One Lucky Guy
Sorry about this, but I have to tell you about this one awful incident. Jules says I'll gross everyone out with this, but it seems to me to be right up this site's alley.

It happened just 4 weeks ago, when Jules had got her younger sister staying with her in her room for the weekend. Mel is just 15. However, she doesn't look any older than her age, so Jules and I knew that going to the pub or a club for entertainment wasn't really on, so we opted for a night in Jules room, and to buy in a bottle or two of wine. In the end, I finished up buying one of those 3 litre boxes !

We watched tv, and I suppose to Jules' and my disgrace, we allowed Mel to drink a bit too much. At first it was really funny watching Mel, drunk for the first time, and I suppose Jules and I were not far away from being in the same position, but I certainly wasn't feeling drunk at all when this incident happened.

Around 11pm, I noticed that Mel had gone rather quiet, and looking up ! I saw she had turned very white. Just that very second, she asked me to help her up to the toilet "quick". She was going to be sick, I was sure, so I raced over to her to help her up. Jules left me to it "I can't stand sick, I'll puke myself if I take her."

I hauled her onto her feet and took her into the bathroom. Leaving her facing the toilet, I thought she might manage herself now. But to my enormous shock she turned around to face me, pulled the tight skirt she was wearing high above her hips, dropped her knickers, and sat heavily onto the toilet, not appearing to give one jot about her sister's boyfriend stood there watching.

I couldn't help myself, she did it so differently to Jules, sitting with her legs apart, and her panties not even half way down her thighs. She sat there so matter of fact with her hands on top of either leg, and her thumbs still pushed through the taut knicker elastic. All of this kept me so mesmerized, although this picture could ! not have lasted more than two seconds before the dawning horror hit me that she had not lifted the toilet lid. Too late !

Her desperate wee torrentially gushed forward, sweeping down the channel made between her legs, temporarily halted by the bottom of her panties before these soaked right through allowing the river to continue, widening like a delta between her open knees before falling over the edge of the toilet lid like a mini Niagra falls onto the bathroom floor, and continuing its path towards my feet.

As I continued to digest these further visions before my very eyes, my ears were called into action. Has anyone ever noticed how much louder a fart sounds went its done directly onto a hard surface, like wood or plastic ? Well, with Mel's bottom planted firmly on the plastic toilet lid, she let rip a massive one lasting three or four seconds, which would have been heard halfway across the town, before it finished up with a very pudding like sound. She wa! s now pooing for all her worth, not really diarrhoea, but soft and mushy stuff, which squeezed itself into appearance whereever it could, including forwards between her legs, mixing in with her wee.

Now my thoughts raced into action, and I grabbed a towel, pressing it down between her knees to stop this really obnoxious flow. All this time, Mel had seemed to be in a trance, presumably of concentration, but my sudden presence right in front of her, and my hand pressing a towel down between her legs brought her back to her senses. "Oh my God, Jules, Whats he doing to me". Jules rushed in and spent five seconds or so surveying the scene. She saw the look of desperation on my face, the look of horror on Mel's. She moved further forward to see exactly what I was doing. I thought she was going to throw-up there and then, but she didn't. Mel broke the silence further; "Oh my God, Jules, I've shit myself", and then floods of tears.

Jules took hold of my arm, so gentl! y, and wagged her head in a movement that said get out the way. She lifted her distraught sister to her feet, revealing the massive load left on the toilet lid, although, plenty was smeared around her bottom, and all down her legs. Jules got her to stand in the bath while she began to sponge her down with warm water. I said "I'd better nip home ( 5 minutes away ) and bring all my cleaning materials and disinfectant". Jules looked, smiled, and nodded. I raced off, glad to escape.

When I got back, Mel was now sat in the bath, still being gently cleansed by Jules. The mess on the lid had gone, and the floor had been dried. Two towels sat in a plastic bag just in the entrance to the bathroom, with the soiled panties on top. I offered to get them laundered, but Jules said no, just get rid of them for me. I went outside and popped them into one of the dustbins. On arriving back, Jules now had Mel sat on her bed, and was dressing her in night clothes. I set about the cleanin! g and disinfecting, and had the bathroom spotless in a few minutes. Mel was now asleep with her sister sat beside her, gently stroking her hair with her finger tips.

