One Lucky Guy
Just thought I'd tell everyone on this site, now I've discovered it, how lucky I am with my girlfriend, Jules. I've had this fascination for girls toilet habits ever since a friend of my older sister let me watch her go to the toilet when I was only about six.

Jules and I are at college together, and we've been going out for nearly five months now. She lives in college dorms, while I'm in a house with three other girls !

The toilet is a little further along the corridor from my room, and the bathroom is at the end of the corridor next door to the toilet.

Where it was possible (depending if any of the other girls were in the house or not), I would listen outside the toilet when Jules went in. Three or four times I heard her take a tinkle, and imagined what she would look like sat on the loo. Wonderful.

One day, we had decided to go for a walk, and we'd only been left the house for 10 minutes when she said she needed a poo. I suggested we retu! rned, but she said no need, it wasn't urgent. About half an hour later she was talking about it being "a real stonker", as in big and quite urgent. However, she made no further complaint, and we returned to the house around an hour later. She made no rush to the loo, but quietly took her coat off and went and sat in my room. I said "I'm off for a pee, back in a sec" and went to the loo. When I came out again and moved into the adjoining bathroom to wash my hands, Jules came out my room and smiled as she walked into the toilet saying "my turn". The girls were all in the house, so I couldn't stand outside the door to listen, but I took a long time to wash my hands as you can hear just about as well from in the bathroom as you can outside the toilet door. It made me shake to think that after her talk about a real stonker, I would probably hear her have a poo for the first time.

I heard her usual tinkle, and then a long silence, no tell-tale squeeking of the toilet roll h! older. Yes, this was definitely it ! It must have been more than a minute before I heard the first noise, a tiny plop, followed by a slightly bigger one and then two or three tiny ones again. The stonker was obviously coming out in small fragments, and she had made at least 12 plop noises, all of them a small sounding variety, but all very distinct and individual, before the toilet roll holder whirred into action.

What I hadn't realised at the time was that Jules had great difficulties whenever she went, and this came to a head one weekend a couple of weeks later, when all the girls had gone home leaving me in the house on my own. Jules decided to stay the night with me on the Saturday, and we had a quiet night in watching the tv. She got up saying she needed the loo, but shut the lounge door after her ( helped to keep the heat in the room, we are poor students you know ). However, that meant I couldn't go and listen, because when in the loo, you could tell if someone! entered or left the lounge, because the sound of the tv would be much clearer when the door was opened. So cursing my luck, I settled down to imagining her taking a tinkle, and following a favourite pass time ( including the other girls in the house ) where I would imagine them walking to the loo, going in, doing the business, pulling panties back up etc. and then walking back into the lounge. I would say "now" quietly to myself when I thought the lounge door would open on their return. Quite often I wasn't far wrong, and was proud that my imaginations were so in time with the real events taking place ! Very Very Sad Heh ? Well I don't care. It's wonderful fun !

Well, I was doing just that with Jules, and got it wrong, by a long way. So she'd obviously been for a poo then. When she came back in, I casually said "Had a good 'un then ?", but she said she hadn't been able to go. She got up to go again about 30 minutes later, same wrong result with me, and same result fo! r her too. It could not have been more than 10 minutes before she complained her ???? was really hurting and she was sure she needed to poo. I pursuaded her to go again, but only 3 or 4 minutes later she was back again, but this time in tears and had now worked herself up into quite a state.

I got up to her, and held my arms open to give her a hug, something we do with each other very often. We are both very touchy people. Eventually I had got her calmed down. But I couldn't believe what I then suggested. I actually said "I don't know if this will help, but maybe if I come with you, I could help you to relax ?". She looked up at me, and stared at me for what what seemed like an eternity before saying "You mean actually come in the toilet with me?". I said "just a suggestion, its up to you obviously". Still with her arms around me she looked down again for quite a while, and then she let go of me and took my hand and began to lead me to the lounge door. I felt as if m! y heart missed a beat. It was certainly thumping away. To break the silence I said something like "You've decided to take me up on my offer then" at which point she stopped just outside the toilet. I remember thinking "you prat, she's going to change her mind now !". She looked at me and said "I'm desperate" before her eyes filled with tears again. I walked into the toilet, and turned around to her. "Come on, lets get you sorted out". She smiled and wiped her tears. Then, strangely, she walked in herself, and closed and locked the door, despite the fact that there was no one in the house at all to disturb us. We then had to shuffle around one another, cause the space in here was fairly tight, rather like a Public toilet.

