hope to have lots of great stories to read by then.


Becca from Page 330, have you and your sister got any poop stories?

Public Toilet Hater
I went into a fast-food place for lunch this past week. Before ordering, I needed to pee, so I went to the men's room. IT WAS FILTHY! There was poop all over the commode and on the floor. There were puddles of urine all over the floor. The sink was filthy. There was a little sign above the sink admonishing employees to wash their hands before returning to work. The sink was so nasty that I would not use it. I ran out of that restaurant and will never eat there again. The thought of having a person who used that toilet actually handling my food makes me ill. I think I will contact the local health department. On other topics, I didn't see any cell phones in the toilets this week. I had more massive dumps, but only clogged the toilet one time. My turds are about 5 inches in circumference, for those who asked about which dimension I was thinking about. The US has some ridiculous laws about low-flow toilets. Th! is law is stupid, like many laws in the US. You cannot have the kind of commode that you want because the government won't let you have it. If we had commodes of normal capacity there would be less clogging. Wouldn't it be great if we could throw most of the laws of this country in a commode and get rid of them? What business does the government have in my bathroom when I am trying to dump out feces?

Teenaged Girl
Hey No Name Girl! I'm 17. I am a huge Backstreet fan. I have never pictured AJ in the bathroom. All I know is I would love to be in there with him! You know what would be the best though? Walking into a guys bathroom and seeing all five Backstreet Boys peeing at the urinals! Now that would be interesting! lol!

No name girl-- what a cool story. Please tell us more about seeing your boyfriend.

Tales from the latrine-- did you ever see any boys use that latrine? Way back in the old posts I told about seeing my friend Paul shit outside when we were 13 and I think outside dumps are the best. Anyone have any more "guy dumps outside" stories, or camping dumps?

It's great to see stories about guys here for a change.
Later, Daniel

The Crank
I found the chinese medicine on the internet. It's actually dandelion roots and it says that gastronic(or whatever) pain is one of the side effect. If it happens, reduce dosage or frequency of intake. Now they tell me.

Anyway, I'm still suffering from diarrhoea though my abdominal pains have subsided. I'm eating 2 pills instead of 4.

To Tales from the Latrine-- These three stories were
without doubt the best I have ever seen on this board.

Please tell us more-- I'm sure there must be more.

Hi Linda and Elena, how are you?-- JW

Hi all,

Yep, I'm still here and reading -- just hyper busy!

STEVE & LOUISE -- downloaded all your posts, will write a proper reply offline and post back asap!

I would like to reply to NO NAME GRRL concerning your lifetime bowel problem. If I may hazard a guess, you may suffer from the condition known as "megacolon," this being an enlarged large intestine. basically, it can accomodate far more faeces than a regular bowel, thus the less frequent openings. What puzzles me, however, is why your doctors didn't spot it right off, if that was the situation.

I know you're scared, and you've certainly been through a great deal, it's entirely understandable that you don't want to reopen a situation which semeed to be safely in the past. However, as you've noted, our bowel action doesn't seem to be quite what you'd think of as normal.

To defaecate once per week is just as normal for some folks as twice per day is for others, but (if I have! my information correct) a once-weekly poop is a major event that can be tiring on the ol' mechanism. Heck, if I miss one day my next poo is notably more difficult than it should be.

What to advise... If you're otherwise healthy and happy, the chances of it being colon cancer are remote. Megacolon is reasonably likely, and the chances are that it did not seem apparent when you were younger because of the enemas your mom kept you cleaned out with. I don't want to come over like the list's "enema advocate," (LOL!) but you could try helping your weekly poo along with warm soapy water -- or take an enema mid-week to reduce your backlog, and at weekends to coax the main load away.

Your comment about getting into a mess makes it sound like you're expelling with considerable force... Any extra info you could post might help with deciding what to advise.

Take care,


Joe K, I am also straight but I agree with you that it is an intimate virile thing when two guys are dumping and just like you, this also turns me on. Thom, absolutely nothing to report as far as Nick is concerned. No Name Girl, wonderful story about your guy friend taking a dump. Let's hear more!

