Ok, Feedback you want, feedack ya get, Kickass Ryan, you remind me of myself 3 years ago to the exact detail :D Sorry I dont post much, I have a page or 2 worth of stories, just never have time, Kristin took a shit in the trashcan at the mall the other other day because the lines were backed up and many others were doing the same...

I forgot to put my name on my previous post so if you see one about hiking in Switzerland, that's mine too.

Last summer, I went to an outdoor event in a large park in England. There were three trailers with mobile toilets which looked like they stayed there all summer, as they were connected to a water supply and sewer. Two trailers each had about 6 toilets for ladies only and the third was partitioned into two halves, ladies and gents. On the gents' side, there were urinals and two stalls. The partition wall was thin and someone had bored a hole that gave a side view from gents stall #2 into ladies stall #3. Not ideal as I would have preferred a back/side view but it was interesting all the same.

Most women used the toilets in the other two trailers and of those who used the third one, most used stalls #1 or #2 which I couldn't see. Most of the women that did use stall #3 only did #1 but then an attractive black girl of about 25 came in. She lifted her long ! flowing dress, dropped her navy blue panties, sat on the seat and did what sounded like a large, soft and urgent poop. I wondered if she had eaten a curry the night before and this was having a laxative effect. After wiping, she then tore off lots and lots of TP and lined her panties with it. She must have used half a roll. It guessed that she was taking precautions in case she needed to dash for another urgent poop and didn't make it to the toilet in time (they were quite a long walk from where the event was taking place).

A few years ago, we hiked to a mountain hut above Grindelwald in Switzerland. The hut is at 2317 metres and it takes over 3 hours to hike there. The trail is quite 'interesting' in places, especially where you have to walk under a small waterfall! The views of the glacier are superb but I also found an interesting toilet view in the hut. Half way up the stairs, there were two clean flush toilets with separate doors. These were unisex and the partition wall between them went up to the ceiling but there was a 4 - 6 inch gap underneath. This type of thing is quite common in parts of Switzerland but is very rare in Austria.

Looking under the partition with a mirror would have been too risky so I used a piece of shiny black perspex instead. It doesn't give such a bright image but by putting a jacket over my head to keep out the light, it gave a good back/side view from floor level. As an extra precaution, I moved the toilet brush holder in the next toilet so that someon! e walking in couldn't see my black 'mirror' under the partition.

A party of German speaking climbers arrived and one of the girls, who was in her early 20's, went straight to the Toilette next to me. She quickly pulled her jeans and panties down and bent right forward with her butt about a foot above the toilet seat and her head level with her knees (she was quite slim and agile). As you can imagine, this gave me a fantastic view. I thought she was about to pee because pooping in this position seems to be quite rare. After a few seconds however, her sphincter relaxed and her anus opened wide. Then the pointed end of a light brown poop started to emerge effortlessly. When it was about 6 inches long, it broke off. She produced about about three of these before she wiped and flushed.

Well, that's my last Alpine mountain hut toilet story from a collection covering over 10 years but I hope to collect some new ones this summer!

david d
The Memphis in May music festival is a voyuer's dream. Girls in long portalet lines, all dying to pee. Some just stand, but many do the pee-pee dance or hold themselves, or cross their legs tightly. You can stand at the end of a long row of toilets and watch the bolder girls go behind them and squat to pee. A few actually wet their pants too. It's a great event.

Johnny Fartpants
Streetwise.......I had a "Perfect Shit" not too long ago. I was out for a walk in the park when I felt a strong urge to shit come on quite quickly. There were not toilets in this park but there was a whole lot of trees and scrub down by the river so I went in there, pulled my jeans down to my knees, squatted and grunted out an eight by two inch log onto the earth. Then I let out a little piss, shook my dick and pulled my jeans back up. It felt like there was no need to wipe and when I got home I gave my arse a bit of a wipe to make sure and my hole was clean as a whistle! So there you have it, a "Perfect Shit" and it couldn't have happened in a better place!!!