Everything seemed to go into slow motion after that for me. As she stared straight ahead at my chest she reached down and undid the button on her jeans, followed by the flies, and then gently lowered them down bit by bit, until they were below her kne! es. She then took hold of her panties and lowered these down while at the same time bending down to sit on the toilet. After a little shuffling, she settled with her arms laid resting at the top of her legs, and her panties resting just on the edge of her knees. This beautiful and wonderful site almost brought tears to my eyes, especially when I caught sight of her poorly ???? which did seem to be really swollen, but I got a grip and then looked at Jules, who was staring straight at me. I instinctively knelt down, resting my arms on her knees, and then just as instinctively I reached further forward and kissed her really gently. First on her forehead, and then a little one on the lips. She smiled at me, and her whole posture was now taking on a much more relaxed state as she became used to me being in there with her, and also began losing her embarressment ( We hadn't made love at this time, and this was the first time that I'd seen her bits ).

I smiled back at her, ! and then began coaxing her, telling her how if I had trouble, I would just go in with a good book and stay until it happened. She smirked at me, and demanded to know why I hadn't made that suggestion first before she had let me in the toilet with her. That stumped me ! Then she laughed, and said "caught you out ! You just wanted to see me in all my glory sat on the loo didn't you !" Now I went bright red. "Naughty boy" she said and dug me in the stomach. I reached forward and tickled her ????. She laughed again, and this time she leaned forward to kiss me, while I held on to her with my hands both sides of her ????. The kiss had only lasted a couple of seconds when she suddenly withdrew from the kiss with a rather horrified look on her face. "Oh my God" she said, and I suddenly felt her ???? muscles clench under my hands. "My poo, I can feel it coming !" and with that, the crackling sound began immediately, punctuated with soft puffy farts. Plop, crackle crackle, plop, plo! p, splash, splush, plop. The poo just kept coming and coming. Wave after wave with every clench of her ???? muscles under my hands. Her gasps of relief were so intoxicating my head seemed to be swimming. Ahhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhh. She couldn't keep her legs still, waggling them open and shut, not fiercely, but gently, affording me tantalising glimpses of her poos as they dropped from her bottom. For some reason we had both started counting the plops as they happened. Each clench of her ???? produced 3 to 5 at a time, followed by her gasp of relief. Clench, plop, plop, plop, plop, ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Clench, plop.....plop, plop, mmmmmmmmmmm. Clench, plop, splash, splush, plop, plop, ahhhhhhh. I swear to you that we actually counted over 40 plops without stopping. After that, it was more difficult, because by then she had filled the toilet to above the waterline, and plops had been replaced by "pat" and "slap" sounds as poo fell on poo. When she had finished,! the count had reached 50 that we knew of. Her ???? had returned to her normal size, and seemed to tremble for a little while afterwards as it recovered from all its exertions. All this in not much more than three or four minutes from the first plop.

Jules cried as she thanked me for my help. I cried as well, as I admitted that the whole thing had been a huge turn on for me. I'd felt the excitement well up inside me at the first clench of her ????, and the continuous, seemingly non-stop plopping, gasping, clenching; I just knew I was going to have an accident in my pants, and it duly arrived just at that point half way through the proceedings when she started to waggle her legs and, just like a very slow strobe lighting, I could glimpse her poos forming, hanging and dropping as the vision was quite literally flashing on and off before my very eyes.

