KIMBERLEY - I think you did not fully see what Steve
meant, but I liked your story, you are very daring
and I do not think I could be so bold as that. I
have been in men's toilets before but only with Steve
or with a number of other girls as an invasion! Did
you see your boyfriend's cock as he was peeing? How
old is he?

PV - Hi and wow, there has been so much to talk about
you know. Yeah, thanks for your support about what I
said about the pussy angle. A lot of it is control by
pressure and when you apply it, so each girl has to
find out what works for her body. Some girls as you
say will lift too high. Maybe they would be good at
the 'pissing up the wall' events at our alternative
Olympics! Hehehehe!
Thanks for telling who Sophie Rickets is. She must
have a lot of guts to wee on a London monument even
if it was after dark! I know I would have to pluck up
lots of courage to have a try at that!
Yea! h, you are right about Steve being careful about
my mum and sister. He is a gent and that is something
I saw in him from day 1, but if things demand it he
can be relaxed as he was when he peed with the
teenage girls on the nudist beach. He is much more
reserved about my mum and sister because they are my
family but he is very much a gent around other women
as well. Maybe one day I *will* get him to stand with
Thanks for telling me about why we hiss! I did not
think that it might be little air bubbles. I sometimes
wee before shitting, sometimes after. It is rare for
me to wee and shit together but yes it does feel good
doesn't it? I hiss real loud if I am pushing out a log.
If you do a long regular stream, Steve likes that too
so you know you would still have him in the audience!
Yeah, I hope the boy I saw weeing on the beach did not
think I was laughing at him for weeing. I think my
smile would have le! t him know that I enjoyed seeing
him do it, he had a nice nozzle and did a good strong
jet. I think some girl is going to be quite lucky
there! I count myself lucky too!!!
The 'micropenile' boy was very small in that way and
I wondered if there had been a slip up when he was
circumcised. I do not want to start a big argument here
by talking about if men should be chopped or not, but I
think his parents should have left his cock be. You
maybe right about a sex-change being needed there as it
was not big enough to be of any use to him other than
peeing with no hands. No such worry for Steve!
Yes, I think I should say that I still think it is a
big deal to wee with an audience if it is not Steve.
A few days ago when I was discovered weeing in the
park by that young boy, I felt just as daring as on my
first nudist beach wee, just as I did when those guys
saw me doing a flood in the alley when I was out at
nigh! t with Steve. When you talk about your waterfall in
the gulley above the beach, do you mean that people did
see you doing it?
Yes, the family on the beach were really something
weren't they? I think those two girls were good pupils
for their mum when she taught them how to wee standing.
Of course you know how Steve stood in front of them and
saw the whole thing when the three stood weeing into
the sea. So nearly full marks to their mum for how she
did things. The only thing I can mark her down for is
leaving it until her younger daughter was 15. She
should have done it when she was about 9 or 10 like me.
I think that is a good age for it, don't you?
I do not know if I would have got as fresh with Steve
as those girls did but I know he enjoyed all the
attention. I do not think they had been so close to a
man before so when they got near one they were very
interested in him! Seeing Steve strolling back from the !
sea with a smiling nude teen girl on each arm was a
bit of a surprise for me but not a surprise really.
Yeah, they were a very uninhibited family!
I think I maybe answered your question about my tough
beach shit in my last message. I think Steve said it
was in rocks, but it was near some rocks in some sand
dunes. To say a bit more, my log was about a foot long
and more than 3 inches thick and very hard.
Steve and I were alone. I think I would have blushed
really red if I had been seen pushing it out by any
other people but I did not draw any crowd as nobody
else saw!
I squatted with my bikini pulled down and I pushed
real hard and had a few inches of it poking out of my
bumhole. It really stretched me open and in the middle
it seemed to get stuck. I was a bit sore and I could
see Steve was a little bit worried by the look on
his face. But I was worried because I had a huge shit
stuck in my bum. I sort ! of crabbed around to show him
what was there. I had to rest for a bit and rthen I
pushed again. It was real hard work, and I was nearly
crying because of how I was trying so hard and as well
as that becuase I was being a bit childish and fretting
about if I could not do it! It started moving out, I could feel it
pushing past my bumhole. When I was pushing out the
second half of it I started to enjoy how it felt. I
did not wee at all, I could just enjoy how my bum was
feeling. When my shit dropped down to the sand I felt
so good until my bum then started to feel sore for a
few minutes after being stretched like that. I pulled
my bikini back up, there was no mess around my hole
because the shit was hard so we could carry on with our
walk. My shit looked real big lying there in the sand.
I think Steve enjoyed watching once he realised I
would be ok and he saw me pushing out my shit! I had
not had a crap for 3 day! s and it all came at once!