I've never heard of men squatting to piss and women pissing standing up in some rural parts of Vietnam (and where I lived was very rural), but I don't know for sure. There are some tribal people who live way up in the mountains in Vietnam and many of their traditions and customs are different from typical Vietnamese people like the ones who lived in my village. Maybe some of these tribes do have women who pee standing up and men who squat when they piss. I've heard that some remote tribes in Sourthesast Asia have some really weird traditions aned some really horrible ones, too, like female circumcision, so I'd believe most anything about some of the tribes, but I still really have no idea about their piss habits. Now, one thing I have heard is that in Malaysia there are a lot of men who squat when they pee because they are Muslims and supposedly they're following the example of the Prophet Mohammed, who would squat to pee. Of course, being a Catholic, I ! really don't know much about Islam, and I got this information second hand, but maybe there are some Muslims reading this forum who might be able to set us all straight on this subject.

George from Los Angeles
Hey What up,

I haven’t posted to this site in at least a year,but since a few skid posts came up, I decided that I might add a little bit of my experiences. First to no name, I find that when I have to pee really badly and have to hold it, I do usually get an erection. I usually have to wait until the boner comes down a bit to pee. As far as skids go, I find that I usually get them when I have really wet farts which I find more difficult to clean up after. This particularly occurs if I eat something like eggs or cheese. But skids are the darndest things, you can think that your perfectly dry down there and whammo, when you take a peek you have the really dark thick skids.

Ryan, I really enjoyed your posts with the girlfriend situation. That reminds me of a buddy I used to work with. I was over his apartment helping him set up one of those entertainment systems. After we had finished working on it after like 4 hours (it was only supposed to take 45 mi! n) he changed his shorts but left them out to air out. He was wearing those long swimming trunks with the undies built into them. He had layed them out in such a way where I could see the undie part of them and there were these 3 medium skids from about 1 ˝ to 3 inches. He saw that I was staring at them, I couldn’t help and he explained that he has Lactose Intolerance and usually farts a lot and makes for some interesting patterns in the drawers. He is one of those people that likes to alert everyone when he had to fart. I usually work the Graveyard shift at my job and when he would fart, he would put in on the overhead paging line so that we all could here.

The last situation occurred in my college days in Santa Cruz. I’m 28 now, but about 8 years ago, there was a guy named Tony that lived on my dormitory floor. Being in a dormitory situation, you get really close to people whether you want to or not. It was a coed situation with guys and girls sharing the ba! throom and showers together. What can I say, UC Santa Cruz is a very liberal school. I was the resident assistant in the dorm and was in the room with Tony and few of the other hall mates when he was changing getting ready to go out to a club. Tony was a real uninhibited guy and started to change his clothes in front of a me and two other guys. He started to change his undies and then all the fun began. First he was wearing a pair of bikini style underwear, so I order to take them off, he had to roll them down. Right in the crotch area, you could see a dookie stain about the size of a quarter coin. But what was even better was the fact that the entire back was cover in the these skids that had to be no longer that Ľ inch. But there were like at least 20 of them in this peacock kind of pattern interdispersed with larger ˝ inch ones as well. Both of the other hall mates were raging on him about his hygene and of course I was having a good laugh out of the whole situation. ! I really believe that he just didn’t wipe or wipe very well. There were a few times that he was in the restroom, and he would be in the fart stall and I could hear him take a dump, but not hear the TP roll down or get torn off. I have to go now.

