Here's another story from my college days. My school runs a summer camp for underprivileged inner-city kids, and I volunteered to be a counselor for one of the one-week sessions held throughout the summer. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I did it for three summers. One weekend all of the student volunteers attended an orientation session at the camp, so we all rode in school buses up to the camp site. On the way we stopped by an obscure fast food place in the middle of nowhere (an annual "tradition"). The place was soon invaded by 200 rowdy college students. Luckily, they knew we were coming, so they made sure they didn't run out of food.

We took virtually every table and every seat, both inside and outside. Except for a few local folks, we had the place to ourselves. Of course, lines developed at the restrooms. Since there was a 60/40 ratio of females to males, the men's room would probably clear out first. Also, the guys were much quicker than the ! girls in going in, doing their business, and getting out. When the last guy went into the men's room, there were still about 30 girls in line. When he came out, someone asked if it was all clear in the men's room. He said there were a couple of guys still washing their hands, but the toilets were clear. I was next in line to go to the ladies room, and I had a pretty strong urge to pee and also poop. Someone then said, "Go for it, Jane! The men's room!" I was pretty desperate by then, so I bolted into the men's room. The guys were still there, drying their hands. I said, "Hey guys, gotta go." They said, "We're out of here." They went out, then another girl rushed in, followed by 10 others who waited outside. The women officially captured both restrooms!

I went into the near stall, dropped by shorts and white panties, and sat down and peed vigorously. After I finished peeing, I let out a couple of farts, followed by a wave of soft poop. I farted a few more! times and pushed out another soft wave of poop. I let out a couple more farts, these being really loud. It was followed by a huge wave of soft but solid poop. I flushed the toilet and farted a few more times. I seemed to have a lot of gas at the time. I pushed out one more soft wave of poop, farted a few more times, and I was done. I wiped a few times, let out two more booming farts, and wiped a few more times, then I was finally finished. After I washed my hands, I heard some good-natured comments such as "There's roadkill in here!" and "Was that you, Jane, or the guys?" All jokes aside, little did the new volunteers know that this was as close to luxury as they were going to get as far as toilets were concerned.

Hi, everyone! More catching up!

Elena: Thanks for another great Nora story! I liked the detailed description... as wide as a Coke bottle, eh? And
sticking out of the toilet again? How long was it, do you think? And what was the smell like? I would have loved to have been on the janitorial staff that day!

Lisa: Glad you like some of my ideas! I definitely like your
adventurous attitude, and your candid descriptions. I have a
confession to make, though... the crack about the tape measure was a back-handed attempt at humor! I figured everybody estimated lengths, so I thought I'd have some fun with you... but hey, maybe it would be fun to estimate the
length first, and then verify it? Could be interesting!
Also, good luck with follow-up experiences with your co-worker. Keep us posted!

Tony: Good stories! Unisex toilets in the U.K.? It will be
AT LEAST the 22nd century before they come to northern, rural NEW ENGLAND! Oh, well...

Becca -
I was wondering if you were still on here. The game you played with your sister reminds me of something that my friend Meghan and I do. When we are playing and have to go to the bathroom we will hold it as long as we can. The first one to wet her pants loses. Mom doesn't know we do that but she gets upset when she sees me coming in with wet pants - Meghan's mom does too. It works better when we are wearing dresses cause mom doenst see that I wet my pants - The only problem here is I cant change unless I tell mom that I'm wet. When she sees wet jeans or shorts then she makes me change. Yesterday Meghan lost the game and she was wearing shorts. I was wearing a dress so after Meghan lost I went ahead and wet my pants too instead of going inside. I had to wear wet pants until bedtime but mom never found out. I wet my bed last nite too :-(

I was interested in George from LA's post about skid marks. I find it interesting how people wipe with varying degrees of care. I'm amazed when in a stall and the guy next to me lets out a very messy bowel movement and might wipe once. You know he's leaving with a very dirty butt and one can only imagine what his underpants are going to look like at the end of the day. Then some people wipe with an extraordinary amount of care, wiping ten, fifteen, twenty times. Me, I like to wipe until clean and I like to insert an index finger up a little to get extra clean. This usually takes at least seven or eight wipes, maybe as many as fifteen or twenty if it's a particularly messy and sticky movement. I still usually get some degree of staining because I have mild hemorrhoids and it is impossible to get completely clean. I'm interested in others' opinions about this.

Any one know of some good books with pooping or peeing descriptions? My favorite one is a book called "How To Shit In The Woods" which has been mentioned on here previously. I'm sure there's many others, so how about posting some titles that you've read which have detailed descriptions? I look forward to your responses!

