Molly of Molly & Mozelle
Hi. Today I was at Wal_Mart and I had to pee really bad but the bathrooms there are really gross, so I went to an empty aisle , made sure no one was near, and peed all over a bean bag. Anyone else ever do anything like that?

Ben in NY
adam from canada: I have had a few years of passover (I'm 14), although I find that matzah and starch make me go less.
To everyone else: I have been looking at this site for about a year now, and I am fascinated with the fact that there are so many other people just like me. But before I go on posting and telling my stories and asking my questions,
I would greatly appreciate it if the owner of this site could tell me whether or not when I come here "cookies" are placed on my screename. Are the patterns of exclemation marks 3 pixel cookies? Has anybody else noticed the situated exclemation marks? Please tell me soon, I would really like to become acquainted with the people on the site here. Thanks.

Hi. I am the same Ben that posted about passover food and questioned the placement of "cookies" on this site. I see that there are in fact other Bens on this site (not that I am surprised) and to make things easier, I will try to have people refer to me as "Ben in NY." I hope this is not an unreasonable request, I just want people to be able to differentiate between me and other people with the same great first name.
Happy Easter and Passover!

OK, I'm sorry I'm posting so much, especially since it's my first time. I'm just excited to get into the conversation. To Line: It's not that we (I mean men, collectively) like asses for any particular reason, but if someone does in fact have a nice one, atmitedly, they are wonderful to grab and it is also wonderful to have your own grabbed! I must say that all my male friends (and a few of my female friends) do share this feeling.

Not sure what a three pixel cookie is, but no, the exclamation marks are due to the word wrap in the text box causing a paragraph to be sent as a long line. An end of line character is being inserted and then not removed. It is harmless and we know where the problem is located, but it is so much trouble repair that it is way down on the list of things that need fixing.
As for cookies, they serve no practical purpose for doing anything. Seeing as you are using Netscape instead of IE, that is a step in the right direction. (Windows protects Internet Explorer too well, ripping too much of it out will cause it to be automatically restored to its pre-mangled state. AOL's automatic update feature, [read potential gaping security hole] could probably trigger windows to do the same thing.) This procedure works well at fooling sites that need cookies to operate. This way, the cookies goes off into thin air and the server never catches on. Do this at your own risk, remember if you break your computer you can't use it. For Netscape 3.x and below, locate cookies.txt in the Netscape program directory, open it, rename it in case something of redeemable value is actually in there. Create an empty (0 byte) file in its place, and write protect it. For Netscape 4.x many sites that use cookies will check and complain if they aren't on. This procedure gets around that. Open your browser, turn on the cookies. Close the browser out completely. Locate the cookies.txt file, rename it and put an empty write protected file in its place, as above. Go in the windows registry, search for cookies.txt You will find this in two places both under a key labeled Netscape. When you find the correct two keys, change their values to NUL. Reboot. This is a complete set of instructions for doing this. If anything is unclear please seek professional advice from your priest, rabbi, shaman or computer professional before proceeding as failure to follow these instructions correctly can result in death destruction and pestilence.

Hey Rachael. I get exactly the same effect if I get stressed out about something over a prolonged period. Once I solve the problem or it goes away, I am very quickly bqck to normal. Are you feeling stressed out over anything???

To Rachael: I am 20 and have the same problem. when I try to poop I have to strain and can only pass a few hard turds at a time. I always feel like there is more poop in me and it won't come out. I go to the bathroom anytime I have the chance and try to push some hard poop out. My friend said to try an enema but I don't know anything about them. If you find out anything that helps you let me know.


I tried what Christine does in the shower on page 334, and it was great.
This has started a new lifestyle for me! It solves all the problems of going to the regular toilet.

