The Mountaineering Council of Scotland in Perth has produced a leaflet that may interest outdoor poopers everywhere. It's called "Where to 'Go' in the Great Outdoors". The whole leaflet is too long to post here, so here are some extracts:

"The subject of human sanitation in the outdoors has been neglected over the years by many of the books and manuals that explain other essential outdoor skills. It has in many ways been a taboo subject, which is a pity because if done carelessly, the consequences of 'doing it wrong' can be very damaging"...

"The best method of disposal of excrement in the outdoors is usually to bury, but this needs to be done sensitively, and there are times when it isn't possible. We therefore recommend the following guidelines.

* Remember that a mountain stream may be the water supply for a remote house.

* Make sure you are at least 30 metres from any running water when you defecate"..! .

* Excrement decomposes faster if covered with soil and leaf mould. This also discourages animals from digging it up. Badgers and dogs love to roll in it, and even eat it!

* Be discreet. Defecate at least 50 metres from paths and 200 metres from huts, bothies and crags.

* Wherever possible, dig a 15 cms (6") hole and bury your excrement. Carry a hand trowel for this purpose.

* When digging a hole is impossible, an alternative (although less desirable) method is to spread your excrement in a very discreet place, using a trowel or small rock, and then cover it with vegetation or rocks. Spreading it as thinly as possible helps the natural breakdown of the excrement.

* Squashing excrement with a boulder will slow the decomposition process. It is better to cover the excrement with a rock in such a way that the two aren't in contact. This allows the air to circulate and thereby enables decomposition.
* Avoid digging or spreading in sensitive vegetation such as on mountain plateaux. Either pack your excrement out, or at least carry it off the sensitive area.

* In snow, dig down to the soil. Burying your excrement in the snow is only temporary until the snow melts.

* Normal toilet paper takes a long time to break down, so consider using biodegradable toilet paper.

* While it is best to burn your toilet paper, be extremely careful not to start a fire in dry grass or in a forest. If you have any doubt, carry it out. Burying it should be seen as a last resort."...

'How to shit in the woods' by Kathleen Meyer, Ten Speed Press"

The M.C.o.S. leaflet also mentions that in certain areas of North America, walkers and climbers are encouraged and sometimes required to carry out all their excrement when they leave a wilderness area. Does anyone have any experience of this?

Accidental Tourist
I have been lurking here for a very long time but finally wanted to say hello and tell you all how much I appreciate this place. I have visited some of the other sites of a sexual fetish nature but have decided that in the end that's not what I really want. I have a life-long interest in accidents that isn't really a sexual interest. I think it has much more to do with recapturing the innocence of childhood.
Although I have tried to engineer situations in which I have had accidents in my pants, and have sometimes "succeeded", in the end it has always been overly painful, difficult and contrived and over the years I have stopped trying (I am a 42 year old male). Desperation is hard, and I think many children have bathroom accidents not out of desperation so much as out of a failure to realize what the consequences are of letting go, acting naturally and giving in to one's urges. I have realized, for the umpteenth time, that you can't go home again.

If people w! ant to hear about it, I can tell about some of my accidents, both planned and unplanned. In the meantime, since someone asked, let me say that my favorite post of all time on this forum is in the archives on page 63: a post by "Newbie" in which she describes wetting her pants while sledding. This post is awesome and describes the innocence of childhood (wetting, regrets, indignation, embarassment and naivete) that I was talking about perfectly. If Newbie is still here in some identity or other, may I say congratulations for a wonderfully described experience!

-- AT

Guess what? I had a glass of hot water after posting last night, and the fiber finally did its good work...after a while I could feel something really big moving down into my rectum. I held it for a while, pushing a bit (I peed my undies a little) to keep it coming, and letting the feeling build up, and then I went to the toilet, sat down and rubbed my ????. First I gave a small fart, then slowly pushed out a foot-long, thick, firm sausage poo whose end stuck out above the water, followed by a short 2-inch piece and after sitting a while longer, a long, loud, fart. There was hardly any splash, because the tip reached the water before the other end left my butt. It smelt a little stronger than my 'normal' poo, maybe because it had been sitting aroung in my bowels for longer than usual.

