I am new here, but I got a story to tell.
This happened not too long ago. I was at home, ready to go out. I was really hungry, so I found something in my fridge. There weren't much, but I found some bolony. It looked moldy, but there weren't anything else to eat. I made a sandwich out of it. After eating it, I went out. I went to my friend's, and we decided to go out to the movies. We bought popcorn and found seats. Before the movie even started, my stomach started to rumble. I ignored it sonce the previews was almost over. While I was enjoying the movie, somehow my fart came out. It was not loud, but really stinky and wet. I felt something wet seeping through my panties. But I ignored it because it was getting to the good part of the movie. I released more farts, and they smelled really bad. People around me were starting to complain. When the movie was almost finished, i felt the urge to poop. But since the movie was alomost done, I waited. I had troubles keeping it in ! though. Most of the times when I need to bm, I never made it to the washroom. I was afraid I wouldn't make it to the washroom, So I told my friend I needed to go to the washroom. When I got there, there was a line, A HUGE ONE!!! The movies just finshed and people had to go. I didn't think I could make it, so I decided to use another washroom. But my friend was waiting for me outside. And we planned to go out for dinner, so I decided to use the restaurant's bathroom instead. I was figiting really bad. My friend asked me of I was ok, and i said I needed to have a bm. She suggested to pull off at a side and let me go behind a tree or something. Since I was desparate, I said yes. I took some kleenex, and ran out of the car and behind a big tree. Running was a mistake, because poop filled my pants before I got there. I didn't know what to do, and it kept on filling. So I pulled my pants off and and continued. The poop was all mushy and watery, like diarhhea. It was probably the bo! lony I ate. After cleaning my pants as clean as possible, I went back. She drove me home so I could change. We didn't go to dinner after all because once I went home, i needed to go again. And all I did afterwards was sitting on the toilet, listening to my poop splash in the water becasue I was afraid that if I stand up, I will go in my pants again. My house smelled really bad after.
Just a question to anyone, how do you people stand it, pooping in your pants and all??


I wonder why this site is so fascinating and other people using the toilet arousing. Perhaps its upbringing where you are told you are "a good girl" for performing in the potty, and a little later told that you shouldn't go around telling everyone in a loud voice.

Anyway I have always found other girls in the toilet arousing, particularly my friend Carrie. We were mates through our teens at school and into adults. Carrie is a lovely person large, not fat, and with a bubbly personality. However, she is very disorganised about her bodily functions. She was forever in the wrong place when she had a very urgent need to do a BM. I frequently had to look out for her in nasty public toilets with no locks, and no paper. In the end I would be carrying emergency supplies of toilet paper, ST's etc. not just for me but for Carrie as well.

Well Carrie finally capped all this for me last Saturday. She and Steve were married, at the Hotel where the reception was to be! . I was the bridesmaid and days before I had suggested to Carrie that she made sure she had "been" before she put the dress on and certainly before the wedding started. She promised faithfully that she would try and be organised this once. On the morning of the wedding I was at Carrie's place helping her get ready, and getting myself ready too. She confessed that whilst she had tried to clear her bowels, she had had no luck that morning despite straining for 20 mins or so. In fact she hadn't been for a time. As usual she didn't know when the last time was. Well time moved on and she had to be ready with her dress on into the car and down to the Hotel. The ceremony went well and photo's were being taken on the lawn. There was some time before the reception was to start, and you guessed, nerves and the excitment of it all, Carrie needed to go. Only problem was her wedding dress was not built for easy movement and she was wearing a 'body' as well. As usual she came to me and qu! ietly let me know she needed to go, and really quickly, could I help?

Well it was difficult to say the least. However, the hotel toilets were quite capacious, so we just managed to get both of us, and our dresses into a cubicle. I had to lift Carrie's dress, undo the body poppers and pull down sky blue panties to expose her undercarriage, then lift all the material and direct her bottom so that it was over the bowl (there was too much material to sit). All the time she was saying hurry up its coming now. The sight was awesome as her little hole expanded and expanded with what looked like a monster's head pushing out ever so slowly. She moaned and pushed until quite suddenly a big dark brown log began moving out. It broke and splashed right on target, with a second movement following quickly and a fart to help it on its way. There's more she gasped as a long hissing pee bagan and sure enough mnre turds pushed her hole open and splashed loudly into the pan. I flushed ! when I could reach the handle. When this was all over and it took some time (perhaps 20 mins) I gently whiped her bum. Probably won't need me to do this again, I said. After you are married and moved away, you will need to rely on Steve for all of this. She agreed, but said she would miss our confidential chats whilst she sat ploppling away. And she was really relieved that I was on hand to help her out on this special occasion.