When we both stopped crying and blew our noses, it was only then we realised the terrible smell that had floo! ded the tiny toilet room. " I think I'd better wipe" Jules said, but before she did, "do you want to look ?". It wasn't actually a very appealing sight, an enormous mound of poos that were flattening and merging with one another. We both went "yuk", and then she wiped, doing that for herself. She needed a lot of wipes as you can imagine. Surprisingly though, when she flushed the loo, although the water rose high up the bowl sides, giving temporary alarm about flooding (!), one flush actually did the job.

As she pulled her panties up she said "look" pointing at her now flat ????. Seeing as I was still knelt on the floor, I leaned forward and kissed it for her, talking to it, saying I hoped it felt better now, before she pulled her jeans into place !

Phew ! The recounting of this story has been really good for me, and Jules knows that I've written it. Shes even made a few corrections to it for me as I've been writing !

So why am I One Lucky Guy ? Not! only because I have had the most wonderful pleasure of witnessing a remarkable, natural event, in all its glory. No, I am One Lucky Guy because Jules calls me her good luck toilet charm now, and I am allowed in the toilet every time she needs a poo in case its difficult for her, except if any of the other girls I live with happen to be home.

I should add before closing what must be an enormous post that I managed to pursuade Jules to take her problems to the Doctor. He recommended some dietry changes which have helped her tremendously. Only once in a while does she experience difficulties now. But then she says once in a while is more than enough reason for me to go in with her, and she's never failed to go in the end with me there. In fact if she fails to go on her own, she walks round to go with me at my house, or more often ( because of the girls ) she drags me back to her room at the college with its en-suite facilities !

Yep, I'm One Lucky Guy ! And I l! ove Jules very much !


Just a few quickies! (It's late and this is my 2nd post tonight.)

The post underneath the one paragraph "wetting accidents"
post is mine, beginning with my trademark "Hi,everybody!"

Mariah fan et al: My #1 choice for a tremendous celebrity poop would be Picabo Street. I have this idea that young,
large, athletic women should logically do the largest movements... what do you think?

Sandra: FUNNY post about the toilet noises growing up in England! I liked the finish... the power of suggestion at work again... please give us all the delicious details of your latest "huge poo" ASAP!

Thursday, May 11, 2000

Public Toilet Hater
Since my last post, I encountered a guy talking on a cell phone while taking a very noisy dump.

Yes, it is VERY common in the Unites States for employers to FORCE employees to answer the cell phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Workers are evaluated based on how quickly they answer the phone. People are literally having to answer the phone in the middle of a dump, or in the middle of sex, in order to avoid losing their jobs.

The USA is becoming an ugly place.

I wonder what customers think when they hear farting, dumping, and flushing? Don't you think this is unbearably rude? I blame the rudeness and incivility on the rotten companies that are forcing employees to do this.

Hi, everyone!
I tried to post a message late Sunday night which appears to have gotten lost in cyberspace...oh,well, I'll redo it...

Great stuff over the weekend while I was away! Some individual kudos:

Sandie: Thanks for supplying the extra details on your recent episode at the office- excellent descriptions!
I'm anxious to hear more, similar stories. I'm also very
intrigued to hear the vast differences between you and your
husband regarding this topic... I'm picking up a vibe that
you get a bit of a thrill in secretly being a real polar opposite of your husband... the comment about loving to poo
in public, or outdoors, or in a park, sticks in my mind...
Could you share with us your most memorable experience along these lines?

Public Toilet Hater: I'm sorry I couldn't help laughing while reading your post, but you write with a clever wit!
More seriously, I agree that it's the epitome of invasion of
privacy to ex! pect an employee to be on call in a restroom...
I'd choose unemployment

Stacked KImberley: You go, girl! I've been reading about your exploits for awhile now, so let me add my support!
I especially enjoyed your last story in which you took over
a men's room... I find your confidence genuine and inspiring! And yes, there is no doubt your bathroom performance was a much bigger hit than the game!

Louise: Nice description of the relief on the beach...
I could really relate to your dilemna... I honestly would
have liked to have seen your husbasnd's view! And I liked
the fact that you thought it was pretty impressive lyin on the sand... Nice job!