I did several more loud farts before I went to sleep, and this morning I went for a jog, followed by lunch with friends (I'm glad I got the big log out the night before or it might hav! e come during the jog). We had Chinese food, and after the meal one of my girlfriends had to pee so I went too. While I was peeing I felt a sudden pressure on my ring so I pushed and another big poo slowly came out and splashed quietly into the water, with the tip vanishing round the bend. I could feel more to come, but I didn't want to keep my friends waiting so I wiped (it took three wipes, and was still a little brown on the third wipe) and got out. My friend had already washed her hands and was fixing her hair, and there was a definite poo smell from my cubicle, but she didn't say anything.

I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my friends, and surprisingly didn't feel an urge either to poo or pee, until I got home. I was just taking stuff out of my bag when I suddenly had a very urgent need to pee, so I dropped what I was doing and went straight to the toilet, where I peed hard and long then pushed out a fat log of about 10 inches and a lump the size of a ! small egg, which floated.

An hour later I started farting, and needing to go again. This time I let out a 6-inch floating carrot. I feel so much better after letting out all that poo!

Two years after I spied on that girl taking a piss in the woods, which I mentioned in my last post to this forum, my family and I escaped from Vietnam on one of those crowded boats some of you probably remember hearing about in the news. I was now 14 and while I was on the boat I realized I might have some opportunities to satisfy my interest in watching women go to the bathroom. The boat was so damn crowded there was hardly any privacy. The only toilet on the boat really stunk and was in pretty bad condition as was the whole boat. There wasn't even a door to cover up the john - only a thin curtain. It didn't take me long to notice that when the wind would blow the curtain would swing over, too, exposing who ever was using the toilet. Before we got to the Philippines I managed to spy on several of the women and girls using that toilet by just hanging out in front of the toilet and waiting for the wind to blow the curtain open. But my most memorable moment on that boat was when a really nice looking girl my own age (14) walked into that bathroom and closed the curtain just as I was in front waiting for the wind to blow. It was my lucky day that day because sure enough just after she went into that toilet, the wind blew a really nice gust, exposing her to my view for a few seconds. What a sight! There she was facing me, pants down, sitting on the toilet pissing (I could hear the sound quite well). I had a really good view of her bare thighs, too. Even though she saw me she didn't say anything - all she did was look really embarrassed, but she must have been too embarrassed to tell anyone since I never got in trouble for my spying. Then after the wind stopped blowing and the curtain was in place, the wind blew again, pushing aside the curtain and exposing the girl just as she was getting up from the toilet and pulling up her white panties. At that moment I got a good look at her pussy - it was really hairy - in fact it was the first time I had ever seen a mature pussy with pubic hair. I couldn't stop thinking about what I had just seen even after we were in the refugee camp in the Philippines. I couldn't stop thinking about it after we had been resettled in Klamath Falls, Oregon. And I couldnít stop thinking about it later on when we moved to Spokane, Washington when I was 17. Things like that stay with you for the rest of your life.

Adam from Canada
Does anyone know if I can buy a the type of toilet seat that you find in schools and stores? Ones that are round with opening in the front?

Kelly P
Thanks to everyone who responded with suggestions for my husbands travel constipation problem. He's OK now, thank goodness. What happened is that he finally agreed that an enema was the only thing that might help. He didn't know how to do it, so he ended up, so to speak, needing my help. It took 4 to clean him out.

The first time he only had a little bit of water then ran to the bathroom. Only the water came out. So I gave him another really slow and he managed to hold it about 10 minutes. When he went I heard this little cry and what sounded almost like a shot. I thought something terrible had happened and ran in the bathroom. He was looking between his legs at the fattest poo plug I've ever seen. He said it hurt a lot coming out. After an hour or so, I convinced him to try one more. He was able to take about half the bag and he did a great big long hard poo. I know because it was stuck crosswise in the potty when I went to pee a little later. He had ! to use a garden trowel to break it.

The next morning he still couldn't go, so he actually asked me for another enema. This time I was able to give him the whole bag (2 quarts???). He was on the john for more than an hour and must have flushed 6 times. He said every time he thought he was done he had another urge and did another big poo. I guess the laxative was able to get through and help him finally too. When he was done he was worn out. He took a shower and went back to bed for a nap. When he woke up he was feeling much better and was finally interested in me, which I really needed after nine days.