She's on honeymoon now, hiking in the Lake District. There will be plenty of opportunities for emergencies. I only hope Steve can cope.

TO BULGER-Don't worry about your swollen anus,it'sperfectly normal(check some of my old posts about me using a mirrorto see the poo come out)I used do do that all the time,once in a while i still do-it's fun to see your asshole open up and the poo pours out!TO US-i often sit on the bowl nude to poo,i like the way it feels,and yes a lot of times,esp at the gym,i read while i'm on the bowl while i'm nude,it feels nice!There's something really nice about dumping in the buff to me,I also do it that way in the woods,i love it!Some one asked me about if i would like somone looking at me poo thru the crack in the men's room-it would depend-if it was one of those perve-type people,i would be serious pissed off and want to belt them,but i think if i were pooing and the other guy was doing the same,and we could watch each other,that would be OK.I guess if i were going i i didn't know someone was sneaking a look,i guess it would be OK too,but no perve stuff going on!TO LISA-loved your la! st poo story! Hey,why don't we meet in the woods for a good ass-to ass poo together,now that would be fun( i can dream,can't i!)I would love to buddy poo with some of you ladies!BYE

Marc, Please share your stories.

Hey Marc, Enjoyed your post alot. You and I are alot alike although I do not have a twin brother. I am like you in that this is a guy thing for me too. I like stories of buddy dumps with other guys and as I also suffer from constipation I find stories about that interesting as well. Like you I have had the fiber lecture etc. I drink a lot of water, get a lot of healthy fiber and exercise but I still have a constipation problem. I have had all of the routine tests and everything is fine. My doctor finally told me that difficult bowel movements were just a part of how I am made up.
I also used to buddy dump with my brother. We started when I was in my early teens (he is a couple of years younger) and did it through our early twenties. He does not share my interest in bathroom stuff so we just stopped doing it. He also tended to be constipated so we would spend a lot of time in the bathroom talking and encouraging each other. I also had buddies in highschool that! I would take a dump with. There were no doors on the stalls but it was never a problem. We would sit there and talk, fart, strain and grunt and then finally dump. I started using suppositories when i was a teenager to help things along and a few years later started using enemas when it really got bad. I would love to hear all of your stories. Please start posting. A while back someone asked about our favorite posts and mentioned one of Aarons posts. That is also one of my favorites, in fact I have too many favorites to post. Thought I would list some of my favorite people though in the hope that they will start posting: Carlos, Brent C. Daniel(UK) Gary, JacobG, Bryian,Craig, Tyler, Fernando,Chris,Aaron. Know that I have missed a few. Like all of the stories but would like to see more guy to guy stuff. Thanks

Simon - I have also had that effect of holding onto my pee so long I get a sore ???? for a day or so afterward.

I have pretty good bladder control and usually when i am at school and I need to go I just need to tell my body "not now" and it forgets about the urge and I dont feel it for a couple of hours.

One day I forgot to go and pee in the morning before I left for school and kept getting these urges all day. (they usually only start around lunch time) Each time I just thought "no, I have to hold on" and the urge went away.

By the time I got home, I was really very desperate and the urges were getting harder to ignore. In the end I couldnt make it go away. So I ran to the toilet and sat down and peed like never before!
Afterwards and for the next day I had a really sore bladder area and it was terrible...I couldnt even hold onto my pee for very long the next day either.


Marc, I can't wait to hear your constipated buddy-dumping experiences with your brother. It's been quite a long time since there was a guy-with-guy buddy-dump story on this forum. I was beginning to think it had become a forum dedicated to the art of female pooping! Hey, not that I don't like ladies a lot, but you're right that there's something cool and exciting about two guys grunting and pushing out their logs.

United States: I almost always sleep nude and since I often take a dump first thing in the morning, I just go into the toilet and plop my butt on the seat and sit there totally naked and let it come. Sometimes I read and it often takes its time and hangs out of me while I sit. Nice relaxing feeling and a great start to the day.
See you all later, Daniel

Marc, please tell some stories. I am interested in hearing them.

I have not posted in a while because nothing of significance has occurred. However, I will be going on my first-ever cruise this summer and was wondering if anyone had any interesting stories about using the bathroom on a cruise ship. I've read a lot about train and airplane stories on this site, but I don't recall any cruise ship toilet stories. What is it like?