Yeah, I'm going to wash the walls again tonight. My mum
might be coming along too! I'll tell you about it!

Aim high!!!

CAUGHT PEEING - That was a good story. Steve and I were
out walking yesterday and it is like what he did against
a tree. I enjoyed watering another tree myself later!
Tell more please!


Greetings All.

PV, Hi there. I'm short on time right now and I'm sure you are familiar with how long it takes to write a good post. I've plenty to say, but I'll leave it until next week when I'll be able to do it justice. It's a trip to the local pool again tonight so you will understand my time shortage. Louise is keen to stand and deliver in the men's toilets again! :>

Kimberley, Ah, yes, I understood that you and your boyfriend got physical later after he saw you taking a dump, but it
wasn't what I was getting at. Louise and I are curious as to whether what happened after the toilet incident was the first time. You know, the first time??? Or possibly, you and your boyfriend had previously been 'physical'.
Why I'm asking is that we are curious as to whether you as another couple had a toilet experience together that may have triggered something else. I don't want to dwell on it too much, but something in the way you describe your nakedness togeth! er seems to suggest you were indeed familiar with seeing each other that way. We were just wondering if you could confirm that or not.
I'll explain more about our reasons for asking next time.
By the way, Louise is also blue eyed with long blonde hair.
So there may be some similarities between you and her.
The sounds of your dumping and peeing must have been a treat for the guy standing outside the stall! Great story, and
thanks for telling us about it.