Some of you may think this is weird, but even though we've been married 6 months I'd never actually seen his hole before, or anybody else's as far as I can remember. Somehow I thought it would be gross, but it isn't at all. It's a really cute little thing. He said mine was too. I managed to look at it with a mirror and he's right, if I do say so mysel! f. Now I'm wondering why we're all so scared of anybody seeing our holes. Anyway, I'm not going to worry anymore if he sees mine while we're fooling around. Thanks again to everybody.

Hi,everyone! Andre: excellent story! I want to be invited to the next outing! Here are my votes:
Alison:load 1
Liz: load 2
Vivien: load 3
Quench our desires for the thrilling conclusion soon,please!

In response to some other posts if I do it in my pants I normally just empty it out and carry on wearing my underpants, also I do if I wet because it normally drys out. I I wet and my parents notice I am normally made to change if Iím at home.
I have been two stay over at a mates house, Friday night, there were 3 of us staying over. We all went over my mates house on Friday. We were all playing on his sega system, it was my turn and I was doing really well but I really needed the toilet, I was desperate for a poo, then I couldnít hold it any longer and I started doing it in my pants, I was led on my front so I wasnít worried. I was wearing my white football shorts. After a bit my friends said it smelt of poo in the room, which it did a bit. Paul said, smells like somebody needs the toilet but we all said we didnít. Then we went to play footy so I emptied my pants out into the toilet before we went. Anyway went to bed in my t-shirt and pants as normal that night,! nobody noticed a thing, we went down to breakfast the next morning we ate it, and then led in front of the tv. They my mates mum came in so I quickly pulled my t-shirt over my pants. I had to go and put my shorts back on then as my mum was picking me up from the house to go shopping for a new pe kit.
We went into the shop to get it and my mum said I had better try on the shorts and top to make sure they do fit ok, there were no changing rooms as they were be decorated so she said just to stand in the corner and she would stand round me. I pulled my shorts down and my mum must have seen my pants, she said, oh you havenít and said what, but she said nothing, anyway we bought the shorts and top and she took me to another shop and bought me a pack of 3 underpants and told me to go into a toilet and change into a pair. She said I donít know what you did in the pair you have got on but they are very dirty. Anyway so I went and changed them and bought the other pair out, ! and went to the toilet at the same time so it didnít happen again.
Anyway, my mum wasnít very happy with me and she still hasnít managed to get my undies completely clean.
Anybody else do the same as me?

Billy in NY
Great post Carlos! - I've always had this fascination with women smoking while SITTING on the toilet, but this certainly was a different twist. The only thing I can figure is that this woman was so smashed that she may have thought she was sitting on the toilet when she lit up, then just let everything go. My girlfriend used to smoke long before I met her, and told me that she too would always smoke while taking a dump. She probably has no idea what kind of reaction that gets out of me. I use my imagination to picture what she must have looked like. Here's hoping that some of the ladies in the audience (smokers or former smokers) will be so kind as to share their experiences of smoking while doing a BM -- THANKS!

Slayer Moon
I remember John Stoltenberg commenting in his book _Refusing_to_Be_a_man_: "Anyone can pee standing up or sitting down." While I don't question that women can pee standing up, I have wondered about how they would go about it. To those women in this forum who do, I have some questions:

What sort of stance (horse stance, bent forward, etc.) do you assume? Did you have to modify your clothing to make it possible? Do you hold your vulva open with your fingers? Do you wipe, or do you think it's superfluous to wipe?

Anyway, I have something to be open about myself. I'm not circumcised ... not anymore, anyway! I've been stretching
myself a new foreskin for a few years now, which involves a piece of bandage tape around my juan tomas to stretch the skin. Anyway, the tape often makes it hard to pee. Sometimes I pull the tape off ... along with some pubic hair, which is a little agonizing, and replacing it when I'm done. Sometimes I just leave it there and pull bac! k the neo-foreskin while I drain the lizard and then tuck a small wad of toilet paper (one sheet) into the foreskin when I pull it forward over the head.