Hi yes today is the one year anniversy of my first accident, but prolly not my last, I think my friends have it in for me b/c they all had huge diarrhetic accidents (there was a stomach virus going around and i was the only one of my friends that survived w/o making a mess) i found this page a long time ago and have been reading the posts but this my first one.

I was nine and the only one of my friends that hadn't messed themselves since being potty trained. I was spending the night at Viv's and had been constipated (tho i had no idea that not being able to go #2 was bad) for bout one and a half weeks. Viv's mom was showering and i went in to try and drop my load. After 5 min of trying she asked if i was alright. *Yeah but i cant poop, I haven't for a week and a half.* *A week and a half!!! Before bed would you like some laxtives? Again i had no idea what a laxative was but said sure. B4 bed she gave me two Ex-Lax pills. I woke up at 7 A.M. and rushed to the pot. I pl! opped down and dropped a torrent of green, mushy, diarrhea. This kept up for bout 10 min and i didnt go again till 3 pm. Me, Viv, Ann, and Tina (my lil group o' friends :o) were playin tennis when the cramps came to me with a vengeance. I thought i could hold it but I swung as hard as I could and my butt cheeks opend and released another torrent of green mush. My white shorts turned a dull green and the mush ran down my legs. **O MY GOD! AMY, you're having an accident!!** was what every1 was saying. I cried as we walked home and sadly changed my clothes having soiled (heehee) my perfect record. The shorts were heavy with mush and it fell out splattering on the floor as i tried to clean up ... a very messy accident indeed!

NEways, Ill prolly be slipped a laxative some time this summer in an attemot to get me to make up for messin up with the virus, wish me luck and ill post when the incident happens!


Glad you liked my posts. When I have some more time I'll be sure to give you some more interesting descriptions of what I've seen and heard outside that bathroom window at my parents' house.


I'm glad you liked my posts, too, and I'll try to answer all your questions.

I'm 28 years old.

I'm not sure how many poops I have per week, but on the average I usually poop twice a day although there are many days when I take just one shit. Usually, when I poop more than once the first one won't really clean me out - I'll feel constipated for a while then I'll let loose the second one and I'll know for sure that I've got everything out that wants to come out.

Usually I shit in the morning, but sometimes it happens much later in the day. I'm not like some people who have real set patterns of when they're going to lay a loaf.

Sometimes it takes a while to all get out, but other times it's really easy an! d it all comes out quickly (Those are my one shit days). When it all comes out quickly, that's when I usually fart really loud, too.

My shit stinks just like everyone else's shit stinks. Sometimes it smells really bad, but then there are also times when the stink is less overwhelming. It's kind of hard to predict about when it'll smell one way or the other.

Usually, I'll either shit at home or at school (I'm a student at Eastern Washington University. Once in awhile I'll shit at my job, but like I said before, I usually shit in the morning and I don't get to work until the afternoon so it's not often that my shit's going to come out there.

Hope I gave you good answers and I'll look forward to reading your posts in the future.

hello lisa. i read your story of the biggest turd you have said you have done 131/2 inches thats nice!! you also say you usually do various logs of 6to 8 inches! thats good also .I think in my opinion the best logs for a person to crash out would be one really big one like you just had. very lucky for me i guess i often crash out hugies!! like that . maybe its in my metabolism i dont know but i often crash out logs that are 10 inches to 15 inches-sometimes even bigger!! and on a regular basis too!! it comes out in one big log too. not small pieces. everybody i think should be so lucky. thanks for sharing your story Lisa. from kim

