Tales from the Latrine - Part I
When I was young family vacations were camping in the mountains. A favorite site was a lake that was in a wilderness area, which had no public toilets, so people who tented there had to build latrines back in the woods away from the lake. A latrine consisted of digging a hole between two trees, placing a sturdy branch between the trees to squat over that had the bark removed so as to provide comfort for the user. The one in need of relief usually brought their toilet paper with them and "flushing" was accomplished by using a stick to pull dirt from the mound of dirt behind the latrine back into the hole to cover your turds to cut down on smell and flies, but the funk and flies were part of the latrine aroma, mixed with the fresh pine and woodsy smell, which even today gives me the urge to take a big dump.

Some times as a 13-year old I would use the latrine, but preferred to find a place deeper in the woods, where people would not "see" me taking a dump if they cam! e up from our campsite to use the latrine without knowing I was there. I would pull down my jeans and briefs, squat and hold on to a small tree for support and release my load, usually a steaming brown turd stimulated by the morning breakfast of orange juice, eggs, pancakes and bacon. My leavings would usually steam because the mountain air was cold in the morning.

One moring after a satisfying dump, I was about to have an experience which would just about blow my young mind. On the way back to our campsite from my "secret spot" in the woods, I came through some heavy undergrowth right behind the latrine built by a family that had set up camp further down along the shore of the lake, just before dark, so I had not met them. No sooner had I arrived than I heard a cough of someone coming up the path to "their" latrine, there was no time to run so I laid down in the bushes under a young fir tree, but I had a full view from behind the latrine. I held my breath for fe! ar of discovery. The person in need of relief turned out to be a middle aged man with a large beer-gut wearing as mackinaw shirt and jeans. He took a Playboy magazine from under his shirt turned around unbuckled his jeans and exposed a fat, very hairy ass, that he lowered on to the latrine log with a grunt and a thunderous fart. I started to run away but I was too close. His furry balls and penis hung down behind the log and he took a long piss down into the hole. I heard him flipping the pages of the magazine and straining to produce a turd, with very audible NNGGGGHHH's , as if no one was within a 1000 miles. Then his brownish-purplish anus began to open, but, his balls had drawn up and his member was no longer hanging down behind the log. A large, fat, lumpy, steaming turd appeared at his lumpy opening and slowly started to ease out, I couldn't belief the size of the dark brown offering…he was now oohhing and aahhing softly as the turd hung quivering in suspended an! imation. He breathed deeply and squeezed some more and it inched out, he must have been bunged up from the long car trip to the campsite. I realize now that he was getting off by looking at the pictures in the Playboy magazine and slowly releasing a shit to get maximum feel from the anal stimulation caused by a large log exiting the back passage. Just then a woman's voice came through the woods, "Charles are you up there taking a dump? Hurry up, Granny's had her prune juice and I have to go too" This caused a flurry of activity...he hollered back…"Hold on damn it!" He began grunting very heavily and swearing under his breath the six inch turd grew to 10 inches before dropping heavily from his straining rectum and into the hole with a resounding thump. This was followed by another lighter brown sticky 12 inch log that crackled as he panted to get rid of his load before being "caught" by the women coming up the path. A few smaller turdlets followed, then he did a bad job! of wiping, leaving dingleberries galore stuck to the black hair surrounding his bum hole. He jumped up sweating, pulled up his jeans and threw the Playboy magazine back in the woods as Granny and his wife came around the bushes hiding the latrine from all but me lurking under the fir tree behind in a state of disbelief.

TO Joanne, My shit and farts smell a little stronger when i have my period but not to much,but a girl that i,ve
known since jr high, Vicky had the same problem you do,we buddy dumped many times in school and at each other's houses
and the odor was deadly when it was her time she told me she actuly made her sister puke once from the smell and i belive her,it was like sulphur and after awile i wouldn't go in the bathroom with her it was just to intense,and her farts were no better,and she would warn me before ripping one and she would say that she could tell it was a bad one because it felt hot,well anyway the good news is by the time she was 19 it stopped happening so it's probaly just a growth thing that happens to some girls so maybe you'll just grow out of it.