Hello All.

PV, I'd like to thank you for the kind compliments you gave me when you posted to Louise. It means a lot to me coming from a lovely lady such as yourself!
I arrived home just now as Louise was finishing off her own post, so I know she has already told you about what happened at our local pool on thursday evening. It seemed Louise and her mother had made up their minds that I was going to have a full frontal view of her mother weeing fiercely against the steel urinal wall. Once I had fixed my eyes on the sight, it was hypnotic to see such a strong, twisting gusher bursting from between those long flaps. It was quite
captivating, and her mother thought it was fun having me
watching. She is a bit of a joker and thought I should let
her watch me. At the time, I knew I just couldn't.
Fiar's fair though, she has shown me hers, so I should show her mine. Tonight I will make a big effort to stand among the three of them and enjoy the experience,! so I am currently drinking plenty in order to ensure that I have a strong urge by the time we are in the men's room. I will need much more time to properly respond to your other post. I won't forget that, I promise.

To Shania and others discussing the 'stretching a new foreskin' subtopic. "Why would you want a new foreskin?" Shania asked. I hope the moderator will bear with me on this one. The answer for me would be that it is done to regain the sensitivity lost by causing the head of the circumcised penis to come into constant contact with clothing. I have heard about partial successes with the 'stretching' causing this sensitivity to be restored, though I myself cannot vouch for this as I am not circumcised and have a foreskin.
Louise was talking about this (!) with an American lady who actually asked Louise if I was circumcised, and if not, I ought to be so I can be cleaner. Well, I don't buy into this cleanliness angle. I keep my own foreskin spotlessly clean! - it isn't difficult. I keep it clean for my girlfriend's health as well as my own.
If I have to draw it back a little when I pee - well, big deal.
The only valid reason I can see for circumcision would be if the man suffered from paraphimosis, when the foreskin is overtight, but that is not the case with me.
Okay, if a little boy develops problems with peeing and gets fungal infections and irritation, yes that is reasonable also.
All I'm saying is that I do not belive circumcision should be done _routinely_, especially as in most cases it is done to little boys who have no say in the matter. All right, rant over. Sorry if I got a little heated.

Dee, Hi there. Seems my 'girls held over the burning house' daydream has caused some amusement for yourself and Louise!

Bye for now,


Hello Everybody.

LISA - Your friend sounds like a nice guy you know.
You must have had lots of fun watching him piss
behind that bush! He must have been thinking about
how you saw his dong. Are you more than just good
friends now? It maybe you are even if you both do
not want to admit it just yet! If he liked you
standing close with him and watching him, maybe he
*would* like you to hold his cock for him. I think
maybe a guy like him would let you do it if you
asked him nicely. I was at first a bit shy about asking my
Steve if I could hold his dong while he peed, but
he was happy to let me do it. Your friend sounds
like he may let you but I would say choose your
moment carefully. It might be good if you can let
him watch out for you when you piss. It could make
him very agreeable! Best of luck, and I hope very
much you have lots of fun aiming him!

ANDY - Is there *really* a Piss Olympics? PV and ! me
were just joking when we were talking about it!
If Sophie Rickett can do 7 feet for distance I know
I can match her!

DEE - Yeah, I I gushed for the first minute or so
then it was much more gentle for the second minute
but I think I must have broken my own volume record.
It felt really good! I sure did not gush for the
whole time, if I had I would have been peeing enough
for two girls, though Steve says I do that!!!
I wee real loud too! You know, I once made a tape of
myself for Steve to play in his car. He did not know
what was on it and I am glad he did not have anybody
with him at the time he played it. I did not think
about that at the time I gave it to him and he did not
know what was on it but I had made recordings of when
I had been doing gushers in the toilets at work and
when I was in the bath at home. I also recorded when I
have been having a shit! He loved it and has kept it
safe so ! he does not lose it!
Hehehe I like Steve's little dream of pissing firegirls
held over the buildings on fire. Maybe the next water
shortage in England we will get asked to join up! I can
dream of some hunky fireman shouting "spread those legs
wide girls! More drinks coming up!"