During my last term in college I was going on interviews. Unlike nowadays, when the typical college graduate gets a good three or four job offers even before they start their last semester or quarter, we were told to get at least five interviews before expecting a job offer. This was about 12 years ago. Anyway, I was trying to get into the retail management track and was interviewing with the likes of Sears, JC Penney, The Gap, etc. The first interviews were usually on-campus at the placement center. If you were lucky enough to have a follow-up, you went to one of the stores.

One time I had an interview with K-Mart and had to go to a K-Mart for the interview. I almost got lost trying to find the K-Mart - it turned out I received faulty directions. I was able to get to the store just in time for the interview. I didn't have enough time to freshen up, but I went ahead and spoke with a regional manager. I asked if I would have to work at this store, and he said ! he wouldn't know where each management trainee would be placed at this time. We spoke for almost an hour, during which time I felt my bladder filling up and an urge to pee developing. I finished the interview, but I was very uncomfortable for the last couple of minutes. In fact, I thought I was going to pee on the spot. After the interview, I dashed off to the ladies room.

There was a lot to be desired in terms of the condition of the ladies room, but the stall I went in was in relatively good shape. As soon as I sat on the toilet, I started to pee furiously. The strong steady stream lasted about a minute. I paused and then started another stream, this one not as strong but lasting two minutes. I stopped for the moment, but I did not yet feel fully relieved. Then I made one more push and tinkled for a couple more minutes before I was finally done. Surprisingly, I did not push out any poop nor did I fart.

It's public restrooms like this one and most ! of those at K-Mart that give the likes of Public Toilet Hater every reason to hate public toilets. I did get an offer from K-Mart but didn't accept it, not because of the toilets, but because I got a better offer from another company.

Just to let you know that I finally got my girl friends mother alone and started her on the subject of constipation so I could try to turn her on to enemas. If you remember my last post I saw her straining and having a bad time tring to shit. She thought she was alone and had left the bathroom door open and I saw what I thought was a painfull case of constipation.
Well as I turned out when I talked to her and we got on the subject of constipation and I was telling her about how I was always constipated and that I was taking enemas and that they were helping me. She told me that she dosen't need enemas because she enjoys being constipated and that she eats foods and takes medications that constipate her. She told me that she loves to feel her rectum full of shit.
Sometimes she said, I hold my shit in me for four or five days and when I can't stand it any more I enjoy siting on the toilet straining and pushing to try to get those hard rocks out. I told her th! at I hated to be constipated and I never heard of anyone enjoying it befor but to each her own.
Have you or anyone ever heard of someting like this?

To Victoria's question concerning her bad experience with using prune juice to relieve her week-long bout of constipation. Next time it happens you might want to try a glycerine suppository. That's what I use and they work like a charm. Usually I have a good BM in less than a half hour. None of the surprises you might experience with prune juice or laxatives taken by mouth.

You may feel a little uncomfortable while it's in your butt and possibly some mild cramps while you're going, but nothing like you experienced with the prune juice. In other words, the suppository should produce a normal BM.

While you certainly can lay on your side and insert it yourself, you'd probably find it a lot easier to let your room mate give it to you. A couple times I had to insert my own suppository while my wife was out of town. But I find it actually works a little better when she gives it to me. I think she pushes it further up my rectum than I can. Plus I'm a lot more relax! ed when she's with me. Which means I can hold it in longer.

The Crank
To the writer of Tales from the Latrine

Do you socialise with the campers so much so as to actually know the names of the 2 teenage girls and how they are related to the other people you saw? I don't get it, you sound like you were peeping at strangers, yet name them like they are close friends.

Whatever. I think you had one lucky experience boy!

Well, I've been coming back every once in a while, but I've been really busy, and I haven't gotten to post. But anywho, I've been single since the end of last year, but I'm going to ask out a new girl tonight, and hopefully that goes well. And she already trusts me quite a bit, so hopefully I'll get to see her bodily functions soon..:)

I also get my SAT scores back today, so pray for me!!!!

