Hi, my first time posting, I have a story:

I remember an accident that happened in second grade. (It wasn’t me, though, it was one of the other girls, named Alyssa.) Alyssa sat in the desk in front of me. These were those old wooden desks that the backrest does not go all the way down to the seat, so you can see the seat of the pants of the person in front of you.
Anyway, one day we were in class and it was about half an hour until lunch. When she had sat down after recess, her skirt caught a little on a rough edge of the back of the seat, enabling me to see her panties. Because of the way it caught, though, I was probably the only one who could see it because I was right behind her.
Eventually I noticed that she was squirming a little in her seat. I realized that she probably had to go to the bathroom badly. I also knew that she was way too shy to ask the teacher if she could go to the restroom, so I was wondering if she would make it to lunch. Well,! this squirming went on for about 10 minutes. Then, finally, she stopped squirming, and I saw a large brown lump forming in her underwear. She basically filled her panties. There was a brown bulge about the size of a baseball in the back of her underwear, but it must have been pretty solid because none leaked out of her panties. Then came the pee that usually comes when you poop, so now her panties were wet, too. She also got her skirt wet too, but it didn’t show because it was dark. There really wasn’t much of a smell, so I don’t think anyone else noticed. When we lined up for lunch, though, we were in the line and I heard a soft crackling noise. I bent over like I was tying my shoe and looked and saw that she was having another BM. By this time her panties were really sagging. Like I said, it was solid again, and amazingly none leaked out. Even when she sat down, she just sat carefully so all of the poop went to the front and back and none came out her legs. I ke! pt bending over to look. (I’m a girl too so it wasn’t that bad of a thing to do.) I thought that she might be able to make it through the rest of the day without anyone finding out. Anyway, the teacher then took us all outside for recess. In our class we had certain times of the day when the whole class was led to the bathrooms, one in the morning and one after lunch when we were going to lunch recess. Nobody was allowed to go at any other time unless it was an absolute emergency, but, as I said, Alyssa was too shy too speak up when she needed to. Anyway, I guessed she was going to wait until the bathroom trip before lunch recess to go get herself cleaned up, which she did. However, when we all got into the bathroom, there are no doors on the stalls so there was no way she was going to change with 15 other girls around. She just went back outside without having accomplished anything, and just sort of stood there for most of recess, which was 30 min long. Unfortunately! for her, she had another BM while she was standing there. (Man! She must have eaten something that she ate that disagreed with her!) Anyway, there was obviously no more room for the poop, so some came out and landed on the ground below her. Several people saw this happen and said, “Alyssa pooped her panties! Alyssa pooped her panties!” Since this was lunch recess and the bathroom break was 30 minutes ago, the teacher thought she must have done it on purpose. Since recess was over anyway, she took us all back to the bathrooms (there was no other teacher around to watch the rest of the class so we all had to wait in the bathrooms. The teacher then made her take her skirt off to clean up, and when she saw how much poop was there, she was MAD. All the other 15 girls saw it too. Her panties were probably sagging about 3 inches down from where they should be, and they were completely filled with poop. Also, there was some poop running down her leg from her last BM. Amaz! ingly, there was very little smell. The teacher then made her clean her panties out in the toilet, and after she did that the teacher told her that she didn’t want to see Alyssa poop anymore today, so to poop. Alyssa started heading to the toilet but the teacher said “No! You will not poop there! You will squat over this paper towel and poop on it where we can all see you! That should teach you not to poop in your pants again!”
By this time Alyssa was in tears but she did as she was told. Everyone was laughing at her. The teacher then had her clean herself up, and had her put back on the panties, wet and cold from the toilet water. Then the teacher gave her a plastic bag to sit on the rest of the day so the seat wouldn’t get wet.
All of the kids made fun of her, and she had no friends. She had another accident sometime later, in fifth grade, but I wasn’t in her class so I only heard about it. I guess some people are more likely to have accidents than others. !

Well, sorry to rant. I have a story of an accident I had in seventh grade, if anyone expresses interest in hearing it. Until then, happy elimination!


Question for the girls,I notice that my gas and bm's smell very bad during my period and i was just wondering if it's a common thing or not.
I can remember being like this since i first started my period at 15,once i was in the shower and my sister was on the toilet going #2 when i let out a big loud fart that was so bad it smelled more then what my sis was doing in the toilet.
When i'm not on my period the smell is just your normal fart odor and not the hot rotten egg stink,i have a normal diet and my bm's are mostly solid logs with a normal amount of gas,from what i've heard my friends in the other stalls do.I have talked about this with a couple of my friends and they don't have the same problem except one who gets the runs during her time of the month.


