To Becca
Well this happened when w were small. (Me and Miguel) Well we were playing around the house, playing hide and seek. my mom was outside hanging clothes to dry. Anyway, I had to go poop but me and Miguel were having so much fun.. I didn't wnat to. (besides most of you remember, you never had to go to the bathroom till you were doing something fun) Miquel knew something was wrong.. holding my bottom a few times gave it away.. I guess. ^-^;;. Anyway He asked if I wanted to stop and have a potty break.. I said no.. but in my mind I had been dreaming of sitting on the toilet with my underwears pulled down sighing and going like crazy. besides by now.. I had to pee bad too. Well.. I thought counting in the bathroom while I was.. you know... on the throne "holding court".. but I thought.. I can hold it a bit longer. (As we know.. famous last words) Well it was my turn to hide and the strong urge.. took over and made me forget.... never hide in the closet in the basement. ! the door sticks. I went in and.... well I could hold it anymore.. so I said.. Miguel will give me a time out. So I tried opening the door.. it was stuck.. I paniced.. I mean I was scared cause first I was trapped.. and two.. I had to go bad!!! Well i tried to force the door open.. but when you gotta poop and pee really really bad.. pushing and making force isn't a good idea. Then I screamed as the poop poked out. It felt hard and dry... but then I had not gone yesterday. I looked around for anything.. then I found it.. my best friend when I was smaller.. my old potty. (it was a chamberpot like thing as I mentioned before)I pulled down my jeans and felt it come out more... then I yelped and slipped down my underwears and sat on it. My bottom felt snug against it.. I had grown since I last used it. Then out came the pee.. oh I felt good.. but poor me... Miquel found me. (Must have been the loud ahhhhhhhhhhh I did.) So there I am sitting bare bottomed peeing loudly. I told him what happened as the peeing kepted pouring out of me with tears in my eyes. Miguel said it was okay... and he talked to me the whole time sheilding my body from being seen.. it had been a while since Miguel saw me on the very same potty.. but hey I loved the guy and he was sweet talking to me and stuff as I sat there... okay I was a love sick 7 year old sitting there with my head resting on my hand staring at my guy sighing as he talked thinking what a nice guy he is.I didn't even push the poop out.. it just came out by itself.. I was really lost... and didn't even realize it was coming out.. till the smell kicked in. We had been there almost an hour.. my bottom had a ring on it form sitting on that small potty a bit too long. I got up and it was FULL!! Miguel joked heh guess it was best it came out in there cause if I had got you out later.. the closet would have exploded with your pee and poop. Well Miguel carried me and snuck me into the bathroom. I sat down again to make sure I was empty while he went to go get the potty. my mom came in before he did and saw me on the toilet. ( my face a bit red) She said oh sorry baby.. then shut the door. Ha she didn't know. Anyway later Miguel snuck in (perfect timing.. I stood there with my shirt pulled up wiping my butt. [giggling] Sorry.. I'm blushing up a storm here. Okay I'm fine now.. anyway that's my story. Hope it was what you wanted becca. Heh if you want.. I can tell you a time... mauch later when Miguel was in there with me and we almost got cuaght by my dad. Later.

Timid Tigress
I don't encounter doorless stalls very often, but I just remembered one place where I saw some, probably my first public restroom experience with a doorless stall. It was at the skating rink. There wasn't even a door to the bathroom itself. It was one of those bathrooms with the multiple twists and turns to keep outsiders from peeking in, but having no door on it. And of course there was no door on any of the stalls. I guess all this was also because moving around the bathroom might be difficult for someone on skates. The womens' restroom was pretty clean. But I wonder how clean the mens' was? I suspect there might have been lots of pee on the floor where buys couldn't quite get up to the urinal without rolling.
I found out yesterday that I'm going on a ten-day road trip to California with some Indian friends. I'll be the only girl on the trip. This doesn't bother me, except that we're supposed to camp out for a couple nights when we go to the Grand Canyon on o! ur way to CA. Hmmmm. The bathroom experiences should be worthy of posting. I don't really want these guys to see me when I go. Doesn't anyone have suggestions as to what I can do to keep from being seen in the act? The other problem I have is that since I'm blind, one of them will have to lead me to the spot, and I'll have to trust them to not look.

