Rachael, there's no reason for alarm, but I think you should see a doctor. A change in bowel habits like the one you describe - going from easy dumps to hard ones without any change in diet - could signal a medical problem. The long, stringy thing you describe may be a worm or something else. If it's a worm, don't worry. Some parasites are easy to pick up, no matter how good your personal hygiene. Please have your parents make a doctor's appointment for you and don't be shy talking to the doctor about this. He or she wants you to be healthy. Like me, you're lucky to usually have such easy dumps. I hope you get back to that condition soon. Good luck!

Oh, Steph! Somehow I just can't imagine a normally healthy pooper like you doing rabbit pellets. I hope you're back to good regularity soon. About width, is 1/4" to 1/2" really normal for you? I guess the variation amongst us has a lot to do with different colon sizes. My logs are nearly always 1" to 1-1/4" ! wide. That 1-1/2 incher was a whopper for you! How did it feel coming out?, if you don't mind my asking. I don't want to be full of bad news today, but I recently read an article about colon cancer. It said a sudden change in the width of one's feces may spell trouble.

On the lighter side, I remembered a story from when I lived in Ecuador. I had just gotten off a long bus ride to a small city and needed both a dump and a pee, so I headed to the nearest public restroom, just down the street front the bus station. Some of the other passengers headed that way, too. This was one of those unisex facilities I've mentioned here before, with stalls and doors all the way down to the floor, but both genders sharing the same row of toilets. Shortly after I got settled and started taking care of business, the door of the stall next to mine opened and closed. I had no clue as to whether it was a man or woman, only that he or she must have been wearing sneakers because the! re were no footsteps to be heard. The sound of some slight straining came from the stall next door, then the faintest crackling sound of a dump, followed by the sound of pee hitting the bowl. I was finished by that time but decided to stick around to see how my neighbor would finish. Well, after about a minute of silence, suddenly there came this loud, long, rattling fart. It must have lasted 15 to 20 seconds, a lot of gas getting blown out. And that was followed by an almost equally long, deep sigh, as if to say, "Whew, I'm glad I finally got rid of that!" I thought, that person must have been riding busses all day. My unknon neighbor wiped - you always had to BYOTP to these public facilities - and pulled the chain flush. So did I. We both opened the doors to our stalls at the same time. It shouldn't have surprised me, but somehow I wasn't expecting that a tiny young woman of about 22 or 23, dressed in jeans, a blouse, and sneakers, had made all that noise. She see! med a little surprised to learn that someone (me) had been in the stall next to hers, but not the least bit timid about giving me a friendly greeting and a smile. Ah, I miss the openness of those places.

Hi everyone,

I have two questions:

First, I saw a statistic somewhere that when people wipe their butts after a poo, the average number of sheets they pull off the roll at one time is about five. That seems low to me. I usually pull around 8 or 9 sheets at one time. Five doesn't seem like enough sheets to protect your hand. What does everyone here say? What's the average number of sheets everyone pulls off at one time?

Second, from time to time, people mention movies in which there is some kind of poop reference or scene. I read somewhere where the earliest regular commercial movie to have a scene depicting someone pooping was Catch-22, where Orson Welles is evidently shown sitting on a toilet taking a dump. I was wondering what the earliest commercial movie was with a female poop scene. The oldest movie I've ever seen mentioned with this kind of scene is "Patch of Blue" which is from 1965. In this movie, a blind woman in the park is shown ha! ving an attack of diarrhea, brought on by drinking too much pineapple juice. She is shown squirming around a little bit, then she goes behind a tree and calls aout "Is anyone there?". Then, while she is presumably taking her crap, the camera focuses in on the empty pineapple juice containers, just so no one will have any doubt about what she is doing. Obviously, they don't show her actually doing it, and there are no poop sounds or anything, but for 1965 it was pretty explicit. The following day she has another attack, but this time someone is there to guide her to the ladies room. Does anyone know if there were any earlier movies than this that had female poop scenes?