Hello Susan,
If you were wearing a P.E skirt and your white silk knickers why were you wearing bottle green shorts as well, at my school, which I am no longer at, if girls were wearing a pe skirt they didn’t were shorts as well unless they wanted to for the high jump etc.
I expect you made a mess of your white silk knickers, how did you manage to get them clean and did your parents find out about your accidents.
When I was at school I remember that a girl had an accident during games once as I heard a group of girls talking about how embarrassing it must have been for the girl to be seen by the teacher with her soiled knickers she was wearing. Apparently as she was getting changed from her PE skirt to her school skirt the teacher came in the changing rooms and noticed that her knickers were soiled and asked her quietly is she was ok but the girls round her heard this. Apparently she said she was fine and the teacher left her alone and she must have been ! wearing her soiled knickers for the rest of the afternoon.

Elena- Yes, please tell us stories of when you
saw somone else poop. I am particularly interested
in knowing how others strain. Like do they
position their body in any particular way and do
the pull with their hands like Linda and I have
said we do. Also do the grunt with the straining
effort? Tell Linda hi and lets hear those stories. -- JW

just a girl
Sorry for the late reply. I do have a boyfriend, who is very open about peeing and lets me watch whenever I want. As a matter of fact, I think you'll enjoy hearing what we try sometimes, mainly just at home. I will stand behind my boyfriend at the toliet when he has to pee and he lets me do all the work, like I am a man taking a piss. I unzip and grab a hold of his penis and force it down into the toliet and mostly listen to where the pee lands in the toliet to determine if my aim is good. If it's way off, my boyfriend is right there to redirect the aim. It's such an awesome experience-have you ever tried this with Steve?? My boyfriend also will pee outside, whenever he feels the urge to. He is very good at watering trees and leaves a big puddle at the bottom of bushes. Will write more later. Keep up the great men peeing stories Louise!!

mr. nature
I was out in a park again this weekend with my 5 yr old daughter and again I had to pee badly. Again, there was no bathroom in sight, so I took her with me to some well-covered bushes, where I let it all out. She said-daddy you have to pee really bad again and there's no bathroom around-that's why you're peeing on the tree-right. I told her yes and said, if girls have to pee really bad outside, they too can pee in a private spot, like bushes or trees like daddy does. I will get mommy to explain it to you ok. So when I went home and told my wife about this, she decided to come to the park the next day to show my daughter how to squat and pee-she doesn't know the pee and stand technique, so that now my daughter understands that it's ok for both men and women to pee outside.

caught peeing
I do a few more caught peeing stories-it's definitely happened to more several times, which I will post later. But I quickly want to respond to your other questions. When I really have to pee, I go wherever is closest and the best option at the time. But if I have a little more time to think about it, I prefer to find a tree to pee at. I think trees are most fun to be at-they're a nice target and you can kind of play a game-like see how much of the bottom bark you can can cover with your piss. Bushes are not as fun cause you can only really leave a puddle of piss. Where does your husband like to pee best when outside? Also, I like to give my penis one or two shakes before tucking it away when outside to make sure I got all the pee out. If I am in a not so covered spot, I will pee standing straight up and I will not pull my pants down very far-only far enough so that my penis is out to pee. But if I am in a well-covered area, I like to lean back as I pee ! since I usually pee for a long time and I will pull my pants down half-way, like I usually do to pee. What are your husband's outdoor peeing techniques? I am curious to see if he has any better techniques to offer. Well... I gotta go pee.

I was at my bud's house for a sleepover, and right after I hit the sack I started feeling a bit queasy. I had been scarfing down junk food all night, and it hit me all of a sudden. I let out what I thought was gas and went to sleep, not giving it another thought. But I woke up to my friend's dog licking up diarrhea off my sleeping bag and her two little sisters running around the house screaming that I had pooped my pants! I was so mortified that I havn't slept over since!

The Fink

Hello all,

I'm wondering. I'm an American, but I still have relatives who live in England. Have any of our British posters heard of a town called Wigan? Becuase that's where they live.

You know, I enjoy hearing stories from the women about their bowel movements. I don't know why though. But I'll tell you, this site is a welcome change from all of those sick "Scat" sights out there. I'm not into that kind of pooping. Just give me a good old fashioned toilet, thank you very much.

Is there anyone here who's nervous about pooping when there's other people around? I for one can't even do it when I know that my parents are near the bathroom door. I do it either after I shower (I leave the water running) or when my parents are asleep. Here in college, it's a little easier, because I've found some restrooms that are pretty secluded most of the time. I'm ???? but I'm by no means fat, and I can hold in my BM's for quite! awhile. I dunno. I guess I'm just an anal retentive pooper.

