11 days ago last Sat-turd-ay (that's a joke, son) there was a massive hiering at the Soaring Eagle Casino. about 550 people were tested for drogs as a prerequesite for hiering. All day the lines were long, and so was the line for the urin test. At first they had a van where the people entered to be tested, then they moved us indoors, we used the restrooms for testing. There were crossed legs and I think but I am not sure, someone wet their pants. The line was so long that I got a strong urge to pee, I left my place went to the toilet, drank more water then returned to my place in the line. When it was time to pee for the test, mine was light yellow instead of amber (the cup was quite full). The people around me remarked about light my pee was. I explained to them that I was drinking alot of water. I talked to a young lady with a cup filled with a little amber pee; she declaired her pee was from 11:00 in the moring, 6 hours in her bladder; she drank little water. It is strange how the subconscious works. I imagined her having a job in Wyoming branding cattle.

Back to the story, they poured our pee into vials, and labled them. I thought a drug user could easily take a drug free friends urine, put the piss into a washed out Elmer's glue bottle, slip it under the shirt and pants then squirt it into the sample cup.

The drug test is a waste of their money; it is demeaning to stand in line and the test can be faked. I am technically waiting to be employed at the Soaring Eagle however if a housekeeping job is offered me I think I will turn it down. Gambling is an illigitimate business.

This is my first story on here, so I hope you like it. By the way, I am only 13 years old,just so you know where theses stories are coming from.

I was on a camping trip with my scout troop. It was a long trip and no one wanted to do it again. About half an hour before we were to leave,one of my friends had to take a dump and couldnt hold it. I told him to go behind a tree about 50 feet from where our cars were placed. He instead pulled his pants down where he was and proceeded to go. Our scout leader then reported the second half of our troop got back early and that we would leave and stop at McDonalds on the way home. He told everyone to get into the car they came up on and realized Rothgar [my friend's scout name] wasn't in any car. We all saw him 5 feet from the cars with his butt towards us. Our scout leader told his son to get his camera so we would have this picture to remember our first backpacking trip under our new leader. We got the picture and had to wait a! bout 10 minutes before we left. His picture is still hanging in our scout room.


Joe B.
I've pooped a couple of times today. The first was this morning as soon as I got up. I felt like i need to go, but just farted a lot and pushed out a few small turds. After lunch the urge hit again and i rushed into the bathroom for a great power shit. Afterwards, I still felt like I need to go more, but as hard as I pushed, nothing came out. I remembered I had a used Fleet enema bottle in my briefcase, so I filled it with water and took two bottles full, about 8 ounces. That's not much of an enema compared to my usual 2 or 3 quart enemas, but I hoped it would get things moving. I held it about 30 minutes, then tried to poop again. Only a few drops of water came out. Its been four hours now and the rest of the enema is still in me. I can feel it sloshing around high in my colon, and I still need to poop. More about what develops later.

About five years ago, I was attending an annual reunion in Las Vegas with a bunch of guys. We were staying at one of the major hotels on the strip. We were enjoying ourselves for three days. I was so busy having a good time that I went the whole three days without pooping. On Sunday morning just about everyone had left including my roommate. I paid the hotel bill but did not check out since there was still a couple of hours left until the checkout time and I had a late afternoon flight. I was going to take advantage of this time by relaxing on the toilet getting rid of three days worth of Vegas buffets. The bathroom was larger than they are in most hotels, and since I was all alone, I left the door wide open. Several minutes into my nice relaxing shit, the hotel door suddenly opened without any warning (key cards don't make noise like real keys do). It was the maid, and she got a great shot of me on the john as she came in. I guess she didn't knock because the front desk had listed my room as vacant when I paid my bill. I wasn't embarrassed as I am sort of into this sort of thing, but the maid was very startled and apologetic. She left the room in fast order. I sort of wondered if the maid shit more than I did.

