What a cool forum!!! Canít believe I found something this good Ė it fits my interests perfectly. Yeah, Iíll admit Iím interested in pissing Ė especially watching women do it. Iíve had an interest in that since before I left Vietnam when I was 14. I came from a really rural and traditional part of the country. My family were strict Catholics and never talked about sex or the differences between the sexes. But there was no shame at all in guys pissing in public. If you were a guy and you had to piss you just took out your cock wherever you were, even if women were around, and pissed on the side of a road, against a tree, or wherever Ė no one cared. Shitting was another story. No one, man or woman, boy or girl, would shit in public. Since we didnít have indoor or outdoor plumbing, I used to go out into the forest near where we lived when I had to take a dump. Strange that we had such different attitudes about piss and shit. Getting back to the subject of pissing, as I! got older though I began to wonder why I had seen all the other guys piss in public, but I never saw girls or women pissing. By the time I was 12 I was really curious about the subject, but I wasnít sure what to do to satisfy my curiosity. One day when I was 12 I noticed a really pretty girl I knew who was about 15 get up from the spot where she was working in the rice paddies and walk toward the woods. All at once I knew she was either going to piss or shit and that if I acted quick enough I might have a chance to watch. As she walked into the woods so did I about 20 feet to her right. Though the bush was pretty thick I was able to see her as she walked into a clearing that wasnít very far into the woods. Lucky for me I could see her as I crouched behind a tree and was pretty well hidden by the bushes. In fact she might have seen me only if she had looked really closely at the area where I was hiding but she had no idea I was there. As she walked into the center of t! he clearing she turned around and faced the path from where she had walked in from the rice paddies which meant that her right side was facing me. Then she lifted up her skirt, pulled down her white panties to her knees, and squatted with her butt and thighs fully exposed to my view. Shortly after she squatted she began pissing and I noticed a stream of piss coming down between her legs. Her head was bent forward as she pissed and she must have been watching the piss come out of her pussy. Her squatting piss lasted a little less than a minute, she took some tissue and wiped her pussy (Though I never got a chance to see her pussy because of the side view I had of her and the way her skirt hid it when she squatted down and got up Ė damn!!!) before pulling her panties back up and bringing her skirt back down. I was never the same after that day and knew I wanted to see more of what I had just seen and Iíll tell you all more about what happened next time I write.

no name 4 now
I've been taking baby steps.. just not as much. See a few days a go.. I let him come in and stand in the shower with the curtain closed.. that we he could hear.. but not see.. even then it was difficult.. but I'm trying.. and to show be was thankful.. he didn't peek once. (and I know cause I kept an eye on him) I'll post more next time as I have someone ahead of you in line right now. But I promise.
Well okay..let me tell you about Nora.. she the most memorable one as the way she pooped stays with me longer as well you'll see. We had just rushed home as we both had to go.. however I only have one bathroom and lucky me I ran the fastest. (I had to pee only.. and Nora had to poop as she complained about it out loud many times) Anyway I wiped my front being done and all and got dressed. I opened the door and washed my hands. As i turned around to dry my hands Nora was just whipping(a rather exact word.. trust had you been there.. you would agree) her ! pants and underwears down and crashe don the toilet.I remember her going ahhhh the sweet cool feeling of the toilet on my bare ass... it means relief is only a few mintues away. I giggled and was about to leave when she said I didn't have to. I said [sweating up a storm] she needed her privacy. She said as she took a rather long pee that it was okay. Well I shut the door and stood.. just to make her happy.. and well okay I'll admit.. I was a bit curious as Belinda (another friend I will tell about some other time) told me.. that it was a show to remember if you ever saw Nora poop. Well after the pee.. she spread her legs a bit and kinda latche donto the seat and then arched her back and started to strain.. it was odd. What was even more odd is that she continued to talk.. stuttering the whole time as she worked at it. Seeing her like that.. well she looked like an animal..pooping. There was tons of loud crackling as it slowly slid out. Then her body relaxed and she looked up a! t me and said. Sorry no splash. She sat there and talked about our guys and stuff. I was still a bit unerved by her pooping method.. it seemed odd to me. Hey i jusy sit normal and stuff. Anyway she got cleaned up and as she pulled up her pants and underwears she looked in the toilet and said.. boy I hope you have a high pressure flushing toilet. I saw too.. her.. poop was huge.. and eve though most of it was down the hole.. a couple inches of it was sticking out of the water. She flushed and said it felt sooo much better.. especially since she hadn't gone in 5 days. (and seeing her diet.. I'm not surprised.. Toledo.. Lina Inverse has NOTHING on Nora) Anyway 3 flushes later it went down (after being broken um with a plunger mind you.) Anyway there was talk about pooping rabbit pellets.. and I will post a story of Belinda as mentioned.. I had heard the gals poke fun at her at being a bunny pooper.. cause she always pooped out rack hard small pellets.. and I didn't believe it ti! ll i saw it for myself. Is that healthy? heh before I leave I got a confession and a question. You see.. I like the cold tingly feeling you get when a huge poop come sout of you and splashes i the watre.. call me odd.. but I like the tickling feeling.. am i alone in this. Thank you for your time.