Hey, Folks: It's me again, Mariah-fan. One question I have, about Mariah insisting on pink toilet paper: what the heck does it matter, since it's going to be brown, when she is finished with it, anyway? Oh well, I guess that "divas" like her, don't think about "mundane" things like that. Just thought that I would add a little food for thought, to this message-board. Does anyone here agree with my thoughts? If so, post your replies!


Mariah Fan

Today i was in the city(i live in the suburbs) and i was at a cross walk waiting for a light to change to cross the street, the light changed and i heard some father ask his 11-13 year old son,"If he pooped again" He is like,"No". He was asked that cause there must have been a bad smell in the air and i don't recall smelling any thing bad, maybe he farted. Then i had the image that this boy was in a hotel near by and pooped before he went outside.
To david N. and the jewish posters: I must admit im jewish but i haven't been keeping passover this year. I've noticed that during passover time i've had more frequent bowel movements and they are softer and tinted a different color. I have been going alot this week, especialy for eating the food for 2 days and stop eating it. Since passover started i pooped once on friday, 2 times on saturday and once today(sun). My poop has been mushy and soft.

Moderator, Im glad you deleted Ike's post despite what David N says to the contrary. I think Scots George probably spoke for a lot of regulars this side of the pond, and I wont repeat his arguments. Suffice it to say that I felt Ike's posting crossed the line into forbidden territory and Im glad it has been removed from Old Posts and hope that no further postings of that type appear here.

I suppose that Susan did what most girls do when they have a PE or games lesson, that is wear her ordinary panties under her skirt and change into her gymn knickers, (in her case Bottle Green) for the lesson. It may be different in the USA but in Britain girls usually wear thicker cotton briefs in the regulation school colours for PE. Navy Blue is the most popular colour but depending on the colour of her uniform Bottle Green, Brown, Black, Grey, Maroon or Royal Blue can also be worn. I also used to wear plain white cotton briefs when not doing PE but nowadays many schools do not in! sist on girls wearing these and most wear their ordinary panties of whatever colour and pattern they like. It was common to bring your navy blue or whatever colour gym knickers with your PE kit and get changed in the changing room next to the Gym then afterwards have a shower and get changed back into your ordinary knickers and uniform.

Alan, I would agree with George that most women dry themselves after a pee otherwise they get a soggy gusset (crotch) and while this double section of cotton is designed to absorb normal vaginal secretions it will soon become pee stained and smelly if you dont dry the labia after peeing. Many men, such as my husband, also dry the end of their penis these days after peeing. I must say you soon notice people who have a pissy smell when you work in a Sports and Leisure Centre as I do! Likewise, I feel you should always wash your hands after using the toilet to be safe.

Rachel, here are lost of changes to a girl's body in her tee! ns and it may be that this is affecting your bowels but if you are concerned why not see your doctor.

At the football game I felt it coming strong...... It was a huge, giant,steamy, wet, juicy, warm, squishy,hot,stinky, bubbling, FART! I had eaten bean burritos so I knew it would stink badly! I wanted to call a time out and leave the field to crap cuz I knew that it was a wet one. I has to kick a field goal before the buzzer went off, there was 5 seconds left when they hiked the ball back to me at the 28 yard line....I kicked it up, and as my leg went up, my fart came out! It slithered down my pants and stayed wet in my pants!!! We had on white pants, so it looked like I fell in mud, too bad it was a nice, shiny day out! I kicked the field goal perfectly!! I was so happy and embarrassed at the same time! We had won the championships! I looked down the field to see my teamates running out to congratulate me! I started to back up, but they already picked me up on their shoulders and were cheering. I let out another ripper! It flew out of my pants and onto my teammates!! They all! couldnt believe that I had done it! I couldn't stop! The poop just kept on coming out!And when they let me down, we were all brown! We stunk, we felt disgusting,Some of my teammates ate the poop! It made me sick! I couldn't believe that my poop was being eaten....but...WE WON!!!!!!