I hope all teachers in America aren't complete sadists although the content of some recent postings is little cause for confidence. I felt particularly sorry for the poor 'sick girl' who went down with food poisoning and wasn't allowed to leave the classroom to attend to what were very real needs. Had the teacher no sense? Did she not realise that the girl in question needed to be excused -and pronto? It amazes me that such things still happen in the year 2000. I was never subjected to such degrading treatment during my school days back in the 1960's and 70's (and most teachers in Britain were allowed to use corporal punishment in those days). It's unchristian I know, but it would serve the purposes of justice if the teacher in question was taken short one day at a time and in a place where she'd no access to 'facilities.'

That off my chest, I very much hope poor sick girl is feeling better. The expereience will have been draining for her as she'll have lost ! valuable salts and minerals (not yo mention fluid) which take time to replace. An IBS sufferer, I know about these things!

joe b.
Every month or so I take Metamucial recreationally to increase the size of my poops. I take 3 doses a day for 3 or 4 days. The widest poop ive had from it was about 3" wide by 18" long. The longest was 2" wide x about 30" long. Its great! My natural poops are seldom over an inch thich and 6 or 8 inches long.

PV and Nancy

I just got caught up on old posts. Thanks for your posts on enemas. I enjoy them too. Please post some more.

Tales from teh Latrine - Part II
The wife told him to get the hell back to camp and give the women some privacy and drink some prune juice if he needed some. He went off whining about "his" privacy. There was no time for me to get away during the exchange, besides I was dumbfounded at what I had just seen and getting aroused by what I was about to see. Granny hobbled over to the latrine log and placed her cane against one of the support trees and exclaimed that Charles hadn't covered up his mess and no wonder he took so long. She was wearing a calico dress, had her hair pulled back into a bun, must have been nearing 80 years old, pretty skinny, kind of bent over and wearing a black sweater. She turned around, whipped up her dress revealing boxer-like nylon under pants, which she quickly pulled down exposing her wrinkled rear and the fact that she had on an old white garter belt holding up sagging stockings, with crooked seems. It would have been gross, but as she squatted over the latrine log, her ass gr! ew taut and the wrinkles disappeared. Straggly gray pubic hair hung down in front of her wrinkled brown-eye, which by her age was worn out with a lifetime of motions so it was flabby…but it soon bulged out as several squishy, gaseous light tan logs exited and found their mark, pashing into the latrine on top of her son-in-laws leavings. Pee flowed out of her other hole and the woods echoed as her flabby anus fluttered with a loud fart, which blew bits of shit past the latrine hole onto the mount of cover up dirt behind. "Are you all right mother?" asked the middle-aged woman standing near-by as if on look out for possible intruders, not realizing that a stimulated thirteen year-old was having an eyeful of a lifetime a few yards away in the bushes. Granny answered that the prune juice was doing just fine as another wave of soft tan poo began to flow from her anus, hanging down in a long steamy chain into the latrine. "Good," the daughter answered, because the morning coff! ee was working on her bowels too. "Sorry, I'll try to hurry," Granny as her skinny ass framed by the garter belt and stockings produced another steaming length of wet poo. Granny strained a few more times and remarked that it felt good to move her bowels so easily, "Thanks to the prune juice"…as her hole pooched in and out in the aftermath of her movement. She reached around behind with a wad toilet paper and wiped several times each time looking at the wad to check her state of anal cleanliness after each wipe. "Hurry up mother," said the ????ish dark-haired woman wearing a faded blue college sweatshirt who was standing by watching as the old lady stood up pulling herself together, straightened her dress. She reached for the poo cover up stick, but her daughter told her that could wait until she was finished.