Ryan: I've enjoyed your recent posts! I'm just hoping Claire
will do produce more than a three-incher for you at some point... (don't worry about length... people can fast-forward if they want...

Streetwise: RE- the perfect shit: I basically agree with you, but wou! ld like to add two corallaries: 1) It should come out in one, big solid piece- no nuggets, n0o fragments!

Dee: Thanks for you follow-up post... Yes, I pretty much
guessed that the first one HAD to be the best... kind of
opened up the flood gates? The weird part for me was the
ending... a "pleasant surprise..." weren't you sore by then?

'Til next time..."

wetting accidents
does anyone have any bed wetting or car wetting stories??

here's mine

I was 14, and in the middle of a 7 hour car trip. I thought I was doing great, but after 5 hours, i thought i was going to loose it...i had to pee so bad i thought it was gonna come out my nose... i told my mom and she told me to hold it as long as a brother goes shes gonna pee in her pants hahahah, and all of a sudden, i sneezed and peed all over....i kept going though for like 4 min!!! i was so embarrassed, can anyone relate?

Hi,everybody! Wow, LOTS of great stories today! Where do I

Lisa: RE: The Perfect shit! Yours sounds very satisfying...
two questions: 1) How large should that first perfect piece be, and 2) Why three pieces? Is that more or less usual for you? Mine is definitely one huge piece and DONE! RE: The
Perfect Shit to watch: Ooh! Great idea!!! I have lots of
fantasies here... I'll share two for now: 1) Outdoors in a
semi-private, wooded picnic area after a thoroughly relaxing
all day picnic. I'd let the woman choose whatever position she wanted, as long as I could watch! And I'd really like for her to tell me what she was feeling each step of the way, too... 2) During a bath, in a tub full of warm water...
Again, she'd supply me with all of the details of what she was feeling... also, this way one can SEE farts as well as
hear and smell them! I'd have my eyes glued to the rosebud
for the preliminary farting, and the on to the main! event!

Streetwise: I know I was interested in this topic BEFORE MY
EARLIEST MEMORIES(!) from stories my mom remembers of me as a toddler! It was almost exclusively my own secret with myself while growing up, and yes, I do remember wondering why I was deranged! This was why I couldn't confide in anyone... Then there was one bizarre night-time experience
that I don't think I can safely detail here, in which I came
close to involving an innocent, unsuspecting fantasy target... I remember thinking the authorities would lock me
up and parade endless professionals to my padded cell if I
would ever get caught trying something like that again... I
had a lot to lose; even then (I'm guessing I was perhaps
about 14), I was a bright, successful, ambitious student,
completely well-adjusted(on the OUTSIDE!) So, about then, I
forced these feelings into repression. They only re-surfaced
a few years ago, when I allowed them to. My evaluation of!
these feelings? 1)Weird? Sure, but acceptable... EVERYBODY
has some weird traits! 2)Unnatural? Not at all, in fact,
nature is directly involved with all mammals! 3)Taboo?
Absolutely, which I'm quite certain is a PRIME reason for the attraction... 4)Perverted? No, so long as no innocent or
unwilling people are involved. I hope this helps your frame of mind!

Jodie: Nice story! That seems to me to have been one hell of
a satisfying poo! Do you often do that much? What do you
estimate the length of the longest piec(es) was, if you don't mind me asking? And I can totally relate to the treat
Andy has of IMAGINING you going, as well as other times witnessing it! That's right up my alley! Oops, unintentional, bad(!) pun... Anyway, looking forward to hearing more from you!

Nguyen: I also enjoyed your story about growing up with the
perfect fantasy/REALITY! bathroom window... I think I'm going to have one installed in my master ba! throom here at my house this summer... Ha!

