Someone asked about the first time you dida #2 in front of your boyfriend,well here's my story.

I was eighteen and going with a guy named Mike who was the same age,i would let him watch me pee and one day he asked me if he could watch me do the other thing (his exact words)i remember his face got red when he asked and at the time i said no way,thats too private or someting like that and about a week later he asked again and i had thought about letting him watch but since i was now on my period i said no again "way too embaresing to let him see that".

After that he didn't bring it up again but i had it in the back of my mind and one day when his parents were away i stayed over at his place and in the morning i got out of bed and slipped my long white tee shirt on to cover my self and mike was just wakeing up and i said come on and took him by the hand down the hall into his parents big bathroom
and since he was still half asleep didn't know what i was up too yet,i walked over to the toilet lifted my shirt and planted my little bare butt on the seat and told him to close the door,he then walked over and sat on the rim of the tub and reached over to hold my hand,i was doing a stong pee stream by now and then let out a bunch of little farts and mike said oh wow are you doin number two and i just shook my head yes and i knew my face was red and he could see me straining as a firm log started out,mike's face was red but i knew he was enjoying it from the bulge in the front of his white jockeys,and a second later my log droped with a little plop and i passed some more gas and was then able to drop a couple of more small logs as mike held and stroaked my hand,the smell was not to nice by now i did feel kind of embaresed,since the only other people who had ever seen me do a #2 before were my sister and one or two close girlfriends so this was something very new for me especially after seeing that what i was doing was obviously turnin! g on my boyfriend,and even though it seems kind of silly now,i remember asking him to turn his back so i could wipe,which he did.
A few weeks later he pooped infront of me but i don't have the time to tell about it now but i will later.

I saw last night on MTV at 9:00p.m. CST it showed two guy
riding trains and one of the guys pulled his penis out and
and stood and peed off the train. You could see the stream
as it came out. Did anyone else see this?

TO TONTA-If i were you,try not to worry about who is in the restroom when you are pooping.No one knows who you are so -let it rip!Check out JANE's and SANDRA'S posts,thet have the right idea and don't worry about it!Some years ago,when i was about 19-20 i had to poo in a public toilet and i was a bit uptight about doing it there,so i waited til all left the room and then let it rip and started to grunt and fart and poop like crazy and then i dropped my car keys on the floor and when i went to pick them up,i saw a person's feet just standing by the door and i guess they were listening-i finished up real quick( even though i wasn't done) and came out and washed my hands and this guy was standing there smoking and gave me a weird look and I HIGH tailed out of there quick.I don;t care who hears me grunt and poo now as much as i did then,but when people start looking at you when you come out,i don't care for that kind of stuff at all-Hey listen to me poo all you want,but don't dar! e try anything else on me in the bathroom-Just don't get weird on me!( unless you are a woman who wants to poo with me!BTW-As usual,i love JANE'S and SANDRA's stories!BYE

Mike and Nicola, I too heard and enjoyed the tribute to Peter Jones and the story of the huge turd. I didn't pick up that it was a unisex toilet but that gives further evidence to my remark to Theresa at the time that it would most likely have been done by a woman if it was that big. I could almost visualise it from his description stuck there in the bottom of the pan, a nice big fat jobbie. I agree with Nicola that he seemed to enjoy telling this tale as did the other guests on the program and I wonder if he was into such things as most "ordinary" people tend NOT to relate stories about such matters, indeed they shy clear of them as "dirty" or "impolite" or "not the done thing", and Im sure in his long experience Peter Jones had many amusing anecdotes on other topics he could have told, so I feel he deliberately chose this one. I too would be interested in any stories of famous people, actors, film and TV stars, singers, sports men and women telling stories about defecation e! tc.