Happy craps to all!


TO: Tales from the Latrine - Part III

That was a GREAT post. Thanks so much for sharing a tremendous account of a family dump. Did Lori tense up when Jeannie had to insert the suppository?

Nicola - It is good to see you back, I was about to ask where you have been? I miss your consistent posts. Almost as consistent as your easy curved sausages and carrots.


Hey all,

Hey No Name Girl, I loved your story about your guy friend, please if you have any other stories, please post. And add all the details and sound effects, please!!!!!!!

Everyone keep up the good posting,
May next time I will post a story.

Happy pooping, Bye

This is my first time posting here, but heres a story from last year that might intrest you. Me and my family do a lot of camping and I met up with these girls. They where a bit younger than me (me 15 at the time.) One was 11, she was called Sally. Anyway over the week we had grown closer. During conersation she had said that back in her home town she used to go into boy toilets and watch them pee.
On night she went out for tea, when she came back i was on the park waiting for her. She said she would be back in a minute but she needed the loo first. I said I needed the loo and walked her up to the toilet block. As she headed off to the ladys and me to the mens, she turned around and said "can i join you." I said ok and we both went in to the males. It was quiet, as it was around tea time. I needed a wee and sally turned to go into the cubicale. She said common in and not wanting to up-set her i did thinking she only needed a wee. She pulled down her shorts and her white kn! ickers and opened her legs just enough so i could see her pee hole. She started peeing, even though she had just turned 11, she had already amased some light colour pubic hair. Then the pee stoped after about a minute. Finnish I said, no she said and a few little plops in the bowl indicated what was coming next. She forsed a log out of her tiny little hole and it was about 12cm long! It drop into the bowl and she said she had finnished, she let me wipe her ass and I looked into the bowl. The poop was quite light in colour and was curled up in a little ball. Before flushing I went for a pee standing up, by this time I was very excited. Sally said she had never seen a boy pee b4 and I said I never seen a girl poop before. We joined the others on the play park, I will remeber that evening for the rest of my life, we also kissed for the first time that night. Anybody got any childhood poop stories with girl or girls who are children who like pooping, post them here.

see y! ou next time

Just thought of another story which happened earlier this year which I would like to share with you. Me and Sally had been going out for 6 months now, we kept in touch and as a suprise, organised with the help of her mum and dad I came to see her over the weekend of her 12th birthday. It was our last night together and sally's mum and dad had gone out to watch sally's old brother, anthony, play in a table tennis match. WE where left at home looking after sally's younger sister, steph and her friend Jo (female) They where in the front room with us watching tv. Over the weekiend me and sally ahd been everywhere together, including frequant trips to the toilet. We disided we would make our last night special. WE where in the middle of "examing each others tonsles" when steph said "uncle chris i need the toilet." Steph is only 8 and had see me and sally in the loo together, but had not told her pereants. "Can you and sally take me she asked?" Yer sure I said, we went up to the bat! hroom, we sally and jo following. It was a tight squeeze but we all managed to fit in. Steph pulled do her black jogging pants and white knickers and sat on the toliet. She let off so load farts, I told her to open her legs a bit more as that would help it come out. She did and some pee started trickling down inti the toliet. The she pushed very hard and a wave of soft yet firm poop can out and ploped into the toliet. Jo and Sally where both watching. She push again and 4 smaller, yet softer logs came out. She told me she had finnished. Turn around to grab some paper, when I notised her bottom was prcticly covered in turd. It must have been a really soft one I said! I went to the bath and put the bath water on, told steph to take her top off and get in to clean the turd off her bum. She did. Jo then annonced that she needed a poo and could sally and I stay and watch, I was quite suprised by this. Jo pulled down here blue shorts and white knickers and sat for a while, we still hadn't flushed the loo form steph poop, she then started to strain. The some little splashes where heard on the water. She was producing little rabit type droppings of poo, then a large logs, then she stood up, too some loo rool and wiped her bum, but as the poo was quite firm nothing showed up. By now there was some little dark droppings, a dark brown log and 5 lighter brown logs in the toliet. After steph had finnished her bath we went back down stairs and watch tv again. WE didn't flush the loo as we forgot. Went put the kids to bed (as Jo was staying the night) Then we sat down and snuggled up 2gether. Latter on about 10, sally said she had the urge to poop. So we went up stairs, but I asked her to try and do it standing up. She did and she was a good aim, her logs where about the same colour as her sisters, but it came out in one large lot. I wiped her bum, which took loads of loo roll and then sat on the seat and then I processed to poop, mine was only little, light brown in shade. I got sally to wipe my ass and the flushed the loo as we walked down satirs sally's perents arrived back.
God what a long post, anyway if you have any stories like that add them to the post, all this is TRUE by the way anyomore stories I will post them here