TORY, here's my $0.02 on how much paper. I usually pull off 3 sheets at a time and fold them over into a 3-ply. How many times I do this depends on what kind of poop I took, but I guess it's usually about 5 to 6 times, so that's a total of 15 to 18 individual TP sheets. I like to see the paper completely clean, or close to it, after the last wipe. I also insert the paper just a little way into the anus on the last wipes, to get really clean.

EVERYONE, Jane mentioned in her post about her college days that she flushed because there was a real stink in the room. Lots of people do that - the "courtesy flush, etc. - but I've always thought that with flush toilets, the real stink is from the gas, not the poop itself, which is mostly in the water. I mean, there's is a distinct difference between the odor of poop and that of gas. Anyone who's ever taken a dump on one of those German toilets with the little platform in the bowl can attest to that! If it is mostly the ! gas, the problem is that flushing doesn't get rid of the gas, which is mostly methane (right?). Someone once told me that all those bathroom ceiling fans don't do much good because methane is heavy. It's better to install the fan, so I'm told, down near the floor. Anyone have more information on this?

Sometimes posters ask if it's normal to fantasize about others in the act of eliminating. I once had a friend who's a psyhciatrist. We were just friends, he wasn't my shrink - not that there's anything wrong with that! Anyway, once we got onto the topic of fantasies and I asked him if it was odd that, while other guys might think of sex when they see a woman - which I often do to, of course - just as often I visualize the woman sitting on the john. My friend laughed and said, "No, we all have a little bit of that in us." He explianed a little about the stages of development in Freud's theory and how maybe something simple happened during the anal stage causes a p! erson to think as much about elimination as about sex later in life. It might be something as simple as a mother being overly concerned about her child's BM's. Not to worry. If later on it turns into something that interferes with your normal sexual functioning, then you might have something to worry about. Just look at how many posters there are here. We're hardly sickies or nut cases, just people with a little more interest in something that doesn't interest some folks at all.

Just returned from my earlier-than-usual lunchtime poo. Nothing special, just 4 or 5 medium size logs. As it wasn't lunchtime, the ladies room was empty, but 5 minutes into my poo, I heard the door open and the clattering of heels. The person entered the stall next to mine. As she sat down I recognized the feet - small black shoes with very high heels and black hose. I figured it was our small Hispanic receptionist. Well, she let out a huge, loud and very long fart that went on for about 30 seconds. Then there were a few plops of what were probably small poos and the plops got much faster until it was "plipplipplpplpppppfffff" which clearly the sound of extremely loose and fast moving poo. The stench that came from under the stall was terrible! After several more loud and gassy farts she let out another load of runny poo. Then I heard her wiping. We both left the stalls together and headed for the sinks. It was indeed the Hispanic receptionist and we were about to start a conv! ersation when she let out another fart. And judging by the abrupt bubbling sound, she had pooed in her panties! She then made an about face and headed back to the stall. As I left the ladies room I could hear another rush of loud, farty poos!

stacked kimberley again
I apologize to louise and all the other readers who thought I was a bit concieted in describing my bust size. ButI am proud to be a five foot four girl with long blond hair and big tits and I was really just telling you all not bragging really. forgive me. you want to hear a really good poop story?well the other day me and my boyfriend were alone in my house and I had to have a log real bad. as always I got totally naked when I have to sit on the boyfriend never saw me do it soI invited him to join me. he not only joined me . but real surprisingly got naked also.when it was time for me to crash a log out I really closed my eyes to brace myself because I was pushing out an absolute monster!I felt the greatest tingling sensation in my ass as I was pushing this HUMONGOUS BEAST OUT! When it finally came out I looked into the bowl and I discovered that I had made a sausage that must of been nearly a foot long in length and it was really fat too.I suddenly looked up at my boyfriend and he had a huge hard on and a smile on his face. he was really aroused by me doing this in front of him. I relieved him of his hard on later by using him to sit on instead of the toilet. How about that? Hope you liked the story talk to you later. from kimberley

Another Mariah fan
Hey Mariah fan,

I was wondering if you know for a fact that Mariah had diarrhea. The news accounts I read only said that she had food poisoning and was dehydrated. Sometimes people get food poisoning and just develop nausea and vomiting. They don't always get the runs. Did the news stories you read specifically say she had diarrhea? Did she give any interviews where she admitted having diarrhea?