I had that accident while camping in the mountains with school. I was 13 and naughty, the teacher told us not to eat any berries, because they were not in season yet. but me and my friends swallowed like lots, they did not taste so bad. we had dinner and went to sleep in our tents... i woke up in the middle of the night, there was a strong smell, the tent door was open and my friend annie was not around, i went out and saw her squatting in the middle of the campsite, her pyjamas pants at her knees, all soiled, there was a big puddle around her and she was crying and farting out gushes of liquid poo. then i got worried, we had eaten berries, though i just felt a bit gassy, so i went to the bushes and then disaster struck, before i took down my pants i was flowing a mushy load. I expent like an hour there , when i thought i had finished, a new cramp came, i then saw my two other friends running, clutchig their poor bellies. we farted and pooed for a long time, on! e of my friends also threw up. the teacher woke up and was like mad, she made us clean everything the following day, although we still had the bad runs...

Poop Freak
Nguyen Another good post...

Let me tell you about my poop habits.

I poop every other day and it is usually in the evening. I poop in the morning once in a while. I poop at home (I have my own basement apartment), so it is easy for me enjoy pooping. It takes me on average about 7 min to go (I have timed it). My poops are usually soft and smelly.

When I was younger (now I am 24), I used to enjoy pooping in high school and college. Now I am in technical school and working part time in IT (I live in Toronto).

I have more questions for you...

Do you pee right after you poop (sitting down)?

It happens to me all the time.

Is the toilet seat in your house soft?

Mine is plastic.
What are toilet facilities like in Vietman?

Have you ever done buddy dumping?
One more....this doesn't have to do with pooping, but it is personal

Are you circumcized?

caught peeing
Sorry that I have not posted in ahile-I've been busy with work. BUt I just wantd to quickly share one "caught peeing" story I recalled. This took place a few years ago at one of my daughter's softball tournaments.
We had just arrived at the tournament site and I really had pee. I got out of the car and rushed over to the port-a potties. There were 3 port-a-potties and that was it. ALl were occupied but then one opened up and I practically ran in. SO I had been peeing for like 10 seconds when all of a sudden, somegirl opened the door of my the port-a-potty I was in and actually started to take a step in and I turned around and said excuse me. She kind of laughed and began aplogizing non-stop but she still had the door open and then finally she slammed my door shut. I could finally finish my pee. Once I realized someone opened the door my stream defintely slowed so I still had awile to go. I was peeing for about a minute adn totally embarrassed too. I ! was hoping there was no one outside waiting for the potties because they would have gotten a few view of me-well a full back view of me standing and peeing. What's bad was that when I have to pee real bad I usually like tilt my head back like in relief and so that's how I was when she initally opened the door. But on a good note, I only unzipped my pants and peed from my zipper opening rather than pulling my pants down because otherwise whoever was outside would have seen my naked butt as I was there peeing. When I finished peeing and stepped outside I was totally mortified. My daughter and her entire team were standing and waiting inline for the prot-a-potties so they all ended up seeing me peeing in there. It turns out that because I was in such a rush to pee I forgot to lock the potty once I got inside. BUt from then on I always made sure to lock it.
I also like to say that I defintely love peeing outside the best, but it's kind of fun to pee in toliets too,! as I do in my home. I like hearing how loud my pee sounds as it hits the water and I like seeing how much of the toliet I can fill up when I pee. I really like it when I can get bubbles to form in the water. DO you like wacthing Steve pee in the toliet? Well, I gottta go pee. I'll write more later. Hope you enjoyed this old recollection of when I got caught peeing.


Today i had to pee at school, i went into the boys room during lunch and i peed and washed my hands. I look up and see 2 boys with matches they light a match and throw it across the bathroom, either they were trying to vandlize the bathroom, set the school on fire(arson) or just to be funny. They shouldn't have matches in school cause u can't smoke in school. Then after school i had to work and on my way home i saw some guy standing infront of some trees and bushes(back facing road) and i think he was taking a piss outside.

To One Lucky Guy,

Great dude! Congratulations, she is a rare treasure. Believe it or not, I had a girlfriend like that a while back named Cassandra. She was a 22 year old grad student and in the army reserves. Now we were not engaged or any thing, we only went together for about a year. Cassandra liked to leave the door open and after dating her for a while, I got the nerve to ask If I could come in and watch. It was late one evening and we had had a big dinner and her ???? was hurting a little. She let me come in the bathroom and rub her ???? while she sat on the toilet. Man, I got a rush! this lady was sexy and well built, with an atheletic body and dark simi-sweet chocolate skin. And best of all, she liked to sit on the toilet naked! Most of the time, her turds came out dry and a little hard, and she had to grunt and strain some to get them out. I told her many times, baby, you need to eat more ve????s, less fast food, slow down a little. Any how, the end of the ! story is this: At that time, my business was just begining to take off and she had a family crisis far away that required her to leave the area. Yea, go-a-head, wash my face in it, call me dumb for not following her!