I said I'd better go then. "No chance", Jules said to me. If shes sick, I've told you I won't be able to cope. Please stay." How could I refuse. I went to use the bathroom, and while I cleaned my teeth, Jules came in and lifting her nightshirt and sat on the loo. As I rinsed my mouth out, I sneaked a glance at her, and with horror realised she too was now sat on the lid. With my mouth still full of paste, all I managed to do was say "mmmmmmmmm. mmmmmmm" and point furiously at the lid. She giggled uncontrollably, having had her little joke with me, then lifted the lid and sat on the proper toilet seat, smirking. After drying my mouth I went over to her and knelt down in front of her as usual. "I haven't been for three days" she said. "This could take a while". I said we'd got all night, and besides, the lo! nger it took, the more time I had to enjoy the view !. She dug me in the stomach. I then said "You're sister's pretty cute sat on the toilet as well !" I got a thump on my arm. "When did you say Kim was coming to stay ?". (Kim is her 12 year old youngest sister). I got another thump on the arm, before Jules reached forward and we embraced and stayed that way for just about four or five minutes, as she contentedly started plopping away, inside the toilet, where all poo should be !

Yep, I'm One Lucky Guy, and I love Jules very much.

Hi, I was wondering if any one saw, America's Funniest Home videos on Saturday night, which was aired on ABC. There were a few bathroom sceens on there. The first bathroom video was about this kid who tapes their Mother sitting on the toilet(don't know if she was shitting or pissing). Then 2nd one was pretty much the same, but the person on the toilet was in public and someone who was with them recorded it from the next stall over. The 3rd story was about this 6 or 7 year old boy who was playing little leauge baseball and he stopped what he was doing and went with his mother to this ditch and he took a piss. Then they said, now wonder that kid is a whiz kid(get it?) or something like that. They were all really funny!!

hello everyone, -first to louise, sometimes my girlfriend kim swims in the local ymca indoor pool and sometimes she swims in her friends outside pools. I am sorry but we do not have any toilet stories to share with you about the pools.(At least none that I have to share)And also louise when I said that kim and I sometimes lift weights in the nude. thats only in the privacy of my housebasement.where I keep my weights where nobody could watch us. even though we all know kim is as horny as hell and she would not mind people looking. especially if it was a goodlooking young guy or so. plus to alan and lynn-very good story! I loved what you two did there. cuddling and kissing each other while sitting on the toilet seat together while you both had massive log after massive log-very sexy!! I thought! Thanks a lot for sharing! from scott

I have a twin brother. We're identicals. We always shared the dumping experience growing up and have also shared it as guys in our late thirties. We are both plagued by constipation (please no lectures on fibre. I get constipated on prunes and so does my brother). I have read postings on this site for a long time and would like to share some experiences if any guys out there are interested. Sorry women... this is a guy thing for me, although I am straight... not that it's good or bad to be straight or gay. But I only like to share dumps with fellow comrads. Hope there are some other men who will talk about their constipation experiences. I have a bunch of true stories. It is really revealing to watch or be watched by someone who is like yourself, but not you. You know each other's very heartbeat and intestinal churnings. More later if anyone is interested.


Saturday, May 13, 2000

How many of you men sit on the toliet in the nude and aslo how many of you read while there

Hello to everyone, this is my first post in quite awhile. Lynn and I had had several toilet sharing experiences over the past month. I will describe our lastest experience which occurred last weekend. Lynn stayed over for the entire weekend and on Saturday night we ordered out for Chinese food and watched movies (Titanic & Double Jeopardy). After the movies we had a late snack (finished up Chinese food from earlier in the evening) and went to bed. We made passionate love (which I will refrain from describing for fear of offending the moderator) and fell asleep naked in each others arms. We had not taken a shit before going to sleep. Lynn and I both were cutting loud farts in bed all night. I woke up early Sunday morning and had to take a massive dump. As I broke free from Lynn, she woke up. I told her I had to go to the bathroom, and she said that she also had to go bad. As we were walking arm in arm to the bathroom, we both (me first then Lynn) let out loud farts. I lifte! d up the seat and sat down first, and Lynn sat in my lap face to face with me. We held each other tightly and began peeing. As usual we peed on each other a little. As we held each other in a tight bearhug, we both farted and began pushing out large logs. I pushed out a 12-13" log initially and Lynn pushed a 12" log herself. We flushed and began pushing another log out. We gazed into each others eyes, caressed noses and softly kissed. Our shit was coming together before falling in the toilet. As we were shitting, we held each other tight and rested our heads on each others shoulders. We both pushed 4 logs out and some smaller pieces of shit out of our asses. The smell was particularly strong. We flushed 3 times during our shit. When we finished, we began wiping, and used the rest of the toilet paper (we only had a quarter of a roll left). We managed to get most of the shit off our asses. Lynn and I then climbed in the shower and finished washing our asses off. Talk to you soon! . Alan & Lynn