TO Tonya-Good story-i always enjoy stories from the public ladies room-keep them coming!I really enjoy pooing along with others in the public toilets,it's kinda fun to let your load go at the exact same time someone else is pooing esp when it's the same type of poop!TO EV-The next time you poop,when you're done,when you go to wipe,push out you anus as far out as possibe and wipe-you can get ti much cleaner that way because your anus is pushed out and you don't have to dig to get clean-try it.No major stories to tell of pooing-BYE

To Nicola

when i wet myself i had white silk knickers on and botttle green knickers on top. my skirt was pleated and you could not see my underware. when i pooped in them as well they still did not show but the feeling was so lovely and warm. when i went to change i sat on the step first so that i could feel the poo squash into my bottom. it was a great feeling. tell me more about when you had the accident during PE lessons. by the way i live in the south of England.

Hello everybody.

My boyfriend Steve wrote here a few days ago to
say he was wanting to tell about the boys weeing
on the nudist beach, but I wrote about it instead.
I thought those stories should be told by a girl
for girls and I beat him to it. So there!
I will try to get him to write a message with the
other thing he has remembered. He should be able
to write at least once before we go away over the
Easter weekend.

I want to tell about what I did on that nudist
beach. I think Steve might have told about it
already, but I would like to tell about how I felt
when I was doing it. My story maybe interesting to
PV (hi!) and any other women who think it is an
exciting dare to wee when others can see you.
When we first went to the beach, we saw that some
people had a wee and did not look like they cared
much about doing it with privacy. Steve wanted to
wee, and I wanted to even more. I really need! ed to
go, but I felt shy about weeing in the open. I
looked at some girls near us who were in a group
with some boys and we saw it all as they did
squatting pisses in the sand. They were enjoying
themselves and they did not mind being watched by
the boys they were with. It made me need to wee
even more, and Steve decided that it would be ok
to do what others were doing, so he went to a rock,
held his cock and weed. He washed the rock very
well, and women and girls looked at him and he
decided he did not mind at all. He felt free.
When he told me that, I decided I had to have a wee
right then and I would be like him and just do it.
I squatted in the sand and men looked at me as I
did one of my geyser wees in the sand. It was very
exciting and I felt so daring as I knew the men and
boys around were looking right between my legs at
my pussy squirting my wee when I knew how some men
have a thing in their m! inds about seeing girls do
it. Up until that day, Steve was the only man
to ever see me with no clothes on, and I felt very
thrilled at being naked in public. Also Steve was
the only man to ever see me having a wee, and that
had been very exciting. When I had that bigger
audience I could feel my heart beating fast and I
knew then what Steve meant when he said he felt
free. After that first time weeing like that I
did not mind doing it again and again and again.
One time when walking with Steve I just stopped
and stood with my legs apart and had a wee. I did
not bother splaying my lips as I do not have to if
I am not shooting forward, though the stream can be
a bit coarse. I did feel a bit self conscious and I
blushed a bit when I saw I was being looked at by
more men than before. I think some women did not
like me standing and letting their men see my wee
squirting like I did as some could see me from the !
front. I think it was that a lot of women still
think it is only all right for girls to squat down.
The other times I stood up weeing were at the sea
and facing out to sea so I could not be seen at
the front. One time was when I went to the sea edge
with the boy in the family of teenagers. I had seen
him looking at me, and bits of me, in a way that
made me think he fancied me. At the sea edge I stood
and started to wee, and he was going to wee with me
but he could not! Now I *knew* he fancied me, hope
everybody knows how I mean! Hehehehehe!

CHRIS, Hi! I think your girl pee companions know how
to have fun! I wonder who taught them how to stand.
They sound like they are good at it. How do you know
they nearly always use the men's?