Have somebody had an accident after taking prune juice??? Last month I had this week-long constipation problem, and my dorm roommate told me to have some warm prune juice before breakfast, because it would be gentler than any kind of laxative... well, I tried it, drank two small glasses, and then had breakfast and picked up the bus... Ohoh, before reaching my stop i got the worst cramps in all my life!!!! i tried to alleviate pressure and released a stinky silent fart, and a second later I was going of with an uncontrollable wave of runny almost liquid poop!! I filled my panties and soiled my skirt, so I got off the bus in the next stop and ran for some cover (there was a park around) to try and clean up. When i got behind a hedge i got another cramp, quickly took down my panties and squatted and there was an explosion of loose chuncks and diarrhea. I went like that for about ten minutes and made a huge puddle. My ???? was upset for a day and a half and everytime! I did number2 it was explosive and uncontrollable! Once I had castor oil and it was not as stronger as the prune juice!! Has anybody else suffered the same effects of the "friendly prune juice"

One Lucky Guy
To Curious About One Lucky Guy: Some more answers to all of those questions you set me, my friend.

Jules only has two sisters, Mel 15, and Kim 12. Jules is 20 if you happened to be curious about that too! So I'm sorry, there's no older sister for you !

Very sadly, I've never seen her Mum on the loo. She tragically died due to a complication when giving birth to Kim, when Jules was just 8. The three girls are so very close to one another as a result, and I know that both Mel and Kim absolutely dote on their older sister, who effectively took over all the motherly duties after she died. In fact, if you read my last post about Kim and I seeing one another on the loo, and the comment I made about her being like a carbon copy of Jules, it all actually makes sense, because Jules toilet trained her, telling her "if you ever need to wee or have a poo, then you should always come to the toilet to do it, like this." And Jules would then take her to watch while she had ! a wee / poo. Mel was toilet trained by her Dad, which I'm sure might explain why she is so very different to watch on the toilet, but perhaps does not explain why she doesn't lift the lid !!

Today, I'll tell you about that toilet incident when I was six. Well to start, my sister tells me I was barely 5, because I had only just started school at Easter, was 5 in May, and this was in the summer holidays apparently. You might tell that my recollection is hazy to say the least ! But believe me, some of the pictures I took away from that day are as vivid to me now as if they had happened only yesterday.

My sister, Anne is 9 years older than me. I suppose I was a right royal pain in the backside to her, always trailing after her here, there and everywhere. Not something a 14 year old would really want ! This of course included going in the bathroom with her. I remember her sometimes screaming at me to get out, but other times she just went in front of me. I don't ! remember if it was #1 or #2 that she did. But always, her panties were below the knees, legs shut. She had what I would describe as thick legs, hiding all there was to see between, except for a fairly thick thatch of pubes poking about an inch above her leg line.

Her friends loved me, the adorable little brother, who needed looking after all the time after school because Mum was at work. Anne's best friend, Jayne, was especially nice to me all the time, and this story is about her.

She was a year older than Anne, and a total contrast. She was so tall, 6ft, and so very thin as well. I remember often staring at her if she was ever wearing jeans, because she had wide hips as well, and I was fascinated to be able to see right through a gap that was always there at the top of her legs, even when she was standing with her feet together.

This day must have been warm, because Jayne was wearing shorts, revealing these ultra spindly legs of hers. We had been l! eft alone together playing hide and seek. I don't remember why, but I do remember hiding in the bathroom. Before you think it, this story is not about watching from a hiding place !! Jayne found me, and to this day, I have something to profoundly thank her for. Weeing standing up !!(I never knew my Dad because he ran off with some other woman while I was still a baby)

I announced that I wanted a wee, and made my way to the toilet, where I know I must have turned round, pulled down my trousers and my pants, and begun to haul myself up onto the seat. Jayne said "Oh, do you need to poo as well ?". I said "No", and she then said, "so why are you pulling down your trousers to sit on the toilet". I didn't know any different. I just did the same as Mum and my Sister. I remember Jayne walking up to me and saying, "I'll let you into a little secret. Boys don't need to sit down and wee, they can do it standing up". She knelt down beside me, and lifted the toilet lid. I was ce! rtainly tall enough for my willie to reach over the toilet rim. I remember standing there with it hanging over the edge. However it certainly never dawned on me that I would need to point it anywhere, and my first stand-up wee began with Jayne delicately holding my winkie and showing me how to point. I remember her laughing as she moved it about, making my wee hit the back of the bowl, the side of the bowl, and directly into the water. I was completely amazed by this, and I suppose this is why I love to wave it about even now !