No name girl. I was sorry to read about the difficulties you experienced with motions during childhood. It can't have been easy.

To answer your question about whether it's normal or not for people to only have one motion a week or not, I'd say yes it is. Most people have to go every day or every couple of days but it's not unknown for some people to have a weekly evacuation without being any the worse for it. Basically, if it's become your normal habit and you feel comfortable with it, there shouldn't be anything to worry about. If on the other hand you have sudden unexplained changes in your bowel habit or bleeding, you should certainly see a doctor and take medical advice without delay. OtherwiseI hope this helps.

No Name Girl: I really enjoyed your story about your guy friend.

Alaska Guy: Please tell us some stories!

Marc: Still looking forward to hearing your stories.

Last weekend, I drove from my home in North Florida to a state park in southern Georgia to meet some friends for a day of hiking. It was a three-hour drive in the middle of nowhere. By the time I got to the park, I had to pee so bad . . . and I know this is going to sound strange . . . my fingernails and the hair on my head literally hurt. I drove into the park, bypassing the self-pay area (knowing I could pay later) and pulled right up to the restroom. As I was getting out of my car, a young guy, about 20 years old walked into the restroom. I walked into the restroom just in time to see the guy go into to a stall. I went to the only urinal, which happened to be next to the stall he entered. As I started peeing, I heard the guy take a deep breath, hold it for about ten seconds while l! etting out an audible grunt, and then release his breath with a loud sigh. This continued non-stop the entire time I was peeing. I swear, I've never peed so much in my life and it really felt good. I started getting goose bumps and chills, which made it even better. Listening to the guy grunting nonstop was the icing on the cake. It's been a long time since I heard someone grunt like he was grunting. I never heard any kerplops, just constant deep breaths and grunting. I washed my hands, walked outside, sat at a picnic table, and waited for my friends who were driving down from Atlanta. After peeing so much, I found myself really relaxing. Suddenly, I felt the urge to poop and thought I better do so before hiking. As I stood up to walk back to the restroom, the guy walked out of the restroom. I went into the stall he was in and noticed pee in the toilet and one piece of toilet paper, but no poop. I guess he was constipated. I flushed the toilet, sat down, and mana! ged to push out a small non-impressive turd. I think I was nervous because I did not want my friends to arrive and find me pooping.

Friday, May 19, 2000

This is my first time to post on here.. I really like the site.. So I figured I might as well post..

My only accident I remember is from when I was 4-5. I remember being at the mall with my mom and her friend. I don't know why I didn't tell them I had to go.. I just didn't. We went into some bookstore and the next thing I know.. I'm done peeing and being whisked off to the bathroom.

My mom told me that when I was 3, I refused to poop. I wouldn't go and it would form a hard ball in my gut and they would have to give me medicine to get it out. She told me about being at the Grand Canyon on a family trip and they had to give me my medicine. So I went.. and went.. and went.. They said the smell was so bad that they had to request a new room. I think it is quite funny.