TO STREETWISE & LISA-My idea of the perfect shit is findind a nice spot in the woods or in the company of others in the men's room with otheres dumping as well and getting undressed and relaxing my anus and a nice long pre-poop fart comes out and i pee at this point as well.Then i push slowly as my asshole opens up and this nice long sausage comes out nice and slow with crackling and some gas along with it.Then after it falls out,i sit thre with my anus stillopen and wait for the next load to work it's way down.sometimes at this point,i have an erection.Then i feel thepoo coming down and push a bit and it comes out softer than the 1st load,but feels great and sometimes as i'm letting this mush out right in the middle of it i sometimes get off right there!That doesn't happen too much,but when it does,that's my perfect poo!Most of the time,i wait til i'm done pooing and then get off.I really enjoy those kind of dumps-somyims i can feel when it's going to be a good one and ho! lding it til i can go is half the fun!!BYE

hello everyone-i do not have any new stories to tell right now but i just wanted to say to steve and louise i enjoy your sexy stories and also tell you my boyfriend scott wrote you back in answering your questiones about what we did. i hope he answered satisfactorily for you. i also wanted to thank jojo and tony from scotland for their nice comments about me. thanks guys .i appreciate it. well goodbye for now. it should not be too long before i write back with another story. from kim


What delicious letters! I'll write properly and post asap. And Steve, how sweet it is to be declared "a lovely lady." A gentleman you are, and dear Louise is a lucky lady in her own right!

For now, I wanted to reply to NANCY:

Well done, dear! I see you're really enjoying your enemas. You can now handle half a gallon of warm soapy water in your rear? Amazing! I thought it would take a lot longer to become used to such volume. And to be able to hold it comfortably enough to walk around is also pretty amazing. To go for a walk in the woods after a half gallon enema is a very daring thing to do, but in its own way extremely therapeutic. The action of walking massages the lower gut and works the water well through, so that when you're finally compelled to hop down and expell it, it should be a thorough emptying, and very cleansing.

As a point of interest, did you squat, bend or kneel to expell in the great outdoors???
That's an amazing tale of that poor lady with the fairly solid constipation. Yes indeed, how would you broach the subject? If in conversation you found the subject straying near, you could make a subtle comment about the kind of things that people go through "when there's really no need," which indicates you have useful information. If she, or her daughter -- who may be aware of her problem -- inquires further, you can offer the info about enemas. You never know, she might be a convert too. You must admit, a warm irrigation beats the kind of frustrated torment you watched her go through hands down!

If she's unsure of what to do or if it'll be a painful experience ... well, judge the situation carefully. She might appreciate your first hand experience to either help her have her first enema, or to show her how it's done and that it doesn't hurt.

I'm so happy you're enjoying your enemas, and that you've beaten the constipation -- for life!

Happy po! ops,


BOWELS - There is a very good book called 'The RE/Search Gude to Bodily Fluids By Paul Spinrad (ISBN 0-940642-28-X) and published by RE/Search publications, San Franscisco, CA . I bought it in london but it's an american book as you can see and covers everything, poop,wee,vomit,snot,etc...and has extensive surveys like the one on this site and asks questions like "Does drinking coffee give you 'the urge'? and "what is a loaf?"

A really good book, highly recomended to any bodily function fanatic, and is set out in a fun easy to read way.

Restroom Project Proves a Sourceof Pride

By JOHNATHON E. BRIGGS, Times Staff Writer

Nearly four months into a pilot program that placed attendants in school bathrooms, students, janitors and
principals are declaring the effort a resounding success.

The full-time attendants stationed at 10 South Gate schools since January are credited with producing clean, well-stocked restrooms, reducing vandalism and boosting school pride and safety.

"It is probably the most effective program we've ever done," said Lynn Roberts, director of maintenance and operations for the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The pilot program, launched to combat what many students and parents say is the district's most pressing problem, is scheduled to end June 30. But maintenance officials have submitted budget proposals to the Board of Education that would po! st restroom attendants at middle schools throughout the district.

"That's where our biggest problem is," Roberts said. "It would be cost-prohibitive to do it at every school."