Jane, I too figured that the two boys were listening outside the ladies toilet. You wont be surprised that I did this as a kid and teenager and still do if I am working somewhere and the opportunity arises. Its amazing how thin the walls are in modern offices and often I have been working in a corridor near the toilets and have seen some woman enter and have heard her performance. As a kid at Primary, (grade) school, I discovered that it was possible to hear the women teachers as their toilet had a window which was next to the playground. This was of course frosted (opaque) glass and you could only make out the blurred outline of any woman in there. The top of the window had a slatted wooden ventilator and it was through this that the sounds could be heard. I would sit under the window reading my book or comic, attracting no attention and would listen. Lunchtime break was best as of course some of the teachers would need a motion after their meal as many people do! and I would enjoy hearing the tinkle as they wee wee'd then the "kerplonks!" and "kur-sploonk!" sounds . Sometimes I would recognise the teacher if she was say wearing a yellow blouse and I saw this through the frosted glass and it would always give me a buzz to see her afterwards and think "I heard you doing a motion , you farted then passed 2 big jobbies!" As a teenager there was a bus stop next to a Public Toilet where again the high windows with vents allowed sounds to be heard. Although there was a nearer stop to my school I would often walk back to this stop so I could stand under the windows at the women's toilet end. Often nothing happened but sometimes I would see a girl or woman enter, hear her enter one of the cubicles, bolt the door and I would position myself under that window. Many times she would only be doing a wee wee, which doesnt do anything for me, but sometimes I would be lucky and Id hear her jobbies plunge into the pan. Again I found it a turn on when! I saw her come back out, sometimes even waiting for the same bus, to think to myself, "I know what you have just done, 2 small balls and a really big jobbie!" From reading this website for the last few years I know that many other men and boys get a buzz from listening to women and girls doing a number two, it seems to be quite a common fixation.

Bryian, I think you may have had over flow diarrhea, sometimes called "spurious diarrhea". This sometimes happens if one is really constipated, not merely missing a day or two and having no need to defecate, but needing to go bit being unable to pass a large hard fecal mass. In severe cases this is called fecal impaction and often happens to elderly and bed ridden people. You dont say you were constipated before this incident but the description of straining to pass all the hard balls at the first visit to the toilet would indicate this. Now what happens is that if a large hard mass of poo accumulates in the lower end on th! e colon there is a build up a looser stool behind it and the further back up the bowel the less water has been absorbed and the stool is loose or like diarrhea. This caused the gripeing pains and after you passed the hard jobbies the softer load came down into your rectum but being loose you had the urgent need to defecate again this time suffering diarrhea. Sometimes the liquid stool leaks round the hard lump and the person thinks they have an attack of diarrhea and take some medicine like imodium which of course makes the constipation worse but on other occasions the hard jobbie shoots out accompanied by the looser mush and squittery poo. Occasionally the hard turd will come out later the rectum having been lubricated by the previous watery stool and there is the pleasent surprise of going again to the toilet dreading another attack of the runs but instead passing a nice big solid jobbie. As you have experienced this before perhaps taking some liquid parafin (mineral oil) ! when constipated might help or eating more fibre, brown bread rice and pasta rather than white, bran based breakfast cereals etc, may make your motions easier. Start off with only small amounts until you achieve a satisfactory motion, to my mind one that is cohesive and formed, comes out without too much straining and doesnt fall to bits as it comes out but is passed as good sized jobbies.

Mike, Being in Scotland Brean Sands in Somerset is a bit far away, I did look it up on the map, just down the coast from Weston Super Mare. I have however been to a place called Troon on the sounth west coast of Scotland where there are some links Golf Courses and a place called Barassie there are miles of sand dunes. I have done a jobbie there on a number of occasions and have seen some big ones that others, probably women, have passed, and have on a few occasions seen others doing a motion on the sand. I will post about these if readers are interested.

Thursday, April 20, 2000

Nicola: I figured that much about the boys I found hanging around as I was exiting the restroom. I would not have been surprised if these boys had spotted me heading to the restroom and decided to listen, but I didn't notice them before I went. By the way, congratulations on your promotion, Nicola.

Timid Tigress: If they are good friends of yours, they will help you as much as they can to make it comfortable for you on this trip. I hope you have a good time.