Granny moves aside, leaning on her cane as her daughter quickly stepped up to the latrine log while unbuttoning her black Knee length pants that fit tight! over her ???? ass. She wiggled around a bit pushing them over her butt bulge together with pink panties wadded into the bunched pants. She lowered her ample behind with its thick black pubic hair tucked in front of her rather wide brown-eye which quickly opened to emit a long bleating fart. "Goodness" the old lady intoned, "All that's fuss just to break wind." "Oh, no its not." her daughter said, her voice rising as she gave an straining push with an "NNNGGGGUUUHHHNNNUUAAAHHH". She pissed a torrential yellow stream into the hole as her own hole opened and a dark brown, ten inch banana-like turd, an inch and a half wide curled out of her ass, wavered a bit as the length grew, then broke off and dropped into the latrine… ????ing into her mother's leavings. Her hole closed over the broken end of the poo and she sighed. The old lady said, "I hope you are through you know how I hate to stand at my age." "Sorry mom, you just have to hang on there is more up in there and ! I'm starting to cramp." Again, her voice rose as she grunted another NGGGHHHHHHHHHHghhh, gasped and strained. Her anal orifice domed out and stretched open to show the broken end of the first poking out and growing, with its tubular form glistening in a shaft of sun light that just then came through trees and illuminated her ass, perched over the latrine log and squashed along it because of the woman's weight. OOOOHHH, AAAHHHHHH, NNNGGG...she went on…six…eight….ten slow inches…a foot, before it began to taper and finish with a quick slide out her bottom…I was breathing heavily by this time in my hiding place, then I sneezed. "What was that?! The woman yelled, startled…I thought I was had, but several smaller turds fell out of the grunting woman the sound of my sneeze must have convulsed her bowels into action. Granny said she didn't hear anything and to hurry must have been an animal. The woman wasn't so sure, she began wiping poo flecks off her bottom with! quickly wadded toilet paper, stood up and bent over to pull up her panties and pants giving me one last look at her ample posterior which had just given up its morning contents with a bit of a struggle. She began pulling dirt with the cover up stick from the pile behind the latrine to cover up, while looking in my direction…I froze, not daring to run. The lady peered into the bushes, and squinted to see under the fir tree behind the latrine with a frown on her ???? face surrounded by short black hair…I knew it was over, what would my parents say? I almost started to cry, my legs were shaking badly.

I think the amount one shits depends more on diet than on body size. My experience, which is very limited, is that women shit larger quantities than men, but do it less often.
People who think that their bowel movements are rather monotonous and boring experiences should try shitting in a different location. If you usually do it at home, try doing it at work or at the mall or in a department store. The busier the toilets, the better the chance of hearing something interesting or letting others hear something interesting.
Are there any regular readers here from Minnesota? From the books of Garrison Kieler I gather that there are still some Norwegian speakers in Minnesota. The reason for asking is the following unbelievable story. I live near a major ferry port where trucks come over from the European mainland. Yesterday I saw a Norwegian truck, and on the side it said in huge letters: EUROFART Speditjon. I know more or less what that means, but just imagine driving a tr! uck with EUROFART on the side!

Tony, I agree with your message to Victoria that really there is no such thing as a "gentle" laxative. Obviously the bigger the dosage the more powerful the effect and some are more drastic than others but as you said the very purpose is to make the stools looser, so if you take laxatives expect to pass mush or even watery diarrhea as a result. Likewise to "The Crank". By the sound of things this Chinese medicine you took has laxative effects, the idea of "ridding your body of toxins" tells all. This is a throw back to the old ideas of the Victorians and Edwardians that unless the body was purged regularly the person would suffer from "auto intoxication" as poisons were reabsorbed from the feces stored in the colon. This fictional illness was blamed for many real problems. Many people dosed themselves with laxatives on a daily basis although there was nothing wrong with them and ironically many actually became chronically constipated as their bowels could no longer work wit! hout the stimulation of purgatives. Thankfully this idea had been discredited but now seems to be making a comeback with the "health food and alternative medicine" brigade. My advice as always is to ignore all this rubbish, eat a healthy balanced diet, drink sufficient fluid and take exercise, even walking rather than driving the car everywhere is helpful, and dont worry if you do not pass a motion every day, some people go twice a day, some once a week. Its all down to what is comfortable and normal for your body.