Bye for now,


Hi, it's me again! :c) Did you all like my last post? I wasn't exactly overwhelmed with feedback, hehe. But not to be easily discouraged, I'm going to post again... I'm happy to say that I have had another...experience (with Claire, who else? hehe). We're enjoying our new-found closeness and yesterday I was at her place after school. We were playing on the computer (Tetris...she thinks that she can beat me but she can't, everyone knows that I'm champion!) and I noticed her fidgeting a bit, so I paused the game and said that I'd wait for her to use the bathroom. I made a joke that she was probably losing the game because she was having to concentrate not on the game but on holding it in! However, we had been quite deep in conversation beforehand, and she didn't really want to go, so she asked me to come with her so we could keep talking. I was just like, wow, as I'm sure you can all imagine. My first time, but as you'll appreciate I couldn't really jump for joy at the time for ! reasons of tact :c) Anyway, so we went upstairs into the bathroom and talked a bit, no one was home so we left the door open and I sat on the edge of the bath. I figured that she was just going to pee, and to start with I had no reason to suspect otherwise as she lifted her grey pleated skirt (school uniform, very strict, hehe) and lowered her white panties to her knees. Then she was like, "where were we?" and we resumed our conversation about...well, it was about politics, but n'mind) as she began to tinkle. It was really interesting to actually be on the "other side" of the bathroom door while she was going, it's nice that we're that close now. Anyway, then she farted, not very loud, and shuffled her feet a bit...I think this must be a Claire Trademark, hehe. We kept talking and I noticed her voice getting a little tense, and as she was saying something she gave a little grunt, and you could just see her pushing a little. It was a bit quiet after that, I was surprised that s! he was letting me stay to see this, and she was obviously having to try a little. She put her hands on her lap and grunted twice more, shifting on the seat a little to try to help herself. I was surprised how comfortable I felt, and I laughed and asked if she was having trouble. She said "yes", and broke off with another soft grunt as she let out a wet fart (you could hear a little bubbling sound with is, so I know it was wet). She said "I must be due in a few days, this constipation always happens a few days before I start, it's really annoying!" (obviously refering to her period). At this point I went over and hugged her spontaneously, we've always been open about that, I remember having to calm her down when she freaked at her first period, age 12, and we always keep a few supplies for her in my locker in case she's taken by surprise). Anyway, I digress, again...sorry. I know that she sometimes feels crampy and headachy before she starts and I didn't want to make her uncomf! y so I said "you don't have to go now if you can't, if you'd prefer to wait..." but she said that she'd try once more, and I squeezed her shoulder as she pushed. Then she said "hey, we have progress" and after another grunt came a small plop. "I think that's all I can manage right now" she said, she had hardly done anything but she tried, and she clearly needed to! "oh well, we can get back to playing the computer" she ventured. I smiled at her and said "you'll never beat me!", she retorted "oh yeah?" and got up, revealing a small, dark brown turd, about 3 inches long in the water. "Don't forget to wipe!" I reminded her, as it looked like she was about to pull up her panties. She thought for a moment and then pulled of some paper, folded it twice into a pad and used it to line the inside of her panties, saying "I'll probably have another wet fart and I don't want to have to rush straight back". Then she pulled up her panties and fixed her skirt, washed her hands etc. and after! about ten minutes we re-emerged and went back to the computer. Later, when we were on the couch watching a movie she did have one or two more small wet farts, but her panties were protected and I made sure she wasn't uncomfortable. We had a nice evening :c) The good thing is that we're not at all embarrassed about it, so it hasn't caused any tension. Hopefully we'll be able to reverse the situation soon, and she can watch me :c) I'll be sure to let you know of any developments!

I'm sorry this is so long, but I just think it's nice to establish our background and stuff. My posts will probably be a bit shorter in future :c)

Love to you all,
Ryan. xx

A Person
Slayer Moon,
I hear you're restoring your foreskin- Congratulations!

Coprologist: Speaking of cell phones, just this morning, as I was in the women's restroom at work, one of my co-workers came in while she was talking on her cell phone. She told her caller to hold on while she went into the stall, undid her clothes and sat down. She resumed the conversation while she was peeing, not even mentioning to her caller where she was or what she was doing. I got up and flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and dried them, and she was still in conversation. I'm sure the other person overheard the flush of the toilet, but she did not mention that while I was there. I left the restroom and went back into my office. About twenty minutes she came back into the office, still talking on her cell phone.

I went out grocery shopping yesterday while coming down with a virus (I didn't know it then). I started to feel tired and chilly at the supermarket, and then I started coughing on my way home...I coughed so hard, I LEAKED in my jeans. I was so embarrassed. I was getting coughing fits every few minutes or so, and every time I started coughing, I'd squirt in my panties. With both my hands full of shopping, there was nothing I could do. It helped to stand still while I coughed, so that I could press my legs together, but that drew attention to me. I considered looking for somewhere where I could pee so that I wouldn't wet myself again, but I felt pretty bad and wanted to head home as fast as possible. I lost track of the number of times I squirted, but once when nobody was looking I touched my crotch with my wrist, and it was pretty wet. I looked down at my jeans more than once. Luckily they were dark blue, so they didn't show too badly. When I got home and looked at myself in th! e mirror, it was obvious that I was sick, but not TOO obvious that I'd wet myself - there was a dark patch at my crotch about 3 inches wide, and if you hadn't been looking at my crotch you wouldn't have noticed.