Sup Desmond! nice to see you around lately. Todays crapping was interesting. I finished eating lunch and with 2 of my colleagues we went for a walk to another terminal to relax and talk. Well the whole time i fleelt the urge building and building. Plus, I had to take a mean pis! So, I excused myself and went into a stall and sat down. No ass gasket this time. I pissed and then let out a few farts and then the shit came out all at once. The longest skinny turd was about 8 inches long. the rest were little bits. It took about 6 ot 8 wipnigs to wipe all that shit off my hairy asshole. Flushed and when I walked to the sink (across from the stalls) my friend was there washing his hands. It kinda turned me on to know that he knew I just took a dump. Yesterdays shit was disapointing. I got back from Japan yesterdayin the morning and had been feeling the urge build while I was still on the plane. I got home about 10am and the urge subsided. I had some cheeseburgers from Micky D's while on my way to this mall to pick something up. By the time I got there I had to unload. Went nntot he bathroom and sat down. For some reason the stupid janators leave the door open o I had to try to shut it before I unloaded but I couldn't let anyone see me. I let out a few nasty silent farts. I held the shit in until I got the door closed. I finally snuck out and closed the door but the major urge to shit subsided and wouldn't come out naturally. So I had to push and it was messy and cunky. Not logs like I had felt it would be. I don't think it was as big as it was meant to be. Anyhow... on my flight to Japan I ate soooo much., After I ate I started to have gas. I I was covered in a blanket up to my chest so I just unleashed the rippers under the blanket. I was in First Class so there weren't too many people around to smell them if even did. I felt the urge building but didn't want to unload on the plane. Though I saw 2 of the flight crew go into the bathroom for about 10 min each and then this young kid about 10 or so went in quickly after the 1st officer. I think he had to dump bad. He was in there about 15 minutes. I could just imagine his poop emerging from his hairleess body and wondered what it was like. NO hairy ass to create a mess. Just wait buddy! Well, after we got on the ground I went into a WC which was western style to change but first I took off all my clothes, except my bozers and dumped. It was a loud fast full of farts dump. I wiiped and flushed leaving but only 1 little streak in the bowl. I was at this temple and thought I would check out the toilets. They were of the traditional japanese variety. A toilet set in the ground. I just had t otry. it but no load to drop. I don't know how they squat ov erthat thing with out taking their shorts off! I got naked except for my shir and squatted. Let out a fart and then left. I wished I could have unloaded a bunch of fat logs in that cool thing. No beer shits as I didn't have any while in Japan... too bad.

We'll see what tomorrow brings!


Hi again. One thing I've noticed is that there are only stories of women crapping recently. I like to see both. Come on guys. You've gotta have more stories than this. Now on to my story. This is a story about my trip to the beach. One time, I was at the beach, and I was out in the water and a wave must have hit me the wrong way, because I felt a rush of cold water up my shorts and into my ass. It was not fun. I quickly swam back in to shore. When I got there I noticed there was some water streaming from my shorts, so I clenched and stopped the flow, just so I didn't attract attention. So, I went into the bathroom. This was the worst beach bathroom I had ever seen. There were three stainless steel urinals, and five stainless steel seatless toilets all along one wall, no partitions, doors, or anything. There were two rolls of toilet paper hanging from chains in the ceiling. Not having much of a choice, and holding in my "accidental enema", I dashed over to one of the toilets with only a little bit of urine covering the seat. But, there was still no way that I was sitting on that seat. So, I lowered my shorts just far enough to clear my ass hole, and squatted down as far as I could get without touching the seat. Immediately, a stream of brown water splashed out. But I could still feel some stuff up there that the water must have stirred up, so I kept pushing and a few small logs exited very rapidly splashing water back up. In the meantime, another person came in also needing to use one of the toilets. He didn't look too happy about the toilet situation, but I guess he was as needing of relief as I was, so he pulled his pants down and assumed the same position as I was in. As I was finishing up and wiping, I couldn't help but glance over. I saw him straining and pushing out some well formed logs. I could see this because he was at a fair distance above the toilet. I then pulled my pants up and left. If anybody is interested in more of my stories, just tell me and I will post more. Love to hear your stories.

