I am a constant reader and former poster, but I have not contributed for quite a while. However, last Sunday something hilarious happened to me in the scope of this forum's topic, which I think would be of interest to the posters and lurkers ‘round here. BTW, the following text is quite long; I hope will not bore you.
Over the Easter holidays, our clique of about a dozen people, couples and singles, went to a log cabin in the forest to do some relaxing, hiking and stuff. One of the younger members, a single woman of 32 years, unexpectedly brought two of her friends along who seemed to be her best of chums, sticking together all the time, cracking their private jokes, giggling etc., until the rest of us grew a bit impatient with them, since we all had a good time together, only the „three witches" as we called them, constantly threw their own party.
We were all enjoying the sun outside the cabin, eating and drinking, singing songs to a guitar and having a good time, w! hen one of the men addressed the three constantly cackling chicken and said, „Hey, why don’t you three gals just go ahead and do something for the benefit of the whole club for a change instead of sticking to yourselves and talking about people and places we don’t know? Wouldn’t that be a good idea?" „Allright," they replied, twinkling at each other, „we’ll do something for the entertainment of the whole bunch, but WE choose what we’ll do!" We all knew they had something funny in mind, but we never thought of what they did come up with.
Liz, the one who had brought the two others along, turned to the public and said with an impish smile, „We have just found out that all three of us haven’t gone number two for a coupla days and therefore are in desperate need of a good, healthy poo. So we’ll go around the back of our mansion, hop out of our pants, squat side by side and do what we gotta do. When we are done, we’ll come back, and all of you are to go out, one at a time, look! at our productions, and cast a written and secret vote who did which poo. We’ll invite all those who get it right for the roadside dinner today. And don’t you dare spy on us! Bob, go on playing your guitar so no one can pick up any treacherous noises." After that, they went out giggling, leaving us stunned and listening to Bob’s unplugged oldies, which were indeed „cover versions", since they covered the noises effectively.
The three witches came back some ten minutes later and obviously some pounds lighter, giggling again and with only the slightest blush on their faces. „Ladies and gentlemen, you may start your inspection," Liz told us, and out we went, one after the other. To cover up my more than casual interest in these matters, I let most of the others go out before me. They all came back, smiling, giggling, some of them shaking their heads and laughing, but noone giving anything away. All they did was grab a piece of paper and a pencil and write down their votes. I! spent my waiting time thinking about what to expect.
There was Liz, the sympathetic trim and sportive redhead, always on the move, standing 5 feet 5 inches and weighing close to 100 pounds. Liz was an eater, who gobbled up what came in her way, and obviously worked it all off again with extensive sports activities. She was a good bet for a healthy digestion, even if her small frame seemed to put her at a disadvantage (haven’t we read in this forum about small, lean women unexpectedly laying godalmighty monster turds?).
Both of Liz’s pals were taller than her. Brunette, long-haired Vivien stood almost 6 feet tall on her long legs and was slim (probably 140 pounds) with a narrow waist, but wide, slightly bony-looking hips. She had, once we had all loosened up a bit, proceeded to fart openly and very often. Since she was an airline stewardess, we had given her the nickname of „Flying Fartress". Whenever you talked to her, she would stop every couple of minutes, touch yo! ur forearm, close her eyes, hold her breath and say, „Wait a second!..." - and then you were treated to loud, drawn-out canvas-ripping sounds breaking from her broad bum, and a foul-smelling cloud of stale air. Considering her farting abilities, I bet she could shit a decent pile, too.
Last came Alison, her skin the colour of cafe-creme, two inches shorter than Lorna, her figure slightly on the ???? side (I give her 180 pounds), with a full, but pretty face, and very outstanding female attributes, like a D cups front and a butt that seemed to burst any moment. She obviously had the physique for a big shit, plus I had listened to her peeing through the outhouse door, and it had sounded like someone had turned up a fire hose to the max and aimed it down the bog. She had smiled when she came out and said, „Well, someone has to turn the stew, don’t you agree?" I reckoned she might have something in store from the backside, too.
Then my name was called, interrupting my rev! erie. It was my turn, and I went out. A strong poop odour greeted me at the corner, and when I walked around it, my glance fell on three „objects" sitting on the dirt close to the wooden wall with two feet distance between them, and with the figures 1, 2, and 3 close by, scratched into the ground with a stick.
No. 1 was a long, sturdy and claylike looking sausage which had assumed the form of a letter „S" when hitting the ground, halfway broken through at several places, starting out almost black and knobbly with a few black coffee beans lying around its tip, then getting lighter coloured and smoother as it curved its way, with a total length of approximately 16 to 18 inches, continuously over two inches wide, tapering off over the last four or five inches, and ending in a blunt tip.
No. 2 was a huge, enormously high pile composed of numerous light brown sausages which seemed to be knotted chaotically into a massive lump, and which were, as far as could be discerned, ! between four and seven inches long, nearly all of them 1.5 inches wide, with a smooth surface, some of their tips broken off in a rough stump, some rounded, some tapering. Their number must have been a dozen or more of them. I estimated the pile to rise from the ground more than seven inches, and covering a circular base area measuring, say, eight inches in diameter.
No. 3 was also a huge pile, but rather broad than high, covering an oval area almost a foot long and nine inches across, rising four or five inches from the ground. It seemed to enlarge as I watched, spreading out very slowly in all directions and losing height, since it was made of soft shit - not diarrhea, but sticky, reddish-ochre coloured mush with sort of grains embedded in it. Close to the centre of the mushy pile, a peak rose and tapered to a tip which was sinking into the surrounding mud with excruciating slowness. The pile gave off an overpowering stench, sweet, rotten, and penetrating, which dominate! d the smell of the other two „productions".
I looked at no. 1, 2, and 3 for a minute, then with an effort concentrated on something else to make my hard-on go away, and went back to the cabin. I took a piece of paper, wrote down my vote, added my name, and tossed it into the basket where all the others had put theirs, too. I will not tell you what I wrote down, nor what came out to be the correct solution. I’d rather leave it up to you to take a vote yourself and, if you want, post your vote to this forum. If there is at least one vote published, and if the poster wants to know, I will reveal the results some days later. Unfortunately, no one will get invited for dinner; but - ain’t this fun?
Good pees and poops to you all, Andre.