To Donnie,

I was wondering how you know Deborah Norville had an attack of the runs on the Today show. Did she admit to this? I took a look at her autobiography and didn't see any mention of it. I'd be interested in any interviews she might have done where she talked about this. Also, does anyone know of any "bloopers" type tapes or shows that featured poop accidents or farting?

Finally, on a related note, I saw a story where actress and former Miss America Mary Ann Mobley admitted that she has had a chronic problem with diarrhea for more than! 30 years. I've been a fan of hers for years and never suspected...

Are there any other female celebrities who have talked openly about pooping?

To Kevin et al. Yes, I'm still here. Thanks for wondering about me! :) I've just been extremely busy and we had our computer in the shop for a little fixing so I haven't been able to post all that much. Rest assured, however, I have got a plethora of stories that I really want to post. I'll probably get to them about mid-May or June so you'll have to be patient! But, nevertheless, I will be posting fairly regularly (hopefully) coming up soon. Thanks for asking about me and I love everyone on here. You guys all post great stories. Keep them up, I still read here fairly often. I'll post tons more later. Love, Laurie

Kelly P: Drinking a glass of hot water (as hot as he can stand) may help, too. You may want to try rubbing his ???? in an anticlockwise direction.

My poo's been different over the last week or so, too. I'm actually needing to strain and grunt a bit to get the pieces out, and I don't feel completely empty. It could be that I haven't been eating as much fiber as usual lately, or else it's just my imagination. Today I grunted out what felt like a hard, short, skinny poo, but when I looked, it was actually a fairly normal-sized one - about 3/4 inch in diameter and 8 inches long, though it did seem to be a darker color than my usual poo.

I had an accident about four weeks ago, one morning I was woke up to sound of the phone ringing, I didn't have a telephone in my room, I had to go all the way into my mother's room to answer the phone, I don't think I have a really weak bladder, but first thing in the morning, once I get up, I usually can't waste any time. Anyway, my cousin was calling, he was from out of town, but had some business here and when finished he wanted to visit. I was sitting on the rug, in my mothers room, when about five minutes into the call, I became very desprate, I sat on my legs, with my legs tightly together, but that wasn't enough, I began to fidget, and I was kind of embarrassed to tell my cousin of my plight. Finally he asked me could I pick him up from the train station, I told him I could be dressed and out there in about twenty minutes, finally I was able to hang up, I was holding my crotch as I got up, still fidgeting as I was heading for the bathroom, I felt warm flow of water in m! y briefs and my hand, I said to myself, "oh no". I got to the toilet and before I could pull my briefs down I felt myself peeing with force, pee streamed down my legs, and I wet the mat in front of the toilet a little, before I could stop myself enough to pull down my underwear. After I peed the rest of the way in the toilet I looked at myself, I had soaked my briefs thoroughly around the fly and down the crotch, the material having a slightly yellowed color where I peed. I went in my room and put my underwear in the closet, of the hook on the other side of the door, because I didn't want to take any chances, being I was going to have company. While washing up, I laughed about the accident I had thinking, that was the first time I had almost lost my bladder control completely since my early teens

Kelly P.
I'm sure your husband has had a bm by now, at least I hope! Anyway, I travel quite a bit and I use glycerin suppositories. They work very quickly and are not very uncomfortable. Plus, I find that I can prevent any real constipation, as I use them right when I feel the onset. Perhaps he could try them. Let me know if you need any advice on them. good luck to him.


It is so fascinating to read of the ladies who have had accidents, I
thought I'd share this:
The last accident I had was several years ago while I was jogging after
work one day. I went to a health club, changed inside and went outside
to run eight miles. There is a road that leads to a bike trail along an
interstate. The bike trail has freeway on one side and mostly woods or
schrubs on the other.