my boyfriend scott and I were alone in his house recently. Scott was wearing his blue sweats and I was wearing my black spandex exercise outfit that was tighter then the skin itself. Earlier in the day scotts parents told us that they were going out somewhere and would be home late. my scott who is a cute, muscular six-footer actually had the tv set turned on to the miss universe pageant. i went over and clicked off the set and told him why watch the miss universe pageant when you have a miss universe here with you already(Relax folks i was just kidding!) I told scott that we can find some better things to do then watch tv so i started to slip out of all my clothes. scott followed my lead and did the same. When we were both very naked we went at it pretty hot and heavy. but soon scott said he had to go to the bathroom. I asked him playfully if he had to do the number one or two? he said both in his shy manner of speaking. I asked him if i could watch since he watched me before! ,he said yes i could watch. so i followed scott into the bathroom,both of us without a stitch of clothing on our bodies. and i watched scott sit on the toilet . scott immediately began pissing and as soon as he was done he squeezed out a 6 inch log. he looked up at me smiling. i said not bad honey. I then said i have a surprise for you scott.i have to pee and shit too! Now please move over and dont flush ok? scott did what he was told and got up as i sat down. i immediately began pissing like mad into the toilet bowl and as i was pissing i squeezed out a little round nugget. scott just looked at me and smiled and just when he was going to say his log was bigger than mine i said i was not done yet. As i then took a deep breath and i closed my eyes to brace myself and i slowly began to push out an enormous, mother load of a log! i then began to push a little harder as my ass began to quiver excitedely and my anus started to expand wider and wider to let it all out. and just wh! en my bumhole could not seem to stretch out any wider. i did one final push and for a second my hole stretched out amazingly wide as i let this massive beast out! my log hit the water with a great splash. after it hit the water i let out a loud ringing fart that signaled my insides where clear. Scott and I then looked inside the bowl. and i tell you i did not have a measuring tape with me but my log looked like it was a touch more than a foot long! actually doubling the size of scotts log! scott whistled at the sheer size of the monster! and amazingly i had nothing to wipe since my log was so rock solid. i then flushed all the logs down with a few flushes. i then turned around to look at scott and saw that he was as turned on as i was. his big ripe banana and my giant melons filled the whole bathroom as we made love all over the f?????g bathroom floor! when we finished we put on our clothes and i left before scotts parents got home. i think me and scott have got to do that a! gain sometime. what do you think? bye for now kim.

Hi, everyone! And Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers
in our forum! I'm enjoying a quiet late morning here. My
wife left a little while ago for work- she's a waitress and
it's the busiest day of the year in the restuaurant industry
in the U.S.! Oh, well...

Not much in the way of postings yesterday... there is ONE I
wanted to respond to, however...

Simon: I was appalled to read of your tale of horror in the
office! Treatment like that is inhuman! I thought the U.S.
workers who had to take cell phone calls in the bathroom was
the absolute pits, but at least they GET TO GO TO THE BATHROOM! If you can't get a change of policy, I'd get
another job! Not to mention the total lack of professionality of your boss laughing at you... NO WAY I
could stay in that job after that!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers on this forum. I had a very nice get together with my parents, my husband Gary's parents, and my younger sister Michelle and her fiance. We all went out to eat in this fancy restaurant in the marina specializing in seafood. It was a good thing we went early and just beat the crowd. It was an all-you-can-eat affair, with more seafood than one can imagine. We were there for almost two hours and ate enough food to last the whole day. After we were done eating, we ladies excused ourselves to go to the ladies room. It was a fairly large restroom with a lounge and a dozen stalls. When we went in, two of the stalls were occupied. We all took stalls, with my mother and mother-in-law taking stalls on opposite sides of me. One of the previous occupants flushed the toilet and went to wash her hands. The other occupant was pooping, with a plop a minute. My sister Michelle peed quickly and left as the second occupant started to wipe. I pee! d and dropped a couple of medium size pieces, then I was done as the other occupant flushed and left. However, I heard farts and plops from both sides, as the mothers were having fairly hefty poops. I finished wiping, flushed the toilet and washed hands, while my Mom and mother-in-law were still dropping poop. Another girl rushed into a stall and started to pee a long stream. As I was finishing washing my hands, my mother-in-law started to wipe, but my Mom was still farting and plopping away. I went into the lounge to touch up on my makeup, and another teenage girl almost knocked me down as she ran into the restroom, and I heard a stall door slam shut. A couple of minutes later, my mother-in-law and the girl who peed came out, but my mother was still inside. A minute later, I heard the faint sounds of two flushes, probably coming from different toilets because they came so close together. I went back in and saw my Mom washing her hands. As she was drying her hands, I ! heard a muffled flush sound. It was the girl who almost ran me down earlier. She must be having quite a poop session. As my Mom and I were leaving out the rest room, there was another muffled flush sound from the girl.

One Lucky Guy
This story is so hot off the press its unreal, happening last night / this morning. But before I tell it, just a few words to the kind people who wrote about Jule's and my story.

Philippe: I've printed off your reply ( and Simon's & Curious About One Lucky Guy ) to show to Jules. She is going to find it so funny how much people seem to have enjoyed the tale, because she doesn't hold the same interest about toilets that I do. But many thanks for those kind complimentary words of yours.

Simon: I am very proud, you can be sure of that ! How to find a girlfriend like Jules ? Sorry mate, can't help you. She just fell into my lap, and I am very thankful to be One Lucky Guy !

Curious About One Lucky Guy: You're right, too many questions to answer all at once ! However, I'll do my best in time. One of your questions will actually be answered with this post about last night and this morning.