Hey guys! I'm holding in a big crap now. I think I might mess my pants. I can feel it pressing against my hole. Post if you wanna know what happens.

In last month's issue of the Generation X comic (#63) there's a reference to one of the female characters pooping.
Jubilee (a cute young Asian girl) find's a pair of Chamber's (an Australian guy) underwear on stairs. She gets disgusted and starts to tell him off, but then mentions that "At least he remembers to flush the toilet". "She says that the toilet didn't flush and he should let it go. Then he says that he still has nightmares "What he found bobbing up and down in that surf".
Just thought everyone might like to know.

Dr. Poop
Hi Guies I went up to check the heat temp,and the bathroom door was closed and I could hear my grandma peeing. It was not a hard stream, but it took probobly about a minut before she flushed.

I am also wondering whare Pooping girl, Alex, Steph,and fat woman are. I hope you all will post again. I love your stories.

Have a good easter everyone.

Love Dr. poop

Sandra(doing #2 on the fence): I'm 22 now, but ever since I was a kid I would have wanted to be with you to see it come out and to smell it plus even more. I can't see any perversion in it at all; in fact to me it's more like a communion with nature, and it fits in the category of trees, the rich soil of the forest floor, Spring and of course a communion with the girl herself. If a girl could share that closeness with me, I would regard her as a compassionate, healing Goddess - not in a religious sense but rather in a spiritual sense. It seems to me even more intimate than intercourse. Maybe it's the "naughty" element, or sort of like hiding to do it together when our parents are out for the evening. I liked your story. Bye kid,...Don

Sunday, April 23, 2000

sexy and stacked kimberley
hi my name is kimmy. I am only 15 years old with 40 inch knockers and a great ass. With a bod like this you can imagine the sort of attention I get. I like to get naked around the house especially at night and one time my mom even saw my boinging quivering bod in the nude.I didnt think she really cared. I think she was proud to have a daughter as built as I since she is not built this way. Well anyway I like to get naked and sit on the toilet seat I love to feel the cold toilet seat on my bare ass as I am crashing a log out . And when I go I really go.I often have a super bomb that even my toilet could barely swallow when I flush. Its amazing since I am still a little girl.You should see my enormous logs and enormous jugs. maybeI will let a boyfriend have a peek at me crashing one out later. well thats all for now my mom is calling me for dinner. Iknow I am getting you guys hot.I may write back.cant give you my e-mail to protect my privacy .tooda -loo now!

Hello Susan,
I liked your happenings in your P.E class, how come you had a spare pair of knickers to change into?
Did anyone know that you had wet yourself when you went to change or did you manage to keep it a secret, also didn't anyone smell your poo. I liked what you wrote so carry on. By the way where abouts in England do you live?

To chris: Where do you live? I havenīt encountered anything like that in all my schoolyears. These girls seems really good at peeing standing. If I understood you right They didnīt even have to part their labias in order to hit the urinal.

Hi everyone. I have been lurking here for ages btu I havent got up[ the courage to post here yet.

But now I have a problem that I think you people could help me with.

You see, ever since I can remember whenever I have to poop I just get bad urges to go and quickly go into the bathroom, sit down and it slides out without any pushing or anything. It's really quite convenient and the only time this may not happen is if its that time of the month if ya know what I mean...

However, lately, say the last couple of months or something, I have found it increasingly hard to get my poops out. I have to sit on the toilet and strain and strain and it usually comes out in a few of those rbbit pellet type chunks that I'm sure everyone here is familiar with.

I havent changed my diet as far as I know as I know lack of fiber can produce this effect. And I dont feel sick at all except I can never properly empty my poop out whereas usually i feel totally empty ! after just dropping my load in a matter of seconds.

I have never had such a prolonged case of constipations before although you couldnt really call it that either because I can go a little bit but I must sit there about three times a day trying to push it out.

Can anyone tell me what is the problem here and maybe how to change it? I'm only 16 therefore I dont want to use enemas or laxatives or anything like that, I just thought there might be some foods you could especially recommend.