Here is the second part of the fraternity party story. It was time to go home, and Sara and I started to walk home, along with Angela, one of our friends. Carrie stayed behind to help clean up, and her boyfriend was going to take her home. Our apartment was across campus, while the dorm where Angela was staying in was only a block away. As we got to Angela's dorm, I suddenly felt a cramp in my stomach and a sudden urge to poop. Sara said she also had to use the restroom real quick, so Angela let u! s into her dorm, and we all headed to the restroom on the first floor. A few other folks from the party also came in with the same idea. There were several stalls in the restroom, and before long they were all occupied. Sara, Angela and I took adjacent stalls, with me in the middle.

Once I was in the stall, I wasted no time lifting my skirt, lowering my white panties, and sitting. Immediately I let loose a massive flow of soft poop. The first wave lasted about 20 seconds and included three loud thuds. I let go a booming fart, and I flushed the toilet. I continued to push out more soft poop, as if I were dispensing soft-serve chocolate ice cream. It was loose and a bit gooey but not runny. I continued to push out wave after wave of poop for several more minutes, flushing once a minute. I was done pooping for the moment and started to wipe. I wiped a few times when I felt another cramp in the stomach. I sat back and let loose a nasty wave of soft poop. I fl! ushed the toilet and pushed out three more big waves of poop, flushing each time. I was finally finished, wiped several times, and flushed a final time. I left some good brown stains on the toilet.

I was oblivious to the others in the restroom, but I'm sure I gave them a good dose of sound effects. Although I was among the first to go in, I was the last in the group to leave. But I felt much better.

no name 4 now
Here's my story...My boyfriend wanted very much to be there when I, well, number 2. It took me quite awhile to get comfortable with this, but last night I finally felt I could. So I took his hand and lead him in. Ofcorse he must of known what we were doing. Well I must say that I very much enjoyed his being there. It was nice to have him hold onto me while I tried.I was wondering if this was odd. Do any other girls enjoy this? Please give me some insight into this if you have any. Thank you.

do you have any stories about pooping with any of your friends.

I was reading The Globe (a tabloid magazine) and it said this:


Frasier star KELSEY GRAMMER's wife CAMILLE DONATACCI had to back out of speaking in front of Congress about gastro-intestinal disorders and digestive diseases- because she had an attack of irritable bowel syndrome! Ouch!"

Just thought you might all be interested. Bye bye.

Yesterday I had been out with my coworkers for a drink and by the time I took the train home it was getting late. I got off the train and started the 20 minute walk to the house. After about 5 minutes I suddenly got the urge to poo. I thought it was strange until I realized I hadn't done my lunchtime poo. I was on a normal suburban street and saw some cars parked in front of house. I went over to the cars and stood in between 2 of them. I didn't see anyone so I hiked up my skirt, pulled down my panties and squatted in between the cars. I let out a loud fart and I felt a poo emerge. As the first poo dropped to the ground I heard a voice. It was a man walking his dog! There was nothing I could do as a second poo was coming out. It was tough being quiet as I kept farting throughout the poo. The voice got nearer and the man and his dog were almost on top of me. Sure enough, as the dog got closer, it started to bark and before I knew it, there was the man staring at me as I squatte! d with a poo hanging from my bottom! At least his dog was on a leash! He was an elderly man and he asked me if I was OK. I said I was but had been "caught short." He said he understood. At first it looked as if I was going to have to conduct a conversation as I was pooing but he said that he would leave me to continue in private, which he did. I quickly wiped, adjusted my clothing and stood up. I saw three 5 inch poos lying on top of each other steaming in the damp night air. I then walked home.