Hope to here more stories,

Hi, seems like forever since I posted last, sorry about that. Anyway, I had to baby-sit Lauren from 6 to 9 last night while our mom went out. We had been done with dinner for about 20 minutes when our mom left. Lauren went in the
living room to watch TV and I went in our room and got an extra pair of panties and some old pajamas for both of us. I went in the living room and helped
Lauren get into her pajamas then I got into mine.
“Why are we wearing two pairs of panties?” she asked after we were both in our
pj’s. “I thought this would be easier than getting up to go potty, that way we can spend more time together.” I explained.
“Oh. So when I gotta go I just relax and let it come?”
“Yeah, and at 8:00 I’ll wash our clothes then we’ll take a bath.”
We were watching a movie on TV and Lauren was sitting on my lap when I had to pee real bad, and with Lauren sitting on my lap it was only getting worse. I set
Lauren down on the floor and ran ! to the hall closet to get some towels. I spread them out on the couch and told Lauren she could get back on my lap if she wanted. When she sat down on my lap it pushed down on my bladder and I let loose, the front of my pj’s and the back of hers were soaked, not to mention some of the towels. We finished the movie at 7:45.
“Lauren if you need to go to the bathroom do it now because it’s time for me to do laundry.”
I put the towels that were still dry on the floor and told her to stand on them. Then she relaxed and soaked her pajamas. After that I helped her get cleaned up, then I cleaned myself up and washed and dried our wet pajamas then we took a bath together, we were still in the tub when our mom got home.

BTW, Jessica from Canada where did you go, I haven't heard from you in a while.

Talk to ya later everyone.


Hi all. Okay this happened a few days ago. Nora was wtih me at the mall.. it's summer and a gal like me needs a swimsuit so (hey I LUV the water so sue me.. and hey it gets my guys attention)Anyway I noticed Nora hold her ???? a few times..(we did have a huge lunch at Luby's)anyway I finally got the idea as she started to hold her bottom and feel a bit antsy. I told her hey if you wanna break to go sit on the toilet.. I don't mind (I had to pee something awful anyway) Nora looked around and said.. beter not.. it's been a few days.. and if I let it out here.. it's gonna break something. I laughed and she did, then said oh.. beter not laugh. I said come on.. just go. She shook her head.. i joked hey I'll go with you.. and we can talk like last time. She thought for a bit and said.. um.. think you can stand it? I nodded and lead her by the hand to the bathroom. ( I must admit.. I was actaully looking forward to see her poop again.. am I crazy?) Anyway we went to the Branding Iro! n ( I recommend the fries with cajun seasoning) and went into their bathroom as it was a one person at a time kinda deal. I sat down first with a bit of a red face and did my pee as fast as I could. Feeling beter I wiped quickly and pulled up my jeans and floral print underwears. Nora quckly pulled her jeans and underwears and crashed on the toilet. She peed like there was no tommorrow then sighed. Then she said ack no time to relax.. and got into her pose.. she stuck her neck out.. clamped her hands onto the seat between her parted legs and arched her back and gave out a grunt. She talked well tried to with grinding teeth that she couldn't believe she was doing it in a public bathroom. I told her I knew it would have been harder in a stall so I took her here with a bit more privacy. She grunted a bit more and man.. the crackling was loud.. it was like.. well have you ever twisted bubble wrap and hear the popping it makes.. just like that. She stopped a but to catch her breath! . I said um.. need a drink of water. She laughed and went back to work. It's odd seeing her there like that going in a pose that seemed almost like an animal.. then her body relaxed and she sat with her head resting on her hands and said.. the rest is easy.. and out came a few plops a few minutes apart.. it must ahve been softer poop but I could still hear her huff and puff under her breath. Then she got up.. man.. you had to see it.. this poop like the other poked out of the water.. and was think almost like a coke can. I said it must have felt heavenly to get that out. She laughed getting paper and said.. you have no idea. After she got cleaned up we flushed and left. I got Nora a pink lemonade.. hey she needed a drink after that. then we saw one of the clerks there went to the bathroom with a mop.. and we saw water flowing out of the bathroom. We giggled and headed out of there. heh hope you enjoyed this one.. eep I have to go poop.. and this time.. Miguel's coming with me! . hee hee