I spent the night at Jules' last night. She now has her! youngest sister here this weekend, Kim, who's 12. They slept together in Jules' bed while I slept on the floor to one side. Around 3am this morning I awoke to discover that I was in a pretty urgent need to take a shit. No problem, Jules' room has en-suite facilities. So I got up as quietly as I could in order not to disturb the girls, and crept into the bathroom. Dropping the old boxers to the floor as normal, I sat astride the toilet and prepared to enjoy a quiet and thoroughly relaxing poo ! God, I love taking a shit !

I say quiet, it was anything but, because as I squeezed to begin the process I cut an incredibly loud fart ! And then out it began to come, very very steady, no effort at all, wonderful, one of those moments to savour. However, the silence was suddenly interrupted with the squeeking of the bed, and I then I heard light footsteps across the carpet. Now Jules has never accompanied me to the loo before for a shit, as I said, shes not really interested. ! And that has always been fine with me. However, I have to say my heart thumped at the thought that she might now be coming and would see me instead ! I found myself grinning at the prospect, because she must know its me in here, Kim in bed with her on the wall side, and me disappeared off the floor !

Of course, no shadow fell in the doorway to prepare me for the grand entrance of my girl because it was dark in the bedroom. So I excitedly waited for several seconds. What a shock then when Kim peeped round the corner !

Everything about me froze. I said nothing. She said nothing. My shit hung in abeyance. Even the grin clung to my face ! Maybe that was the problem. She saw the grin, and without smiling herself, she came right in the doorway and stood staring at me for 10 seconds or more. Then she turned to the wash basin and picked up a glass and began to fill it with water. As she did this she broke the silence, " I need a drink " she whispered.

Having! drawn the water, she then turned back facing me again, and lifting the glass to her mouth she began to drink, very slowly, her breathing somehow magnified by the glass with her nose inside it, and the slow steady gulps of water punctuated by little slurp sounds as she held the glass so as not to drink too much at once. As she began to drink, I felt my poo begin to edge out further, uncontrolled by me, and I just knew that it was impossible to stop it from dropping. Within 10 seconds it went shhhlump into the water. There was absolutely no reaction whatsoever in Kim's features. She just continued flicking her beautiful brown eyes upwards to mine and then down to my completely nude groin area. The next poo was magically appearing of its own accord as well. As her drink began to lower in the glass, hence the glass had to be tilted higher, it began to block her lower view a bit, so she actually altered her stance in front of me to a slightly sideways one, and her head slightly tu! rned to the right as well so that she could now continue to watch me with just her left eye !

I have to say that I was beginning to panic a bit now, worried about the ethics of a 12 year old watching me while I showed no resistence whatsoever, but not wanting to get Kim into trouble with Jules by making a fuss that might wake her. The instant reaction was to not prolong the agony any further and to get it over and done with, so I clenched the old ???? muscles and expelled the last of my poo in double quick time. It actually fell out in 3 more pieces, shhlump, plop, splush, in just one second intervals. Immediately, I whispered "thats it, I've finished".

Thinking that would be her cue to buzz off, I got the first facial reaction from her, a little lift of the eyebrows, but to my further horror she moved closer and closer to me until she was stood right in front of me, actually right between my open knees. She finished the remainder of her water quickly then,! and removing the glass from her mouth, she then gasped out the last of the air she had been holding in her lungs to finish the drink, Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

She then looked right down into the toilet where my bits were clearly visible to her. Whether it was my bits she wanted to see or my poos, I don't know. All I knew was that I was now very panicked by this unsolicited situation, and the further horror was that my willie was misinterpreting my panic as excitement, and I rapidly started to get one. That was it, trouble or no trouble, she had to leave, but before I could open my mouth to tell to go, she leaned forward, kissed me on my head, said "night, night" and turned and left the bathroom. I heard the same gentle footsteps, similar squeeking of the bed, and then silence.

I was shaking from head to foot for at least a minute, while I began the wiping process. I then had to flush the loo, because I couldn't leave that behind to stink out the bathroom, and perhaps t! he bedroom as well !

Returning to the bedroom, in the pitch dark again now, My already frightened demeanour was shocked once again when a hand took hold of my arm as I reached the edge of the bed ! It was Jules ! She pulled me down to her, and I felt her other arm encircle my neck as she continued to pull me to her. A very soft kiss ensued, and her own whispered "night night" was placed right in my ear hole !

I laid awake the rest of the night worrying. Did Jules know what had happened, or had she just woken from the noise of the toilet flush ?