Thursday, July 31, 1997

Couple of more sightings all mass transit related. I was on the train one day and I don't know how I noticed but there was a girl (adult or close to it) who was with several friends and was clearly holding herself. It didn't seem to bother her and she noticed that I notied and flashed a "so what" look my way when she got off the train. Couple more involving parents letting kids to go in public: Same station at the far end, as I was getting off the train to go to work when I noticed a kid and his mother facing a column. She had him quickly finish what ever he was doing (there was a large puddle) and they ran to the other end of the platform leaving other potential passengers staring and possibly with whiplash. They grabbed another younger child and their luggage, both left left unattended and boarded the train. Another, several weeks ago I had an inside seat and was looking out the window as the train pulled into the station (the station is in the expressway median 6 lanes of congestion going in each direction are 25 feet away) a girl about 9 or 10 was squatting between her father, brother or some orther guy, a trash can, her sister or whoever the she was and a metal wind screen. They were covering her and she must have been caught by suprise when the train pulled up because she stood up in the middle of a crowded station and then pulled her pants up and rushed around to the other side of the wind screen to relieve herself. The other girl followed all three were laughing their heads off. Some of the people standing around had to notice. I am not sure how I spotted this one either; While on the train I noticed a stopped car next to the center wall of the expressway. There are two sets of lanes going in the same direction separated by shoulder and a wall. In this spot the lanes connect and the wall splits into two and rejoines leaving a bubble of grass that is about 100 feet long and varries from about 1.5 to 10 feet thick in the middle. Anyway there was a dark blue car stopped and two female adults were standing next to it. I guess that is what cought my eye becuse the hood wasn't raised and one of the women was holding a baby and standing in the grassy area. I think I could see a puddle under the car where two additional kids were standing. The four were obvously finished and dressed. There had to be a fifth occupant of the car they were waiting for because of their positions all vaguely facing someone who was obsured by the 4 foot wall. I guess that person had to be an adult because it looked like the kids went next to the car while the adults scaled the wall to relieve themselves out of view of traffic. No explanation for the woman next to the car though.

To: Zaphod Breeblebrox

Only 2 (other) people come to mind. I recall when I was extremely young, say 2 or 3, seeing my mother on the toilet. When I was about 6, my (female) cousin and her girlfriend (both were about 15 at the time) were babysitting my brother and me. I was in the bathtub when the friend (I honestly forget her name) came in and said she needed to go. She sat down, peed (for a long time!) and then flushed. I don't remember any farts or poop.

Let me reiterate that Denise normally went into the bathroom and left the door open; I didn't think much of it until the day she invited me in to watch her go #2. She invited me in; otherwise, I saw her briefly if I happened to walk by the bathroom (at my house or hers). This was recessed to the back of my mind until last month, when Denise reminded me of our younger days, 21-22 years before.

Wow! This place is kickin'! I love to read about everybody's crapping experiences, male and female. Right now, I live with four other people, which means I've had to wait for the bathroom alot. Well, one time I can remember is when me and a few friends, 3 male 2 female, went up to the mountains for a week. We hiked and fished, and did some skiing later on when we moved our campsite. I noticed on the third day that I hadn't been crapping since we had gotten there. I usually have multiple loads in one day. I was worried, but thought it wasn't too serious yet. But, while I was out hiking with one other person, I suddenly felt a whole bunch of crap drop down to the exit. We were an hour away from camp, so I couldn't make it all the way back. My friend asked me if I was ok, I told him "no, I think I'm gonna go dump something in the bushes, wait here, I'll be back in a minute. He sat down against a tree and waited while I ran off the trail in the other direction. I couldn't get very far, only five feet from the trail, but still concealed behind a bush. Since my friend was only about ten feet away, we started a conversation while I hung my pack and coat on a branch. I pulled my pants and underwear off so that they wouldn't get splattered. I put those on a lower branch. Then, I sqatted way down and started pushing. I let out a ripping fart, heard by my friend who started laughing hysterically. Then, I started pushing the crap out, It came out in large pieces and very fast. I could hear them landing on the ground too. I crapped for about 5 minutes, still talking to my friend whom I finally got to stop laughing. When I was done, I looked down to see a huge foot high pile of crap. It was truly amazing. So, I had my friend come and look at it. He was equally amazed. Then I wiped with paper from my pack and buried it all.