Susan - STL
Hi again! Last time I wrote my daughter, girl friend and myself had just been caught in a snow storm on HWY 70 in Missouri and had to do our poops in our shopping bags. Well, yesterday me and my husand, and two other couples were out looking at some land about 100 miles west of St. Louis and while we were walking this 60 acre piece of property, nature took its course! First my girl friend Katie had to poop, so we all walked ahead, just a little and let her have some room. Not too much longer, I felt the urge and so did Rick, Katie's husband. This time the rest of the group just sort of stopped, looked around, while we selected our spots. Just so happened that Rick and I were doing our poops within 10 foot of each other. As I was pulling up my panties, I could see that a few others also had a clear view of me too! Over the next couple of hours, everyone had to either pee or poop several times and by the end of the day - no one was even trying to hide anymore. I thought! it was really great that the six of us got past all of the hipe of having to "hide" to use our toilet! That evening, we all returned to our house for a BBQ, and I noticed that anyone using our various toilets were leaving the bathroom doors open. I feel we all are a lot closer now!

wetsuit--I thought of asking her into my stall but decided not to as this was our first dump together. I'll consider it next week when we go to the movies (if she had to go).
John (VT)---thanks for you insite. I don't carry a purse(hate carrying one around..i can carry what i need in a wallet or pocket) to put a tape measure in but I've thought about carrying one of those that you can roll up & put in your pocket (you know like taylors use). As for her not being up to my load--maybe she didn't eat the hotel like the wager idea. Have to give it a try.

I have one more story from the convention. (my favorite of the bunch by the way) We'd closed up & packed the merchendise into my truck Sunday night. My friend/co-worked had helped me load up. He & I were walking to my truck when he said he REALLY needed to piss but didn't want to go all the way back inside. So he asked if I'd keep a lookout while he peed. I said sure & we went around th! e corner & behind this bush thing. Now I'm really pretty excited as I half watch for passers-by & half (ok more then half) watch him. He unzips his fly & whips out his dong. He begins to piss & I keep looking at him & a quick glance for people. He pissed for 2 full minutes & i watched as he kinda shook off his dong to let the last few drops fall. He tucked it back in & zipped up his pants. Then did something I thought was unusual--he grabbed his crotch & seemed to be situating his dick into place. Isn't that done when you put it back into your pants??? anyway--he zipped up & we headed back to the truck. When we got going I said man you really did have to go. He said he'd been holding it while we loaded & didn't like the mens rooms at the hotel. He thanked me for watching out while he went & i told him it was ok & i'd be glad to do it again anytime. Personal observation here...he's about 5'8" with a medium build. He didn't have! a problem going in the bush but seemed a bit afraid he'd get caught (which he didn't). He's got a nice package & i'm going to try to get a chance for him to "watch out" for me too. I've heard him in the bathroom at work a few times. He was pissing hard & gave a couple grunts before I heard the big splashes. He lets out a pretty wicked fart too. (sounds like he'd be good to dump with) HEY LOUISE--MAYBE HE'S THE ONE!! Let me know what you think.

The Crank
I guess I have my fair share of hearing people speaking on the cell phone in the loo. This happened 3 years ago as I was crapping in a stall in the gents, I heard a phone ring in another stall. The owner of the phone answered and told his freind he was shitting directly. I think averybody in the gents heard that, very amusing.


How many of you have ever tried to flush food down the toilet and it clogged your toilet up badly and had trouble going down? I am soooooooooo curious!

Just had a huge poo, man it was big, I had been sitting at the computer all morning writing an e-mail, and getting terrible bowel cramps cause I needed to go so bad, but was determined to finish what I was doing until I finaly hobbled off to the bathroom, I could feel my bowels were really full and I had the turtles head, I sat on the loo and my bowel cramped and I pushed out a huge dump that all came out in one go and made a massive 'plongking' noise which only lasted for 2 seconds, I got up to wipe feeling very relieved and saw the whole of the pan was full with poo, there was one big 5" poo anbout 4" thick and the rest was made up of medium sized lumps, now I have that lovely relieved empty feeling and I feel really good as I havn't had a poo like that for weeks.

I have a childhood story which I had forgotten about when I had a big accident, but I will post it later...