LILI VON SHTUPP, you are so right in everything you
said, but I think it would be difficult for a dad to
teach his little girl how to stand even if he knew
how it was! done. It think it would be very
embarrassing for both, it should be taught to a girl
by a woman who can give a real demo.

PV, Hi!!! Steve is still pee-shy when my mum is
anywhere around. He's really funny that way. Hehehe.
We went to the pool again last Thursday, and my mum
and I went into the men's toilet with him but he
waited until my mum had finished before he would
stand at the urinal. He is scared of her seeing
anything even though he has weed in sight of many
women at the nudist beach!

KATY K and ANDY K, that is some story and it took
some gutsy people to do that the way you did.
Take care now!


Congratulations on the promotion, Nicola!

Timid Tigress: I've been ill myself the last few days. Big tablets that make pee smell sound like erythromycin, I think, which is an antibiotic and not a decongestant. A lot of medicine makes pee smell, I think, including cough syrup.

Hey Cindy
What your mom does sounds awful. What is an enema exactly? But like I'm not sure what size diaper would fit you. I think you should talk to your mom about your bedwetting. Is it nightly? Maybe you have a really bad bladder infection. I have heard of some like these. Write back soon.

Andy Running Man. You've sure been a lucky guy. I didn't know running the Marathon was such fun!

Cindy. I was more than a little concerned about your post. I'm sure your Mum loves you very much but she should not punish you for wetting the bed. Far from solving the problem I think it's only making matters worse. I would never, ever punish a child for wetting the bed, regardless of whether I thought it was accidental or not. I think you should discuss the situation with a teacher or another grown-up who you trust such as your youth leader, minister or priest. Have you seen a doctor and had medical advice? I think you should if you haven't already. It's more likely the case that your problem has an emotional cause than a physical one but it would be a good idea to see a doctor just to check out all the possible reasons. I don't think you wet the bed because you're constipated though. My guess is that you had some bad experience or trauma when you were about ! eight and the bedwetting is in some way related to it. So far as managing the situation is concerned, you should talk to your Mum about having a plastic sheet. Also you should make sure you don't drink too much in the evenings (I'd suggest nothing to drink after tea) and make sure you go to the toilet at bedtime as well as if you wake in the night.

Nicola. I enjoyed your post. Like Anne, you're right not to force yourself when you don't need to go.

Tonya: Hi and welcome to the site. Although it's been quite some time since I graduated from college, I have many vivid memories of my college years, including quite a few pooping experiences. As I read others' experiences while in college, such as yours, Tonya, it reminds me of other interesting experiences I have had.

One time my best friends Carrie and Sara and myself were asked to come to a fraternity party as special guests of a member who was dating Carrie at the time. I was not exactly into the greek scene but thought it might be a lot of fun. I had just bought a blue plaid pleated skirt and thought it would be good to wear it for the first time, though I hadn't tried it on yet. When I put it on, it was a little shorter than I thought, about a few inches above the knee. At first, I hesitated about going to the party wearing that skirt, but I decided it would be OK.

It was a nice evening. There were plenty of folks at the party, and quite a few t! hat I knew. So I inter-mingled with lots of people, having a few drinks, mostly punch and ginger ale but a couple of real drinks, too. I did a bit of dancing, too. I was being careful about my skirt, until a friend of mine I was dancing with suddenly took me by the hand and started swing dancing with me. As I twirled around, my skirt swung up, and anyone who noticed would have seen a full view of my white high-cut briefs. After that crazy dance, guys started asking me to dance left and right.