Finally, on the subject of female poop scenes in movies and TV, what is the most explicit such scene anyone has seen? My vote goes to the MAD-TV commercial where a woman is clearly shown pulling down her underwear, sitting on the bowl, grunting, and then grabbing tp and wiping. Anyone know of any! thing more explicit?

Johnny Fartpants
I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I just laid a big cable in the cat litter box!! I was naked at the time and felt a shit knocking at my back door and thought it would be cool to poo in the litter box. I squatted over it, did a big wee and then pushed out a big log followed by some smaller logs and balls. It was quite fascinating to be able to examine them in the tray. One thing I noticed was how they smell different to when they are done in a toilet. I've noticed this before when on camping trips etc where I've had to poo on the ground. It's like a bit more of an earthy smell and far less offensive than the smell when in the toilet water. Being in the water must moisten the poos and perhaps liberate the odour more and even change it somewhat. That's my theory anyway.......anyone have any thoughts on this?

no name 4 now
As I said it took a while to get used to the idea. The first time I tried I couldn't. But I just started to leave the door open when no one was home(you know, baby steps).
But, no, it was not uncomfortable, though I did keep my eyes closed most of the time. And yes, I would like to read some of your other stories. I have read your past posts.


hello my name is tina im ten just the other day in the morning my little sister who is nine who only whears a shirt to bed every night was in the kitchen makeing cereal and then she farted a little bit and then went mghhhhh and she had pooped all over the floor most of it was mushy but then i think it was a ten incher came out of her bum folowed by a husge grunt and a splash of waterylooking stuff oh yeah I think the reason why she did it was beacause my mum gave her something to go hope you all loved my storie tina.

Big B
Mariah fan,
where did u read that about mariah?

Hello Everybody, we are back after Easter.

LILI VON SHTUPP - I think the stories you mean are on
page 333. They are very short stories but I hope you
enjoy reading them as I very much enjoyed seeing the
boys at the time.
I think you are right that girls need as much freedom
to wee outside as boys have. It is much better to
have a wee outside when you really need to go than to
have an accident and wet yourself. You are right it
is not just ok for Daddy!

KATRINE - Hi! Thanks for writing to say how you have
been practicing standing to pee! So you dribble down
your right leg at the end. Ah ok, there are a couple
of things maybe you can try. It maybe you should try
pressing upwards on the left side a bit like you
would if you were aiming left. That might do it, or
you could try relaxing the finger pressure a bit on
both sides. Keeping the pussy lips *totally* dry is
not easy, if it is at all possible.! You see, my pussy
lips, the inner ones, are large flaps and stand out a
lot, and I think I have inherited them from my mum,
but I have two friends with small inner lips.
I looked at them once when I was teaching them to
stand and pee, and when they parted their lips even
a little bit I could see their pee-holes. They can
both stand and wee easily and can keep their pussy
lips almost dry. But I think it is harder if you
have larger pussy lips. You do not say if you think
you have large or small pussy lips. They are not all
the same size, and sometimes one is bigger than the
other and that does not help. To try to help you then,
I think you need to practice a lot more and try lots of
different things until you find out what works for
you. You may need to spread your pussy lips more at
the end, I do not know as I have not seen what
happens, but I think you will find the secret thing
that does work for you if! you keep at it. It is
really encouraging, because you say you can do it
fine up to the end. Some of my friends can not even
do that, so I think you are doing really well.
Just keep practicing in the shower, and please tell
us more about how well you do. That was a nice
story you told, but I think you should not think too
much about aiming just now.