I usually poop every 2-3 days. Last summer, I would poop everyday. But every since school started back in August, my routine has gotten screwed. Oh I always read Archie comics w! hile I go. They keep me entertained. When I do poop, it is usually a good hard solid one. It comes out fairly quickly and easily. I usually try not to poop at school. I think I have twice this year becuase those were desperate times. I try not to poop in public toilets either. I don't liek other people hearing me poop. I'm not sure why though...

A few weeks ago my mom got sick with the rhodo virus. She got over it and 3 days later, bam I had it. It was during Spring Break and we were going out to eat and planning on going shopping. On the way to Tulsa, I began feeling nauseous but I just figureed it was car sickness because I'm prone to that. We had just ordered our food and I told my mom I wasn't feelign to well. So I went to the bathroom but nothing happened. I came back to the table and began workign on my soup. I made it through about half of it and then the diarrea hit. I went to the bathroom one last time because I was feelign really sick by then! , and it just happened. SO my mom got a box for her food and we left. Now you know a 16 year old girl is sick when she asks her mom if they can go home instead of going shopping. I made it home with out any problems.. But when I got home I had to go again. My hole was already burning because of the previous poop. I sat down on the toilet and it was liek an explosion. Liquidy poop and yellow stuff (not sure what it is.. if someone could tell me I'd appreciate it) came rushing out. It took a good 15 minutes to get me cleared out. But I did. I don't remember pooping again that night but I also think I tried to avoid it some becuase my butt really hurt. Well I think I've posted enough plus I've got finals tomorrow and I really need to study for those...

Slayer Moon
Jenny: I just read about the Alyssa story. I do hope that that psychotic "teacher" of yours was banned from the teaching profession for life, like she should be. These control freaks who don't let kids go to the toilet when they need to go are incompetent beyond measure as teachers. Actually, that last sentence was a major understatement.

hi ben from new york my girlfriend kimberley and I are flattered that you like our stories so much. we appreciate it. we will try to keep them coming when another one pops up. We both live in the morris county area of new jersey. and we would like to keep our exact age private for now. If it will help any kim and I still go to school and we both have cars. I have a red toyota corolla and she has a hot red mustang with a brown ragtop.We have both been driving for a few years. And ben kimberley really does look like she describes in her looks!! and body!!!! and she really does love to sit on the toilet naked and crash out her enormous bm's!!!.I am not surprised you probably like the way she looks. many men do!! I would also like to thank John(VT), bryian,louise,steve, and others for the nice comments they have given me and kim in the past. plus jenny I have read your story about the girl named alyssa in your class. the one who went in her pants and everyone laughed at her and m! ade fun of her and she had no friends. I hope jenny that you did not make fun of her you seem like too bright of a girl for that kind of thing. and I also think you COULD!! of been a good friend to alyssa in her time of need !!DONT YOU THINK JENNY!!! bye for now scott