PV - Hi there. Steve was shy again when my mum and
sister came swimming with us. My mum was really
bursting when we arrived at the pool and when she was
changing into her swimsuit she was trying real hard
not to have an accident and let rip over the changing
room floor. In the men's toilet, Steve encouraged my
mum and sister to go first and I think my mum only
just made it, she was so desperate. She pulled her
swimsuit crotch to the side while still facing Steve
and he turned away so not to see her pussy and she
hurried to the urinal. My mum lifted her pussy and she
squirted a real hard gusher on the steel wall. Steve
could see! her jet from where he was standing behind and
I pulled him forward so he had a better view and at
last he saw how my mum's pussy was like mine but with
longer blonde pubes! I told Steve my mum would not bite
him and she turned a bit to face him so he could see a
view more to the front. Steve said he could see where I
got my all over beauty from, and he was enjoying looking!
My mum liked that, she really enjoyed him watching.
He is a little less shy with my mum now, but he would not
let her see his cock when he was standing weeing with me.
I washed the wall quite well too with a good blast but
this time I think my mum beat me! We are going swimming
again tonight and I hope I can persuade Steve to let my
mum look at him when he wees. I think she might want to
aim him and I really would not mind. She wants to see his
cock so she knows what a good time I'm having with Steve
if you know what I mean!
Steve and I ha! ve been weeing outdoors a lot in the warm
sunny weather this weekend, and I will tell you all about
it another time.

Aim high!



I was interested to see the request from (no name) regarding getting an erection when you want to pee.
I find that when I am forced to hold myself it gives me an erection - particularly in the morning. But once I am past the desperate stage and have moved on to the "Oh God I'm going to wet myself at any second " phase, it shrivels up to resemble a little boys!
I should add that I suffer from what the doctor calls an irritable bladder and sometimes the need to go gets urgent very quickly.
The only thing to do is to go and sit in a stall until you start to lose the erection. I do have a couple of friends who can pee when they are erect though.

* * * * *

I remember that when I was a teenager I went on on holiday with some friends and we stayed in a caravan without any toilets. They were in a block about 50 yards away. As was quite common for me I woke with a hard on and dying to pee so I dressed quickly and made my way to the toi! lets.
Walking there I was aware of a growing erection and as I had been in a hurry I hadn't put on any underwear. My loose fitting khaki coloured cotton shorts would leave nothing to the imagination but luckily I had a towel with me and placed it stratigically to hide my predicament.
In the toilet there was one long trough rather than individual urinals and to try and pee with all the other guys there would have shown my stiffy and I was just too embarrassed.
I decided to wait for a stall - or cubical as we call them in England to beconme free but a couple of other guys were waiting. Now not only did I want to pee but being a very regular "morning man" A hot jobbie was pressing at my butt.
All at once there was the terible prospect that if I couldn't hold on I could not only wet myself but unleash a hot packet that without underwear would simply slide down the back of my leg and land on the concrete. I was praying for relief when the last guy before me who was ! waiting went into the stall. My turn was next!
The guy took an age and although my erection had long subsided I couldn't rush to the trough because I knewe that if I strained to pee there was a strong possibility that I would defecate in my shorts.
Suddenly I felt a little spurt of pee go into my shorts but without underwear a trickle ran straight done my leg. I held the towel close to me to hide the growing wet patch and as the stall door opened I dashed in, yanked my wet shorts down.........oh what a relief. Two big logs splashed into the water and I sat there for a few minutes to regain my composure.
I then had to walk along the beach letting the wind dry my shorts. If anyone came near I held the towel infront of me.

Incidentally I also suffer from pee shy. This has led to a few accidents over the years. Are there any other guys who suffer from this. Has anyone found a way to overcome it.

I'm often out and have to try and wait till I get home t! o get relief because in a public place I just freeze.


Anyone who says that farting is not ladylike is sadly misled.

Hi PV. Still enjoying those enemas. I am taking one a week and its great. I can now take the whole bag, I think it is about two quarts. Last week I took a whole bag of soapy water and went out for a walk in the woods by my house and
thought I could hold it until I got back home butI started to get bad cramps and had to let it go behind some bushes.
It sort of turned me on. I think I will try it again.
PV, I think you will like to hear what happened to me the other day. I was over my girl friends house and we were in her room doing some school work when the phone rang and she
told me that she had to go meet with someone and that she would be right back. I said that I would wait it her room and read. she said ok. My friends mother was in the kitchen doing some work and I guess she thought we had both left the house because I saw her go into the bathroom that was across the hall from the room I was in. I was very quit because I knew that she thought I was ou! t of the house. I could look up from where I was sitting and through the half opened door I could see her sitting on the toilet.
she sat there for a while not moving. Then I could hear her starting to pee followed by some loud farting. I could hear her start to strain and move back and forth on the toilet.
Then I heard a small turd hit the water I could see her hands grabing her tight little ass as she grunted and strained to shit. This went on for about ten minutes with no
other turds coming out. She the stood up and I thaught she was done but she just wanted to remove her jeans and panties and then sat back on the toilet. she spread her legs and grabed her ass again and started to strain and grunt again after a while I heard a few more small turds droping into the water. I felt sorry for her, she was so constipated and I could not help her. Afer pushing one more turd out she gave up. Her face red and sweating she put on her jeans and flushed the toilet.
Ma! ybe someday I can get a chance to talk to her about enemas but I don't know how to get her on the subject. Do you have any ideas?