joey new
hey Ben in NY how old r u im 23 and love desperation stories

Hey Laurie! I'm glad to hear you will be posting soon. I have to say that you have been missed on here. I'll be patient and wait for your stories....i'm sure they will be great!! Bye
Love, Kevin

Stacked Kimberly. I loved your posts and you stick to being proud both of your lovely figure and your nice big jobbies! Ignore some of the more censorious and po faced types who posts here. If you overstep the line in content then the Moderator will censor the post, so dont bother yourself about others. I loved your in depth descriptions and must say your boyfriend is lucky to have such an attractive lady who enjoys having and sharing a good big dump. My wife Theresa buddy dumps with me and it sure reinforces our bonding as a couple. I hope to read more of your postings Kimberly.

Elena great story about Nora doing the big panbuster, lets here more about her.

Traveller, over the years and since coming to this website I have realised that many men indeed have fantasies about defecation especially about women doing this function and are turned on by listening to women and girls doing a motion. I have been into this since as early as the age of 5, thats over 40 ! years ago. Even at that age I would listen to my mother when she sat on the toilet and as I heard the sound effects I would visualise her sitting there with the big jobbies beneath her in the pan and get a buzz. Many who write here have had similar experiences.Likewise many male posters enjoy watching their wives or girlfriends doing a good solid motion, and lots of the girls seem to enjoy letting them do so. I blame the Judeo Christian ethic for our uptight attitudes to our natural functions such as defecation, urination and menstruation.

Interestingly, here in the UK the BBC Talking Point Webpage has a debate about Unisex Public Toilets which are Im glad to say beginning to appear in the UK in Pubs, Offices, and even in Municipal Facilities. The die hard pro smelly urinal lobby and the prudes are against but there is a sizeable viote in favour of Ally Mac Beal unisex toilets with of course stalls (cubicles) only no urinals. Really its stupid to have segregated faci! lities and as long as there is a security guard or attendant to prevent any abuse I cannot see a problem. Personally I look forward to these mixed gender toilets becoming the norm!

Elena- I loved your story about Nora. Just
a couple of questions. When she was straining
did she also have to grunt with each effort or
was talking the only sound she made? Also did
her face turn red? The only time I ever saw my
Mom take a dump her face turned red as a beat each
time she strained and she squeezed her thighs so
hard with her hands that she left white marks in
them. Please tell us about Belinda, thanks for
the story-- JW

Hi Louise!

Hello dear, sorry for taking so long to write. Just wanted to reply to your comments re enemas. I do hope the info is of help to Nancy.

Yes, I've looked into how they're done, and what to expect if I need one. Why? Well... When I was a girl (10 or 11) I had a long period of pretty shocking constipation, it must have been months and months when I was not defaecating properly, and I lived with constant ???? pain and cramps. Eventually it came to a doctor's call one night when I was in a lot of pain, a rectal exam that was pretty mortifying for a sheltered kid, though I'm proud to say I got through it without a squeak, followed by a course of suppositories.

In this period I produced the biggest poos of my life. My anus has never been stretched so wide since. I remember two absolute monstors that must have been the better part of two inches wide and a foot long, and they took about half an hour to pass, I was exhausted afterward, and very sor! e.

Anyway, I didn't need an enema but after researching enemas the chances are it would have been a much less traumatic experience. As for exploding before you reach the potty, it's always a possibility, but the interesting thing is that the first water to escape is usually clean, only shifting faecal matter toward the end, especially when it's the later enema in a series.

I'm so sorry to hear about you making a mess like that (big hug for you, dear), it must have been terribly embarressing for a 15-year old (it would be for anyone!) Fortunately I've not had such an experience, but it's only a matter of timing -- there are a number of times when I've felt my bottom give way as I sat down, the explosion actually begin before I touched the seat. Sometimes I've splashed the seat, but usually only a few spots.