No Name Grrl
Like I said before...I usually dont like talking about this kind of thing. To me its usually "private" but I have to tell someone about this.
When I was younger #2 was always normal for me but when I was 9 or out of the blue changed. I did it like 7 times a day and hardly did anything at all. The doctor said that there was #2 in my stomach still and there was alot. My stomach bulged out[and still does]because of everything inside it. I always did it in my pants on the way home from school. My panties were always dirty and they all had some kind of stain on them. My friend Tahra even saw them and said Ugh about them. My mom and dad would always get mad at me and say I should be in diapers again and it really hurt me. Sometimes they would make me show my dirty panties to everyone and say I should be ashamed to do it. Well I was.
In about 1991 when I was about 10..the doctor told me that I had to go to the hospital and get my stomach "cleared out". There was this! diet[clear drinks and soup]for a few days and then I had to go to the hospital. They made me lay on this table and put this machine with grey chalk stuff up my butt. There was even a screen[that looked like a projector screen]and you could actually see the inside of my stomach and you could see all the #2 inside! It was gross that i remember!
They told me that the stuff going up me would make me feel like I have to go to the bathroom and it did! I was fidgetting when more of the stuff went up me and I wanted to leave so bad! I fortunately didnt mess up myself and the table. Finally they let me do my deed!! It was mostly just the stuff they put up me and then normal #2 but it was gray like the stuff! Im not sure what it was exactly.
I was fine for another year but the #2 was still the same for awhile. I had to go back to the doctor to see if everything was still normal. He did X-Rays.
In 1992 when I was 11 I started getting worse again. The doctor said I had to go! to the hopsital again for the same thing. This time though it was worse. They made me lay face down on the hospital bed butt naked. They putt a long tube up my butt and all this stuff went up me. I felt it kicking in and soon they said I could go to the bathroom. I did and I had to leave the door unlocked. It was all mostly like dirty water but sometimes it would be litterally hard as a rock! That was the worst part. My poor butt was really sore and i had to keep doing it over and over again with mom and the nurse watching!! I felt so embarassed! I was doing the same thing for about 7 hours and I wanted to go home so bad but I couldnt. Dammit! When I did go gave me this drink that would make me #2 again. It didnt really help.
A few days after...I was playing Super Mario 3 and my mom came into the room. She said "come here for a minute" and I followed her into the bathroom. This was the first time I ever heard of enemas. She told me this thing would make me #2 a! gain and I was crying and begging her to not make me do it because I didnt want to go through all that #2 again but she made me.
I had to take my clothes off and lay naked on the hard floor. Mom took this bottle out of the box and I said that the bottle looks like it would hurt but she slowly put it up my butt. I felt all the stuff going up and again felt like getting away from it. Then my mom said to wrap myself in a towel and go play nintendo until I had to do it. I was almost beating Bowser in the very last world and I felt the stuff kicking in. I said its time to do my deed and I closed and locked the door so no one would come in. It wasnt at all as bad as I thought it would be. First it was the enema water and then it was normal. My mom knocked on the door and asked how I was. I went to unlock the door and she had to look at what I did. I did so much she said it was almost as big as a cinnamon bun!! I dont know why but she cleaned me[11 year olds could clean themselv! es right?]and then flushed everything and it clogged the toilet! I did so much that I didnt have to do anything but pee for an entire week!! After I left the bathroom I went back to my nintendo and beat Bowser!
I kept getting enemas until I was about 16 then I told my mom I dont need anymore. She said okay.
Nowadays I only do it about once a week. Is this normal for people?? Or does it mean I am constipated?
I am too scared for my doctor to check me out again just in case there is anything worse with #2 for me. Maybe I have colon cancer but I dont want to know. Im too scared. I might have about 9 year old #2 inside me still. Do you think I should go back to the doctor again? Does anything like this happen with any of you?
Also...sometimes when I #2...even if I do it the way I was told to do it...I always get it on my arm and sometimes on the side of the bathtub!!! I know this is really ABnormal for a 20 year old girl to be doing. I dont know how it gets there! . I feel really gross and dirty.
Sometimes I think I really have to pee but when I get to do it...I only do little dribbles at it and my vagina gets all stingy and throbs. I always think I am going to pee my pants and I have to go to a bathroom...PRONTO! Thats the only thing that happens to do with pee or else its perfectly normal like a young womans should be.
Please tell me what I should do about the #2 thing. The last time I saw the doctor was in the hospital in May 1999 when i tried know[but I wont talk about that]and he didnt say anything about #2. The last actual check up was in 1997.
I will tell you about when I saw my guy friend go to the bathroom. I wont say his name though okay? I will just say "he" or "him" or "his" okay? He looks a bit like Joshua Morrow[3 Deep/Young & the Restless' Nick Newman], Nick Carter and Brian Littrell[Im not kidding about the BSB part either!] mixed which would make a him a heart throb!!