I've noticed several posters discussing people pooing during a marathon or a cross-country run. When I was at school in England (5th form) we did cross-country running every Friday. Needless to say, many girls would use this as an excuse to get out of school and hide from the runners. Once we got to the fields near the canal, my friend and I would divert up to a wooded area near a field. There was a fence at the top and my friend and I would sit on it and have a smoke. I don't know whether it was the running or the nicotine, but I'd nearly always want to poo. I'd pull up my little skirt, take off my panties and get up on the fence with by bottom hanging over. Then I'd poo right in front of my friend! She found it funny. Only once did I ever get caught. The farmer came by in his tractor unexpectedly and yelled at me. He shouted "get off that fence and stop shitting in my field." I yelled something back about it being good for the crops and then I pulled down my skirt and left w! ith my friend. My friend said that the farmer probably enjoyed looking at poo coming from the bottom of a 16 year old girl and that he pretended to be angry so he could get closer and have a look! I think she was right.

Lili Von Shtupp

When did you tell us about the boys peeing at the nude beach? I missed it. Please tell me which page of the archives it's in?

Regarding daddies helping their daughters feel free about peeing in urinals or outdoors: Obviously, a mother could teach her the techniques to pee standing, if mother knows them. My message was more on the freedom standpoint. Simply, if it's o.k. for daddy to pee whenever he has an urgent need, it's o.k. for females too.

Most females have been shamed by parents and society for relieving ourselves anywhere but in an "appropriately clean toilet." I'm just hoping we don't do that to the next generation. Daddy showing it's o.k. is a step in the right direction. But the message I got from the stories was that the little girl in each case was told it's just o.k. for Daddy.

Hi everyone! Buzzy, I'm glad you liked my story.

I had a pretty good day Monday. I went to the gym yesterday morning (I belong to a health club off campus) and after my workout and run, I went into the locker room to shower and change to get to my 8 a.m. class. As I headed to the locker room, I noticed that the early morning aerobics class was just letting out. I went into the bathroom area to pee and put my hair up before showering. As I exited the stall after peeing, the aerobics instructor (a medium-sized, extremely toned woman probably in her late-thirties) made a beeline for the stall on the end. I went to the mirror and as I began to put my hair up, it sounded like several pieces of soft poop rapidly came out, followed by a sigh of relief. She let off a few farts, and then another wave of poop. By then it was beginning to smell, and a few women came into the bathroom area, so I went to take a shower. After about ten minutes, I finished my shower and whe! n I walked by the bathroom area, I noticed she was still on the toilet, and though she was silent, It still had a strong smell. I'll bet it would be hard to teach an aerobics class having to poop that bad!

Like I said have an 8 a.m. class on Mon, Wed, and Fri, which gets over at 8:50, and another class on those days at 10 a.m.. Monday I had a decent-sized breakfast after working out and before class. During class I could feel the need to poop building. After class let out at 8:50, I headed for the ladies' room, which between classes can be pretty busy. I found a stall, and soon all six stalls were in continuous use for the next ten minutes, before the 9 a.m. classes started. Since I had until 10, I knew I could take my time. While the toilets were busy, it was hard to hear other people going, and while most woman only had to pee, I could stll hear a few plops and a few farts, and the bathroom did begin to stink with that many woman using it. I was able to si! t in silence until the bathroom cleared out. Or so I thought. I was in a stall at one end of the bathroom. When I decided to begin to push, I probably grunted and strained more and louder than I usually do. I did this for a few minutes, and was successful in pushing out several big logs, and quite a lot of gas. While I was sitting there resting, I suddenly heard a low-pitched fart and a plop. My god, someone had been in a stall at the other end of the restroom! I was a bit embarrassed, but I got over it. Has anyone ever thought they were alone in the restroom and you made a lot of noise and found out that you weren't?