My impression is that enemas, certainly if you're a regular user, provide a time-lag between completing irrigation and the onset of expulsion. Som! e authorities suggest a smaller-volume enema followed by a period of walking, bending and stretching, and rubbing the ???? to work the water around, while others suggest large volume enemas taken in a variety of positions to best wash the bowels.

Some cultures use them as a normal part of life, I've heard that some parts of India do this, or used to in the days of British occupation, I don't know if they still do but I'd be surprised if they dont. Regular users claim many health benefits from lowered toxicity levels, and the only problem I know of is loss of lower-gut bacteria (responsible for breakdown of cellulose).

From what I've seen, a well-given enema can indeed be a comfy thing, certainly not painful, and many come to enjoy them. While a forced enema will be painful and very frightening for anyone, child or adult, when given and received in an atmosphere of caring, it seems it can be fully as amazing an experience as any shared toileting.

I'm! glad you liked my info, and I'd love to hear more from you on the topic!

Wash those walls, grrrll!!!


This will be a very short story, but I think you will all think it is rather shocking. I just got back from daytona beach .FLA this week and I saw one of the most outrageous things I ever saw. I was staying at a motel that has an awesome pool and bar/lounge area and I was with my friends having a few drinks and enjoying the sights. while we were at the bar, a woman of I'd say thirty five and extremely attractive came up to the counter and started to make a scene about being asked to leave because she was drunk and being to loud. Her boyfriend or husband then raced up behind her and started screaming at the top of his lungs " you stupid drunk bitch, your ruining my holiday" and then he told her to wait right where she was, he was going to collect their things to go back to their room I guess. Anyway, I could'nt take my eyes off of her as she stumbled to a patio table, and stood swaying. I noticed she had a small purse with her and I watched her take out a package of cigarettes, and fumble to get one out and light it. I took my eyes off of her for about a minute, I swear, to order another drink from the bartender and pay for it, when all of a sudden I start to hear people saying "look at that chick,she shit in her pants." I turned around and saw for myself what they were talking about. The woman was hanging off the pool gate with her arms dangling over the other side with the cigarette still in her fingers, and she looked liked she was nearly semi-conscious and she kept trying to squat almost like an automatic reaction. She was wearing a baby blue string bikini (which she looked amazing in shit or no shit) and the back of them was so unbelievably full of shit, it looked almost fake but it obviously was'nt. So, to make an end of this, her boyfriend or whatever came back and saw her and grabbed her by the arm and escorted her off the property red faced. She was mumbling something and her bikini bottom leg holes revealed a monstous acc! ident as she waddled away with him.

I recently toured a WW2 submarine, the "Bowfin" at Pearl Harbor. It had only 4 toilets for 80 or so crew. I also noticed that each toilet compartment had a pipe with a filter head on it that protruded quite near the bowl. It evidently had a fan that quickly drew fumes through the charcoal filter. You can see why this would be really necessary, because a stinky dump would gag everybody on board especially when submerged. After all, you can't open a window or draw fresh air in from outside. From what I've read, they got pretty smelly inside anyway. I'm going to Iceland next week for a few days. Will have to check out the fixtures there.

Saturday, April 29, 2000

Ben in NY
To The Crank: Thanks very much for your advice and reassurance. I really do appreciate your help.

Is there anyone else in here my age who enjoys desperation? I would love to exchange posts on the site.

To Amy: I read your story about what happened to you at Playland. I was wondering, were you talking about Rye Playland in NY? If so, I must live awfully close to you! How old are you? I'm 14.

To Taryn: I enjoyed your desperation story immensely. I as well am 14, and have recently discovered my fascination with women who are desperate to go to the bathroom (by recently I mean within the last year and a half). If you are in the U.S. what state do you live in?

ALISSA - Hi! Your story of when you were on the beach
and how you peed in the huge hole in the ground is
like something I might do if I had to. How deep was
the hole. Were you in it up to your waist and did
anybody see you? If you had gone to the sea, would you
have gone in the water up past your waist or would you
have peed at the edge of the water?
If I have been on a beach where you can not go nude,
I have quietly pulled my bikini to the side and peed
while standing at the edge of the water, so I know how
exciting and daring you must have felt. I prefer it
when my boyfriend can stand with me and help to hide me.
Am I right to think that like me you stood to pee?
There are a few girls on this forum like me who can
stand to pee or are learning to, so if you have any tips
to give you will be good for the forum!

PV - Hi! I will look forward to your message. I loved
your enema info by the way. You must know! a lot about it,
and you make it sound comfy, but I think if I had one
myslef I would be worried about my bum exploding before
I had reached the toilet. Steve doesn't know this yet,
but when I was 15 there was one time I can rember when I
was really needing to shit so badly. Unfortunately that
time was a mix of solid and liquid by hoew it felt inside
me, and I did not sit down in time. I had been really
trying hard to keep my bumhole tightly closed but it gave
out suddenly with a loud splurging sound and I exploded
into the toilet and all over the seat, all over the wall
behind and all over the floor. It was really messy and it
took a long time to clean up and it stank really badly.


has anyone seen any recent release movies showing young guys sitting on the toilet?

Mark B
My favourite post on this site is by Aaron on page 100. I came across it again today when I was looking at some of the old pages. Do other people have a favourite post?


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