Bye for now

On the topic of unisex toilets in pubs etc. These are just starting to come in here in the UK and I had an enjoyable experience in one last week. I had gone to a new pub which has unisex toilets. I saw a nice rather ???? blonde girl, of about 25 Id guess, get up from her table and head for the toilets so I follwed her and went into the cubicle (stall) next to hers. I could hear everything. The rustle as she pulled up her skirt and pulled down her knickers then the hiss and tinkle as she did her wee wee. I hoped she was needing a motion and sure enough there was a fart then she went "NNN! UH! and I heard it crackling as it came out. By the repeated "NNs and UHs" I could tell she was doing a good solid motion then there was a loud "KER-SPOOL-LOOMP! "KER-SPLONK!" as she did two good solid jobbies. I heard her give a long sigh of relief "AHHHHH!" then wipe her bum, pull up her knickers, drop her skirt and pull the flush then go out. Once she had left the toilet I had a look in ! the pan but her jobbies hadnt been big enough to stick in the pan. I estimated she probably passed one of about 8 inches and a smaller one of say 5 inches. It was certainly a turn on. Has anyone else had similar unisex toilet experiences yet?

The second toilet experience I had recently was on a train back to Glasgow from Edinburgh. Another well built woman of about 30 or so and brunette this time used the toilet and by the length of time she was in there I knew she had done a motion. I went in after she had left and was rewarded by the sight of a big long well formed jobbie of about 12 inches long and 2 1/2 thick sticking up out of the water. It was dark brown and rather smelly, knobbly at the start but smooth at the end.

Sandra, your husband just doesnt know what he is missing! Many men who post here would love to have an open minded woman like you who both wants to let them watch her doing a poo and who does nice big ones and enjoys doing them.

Str! eetwise, your "perfect shit" idea is interesting. My idea of an ideal motion is as follows. About lunchtime, after a good meal I feel the well known sensation in my abdomen and soon afterwards the presence of a large solid fecal mass in my back passage. I have a dry fart then go to the toilet, pull down my trousers and briefs and sit on the pan. I do my pee then feel the jobbie push against my ring. I hold it back for a moment or two then take a breath, go "NN! AH! and feel my ring stretch to accomodate it as it slowly starts to emerge from my back passage. Its a nice big fat one and I can feel the knobbly texture as I pass it. I maintain a steady pressure, "OO! AH! NNN! as it comes out. I feel it start to get smoother and come out easier then it begins to taper. Its a nice big long one and I give a final "UH! and it slides into the water of the toilet pan with a "SPLOOSH!" There is another jobbie coming out, just as fat but shorter and this one drops with a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!! ".I get my breath back and wipe my bum then have a look down the pan. The two jobbies lie there the smaller one about 6 inches long but the big one is a foot in length and 2 and 1/2 inch thick shaped like a big carrot. I pull up my briefs and trousers and pull the flush but the larger jobbie sticks in the pan. Of course if I can buddy dump with my wife or on top of a big jobbie some other person especially a women has done so much the better. What do others consider their ideal motion?

No Name. Its quite common for men to get erections unconnected with any directly sexual scenario. If this happens to me and I want to pee I just go into a cubicle and sit down to pee .

The Crank. Birthing Scenes on films etc. As a kid I linked the grunts and gasps of women acting out childbirth with those of them doing a motion. In those days too women were often given an enema, (yeuch!) :( when they had a baby in hospital to clear any feces out of their back passage, though th! is practice has ceased these days. I have read on this web page that women very often pass a motion while bearing down to expel the baby and this is called "Code Brown". My friend George told me that one time when he was a kid he and his two girl cousins had watched a film were a women gives birth with a lot of grunts and groans. Afterwards, as kids do they acted out this scene with his older cousin being the pregnant woman. Unfortunately with all the grunting she really did a jobbie in her knickers , (she had kept these on to preserve modesty), to her embarasment and their amusement. Has this happened to anyone else?