And also, tonight when I tried to go poop, the last pellet that came out sort of had a string thing attached to it which was a bit scary because it seemed like worms or something scary. But as I said I dont feel sick at all or anything so it mustnt be that.

I know this post has been longer than most people's are but I really woudl like your advice, anyone who has anything to say is welcome! I am beginning to get pretty worried about it actually...

Than! kyou once again for reading my post especially if you have read this far!!!!!!


To Sir Poops Alot:

Can you repost some of the text of that Redbook article on Cindy Crawford here please?

David N
Hmm... I see "Ike" 's post was in fact removed? Well, it may be after the
fact, but I feel I should weigh in with my opinion. I think there are people
out there who do not view matters related to the toilet as inherently sexual,
but who enjoy talking about it and reading about it in the privacy of this
forum anyway. I, for one, am such a person. I am very attentive and
attuned to the concepts of bodily needs, and enjoy both denying them
and fulfilling them in my life, and knowing that others are doing the same,
and in rare circumstances, sharing such experiences with others, in a
supportive environment.

To me, Ike's story seemed to be simply an example of a caring adult
helping a child, yes, it is possible this child was a stranger, but are not
all adults made that their heart melts for children?, even not their own?

The sad fact of society, however, is that there are bad people in the
world... and child molesta! tion is one of the worst of crimes. And I can
certainly see the possibility, perhaps even the probability, that Ike's
post could point to the makings of such crimes. Yet, there is no way
to know for absolute sure whether Ike's mind is perverted or pure in
intention, from the little story he related. So I agree with the decision
to remove Ike's post, to "play it safe", and to make it slightly harder
for those with perverted minds to get something wrong out of
the site (but really, there are several pre-teen boys and girls here,
perfectly innocent, and we enjoy hearing from them and talking to
them, yet their posts are almost as "bad" by that reasoning). I agree
with removing it, but I really, really don't think it's fair to judge Ike
personally on such little evidence. He may, possibly, be unjustly

Just my 2 cents' worth.

Now, on the subject of Passover food.... I'm not Jewish, by religion or
he! ritige, but I do keep the Feast (I believe Christians should; but that's
a topic for a different forum.) The most typical Passover food are these
flat squares of unleavened bread called Matzos.... (Adam's statement
that we can't eat bread is a has to be special,
"unleavened" bread, which means it wasn't made with yeast, and is
therefore usually flat because it doesn't rise.) They can be tasteless
and pasty, but if you find them so, try the Whole Wheat Matzos... those
are much better, they taste good (comparitively, and with butter, they're
actually quite good.... and excellent with peanut butter.), and have a
much more pleasing texture in your mouth.... and because they are
Whole Wheat, they have the bran in them, which can make for more
frequent, more massive, easier, and more satisfying bowel movements,
as Adam mentioned.

I bet the people who get constipated are eating a lot of the white-flour matzos... that would be the obvious explanation--which would cause
a person to stick together inside unnecessarily, besides tasting bad.

I, personally, think Passover food is great. It's my favorite time of the
year for food. Can't wait to eat more.


Moderator, I have to agree with others who totally comdemn the posting by IKE which was one of the most offensive and disgusting pieces of text I have ever read!! (And I am no prude as readers are well aware). What puzzles me greatly is that you, The Moderator, have always been quick to use your powers of censorship to block posts that touch on matters outwith the scope of this webpage, I have myself had posts which touched on STRICTLY ADULT (not SCAT!) sexual fetish aspects connected to defecation blocked. Yet you allow this nasty posting to appear. Now you may say "The Toilet is NOT AN ADULT SEX SITE" fair enough, although, de facto, many of the postings here sail as close as you will permit in that regard. What I would ask is that you do censor out future postings of a like nature to Ike's and indeed if its techincally possible I would ask you to go back and delete it. This is a first class web site, clear so far in the two and a half years I have been here of that type of! posting or other gross and hard core material. Can I ask that you tighten up, perhaps re-defining the FAQ's etc and delete all postings similar to Ike's before they appear and offend most of the decent people who post here?