Tony is also right about toilet pans. When we bought our house the toilet was one of those horrid lime green suites with a low level pan. It just couldnt cope with the big fat jobbies I usually produce so when we had the money we replaced the entire suite with a retro "Victorian" style bathroom with a nice big white pan and a high level cistern. My "panbusters" still stick in this from time to time but usually go away after 2 or 3 flushes. The sound effects! are also first class, good depth charge "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" sounds. The thick brown wooden seat is also far more comfortable than the nasty green plastic one which was on the old WC. At the Sports Centre where I work the pans are of a lower level type and I often see big jobbies stuck in them and not just the ones I pass. For Joe K, on that point while fatter people do tend to pass larger turds, probably because they eat more and have proportionately wider bowels by and large, I have seen some huge jobbies passed by thin people. When I was at school there was a really skinny girl who used to pass some huge logs. Again I would agree with many who post here that girls and women do bigger jobbies than boys and men of the same build. There are many reasons which seem to influence this. The female rectum is wider than the male and a different shape and I suppose there may be a hormonal reason as many women get a bit constipated before or during their monthy period, I certainly do a! s does my mother. I have seen many turds in toilets both mens and womens and the bigger ones have been in the womens toilets by and large.

Tales from the Latrine - Part III
Just then a voice came from down the path from the latrine…"Mommm" are you up there with Granny? Me and Jeannie need to go." Granny told them to come on in and that their mother was worried about some animal back in the woods. "Oh, Mom…we're in the woods…what did you expect…me and Jeannie need to go. This broke the tension and I couldn't believe my eyes as two great looking 16 year olds came around the bushes. The lady told them to be careful and yell if anything came upon them…"Oh Mom, just go so we can go" The old lady and her daughter went back toward the campsite. Jeannie, who had long brown hair was tall, tan and slender wearing black jeans and a white tee-shirt said "Lori, I have an idea lets go together so we can get back and go canoeing." "At the same time?," said Lori, who had long blond hair and was also tan and tall as well, wore a light blue polo shirt with tan tight shorts and white Keds sneakers. "Why not, its not like we haven't seen each other poop be! fore." I was beside myself with anticipation as these two knock out girls were pulling their pants down before my very eyes, much less to take true buddy dumps…I couldn't believe what was happening. Jeannie turned around and slid down her jeans to below her knees then exposed her beautiful ass by sliding down her light blue panties and seated herself on the latrine log, scooting back so her pubic area cleared the log, then motioned for Lori to join her. She approached the log saying she hoped it would hold both of them, so they would fall in on top of mom and Granny's poop…"Not to mention your Dad's eeuww"…they both laughed at this as Lori revealed her beautiful young bum, lowering her shorts and white panties with one motion to below her knees, while gingerly settling down on the log beside Jeannie. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing…two teenage girls squatting over the latrine with their bums touching, sharing a very private moment amid the tall pines. The silenc! e was broken by gushing pisses first the brown patch of Jennies' public hair then the blond patch of Lori's. They sat there wondering if those boys they met last summer were back in the camp grounds, when Jeannie said, "Whoops here goes." She leaned forward, groaned and a slender yellowish brown poop appeared and fought against the tightness of her asshole, stringing itself out to eight inches before falling out helped by a soft fart. Lori leaned forward and strained, but could only counter with a loud dry fart…they both laughed and turn around to see what Jeannie had done. Jeannie's hole bucked a few times after her effort and settled down. Lori said, "I wish I could do that...I haven't gone in a week and I think the car ride up to the mountains packed it in further." "Oh, Lori I'm so sorry, I'm sorry that mine was so easy…can you try?" said Jeannie. "Yeah," said Lori and she squirted some more pee into the hole. She leaned forward and strained UNNNNNNGGGHHHHH, with n! o success, her tight light brown anus attempting to pooch out. Lori grunted a few more times without anything happening. "What can I do, Lori?" Jeannie asked…"Can I rub your ????" "OK, I guess'" said Lori who was clearly uncomfortable…she leaned forward as Jeannie rubbed, strained to no avail. Jeannie told her ???? looked a little puffed up…"I know" said Lori and it is starting to hurt…uNNNGGGGHHHGGGGNNNNAAAHHH…nothing…Lori panted to recover her breath. Jeannie said…"Wait, I brought some suppositories in case I got constipated up here in the woods…they're in my bag back in the tent." "OK", said Lori straining again here brown eye twitching. Jeannie pulled up her pants and ran off. When she was around the bend, Lori got off the latrine log…turned around, squatted down and held on to the log to get more leverage in her struggle. Her whole underside with its blond pubic hair was facing in my direction…she shut her blue eyes and squeezed real hard, her facing turning v! ery red with the effort. Apparently she was trying to get a turd to let loose before Jeannie got back, now that she had complete privacy, or so she thought. I though she was looking directly at me as she again bore down in her squatted position, her delicate brown-eye starting to dome but to no avail.…nnnnnnngggghhghghghghghgGGGGHHHHNNNNNN…the head of a coffee colored turd started to poke out of Lori's bum…