When I finished, I remember saying to Jayne "you're turn" ! I saw her mouth open and shut two or three times, as she stumbled over how to reply to such an order. Eventually she smiled, and said "Oh well, I suppose I do need to go actually". I remember further innocent questions being asked, when I saw her put the toilet seat back down, and then turn round to undo her shorts. "Aren't you going to stand up and do it". She laughed. "No, I don't ha! ve a winkie like you do, so I can't point it and aim like you can". She continued to undo her shorts, and then pulled them and her panties down to about her knees before sitting down. After sitting down, she pulled them back up her legs a bit, and grinned at me staring at her.

The vivid memories I took away from this incident are several. I remember how her legs with her knees together seemed to stick out from the toilet by miles, and how the bottom of her legs were curled both backwards and outwards at the side of the toilet pedistal. Her legs seemed to pivot on the forward edge of the toilet seat, which gave the appearance of her bottom being slightly raised off the seat ( although it wasn't really ) and making her knees point strangely downwards. I remember being able to almost touch her knees with my own when I leaned up against her, and then this one particular sight which gripped me. There was this big gap at the top of her thin legs.

The first thing t! o bemuse my little eyes would have been the sight of a whole pubic thatch. I had no idea there was so much hair there, having only noticed the 1 inch stuck above my sisters leg ends before. Next thing to hit me was this clear view, right into the toilet bowl between the gap in her legs. And immediately suddenly seeing this stream of yellow liquid shoot out from somewhere down below. I remember it making a loud hissing noise as well as a tinkle into the water.

I then remember Jayne asking if I would like to carry on playing hide and seek, and if so, perhaps I would like to go and hide and she would be along in a minute or two. Being awkward, I said it was her turn to hide ! She said she didn't mind having to seek twice in a row. But I was insistent. It was then that she admitted she had to take a poo as well, and that wouldn't be very nice for me if it smelled. I remember saying "Don't Care" and no doubt pouted as well. Jayne was such a softie, she always let me do wha! t I wanted. In the end she gave in. There was quite a silence for a few seconds, before a small fart sounded. Jayne laughed nervously, and decided to suddenly take hold of my hands, and she used them to pat her own legs with, and she kept talking to me lots as several farts sounded. I suppose now she was trying to cover up these sounds with speech and leg slaps, but I can tell you it wasn't very successful !

I remember as she babbled on incessantly about nothing that I can remember at all, I would hear her voice strain as she pushed hard to get this poo moving, and that the end of her sentances would sometimes finish with a muted straining sound of some sort, Ahh. Ohh. umm. I could see her ???? working so hard. And then it appeared, through that gap. The poo had a little thin end as it came into sight, and I'm sure my eyes would have widened in wonder at it, as it quickly thickened within an inch into a large sausage. It wasn't really knobbly, but it was firm, and as! poos go, it was a very beautiful one ! Every strain she made seemed to only move it a little way, and I'm sure she didn't know that I could see it in all its glory. Eventually, I think Jayne had run out of things to say, or perhaps she got tired of me answering her questions with silence. But then that turned into a good thing for her, because in the silence, she better concentrated herself, let go of my hands, and folded both her arms across the top of her ????.

Now there was the real straining sounds to be heard. Her face was very red, and I remember looking up at her face and down again every time she panted for breath. I'm sure she was deliberately trying to withold her grunting / gasping noises because I was there with her. They seemed so tiny and short, with small gaps of only two or three seconds in between before she needed a real gasp of breath. Ohh....Ahh....umm....ohhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The poo continued to move only very slowly. Umm.......Ahh...ohh.umm! m ahhhhhhh. ohh...ahh, ohhh yessssss !! With around 6 inches visible below her bottom, this monster suddenly started to really move. Jayne breathed heavily several times like she was out of breath, but no straining was required now.

I watched transfixed as the tip of the poo rapidly decended towards the water. I saw it enter, making the tiniest flop sound, before it continued right to the bottom, whereupon it began to buckle backwards before the top bit broke off and dropped into the water with a splendid plop, while the original fell back to remain leaning on the side of the toilet bowl, well above the water level. Two more small pieces dropped out quickly after that with wonderful kerlump sounds like a round stone dropped into a lake. The second was most memorable because I actually saw a large droplet of water shoot upwards through the gap in her legs and drop back down again with its own little plop sound !