John--I was hoping you were just yanking my chain with the measuring of the turd but I've always been curious as to actual lenth of what I can produce. The tale I tell will prove me out on this.
Wetting accidents-- My first turd would be about 6-8 inches. & yes I usually do 3-5 variuos sized turds in a sitting. I just figure with 3 you get to prolong the feeling of a good shit. Also I have had a few car wetting accidents that I can tell soon.
Buzzy--I agree a nice calming dump in the woods is a wonderful feeling. I hope to go often this summer. My perfect dump to watch would be a well built guy squatting in the outdoors dropping a nice solid turd in the dirt/grass.

Today's experience was as close to perfect as I think I can ever get. I'd felt the urge to crap for a few hours. Not urgent but building as time went by. I chose to wait as long as I could & go after closing. At 7 I closed up & did my paperwork with the feeling to crap coming in strong! now. I finially make my way to the toilet & as I'm undoing my jeans the turd starts to slide out. I quickly pull down my pants & blue cotton panties & sit. Immediatly the turd explodes from my as & I quickly fart out a pile of mush. I pee & crap a bit more mush. It all happened in about 1 minute. I stand to see my work & there floating in the water is the longest turd I've ever produced. I sit & wipe my ass real good (5 times i think as it was a bit messy from the wet fart). As I'm pulling up my pant I look again to determine size. I guessed it was about 12 inches. I found a tape measure in the tool kit we have in the storage room & take a measure (not hard to do since it was a floater. It was actually 13 1/2 inces long. I felt prety good about this but wished it had taken longer to come out my hole. The feeling I get when I let out a nice long turd is great so I like it when it lasts longer. Oh well I'm still pretty excited about the length. !



Hi Everyone,
I haven't posted in a while!! Haven't had any new stories till now. The other night i went to bed and woke up with cramps(seems like i have severe cramps once a month or every other month). I had ribs the night before, and prior to this i hadn't taken a shit in 4 days. I sat down and had to push to get the cramping over with, i had several small balls and then i had loose shit(diahreah). Then i wiped and flushed, came back 30 min later and had to shit more. Then that night i had dinner out, came home and had to take a shit again(3rd time in 15 hours). I haven't been today.

I just wanted to say i just started a new job in a hospital kitchen and there are several restrooms there. The mens room upstairs has 2 stalls and 2 old fashion urinals(long kind that touch the floor). The restrooms downstairs are single bathrooms.

When i had to get my uniform for this job i had to try it on in a womans room cause the mens room was out of order a! nd there were 3 or 4 toilets in the ladies room, all of them had shower curtains instead of stall doors.

To "One Lucky Guy"

I really enjoyed your post.
I have been posting stories for years but, true enough, I became lazzy over time (and probably ran out of stories too) but never fail to check the new stories every day and when I like one, I print it out.
Yours was the longest I ever printed (4 pages) but well worth it.
I liked your story, not just because you helped your girlfriend go (takes some nerves admittedly, but your girlfriend probably appreciated it and I am sure that your heart was pounding and your [feel the blank] bloating), but because your story was so well written that I could follow you every step of the if the story had happened to me.
I sometimes hold company to my wife when she has trouble pushing her terds out.

hi everybody, I just want to tell louise THANK YOU!!for saying i am a nice guy. believe me I try to be!! And kim is nice also. a little bold sometimes like you said but nice. We both love the sexy stories from you and steve . keep it up! And steve dont worry my kim should have more sexy stories for you later. actually some of them were censored from the post!! but we will print some more that will make the post. plus thank you john(VT) for the nice comments about kim.well guys thats all for now and by the way me and kim are from new jersey in the united states