Story Teller
Football has many analogies to having a bowelmovement.
1. Gains in yardage are made through a series of exertions.
2. Players start each play with their butt exposed.
3. Much of the football is sortof brown like a turd.
4. Piles are formed in the bottom of a bowl
5. Players are often dirty.
6. Players often grunt alot during each push.
7. The game is played once a week. Baseball and basketball are played more frequently.

I have a long lived fantacy football player. I will tell you about hin in future postings.
If I think of more analogies; I will post them.

Can some of you americans help settle an argument? Some of my friends and i were watching a film the other day (I forget which) in which a fight was taking place within a ladies toilet. There seemed to be things like odd-shaped urinals on the wall. My friend says that many public toilets in USA have open stalls in the ladies for peeing in but I don't believe this. I cetainly would want to pee where anyone else could see me; there's certainly nothing like that in England. I've read some of your horror stories and am proud that i've never messed myself, at least since I was little. I came fairly close to it last summer however when I was at a summer music festival. The queue to the ladies was huge and moving very slowly. In despiration I let the queue after about five minutes and followed a sign which said "alternative green toilet". There was a small queue of both men and women outside this hut in the woods. I ran across, screamed something about "must go first" and dashed into the first stall that became available. Pulling down my panties as I ran in, I exploded as I sat down, then reached to close the door. Everyone was very friendly, men and women peeing and pooing into the same pit in the ground. I was told this was good recycling and I am proud to have done my bit for the environment. before

I would never win the big logs competition. My turds are always soft and gooey and never log-like. This is a disadvantage, because when you shit a log, if it hits the side of the toilet in its fall from your poop-shooter, it strikes a glancing blow, leaves a small skidmark and continues to fall. My soft turds, when they hit the side of the toilet, STAY THERE, leaving a dark smelly streak, which often fails to be washed away at the next flush. As I am a clean person. I usually use TP to wipe away any big shit smears that survive flushing.

Yesterday afternoon my sexy neighbor and her 12 year old daughter stopped in after they had been shopping all day. They asked to use my bathroom, both of them had to go really bad. The girl sat down on the toilet first, leaving the door open, and she immediately bagan to tinkle. It was amazing how much she was holding, and then she proceeded to drop loads. I counted six. She wiped 8 times with my Kleenex Ultra tissue, commenting on how nice the toilet tissue was. Without flushing, her mother quickly mounted the toilet and released a flood, and then several plops of her own. Wiping 6 times, she got up and flushed the toilet, but of course it clogged, but it did not overflow. I said "That's OK, just leave it, it will soften up and we'll flush it again, later." They enjoy using my bathroom and I hope they come over every day and do their business in my potty.

I'm new to this. I was surfing the net and stumbled on to this. This sounds interesting,as I have stories of my own I would like to share. I'll look around here for a few days and then probably write something,see what every other person writes about. I hope the stories I write aren't too boring or unnaceptable. This sounds fun.
Strider Off!

To Susan:
I loved your pooping story together with Cindy. Please post some more and add a couple of details like how many dumps did you hear from your neighbour, how long you stayed, how you both look like...etc...Looking forward to other stories ! Thanks A male admirer.

Wednesday, July 30, 1997

I have been watching this site for a couple of weeks know. I had an interesting experience today at work that I though I should pass on. I was going into the bathroom at work after lunch. Just as I was going into a stall my friend Cindy who works in marketing came in behind me. I turned at said hi, and we started to chat for a moment. When both went into stalls right beside each other. I needed to have a dump after lunch. We kept talking to each other once we in the stalls. It was a real urget feeling so I didn't think I could hold it untill Cindy left. I started pushing as I could feel it moving down to come out. As she was talking to me I could hear Cindy straining. As mine started to splash into the toilet I said to her, "sounds like you have to go to." She replied that she had been holding it since about 10:00 in the morning. I could hear it start to come out of her. It sounded very soft and smooth. We both continued to chat while we finshed pushing out our last few pieces. Usually when the are other girls in the bathroom I am quite. But since I have been watching this site I have become more interested in what is going on when other girls are in there. I will try and post more stories as I "hear" them.