In the morning ( this morning ), Jules got up first and had her wake-up wee as normal. Then Kim went in, with her clothes, and came out dressed. No toilet flush though, and when it became my turn to go in, there was nothing in the loo, so she hadn't been. I was amazed, given the huge glass of water she had drunk five hours earlier. Still never mind.

We all sat on the bed for an hour, Jules with a book! , sitting between Kim and I, as we watched tv. Kim was fidgeting most of that time. I then made my excuses to quickly pop to my house and get a book I needed to read a chapter of myself, and was not gone for more than 10 minutes. Jules and Kim both grinned on my arrival back.

Now Jules was to meet a friend in her room down the corridor, no fixed time, and Kim and I knew that we were to be left alone together for half an hour. Jules continued reading, and I started to read. Kim continued to fidget, and after just 20 further minutes, she rushed off the bed in an almighty hurry, and dashed into the bathroom round the corner, whereupon, even over the sound of the tv, I could here her take a long wee which gushed and gushed for more than a minute. After only 10 seconds of the wee, the tv sound seemed to lessen considerably, and I couldn't believe that Jules had turned the sound down quite a bit to enable me to hear Kim better ! How obvious was that ! But Jules just smirked! into her reading book !

As soon as Kim re-appeared, Jules closed her book, and announced she was off to see her friend Jenny. On talking about all this a little while ago, Jules told me that during the 10 minutes I was away, Kim had told her everything. Knowing her little sister as she did, although nothing was said, Jules just knew that Kim planned to put me in a compromising situation after Jules left for Jenny's by going to the toilet, I suppose to see whether I would peep at her or not. So wanting to spare me, my very kind and thoughtful girlfriend had waited and waited until Kim had been forced to go, thus defusing the situation. Jules is so wonderful !

Unfortunately this didn't work, because after she left, I went into the bathroom to get a drink myself, and before I had even started to fill the glass, Kim was in the bathroom, pulling down her jeans and sitting on the toilet. I decided to try and play this cool, not really knowing if she was showing of! f or if she really needed to go to the loo again. As I filled my glass with water, my question was answered by the sound of three little farts, one straight after the other. What now ? Well people, I looked, shameful or not.

The first thing to hit me was how much like Jules she was. A minature carbon copy, jeans below the knees, panties resting right on the knee ends, arms straightened in support of her with her hands pushing down on the toilet seat and her legs sat on top of her fingers. She sat watching me watching her. Then after five seconds or so, she seemed satisfied that she had now captured my attention. She shuffled on the seat a little, and then this intense look of concentration came over all her facial features. I was fascinated with her ????, which so visibly was clenching and relaxing in strict time intervals of only around 2 seconds. I imagined the poo she was making coming out an inch at a time with each two second pump of her ????. The pumping mus! t have happened about 8 or 9 times before she let go her breath in a huge single pant. Errrrrrrrrrrrr. No sound, just breath.

Her ???? was now relaxed, no more pumping, just soft gentle in and out movements with her breathing. The first poo dropping caught me by surprise. There had been no crackling noises, and I thought she was taking a rest from her efforts. KERSHHLUMP. That really must have been some heavy, thick poo to make a noise like that ! ???? continued to breath normally. KERSHLUMP again. Unbelieveable ! Then ???? came to life again, 3 pumps, and then one much longer clenching of the muscles of at least 10 seconds... KERSHHLUMP. A last pant. Errrrrrr. Shorter than the first. Then just as if to mimic precisely what I had said to her in the night, she whispered "Thats it, I've finished".

Unlike Kim, I really did take that as my cue to buzz off ! However, she was already drawing paper off the roll as I turned to put down my glass of water, which I ! had managed to drink without even realising ! As I then turned to leave, I just had to take one last look, that Kim knew nothing about, no more than 2 seconds, just as she was looking down and carefully wiping herself. When she emerged from the bathroom, she put her arm around me and said, "can we call that quits now". I just had to hug her, and said "absolutely" !

Jules took Kim back to the station on her own, and when she came back to my house, she told me that Kim had told her everything. The first bit in the morning, and the last bit on the walk to the station. As I awaited her reaction, I was greeted with an enormous hug.