There was time for just one more piece which ! started quickly and then rapidly decelerated until it stopped. I sensed Jayne straining again, and it moved another two inches before stopping, and hanging for a few seconds before gravity finally took it, along with its friends into that watery abyss below, with a fffflluupp sound. I waited and waited, but no more came out, so I looked up at Jayne who was sitting there amused at what I appeared to be doing. "Have you finished your poo ?", I said. "Yes, thank goodness" she replied.

I then began on those very embarressing innocent questions and statements as you do when you're 5 ! "Why is that so hairy ?". She laughed, and gave one of those typically stupid replies, "because it is !" ! I should also say that I wasn't short at coming forward at the age of 5, and reached forward and stroked her hairy bit. I remember her taking a sharp intake of breath in surprise, and letting me stroke at least three times before saying "oi, you little rat bag", and she took hold of bot! h my arms and held them at my sides. I looked at her, and then swiftly moving on, announced that one of her poos was sticking right up out of the water ! Jayne's jaw dropped, and she gasped "you're a little rascal as well" !

And then my last remembrance of this episode happened. She let go of me with one hand, and I saw her use it to take hold of the crutch area of her shorts and panties, dragging them almost all the way up to the top of her legs, before she opened them wide to pull me right up close to her and give me a lovely hug, while still sitting on the toilet ! She was always giving me hugs, and this one felt just as nice as they always did, but with the added experience of feeling my trousers pressed up against her pulled up, although still pulled down shorts and panties !

I never actually saw anything else, because I suddenly heard my sister arriving back from whereever she had been, and I pulled away from Jayne's hug and ran through the house to g! reet my sister with; "Annie, Annie, Jayne's just done a big poo, and its sticking up out of the water" ! And I dragged my poor sister to look at it. In the bathroom, Jayne had wiped. She was standing in her knickers now, and just pulling up her shorts. I remember my sister suddenly breaking into a huge grin, saying "have you just let him watch ?". Jayne trying not to laugh, nodded sheepishly. Anne said "You daft cow ! You should have told him to bugger off like I do when I want a f***ing big shit !"

Funnily, I don't remember telling anyone at all about how Jayne showed me to use my winkie to wee standing up. That memory was buried quickly by the sight of a magnificent poo, which I will never, ever forget.

Jules has just arrived, and read this post for me. I've never told her about this before, and when she got to the end, she turned to me with that full-of-fun smirk on her face, and declared that should I forget how to use my winkie properly in the future, sh! e will be glad to show me all uses of it ! I'm posting this quick now, before she discovers I've written extra !!

Yep, I'm One Lucky Guy, and I love Jules very much ( and Jayne too, but not in that way ) !

Cruise ship toilets are vacuum toilets. They are similar to RV toilets using only a small ammount of water. They have a forceful flush and you are warned not to flush while sitting on one. In fact, the instructions tell you to close the lid when flushing. You will find cruise ship toilets to be exceptionally clean and the public toilets on board are very private. The shower in your stateroom will most likely be terribly small.