I was watching foxtell last night and on show time between the feature films a short came on called little white lies
it went for about 15 min and featured a blonde girl sitting on the toilet peeing did anyone else see it ?

We've been having a heat wave here in the N.E.and i biked all weekend and did some serious pooing in the outdoors!On fri a.m,after i was last on this forum,i went out biking to the woods and waited till i felt the urge and found a spot and took off my clothes and sat on a log and waited for the urge to get strong and then let out a small fart and pushed out a semi-hard log,about 7-8" long.It wasn't that much,but it was fun.The poo of the weekend was on sunday.I biked out to the bikepath and took a long morning ride.Then i stopped at 7-11 and had some coffee.about 10 mins after, i felt the coffe doing it's thing and went to this spot in a clearing beside the RR tracks and by the time i got there,i really had to go!I got undressed and found this old,rusty trash can and decided to sit on the edge and shit into i sat down,a long fart came out followed by some long,soft poop,and as i'm doing this,a train wizzes by and i just kept on pooping and in a way ,i was getting a "buzz! " on this,wondering if anyone saw me pooing into this can on the train.It was kinda cool.Then i walked around for a bit,not feeling done and then i felt some more poo coming down and squatted on the ground and let out some more soft ice cream poop.When i was done between the 2 looked like 2 people dumped!It was a fun weekend!As i'm sitting here typing this,i'm getting some cramps,but it feels like i can hold this awhile,so i'm going to go out biking and let this out in the woods.By the time i get out there,it should be a nice load to drop!Anyone else poo outdoors on this great weekend? Let's hear! Gotta go ,JANE,loved your lsat poo story about "system purging"You did some nice loads! BYE

Had the most satisfying trip which I have had in a long time the other day, my boyfriend Andy and I were at home, I told him I was going to take a bath, I went and ran it and then felt the need for a huge poo, I went in and sat down and squeezed gently a couple of huge logs slowly emerged and splashed into the toilet, I knew there was more to come so I sat there and pondered for a while and let nature take its course, it was one of those dumps where you know if you sit there for long enough you can always squeeze some more out, surely enough after about ten minutes another couple of large logs arrived and splashed into the water. This was most satisfactory, I went back into Andy who commented on how short my bath had been, I told him I had been on the toilet all of this time having a big dump, this kind of excited him and he said he quite felt the need to unload also, I think he likes to go and have a good smell after I've dumped and likes to imagine me sitting there, its not ! like he hasn't watched me dump before, I think he just likes to use his imagination some times as well (If you know what I mean!!!)

My idea of the perfect shit goes like this.
First I have that full feeling like I have to go right now!! Then when i sit I have a long, cleansing prepoop fart & begin to piss. The first turd only requires a little push & begins to slide out as I'm still pissing. It's rather knobbly at the start & big enough that it opens my hole as far as it will go. It gets smoother as it comes out. It hits the water before it clears my ass. It tapers off into a point (like a carrot) & falls in. I pass 2 more like this but shorter (6-8 inches). I only need a small bit of wiping as it's a clean shit.
Hey as long as we're telling of our idea of a perfert shit for us--how about telling what you'd like to see another do? You know outdoors, indoors, behind a tree, standing squatting,etc.

Rice-just curius how old you are and what type of suppositories you are using. Are you using them because you're constipated. Just curious, as I use them as well.

No offense to the Brits and Aussies out there, this begins with American TV...Did anyone catch "King of the Hill" this weekend? It is a cartoon sitcom on Sunday nights. Much of the plot dealt with water rationing in Texas, where it can be very dry in the summer. Everyone was forced to use low-flow toilets. The Hill family was forced to flush repeatedly. Hank, the main character, was forced to flush 4 or 5 times, but the running poop joke was that his wife Peggy, who is very ladylike in a Western/American way, was forced to flush as many as 6 or 7 times. It was a pretty blatant poop joke for American TV, but the Fox network tends to push the boundaries a little.