Zaphod Breeblebrox
Hey DD, you ever see any other females besides Denise go to the toilet?

I was at the park yesterday when I had to take a large dump. So I went to the bathroom behiind the playground. There was only one stall and not the cleanest. I was in a hurry because my dump was ready to start comming into my underwear. I am squatting over the bowl and the massive load is comming slowly, It felt so good. A kid came into the bathroom holding himself and told me he needed to make poop right now. I said I was not finished, as my shit was still half way out, I think he saw it comming out. He went around the corner of the stall over by the Urinal. I could hear him undoing his shorts and pulling them down. I peered around the stall, and saw him with his back and bottom towards me. A peice of my log fell to the toilet rim and rolled off to the floor, and more was comming. The kid grabbed his putt cheeks and pulled them apart. His anus oppendef wide, I could hear him straining to pust it out. All of a sudden his anus opened and a massive round and long bowel movement came out and hit the floor, he peed on the floor pulled up his pants and went back to play outside. The rest of my log his the floor. I got cleaned up and left. I saw the kid out on the playground having a great time with his friends.

Moved from the mass transit forum. This thread is being removed from that forum.

my girl friend and i were coming back from an invitation only partywhere we had to wait for the shuttle buses.she told me she had to pee really bad but just about that time one of the bosses(a conversion van)arrived .we got on and there was only one seat left so she sat in my lap and again told me how desperate she was to pee.finally after about twenty minutes of squirming and crossing and uncrossing her legs i could feel my lap start to get warm and i knew a flood was coming.she started to apologize about not being able to hold it and she tried to move off my lap but i just held her there while i slid one hand under her butt to feel the pee

Like Susan I once wet myself on a bus, not a train. I was coming home from school, I was 17, and had run for the bus, although I had to pee really badly. Well, traffic and bad timing combined, and after about 10 minutes of great struggle to hold it in, ended up flooding the seat, my dress and my panties. I completely wet myself sitting on the bus, with a few people looking at the growing puddle on the floor.
What was (almost) worse was that when I got up to get off, I was dripping wet and my blue dress was pretty see through where it was wet. I'm sure my (wet) panties were visable to all, and I got endless looks on the street. Somehow I managed to talk the two blocks home, and when finally home I looked in the mirror: I was soaking and my panties were totally visable under my wet dress. I showered and changed, but was really glad I didn't see anyone I knew.

I don't know which section this should be posted in but here goes. Was my first day at my new job and was particularly nervous. Was starting as a receptionist and had got myself nicely dressed up. Took an early train so as I wouldn't be late for my first day. I had to run to catch it and immediately I sat down I knew I should have visited the ladies. Well the stupid train was held up by a broken down one in front of us and what should have been a 30 minute trip took over an hour. My need to pee got worse and worse and I just couldn't sit still and when only about 5 minutes from town my overfilled bladder let loose and I peed myself all over the seat. I was distraught not only from embarrassment but also because I couldn't turn up for work. I had to go into a dress shop and buy some new clothes so that at least I could turn up late.

The only accident I can remember having was about three years ago when I was really sick. I had diarrea (or however you spell it). But this was like Super Ninja Attack Diarrea (or however you spell it). The phone rang. I was just getting out of bed and walking towards the it and SQUELCH!!! It was all over the inside of my pants. It was really nasty too. It didn't smell though. I still answered the phone anyways, and it was a friend of mine who wanted to talk for twenty minutes. So, I had to stand there with messy pants and listen to them. Afterwards, I had to spend 10 minutes cleaning it up. IT WAS REALLY NASTY. So the moral of the story is "Don't get diarrea (or however you spell it).

I guess since Keith posted I guess I will go ahead and share! Unfortunately, my poops lately have been small and boring, so I will share one that I observed a few days ago. I was in the toilet at a resturant and some one came in the next stall. I looked behind me and it was a reflective wall and I could see the person on the toilet clearly!! They could not see me! The guy peed, then turned around and sat down and groaned a bit but nothing else. Then sudenly he took his shirt off and hung it up. He leaned way over and started grunting much harder and a few pressure farts came out. After about 15 minutes he stopped and wiped his chest, i guess he was sweaty, and got up and left, not even wiping. He sighed and left. Poor guy, I guess he was very contipated.