JUST A GIRL - Hi there! Yeah, I sometimes like to hold
Steve's cock for him while he has a wee. I like to aim
for him both if we are at home or if we are outdoors.
It makes me feel real close to him, and it is a
fascination that amuses him so he indulges me when I
ask him if I can do it. I like to look over his
shoulder with my arms around him or stand next to him
so I can see him squirting it, but I think you are
saying you do not look at your boyfriend's wee stream.
I like to aim Steve's cock, but for me it is part of
the fun to see it! Ha ha, Steve is a! lso very good at
watering the trees and I love to see his puddle form
at the bottom. I think you think the same way as I
do about that! I held his cock for him this morning,
and as I always do I carefully pulled his foreskin back
a little bit to stop him spraying to the right as he
would if I did not. That actually happened the first
time I did it and it was so funny and a big surprise
for me as I had forgotten he did that! Do you need to
be careful with your boyfriend's foreskin when you aim
for him?
I will love to tell about some other men I have seen pee
when I have a little bit more time. I will love to share
them with you!!!

CAUGHT PEEING - My boyfriend Steve likes to water tree
trunks, sometimes leafy bushes. That's fun, because I
can watch his wee drip off the leaves like it has been
raining. Most of all, if he has peed against a tree, I
like to see his puddle at the bottom! His techniques? He just draws his foreskin back a little bit, stands
straight up with his feet a couple of feet apart, holds
his cock level and lets rip. If he really needs to go,
he points his cock upwards a bit so his stream arcs up
into the air. So if I am watching, I can see it and it
fascinates me. It looks so powerful! When he is done, he
pushes his foreskin forward to squeeze out any last drops
and that is something else I like to do for him.
Just like you, he thinks trees are a good target too!
Enjoy your peeing, and please tell me your stories!

SEXY AND STACKED KIMBERLY - I am sure we are all glad you
are proud of your 40 inch breasts and nice bottom. I am
also sure my boyfriend Steve will be really interested in
your colourful description of your body. But he is just a
man, and this forum is not just for men okay? Look, I do
not want to take a swing at you, really. I do not want
to put you off from writing here. ! I think you could be
a very interesting girl to talk to really. Now I may have
a very good figure because I work out and swim a lot
though I have a slightly smaller bust than you. And Steve
gives me load of confidence by telling me I am very pretty
and sexy but that is not what we should be talking about
here. More important here is when people here have asked
me and I have told them about me being 5 feet 9 inches tall
and how that might be why I have a big bladder size.
I would like to know how tall you are at the age of 15 so I
can picture you a litle better than we can now. Also we
would like to know how often you dump maybe?
Could you tell us whether you have ever been
seen peeing or shitting perhaps? Do you shit and pee
outdoors maybe? Have you ever seen a boyfriend pee?
I think we would really like to know all these things
rather than thinking about the size of your jugs eh?


I just got in from a physical. I had a physical cause im starting a new job in few weeks. I didn't have to take a urine test....but surprisingly the doctor made me pull my pants down and examined my balls, he thinks i might have a hernia. Then i had to get my uniform and i had to go to this laundry facility and change clothes so i could try the pants on. I had to do this in the womans room, thats where he told me to go. The building is old and there were 2-3 toilets in there and in the middle was a shower. All toilets had a curtain instead of doors. I wonder what the mens room looks like maybe i will get to see that when i pick up my uniform
I've had to pee all day i've peed twice at school today and 2 times at home and another time in this womans room.

Hi all,

Louise, I've not forgottern you, dear, and still mean to write a big posting for you!

This is a quick message for NANCY who asked for information about enemas.

Nancy, I quite understand how you feel. When I was a pre-teen and coming into the physical big-change years I suffered from constipation a lot. Now, I never had an enema myself, but I've studied them in case I ever do need help. My situation as a girl was treated with a course of suppositories and some pills... The pills were the worst, the stomach pain they caused was chronic, and the fact is that an enema would have been preferable by far.

An enema is basically a washing of your lower bowel with warm water introduced through your anus (okay, you know this!) The first thing to grasp is that an enema gently given, and gently received, won't be painful or frightening. A 'nozzle' is lubricated with petroleum jelly and slipped up inside your bottom. It's shaped so it won't slip o! ut by itself, the natural contraction of your anal muscles will hold it in place. The nozzle has a tube attached to it, which is then connected to a bag or bottle, a container, there are many types, and a clip on the pipe is used to start and stop the flow. Gravity does the rest.