"You dealt with that very well", she said. "Kim has gone home having had an experience she has enjoyed, without being made to feel guilty about it, or dirty. Obviously, I know what you're like with things like this, but you didn't instigate this. She did. She felt that she had to go to the toilet for you as well, and I feel guilty now ! for having tried to stop her, you know, when I deliberately waited until she had to go from sheer desperation ? If she'd not been allowed to make it quits when she went for that poo in front of you, she would have gone home feeling guilty. I know you. You wouldn't dream of hurting her in any way. And besides, what harm can there possibly be in two consenting people watching one another on the loo, even if one is 12 and the other is 23. You didn't touch her, nor she you. Now wipe those tears ( I had begun crying ). There's no harm done, and I am very, very proud of you. Here, use my tissue. Are the girls in ?". I said "No". Jules then said "Well we can't have tears, then, otherwise you won't be able to see. I've been saving this all day for you !"

We went into the toilet. She didn't need me there. There was nothing difficult about this poo. In fact she was plopping before even her wee had started.

Yep, I'm One Lucky Guy, and I love Jules very much.

No name grrrl
I usually dont talk about number 2...but someone signed my guestbook and told me about this saying it was a BSB page. Since I am here...I might as well talk.

Does anyone here like the BSB?? What about SoulDecision or David Boreanaz??? I dont mean to sound like a sick perverted person but for some unknown reason...I wouldnt mind seeing them go to the bathroom and making those sounds. Its disgusting isnt it?? Please tell me if I am normal to say that.

Plus when I was younger everytime I had to "Bob"[my friends way of saying #2]my mom always told me I stink and got mad at me. Nowadays I always soak my butt in the bath every single time. Does anyone else do this?? Please tell me if you do so I know its normal. Plus I only pee in public bathrooms. I maybe "Bobbed" once or twice when I was younger but never do nowadays and the cool thing is that I never do accidents :-)

By the way I am 19 years old.

I didnt bother with all your messages. I just ! had to say this as soon as I came here. Bye

Sunday, May 14, 2000

Public Toilet Hater
Well, I seem to be cured of ulcerative colitis.

This morning, I produced a foot-long turd that was at least 5 inches around. Of course, it clogged the commode.

I have to keep a plunger in my bathroom. I clog the commode during about half of my dumps. I clog the commode without using any paper.

So, I feel better, and I seem to be recovering nicely, but the price is more frequent, larger dumps. It's worth it to not have a bloody butt and stains in my pants from the blood. If you want to have really big dumps, eat lots of beans, lean skinless chicken, corn, and spaghetti.

I continue to be amused by men using cell phones in public restrooms. Today, I went to a large shopping mall, and saw a man dial a cell phone as he went into a stall. The person that he called received the privilege of hearing farts and pooping sounds.

If someone called me for a business matter, and I heard farting, pooping, urination, and flushing, I ! would ask them to call me back after they answered Nature's call. I do not want to hear someone else use the toilet if I don't have to.

Look, I'm no prude. Prudes don't dump behind bushes and dump in their pants. But, I do believe in some degree of manners. Come on, folks, turn the phones OFF when you go to the bathroom.

Any employer who would force a person to answer a cell phone while using the toilet is an ugly mean boss and should be ashamed of himself. Such a person should be flogged publicly while his employees throw turds at him.

I will volunteer to throw the first foot-long, huge, thick, stinking turd. I produce enough of those things!!!

Do employers treat people that badly in Europe? Employers in the US treat employees like galley slaves. I may want to move to Europe.

Hi, everyone!
UNITED STATES: I don't often sit nude on the toilet (too cold most of the year here!), but I do often read...

Alan: Enjoyed your latest story! I think you're a very lucky guy to have found such a talented and open-minded
lady as Lynn. It sounded like a truly enjoyable episode for
you. Only one thing I didn't like... if I understand right,
you had to flush three times BEFORE you finished? I would
have preferred to see both huge loads together before I
flushed, wouldn't you? Or were you afraid of clogging the

Lisa: Ooooh! Wow! SUPER story on your record-breaking shit!
I wish I could have seen it! The tape measure "joke" becomes a reality! Amazing! Now you'll keep it handy for
future measurements if you do any others that threaten the
new record. In the meantime, I give you permission to
strut a little for the next few weeks, as you bask in the
afterglow of your wondrous achievement!

! Sandra: Intriguing story of your unusual business meeting.
I'm convinced you British are FAR more open about your bathroom habits than we Americans! Interesting that you had
to go right after her... and you won the competition, 8-5
(inches!). Did you call the boss back to show her you won?
What do you think her reaction to that would have been?