It was a hot muggy August evening about 7 Pm and I had
jogged about 4 miles. I usually jog alone because running usually gets
my digestive system movin along also. I could feel the pressure building
and since the path is woods on one side, it is usually not a problem
to wait for as long as I can and then quickly exit to a secluded place
quickly, pull down my shorts and go. Well, today with the mugginess
and my pace , when I stopped there was an incredible increase in pressure
and I had no time before! a huge load of mussy poo poured out of my butt.
It quickly filled my running shorts, which have an inner lining which in this
case acts like a pair of underpants. Even though I was kinda horror stricken
I nevertheless felt a sense of pleasure in that warm mush feeling filling
my pants. It seemed like several seconds of pooing. The combination of the
external sensation of warmth and filling and the internal relief of
pressure AND the runners high I was accumulating, lead me to consider
some wierd thoughts to intensify those feelings.

It would have been nice if it would have stayed in my shorts but with
the weight of it, some started sliding down my legs. Freeway or not, I pulled
down my pants down instictively, just off the edge of the trail and
the majority of the load fell to the ground. There was no one else
on the bike path and I can only guess if someone in one of the cars,
whisking by at 70-80 MPH, had the! foresight to be watching out the window and
witness the accident. Well, since I had my pants down I let out a huge pee
also. Then I knew I would have to clean up as poo was between my butt cheeks
and in the shorts and on my leg. I had a water bottle but that would not
be enough. As fate would have it, I was 1/4 mile from a day care center by
an adjacent road that I had stoped at several times earlier in the summer
to get a drink from their hose in the back of the building. I pulled up my
shorts and jogged the distance. Again, wondering if any passing car
would wonder about the poo on my leg and hopefully mistake it for mud.
It felt so embarrassing to feel the poo with each step and wondering
what it looked like and what it smelled like, if others were there.

I arrived in the back. It is a secluded place, with a 5 ft high mesh
fence on three sides and the building on the fourth.
Forest to one side, a field on t! he other side. The only possible
witness would be someone who just happened to be looking from one of four
second floor apartments on the side opposite the building. I decided to take
the risk and if any one, particularly a woman, was watching,
they got quite a show! I took off t-shirt and shorts. With only shoes and
socks on, I turned on the hose full blast and rinsed out the lining
of the shorts. A through scrubbing of my butt and crotch and gently
cleaning the jewels followed, making sure no poo remained.
Since it was 80 degrees and muggy, the idea of putting on soaking wet
clothes in soggy socks and shoes was not unpleasant.

By the time I jogged the four miles back to the health club, the
t-shirt and shorts were mostly dry except for the sweat I worked up.
It seemed as if it was just a normal end to another run.

Friday, April 28, 2000

Hey laurie, Are you still here? You haven't posted anything in a while. Torie and Cindy i miss reading your posts to. Stephanie i'm glad to see that your still here.

Dr. Poop
Anyone see leaving Los vagus? There is a sceen whith a woman on the toilet peeing. I heard about that on this site. can anyone tell me if you can hear her peeing?, how much of her body is visable?, and do they show her wiping?

Fat Wouman,Alex, and Steph you should read my postson page 335 through 338 I have some questions for you in them as well as some good stories.

Buy for now

Dr. Poop

Kelly P. You've come to the right place for advice. Make sure your husband has plenty of fresh fruit as well as prunes and figs. These natural laxatives are by far the best. Please note that these postings are only normally updated once or at the most twice a day and sometimes a day is missed, so 24 hours or more could easily elapse between my writing this and you reading it. To be honest I think he'll want to poo within the next 24 hours and I'd be very surprised if he didn't. The important thing is not to be cross if he blocks the toilet or has an accident and messes himself. The priority has to be getting his bowels working. If nothing's happened by the time you read this, I see your doctor and ask for medical advice. Perhaps the district nurse could give him an enema if absolutely necessary.

I just found this forum. Great, by the way.

Last year I was at the beach. The toilets were located on the boardwalk like a mile away, and I had to go. I was on my way to the ocean to pee in it, but I didn't make it. So luckily there was a huge hole in the ground with very few people around it. I stood in the huge hole, pushed my bikini bottom to the side, and went.

Please post to tell us if you messed your pants or not - would make great reading to find out if you made it to the toilet (or if you even tried to ?)