As part of the district's heightened focus on clean facilities, the proposals also call for hiring 300 new
janitors during the next school year and limited
district-wide installation of "smart bathrooms" equipped
with electronic flush toilets, automatic faucets and hand

The "smart bathroom" effort would cost about $20 million, Roberts said. About 180 of the district's 5,800 bathrooms have been upgraded so far.

"If we put in quality equipment and work with students, the bathrooms will stay clean," she said.

Juan Alvarado still recalls the graffit! i-ridden walls, the stench of urine, the missing stall doors. Just four months ago, the 13-year-old was so disgusted by bathroom conditions at South Gate Middle School that he often refused to use the facilities.

"I would wait until the end of school and go rushing home," said the 8th-grader. But thanks to the restroom attendants, Alvarado can enjoy a leisurely stroll home. Janitors are smiling more.

And tales of bullies holding students hostage until they
cough up their lunch money are on the decline.

Students say the attendants, who cost $17,000 a year, have proven effective.

"She's been putting in toilet paper and cleaning the floors," Bryson Elementary fifth-grader Paval Arauz said of attendant Maria Medina. "It's like a luxury."

Last month, when South Gate High seniors were introduced to their two attendants, they greete! d them with a standing ovation.

"We seem to be popular," said Maria Castillo, one of the attendants.

Overcrowding at campuses leaves facilities straining under a high volume of use. And the district has yet to recover from the cuts made in its maintenance budget a decade ago, officials said.

With one attendant assigned to each of South Gate's eight elementary schools, and two assigned to each of the middle and high schools, the attendants have provided welcome relief for understaffed custodial crews.

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that with a little extra help, things would be better," said
Rigoberto Lopez, plant manager at Bryson Elementary.

Bathroom complaints have declined, he said.

The attendants maintain a presence by roaming from bathroom to ba! throom. "Kids never know when someone is going to pop in," Roberts said, "and that's been very helpful."

As they wipe, mop and stock, the attendants' presence deters graffiti and loitering.

"It's amazing what doesn't happen with an adult around," said Albert Ortiz, a bathroom attendant at South Gate Middle School. When he's not making rounds to restrooms, Ortiz sits outside a renovated boys bathroom in the school's main building, where he makes sure students sign in before entering.

The bathroom has been graffiti-free for four months, now that students must identify themselves before entering, he said.

Initially met with resistance, the sign-in program appears to be catching on. Students from the school's leadership class volunteer for "potty duty" one period each week to help Ortiz and fellow attendant Esperanza Tavera monitor ! bathroom traffic at the 4,200-student campus, the largest middle school in the country.

"They were all tagged up and there was trash on the floor" said student Jackie Mascorro as she kept a close eye on the girls' restroom. "But now even my mother was like, 'They're finally clean!' It's up to us to keep them that way."

It's a battle. With classes during the day, after school, at night and on Saturdays, use of facilities is nonstop. "We're like Denny's," said Assistant Principal Cheryl Gonzales. "We never close."

Students don't have to sign in at South Gate High, but attendants there document the shapes and curves of any graffiti they find in a log book and pass it on to campus officials, who track down suspects.

South Gate schools also give credit to the bathroom itself. Many of South Ga! te's aging, high-traffic restrooms were upgraded to "smart bathrooms," making them easier to maintain.

In the new facilities:

* Electronic flush toilets compensate for the forgetful. The handle-less flush valves replace protruding ones that were sometimes kicked off by vandals.

* Graffiti is easier to remove, thanks to a protective
coating on new ceramic tiles. Stall doors are made of
scratch-resistant materials.

* Toilet paper dispensers are placed high, making them less likely to be torn down.

* Hot-air hand dryers replace paper towels, cutting trash buildup and eliminating raw materials used by fire-starters and drain-cloggers.

It is not uncommon to hear South Gate students refer to the souped-up lavatories as "! Restroom 2000" or "Virtual Restroom."

"I feel more comfortable," said Juan Alvarado as he used a hand dryer. "Others schools are really missing out on something."