But just then Jeannie could be heard running back up the trail, the poo-head disappeared….Lori jumped up, turned back around and reseated herself on the latrine log, sweat on her brow. Jeanie came into the small latrine clearing with the packet of suppositories. You have to get hem in just right…let me do it for you Jeannie offered. Lori was in no condition to argue. She leaned forward, exposing her pretty backsides even more…I was about ready to pass out from excitement. Jeannie put her hand on Lori's pretty rump, and quickly inserted the suppository int! o Lori, her finger disappearing up to the first knuckle…wiping her finger with toilet paper as Lori settled back to wait for the medicine to work. She leaned on her thighs with her elbows, her chin in her hands and they talked about boys and school…while Jeannie gently rubbed her back. After about ten minutes Lori suddenly stiffened up…"Jeannie, I think its working!" She began rocking back and forth, staining and grunting on the forward roll and the her hole opened and a bit of the melted suppository dripped out tinged with brown. Out came the head of the lodged poop coated with suppository…"Oh Jeannie!" Lori moaned and grabbed her hand…NNNGGGGGHHGGGHHGGGGHHGGHHGGNNNaAAAAHHHH and out came a compacted balled up brown turd, stretching and reddening Lori's hole…OOOHHHHH…OOOWWWWW she moaned as the monster grew and pulverized her anus as it moved out…the twelve inch groanner broke off and thudded down into the latrine. Lori was racked by another convulsion, and another less c! ompacted but sticky wad made its way out of her now taut and purple anal opening and fell heavily into the latrine.
"Are you through?" asked Jeannie with a worried look. "I don't think so" answered a sweating Lori. "Let me rub your ???? again"…Lori nodded with relief. Jeannie squatted down beside her friend who shuddered from the effort…the result was a eight incher, variegated shades of brown unloaded by Lori. "Whoa, Lori this squatting down made me feel like I have to go again," said Jeannie who stood up, pulled down her jeans and sat beside Lori…"Come on Lori, lets get finished and go canoeing." said Jeannie cheerfully. "I'm for that," said Lori. They both grunted together…Lori was rewarded with a long yellowish brown creeper, Jeannie produced several short creamy brown three and four inchers…their holes working simultaneously as those two unforgettable bums discharged their contents in the cool morning air, heightening the aroma wafting out of the latrine hol! e. Lori finished with a flourish of soft poopy bits, her hole red and swollen, had to be gently papered clean. "Geez, what a mess" stated Jeannie staring at their copious buddy dump in the latrine hole as they used the cover-up stick to pull dirt into the hole to hide the product of their teenage bowels. Needless to my head was swimming and my groin was as tight as a bowstring. They left for their campsite, I crawled out of the underbrush, found the Playboy, Lori's Dad had tossed away and headed off to "our" family latrine to take care of some unfinished business stimulated by what I had just witnessed.

Hey Drew, I knew that I would forget someone important. Still hoping you will get a buddy dump with Nick. Any progress. A few other names that have come to mind: Chris C., Nicky ( and his friend Josh), Keith. Hope to see some new posts from you guys.

Glad to see your post! I thought you had deserted us! I enjoyed your posts in the past and am very happy to see you are still around!

I, too, love seeing jeans or painter's pants around a guy's workboots, hiking books, or best yet - sandals, and hearing
farts, grunts, and plops and watching his feet and legs shift - espcially the tight curled toes of straining sandal wearers! I just wouldn't describe it as relaxing, but extremely stimulating.

Thanks for your post. I know it gave me pleasure!