Alan, in my experience most women do wipe themselves after a wee wee, and I myself do so drying my cock after a pee as I have done since childhood. If one doesnt then urine stains appear on the underwear, on the gusset (crotch) for women and on the front for men. Now if as most clean people you change your panties every day as I and my wife Moira always do, then this may not be too much of an issue but pissy smells can soon occur even then. Also, I asked Moira about this and she said that sometimes of course if there is no toilet paper as in a public toilet she will have to pull her knickers up after a wee wee without wiping and she finds having a wet gusset uncomfortable. Likewise I dont like the feel of the wet end of my cock against the front o! f my knickers. I assume there are women who dont dry themselves after a pee, but in my experience most do. I will be interested in what replies there are on this from women. Regarding washing the hands after using the toilet for either function I would urge all to do this anyway. Even if you dont wipe yourself you will be touching the flushing handle and probably the toilet seat and germs can be found on these areas. Its a good habit to get into as it is far better to wash the hands even when not necessary than not to do so then eat something and get a ???? bug.

Ryan, I think Mike lives in Somerset in England. Its a lovely county in the South West of England on the south coast of the Bristol Channel opposite South Wales and features such interesting places as the Cities of Bath, Wells, the resorts of Weston Super Mare, Minehead, Burnham, the mystical centre of Glastonbury and the cave systems of Wookey and Cheddar. Some of the scenery is first class. Moira and I had ! a touring holiday based on Bath one year when we drove to a different attraction each day and I would recommend this area to tourists both British and foreign. If you do visit try the local food and drink but be careful of the Scrumpy Cider, its delicious but very powerful!

Briyan, sounds as if Tony got it right, if you hadnt had a motion for 5 days then this constipated stool followed soon afterwards by a loose mushy one happens for the reasons he gave. Drinking more fluid and eating more fibre will certainly help but it may take a bit of trial and error to get the balance right for your system.

no name 4 now
Um.. well I would like to do that in front of my guy.. on purpose mind you. In case you didn't rwad.. I did do it once but I had no idea he was there and well.. I haven't since we were young. How was it when you did it in front of him with those unblinking eyes of his. (Well my guy is like that anyway)I would just like to know how it went.. I would enjoy going in front of him.. but I can't my bottom won't let me. Can any of you girls married or unmarried give me any advice? I'd love to to hear any advice or your first time stories.
Um.. I don't poop in front of my firends.. so far Linda is the only one.. but I have seen my friends poop. If this is what you'd like to hear anyway.. ask me. If anyone wants to hear any kind of stories from me.. just ask. My guy did catch me on the toilet today.. but he was a bit too late as the splash down occured.. he walked in.. sorry miguel. (giggles) But he did get to see me with my teal underpants around my ank! les and such. {figures first time I ever do that.. and I get walked in on.

Ben, I'm just curious - when you say you cleaned out your underwear and put it in the laundry, do you mean you emptied the poo out or did you rinse them as well? I have done the laundry for many years now (as a carer in a childrens home and as a mother) and have noticed that boys always seem to just put their marked or messed underpants in the laundry whereas girls who dirty themselves will usually wash their knickers out first. I actually think that leaving them unrinsed is better (as long as any loose poo is removed) because wet clothes in the laundry basket stay wet and yucky for longer and are also more likely to be noticed by anyone sorting the laundry. Do other people get challenged by whoever does their washing in the same way as Ben did? I generally just get on with it and say nothing, although I do look at certain people in a different way when I know what their underwear looks like after they have finished with it.

Saturday, April 22, 2000

Hey Mike from Somerset,
Do you live in Somerset Massachusetts?, just wondering, ok, later everyone

Ben from Canada
I'm new to this sight and would like to post about an accident I had when I was 10. I'm 14 now. Anyway I delivered newspapers, but there very few papers and they were all spred out. Midway through delivery I felt the need to poo. I debated between going home and continuing, and decided on the latter because it was already pretty late. I finished the papers and then started heading down the hill to get home. By this time I had to go pretty bad. I decided to cut through the school yard to get home faster. Big mistake. I had only got halfway around the school when I lost control and a big log came out, and there was a very visible bulge.
Worse, there a group of kids around the corner playing on the playground. I tried to turn so I would always be facing them, and it seemed to work. I did it again on my parents and then went into the bathroom where I cleaned out the underwear and put it in the laundry. They didn't seem to notice until they did the laundry. They asked me and m! y younger brother who had done it, and we both said we didn't know. I think my parents suspected, but didn't say. It happened again, but this time I hid it better. Hope to post more stories!