Susan, I DONT enjoy having "accidents", unlike yourself it would seem. All that happened when I did a poo in my knickers (navy blue cotton Montfort briefs), is that during the Hockey match I felt the turd slide down into my back passage. I hadn't needed earlier and it was a solid formed motion. I could have left the game I suppose and would then have made it to the toilet in the changing rooms but it would not have been fair to the others and I was Captain of the School Team. I felt it pressing down and I also dribbled some wee into the double gusset of my knickers and I felt a spasm, my sphichter opened and the lump started to slide out. It was a solid jobbie and I felt it touching against my buttocks then push out the double back panel of my knickers making a big bulge in the seat. I just stood and did it in my knicks. As it was solid it didnt squash too much, and when it had all come out I played on with the seat of my knickers drooping down. When the game finished some of! the girls realised what had happened but didnt mock me as my staying on the field had helped to win the match. I simply went into the toilet, stepped out of the soiled knickers and emptied the big load into the pan. It had moulded into a sort of egg shaped lump of poo. I then cleaned myself in the shower and changed into pair of white cotton interlock briefs I had been wearing under my skirt before the Hockey Match, taking my soiled knickers home in a plastic bag and washing them. I didnt partcularly enjoy the experience, I dont like having accidents in my pants, but it wasnt a major trauma either. Unlike you, Susan, I didnt sit down in it, that was the last thing I would have wanted to do! The other notable accident I had as a teenaged schoolgirl was once when I was walking home and just didnt make it, doing a big jobbie in my knickers, (white ones as far as I recall) within a hundred yards or so of my house, so near and yet so far, I could even see the bathroom window wh! ere I could have safely done it in comfort. That was the annoying part. I should have used the Gilrs Toilets at school but was in a hurry to get home and thought I could hold it in. Again I just went home and got changed and had a shower. I have to say that, unlike some of the sadistic parents mentioned on this page, my mum was never nasty with me or my young brother if we did have a wetting or soiling accident in our underpants. She had some herself, so did my dad on a couple of occasions, as they say "shit happens". I CAN understand a parent losing their temper with a kid who persistantly soils their knickers when they are not ill nor have any problem with their bowels and have free access to a toilet but just do so out of laziness or as an attention seeking ploy or to be naughty, but most of us do not like the discomfort or embarassment of such accidents, particularly soiling ones, and human nature means that nearly all of us will be taken short at some time. Not being able! to get to a toilet in time or the toilet being occupied, a sudden attack of the runs, having too much to drink and losing control while inebriated, a fart that turns out to be accompanied by a soft or loose stool and comes out in one's panties. I do not personally feel that anyone should be further punished if this happens, after all we are usually sympathetic to anyone who is sick and has to vomit.

Dee, thank you for the congrats. Its a slightly more admin type of job and of course there is a probationary period but I still get to lead some groups and of course play (field) Hockey and Netball in due season. I also play Volleyball occasionally and have had a game with a women's football (soccer) team from time to time but I draw the line at women's Rugby as, although I have the build for it, its a wee bit to rough to my mind.

Finally, my husband excelled himself yesterday evening. He hadn't had a motion since Friday and before we went to bed he started to f! art and said he felt something was on its way down. I accompanied him to the toilet and rubbed his ???? as he passed a nice big fat 12 inch carrot shaped jobbie with a "KUR-SPUL-LOOMP!". I'll just say that he was well turned on by it, as was I.

To Timid Tigress
When you're camping at The Grand Canyon, be sure to try the women's urinals they have in the ladies rooms there (at the south rim campground). They're the old American Standard type that hasn't been made for years. You can also find them at other national parks also. I guess the gov't thought they were a good idea, but somehow they haven't caught on. I'll bet your friends have never seen them. Happy peeing!

Yes I heard the tribute to Peter Jones and the story about the huge turd. I think he said the theatre had only one toilet, so it was unisex, and used by cast and audience. He said no-one from the cast would admit to it so it must have been someone from the audience. The turd was so massive, that they had to shut the toilet and use another one in an adjacent building!
Looking forward to a walk on Brean Sands next week!