Well the school year is almost over and I finally had another decent poop at school where I actually had some company. I like to poop during lunch but usually I am in there by myself except for the occasional person who pees. The toilets are nice so I don't know why more guys don't go.
Anyway I went in right behind this skinny freshman kid and he took the end stall and I went in the middle because the handicapped stall was occiupied. So it was a full house and I was very excited and pulled my pants all the way down. The dude in the handicapped stall was really in the middle of a great poop-he was ripping good bubbly farts and there were occasional plops and gassy blasts. I managed to let loose a good dry fart and then felt the poop begin to get ready. I wanted to contribute to the sounds, so I raised up off the seat a little so everyone could hear the start of the crackling sound--sometimes it gets muffled when sitting. It started but the other dude was still going stro! ng with his sounds and pretty much drowned mine out.
He must have been doing a week's worth of poop-then mine started to slide out and it was a good one. I pushed it out and it felt good and solid and it plopped out. It was the weirdest poop standing up in the bowl! A good log but not the thickest I have done with a tail that was bobbing along the bottom of the water and the top sticking up! I haven't done one of those in ages-it defies gravity. But that was all I had to come out and had to wipe and was very careful to place the paper around the bobbing poo so as not to tip it over. I suppose it eventually toppled but I really need to take pictures when I do an unusual one but can't really do THAT in the school bathroom. So handicapped stall finishes his noises and then all of a sudden just pulls up his pants and comes out of the stall. He didn't even WIPE! It was this jock kid too, and I was really surprised because I doubt his girlfriend would like him to have a poopy ! butt, but he just bailed. Maybe he realized he was late for class or something but I think he would definitely be stinky back there. So I finish my wipes and ofcourse I had to go in and look at what all his noise was about even tho the freshman was still in his stall I didn't care. Went in and the bowl was filled with tons of kind of soft looking mini logs-I counted 9 and there could have been more hidden. He had really done a lot ranging in length from 3 to 6 inches and all in excellent view because no toilet paper covering them. So I thought that was pretty impressive but my bobbing poo was cool too even tho it was only ONE 6 incher. So I washed and the freshman was still in his stall and I hadn't heard a sound out of him. I don't know whether he was constipated, doing a silent poop or was just hanging out listening to the sounds but I had to get to class and there were 2 interesting dumps for him to observe in the other stalls if he chose to do so. Hopefully he did! Ty


Tony, thanks for answering my question. :-)

My poop story for today is short and sweet. Nothing out of the ordinary, except that my poop was a little runny (you know, the kind that breaks up into crumbs easily). And because of that, I had to use quite a bit of TP. But when I flushed the toilet, everything swirled around slowly and I kinda thought it would go down easily, but I was wrong. Some of the TP went down, but the poop crumbs and the rest of the TP just stayed there. So I had to get the plunger. I only had to plunge one time before I saw the water starting to swirl around and around quickly, sucking the poop crumbs and TP down the hole. The water then made a loud gurgle as it spiraled down the hole behind the mess...and I knew that all was well.

I've read some posts and I thought that I should post so here is my first story. On my way to do some poop. It took 30 seconds. 3 grunts and 1 push got it. I saw it 2/3's of it and I pushed and it was out.

Been a long time since I've posted, but when I was just reading about the cruise ship toilets, it reminded me of the time when I was working at the Naval Shipyard as a drydock operator. We all had some interesting stories about those pumpwells, but my favorite was the time I was working as the duty drydock operator on watch. Among my duties was that of checking the bilges in the bottom of the pumpwell and pumping them if needed. On the discharge side of the pump was a check valve, since these pumps pumped the water into the river and if they failed, you had a major flood as the Elizabeth River tried to get back into the pumpwell. The toilet emptied into the same drain line (this was years before the EPA sewage regs) and when the check valve slammed shut the standing water in the toilet trap flew back out of the toilet about a foot; never enough to leave the toilet, but you wouldn't want to be sitting on it at that time. One evening I made my rounds and pumped the bilge. I was ! not aware that my Greek co-worker Mitch (Micky) V. was sitting on the toilet taking a peaceful crap. When the pumping ended and the check valve slammed shut, Micky came out of the stall, pants at his ankles, teaching me some new Greek cuss words I'd never heard before. He had just gotten an ass washing neither one of us would ever forget. I quietly reminded him about how much he just saved Uncle Sam in toilet paper and we both laughed and went on. But, rest assured, anytime after that, I always locked out the bilge pump when I sat on that toilet. Learn by example, not experience, my mommy always told me!