You can take it in many positions, though lying face down is a favorite. (There'll be instructions with the kit.) You'll feel very full, perhaps excessively, and the idea is to stop the flow and let the fluid disperse by moving higher in your bowel. Eventually you'll be able to take a surprisingly large amount before needing to sit and empty out.

Several enemas in a row are usually needed to move a major accumulation of faeces. And if you've had a tendency toward constipation for many years, there may be considerable amounts of 'old' faecal matter in your lower tract. A course of enemas (there's no need to rush at it) is the best and in fact only way to cleanse your bowels, and this ! will have real spinoff benefits in terms of general health.

Do you have someone to help you with your enemas? Your friend, perhaps, or your mom? They're not impossible to do for yourself but it can take a bit of practice, apparently!

The main thing to remember is that done carefully and at your own speed, they won't hurt, and they are the only 100% effective method for alleviating either serious 'simple' constipation, or a long-standing problem. There's nothing worse than knowing you're not empty but not being able to move anything else, and unless your problem becomes serious enough to require hospital attention (heaven forbid), a home enema kit (there are many available) might be an ideal answer.

Enemas are not for everyone, though, and if you feel you can't do this, for whatever reason, then perhaps a chat with your doctor might provide alternatives that will properly address your case.

Please don't hesitate to ask for more info, if I can! be of help I'm only too pleased.

Best wishes,


Has anyone posted this story yet?

And you think you have had bad dates.

This was on the Jay Leno show on 9-7-99.

Jay went into the audience to find the most embarrassing first date
that a woman ever had. The winner described her worst first date
experience. There was absolutely no question as to why her tale took
the prize!

She said it was mid-winter .... snowing and quite cold and the guy
had taken her skiing. It was a day trip (no overnight). They were
strangers, after all, and truly had never met before. The outing was
fun but relatively uneventful until they were headed home late that
afternoon. They were driving back down the mountain when she
gradually began to realize that she should not have had that extra
latte après-ski.

They were about an hour away from anywhere with a restroom and in the
middle of nowhere. Her companion suggested she should try to hold it,
which she did fo! r awhile. Unfortunately, because of the heavy snow
and slow going, there came a point where she told him that he had
better stop and let her pee beside the road, or it would be the front
seat of his car. They stopped and she quickly crawled out beside the
car, yanked her ski pants down and started.

Unfortunately, in the deep snow she didn't have good footing, so she
let her rear rest against the rear fender to steady herself. Her
companion stood on the other side of the car watching for traffic and
indeed was a real gentleman and refrained from peaking. All she
could think about was the relief she felt despite the rather
embarrassing nature of the situation.

Upon finishing however, she soon became aware of another sensation.
As she bent to pull up her pants, the young lady discovered her
buttocks were firmly glued against the car's fender. Thoughts of
tongues frozen to pump handles immediately came to mind as s! he
attempted to disengage her flesh from the icy metal. It was quickly
apparent that she had a brand new problem due to the extreme cold.
Horrified by her plight and yet aware of the humor she answered her
date's concerns about " what was taking so long" with a reply that
indeed, she was "freezing her butt off and needed some assistance!"
He came around the car as she tried to cover herself with her sweater
and then, as she looked imploringly into his eyes, he burst out
laughing. She too, got the giggles and when they finally managed to
compose themselves, they assessed her dilemma. Obviously, as
hysterical as the situation was, they also were faced with a real
problem. Both agreed it would take something hot to free her chilly
cheeks from the grip of the icy metal. Thinking about what had gotten
her into the predicament in the first place both quickly realized
that there was only one way to get her free so, as she looked! the
other way, her first time date proceeded to unzip his pants and pee
her butt off the fender. Rescue accomplished, they returned to the
car although for the remainder of the trip home there wasn't much
conversation and apparently, despite their "intimate encounter", the
two did not see one another again.

As for the Tonight show...she took the prize hands down...or perhaps
that should be "pants down". True story.


Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Ben in NY
I was wondering, is it odd for a person my age (14) to be having such strong sexual fetishes? Could this possbily be a psychological problem or is it totally normal? Someone please reply! Did any of you have strong fetishes at my age? to tell the truth, I would rather masturbate to pictures of desperate women then to naked women. Could this be because I haven't had sex yet?

to the moderator: I just got your joke about pestilence and death in response to my first post. It's very funny, I'm sorry I didn't get it sooner!

I hope some people here can give me reassurance. Thanks,

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a happy Easter or Passover; if you don't celebrate either of those holidays, I hope everything's been going well, anyway :-). There's been a lot of stuff going on in my life, nothing negative, but not germane to this forum. That's why I haven't posted for a long time, sorry about that.

Dr. Poop., I don't remember ever reading any of your posts, but thanks for asking about me :-). As you may know, Alex is my best friend, and she's also been very busy (we will be graduating from different colleges in several weeks). I'm sure she'll be posting again when she has the time.

Rachael, I also have frequent bouts of constipation (I turned 22 in February), and often let out nothing more than "rabbit pellets." I usually spend about 10-15 minutes in the bathroom when taking a dump, but can spend much longer when I feel *full.* I sometimes have no problems in pooping, as you usually do, and as I will describe in the next parag! raph.

I have only one notable bathroom story to write about. About 3 weeks ago, I woke up at around 4:00 AM with a very strong urge to take a dump. I share an off-campus apartment with three other females approx. my age, as some of you may know. I went into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet and, as soon as I pushed, a large log slivered out of my butt. I pushed again and let out another poop. I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary, but the logs were big; each of them were wide, the widest I ever remember letting out, about 1 1/2" wide (a piece!). One piece was about 7-8 inches long, and the other one was about 3 inches long. I didn't have to pee at all, since I took a piss before going to bed the night before. I had to wipe my butt four times to get it clean. There was a slight smell, but nothing too strong. I wrote to Alex (via e-mail) and told her about this; she said she *never* heard of anyone letting out poop that wide.

My poops are ba! ck to *normal*, about 1/4-1/2 inch wide and 2-5 inches long. Has anyone else let out logs so wide (1.5 inches), either occasionally, usually, or, as in my case, just one time?

A big shout to all my friends on "The Toilet!" I hope to be posting more often after finals are over.

Hugs and kisses,

Hi all, sorry i haven't posted much but i've been really busy. i'm having a lot of trouble learning how to pee standing. i can do it fine until the end when the stream dies down and no matter how hard i push it always goes down my right leg. i've been practicing in the shower a lot. does anyone know how to fix this and how to help keep mself from getting my pussy lips wet?

i do have a story tho, cuz one day when i was out and had to pee and found a stall with doors down to the floor, i decided to try it standing. i was wearing a short skirt and sandals and no pantyhose so i knew i could clean myself up when i dripped and that no one would see me drip on the floor. So i hiked my skirt above my waist and took off my panties to keep them dry and hung them on the back of the door - and nearly forgot them when i was leaving! - and i stepped out of my sandals t keep them clean. then i put down a seat protector cover which i did for two reasons - so i wouldnt' spray t! he seat and have to clean it and two, i didn't punch out the middle, i like doing tht when i sit or squat and i wanted to try it standing. so i decided to hold it until i heard someone come in so they could hear me. it took nearly ten minutes and by then i was really bursting, espeially standing on a cold floor and knowing i was so near a toilet make me have to go. when the door banged open, i adjusted my aim and pushed. a big stream came ou, a little wild and i hit the wall a little. then i stood up on my toes to lower it nd it hit the middle of the seat cover dead on. it made a noiselike rain on paper. i kept pushing to keep it going and my aim hardly changed except fro once when i had to take a deep rbeath and the stream sagged and hit the front of the toilet, but i pushed it back up again. of course near the end it ran down my right leg and left a little puddle on the floor, not too big, and i driped a little so i had to wipe myself and had to clean my leg. i did! n't come out until there was no one left cuz i didnt flush, i left hte wet seat cover with my little pile of paper on and the door part closed and the puddle on the floor and the seat sprayed. then i washed my hands and went back for my panties which id' forgot and left feeling great. someone was going in as i left, i wonder what they thought when they saw my stall.

i also learned how to pee when youre not standing or sitting, in the squat, and i can usually manage to keep my pussy dry when i do this, and it doesn't drip or go down my leg - why is that?

nyways i'll talk to you all soon agian i hope!