Mariah Fan
Hey, Folks:

So you want to know where I found out these juicy-tidbits about that juicy-angel, Mariah Carey? Well, where I read about it,was in my local-newspaper. As if it wasn't common-knowledge, right? Well, for what it's worth, I didn't even know, until I read the article, myself. I must admit, it really turned me on. That, and the story I read a couple of weeks ago, about the diarrhea-attack that she had, which I think lasted two or three days! That was caused by some bad-oysters that she had eaten. Yeah, must have been really-bad. By the way, I wonder how her crap would have looked like, had she not had the diarrhea. I have wondered for a while, what the consistency would be, of someone who had eaten raw-oysters. Common-sense tells me, that it would be the consistency of chili, once it fell into the bowl. I actually think that that is a good-metaphor. You know, chili and the bowl? Ha! ha! Seriously, does anyone on this site know how the poop o! f someone who eats raw-oysters looks like? If so, please share the info with us, or at least, me, cause I'm curious. Here's to hoping that Mariah's bowel-habits/problems make the news again soon. Or should I say, "hit the fan", soon?

Mariah Fan

Speaking of movies with poop scenes: There's a Western from '66 or '67 called "The Shooting", in which Millie Perkins plays a nameless woman who is more than a little strange. On two separate occasions she seems to get sick and have an accident...but if you pay attention, she's messing on purpose. The scenes are rather implicit. However, the movie is based on a book called "The Revenge", where it's made clear that the woman soils herself intentionally out of contempt for herself and others.

"The Shooting" pops up occasionally on American Movie Classics in the U.S., so check it out if you can.

Finals week must be approaching for most college students. It wasn't exactly my favorite time of the year, and I'm glad I don't have to go through it again. Though it's been about ten years since I went through the routine, I can still remember how hectic it was. I also noticed that there was more frequent activity in the restrooms at school during this time of year, particularly with people having diarrhea or unusually large pooping sessions.

One time I had a very tough statistics final. It was in the middle of the day, and I had a quick lunch before coming into the classroom to take the final. I got through all of the questions, though I was not confident about my answers. When it was about half an hour left to go in the three-hour final, I started to feel full in the stomach and an urge to poop was building up. At that time I had worked on every question and showed a good amount of work, though I was not quite finished on a few questions. About 15 minutes l! ater, I started to get cramps in my stomach, and I was ready to bust out. I was still not finished with the test and almost decided to turn it in, but I held on because I needed to get as much credit as I could on the final. Finally it was time to turn in the test. I completed it on time, and as soon as I handed my test in, I bolted for the nearest restroom.

I went into a stall, yanked down my shorts and panties, and sat down and ejected a large turd about the size of a banana. It came out so fast that it made a splash big enough to get my butt wet. After that, I pushed out a series of large pieces that were so soft it broke apart into a mushy pile at the bottom of the bowl. After about a minute the toilet filled up and there was a strong poop smell, so I flushed the toilet. I continued to push out more poop, but I was a bit relaxed and was even enjoying it, now that my toughest final that term was done and over with. I managed to fill up the toilet and flush ! three more times before I was done. I wiped several times, flushed a final time, and was surprised that I didn't leave any skidmarks this time. I felt much better afterwards.

Joe B.l
Kelly P


Just celebrated buying my new leather trousers by taking a massive shit in some train station toilets. I didn't flush and bagged the toilet paper so that the next visitor would appreciate my work.
Anyone else enjoy wearing leather when they take a shit?

Thursday, April 27, 2000

The Crank
To Ben,
You are perfectly normal. I was like you at age 14. I fantasised more about women on the toilet than totally naked. In fact, I would rather see a girl with pants around her knees on the toilet than a girl doing a striptease in front of me.

Up till now, some things never change.

Andy Sick
I had to go real bad and I pooped in a sock.

Ben - my own children are now all mid to late teenagers and they rarely have dirty underwear any more. In the past my youngest son, now 15, messed in his pants quite regularly for about a four or five month period. He has since admitted that it was laziness in that he put off going to the toilet until he was desperate and often didn't make it. At the care home, I would think that at least a third of the children get brown stains in their pants most days. I checked the basket when doing the laundry this morning and out of 32 pairs of pants, eight were messed in (two very badly), a further five had heavy marking and two more were slightly marked. I know that one boy was responsible for three of the messed pairs. He does it frequently and doesn't care that it happens or who knows about it. To his credit though, he usually changes afterwards (unlike some others I know).

Kelly P
Just found this site with a search engine and I haven't had time to read much, so I'm not sure it's the right forum, but I hope so because we need help. My husband just got back from his first business trip since we got married, and he's terribly stopped up. He was gone 8 days and couldn't do his poo the whole time. He says he was afraid to take a laxative because he had important meeting every day. I've given him one of my laxative pills (Correctol) but I'm afraid it will never be able to get through him. I also offered him my enema bag, but he's never had one and he said no. He's been grunting on the john for 45 minutes and I'm afraid he'll hurt himself. Does anybody know what he can do to get started? Please answer as soon as you can.

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