Do any girls out there hold they're pee for a long time without realising, I ask cause my boss at work, a rather attractive black lady in her 40's came to work the other day, rubbing her ????, which she does quite a lot, (normaly the time of the month) but this time she said that she had been holding her pee the previous day, and when she had decided to go to the loo it was engaged, as both men and women share the two single toilets,so she had either gone back to work or forgotten about it, and had ended up bursting and in a lot of pain which left her with ???? ache. I find I cant work if I need to pee or poop, which brings me on to my distressing story, Like I said, we have approx 20 people sharing 2 single loos, and one day last December I was one of two people answering the telephone, it was 2 O'Clock and I was unable to leave my desk as there was a staff shortage, I had been constipated for several days and began to need to poo, the problem was that there was nobody to ! cover for me, so I asked my boss if she would mind but she told me I would have to wait until someone was available to take over,(my company are very strict about toilet breaks) so I had no option but to 'sit on it' After a half an hour I started to feel a very large turd slide down towards my anus and bagan to cramp while I was talking to a customer on the phone, I started to feel rather desperate and asked my boss once again if I could go, she told me I still had to wait, by now I was bursting for a shit, and kept farting uncontrolably, my co-woker Donna kept looking at me oddly as I wriggled uncomfortably in my seat and tried to hide my smelly farts. After another ten minutes I told my boss of my desperation and she gave me 1 minute to go otherwise I was sacked!! - I ran up the stairs to the shared loo, but to my dissapointment it was engaged, so I ran up the next flight of stairs clutching my ???? to the next loo which was also occupied, by this time my minute was up and ! cannot afford to lose my job so I hobbled back down stairs to my desk in agony and sat back down pushing the large poo back up my arse. I didn't know what to do, my boss thought I had been to the toilet and I was not due to leave mt desk until 5.30 and it was now 3 O'Clock and the pressure in my bowels was mounting up, and I estimated I would be able to hold it for another half and hour at the most. Donna asked me if I was OK but I was too embarassed to tell her of my desperate need to poo, but she was persistant as she could see I was in agony and told me that she was often in the same situation, I asked her what she did and she told me that she often pooped her panties to relieve the pressure...well I wasn't about to poop myself so I held on until suddenly, while I was on the phone to a customer I felt a wave of cramps pulse through my abdomen and stared to feel the large turd open my anus wide and warm poop begin to part my buttocks and spread between my cheeks, I couldn't! do anything as I battled to contain myself while a large amount of soft smelly poop filled my underwear, making a terrible squelching noise as it did so, I began to feel the warmth of my poop as it spread across my buttocks and between my thighs and smelled the pungent odour waft up from between my legs, I dropped the phone but it was too late, my boss had spotted the large bulge in the back of my trousers and began to smile and snigger, I was so embarressed as I ran to the toilet, this time it wasn't engaged and I ran in very distressed. It took me a long time to clean it up and my boss sent Donna up to check if I was OK, she asked me if she could come in the toilet but I told her she couldnt as I was rather upset, she comforted me and told me she could help so in the end I let her in, I didn't know what else to do as my pants were full of poop. She came in and asked to see, I was so embarassed but eventually showed her. I was most grateful as she helped to clean me up, my! boss just grinned and turned away laughing when I went back downstairs, I had had to dispose of my underwear and there was a visible stain on my trousers.

Next time I will tell you how I got my own back!

I have what might seem like a stupid question. I never actually watched anyone else poop, but I've watched myself go by using a mirror. I also made videos of myself going so I could see what it looked like. I was very surprised to see that when I poop, just before the poop comes out, the area around my anus bulges out like a balloon blowing up underneath. The first time I saw this I thought there was something seriously wrong, like I had a major hemmorhoid or something. Is this kind of bulging out normal? Does everyone have this?

Also, I was interested in discussions about how much paper people use. When I grab the paper off the roll, I usually grab around 6 or 7 sheets. I saw some people say they only grab about 3 at a time. I need at least 6 or 7 to protect my hands. How much do other people pull off?

Curious about One Lucky Guy
Man, those stories were magnificent !

Got loadsa questions for you, but don't answer them all at once, otherwise your posts will take over the whole site !!

I see from your stories that Jules has got at least 2 sisters. Have you seen all of them on the loo ? I'm hoping you'll tell me she's got an older sister that I can dream about asking out ! Seeing as Mel let you see her on the toilet, I assume they are very open about these things at Jules' home. Have you ever seen her Mum on the loo ?

You've also told us that you saw your older sister's friend on the toilet when you were six. Can you remember anything about that ?

Finally, you say you live with 3 girls. Have you ever seen any of them on the loo ? And doesn't Jules object to you having fantasies about other women than herself ?

Looking forward to you answering all my curiousities !! You are definitely one lucky guy !

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