I had another one of those "bathroom" meetings with my boss yesterday. I ran into her in the hallway and asked her to sign some papers before I went into a meeting. She said we'd have to do it in the ladies room as she was in a hurry. We went into the ladies room and my boss went into the middle stall. The door was left open so we could go over the paperwork while she sat on the toilet. She sat on the toilet with her skirt hiked to her waist, her panties and pantyhose were pulled down to below her knees. She took the first batch of papers from me and farted. I looked between her legs and below the auburn pubic hair, I could easily see a turd slowly dropping down. Apparently she has meetings like this with many female colleagues and will discuss serious business while pooing and peeing as if she were in a boardroom! We went over several papers and my boss pooed about 4 or 5 logs which didn't really smell. The one part I really hate is when she wipes herself. She always looks at! the toilet paper so you see the poo on the paper. When she was finished, I said I needed to use the toilet so she didn't flush. I noticed her logs were about 5 inches long. I then sat on the pot while she washed her hands and pooed two 8 inch logs with the door open while my boss washed her hands.

Mike CA,

I have heard Howard Stern often ask or comment about his female guests bowel habits. Here are some I remember:

He had super model Rachel Hunter on a few weeks ago. She said she was at a large celebrity party at Lauren Hutton's house, and the plumbing got backed up. She said everybody had to go out and poop and pee on the lawn. Howard said he would love to see her pooping on the lawn. So would I!

He has had Robin Givens on several times. She evidently farts a lot. She told how she was with her mother and a real estate agent looking at house she really did not care for. They were all standing in the rather small front lobby, and she cut a silent, but very smelly fart. She said she did it on purpose because she did not like the house.

He had an adult movie actress on who had a "back door" scene with a man. She evidently lost control of her bowels and pooped all over the bed. They had to cut the scene out.

Howard is ! very bathroom humor interested, which makes his show interesting to me. It is only a matter of time before he has someone takea dump for breast implants.


One Luck Guy - That was an epic post. One of the greatest ever done! Thanks.


ONE LUCKY GUY - What can I say, I'm so envious, where do I find a girl like Jules, you must be so proud...

I can't give you my age, but I have been experimenting with glycerin suppositories. They make my poops softer and quicker. I don't take them because I'm constipated. I may have asked someone this before, but had anyone used diapers at their free will? What about forced diaper wearing? I'm really interested. Please post soon.

SCOTT - That was good to hear that Kim is already doing
her exercises. Yes, she should keep looking and feeling
good that way. I think she likes to do the same things
as me. Does she swim at an indoor pool and has she had
any good toilet times there? Steve and I have had some
interesting toilet times at our local pool, so I was
wondering if you and Kim have done anything like it?
I usually go topless when I lift my own weights but I
do not often fully strip to do it unless the weather is
very, very warm and I am sweating a lot.
And thank you, kind sir, for calling me a hottie!

PV - We had more fun at the pool last night. My sister
could not come with us, but my mum did. I asked Steve
if he would let my mum aim his cock for him when we all
went for a wee. So when we went to the men's toilets
again, I asked her if she wanted to hold it for him.
She was surprised, but she said she thought it would be
fun and! said yes. Steve pulled his cock out over the
top of his trunks and stood in front of the urinal. My
mum stood beside him and took hold of Steve's cock. I
told her she needed to draw his foreskin back a little
bit and she was very gentle about doing that. At first
she was holding it too tight, so I told her to let go
the strong grip. Steve started his wee and did a slow
stream at the wall. My mum liked waving his cock about
and thought it was a giggle. I was glad Steve peed for
a long time and did lots of cute stops and starts and
sudden hard squirts. I showed her how Steve squeezes
the last drops off his foreskin and she liked that.
Steve was amused at how she liked to aim for him and he
knows it is a girl thing and quite enjoyed it really.
My mum and I decided to wee backwards this time and we
bent right over and pushed our pussies down and
backwards with our fingers.
It worked quite well and we did not drib! ble *too* much
wee onto the floor but we both were dripping the whole
time as well as well as squirting our streams back.
We both had some wee run down our legs, so I do not
think doing it backwards works as well as facing the

Aim high and open fire!