Hi everyone, it's me again! Thanks for replying to my last posts :c) Nothing very memorable has been happening recently, but Claire came over again on Sunday. We were walking back to my place after going to the cinema (not much public transport on Sundays, hehe) and talking, when Claire suddenly stopped talking, just for a second, and then resumed. I was a little surprised so I looked at her and she looked a little uncomfortable, so I asked her if she was okay. She just smiled at me and said "I'm okay, I just need the bathroom..." I laughed and replied "you mean you really do need the bathroom this time?!", referring to our last experience when nothing much happened...hehe. She laugheed too, but said "I know, but it's really serious this time, I need to poop". We still had quite a long way to walk home and after awhile she actually stopped for awhile, evidently trying to hold it in. I was feeling really sorry for her, but there wasn't much I could do but take her bag and coat,! and slip my arm about her waist. When the urge passed we kept walking, and all of a sudden she farted. It wasn't very loud or anything, but it was long, and afterwards she looked even more uncomfortable, almost about to cry. I told her that we were nearly home and not to worry, and she said "I think it's too late..." "Why?", I replied. "Was that a wet fart?" She said that it wasn't, but that a turd was beginning to poke out and might be touching her panties. She was wearing a t-shirt and tight black pants, so she asked me to check if it was obvious. I discreetly looked and then felt her, and said that I couldn't see or feel anything, and she looked so relieved. We had come to a stop and at this point I just hugged her and told her "don't worry, you'll make it and even if you have an accident my mum probably won't be home, so we'll have some privacy, okay?" She didn't reply straight away as she had to struggle against another urge, so I took her hand and quickly walked her the! rest of the way home. As I was opening the door she farted again and moaned and grunted, and mouthed "hurry!" This time I noticed a faint smell, and thought I could see a slight bulge beginning to form. As we walked in i shouted "Hello" to see if anyone was home, but fortunately we were alone, and Claire slowly and carefully walked toward the bathroom. She looked back at me and whispered "please come in with me?". I, of course, needed no encouragement (hehe), so I dumped her stuff on my bed and followed her into the bathroom. She fumbled, trying to take down her pants but in her hurry her hands slipped, so I did it for her, taking them down to her knees. She was wearing white panties underneath, and I could smell a faint smell of poop and see a really small bulge in her soft white knickers. She slipped her knickers down, and to her relief the turd already poking out of her hole didn't break off in them, but stayed poking out. We both smiled at each other, relieved, and I saw ! her ???? tighten as she involuntarily started pushing. She grunted...I'm not very good at typing these onomatopoeic words like some people on this list but I'll try! It was a bit like "nnh...uuhmm", and the first turd tontinued coming out, and plopped into the water. I was crouching directly in front of her, holding her hands, so I had a good view. The first turd was about three inches long, and quite dark brown, firm. The second followed immediately, and was about seven inches long, equally firm. After that, she paused for awhile and thanked me for staying with her. I squeezed her hand and said that it was no trouble at all. Then she farted, it was long and wet, and she shifted on the toilet as several much softer poops emerged and fell in the toilet, accompantied by a bubbling sound. Then she started to pee, as about six more of these soft, lighter-coloured turds came out. She coughed as one of them was coming out, and accidentally pinched it off early; it was a bit messy a! nd she looked uncomfortable after that. Anyway, when she had finished she sighed with relief and smiled at me. I began folding some toilet paper into pads for her to use to wipe herfelf with, and as I handed her the paper she took my hand and moved it to her lap, stood up and said "I'll show you how to wipe me, then you can do it yourself next time!", smiling at me. I was amazed, because although this was our third "experience" together we had never realy talked about the fact that we both enjoyed it. So I wiped her, with her hand guiding mine all the time. Because her poop had ben quite messy it took a long time, about eight wipes before she felt completely clean. When she went to pull up her panties she stopped smiling though, and made me look down. There was quite a big mark in her panties, probably a combination of her fart and "touching cloth". She asked me what to do, she didn't have a spare pair with her and said that she'd feel uncomfy having to wear the dirty pair. I ! told her it was okay, and folded some more toilet paper, lining the crotch of her panties with it to shield her from the heavy skidmark in her knickers. She carefully pulled them up, and then pulled her pants up too, and she asked me if the toilet paper pad showed. It kindof did, but it didn't matter because we were home alone so she wasn't embarrassed at all. Eventually we realised that at some stage she'd have to go home, and the stained panties might be an embarrassment, so she slipped out of them and I got them washed and dried while we were watching television - I loaned her a pair of my boxers to preserve her modesty, hehe. Anyway...that's probably about it for now! I thought we were going to kiss at one stage, but her mum knocked on the door just as our heads were moving closer, which was really annoying, needless to say. But we're much closer after what happened that day! :c)

I'd better go now, but I thought that you'd like an update.


Hi all,
I've enjoyed all your posts for some time but never posted anything. Thought it was time to start!

Once I went to a music event at Wembley Stadium (I live in London). There were simply not enough toilets for 60,000 people. This resulted in the lots of women using the men's toilets and I'll always remember standing there with about twenty other men peeing while women queued up behind us for the stalls. Every one of the women took a look and some just stared for ages.

Tuesday, 16 May 2000.
School toilet ban has parents fuming
Source: AAP

SYDNEY - A New South Wales school's decision to restrict students' access to toilets was blasted by the main parents' lobby group today.
The toilet blocks at Muswellbrook High School, north west of Newcastle, are only open during recess and lunch in an effort to stop vandalism and smoking, say reports.

For the past week the toilets have been closed before and after school and during lesson time, although times have been extended this week, said Principal John Abercrombie, according to ABC radio.

Mr Abercrombie said if students wanted to use the toilets they had to get a permission note,

The New South Wales Parents and Citizens Association President Beverley Baker said the block on toilet access was a violation of rights.

"There's always been a problem with vandalism and smoking in school toilets," M! s Baker said.

"But this solution is quite draconian, especially as the vandalism is being done by a few.

"They are punishing all for the actions of a few."