Well we were 16 o! r 17 when this happened. We were outside playing basketball in the school basketball court. He said that playing basketball all the time helped him be more "regular" when hes constipated. He told me he didnt go for days and that this was the first time he had a chance to play basketball for along time. We were playing for about 6 minutes when he stopped and rubbed his stomach and was making a face.
"Whats wrong?" I asked
"Its time for me to do my business" he said. He picked up the ball and we went to find a bathroom nearby.
"Why dont we find a store or something?"
"No" he said "My house would be okay. It has privacy in it"
"Okay" I shrugged "But its furthur from the stores"
My friend looked at me and smiled "Thats okay. I dont have to go that bad yet"
By the time we got there he was really desperate.
"God" he said "I hate going when I didnt go for a long time"
He was standing in the long hallway and the bathroom was right down the hallway! .
"I will wait for you in here" I told him. I was talking about the living room.
"No" he said and came into the room and took my hand "Please dont think Im gross. But...would you come in with me and keep me company?" I was shocked when he said this. No one ever asked me this and I never even thought about doing this!
"Well..."I said "Okay...I guess" I kind of made a weird face
"Are you sickened?" he asked
"No its just a shock. Its something I didnt think anyone would ask. I always thought that poo was something that people like to do in private"
"Well" he said swiftly going into the bathroom "Maybe company would be cool for me"
I followed him in and sat on the edge of the bathtub. I felt kind of nervous since I never heard anyone else make number 2 sounds that I remember.
He lifted the toilet seat and unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down to his ankles. He looked at me and kind of smiled when he sat on the toilet wit! h his legs far apart from each other.
"This is going to take awhile" he said "Thats why I wanted you to be in here"
"Anytime you need me" I took his hand and rubbed it.
My friend smiled at me and it was time to get down to some serious pooping for him! I didnt want to look but I could see his willie hanging down in the toilet. Then I heard the sound of his pee tinkling in the toilet and then when it got quieter...thats when it all started. I heard the small silent fart escape from his butt.
"Here it comes...uhhhh" his voice was kind of straining a bit and he was breathing through his noise and making quiet grunting/straining noises. He kept doing this for a few minutes but nothing happened. "This always happens" he muttered and rolled his eyes "I can tell this is going to be big and alot of it...unnhhh" he kept pushing as hard as he could and then finally he had success!! We both heard the loud crackling sound when his poo was coming out ever so slowly. It sou! nded like how Rice Krispies sound in milk[heehee]! He kept pushing hard and looked between his legs.
"Oh gross" I moaned and looked away "Tell me when your done that"
"Whoa look how thiiiick it is! Unnnhhhh" he cried and knew that he was grossing me out[thats why he was going it]! "Its coming out slowly and its lonnnnggg" I could still hear the crackling and then I couldnt help it and had to look. It looked weird seeing someones poop hanging out like that! He was right it was thick all right. It looked like it would hurt! That huge poo was holding his butt open really wide! It kept moving a bit more everytime he pushed a bit. Finally I saw it getting thinner which meant the ending was coming out now. His butt hole closed and it landed in the water making a huge plopping sound. He sighed and slouched.
"Are you done yet?" I asked
"Nope" he said "I can feel a bit...unnnhhh...moooore up there...unnnnhhhh" His face was turning beat red and I couldnt see anything hap! pening. "Can you unnnhhh get a magazine??"
"What kind?" I asked
"Annnnything" he grunted "My siiiister has a teeeen magazine in her rrrrrroooom. I wont mind that one. Unnnnhhhh" I went to his sisters room and I could still here my poor friend taking his huge and painful sounding dump. I found the magazine which was a Big Bopper[celebrities]magazine. Backstreet Boys were on it! Heehee!
"Here" I gave it to him
"Thanks" he said still red in the face "Unnnhhh" he grunted and flipped through the pages one at a time "Im going to be here forever" he was looking at actors like Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Devon Sawa[one of my fave actors]and asking me what I thought of some of these actors. He was looking at a BSB poster and was asking me what their names were and the loud crackling sound finally came again. He looked at the picture like he was in a trance and pushed out the huge poop at the same time "Its so hard to get this one out! Unnnggghhh"
"Try your h! ardest!" I told him. I pointed to the picture. All five Backstreet Boys were all staring and smiling "See there even smiling and trying to get you to push your hardest" I felt dumb for saying that. He looked at me and then pushed extra hard
"UNNNNNHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHH!" deep breath "UNNNNNNHHHHHHHH!" KER-SPLOONK!!! The poo made another noise. again he breathed out loud. "Oh god theres still more" but fortunately he only needed to push half as much as he did the last time. "Unnnnhhhh. Unnnhhhh" plop! "Unnnnnnhhhh!" PLOP! "UNNNNNNHHHHHH" Plop! Finally he said he was done. He threw the magazine on the floor and stood up to look. Holy crap Ive never seen so much poo!! The first two were really long and thick and the rest of them were smaller but still kind of big. "My ass in throbbing" he said when he wiped[I turned around to give him privacy].
Then it took him 2 flushes to get it down. He told me thank you for being there when he did that and hugged me. The smell was ! strong and stinky. For anyone who wants to know...
my friend is really muscular and is about 5'8 feet tall. His hair is blonde and his eyes are blue. And for anyone who wants to know about me...I am 20, about 5'2, I have brown hair and brown eyes.
I saw him go to the bathroom a few other times so if you want to know about those times too...tell me and I was gladly tell you!