Friday, May 12, 2000

Another story from my college days. It was one of those long holiday weekends, and Carrie, Sara and I went back home. On our way back to school we encountered a huge traffic jam. It was gridlock for miles and miles, and we were barely moving. In fact, we were still for several minutes, and people were getting out of their cars. About three cars ahead of us, a teenage girl suddenly gets out of the car and runs off the highway carrying a tissue box. She's trying to make it to the trees and probably preferred to duck behind them for privacy, but she was so desperate that she got to the first tree and pulled down her shorts and panties and squatted in full view of everyone. She peed for a little bit, then an explosion of soft mushy poop flew out her butt. It kept pouring out for a couple of minutes, leaving a sizeable pile. She got up, walked away from the pile, squatted down again, and expelled another round of poop, making a second pile even bigger than the first. Afte! r that, she wiped several times with tissue and stuffed them in a paper bag, pulled up her clothes, and went back to the car. Soon afterward we were moving again and on our way.

By the time we were back on campus we were so desperate that we stopped by the student union building and ran to the ladies room. We took adjacent stalls and peed up a storm. We each took a good two minutes to pee. Apparently we each had to poop as well. I dropped a couple of medium sized pieces and farted, then I was done. Sara dropped a couple of pieces and was also done. However, Carrie was dropping several pieces and took a little longer. Sara and I washed our hands, then Carrie was also done. We said to each other, what a relief.

JOHN (VT) - Hi, thank you! Yeah, I bet a lot of people
would have liked to have had Steve's view of that huge
shit poking out of my bum when we were on the beach.
He is my loving boyfriend by the way, we are not
married. I would have been thrilled and excited if
there were more people who saw, but I would have been
really embarrassed too so maybe it was better with
just Steve looking! If anybody saw my shit in the sand
I wonder if they would have thought an elephant had
been through there!

KIMBERLEY - Hi, yeah, Scott answered the question very
well thanks. I hope you have liked what I have
written about in the last few days. We are having lots
of adventures it seems, so there may be lots more to
write about this summer. You might like to read about
what I did today when I was going home. We are having
some warm sunny weather in England now and I have been
wearing some of my short skimpy dresses to show my!
long tanned legs. When I was going home I had really
strong urges to shit, and I knew I had to pee too.
I went to a place I have been to before in the park to
use as a toilet. I looked to see if somebody was coming
but I would not mind being found doing it, but nobody
was and when I was at my fave place I pulled my little
g-string down and stepped out of it. I hitched up my
little blue dress high and squatted down. I really
felt my shit poking at my bumhole, and I enjoyed the
feel of that for a minute or two. I was a little bit
gassy too this time and I did a few hissing farts.
When I was really ready I pushed a little bit and my
shit slid out really easy in two lumps about 5 inches
long. Then I started to piss quite hard when I heard
some male voices coming from my right. When I looked,
two young hunky guys about 20 years in tee-shirts and
shorts were walking with a girl the same age and they
stopped tal! king and looked real surprised at me. I
did not close my legs or anything. They saw my shits
on the ground and my pussy still squirting piss and
hissing really loud. I said I could not wait and I
giggled a bit because the looks on their faces were so
funny. Their girl friend looked surprised as well but
she could see how funny it was and laughed too. When I
had finished peeing I stepped back into my g-string
and I walked away. I think those guys liked watching
and I think I brightened up their day a bit!
Look after Scott, Kim, he sounds nice, I hope he can
cope with having such a bold and confident girl. I
do not think I could have invaded the men's room like
you did on your own. That is real gutsy!

PV - Hi!!! I saw Steve's message and what he said to
you, and maybe you got a taste of how he makes me
feel all the time! Yeah, I am lucky, so my mum and
sister have told me too. I do not think you have said anything about a man but I hope you are lucky as well!
Oh, and I am not trying to be discovered in the park,
really! It is just that it has happened like that!
I wish they had arrived a few seconds sooner when I
was pushing those lumps out. Hehehehe.



Mike CA
Does anyone recall the Howard Stern show
2 or 3 years ago (maybe 4) with Heather
Locklear as his guest? She stated during
the program she has on average 5 BM's
per day. I can't recall his exact words, but
Howard responded with (quite sarcasticly)
something like , "Boy, I bet your husbands
ready to jump into bed with you when you
get home from work". Impling, like "yuck!"
I guess you woulda had to been there, but
i thought it was quite interesting.