I'm still feeling pretty bad today, but I got a good night's sleep after taking some medicine last night, and took some more today, so I feel a little better. At least I'm not coughing so much now.

The Crank
To Richard:
Oh yes! Brooke Shield in Blue Lagoon!Saw that scene where she gives birth.

Not a Mariah fan
There's a little girl in my neighborhood, about 5-7 years old, who has problems making it to the toilet (she soils herself). The kids of course make fun of her, but her mother is just as bad: she gossips to her friends about the child's accidents, especially when they happen in school. It is traumatic for the girl when she messes her pants, which probably upsets her stomach even more! Last night she had to go suddenly and went screaming to a neighbor's house to use their bathroom. They let her in, but it was too late. She lost it just inside the door. The neighbor (male) yelled very loudly that she didn't make it, and the poor girl walked, poopy pants and all, to her house crying at the top of her lungs. How insensitive! Her mother should at least give her some Pull-Ups or Goodnights to wear, to minimize embarassment.

Harry (Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.)
Hello all...It's been awhile since I last posted here, as well as having had to do some catch up reading as well. Nothing spectacular of late when it comes to my solid waste elimination...However, I did read the posts about how much liquid that some of you have passed at one time, so I decided to see how much I could hold until I was desperate to drain my bladder. I had a bottle just a little larger than one liter in size to try it with. I filled it to the very top, so I know that I can do a liter plus some before I have voided my bladder fully...

no name
although I have been watching posts, this is my first time to post. my toilet habits are not the same every day, as I go some days without a #2, when I do go it can be large and always leaves skidmarks. My dumps also can be large when I don't go every day and sometimes can be toilet cloggers. As some male posters do, i also like to sit on the toilet to urinate, I find it easy, just as fast and i can wipe when finished. also i don't have to remove my underwear. when in public I sometimes use urinals. also at home it doesn't mess up the toilet if I spray.

A question for males only, I sometimes get an unintended erection in public toilets and wonder if any other men have the same problem. this makes it almost imposstible to pee when this happens and can really hurt with a full bladder. Hope this comment is not out of bounds for the moderator of this forum.

TO ANDRE-Well,it just goes to show you,you never can tell what kind of poo a woman will do!I loved the story and the graphic way you described each movement the girls did-very exciting!Yes,the size of the woman doesn't have that much to do with their pooing,although some years ago,i was seeing this chorus dancer in a broadway show in NYC and she was 6feet tall and i saw a few of her BM's and she really filled up the bowl with snakes of poop,and it mostly came out all at once where my nurse friend who was 5'3" or so would go in waves for about 10-15 mins,so you just can't tell by her size alone-Great story,andre
It's going to be a beautiful day here in the N.E.,so i'm going to bike today and see if i can hold off my BM til i get out in to the woods.I hope it will be like the last few days and be a nice healthy dump.Don't feel anything yet and i'm not going to eat or drink any thing to bring it on til i get out there and then i'll go to 7-11 and hve some coffee and go do i! t somewhere.Lisa,i'll tell you all about it next post BYE

My friends and I have defined what we call "The Perfect Shit." The qualifications are as follows: 1) a giant urge to shit. 2) upon being seated, an immediate expulsion without pushing. 3) solid movement. 4) no wiping necessary.

In short, you have to go, you go, and BLAM!...You're done. No muss, no fuss. I guess we got the whole idea from talking about "perfect games" in baseball.

Anyone have any "Perfect Shit" stories?

Also, I have been visiting this site for some months now. Is the picture on the front page now a permanent fixture? Not that I'm complaining, I'm just asking.

I have a lot of good pooping stories to share, but I guess I am still being kinda shy about the whole thing. I spent so many years thinking I was some kind of freak for being inerested in such things. You gals and guys who are so willing to share are remarkably uninhibited. GOOD FOR YOU!!!


Thanks, Andre, that was really interesting (though I only got Alison correct)!