Here's another shitty story.:) It happened when I was around 13 or 14, staying at a friend's house, and we had this huge pizza dinner, then we went upstairs to go to sleep. Well, we couldn't sleep, so we went back downstairs and watched a couple movies, then returned up to his room and just passed out in the beds.
I don't know what happened exactly during the night, but I woke up normally and got up, was going to go get a shower, when my friend (whose name I won't reveal because he'd kill me:) said, "Hey James...uh, you musta shit in your bed."
I looked around, and lo and behold! My white undies were now brown and packed full of shit. And the thing was, his were too, because we had both eaten up until when we went to sleep, so I suppose that's why we woke up with messy pants.
Anyway, it was a verifiable accident! But we got away with it by washing the sheets and taking showers (and throwing away the dirty undies) before anyone got home. I was over visiting while his parents were away on a vacation (thankfully!)

Monday, July 28, 1997

THE MOST USEFUL TASK DONE WHILE ON THE TOILET Back several years ago I was taking computer programming courses at Central Michigan University.
Before entering the lab at the Bovee University Center, I did my daily duty, so I would not be interupted by a call of nature. ) pretramming work is demanding taking hours of concentration.)
Well, back to our story. One trip I used a stall with a broken paper holder. New dispensers were installed and the old one was a left over. I almost tore my coat on a broken arm of the old one. One arm was gone and the other was broken in half. I droped my pile then programmed to my hearts content.
The next day I brought a Phillips screw driver, found the same stall then removed the screws while I was dropping another pile. Some effort was required, finally the old rack came out with a sudden bang. I then wiped, flushed and collected the loose pieces. I threw the old holder in the trash.
Technically that may be a misdemeaner however more than 3 years have passed and others do not have riped coats.
I guess I have an aggressive bent from time to time and it comes into play when I see something must be done.

has anyone ever had an accident at school and then got punished for it. It happened to me when I was a cheerleader in high school. on aour way home from a game, I pooped my panties kind of bad. I didn't go at the game because they only had portable toilets and I hate them. The cheerleading coach really yelled at me, told me that I should be ashamed of myself and then I had to write, "I must never mess in my panties while cheerleading again," 1,000 times! That took me forever to write and I had writer's cram to go with my diaper rash


DD (27 yr old male)
story: I have another Denise story. Denise, you recall, was the girl who openly went to the potty when she was younger (I usually peed, never pooed, with the door open.) Denise and I started, instincively, to shut the door when we were about 7 or so.
In the summer of '83, when I was 13 1/2 and Denise was two weeks short of her 13th birthday, we spent a week up at Denise's folks cottage in NH. Denise and I were still good friends; our parents were down the beach while Denise and I stayed back to watch music videos. Denise got up to go to the bathroom, a small diamater room adjacent to the room where we were watching TV.
The cottage was small and not well-insulated, so one could hear all that was going on in the bathroom. Denise shut the door, sat down and started to tinkle. After she stopped tinkling, I heard her grunt several times. The grunts became increasingly louder, when after her final "urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" resulted in a 10-15 second fart which which was louder than Boy George, or whomever was playing on the TV at that moment. Denise was apparently constipated; each "urrrrrrrr...." was followed by a loud plop. I then heard about 10 seconds of what sounded like diahrrea. I heard Denise say to herself "aaah, that's better."
The last poop must have been very soft, since I heard Denise pull a lot of paper off the roll, and then flush the toilet. Denise continued wiping and flushed again. There was more pulling of the paper after the second flush and a final third flush before she washed her hands.
She came out after about 15 minutes, or 3 videos. When she pulled the door shut (toward the living room), the arounsingly pungent smell of her crap permeated the room.
She rubbed her t??y, and wryly said "all better."