Buzzy: A few days ago you had asked if anyone else experienced periods of "cleansing", when you have unusually big pooping sessions. Since the beginning of the year, when I have had none of the massive bowel movements I usually talk about here, I have noticed an occasional period when I go through a couple of days of pooping sessions that involved about a half dozen or so pieces, not more than eight. However, these periods did not come on a regular basis. I could go for two or three weeks of having regular pooping sessions (I never miss a day and usually manager at least two a day) with no more than three or four pieces. I don't have a scientific explanation for this, but maybe some of our "experts" here can explain. I'm sure that Buzzy and some others would be interested.

During my college years, it was a different story altogether. I was more prone to having massive pooping sessions due to several factors, including poor eating habits (I don't have a weight pr! oblem), the hectic schedule and associated stress involved with going to school full time and working several hours a week, and experimenting with vitamins and herbal supplements. There was one term where I was into these vitamins and herbal supplements, and I would be good for at least three or four pooping sessions a day. I would have at least one pooping session a day where I was producing at least a dozen pieces, mostly solid with an occasional pile of soft mush.

During this term, as finals were approaching, I was worried about a couple of my classes. I had to do well on the final in order to get a decent grade. During the week before finals, I was feeling constipated, having pooped only once a day for the first part of the week, though I had a constant urge to poop. I tried to work out in the fitness center, which was relaxing for my nerves but not helpful in relieving my constipation. Finally, I took an herbal supplement at the suggestion of a classmate, r! ight before bedtime.

I started feeling the effects the next day. When I got up and did my usual bowel movement (the only time I had been able to go the previous few days), I had a massive pooping session that took four full loads in the toilet and stunk up the whole apartment. I had scrub the toilet afterwards. My roommates Carrie and Sara, who know about my toilet habits and don't usually mind about the big stink, were not very happy this morning. During the course of the day, I managed four more trips to the bathroom, each time producing a massive soft mushy load (not diarrhea) that took two or three flushes to go down. I was feeling better but still had some constipated pains, so I took another dose of the herbal supplement before going to bed.

The next day the "system cleansing" continued. I did not have the huge massive poop in the morning I had the day before, but I did have to go twice before leaving for classes. I had only one section that day,! then I had to go to work in the bookstore. I went to the bathroom before starting work and hoped I didn't have to go during my shift. Unfortunately, it was very busy in the store, and I was constantly on the cash register. When it was time for my break, I ran to the restroom and pushed out another massive load, this one good for three flushes. I came back and finished my shift, feeling really lousy afterward. However, I had to go to the optometrist to get my contact lenses with a new perscription before it closed for the day. I made it in time to get my contact lens but couldn't hold it in anymore. I nearly had an accident at the optometrist's office but managed to get to the ladies room in time.

Once I sat down, I let loose with a massive barrage of soft poop. It wasn't a diarrhea session, but more like a soft-serve ice cream or frozen yogurt dispenser gone beserk. It came out quickly and with almost no need to push, and I was almost constantly flushing the! toilet in order to keep it from clogging. This went on for about ten minutes before I started to let up. I paused for a moment and thought I was finally done. Then I started to feel a cramp, and I started pushing out another barrage of poop. This went on for another five minutes and several more flushes. Finally I was done, and after taking two minutes to clean up and another two minutes to wash my hands, I finally left the restroom. I felt much better afterwards. That "cleansing session" also brought my stress level down, and I was able to study well that weekend and did very well on my finals. Once I went home for the holidays, I stopped taking those multi-vitamins and herbal supplements and didn't resume taking them once I returned to classes.

For Ryan from England, I enjoyed your 2nd Claire story :) Does she know about this Forum ? I assume not. Will you eventually tell her ? I have never told anyone myself of this forum espcially since I posted here quite a few times.

For Public Toilet Hater, I agree with your disdain for the cell phone in the can especially of the person who was on a tight leash by the company they work for. Another question for thought. What would happen if the guy was having sex and the phone rang ? If I was in his shoes, I would be bailing very quickly. Nobody should put up with those kind of rules. I also have a disdain for Corporate America and its BS games.