Louise, wow, that sounded like a good one. I can imagine how relieved you were to go, and gushing for more than two minutes...all I can say is, I'm impressed! I know I wasn't holding my maximum capacity the other day, because of the constipation - I didn't drink THAT much water, and I shouldn't have needed to go so badly after only three hours (I can go over 8 hours without peeing at all if I don't drink much water, and I don't even get desperate - it comes out VERY yellow and thick though) - but I don't think I can manage two minutes. My maximum (measured) capacity is 1.3 l, and even that comes out in slightly over a minute.

PV, I do the same. I usually pee first, but I've done both simultaneously when in real need (and you're right, it feels amazing!), or (rarely) poo first when I'm really desperate for a poo and not holding much pee.

Steve: LOL, at the mental picture ! of the lot of us dangling above a burning building, legs spread wide!

John(VT): The first log felt the best coming out, because that was the one I'd been waiting for the longest. It was also the most firm and compacted, and smelled more than the others, probably because it stuck up above the water. In fact, they all smelled more than my usual poo, because they were slow in coming out and had more 'air time' before they hit the water. I didn't really enjoy the second, because it was sort of 'interrupted' by my needing to hurry up. The third was one I knew I'd be doing anyway, and the fourth was a pleasant surprise. Was that your guess?

I had an interrupted session today - the phone rang unexpectedly while I was peeing. I squeezed hard and managed to stop, then shuffled out with my pants around my knees. It was just as well, because I took the opportunity to record what was left of it - when I played it back, I was struck by how LOUD I pee. It really sounded a! s if someone had turned a tap on full blast (the recorder was still going when I washed my hands, and the noise I made peeing was stronger than the tap), especially towards the end as it tapered off and I pushed harder to start a poo, followed by a couple of seconds of silence as it came out, then a little 'kerplop' that didn't do justice to the actual object (which was fat and a little mushy). After that, I know I dropped two more soft bits, but they were too quiet to be heard on the recording, so the next sound was of tearing toilet paper and a soft rustling as I wiped (twice), then a hearty flush, and hand-washing.

Good eliminations to all!

Friday, May 05, 2000

Corpologist: Funny you should mention people using cell phones when using the public restroom. A few weeks ago I mentioned being on site at a law firm where, if you go into the restroom on their floor, you would see every other person on the cell phone while sitting on the toilet, some of whom would be carrying on their conversation long after they were finished doing what they were doing. In fact, one woman walked into the restroom while she was on the phone, hung up before going into the stall, and proceeded to call the person back after sitting down.

Speaking of work, I've been very busy lately. I've had mostly normal solid movements the last few weeks. I have a few more stories from my college days that I will tell later. Take care guys.