Wow... haven't posted here in a while! I have been reading though and it is great to see so many new people! Anyhow.. my dumps have been pretty good lately I have been pretty regular. After lunch.. the urge starts calling! I have dumped some big logs too. A few days ago I unloaded a log about 1.5 feet long! Yeserday was a weird shit. I crapped out a looong ass log then a few little chunks. THen about 10 minutes later as I sat reading a unloaded a bunch of corn diarhea! I ddevelopped a burning stomach ache while reading. Todays shit after I ate A LOT of Taco Bell was pretty disapointing. The urge didn't come after lunch but at about 400pm before I left work at 430pm. I only unloaded 3 round chunks. But as I sit here typing I feel the urge for a god bm building. I have been letting off some nasty farts and the pressure is building. After I log off I am going to cristen the bathroom with my sweet odours!! YOu know I have noticed something about myself. I have some nasty farts in the am when I wake up! I mean, they are ripe and sometimes burn my ass. It feels like a big huge shit building, but nothing comes. I guess it is the preliminary movement for my after lunch crappings huh? I am heading to Japan for a eating day next week and will post any interesting experiences... like haing to unload my big daily aftr lunch dump in traditional japanese public (no stalls) crapper where I am squatting over a weird hole.
Sayonara, Keith

Saturday, July 26, 1997

Hi again. About the alias, look at Tunnler's post "Me an a good friend had gone shark fishing..." This prooves I need a new alias. It's confusing. Anyways, there was this one time when I got the urge to go while out in the woods, but it's really long and complicated, so I'll tell it later. But for now I really need your help with this alias thing.

Men and women have often been compared. There is one area of slight difference. Where do women feel the urge to pee. It is different for them then it is for men. They do not have the thing where I feel the urge. I asked one lady and she said she felt the urge in her abdomine. You ladies are you willing to give some comments?

DD (27 yr old male)
This is an interesting site. I hope the following post isn't too long, but there's so much I want to vent, so here goes:
A family friend has a daughter, Denise, 7 months my junior. When we were young, say 4-5, Denise always left the door open when she went to the potty, regardless of who was around. I usually left the door open when I peed. Since Denise and I were often together, seeing Denise seated on the potty or her seeing me going #1 wasn't a big deal.

One day, Denise and I were playing, telling jokes, etc., when she said she had to go "ka-ka." I said I'd wait outside, but she told me to come in with her (remember, we were only 5 at the time). I went in, and she nonchalantly pulled down her shorts and panties and sat down on the toilet. She was talking to me, and me to her, when, after a short pee, I heard several "pffts" and then 4 or 5 plops into the toilet. Denise got up off the toilet and proudly said "I had a lot of poops in me, wanna see?" I looked into the bowl and, sure enough, the bowl was filled with brown logs. I watched Denise wipe her bum; Denise then proceeded to show me the soiled paper and exclaim "brown kucky paper, brown kucky paper." Denise then flushed the toilet and washed her hands. I remember taking a pee right in front of her as she washed the poop off her hands. Being only 5, I didn't know anything about sex or the birds and bees, but remember being amazed that a girl went "ka-ka" just the s! ame as a boy, even though I recall wondering why Denise (or my Mom, the only other female at that point who I ever watched go to the bathroom) didn't have a penis.

Next occurence, 3 years later, when I was eight years old. I had to pee at school, so I went down to the bathroom, with 3 urinals and 3 stalls. Just as I walked in, my friend Roger, was striding away from the middle urinal into one of the stalls, his pants pulled down nearly to the floor. I looked into the middle urinal, and sure enough there were 4 or 5 logs in the urinal. Roger pooped in the urinal! As I was peeing at the right side urinal, I heard roger pull the paper off the roll and wipe his bum. He then flushed the stall toilet, came out and flushed the middle urinal, said "Hi" to me, and then walked back to class. (No, I don't recall him washing his hands. Gross)

When I was 11, my best friend Shawn (also 11 at the time)and I were hooking class in one of the stalls (different restroom, same school). Shawn and I were talking, telling jokes, when he said "I have to go." Shawn proceeded to pull down his pants and sit on the toilet. I turned around embarrassingly, not wanting to watch him do his duty. Shawn said "we're best friends, we're both boys, and we both do poopies, so it's okay to watch me." Shawn and I continued talking as I heard him pass logs into the toilet. I remember being "excited" about watching someone go to the toilet (just as I was with Denise 6 years earlier). Shawn got up and said "maaan, no poop paper." Shawn then proceeded to duck down and crawl to the next stall to get some TP. I peeked into the toilet, aroused by the sight of 3-4 turds just passed by my best buddy. Shawn came back with a wad of paper and vigorously wiped his butt and then flushed.