Elena- What Linda told you was true, my Mother only ever
let me see her poop once. I think that one time was
because she wanted me to learn not to be affaird of an
enema. She took me in the bathroom that one time and
told me she was constipated and need "a little help to
get started". I remember her making up the enema and
hanging it on a towel rack beside the toilet. She then
pulled up her nightgown and sat. She spread her legs
and put the enema hose between them and up into her
bottom. She didn't say much, just held it there and
opened the clamp. After what seemed like a long time
she close the clamp, pulled out the tube waited. First she'd strain just a litle then there'd be the sound of water pouring as it ran from her into the toilet, but it would suddenly stop.
Then Mom would grab her thigh and REALLY start to strain,
that's when her face would turn RED and she'd make this
long grunting sound. She'd h! ave to push three or four
times, grunting each time, and then there would be the
sound of a lump exploding from the bottom. She'd rest
a minute, more water would pour and then the straining
would start again. I'm sure this went on the half an
hour before she told me she was done.
And yes Linda is also right, she watched me all the time.
When I was being toilet trained is really made me hold back
my bowels and often I got constipated because of it.
The story about Belinda was interesting, I could never
go, even rabbit pellets, without making some kind of
grunting sounds.
Please tell us more about Nora.-- JW

Well, it has been a while since I last posted. I went back to Indiana last weekend to see my son. I flew to Cincinatti since it is much cheaper flying there from Colorado with Delta than from Denver with United. I did a little detour from Cincy to Indy where my parents live and my son who lives with soon to be ex-wife. I stopped by Miami of Ohio University and Earlham college. It was cool to go by Miami of Ohio U. There were some good looking women even though I am in my early 30's. I made the stop at Earlham college since I had friends that went to school there and it is a very interesting place. When I got there, I had to take a good shit and ended up using the bathroom. The dorms were open when I visited there when I was in college but now, they are locked with card readers because of many administrations getting more security conscious. I ended up taking a dump in one of the more public bathrooms but I wasn't there at the right time. I would have liked to stay there until ! dinner but I had to get to my parents house and they were a little bit upset that I showed up late.

Been away on business and really got a kick out of ANDRE's post about the 3 women taking dumps.My vote is-PIle 1-the 180 lb woman-pile 2-the very tall woman-Pile 3-The athelic woman.Hey andre,wouln't you have love to have seen all 3 taking a dump sitting on that log at the same time!!Keep us abrest of that situation!My favorite post are any about going with other people in public toilets and buddy pooping,I enjoy the descriptive one's about the ladies esp!!Went biking yesterday and decide to hold my a.m. poo for the woods.It wasn't easy-had watermelon the nite before and by the time i got to the woods,i really had to go bad!So i found a spot with this RR tie and sat on that and right away my asshole exploded with all this soft poop that went down the side of the RR tie.Half of it was on the ground and the other half was on the side of the RR tie.It was a big load.After the first load,i sat there enjoying the morning air and then i felt another cramp and pushed out what felt l! ike some more do do,but it felt like it kemp coming and coming-finally i looked down and saw this foot and a half of brownish mucus hanging out my puckered anus.It reached down to the ground and it was still hanging out my anus,so i just let it hang there and slowly let it ooze out.then i got another cramp and farted a small one and right behind the mucus,a long squgglie came out rather quickly and then i felt done.I looked down and saw a pile of poop with this thick spagetti of mucus on top of the pile along with the squgglie poo on the side of the RR tie.Then i sat there pushing out my anus for a bit and got off in a big way and got dressed and went off for some biking.Now that the nice weather is coming ( here in the N.E.) i'm looking forward to dumping outdoors.I really enjoy doing that along with going at the gym! Great stories,all BYE

John(VT)-- thanks for your post. you've expressed my sentiments in many similar ways. I've always thought i was some kind of a pervert and have for a long time considered psychological treatment for my obsession for i felt that i was the only one in the world with this perversion. But after finding this site and discovering that many other men have the same "disorder," i feel that i have had the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. i too am in my 40's and it is a definite relief to find that i am not alone anymore. i only wish i had realized this earlier in life; the suppressed feelings all these years are regrettable. A big thanks to all of you! and John, yes, keep posting, we have such similar interests and fantasies indeed! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your fascinations and could truly relate--unbelievable! ...thanks!

Dear Nancy,

I am so delighted! It makes me feel so good to have offered helpful advice, and if you've managed to effectively alleviate your constipation, you're on the way to much better health.

Many folks do indeed find regular enemas helpful, and make them a way of life. I know Louise was curious too, so I'd like to ask a few points -- was the kit expensive? What kind of volumes did the trick for you? Did you use warm water only, or an additive such as glycerin or castile soap?