Hi there at the toilet,
especially Hydroponic, John(VT), Buzzy, Vicarious, Dee and all the others who wonder about the results of the "pooping contest". Your votes show no real trend, and so did the clique's. Anyway, here's the solution.
The "three witches" informed us that the "snake monster" - aka. no.1 - had been dropped by Vivien in the most astonishing fashion. Before Liz and Alison had so much as opened their belts, she had shoved down her pants, turned her broad bare ass towards the other two, pushed out her parting cheeks towards them, only half squatting, showing them her already gaping anus, said "Here comes!" in a casual voice, took some ten seconds of pushing to make "it" po-ke out and lose some pellet particles (with a short gush and some dribbles of pee), and then the whole long log grew out of her ass in no more than three seconds to finally hang out long, touch the ground, and thump on the soil with a dull thud. Then she had applied a handful of kleenex! tissues to her gaping hole, putting them away into a paper bag afterwards, packed up her ass and leaned against the wall as if nothing had happened. Then she said in the coolest way, "Your turn, gals!" and proceeded to watch the scenery. Three minutes later she blew two long, loud trombone farts.
Of the remaining two, Liz had needed the longest time (almost ten minutes) to produce the high multi-log pile - aka. no. 2 - with quite some straining and pushing. She also informed us that the number of turds had in fact been fifteen, and the number of sticky squealing farts pas-sed in salvoes in between them had been countless. After the first log was out ("the plug", she called it), she had tinkled for half a minute, then gone on pushing out log after log with obvious difficulty. In the end, she had had to lift her ass to avoid touching her high pile. "I could have taken a step sideways, but I wanted to achieve a complete creation," she explained. She wiped four times, and put! the paper in Vivien's bag.
As regards Big Alison, she had squatted down with her knees together and folded her arms before her mighty chest, wriggled her big bum in a position she considered suitable, aimed two consecutive five-second inch-wide firehose jets of piss at the ground with a short pause in bet-ween as if in preparation, then mumbled something inaudible, and simply opened the valve to let all that sticky, stinking ochre-coloured mush run out in an almost uninterrupted flow, so-metimes thicker and clotted, sometimes more runny, in an everlasting stream which obviously changed its diameter according to the degree of viscosity of the "output" between half an inch (semi-liquid) and well over an inch (thick mush). It lasted two or three minutes, and there were no farts from her. Only afterwards, she took an enormous time to wipe (a dozen times at least, as Liz, who gave us all these details, reported); her t.p. filled up most of the paper bag in which Vivien was col! lecting the tissues.
After Liz's graphic report most of the men were anxious to remain seated (why?...). Then we compared the results of the vote: no specific trend, only that most had attributed no. 1 to Alison, which was, of course, wrong. I was among those who erred here, too. I had no. 2 for Liz (which was, after all, correct) and no. 3 for Vivien.
Well, and who got invited finally? We were all wrong execpt my wife! She was the only one who had guessed right. The others teased her, saying no wonder, she's working in a hospital and ought to know about physiology... But anyway, most of us had big fun out there in the woods. Except - I hate to say this - a guy and two women later came out saying they found it disgusting. However, the went along voting, and actually seemed interested at that time. We'll see if they turn up again when invitiations for an Easter outing are passed round.
Hope you enjoyed it, too - good poos and pees to y'all!

once when i was 13 i was over at a friends house and she was really fidgity. after awhile i noticed a wet spot on her blue shorts. I didnt want to embarrass her so i didnt say anything. A few minutes later though she got up in a rush started to run towards the bathroom, but it was clear she was too late for she had pee running all down her legs and a trail behind her. She sometimes had a small wet spot on her pants from waiting too long, but never had wet herself like that in front of anyone!

Slayer Moon
Why would you want to stretch a new skin??

hello this is kim again.i am glad you have enjoyed my stories steve. but how it went in my last story was my boyfriend and i got naked and i sat on the toilet to have a log -thats when he got the hard on. and after i had a massive shit and wiped my self. it was a little later when we f???ed. dont worry his hard on was still in place. thanks for writing steve i know you love your girlfriend but i am flattered you seem to like my long blond hair, blue eyes, and tits that go out a mile .thanks for writing. I would like to tell you and the rest of the readers about another story. well me and my boyfriend went to a professional baseball game and we had the usual hot dogs, soda etc. after awhile my boyfriend said he had to take a piss and asked me if i wanted to go. i said i had to piss also but i did not tell him i had to take a massive shit also. so i followed my boyfriend to the restrooms. he went inside the male one and i saw the female one was too packed. so on a whim i went in! side the male one and saw my boyfriend pissing at the urinal i explained quickly to him what happenned as he smiled knowingly . the male toilets were all filled except one so i took the last one on the right and went inside and closed the door . i yanked my black spandex pants and underwear down and sat on the toilet. then quicker than you could say my name- WHAMMO! i started to crash out a log i knew to be enormous since i did not defecate in a few days. i then pushed the envelope and started to make highly erotic female cries of ectasy while i was pushing it out to turn on the other guys and to also let them know a lady was in the male restroom and was enjoying having one hell of a massive shit! which i was.I tell ya my anus has hardly ever stretched this wide to get it all out! when my log hit the water it hit with such force the water came up and splashed my ass.i immediately started pissing great amounts into the toilet then i quickly wiped myself and then i saw a mans sh! oes waiting for me to get out so i decided to have some fun with him i did not put the toilet paper in the bowl at all i put it in my right hand to throw it out later. i wanted this guy to see the toilet bowl filled with piss and an enormous log in it that was soo big it had nowhere left to float. with no toilet paper hiding anything. when iyanked my pants up and opened the door i was pleased to see that it was a young 20 year old man standing there i smiled and he returned my smile. he did a quick check over of my voluptous body pouring out of a white stretch top, black spandex pants and white sandal high heeled shoes. then iquickly threw away the soiled toilet paper and left the bathroom. wait till that guy sees what i just done. he would have a hard time beating that one I bet!! i rejoined my boyfriend and told him what happenned he got a buzz out of the story. i know i did and probably the young man in the male restroom did also.what i did in the male restroom that day ! was sure more exciting then the baseball game we watched i tell ya. so long now. from kim