I appreciate the responses to my "perfect shit" idea.

As I've said before, I've been lurking here for some time but have been a little insecure about sharing stories. Well, I've decided to reach back a ways and do so. It's just that for most of my life I felt so WEIRD about finding this topic interes! ting. I would be happy to hear from anyone who could share stories along those lines: Being hung up on such things, but being unable to admit it, or being convinced you were strange for thinking about it. When did you notice you were fascinated with bathroom events, or did you always know? I would REALLY like to know.

Anyway, my first story happened when I was very small. I think this is what got me stuck on the whole bathroom fascination. I can't remember how old I was. I think I was probably about 4. My sister used to play with a girl who lived around the block who would've been 12 at that time. One day, my sister was playing with her friend...Let's call her "Lucy," when Lucy had to go to the bathroom. Being such a small kid and so inquisitive, I wanted to go to the bathroom with her. Well, she didn't care. I recall my sister, who was closer to Lucy's age, giggling and running away into the kitchen as I went into the bathroom with Lucy and she shut the door. My sist! er thought the whole idea was naughty. I was too young to know the difference.

I remember that Lucy was a very tall, thin girl. She had on a white T-shirt with some design on it, and white shorts. I remember standing around the little bathroom and looking at the sink and bathtub and stuff, not really all that interested in what she was doing. After awhile, I started talking to her. She was doing her business, but I don't recall if she was doing #1 or #2. I recall clearly that she said it "feels real good." I think that although I didn't know what was going on, she was...uh...I hope this doesn't violate the site rules and I'm sorry if it does, but..."enjoying herself" at the time. Again, sorry if that's against the rules. Anyway, I think that's what got me hooked, somehow.

My other early story involves one of my older cousins, who took me in the same bathroom with her when she was going to poop. This was probably at about the same age. She tried to talk me o! ut of going with her because it was "going to be a stinky one." But I went anyway. I just remember her talking to me and laughing at funny things I was saying while she sat with her blue jeans down, leaning forward with her arms clasped about her waist in a red T-shirt, taking a poop. She had long, straight hair, in fact so did Lucy, because it was the mid-70s. I remember her pulling long stretches of TP off the roll, but I don't remember how that one ended, either.

This is getting to be a terribly long post, but I will share the third story before I call it quits here. I was in about 2nd or 3rd grade. I had a friend down the street and I went over to his house to play. Well, I showed up and there was nobody around. So I went in the front door. Still nobody around. The hall led straight back towards the back of the house, and then another hall led off to the left to the bedrooms. I thought maybe my friend was in his room, so I turned left and walked down the hall to ! his bedroom. Now, it was on the left, and the door to the bathroom was directly across from the door to his room. As I was walking down the hall, I heard a grunting noise to my right, so I instinctively turned and looked. My friend's mom was sitting on the toilet. She was in her early 30s and was big-framed, a large woman, but well-proportioned. She was wearing white running shoes, white socks, white shorts around her ankles (those Chalie's Angels kinda shorts), white panties on top of her shorts, and a white T-shirt with some slogan on it. She had a big perm, as was the style in the early 80s. She was in mid-grunt on the pot when she saw me staring at her, stunned, and she kind of screamed. Not screamed like in a horror movie, just kinda yelped because she was surprised some kid had just walked in on her pooping. I kind of VERY SLOWLY pivoted on my heel, because I didn't want to stop looking, and then I started running outside, because I was sure I was gonna get in trouble an! d she was gonna call my mom and I'd never be allowed into my friend's house again...But of course I'm sure she never told anyone because she was embarrassed. I mean, what was she gonna say to my mom? "YOUR BOY SAW ME POOPING!... Well, yes, I DID leave the bathroom door open..." I went outside and played with my friend and forgot about this all until later...But I had the picture of her thighs as she sat on the pot with the bathroom door wide open stuck in my head for a long time.

I think this post is at an end. I hope it entertains or interests.

One day i was with my girlfriend and we were up the the town shopping we had been up for a couple of hours we are both 16 we had went for a meal at a little restaurant she had a big meal.

couple of hours later i could see that ahe was uncomfortable

i asked what was wrong but she said she was ok

then 10 mins later i asked again she said i really need to go to the toilet by this time there was no toilets near by she said i really have to go we came up towards the back exit of the shops then

all of a sudden there was a drible coming from up her skirt then it all came out she peed all down her skirt in her white flowery panties then to top it off she pooed her self.

she took her panties off and put themn in her bag i took her back to my place she wiped her ass i walked into the bathroom and wiped her front for her as she asked me her panties were a mess and we took a bath together.