The next incident occured when I was 21. I belonged to a social club while in college, and met a dashing brunette named Barbara, whose soulful eyes matched her luscious, dark brown hair (sorry, but this sets the tone). One day, I met Barbara (and about 30 other people) at a party held at a private house of one of the members. I suddenly felt the urge to do a BM (I normally don't do so in "public" settings, but I really had to go). I knocked on the door, and a female voice said "sorry, I'll be out in a while." I sat on the couch and patiently read some magazines. About 15 minutes later, Barbara came out and asked me if I knocked on the door. I said "yes, I really have to go." She said "Sorry I took so long, it's all yours." I went into the bathroom, which reeked of Barbara's defecation. Skid marks" lined the toilet bowl. I sat on the throne, aroused by the warmth of Barbara's butt (it was a reasonably chilly day). As I continued pushing, the smell of my poop overrided Barbara's duty, and after 10 minutes or so, I wiped, washed, and left. I came out, approached Barbara, and said "Oh, did that feel good!" She said "You had to take a dump too? Aaah, I know what you mean. I hope I didn't stink up the room too much." I said "no," at which point she smiled and we moved on to other topics of conversation. Barbara and I saw each other socially (I wish it could have been more :( ] for another year or so before we parted our ways.

I saw my old girl-buddy, Denise, last month for the first time in about 7 years. We were having a party at my house (I have moved since '75). Denise, who is now engaged (she's a beautiful woman; her fiancee, who was out of town on business, is one lucky man.), and I went up to my room. I wanted to show her some stuff on my computer (honest!) when she asked me where the bathroom was. I escorted her to the door and left her to do her thing (she has since learned to shut the door :) ]. I continued typing on my Mac when, about 10 minutes later, I heard her voice asking "where do you keep the rolls of paper?" I came out toward the bathroom door; when I turned the corner to yell into the door, I saw Denise standing there with her jeans and undies down below her knees. I apologized, retreated back, and yelled "in the closet, Denise." She thanked me and went back in to wipe herself. 3 or 4 minutes later, she came out; I again apologized for seeing her in a state of undress. She said "why are you apologizing to me for. I opened the bathroom door." What she then said floored me. "Remember when we were little and I watched you pee and you watched me pee and poop?" I blushingly said "yes" and Denise put on a wide smile. I then said I needed to pee and jokingly asked her if she wanted to watch me. She said, "no, but thanks for offering." and affectionately wrapped her arms around me. I went into the bathroom. The powdered Glade we keep on the toilet top didn't quite cover Denise's "ka-ka" and in the rim were several skid marks. Boy did I feel nostalgic!!! More later...

Well, I still haven't found an alias. I'm interested to find out what everybody's bathroom schedule is. Like when do you go to bathroom everyday. For me, it's a medium sized dump late morning and a really small one late evening. I'd love to hear about you people. Also, could somebody help me find an alias? Me is kind of confusing. Thanks.

Me and a good friend had gone shark fishing in Cape Canaveral at night. We drank several beers and caught some fish. On the way home to Orlando I got very sleepy and had to pull off the road to catch some ZZ's otherwise I would have wrecked. I was awakened by by a terible pressure a couple of hours later. I had to go immeadiately. Luckily it was 3:00 am and there was no traffic on the road. I carefully walked around to the front of the truck. I pulled down my pants and bent over at the same time. the wet shit blasted out of my ass in an awful shower. I must have spewed for 6 - 8 feet. What a relief. Only problem was that i had nothing to wipe with and the liquid shit was very acidic. My ass was burning in secounds. I finally settled on wiping my ass with my shorts which I thru out into the spray area.

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