Congratulations, dear, and I hope you find a warm enema the solution to your problems for ever more. It's so much easier than straining! Let's face it, straining is a direct cause of haemorrhoids, but to the best of my knowledge carefully done enemas have no side effects.

Well done!


Hi Dee,

450 average? I've done 750, and tonight I did 700, so go figure! We must be above-average woman (what a delcious conceit!)

I'm sorry to hear about your constipation, It's so annoying to know the log is in there, and to be frank I've never had one that close to the back door that refused to exit! Hopefully you've laid that particular egg by this time! In a situation like this, I can recommend the enema I discussed with Nancy -- it's certainly worked for her! Though with the mass so close inside your anus there would be no room to get the nozzle into place. What about a suppository?

That was some desperation piece! Yikes... You were lucky you made it. Did you pee standing by choice, or was it a case of not trusting the seat to be hygienic?

Best wishes,


Havn't posted in a while, just been reading and am alarmed at the amount of poop some people can do! I must say when I poop I usualy take about 30 seconds and the whole lot usualy drops out in pretty much one go, but I can't understand how some people here can poop for 25 minutes AND do the same 10 mins later!! can someone please explain or tell me what they eat to do that much poo.

I would also like to do a 'pan buster' can anyone recommend what to eat to get consistantly long turds, as mine tend to be 3-4 inchers of the soft veriety.


when I was ten a girl named veronica moved into the house next store.she had a large boyish figure,though she wasn't fat,just a big blonde scandinavian or german girl.i was just blown away by her because while the prissy friends I had in catholic school were in complete denial of thier bodily functions,she seemed to have a sense of joy and humer in every noise,fluid or solid her body produced.she was the classic tomboy and we spent alot of time in the woods hiking and time when we were on a two day campout with her eight year old brother we were loaded up on freeze dried food and I got the worst case of the farts I think I ever had.since me and my other friends would never dream of farting in front of each other I would fall back on the trail a few steps when ever I had to cut one. Because I hadn't takin a shit for more than a day my farts were getting humid and asshole was itching like crazy from cutting wet farts all day and I was to uptight to ! Scratch it.we stopped to take break and to my amazment she stood up on a fallen tree stuck her ass out like she were bending over to hear better and said come here and be quiet there's something out there.we silently moved closer to her,when we within inches of her butt she let out a huge high pitched fart that was louder than any boy fart I had ever heard.she laughed wickedly and said'oh man that was a wet one.her brother laughed and said you better give your self the stinky finger check.without hesitating she undid her jeans and stuck her hand down her jeans'oh-oh' she said then suddenly pulled her shitty finger out and shoved it under her brothers nose, she then came after me with her stinky did it stink.then I did something totally out of charicter.i reached down my pants ,rubbed my finger all over my wet stinky asshole and said you asked for it. We mock swordfought with our stinky fingers,then I lunged and scored.oh my god you got your shit on my nose! .she started laughing so hard she began farting uncontrolably blasting a long series of machine gun farts followed by some very wet sounding swamp farts.'stop or you'll make me crap my pants'she walked a few feet away with that same walk you do from the toilt to the closet when you take a big sticky shit and you notice you're out of buttwipe. Then to my amazement she bared her ass right there in front of her brother and me she then squatted in full view of us and said this is gonna be a nasty one.i was fastenated as I watched her dirty pink girl ass start to bulge.i didn't want to stare but I didn't realise how interesting it would be.her pooper stated sputtering and popping and I could see it open with every wet poot.then she let out a huge shiny wet didn't seem gross at all out in the woods like fact giving her shit back to the eart instead of a cold santised toilet seemed more like a sacred offering than something gross or shameful,even when her brot! Her said'look,sissy's making softies'it did look like soft chocolate ice cream as the long continuos.turd curled up on itself.' I didn't no girl poop was that big' her brother laughed.'thats our stiny little secret,we want you to think we poop out dainty little balls that smell like perfume.veronica finally pinched off her monster creation. Not me she said as a couple more even softer poops fell out of her now very messy poopchute and landed on her pile with a 'plop'i'm proud of my dumps.i bet you are,I said.i bet you don,t even flush the jon at school.with those stuck up bithes at school I feel like crapping all over the seat.with that she,let out a loud blast of gas and shot a squirt 0f dark runny shit syrup on top of her chocolate he wiped ass with her dirty panties imade a cross out of two stiks ,shoved it in her huge steaming heap and said' I christen you mont veronicap

Monday, May 01, 2000

Ben in NY
Joey New England: I am 14. Glad to hear you love desperation stories too. Have any good ones? I'm sorry to say I've never had sightings.