Timid Tigress
I went shopping Saturday for my trip next week, and something strange happened. We were looking at some pants hanging on a rack, and as I slid some of the hangers along the rack, I thought I smelled something. So I shifted the clothes around more just to make sure It wasn't my imagination. Sure enough, I smelled it again. It smelled like someone had peed on the clothes. I couldn't tell exactly which pair of pants had been peed on, or if it was more than one pair. I thought about it later. Perhaps someone had gone to try them on in the dressing room and had wet themselves. If Or maybe they'd wet themselves earlier and when they tried on the pants, some of the pee from their panties got on the pants. But the smell was way too strong for that I think. As some people here have posted, someone could have been dying to pee and had done it right there in the clothing section, but since the clothes on the rack smelled so strongly, I doubt a woman had done it, and these cloth! es were in the womens' section. Could a guy have been there and done that? It's certainly a mystery. Needless to say, I didn't buy any of those. Let me know if anyone has any other ideas as to how the pee smell got on those new clothes in the store?
I was at a friend's house last night, and we'd played a game of Monopoly. When he finished, he said he was going to the toilet for a few minutes, to make room for dinner. So he left the living-room, went into his room, closed the door, and I guess he also closed his bathroom door. I could hear him whistling loudly. Now, that apartment has somewhat thin walls, but I learned just how thin they are last night. He'd been in there a good 5 minutes or so, when I heard a booming fart that had to be loud since I heard it through all the walls and closed doors between me and him. It had that certain sound farts have when the person is sitting on the toilet. It reminds me of someone blowing on a bottle. That's the best wa! y I can explain it. I think I heard a smaller fart a little later but I'm not sure. When he finally came out, I asked him if he felt any better. He said he did and that he'd made some room for dinner. He asked me if I needed to go. I said that I'd wait a while. And he agreed that I probably didn't want to go in there directly after him anyway.
Okay, I feel a poop comingg on, so I'll sign off.

I had a rather embarrassing experience last Sunday. We went to visit relatives, travelling by train because it is a straightforward journey, and the roads are so bad. On the way home, having eaten a big meal, I was needing a poo. I used the train toilet, and had one of those really satisfying dumps where you feel about two stone lighter when you are finished! When I looked down I knew there would be trouble. There were two very big thick poos sticking way up out of the water, and it didn't look like they would flush. Sure enough, when I pulled the handle there was a slight trickle of water and that was it. So I put the toilet lid down, and sprayed plenty of cologne around the place (it was rather smelly). As I left, there was a man and a little boy waiting to come in. I said something like "it's not very nice in there" and sat down back with my husband. From where I was sat I noticed that they weren't in there long, and they went off to find another loo. They reappeared after a while and sat not far from us. I was reading at the time, but I looked up, and the boy (I guess about three or four) was staring at me, and then I heard him say to his father "there's the lady that did the big poos daddy!". I tried to pretend it wasn't me, and carried on reading, but I could hear sniggers as well as having that feeling that people were looking at me, and my husband told me I went rather red!

Ben from Canada
The 3 or 4 times it happened to me in the past 4 years I have just emptied it into the toilet. Also, if I wet myself I usually just keep the boxers on, hoping that my body heat will dry it up. One of my friends does that as well, but another one actually tells his mom, who doesn't seem to care. My question to you is: how old are your children, and how frequent are their accidents?

Hey everyone....Tomorrow im going for a physical and i was wondering what are the chances of me taking a urine test for drugs(not like im on drugs or any thing)?? Do all physicals have urine tests? Does any one feel embarsed when they go for a urine test. I guess it's pretty highly i might have one cause this is for a new job. I like the term "Pee in a cup". I think i may have had to do this one other time but don't remember it.