Sorry this is soooooooooo long!! Heehee! i never thought I would actually say this much!!

Hello y'all fellow dumpers. I am planning a trip to Moab UT this Summer. What are some good places for open dumps (in their proper environmental place) ? Also I am looking at staying at a Hostel called "The Lazy Lizard" which I saw on the web that has communal bathrooms & showers. Has anyone been there and if so, what is it like especially the bathrooms of course :)

Thanks in advance for the info :)

JOANNE - I have not noticed any difference in my gas
and shits at my own time of the month. I do not think
I shit less or more at that time either. I thought I
would let you know that.

To 'CAUGHT PEEING' - Hehehe I enjoyed your portapotty
story. I bet your daughter's friends wished they were
looking from the front and not the back! Well I would
have wished! Hehehe.
Yes, I love to watch Steve pee in the toilet, I enjoy
watching him go and I take every chance I can to see
him or even aim his nozzle for him. That is best when
he really needs to go and I can move it about like it
is a hosepipe!

PV - If you are reading the message board, hi!!!
Have you done anything interesting recently?

I do not think I have told about when I was a
schoolgirl, and the girls' sports teacher, who was
very fit and had a real athletic body. I think my own
body is as good as hers because of all the exercising
and! sport I do, but I remember how tall and big she
seemed when I was only about 11 or 12 years old. I had
a pee with her quite a few times over about 5 years,
and she was like one of the girls really. Not just me,
but other girls would wee outside with her too.
We would check for boys or men when we were out on the
school sports fields playing netball or something, and
we would go behind some bushes, pull our little skirts
up, pull our knickers down, squat and have a good wee
together. She had a thick black bush between her legs
and it always got soaked when she weed. She gushed
pretty hard, and I know Steve would have enjoyed
seeing her. I We knew all the boys were hot for her
and I think they would have had accidents in their
pants if they had ever seen her with her knickers down
like that. We did not stand to wee outside, but she
always had showers with us and there were at least two
times when she had a stan! ding wee while in there with us.
I was reminded of all that when I was playing netball
on Sunday and all but one woman from my team went
behind some bushes before the match. We all squatted
with our knickers pulled down and enjoyed a good wee
together. I do not think I weed the longest, one girl
really needed to go and did a long, steady squirt that
lasted for ages!


Tony (Scotland) it started out normal size and suddenly got impossibly wide,dry and lumpy. I'm surprised something that wide could've gotton through my anus.

I was watching this show on childbirth and they told the woman to push like she was having a giant bowel movement. OUCH!! They told her not to grunt out loud and to keep her mouth closed to make pushing more effective. I wonder if not grunting would help any of you trying to pass grunt jobbies?

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