Cindy>> To answer your question about bedwetting, let me tell you of my own experience. I had a problem with bedwetting up until my MID 30's before I finally succeeded in having constant dry nights!!! While I was still living at home with my parents, they tried everything under the sun that had been suggested by other people, getting the alarm systems that go off when a person starts to wet, witholding liquids after a certain hour in the evening, spanking, and so on. Nothing worked. I was later diagnosed with a sleep apnea problem, which has since been taken care of, but that wasn't the cause, as well as having been a very heavy sleeper. I am convinced that my problem was that my bladder hadn't fully matured (grown) to adult size, thus I was not able to hold the liquid in. Also, you may want to find out if bedwetting runs in your family. It generally is more of a problem with boys than it is with girls, as it was in my family. I had cousins that didn't stop u! ntil their late teens/early twenties, as well as uncles that had the problem too.

I feel though that your mother is going too far with forcing you to have an enema, thinking that constipation is the cause of your bedwetting, and I am sure that there are others here that feel the same way. As for adult diapers, yes, there are various sizes and brands, such as "Attends" or "Depends" to name a couple. I had to wear a homemade diaper that consisted of two old bath towels with a piece of plastic between the two towels up until I was about 14, when after that point, when I wet the bed, I had to wash the sheets and blankets out by hand every morning after wetting the night before, and yes, I did get spanked for it.

I hope that you don't have to face your teen years with dread because of this problem, but that things will start looking up for you.

I know, I've been there. Take care and keep us all informed of what happens, when you can do so.

I agree with Anne the busdriver that pay toilets with an attendant are more clean and comfortable and free of vandalism. There is always enough soap, TP, paper towels etc, and you soon get used to the idea of there being someone just outside who may be listening! They have recently been introduced by several local authorities in our area, and when you need a shit, they are a great advantage. However 10 pence (15 cents) seems a lot when you only need to pee. The major disadvantage is that they close at 6 pm.

One of the reasons why a lot of us visit this page frequently is that quite often our family or partner does not share our interest in toilet matters, and we have a pressing need to find kindred spirits who share our interest in matters urinary or fecal....

When I was in high school, several girls used the boys room on a dare. They came in when several of us were pissing and we said: "Why don't you use these things," so two girls pulled down their shorts and underwear and relieved themselves into the urinals. It was really funny at the time and they seemed to enjoy it.

Hi to All on the forum.

Thanks to Louise for stealing the subjects about which I was intending to post. Must do the same for her sometime.

Cindy, I don't think your mother is being very kind at all! Quite how she connects bed wetting with constipation is beyond me! It could be that her treatment of you when you do wet the bed is acting to raise your stress levels. In other words, the fear of bedwetting could be the cause of you wetting it in the first place. She should back off and quit putting pressure on you, allow you to relax and re-educate your body to be continent in a more sympathetic way. I think you can definitely help yourself by just making sure you pee just before you go to bed, and drinking very little beforehand. That way your urine production will be reduced, and if you go to bed with an empty bladder I think you will soon stay dry all night.

PV, Louise and her mother peed at the urinal at our local swimming pool again the other day. I! still can't bring myself to stand with them though while her mother is there. It would be way too stressful!

Anyway, time to tell a couple more stories I was reminded of from our time at the the nude beach.

There were three women in their twenties who were walking along the edge of the sea who I thought looked as if they were looking for a place to answer nature's calls. I was right, and I wished we had been a little closer than the hundred feet or so distance that we were from them. Deciding the sea option was best, they waded out until they were in up to their knees and turned around to face the beach. Bending over far enough to rest their hands on their knees, it was obvious they were all weeing even though I could see no real detail of the streams. I could see the odd glimpse, but I think the best view would have been from behind. When they had finished and resumed their walk, I could make out that two of the women had dribbled down their legs due to the! trails visible on their inner thighs. Obviously they had had nothing to wipe with afterwards.

There isn't too much to tell in the case of the other story other than to convey my view that it was different in a futile sort of way. See if you agree...
A man about forty years of age stood up from where he had been flat on his back taking in the sun, and carrying a towel, walked over to the rock face. Surprisingly, he wrapped the towel around his waist and poked the very tip of his penis out of the front. Holding things in that position, he peed in the sand and on the rock face, and his stream and penis tip were visible to Louise and other women nearby. So why he was making such a fuss and weeing out of the towel when his genitals were out in the open the rest of the time I don't know. Personally, I don't see the point.