SCOTT - Hi there, yeah, that is what we meant when
we asked if it was your first time together. I will
tell you why we asked. You see I wish Steve had
watched me have a pee before we had first had sex.
There had been a few times when I had been really
bursting for a piss and Steve had the chance to
look at me, but only one time he had a little peek
at my pussy when I was squirting real hard. He
looked away again really quickly, as he was being a
gentleman towards me and did not want to embarrass
me. I should have told him it was ok for him to
watch, I regret it now. Steve peed later, and I
could see the tip of his cock just as he was
squeezing his foreskin dry and putting it away in
his trousers. It was the second day after that
when Steve became my first and only when we were a
long way out in the countryside away from everyone.
I think it had been that other time when I weed
when Steve was near me that ! made us want to go all
the way, and I just wondered if it had caused you
and Kimberley to first go all the way as well when
she had a shit in front of you.
Steve and I had a really lovely, romantic and
intimate time together in a nice grassy field.
Soon after we had done it, I felt I really was
bursting to wee, so I stood up with my legs straight
and about 2 feet apart. In the hot sunshineI did a
big gushing wee and Steve watched from in front. I
enjoyed him looking and my heart was thumping really
hard. Steve let me watch him pee and I loved that as
well. I loved how he could point his cock somewhere
and water the grass like a hose. I think it was the
next day when he first saw me having a shit.
So Scott, thanks for answering and I hope you and
Kim keep happy together. Her messages here have
charmed Steve quite a bit and given him a picture in
his mind that he likes the look of I think! I hope
she doe! s not mind but I think if she has such large
breasts she should do exercises with weights to keep
her chest and shoulder muscles in tone as it will
keep her breasts firm and she will feel better too.
As she gets older it will be especially important
that she does that. I do weights and I think it helps
me, and because of it and the nice things Steve says
to me I can go topless on a beach and feel really
confident. Oh, and try to shit and pee in front of
her sometime, maybe you will both like it!

PV - Hi!!! We had some fun with Steve on Monday night.
Steve was having a quick shower before my mum and my
sister arrived. They arrived a bit early and my mum
decided she was going to have a bit of fun. I went in
the bathroom to talk to Steve, and he was just getting
out of the shower. It was really good the way this
went as he went and stood over the toilet for a wee.
My mum and sister came in the room when he h! ad started
and looked around him and at his cock while he was
weeing. He was very surprised and he nearly jumped
straight up through the roof, but he saw how funny it
was and he finished his wee while being watched by all
three of us. Once my mum had seen his cock, he was all
right about her looking at him without any clothes on
and he was not embarrassed or shy or anything like that.
My sister liked the view as well!
When we went to the pool a bit later, he wanted to wee
again because he had been drinking lots of water and
we all stood at the steel urinal in the men's toilets.
I pulled my swimsuit to the side of my pussy like my
mum and my sister did too as we all got ready to piss.
Steve stood between me and my mum and he had his cock
out over the top of his trunks. I put my arm around his
waist and we all started washing the wall together. The
gutter was full of wee running towards the drain and
there w! as lots of noise. My sister was not shy about
Steve seeing her pussy and she aimed her stream across
to mix with his as a bit of fun. It was real fun and I
know Steve enjoyed it too.
I have asked Steve if he would mind if my mum and my
sister aim him sometime as they have never done that.
My sister and I are late starters with men, and
my sister has not even bedded a man yet. I do not
think she ever saw a man pee before either. I know she
did feel really naughty and daring even weeing at the
urinal with Steve standing behind, and later she said
seeing Steve wee with nothing on and her weeing when
he could see her pussy had all made her feel excited.
She was worried she had been too fresh with him
when she let him see her pussy, but I told her she did
not need to worry and I asked her if she had enjoyed
herself, and she said she had, so she now knows for sure
that it was all right.
Steve says he would not m! ind and would let them both do
it now he has got past his shyness. Got to go now and I
hope you enjoyed the story. Steve says my writing is
quite good now, I hope it is, I enjoy it.
Aim High and wash those walls!