Hi gang. Since I did promise to tell of my experiences at the convention I'll post one of the stories tonight.
First the set-up: it was a media convention with stars of movies/tv making appearences. I was working in the dealers room.
Ok well, it was Friday & I was setting up the booth with a friend/co-worker. I'd grabbed a burger 7 fries for lunch & spent the afternoon getting setup. As the day progressed I was getting that full feeling but not desperately so I continued to work. The room opened to the public & we were swamped with shoppers. Now my stomach is giving the signal GO NOW!!!!. The poop is poking out my hole & I tell my co-worker "I gotta crap bad!! I'll be right back" I quickly make my way to the restroom outside the dealers room. I go down the row to an empty stall & quickly undo my jeans. The second I sit the shit comes out. It's a short log. Now I begin to piss & let out another log. A few nuggets are pushed out by a couple of ! farts. Now I brace for the big one. I'm bent over pushing out this beast. It's so big my hole is forced open & it comes out slowely. There is a lot of crackeling. After almost a minute it comes to an end & tapers off. I finish off with a booming/echoing fart> I take a quick peek & see 2 6 inchers, many nuggets & an 11 incher filling the toilet. As I wipe i let out a couple more farts.
When I came out of the stall there were 3 ladies waiting to go. When 1 got to mine she said "pew..something died in here."
I'll post more stories from the con later. Including a semi-buddy dump.

To The Fink

I have certainly heard of Wigan as I was born there! The name just jumped out at me when I saw it! Where in the USA are you? I spent Christmas and New Year over there, and blocked my friends' toilet with a "big one" [and I mean big] causing flooding in their bathroom and their basement! I had just eaten a huge dinner in NYC! I now live in Australia BTW.
Anyway, off for more "surfing". Keep posting - there are some interesting stories on here.

long-time lurker
I can't believe how long this forum's been around. It seems like just yesterday there were all of 3 pages of old posts. Now there are 330.

A CORRECTION: The NBC anchorwoman who allegedly messed herself on the "Today Show" was Deborah Norville, NOT Katherine Couric. I apologize to everyone for the mistake.

I read on the Internet that Deborah Norville, the hottest news anchor on TV, was sick during an interview and squirted into her panties.

Rachael. It's not uncommon to experience variations in output and bowel movement needs especially at your age. However, if you are genuinely concerned I'd talk it over with your doctor. I'd offer the same advice to Nancy.

sexy and stacked kimberley. Interesting post but I would point out that the references to your physical attributes, however fine they may be, are not really of material relevance to this forum. Like a lot of guys I am attracted to the idea of glamorous women 'needing to go' and being 'taken short' but only to the extent that it debunks the myth that glamorous girls don't have bodily functions.
You say that when you go "you really go." This suggests to me that you probably don't go to the toilet as often as you should, waiting until you're really desperate. Either that, or you eat and drink an inordinate (excessive) amount. Perhaps you would like to clarify this point for me?

I wear diapers when Im out,because I always will have an accident. One time I ran out of diapers and needed to get them badly cause I still wet my bed. So I went to a store to get some. I was standing in line like I always do, knowing that people would think I was getting the for my grandma, When it hit me.It hit me so fast I couldent control it. Pee started running sown my legs and on to the floor. When I was finished a lady turned to me and said {you better get home and put one on} I was mortifid> now I have to find another place to buy my diapers.

Re Caught Peeing

I had been out drink with a brunch from work one Friday night. On the train home (take 20Mins) I needed a pee, The tain I take never a toliet as it's only a short route. I got off at the station, Still no loos. I went in search of somewhere to pee. It was a bussy main road with no where to hid.

I saw a house with a front garden with a bush growing behind a small wall. I was now desperate. There were no lights on in the house so now I could ever enter the garden or wet myself.