Lastly, another story but not quite related to dumping. I am a graduate student in my early 30's. One of the pluses of taking classes is seeing the late teens/early 20's people especially women. I was at the library the other day and saw this very young gal (~age 20) and she was on the floor bending over. I walked by an! d I could see the top of her butt crack. I also saw a different girl in the computer lab and she was wearing shorts with a shirt that showed her waist. I thought about these 2 ladies on how they took a dump if they are noisy or quiet or if they were quick or took a long time. There is one girl I see working the coffee shop at the Border's book store and she one of those shirt that show the waist but she wears her pants very low. If they go down anymore, you could see the butt crack as well. She seems interesting and I would love to see her on the can :) Well, that is all for now. :)

I find the notion of someone getting fired for missing a cell call to be ludicrous! They simply aren't that reliable.

Hey guys.
I just had the biggest unintentional/intentional. I have been experimenting with suppositories lately. Well I took one and started playing a video game. Then, I started the feel the urge, and it came strong. I paused the game, picked up a magazine and made my way to the bathroom. However, I started filling my briefs on the way down. It was all over my bum and my legs. Glad my parents didn't see. Let my know what ya think.

Also, does anyone have any stories to share about using diapers at your own will?

Sunday, May 07, 2000

Do any of the women here fantasize that they are giving birth when they're pushing out a big bowel movement? It's something that occurred to me after reading Richard's post about childbirth scenes in movies.

John(VT) - Glad you liked my story of me farting during a business meeting. I think all my colleagues know I fart all the time so I guess nobody needed to ask me about them. The poo I did that day consisted of one turd approx. 9 inches long followed by three or four 5 inchers. The first turd was very fat. As usual, my poo was a medium brown. This color occasionally darkens if I eat black beans. As for my husband...he's quite shy about pooing. When we got married, for at least 3 months, he would turn on the taps to hide the sound of him pooing. Even now he hates the idea of either of us pooing in front of each other! He came into the bathroom once, accidentally, while I was doing a huge, smelly poo. His face went bright red and he stammered "sorry about that darling" and quickly left! I actually think the sight and smell of poo makes him nauseous. He would be disgusted if he knew that I liked to poo in the street or in parks in plain sight!

I just wrote to say that your posts are great and I really look forward to reading them. Dont listen to anybody else. You are obviously proud of your body and it is your privilege to describe it to us, and trust me many of us enjoy reading it.
Keep it up


Have you any more stories to share ?

To PV: Her name is Sophie Rickett actually and she is peeing against the Vauxhall bridge in London in the pic you mentioned. The pic was part of a work she did while she was in artschool. She have also won the third place in distancepeeing in the pissing olympics. I believe her achieved distance was seven feet but I am not sure.

Public Toilet Hater
About those cell phones in the toilet.

I was in a public toilet last week. There was a guy there using the urinal, and he had a cell phone. It rang, and he answered it. He talked to the caller while he peed loudly into the urinal. There were guys in all the stalls, and there was a lot of farting and pooping. It was so loud that the caller had to hear it.

My own stream of urine was loudly splattering all over the urinal.

Once he got done urinating, the guy stood in the middle of the bathroom talking to the caller. Meanwhile, toilets flushed, farts rang out, and turds splashed into the bowls.

The guy finally hung up. I asked him why he would take a call inside a men's room.

He told me that he was a customer support specialist. He is required to carry that stinking cell phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He never gets to sleep at night, because customers call him all night long.

He said that if he misses a ! call, he gets fired. This makes him so frustrated that he answers the phone even in the middle of a restroom. He hates his job so much that he does not care.

I don't blame him. No one should be required to answer a phone while using the toilet.

Is this evil and despicable way of treating employees confined to the US, or do companies in other countries abuse their employees in this way?

I think anyone who would make someone carry a cell phone to the bathroom ought to have his head shoved down a toilet.

Life in the USA is not all it is cracked up to be. Too many pagers and cell phones, and not enough privacy or sleep.

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