Hi everyone, I don't post alot, but really enjoy reading the stories. I was wondering if any one saw last month's Redbook magazine, where Cindy Crawford said that before she gave birth, her bowels were emptying out while there were people in the room. Cindy has always been one of my "I wonder what she is like on the toilet girls." By that, I mean, I'd love to see her poop! Anyway, a while a go my wife and I returned from a trip to Georgia. And while we were gone, we had my wife's hot friend Judy staying with our animals, and watching the house. Judy used to be a stripper and has an incredible body. When I returned home, I went right for our master bath to pee, as it had been a long drive. But low and behold, what did I see, but a big load of poop in the toilet that must have been Judy's. There was alot of paper around it, like she must have wiped many times. The load took two flushes to go down because it was so big. Boy I love it when I fine woman takes ! a healthy crap. Her's must have been 14 inches long, and it was nice and solid. I guess it slid out real easy, and probally felt real good. I only wish I could have been ther to see it. Keep on posting them stories. Bye.

Dr. poop
Today I had an afternoon poop. I was drinking a lot of water and was busting to go one and two, so i droped my pants and sat on the toilet and peed hard and pooped a small load. Then I stood up and wiped my ass and flushed. I have not had my big morning poops for some reason.

My grandma is coming to town for Easter, so if anything big happens peeing or pooping I will post about it.

Tonya I think your stories are great.
Engaged do you still catch your lady doing her morning poopie?,or any other time and has she caught you on the pot?

by for now

Dr. poop


To Nick: Thanks for the info about my last post, i was just curious if any one else has had this problem. Does water realy help during a situation like this? I did notice that i had to pee alot the other night while sitting on the toilet.
To Tony (Scotland): Thanks for replying, i realy was looking for info about this. You even found me a name for this. Im not really constipated often. When this happened i hadn't pooped in 4-5 days i belive.
I haven't had to poop since, im surprised cause the other night i had this huge meal and it was fiberous.

I agree with wetsuit! That guy "IKE" is a child molester just waiting to happen. He should be repoerted to the authorities!!

SANDRA: I don't know about Joan Lunden. But there's an old story that pops up from time to time, in which Katherine Couric had a diarrhea accident live on "The Today Show". Also, if you look back at the oldest posts in The Toilet, you'll find a posting by a female Canadian news anchor who got food poisoning and messed herself on the air.

I agree with wetsuit on Ike's story. Dont think it should have been posted Had touch of child porn. I enjoying hearing about adult couples sharing a buddy dump or pee.

I agree with wet shit. Ike's post is worse than any of my unposted stories i tried to post in the past. what he did was absolutely wrong.

Question for Lorie, are you American or British?
if you are an Americn, which part of the country are you from?

Mariah Fan
Hey, folks:

I read today, that Mariah Carey will use nothing but pink toilet-paper, to wipe that juicy-butt of her's. I wish I could have the toilet paper, after she uses it.

Mariah fan

I was a chemistry student at the time. I was hurrying to class when I had to go number 2 BAD! THERE WAS NO WAY I COULD HOLD IT, so to avoid letting it go into my shorts (for some reason I wanted to do it), I took down my jeans fast and let out my usual long, thick bm onto the concrete in the corner by the door. No way of wiping so I pulled up my pants and wiped in the rest room. Lucky nobody came through the door. Why do I enjoy going in forbidden places as well as in my pants? I still don't know.

I was just thinking about this: I think it's really dumb how everyone is always commenting on other peoples' asses! I want to say "Do you know what comes OUT of their asses?" God, it pisses me off!