Ms Baker said it was also unacceptable that students had to seek a permission note for something that was "natural".

She warned that there had been cases of adults taking their old schools to court for bladder problems in later life allegedly caused by having to wait to use the toilet at school.

"We've had several complaints from parents on the issue who are really upset," Ms Baker said.

"We think they are justified."

The Crank
To One Lucky Guy:
I think you will make a very good wife support during her labour!

A female friend follows fashion trends, so I usually see various fashion magazines in her living room when I visit. As for me, I'm not the trendy type, though I don't think any of you would be ashamed to be seen with me in public. Anyway, although this friend is aware of my interests that bring me to this forum from time to time, it's not a subject we discuss. Just the same, she wanted me to see something in the June, 2000 issue of Marie Claire magazine that she thought I'd enjoy.

It's an article titled "3 Minute Tests that Reveal the Real You." (Boy, these mags... How to Look Ravishing in Just Five Minutes. Oh well...) The article features a battery of six pop-psych tests to help you get to know yourself better. Number 4 is called the "Ladies' Room Test." (Well, sure, I'd be interested. I mean, what guy wouldn't like to better understand what the ladies room habits of the women in his life reveal about them?)

The test asks the taker to imagine that! she has entered a ladies room with three stalls, all vacant - and all with paper. (And, yes, I think it's assumed that all three stalls have doors.) Then it asks her which stall she would choose: the nearest, the middle, or the farthest. Supposedly, your choice reveals certain aspects of your personality. I don't think I should include the analysis part, as I'm not looking for any copyright problems for myself or the moderators of this forum. The graphic accompanying the test is an inset photo, taken from above, of an a toilet with the lid up, seat down. No subtlety there.

Maybe some of the women here would like to check it out and tell us whether you're an "a," "b," or "c" Ladies' Room type.

Angela - I really appreciated your story about Carrie, even though I was sorry for her wedding day predicament. You don't know how many times I've looked at a beautiful, blushing bride in her wedding gown and asked myself, "But what if she really had to go while! wearing that thing?" In fact, I recall a friend's wedding reception when the bride suddenly rushed into the house, accompanied by all her courtesans. Now, thanks to you, we understand what goes on behind the scenes at such moments. I wonder, after Carrie and Steve have been married for a time, will we be seeing Steve's posts about Carrie here? All the best to them!

ANGELA- great story about you helping Carrie poop on her wedding day, especially wiping her butt afterwards. Lucky you-I hope to have a female friend like Carrie someday, and will be happy to "help her out" anytime. Please share more stories of her, especially her pooping in nasty public toilets with no locks/doors/stalls/paper. Cheers!

ONE LUCKY GUY-great story too (about Kim). Sorry about having to deal with the mess, but a turn on nonetheless!


Randi P.
Just read in the Louisville,KY Courior Journal that
Alaska has the most outhouses. Can anyone from up in that
area comment on that?

Also to all you couples I sure wish that I had a girlfriend
that I could share my bathroom habits with. You all are
sure lucky!

Liz. I enjoyed your post. Just one thing though. I know it's easy to be wise after the event, but if other people were complaining about the smell during that movie you should have excused yourself then and gone straight to the ladies room. That would have been the public spirited thing to do.

Angela. Your post about your friend Carrie was absolutely terrific! I've often wondered what it's like for people taken short wearing wedding dresses or other elaborate clothing. It seems as though Carrie leaves her #2's to chance a lot. Have you ever been taken short at an awkward time? I'd love to hear if you have.

John (VT) - Yes, you're right, I should get another job,but it wasn't all my boss's fault, and I did get my own back on her, I will have to tell you later.

Liz - It was very embarrassing when I pooped my pants at work, although I was lucky cause I had a simpathetic collegue who helped me out, that is the only time I have pooped myself,(apart from when I was 8, but I will tell that one another time) as I had not been for a while and did not realise it was going to happen,never ignore the call of nature!!

Bye for now...

Joe K
Marc: I also prefer to share my dumping experiences with other guys. I find it very embarrassing to share a shitting experience with the opposite sex, and with another dude, I feel more at ease. For me shitting is one of the most private things, kind of a taboo, but when you´re with another guy, it´s totally OK, cause it´s kind of sharing a very intimate virile thing between men and for me it´s kind of a turn on although I´m straight. However I also enjoy watching women taking a dump (although I prefer to watch them pee) or viceversa but then, it becomes a sexual thing. The curious thing is that I find sharing a buddy dumping experience with the opposite sex pleasurable in a sexual context but very bothering when it´s not the case. A typical example are cleaning ladies. For me, a cleaning lady exerts a pleasurable (sexual) feeling, but at the same time a very bothering, and embarrassing presence, particularly if I´m in a restroom for the sole purpose of relieving myself. In co! nclusion, I prefer to share my dumping experiences with men. Ladies: That doesn´t mean that I don´t like you to read my posts. This only applies when going to the bathroom. Marc: I´m looking forward to reading your stories.