Actually, Mariah fan, Luis Miguel is dating Daisy Fuentes. Sorry to break your bubble.

George from L.A.
Hey Matthew, I usually am pretty clean but I donít think its possible to keep the undies completely clean. After all, that what there for. If I have a light dump thatís pretty clean I normally wipe about 3 to 5 times. Heavier ones, I will normally flush the toilet afterwards and then wipe anywhere from 7 to 10 times flushing twice more. I normally use 3 sheets of toilet paper per wipe. If I am going out on a date, I usually use those kiddie wipes. I find those really effective if I have a messy dump. I had an interesting experience yesterday. I had a couple of friends from out of town and we went to a taping of the ďPrice is RightĒ with Bob Barker. The taping is an all day kind of process and just before we went it, they asked that everyone use the restroom before the taping began, so I rushed off as they started to seat the first line of people. Normally, it try to be careful but I had a really messy dump. I only got a few good wipes in before I washed my hands and ! barely made it back in line to be seated. I didnít win anything but did have 3 thin skids. I guess thatís my consolation prize. Some lucky guy was 69th of the waiting list and ended up winning a total of $60,000 USD in cash and prizes (Murcury Cougar, $6,000 in cash, and both of the Showcases.)

I was out last evening with an English coworker. As some of you know, I grew up in England and our discussion last night turned to British toilets. Some Americans may be aware that British toilets are deeper and narrower than American ones, so the poo has further to drop. My coworker (female) and I were remembering the satisfying and amazingly loud "ker-sploosh" sound that you made when you pooed into one of these things. This is not like the relatively quite plopping sound American toilets make but this is a resounding, booming splash like a huge rock being thrown into a pond. So if somebody went for a poo in a British household, it could be heard throughout the entire house or even outside! I remembered having to wait for a bus every day which I took home after college. The bus stop was by a public restroom and the windows of the ladies room faced the street. It was a busy area so women would be going in and out all the time. Needless to say, while waiting, I heard loud "ker! -sploshes" on many an occasion as some of the ladies pooed. Sometimes I'd go for tea as a kid to a friend's house and her mother would go into the toilet for a poo, we heard the loud "ker-sploosh" sounds many times. Teachers in school too! We all heard our female English teacher pooing even when she used the bathroom down the hall! The class went into fits of laughter! Aah...memories! Anyway, must dash to the ladies room at work - I'm farting up a storm here so have to do a big shit!

In seventh grade, one of my classmates made BM in his pants. I was in the same classroom, and shortly before dismissal, a pretty strong smell was filling the room, although no one yet knew where it was from. On the way to our next class, which was gym, some people figured out that this guy had an accident, and they were teasing him. It was in the afternoon, so it may have been that he was trying to hold it in for a while. The stalls in the boys bathroom did not have doors, so everyone was embarassed to use them. Anyway, he just ignored everyone and in the locker room took off his jeans (not his underpants) and put on gym shorts. He spent gym class in his soiled underpants. When the class was over and we were in the locker room, the shower gets turned on, but no one ever uses it. This time, some guys in the class suggested to the guy who had the accident to take a shower. I guess he just wanted to get cleaned up, so he entered the open shower area just wearing his und! erpants. Then, with most of the class watching, proceeded to remove his underpants. And there he was, standing there naked in the shower, with BM smeared all over his butt and his underpants. Most of the class was making fun of him until he started to cry. He must have been so humilitated.


Greeting to all, especially SANDRA, JANE, PV


My first choice of watching someone else would be you taking your perfect shit-sounds perfect to me. Otherwise, watching a naked woman squat over a toilet and shit would be nice, so it would be possible to see it all come out. Also watching a woman take a dump outdoors (also squatting), like on a hike or camiping trip would be a big turn on for me as well.


You're one lucky guy to have been able to watch all those women use the toilet (and hear all the farting etc.). Would love to hear more details on the women you saw/heard when you have the chance.

Take care,

Wednesday, May 10, 2000

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