Alaska Guy
Howdy. Bear's post has motivated me to write about one of my memories.
When I was a little kid my stepdad used to take me camping. He is a big guy, about 6'1" with a handlebar mustache. He was a laborer, used to work on the Alaska pipeline as a driller. He was also very interested in prospecting for gold, something I have picked up from him. So he would take me out with his buddies who were fellow roughnecks and we'd camp out in the hills, prospect, and pan for gold in the streams. I really liked being with my stepdad and his buddies, they were lots of fun, and I got to see them in their "natural" state away from their wives and girlfriends.
One guy I remember in particular was a friend of my stepdad's whose name was Brad. He was a stocky guy with a bushy brown beard. I can picture him now in his dirty jeans, a yellow t-shirt, and worn leather workboots. He was a furry guy with big hairy arms.
One time when we were camping, probably I was about 10 years old, I was ! playing by myself next to my stepdad's pickup truck, when Brad came up and started rummaging through the cab of the pickup truck. I went over and asked him what he was looking for. He asked me if I knew where there was some toilet paper. As it happened, I knew there was some right behind the seat, so I reached under, grabbed it, and handed it to him. I had this funny feeling in my stomach and I couldn't resist asking him,
"Do you have to take a poop?"
And then he gave me a grin and just said,
Then he walked off into the woods. Man, did I ever want to follow him and see what he did. I came really close to asking him, but I knew it might sound a little strange. My real worry is he would tell my stepdad, and think I was some kind of pervert.

As he walked off, I couldn't help imagining him in the stand of trees where he had gone off by himself. I pictured him finding a nice quiet place, then turning around, unbuckling his belt and dropping ! his jeans, and lowering his briefs. Then squatting down with his pants around his ankles, taking a deep breath, and grunting with pleasure as the big brown log slid out of his hairy butt and curled on the ground. Then I imagined him sighing contentedly as he tore off some TP and wiped himself a few times dropping the used TP next to his log. All cleaned up, he would stand up, hoist his briefs and britches back up, buckle, and then kick some loose dirt over his steaming turd. And walk back to the truck with a relieved smile on his face.

Ever since then, I have always enjoyed the experience of taking a dump with rugged older guys. I still live in Alaska and I use an outhouse myself. And I tell you, an open air dump is one of the most satisfying things in the world.

I have more stories about witnessing guys take a dump from my stepdad to college professors, but this one stands out best in my head. Well folks, maybe I will write again. I would enjoy knowing if an! ybody else wants to hear these stories. Thanks, from Alaska Guy

One Lucky Guy
To Rick; Sorry about the way things worked out with Cassandra, but then I expect you've got some fine memories !

To NJ: Glad you enjoyed the story about Kim ! Not quite sure what you mean by the Mess, i.e Mel's on the toilet seat, or mine in trying to deal with a 12 year old girl !

To the Crank: Hopefully I won't be required in a labour ward just yet !

To Curious About One Lucky Guy: A final post for a little while at least, got some important essays to write. Have been spending too long on this site, but I couldn't help myself. I've really enjoyed telling you all my stories, and it seems they have been appreciated by some, so thanks !

You asked if I've seen any of my house mates on the loo ? Well the answer is yes, one of them. Of course I've heard them all going at one time or another, but have only seen one on the loo.

That was Sheila, a lovely girl, and we're really friendly, probably even more so after this incident that I am a! bout to relate, but we have never spoken about it since. I think she'd rather forget it, but I can't !

It was pure circumstance that it happened at all. Sheila was alone in the house for the weekend, the other girls and myself taking the chance to go home for some good home cooking ! (Aren't Mums wonderful !). None of us were supposed to be back until Sunday night, but my sister Anne suffered some kind of crisis, and Mum had to travel to see her, so I came back to college, arriving back around 4pm on the Saturday.

I settled in my room, on my bed, with the door open and was reading something or other, when I heard the House door being opened. It was Sheila coming back from wherever she had been to, and she ran down the corridor past my door and around the corner into her bedroom, which was opposite the toilet. She never saw me at all, so I decided to get up and say hello, I'm back early.