This is the story about how I became addicted to women's bowel movements. When I was about 8 or 9 I was playing with some friends in a neighbor's yard. The oldest girl Janet, who was about 10 or 11 at the time, announced that she had to use the bathroom. She trotted into her house and remained there for about 10 minutes. When she returned I realized that I needed to take a piss. I went into her house and the bathroom that she just used. When I looked into the toilet I saw the log that she had just defecated. It was a light brown color about 6 or 7 inches long. It was very rumpled where it had formed itself together. I remember being very aroused as I stared at her shit. I took a piss and looked at her shit for a long time. When I went outside again I informed her that she had failed to flush the toilet. She got a pained look on her face. It was at this time that I informed her that I had flushed it for her. This was the begining of my addiction. Next time I will! tell the story of how I got addicted to the stench of a lady's feces.

Pregnant girl. Pregnancy has all sorts of strange side effects which vary a great deal from one person to another. It's a well known fact. I guess the wind problem's a nuisance but don't think you've got anything to be unduly anxious about. It could be that your body's delicate hormonal balances have been affected by the pregnancy and this in turn has affected the working of your intestines, including the amount of gas you produce. It's certainly well documented that constipation can be one of the sidfe effects of pregnancy, so I wouldn't be surprised if wind was too. As I've said, I honestly don't think you've got anything to be unduly worried about, but if you're unhappy about this aspect of things I'd discuss it with your doctor. I'm sure he or she will be able to put your mind at rest.

Mark. You really must ask to use the bathroom if you need to go to the toilet whilst you're in someone else's house. It's not good for you to hold it in for too long. What! 's more, it's not fair on the people you're visiting if you need to go and don't, either wetting yourself or farting and making a smell. I don't know how old you are but I'm sure you're old enough to know better. Try thinking about it from the point of view of the people you're visiting. Your Mum has a valid point about not minding about genuine accidents. She's every right to be cross though if you've messed because you couldn't be bothered to go to the toilet.

Sandra: I enjoyed your tale of the recent business meeting.
I think it's great you're uninhibited enough to fart in front of other people. I was imagining myself at that meeting, and I think I would have guessed where you were going and what you planned to do there if I heard a few of those resonant farts! How many of your co-workers caught on, do you think? What if one of them asked you about it? (I'd be tempted to!)Could I pose a detail question: you
mentioned it was a big poo that took ten minutes to come out, but what did it look like? Just curious...
I think it's a shame that your husband doesn't like your
farts. I suppose everyone is entitled to his/her own unique
panorama of likes and dislikes, but if I had to make an
educated guess, I'd say the majority of (heterosexual!) men
enjoy a woman's farts(at least in their often repressed,
subconscious levels of the brain- right, Scirocco?). What
do the other male (and femal! e!) readers think?