Im Out of town this weekend using a relatives computer. I had cramps again this afternoon,not nearly as bad as last time. I had a greasy lunch all fried stuff. I went to the mall walked around and felt a bit of cramping several time, but i decided to hold it till i got back to where i was staying. I couldn't make it back so we had to stop at McDondalds off the highway and i told the person i was with i really had to shit bad. I go in and some handicaped guy who was in a wheel chair was in the stall, im like forget it because i knew this guy could be in the stall for 20 minutes. By then the urge had subsided and we contined and we decided to stop at Wal-Mart and i had to poop there, it wasn't too runny but more like soft stuff. Then i sat on the toilet for 10 minutes and by the time i was done the stall next to me was occupied and when i got out someone took my stall. I guess people had to shit bad. I feel much better now.

Adam from Canada
For the next week, I will be celebrating Passover and one thing about the holiday is that you eat lots of food with eggs and not allowed bread. One thing I always notice is that my poop routines change. I notice I tend to poop more and that it is in large quantities. This is the second day and I have gone twice. The food tends to be more sensitive. Does anyone have experiances like that? Another thing about the holiday is that some people get constipated and don't poop at all during the holiday.

I just went to the Coughed up and Spit Out forum, and the story about Craig's barf fest got posted over there for some reason, so if you want to know what happened, go check it out. And to The Moderator, I think that you should have a link so that people who wanted to see what I said here will know!

Friday, April 21, 2000

when i was about 10, there was a real dick kind of kid in my class who was a year older than the rest of the class. This was because he was a real dumb bastard and had been held back a year. Anyway, one day, the class was working quietly and this kid starts half-crying / half-mumbling to the teacher that he needed to go to the toilet. After the teacher said "NO!!" he began to beg and was forced to tell the whole class why he needed the toilet so bad. He said that he felt a big fart coming on and so stored it for a few moments before pushing as hard and as fast as he could to break the silence in the room. It turns out that he followed through quite drastically and emptied his load into his underwear! The whole class was rallied by the teacher in laughing as loud as possible at the kid as he marched from the room to the toilet!
I hope you guys found it funny!

ps. A truly wise man is one who does not play leapfrog with a unicorn.

Bryian: Been there, done that. Those nights can be the absolute worse. You wake up from a sound sleep knowing you gotta go. My problem is that I'll sit there for like 15 minutes trying to go and all I end up doing is peeing. But the feeling will seem to subside and I head back to sleep only to be up an hour later with that same urge. And again I'll be sitting there for awhile straining and nothing. About the third time, there will be couple little chunks evacuated but nothing else. But come morning, I was on the toilet so long I thought my butt was going to take root. It was like there was no end to the amount of crap that my body needed to rid itself of.
I find when I'm having that kind of problem the best thing to do is keep drinking water--yes, you'll be peeing but for me it seems to work the blockage out. And when you finally do get rid of it, you're sweating from the workout. Unfortunately, I usually have to make another trip to can within a couple hours. Not to menti! on the lack of sleep from the night before because you spent half of it sitting on the toilet.
The last time I had that was about three weeks ago and I hope it's at least another three weeks before I have to endure that again...

I was out shopping in a store without toilets. I kept passing gas until I had a real bad need to go. I'm thankful everyone was in the front. I squatted under some jeans and let loose. It was a normal poop on the tile floor but qite stinky. I'm not into destroying other's property but when they have no public toilets accidents are bound to happen.

Can anyone verify this? Last night my friend told me of the time (1984 or 1985) when Joan Lunden farted loudly during Good Morning America. Apparently she didn't miss a beat and carried on talking. I don't recall it but my friend insists it happened and she has others who witnessed it also!

I have a question for girls and women.

a. If you pee, do you wipe yourself?
b. If you don't wipe yourself and you do not touch your genitals in any way, do you wash your hands?

Why or why not?

I think the story that Ike submitted about helping a 4 year old girl should not have been posted. This is very near to child porn, and would certainly interest those who are interested in such unhealthy deviations. He does not indicate that he is of any relationship to the girl, and seems to not even know who she was. There may not be any explicit sexual references, but everything here has some sexual element to it, as most admit.

You are straddling the line in both ethics and legality when you post such a story.


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