Hi Marc. I agree with you and all the other guys who are interested in the guy to guy shitting experiences. I would love to read about your buddy dumps with your brother. I bet there are lots of grunts and farts when you are constipated!

United States: I usually shit first thing in the morning and often just before bed so I do often sit on the toilet in the nude. But if it's during the day, I only pull my jeans down to my ankles.
As for reading, what else is one to do when they're sitting there? I keep a book on the back of the throne so I have something to occupy me while sitting there.

Marc: I too would love to hear your stories. Please post them soon.

Marc, please share some of your stories. We need a few more guy buddy dumping stories around here. Thom, good to hear from you again. Hope I was one of the names you forgot to mention!

Marc –
I, too, enjoyed your post very much and would like to read more about your experiences. For me this is also a guy thing and I like stories about guys dumping. For the last 40 years I have enjoyed listening to guys fart, strain, grunt, and dump. Although I do not suffer from constipation (except very occasionally), I also enjoy stories about guys dealing with constipation and using enemas.

Daniel (UK) –
I agree that it's been quite a long time since there was a guy-with-guy buddy-dump story on this forum and that there's something cool and exciting about two guys grunting and pushing out their logs. I have been losing interest in this forum lately.

Jacob –
Where will you be going on a cruise to? I remember a news item I read a long time ago in the newspaper about an older woman who used a defective toilet on a ship. Somehow there was a very good seal between the toilet and her butt and the vacuum it created when she flushed was too stro! ng and it pulled some of her large intestine out of her! Obviously she then had to have medical attention. I still find this hard to believe, but I did read it in a reputable big-city newspaper. Has anyone else ever heard of this?

Redneck –
I haven’t read any dumping stories from about lately that took place at colleges. I, too, especially enjoy listening to college guys dumping, but do not have any good stories to relate. I am leaving for a two-week trip back East Friday and will be staying at a hostel near Boston for four nights. I stayed there last year and there is a men’s bathroom just across the hall from the men’s dorm and the sound travels very well, so I may have some stories to post when I get back.

All – I think it is long overdo to change the picture on this forum to a GUY for a while. I know there was some discussion about that several months ago, but nothing ever came of it. Does anyone else agree?

Pete (US)

Public Toilet Hater. Im glad you have got over your attack of UC. Certainly now you do some really great jobbies. I assume you mean 5 inch circumference not diameter for the thickness of your turds? Theresa and I always use diameter so when we say a jobbie was 12 inches long and 2 1/2 inches fat we mean its cross section so it would then be 2 pi r that's 7.85 inches round. I think its easier to talk of the cross section not the calibre. Anyway, good that you are back to full fitness as far as your bowels are concerned. Regarding the slave driver attitudes of employers to their workers. This is not quite so bad yet in the UK but its getting that way with some bosses especially in the telephone call centres that are now so common. I blame it all on Thatcher destroying the Trade Unions. Sure they had their faults but they did give some protection to ordinary workers. Theresa has phoned me while she was sitting on the toilet doing a big jobbie and I heard all her performance, but ! by and large both of us would switch off our mobiles if in the toilet.

Like Buzzy I agree with Bulger. Its perfectly normal for the anal sphincter to bulge out just before the turd is passed. I have observed this often both in my self using a mirror and of course when watching Theresa doing a motion and have often seen her ring pulse then dome out before I observe the start of the fat brown jobbie as it comes out of her back passage.

Someone posted about British Toilet pans having far better "Ker-splonk!" sound effects. I have found this too although it is the older style pans which are best. we have one at home in our toilet but had to go round various builders merchants to get these as most bathroom shops supply the lower level coloured pans with very poor sound effects. These older style white pans with a long drop from the bum to the deep water filled sump at the bottom are more common in old Public Toilets, school toilets , older houses etc. The "! Kur-sploonk!" sound effects are first class. as a kid we had this type of toilet pan at home and as regular readers will know I had years of enjoyment listening to the performances. German toilet pans have a platform onto which the motion falls before it is flushed away to the front not the back of the pan so there are no "kerplonk!" sounds but they do enable you to see the entire motion before flushing.

Here's an actress I'd love to see squat down and push out a huge poop: Krista Allen, who plays Jenna Avid on "Baywatch Hawaii".

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

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