To Mazzie
The Cindy Crawford article in Redbook is probally in your local library. Check it out. Anyway, when I glance at an article like that, I don't care what she's naming her kid, who's it is, or how long it took to deliver. I just look to see if she mentions anything about pooping. As pregnant women are likely to do. If I see any words, such as, bowels ,poop "had to go", constipation, etc, I read on. If not, who cares?

Liz----> specimen #2, Vivien----> specimen #1, Alison----> specimen #3 ...thanx, andre, nice post!

Andre, I would definately like to know the results of the pooping contest! My guess would be that Liz did the S shaped one, Vivien did the second pile, and Alison did the biggest pile.

Great story, Andre... I vote: Pile 1: the 140 lb femme; Pile 2: the 100 lb femme and Pile 3, the 180 lb femme...

Kelly P. I hope that your husband has moved his bowels. I had the same thing happen to me when I went on a 6 day vacation. It is called traveler's constipation. I had to take a soap suds enema. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Please post an update. This is a common problem.

man.. pan buster? Talk about a VERY apropriate name!!! Heh.
Hmmm? Linda told me your mother never let you see her poop but she always watched you.. and that was part of your problem. Can you post about that time you saw your mom? I saw my mom once (well to her knowledge).. and let me tell you... my mom was an elegant and demure woman.. she still is.. Miguel jokes that well at least I know what you'll look like at 50.. you mom's a fox!! Anyway she'd slip down her underwears just down enough to expose her bottom and sit.. adn the only noise she made was a sigh of relief.. I kid you not.. that's all not tinkle or hiss when she peed.. and no crackling, straining, or even a plop when she pooped.. but I did see the one's she did and they were huge like mine. I mean.. my mom took elegance to whole other level with that. I mean she'd sit.. sigh as she started.. then much later she'd stretch and go.. ahh I relly needed that. (I did peek in on her a few times as I ju! st could not believe this.. and even in private.. she was quiet as can be.. except one time when she had stomach cramps and got the runs. I peeked and it came out with loud booming gass and a loud splat.. her face turned red and she said softly.. I hope no one heard that.. and the rest was quiet. Um anyway.. gee.. you all want another Nora story? Well.. okay but not now.. later. Okay Belinda this time. Belinda and I had just come from the pool.. she had changed and stuff and I had just gotten out of the shower. Belinda knocked on the door and said she had to come in (her voice sounded like she was not comfy) I had my t-shirt and underwears on so i opened the door and dried my hair. I figured she only had to pee. Belinda came in and undid her pants and said you staying? I said I'm still not dressed i can't exactly go anywhere ouside you know.. (Miguel and belinda's brother were outside) She thought for a moment then said.. I can't wait any longer.. and whipped down her pants an! d underwears and sat.. after a fast furious pee.. she sat on her tip toes and sighed.. then.. I heard it.. it sounded like someone dropping pebbles inot a bucket of water. She had a total look of relief then looked at me red faced. She said.. I feel so embarassed. I told her.. no Nora, Josie, and Gina had told me about her being a bunny pooper.She blushed again.. and she told me they heard her once in a public restroom then again at Nora's house and they teased her about it. I told her I wouldn't laugh at her.. I told her I sounded like I dropped a watermelon into the toilet. (notice as we talked more pellets came out.. after small puases) JW she had no sign of straining.. lucky girl. She has hunched over(to cover your bare.. um.. you know up front I'd guess)Anyway she told me that she always pooped like that even when she was a girl.. and it was embarassing.. so she avoided going in public bathrooms and with company. I told her it was odd? She stroked the hair from her face a! nd said.. not to me. I don't know why.. but I asked can I see? She sat up straight and looked at me rather odd.. and asked why? I said.. I'm sorry.. just I never heard or saw anyhting like that. She then got up (holding her shirt down in front with her bottom facing the wall)and said go ahead with a red face. I looked.. there were lots of tiny pellet poops .. they looked dry and rock hard. She said I have to sit back down.. I have more to do. She has back down and didn't talk for a bit.. she just plopped every few seconds. I told her I was sorry for embarassing her. She looked at me and said.. it's okay. So we talked and stuff (so much I forgot to get dressed)Anyway, she became more comfortable and I have seen her poop a few times as she invites me now. Anyway.. she knows about me wanting to poop in front of Miguel.. she says keep working at it. And I have.. but my bottom won't let anything out. ug speaking of which.. I have to do that right now.. Miguel is home.. maybe I can ! do it this time. Wish me luck.