I entered the garden and stood there peeing in to the bush, Thats when I found out why there were no light on, not because the owners were a sleep as I had thought, but because They were also out and were now walking up the front path looking at me wee into there bush. I was mid straem and unable to stop.

I made my appolgise and lucky they were nice people, so I went on my way.

Becca Where are you, I would love to hear some more about you ! and your sister.

Rice, Please share the details!

To Rachael: I am 20 and have the same problem. when I try to poop I have to strain and can only pass a few hard turds at a time. I always feel like there is more poop in me and it won't come out. I go to the bathroom anytime I have the chance and try to push some hard poop out. My friend said to try an enema but I don't know anything about them. If you find out anything that helps you let me know.


RACHAEL: in addition to eating enough fiber, you should also drink plenty of water. Good luck!

Ben in NY
I would just like to thank the moderator of this site for his advice on cookies. It's very hard to go to this kind of site with parents who check on everything you do. Cookies do serve a purpose. Advertising networks such as doubleclick and engage place them on you to find out about your interests and post advertisements on the pages you visit that will interest you. I encourage anyone who is somewhere around my age and visiting this site to disable cookies on your browser and opt out of ALL sites that track you. If you need more security info about cookies then please tell me, you can extend your security even further. Extending the security is unnessecary unless you have parents who are VERY good with computers.

Advertisers such as Double Click are have also been dropped by site publishers for their alleged targeted advertising tactics. Security is always of the utmost concern even when you are in the right, and even when no one is watching. For many people, opting out is simply unacceptable. Opting out is effectively saying that the alternative is okay. If enough advertisers see that their cookies are being screwed with as well, they will get the point.

I was out of town for the Easter weekend and in the middle of the night, I had to poop big time. I'm still trying to get over a cold that I had that weekend and I had to blow my nose several times then, so I had already had the chance to test out the toilet (by flushing my tissues down), SO I knew that it could handle my poop. So anyway, I sat down and relaxed. The poop slowly pushed its way out and it was quite a bit too! I opened my legs and looked down into the bowl and I saw that the poop had dropped on top of the hole. It also had left a skidmark right around the hole. So I wiped several times, using about 3 pieces of TP and after dropping them all in the bowl, I turned around and looked at everything. Then I reached for the handle and flushed the toilet. I looked down at all the mess swirling around and around and the water bubbling around it until everything was sucked down. I noticed that the skidmark did not go anywhere. I realized that I had to b! low my nose so I did that...and after I finished, I figured this would be the time to try to see if that skidmark would wash away. So after dropping this TP in, I flushed the toilet again. Of course, the paper spiraled and went down the hole, but the skidmark still didn't disappear. I figured I could be flushing all night, so I just closed the lid and gave the toilet one more flush. I looked in the mirror as I listened to the muffled flushing sounds. Then when I heard all the water go down, I lifted the lid and saw that the skidmark was gone. Looks like 3 times was a charm!

Johnny Fartpants
I just got back from laying a huge shit. It felt so good as it slid very slowly out of my puckered brown hole. I could feel it taper off as it slid out, then it landed in the toilet water with a big arse splashing plop! Then a bit of a wee wee followed then I looked in the bowl at the big knobbly turd I'd just laid. Must have been about a foot long, two inches wide and made up of lots of boluses all packed in together. My arse was tingling nicely from the poo and was turning me on quite a bit. Just wish I could put the poo back in my bum and do it again, it was a good one!!!!

Mr. Nature,

WONDERFUL!!! I'm so glad that you helped your daughter to an understanding that anyone can find cover and pee when it's really urgent. You've saved her from a life of physical discomfort as well as frustration and anquish. Good going, Dad!!!


TO MARIAH FAN-How do you know that Mariah Carey only uses pink toilet paper, please tell me how you got the info.
Here's a quick post-I just got home from a baseball game, I play on my high school's Varsity team. I had to crap soooo bad througout the game, but I waited until I got home. I got home and I had never had a more relaxing crap in my life, I think I pooped out about 10 pounds.


Tuesday, April 25, 2000

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