lisa: I also enjoyed the story of your semi-buddy dump.
I do hope you get the chance to do it again soon, but I'm
not so sure I'd choose the same buddy again for you... the
conversation you two had was fine, but it didn't sound to
me like her poop load was at your level. I think it would be intriguing to find someone who sounded like she was a
worthy rival in the stall next to you, and make a friendly
wager between the two of you concerning who did the bigger
load, before actually comparing them after you'd finished!
Do you think? Thanks for the detailed description of your
masterpiece, but I disliked your use of the word "estimate"
concerning the length of the logs...couldn't you put a tape
measure in your purse, so that in the future we'd have more
detailed, accurate information in order to better visualize
your creations?

For Lisa, I am orginally from Indiana but been living in Colorado for the past 5 years.

For Ryan(age 16) from England, I thouroughly ejoyed your story about your time with Claire :)

I don't have any good dumping stories right now so this is it for now.

TO LISA-glad you liked my poo in woods story-I'm sure i'll have more to come soon.I loved your story with your friend pooing in the ladies room-More sfuff like that!
The last 3 days or so i've been pooing like a champ-i still go once a day,but each time i go,it's been a lot of pooing.I haven't changed my diet so i guess once in a while,my system must go thru a purging cycle-Does anyone else go thru this?Some feedback please.Anyway,yesterday was the biggest dump of the last 3 days and it was at the gym.I was doing my routine and felt like i had to shit,but it wasn't a strong urge and i decided to go and sit on the pot for a bit,so i got undressed and when i sat down,i let out a small tight fart and i had the paper with me and i started reading and let the first turd start coming out.At first,i didn't really pay any attention until i nociced it just kept coming and coming and it was soft and sounded like -plop,plop plop polp as it broke off before it hit the water.So i put! the paper down and looked between my legs to watch the poo as it kept coming out like a soft ice cream despenser,but i didn't feel like i was going to go this much and when it finally stopped,the bowl had a mound of poop rising up out in the middle og the bowl about 2-3 inches above the water.It all came out at once.I felt like i had to go more,but i just sat there and some mucus oozed out with a long fart and that was it,but it was some LOAD.It was like twice what i normally dump.I love when i go like that-it's not too often,but wow it felt great.I hope i can do one of these out in the woods this summer! I sat there for a few mins pushing out my anus and got off and went to take a shower.Wish i could poop like this more often.Anyone have a similar story? BYE

Lisa - Next time maybe you can invite her into your stall while you push your poo out, then return the favor for her. That would make you closer.

Wednesday, May 03, 2000

Pregnant girl
Sorry I couldnt think of a better name but Im not very creative besides if I was some kind of superhero that would be my name probably. hehe
Anyway I was surfing around and came upon this site, I must say its very open, but I have question for anyone who can answer. Im 23 yo and just found about 2 months ago I was pregnant. And it seems that everyday since last week I started to get more and more gassy. Little by little. I often feel bloated. Ive never been this gassy in my life, I know Im pregnant and all, but its kind of embarassing. I never know how big one of my movements will be. Its getting kind of tiring going to the bathroom everytime I have to fart.

Id feel funny asking my doctor about it, but Ive heard of some women getting gastritis? If anyone else can help me out Id be greatfull. Im gonna see if their are any websites where I could ask a webdoctor, but would appreciate any info from any of you.

PV: It was the seat I didn't trust. Guess I'm weird that way - I NEVER trust public toilet seats. If I have to poo, I line the seat before I sit down, but if I just have to pee I usually raise the seat and hover. Just didn't have time to raise the seat the other day though :-)

Simon: In my experience, the reason for a repeat trip to the toilet soon after the first is that it didn't all come out the first time. Sometimes pushing out the first lot will make room for the next lot to come down, but unless you sit there and wait patiently, chances are you might have pulled up your pants and left by the time the next urge hits.

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