P.S. JW Nora stuttered and sometimes talked through grinding teeth.. that was all the starinign she did.. her has was wrinkled and a bit red. Hope that's what you wanted to know.

I used a unisex restroom, and it was delightful. You walk into a doorway that says "restrooms" and there are 5 totally private cubicles, with total tile enclosures, locking doorknobs, and a loud powerful, effective exaust fan. The H/A stall had its own sink, otherwise where was a vanity of sinks, for the general public. It was a delight !

Someone asked recently what our most favourite posts were.

Mine is Malcolm's on page 291. I hope he reads this, cos I was the most.... thrilled I have ever been, on reading his post.

I wish he'd post again!

Felis XX

To CV. Thanks for the info on enemas. I have been constipated all week and was feeling bad. After reading your post about enemas I got an enema kit and tried it out.
At first I could not take much water because I was so plugged up. After several attemps I was starting to pass some hard poop. The more I pooped the more room I had for the water. When I was able to get half a bag in me and hold it for awile It cleaned me out good. I think this could become a habbit.

PV, Louise: Hi, how's it going? :-) I read somewhere that the average bladder capacity is only about 450 ml, and that most people start needing to go when they reach about 200-250 ml. That makes us all WAY above average!

Andre, that sounds like it must have been fun! My guess - Vivien (3), Alison (2) and Liz (1). Please post the results!

As I posted a couple of days ago, I've been feeling a bit constipated. It's not that I'm not pooing at all, but that I have to grunt and strain to go, and don't feel empty after I'm done. It's getting very annoying, because I really needed to pee today. I drank a little water and peed before I left the house, but three hours later I was BURSTING. I was helping some kids with their homework, and at first it was okay because I was concentrating on the lesson, but after a while I had to go.

A little after that, I could feel my bladder filling up, and by the time I left, my belly was tight and swollen, though you wouldn! 't have been able to tell because I was wearing a loose t-shirt over drawstring pants. My next stop was the library, and I figured I'd be able to hold it until I got there. I had to cross my legs and press my thighs together every time I stopped at a pedestrian crossing, and as I neared the library I could feel myself breaking out in a sweat. I was biting my lip to take my mind off the other pain I was feeling lower down, and it didn't help that I walked past TWO park fountains on the way :-)

I reached under my t-shirt and undid the knot on my pants, hoping to relieve a little of the pressure. It helped a little, but not nearly enough. When I reached the library I literally ran to the toilets, but they were being cleaned! I pushed on the door anyway, and it was locked. I knew I'd wet myself if I didn't make it to a toilet soon. The security guard who was there must have seen that I was desperate, and he told me to take the lift and use the other toilets which were som! e floors up. I couldn't stop to thank him so I just nodded and ran to the lifts. I was alone in the lift (thank God) so I grabbed my crotch and pressed for all I was worth until I reached my floor, where I got out, ran down the corridor and flung the toilet door open. I rushed into the nearest cubicle, whipped down my pants and undies and let go with a blissful moan of relief. I didn't have time to take out my plastic spoon, so I stuck my butt out over the seat in the 'peeing backwards' position. I peed hard for almost a minute (52 seconds, by my watch) and sprinkled the seat a bit, but I cleaned it up before I left.

Now, one of the reasons I'm so annoyed with my constipation is that usually I can hold my pee better than this (I've been able to pee hard for over a minute before). I ate normally on Friday and only pooed a little. I ate a LOT on Saturday and didn't poo at all. Today, not surprisingly, I felt 'full' when I sat down to pee, so I grunted for about 10 minut! es but only managed to fart and produce a really small log (3 inches long and half an inch wide). I haven't been getting the 'I need to poo' urges I normally get - all I have is this irritating 'full', bloated feeling, and I've been farting all day. I've taken a fiber supplement, and inserted a little petroleum jelly up my rectum (I could feel a hard tip about one and a half inches in). I know I have a big poo waiting to come out, what with all the food and fiber, but so far, NOTHING. This is so annoying.