Louise and I are away for a week now, so everyone have fun in the meantime.

Bye for now,


Bets and I were about 11, and the year was 1938. She had to pee so we went upstairs to the bathroom. She sat down to pee, and I sat in the bathtub with my legs over the edge, and I hoped she would go #2 also. Suddenly a banging was heard on the door, and my aunt screamed for us to come out immediately. I never forgave her for spoiling the first intimate time we had together.

Hi Everyone...I want to ask everyone if they have had an experince like me. Last night i went to bed around 10:30 and i woke up at 2am with severe cramps. I go to the bathroom and sit down and nothing happens. Then the cramps stop and the they came back and i had to push really hard to get the shit out. Then i feel better and hope i was done(which i wasn't) any way i went back to bed and about 10 minutes later i had to poop again. I sit back down and push and all these hard balls come out and my stomach is rumbling. Then all the sudden all this liqiud shit comes out(diahreha) and i let out 2 burst and i was finished. I wiped and went back to sleep. I did have a bit of rumbling in my stomach through out the day. A few times i felt an urge was able to hold it during school...never went since 2am. It's like you are constipated and you are giving a laxitive and the results over power all the soild shit, therefore you have a hard time passing it. Any one have any stori! es like this? This isn't the first time this happened, it happened several months ago.

Alex (N.Y.)
Hi, everyone. I've haven't had a chance to post anything for a while. I've been reading this site for quite a while now, and still have a lot to read. Last night, My friends and I were talking about not making it to the toilet in time. I don't commonly have bathroom accidents. That's why I don't post stories here often. Last one I had was in 1994. (Which I posted in the earlier pages).

ENRIQUE: I had a similar accident like you did in kindergarden. The kids didn't tell me anything about it until like the 5th grade. Although I still see some of them today, I hope they forgot about it.

My friend had an exam to take in school, and he wasn't feeling well. So then he left early. While he was walking home, he thought that he was going to lose it. (He lives about 12 blocks away from the school.) He made it to his door ringing the bell rapidly. As soon as someone opened the door, he lost CONTROL. Diarehha exploded in his pants. Cleaning up must have been a pain i! n ! the ass.

Another friend of mine told me that he had an accident as well. He went to drink something which he thought it was coffee, but his dad told him it was PRUNE JUICE! So he went to the store (bad move) to get some stuff. Then, he got a strong urge to go. He got really sweaty, and people around him were looking at him. He got home and rapidly got his keys. As soon as he got inside, he LOST it. His pants turned brown really fast.

Usually someone I'm with brings up these stories. I'm not those who question others about these stories. I'm sorry for those of you that I'm boring you to DEATH! To tell you the truth, I barely see others have bathroom accidents. I only hear the stories. If I have more stories, I'll post them as soon as possible. Take Care, everyone.

Dr. Poop
I have a few questions four Alex and Steph if you are still around. Alex I know you stand to wipe your butt after a BM since you and Steph pee and poop together I an sure you have seen her wipe her butt. Does she stand or sit on the toilet? I am male and stand to wipe my butt because my balls get in the way when I sit on the toilet. Alex, Why do you stand to wipe when most girls sit on the toilet? Also do you or Steph sit or stand to wipe your vaginas after you pee.

I like your BM stories post again.


DR. Poop

I have some questions for fat womon. If you tire on the toilet so quickly, wood it help if you took an enema once in a wile? Also how is your mom dooing? Have you gotten to watch her pee or have a BM since you last wrote? And how long dose she take on the toilet?

I have some questions for fat womon. If you tire on the toilet so quickly, wood it help if you took an enema once in a wile? Also how is your mom dooing? Have you gotten to watch her pee or have a BM since you last wrote? And how long dose she take on the toilet?