After my family was resettled in Spokane, Washington, I learned that America really was the land of opportunity. You see, we moved into a house where the bathroom had a large fogged window, with a small vent, that faced our backyard. Although it you couldn't see through the window very well from inside the bathroom, especially at night, it was very easy to view what was going on in the bathroom from out in the backyard. Best of all, the toilet was right next to the window, giving anyone who looked from outside a great side view. You could always see who was doing what in that bathroom since my parents were too cheap to buy curtains to cover that window and too trusting to believe that anyone - especially one of their sons - would ever think of using that window to spy on anyone in there. Also, it was really easy to hear what was going on in the bathroom because of the vent. Man oh man, you would not believe the number of women and girls I spied on while they pissed and s! hit in that bathroom. I spied on my mother, both of my sisters, my sisters' friends, and my mother's friends, too. Man, I was bad, but I sure enjoyed looking through that window. Funny thing, but before we lived in that house I had never heard women fart before. In fact, even though I knew that women did shit and there was no physical reason that they couldn't fart, I had never actually heard a woman fart so I just didn't fully believe it was done until I heard it for myself through that vent by the window. Man, was that ever an eye opener for me! Of all of the spying I did through that window I think the incident I enjoyed most was when a girl, who was about 20 at the time (I was 18), who was from my native village in Vietnam, came to visit us after she was also resettled in Spokane. I always thought she was really nice looking and had been wondering about her body functions a lot during the last few years were in Vietnam, but I had never gotten the chance to watch her! go to the bathroom which probably would have meant spying on her out in the woods like I did with that other girl when I was 12.
Lucky me when she came to visit us in Spokane. The moment I saw her walk towards the bathroom I got my ass out into the back yard as fast as I could, stood by the window and saw her walk up to it, turn toward the toilet, and pull down the seat. Then I saw her pull down her pants and panties (which were light blue) and sit down on the toilet and pull out a bit of toilet paper, which she held in one of her hands on her lap, all in full view of me (My view was of her right side). Her head was beant slightly foward and she was looking slightly down at her lap as she sat there. Then, listening carefully through the vent, I heard her as she began pissing. As she sat there I could hear the little, tinkling sounds of her piss very clearly. Her pissing might have lasted a minute, I'm not sure, but it wasn't any longer than that. Then I saw her tak! e the toilet paper she was holding and wipe her pussy with it. Then she pulled up her panties and pants and flushed the toilet before washing her hands and leaving the bathroom. (I also got a glimpse of her pussy hair while she was pulling up her pants).
I felt like the luckiest guy in the world the night I saw that sight!

hello everyone -this is scott. stacked kimberleys boyfriend. i do not know if kim answered your question correctly already steve and louise but i will do it again any way. No! guys it was not the first time me and kimberley had sex together but it was the first time i saw her get naked like that and sit on the toilet. she likes to do this quite a bit but it was the first time she invited me to watch. she says she will do it again sometime. i am a little shy to do it in front of her but she does not mind. as long as the sex is good we both say right? it was sure something special to watch my girlfriend sit on the toilet naked like that and have an enormous log in front of me.,especially if you have a girlfriend as built as kimberley with her 40 in chest- 20 inch waist and 31 hips.well goodbye for now. i am sure kimberley especially will be writing in again and i hope i answered all your questiones steve and louise. so long now! from scott

i just took a nice pee and shit and it felt so good and i felt so relived this is my first post on here

I got a good dumping story tonite :) I was at school this afternoon to take my final. Before the final, I went over to a different building to visit a friend. I stopped into the bathroom to clean my sinuses. As I walked in, a guy at the urinal was talking to someone in the shitter. I proceeded to go into one of the stalls and blow my nose. I made smalltalk with the guy at the urinal about my sinuses and we laughed a littl bit. He mentioned that he was from Connecticut and I asked him if his bro, Dave. was in the shitter, and he nodded yes. We left the bathroom and a couple of minutes later, his borther came. While I was in the bathroom, I heard some good farting and crackling noise. SOunded like he had to shit very badly. I took a shit around Dave about a year before and after I was done, Dave and I ended up shooting the bull afterward. Dave is the kind of guy that women would like in terms of looks. Blue eye blond :)

Contrary to public opinion, pretty people do shit ! and it smells just as bad ;)

Tuesday, May 09, 2000

If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea... does that mean that one enjoys it?

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