On leaving my room, Sheila dashed out of hers again and straight! into the toilet, again without noticing me. I thought nothing of it at all because she never made any attempt to the pull the toilet door closed ( it opened away from the toilet into the corridor ). So having no reason to suspect that she was using the loo, I walked right in front of the door, and looked in.

Sheila was sitting on the toilet, and was bent right over trying to undo her shoe laces, that was all as far as I could see in the first instance. One lace looked to have got into a knot, and being the kind considerate chap that I am, I asked "Do you need some help", meaning with the shoe lace. However, poor Sheila who hadn't a clue that I was there, let out this very loud high pitched scream, at the conclusion of which there was a very loud fart, and two large plops. Now it was my turn to be shocked. Not until the plops sounded did I realise she was actually using the toilet. She was wearing very tight, light jeans, which were so far up her legs that I found it ! impossible to believe that she could make a poo without it still filling her jeans. This coupled with her bending over, hiding the fact that her jeans were in fact pulled down, if only a little, had fooled me completely into thinking that all she was doing was trying to untie shoe laces, albeit in a most unusual place !

"You stupid bastard, creeping about like that ! You scared the shit out of me. Where did you spring from anyway ?". The very mention of "you scared the shit out of me" appealed to my sense of humour, given that she had actually pooed in front of me, and I had to laugh, and then suddenly realising what she had said, she began to laugh herself. Her laughing was immediately accompanied by a sudden spurt of wee that gushed loudly into the water.

As I stood, beginning to realise what I was actually witnessing, I began trying to memorise this picture in front of me while it lasted ( which wasn't long ! ).

Sheila is absolutely gorgeous, and ! even more so sat on the toilet ! Her jeans were pulled down as little as possible, which did in fact completely keep hidden her modesty. Her panties couldn't be seen either, hidden inside the folds of the top of her jeans. In fact the only real way you could tell that she was going was from the sound effects. A continuous Shhhhhhhhh hissing noise and tinkling, which was punctuated just once with one more plop as I stood watching. By now Sheila was getting uncomfortable with me there, firstly apologising ( to me !! ) for leaving the door open, but perhaps I wouldn't mind f***ing off and leaving her in peace to have a good crap ! Of course, I did as she said. But the picture in my head has been the subject of many a pleasent dream since then !

Apart from Jules who is the most sexy woman I know, whether on the toilet or not, the jeans pulled down so as only to expose her arse and under-carriage has got to be the most sexy picture I possess in my head. I don't know about ! others, but there are times when I want to see it all ! And then there are other occasions, where the hidden view, leaving much more to the imagination, is incredibly sexy !

The only time I have seen Jules looking like that on the toilet was one occasion when she too was wearing very tight jeans. We had been out, and had been hurrying back to the house because of the urgency of her need to poo. I remember the huge fart she gave followed by an immediate rush of soft mushy poo before she could even sit on the seat, having just exposed herself from inside her jeans. She sat with the jeans right up her legs while the first couple of stomach cramps subsided. She then quickly wiped herself, stood, and pushed them right down her legs to the normal position below her knees, with the panties hanging on her knee ends before sitting down just in time for the next wave of pooping.

I suspect that what is such an incredible turn-on about it is the dare-devil of the situati! on. By that, I mean that the wearer is giving the impression of virtually sitting there and having a complete accident in their clothing, but escaping that fate by just a fraction of an inch by having the jeans turned down off her bottom by just enough.

Wonderful ! Well, I will be signing off for a week or two now to get some coursework completed. So will speak to you all again soon.

Yep, I'm One Lucky Guy, and I still love Jules very Much !

PS Katy K: A Toilet Party ? My God, I'm looking forward to that post ! Do you and Andrew really think you can pull this off ?

Thursday, May 18, 2000

Joe K
Just a thought: Do you think there is a direct relation between the amount someone dumps and his body weight, and generally speaking who do you think shit more, men or women???

The Crank
I don't know what's wrong, but after taking this particular chinese medicine with is supposed to get rid of toxins from your body, I had diarrhoea for like 3 days now. My stomach is hurting, on and off.

I think I better stop taking. I fell terrible right now.

Jenny that is the sadest story i have ever heard. Did the teacher at leastt get in troble for making her poop in front of every one. Is that legal to do what she did.

Jenny was this little girl alyssis walking around naked while every one was looking at her.

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