Joey New England,Ben New YorkI'm in New England also and like desperation stories also.

To answer Louise and others about guys peeing techniques and fave places. I love to pee outdoors - in the woods, at the beach, wherever. Guess my technique is a lot like her boyfriendís - I like to lean back and let the pee shoot up in an arc. Watering a tree is OK, and the ďraindrops on bushes effectĒ too, but I really like to pee out in the open so that it splatters down on the ground or, even better is to pee off of a high structure - bridge, wall, hillside, even tried a roof. Risky but fun - the splash is bigger! Also, unlike inside at a urinal or the bathroom at home, when you have to hold your dick and aim into the pan, itís great outdoors just to open your pants and pee without aiming, maybe with your hands behind your head. Maybe Steve would have a problem with this because of that foreskin getting in the way and having to be pulled back? Any of you European guys have anything to say on that?


Crazy Guy
I went to a club and I had to shit. There was a room with a urinal and a toilet with no stall, just a toilet in the corner. I didnt care. I just sat down and took a shit. Then I noticed there was no toilet paper. After that Somebody walked in and saw me on the shitter. I just kept on crapping and when he left I had to wipe with my hand then wash it really good in the sink. I mean really really good. Then I talked dirty to the girls in the club until about 5am.

Mark B (UK) asked if we had a favourite story. My favourite is Craig's story on page 62. I never get tired of reading it. I sure as hell would have loved to have been the guy watching. It is a well written story and dare I say it, something always happens to me whenever I read it!

Sir Poops Alot
To another Mariah Carey fan; I too have always been interested in female celebrities and their poos. Here's what I know. Courtney Cox said in a mag, when asked about her "eating disorder" that she had never intentionally thrown up, and would never take a laxitive. Drew Barrymore said in rolling stone that if Courtney Love did something or another, that she would shit in her pants. Kristie Alley told Jay Leno that when she first got her adopted child, that he spewed diarrhea in her face. Also check out look who's talking II, for her to talk about dumps. Courtney Love said in musician mag, that the drugs to help her kick herion also gave her a tremendous case of the shits. That's all I can remember right now. Wait a minute. Jennifer MCcarthey on Howard Stern, talked about how she had been given enamas as a child, how her poos were now real soft and how bad her farts smell. Quite a turn on.Check out Howard as he often asks female celebrities about their bowel habits. Pretty cool stuff.

Sunday, April 30, 2000

Hi,everyone! Greetings from northern New England!
This is a fascinating site! I just found it(by accident!)
two days ago, and somehow I kept getting old archives from
1998-99. Very erotic writing, but today I magically (!)
got transported back to the present! Great to see that this site is still here!
I've been aroused by BM's since I was a kid, suppressed my
feelings as an adolescent, and only in the last few years
(I'm in my 40's now)have I allowed these turn-ons to return.
Luckily for me, my wife is supportive,although the subject
does not arouse her. She usually lets me inspect her move-
ments after she has gone, but sadly, hers are generally
smallish and/or too loose for my liking. (My own, by contrast, are much bigger and more solid.)
We have done a couple of things to help with my many ongoing
fantasies. Since my wife goes to a local college, she sees
and hears many young, athletic girls/women taking large dumps. S! he is often willing to give me detailed descriptions
of these occasions, which is a turn-on, but...I want more!
I've told her of my fantasies of somehow retrieving the
actual turds of a clogged toilet to return home to me...or
"hanging around" in the restroom with a sign promoting a
"large BM contest-cash prizes-no entry fee" while having a
good-sized supply of restaurant-style to-go boxes available
for willing wife is amused by my imagination, but is not audacious enough to have tried any-
thing like this yet.
She has secretly taped women on an audio tape recorder at my request in public restrooms, but these have not turned
out terribly well, so we haven't done this in awhile...
I have had a few good experiences lately with a good friend
of my wife's, who left some fairly large (8-12 inch X 1-2
inches) a couple of times in the toilet for me to inspect,
but also confesses this does nothing for her...
So it's very stimulating for me to read about the impressive
number of females that not only do tremendous loads, but also really enjoy it! I expect to be a regular poster here
now, so please let me know what you think! Thanks!

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