Susan STL: Hi, saw your post a few days
ago. Nice to see your still here. Are you
still saving money on TP? I know I am!
Hope to here from you soon.
From: your #1 fan
See you all later

Greetings All.

Now my joker of a girlfriend has finally completed her latest post, I can finally say a few words myself in the short time I have.

PV, Well thanks for your kind words, you just prove me right that you really are a lovely lady! :)
I think you will now appreciate very well how Louise still has a lively, still teenage way of thinking in some areas, not that I'm complaining, as she keeps me a young 34. Her mother has passed on her liking for joking and mischief to her daughters, there is no doubt about that. Against the three of them I stood no chance in my own bathroom the other night! I think it helped me later when at the pool, but I can't tell you just how shocked I was to have Louise's mother and sister looking around from behind me when I was having a wee. To clarify that last statement, the shock was there and it made my heart race, taking me a few minutes to adjust to them giving my bits and pieces a good looking over, but at least it p! repared me mentally for standing at the urinal with them.
I thought Louise's description of the time she had a difficult dump on the beach was very complete, very good indeed. I thought it captured the atmosphere of the situation so well, and it shows in her writing how she is growing in confidence. She has told me she had an interesting dump today, but she won't tell me any further and I will have to read about it on the forum. I will look forward to that for sure!
On the latest time in the gent's toilets at the pool. That was quite a stunning time for me, it really was. I was okay with it because I reminded myself that I had lots of women see me urinate at the nude beach last year, so why should I be worried at the pool when that was what they wanted to see? The women pulled their swimwear aside at the crotch, and they stood ready, facing the urinal with their fingers around their genitals. It really was wonderful once I was feeling accustomed to it, and I pulled out! my penis from over the top of my trunks, drawing back my foreskin slightly, something that Louise's mother commented on. The thought had occurred to me that I might not have been able to start the flow, but I seemed to have no trouble and I produced a good stream. Once I had started, the women started too as they had been waiting for me to go first. There was some delicious hissing from all three of them as they squirted their urine, mixed with the drumming noises of all four streams blasting against the steel, and quite a lot of steam was rising. I was amazed at how composed Louise's mother was and how she enjoyed looking over at my stream, also at how sister could project her stream over at mine. In fact, all three women moved their streams about by varying their finger pressures, and moving their hips about. That was quite something, and the gulley at the bottom of the trough was not far from overflowing! I hope we do it again soon.
Cheers, PV, enjoy your weeing and po! oping!

Kimberley. Yes, thanks, Scott and yourself have satisfied our curiosity. Louise has already explained why we were asking, hasn't she? I did actually get the impression that you were accustomed to being naked together before that visit to the toilet, but thanks for the confirmation. Louise has taken a wicked delight in teasing me about how I've enjoyed your posts, and yes, I have found them ever so entertaining. Next time you crash out a good log or take a good piss, please tell us about it.

Bye for now,


Buzzy, Do you like it when other guys in a men's room are also having a shit or sneaking glances at you through the cracks in the stall doors while you are on the toilet? You seem like the kind of guy who might enjoy putting on a show!

hello everybody- to louise and steve. hi there, this is scott. to expand on louises' question the other day in asking kim to lift weights to keep her breasts and shoulder muscles in tone, plus keep them firm. Dont worry guys she already does lift weights,does a little areobics, is a good swimmer, and even jogs on the beach in florida in her thong bikinis. florida is where my family likes to go to the beach. i tell ya kim is built like a brick shithouse and will probably still look this good into her 60's. i workout too. i lift the heavier weights. sometimes when we work out together we do it in the nude. Thanks for asking louise and judging from your decription of yourself I know that you are a HOTIE ALSO! take care guys . from scott

Poop Freak

I enjoy your posts, but I want to know about your poos.

How many times a week do you poo?
When do you poo?
How long does it take?
Does it smell?
Where do you make your poos?

One more question...How old are you?

Dr. Poop
Hey Alex and Steph it's me. I hope you to have nice graduations. I havent heard from you in a wile. Are you still reading the posts? I was wondering Yhy you two stand to wipe your butts insted of sitting on the toilet. I do it because my balls get in the way when I sit. I also wanted to know if you two stand or sit to wipe your vaginas after you pee. Oh by the way have you two ever tried standing to pee? Why or why not?

Buy for now

Dr. Poop

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