Holly (Road Rules) fan, Male
Hi, has anyone watched the "Real World/Road Rules" challenge? There was an episode broadcast just over a week ago where the two teams had to spend 48 hours in a locked room, with a bathroom to the side. The goal was to see which team could bounce a rubber ball for the longest time, of course everything was observed by a camera. To make a long story short, one of the Real World members fell asleep for about 20 seconds and was disqualified from the competition.

The Road Rules team were informed that they were "almost done." They then showed Holly (who I think is a HOT BABE!) on the toilet. They showed her only from the belly-button up, and she said "I hope this is the last time I have to use this bathroom," or something like that. She was also holding a roll of toilet paper. I don't know whether she was peeing, pooing, or both, but of course I fantasized about the hot pee coming out of her vagina and, if she had to poop, the logs coming out of her nice butt :-). ! Sorry if this is too out-of-line, but I love her! Does anyone else agree?

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

I didnt notice if any runners in this year's London Marathon were taken short. Perhaps the cameramen were instructed NOT to focus on the evidence of "accidents". I am NOT a runner myself, my sports skills being more Gym and Field not track and the type of running required for say Field Hockey is different from either sprints or long distance running.

I have of course done cross country runs both at school and since and quite enjoy doing so as a way of keeping toned up. I did post a story where I was doing a run and had a buddy dump in the bushes with another girl when we both needed a motion. Running and indeed any exercise is a good way to keep the digestive system active and I feel a lot of people are constipated as much from the sedentary life style they lead than from diet. I do large jobbies as readers know but I only get really constipated at the time of my period, otherwise I am reasonably "regular" and the motions are firm but not too difficult to pass usually! . I was amazed that one of my friends teenaged daughters is usually " a bit constipated" until I found that she gets driven to school and back, takes part in no sports or exercise and sits watching the TV or playing her computer. I did suggest that a bit more activity would tone up her sluggish system and be far better than sennokot or dulcolax!

Andy Running Man, once when I was at school about 16 I was doing a cross country run and I needed a motion. I went into the bushes, pulled down my tracksuit bottoms and navy blue cotton knickers (briefs) and squatted . It was just starting to come out when a boy from one of the other years who was also doing a cross country came into the same area and on seeing me apologisied and said he too needed to do the toilet but would find another place. I told him not to be silly and I didnt mind if he did it there. I thought he only needed to pee but he took his shorts and white Y front briefs down and also squatted doing a good sol! id carrot shaped jobbie of about 8 inches long. Meanwhile I produced one of my big sausages of about a foot in length. Seeing this he gasped and said, "I bet you feel lighter for that", then recognising me said, "you're Nicola arent you, my big sister told me you often clog the pans in the Girls' Toilets at school" I just laughed at this, but was quite proud that my reputation was well known.

Jane, I imagine the two lads you mention sitting around outside the doors of the toilets at the Mall were listening to the sound effects of people doing the toilet especially as they were nearer to the Women's toilets. From reading this website its well known that many boys and men are turned on by hearing girls and women doing a good solid motion.

Yesterday in Britain there was a radio program in tribute to a comedy actor who has died that week. One of the anecdotes he told was of a huge turd being stuck in the toilet pan of the toilets at a small theatre he was appear! ing at. He didnt say if this was in the gents or the ladies but did go into quite a detailed if somewhat polite description of this big jobbie especially the fact that it would not flush away after several attempts. He didnt say what happened to it in the end but I was amazed and pleased at such a matter being so openly discussed on BBC Radio Four at midday on a Sunday. Obviously he was happy to talk about such matters and the others present when the interview was recorded didnt seem abashed. Certainly there were no expressions of disgust or disapproval, indeed they seem to be amused and interested by this anecdote which took a good 5 minutes of the program to tell, and I assume the Editor had no problems including this item. I hope this is an example of Britsh people becoming more open about defecation. I did hear Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice as was) on radio once saying how she didnt feel right in the morning until she had a good poo, and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, on! ce told an interviewer for a magazine how she had done a huge poo in one of the Royal Toilets. Does anyone have stories of celebs etc telling stories about their bowel movements and associated matters?

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