After a while, I started to feel an urge to pee. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. There were five in the house, and strangely enough, the first one I encountered was free. I went in and quickly did my peeing. After some more dancing and hanging around outside in the porch, it suddenly got colder and a bit more windy. My skirt was doing a dance in the wind, and I was once again feeling a need to pee, so I went inside to find a bathroom. Unfortunately, this time, ! there were long lines at all of the bathrooms. I went in line and waited, but the urge was getting stronger. There were two girls ahead of me, one of whom was in my History class. They were discussing, then deciding, to go outside, and they asked me if I wanted to come along. I don't usually go outside to pee, but I was desperate, so I went. They grabbed another girl, and the four of us went behind the trees. We took turns, with one girl peeing while the others surrounded her. I went first, lifting my skirt, pulling down my panties, and squatting. At first it felt funny, but I was feeling relieved and I peed for a good minute. I felt much better after I was done. After everyone had a chance to pee, we went back to the house.
After another hour, I had to pee again. My friend from History class also heard nature's call and asked me if I wanted to do it again. Sara wanted to come along, so we all went, the same foursome but joined by Sara. Once again, we went b! ehind the trees and did our business. I was lucky not to have pee dribble down my legs both times I did it, but Sara was not so lucky. I gave her a couple pieces of tissue so she can clean herself. Strangely, no one had any idea of what we were doing.

It was getting late, and it was time to go. There's more, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Did anyone see this Sundays special here in the States called Walking with Dinosaurs? They told of a huge dinosaur, I cannot remember the name of it, that weighed about 30 tons. It looked sort of like an elephant with a long neck, anf it stood about 4 stories tall. They went on to say that these beast were plant eaters and they each deposited an average of 1 ton of dung a DAY! That's right, 1 ton. They found huge fossilized shit boulders in the Arizona desert. After the dinosaur laid the turd, hundreds of prehistoric dung beetles converged on the pile to lay their eggs. The larvea would then feed on the dung which was rich in plant nutrients. Basically, all these dinosaurs did all their lives, 100+ years, was eat and shit.
Anyhow, that was a pretty neat show with excellent visual high tech special effects.

wow ADAM , your story was hiliarious !! I was rolling on the floor, wow. That was a bad happening. Thanks.

Dr. Poop
Hi everyone I hope you liked the stories about my grandma and my dad. I have been interested in women peeing for a long time. When I was in first grade I went into the bathroom in the class room and there was a girl was sitting on the toilet. I walked up to the urenal and started to pee and she then started peeing. When she did it made a wistling sound. She then wiped and got up off the pot.

Last summerIcame up to the kitchen and had to get sumthing from the londrey room witch ment I had to walk past the bathroom. As I went past my mom was sitting on the toilet dooing her morning pee with the door open. When she sow me, she jumped up off the pot and slamed the door in imberisment and I felt imberist.

How many of you women don't mind having a fammely member even of the oposit sex see you on the toilet peeing or pooping?
Buy for now

Dr. Poop

Monday, April 17, 2000

Molly & Mozelle
Hi we're 14 year old twins named Molly and Mozelle and we are both lactose intolerant. We just found this site and have many stories to tell you all, if you want to hear them.
-Molly & Mo

Andy Running Man
Sunday see's the annual London Marathon,starting from Blackheath.With around 35,000 runners taking part and the need for a last minute pee/pooh will see the need to perform in privacy being ignored by many including the lady runners.

As you say when" you've got to go you go ",the bushes of Greenwich Park and Blackheath will be full of runners pee/poohing in them-this was first introducing to mixed "buddy dummping" last year.

I found myself a nice quite bush to get into squated and started to push when from behind me in came a fit young lady runner,it was to late to stop as my first log slid out.The lady said she was busting to pee and had to go as she pulled down her shorts and squated,Then I heard the sound of the piss hissing out of her-it really was loud and I found it very exciting.

I still needed to shit more but was hanging on when she asked me if I had a loo roll,which I had a full roll of.
Her reply shocked me when she said good and told ! me she also was going to take a dump and to not be embrassed but to carry on with my dump.

We both had our dump,wipped our bums and ran off to the start.wishing each other a good race.

Any off you out there in the Marathon Tommorow ? or in the past-would love to hear your stories of your last minute relief-espaically you girls.

I shall making sure that I find a bush with a lady present,as most seem to whant to get on with it.Will post my story after the race.

Good to luck to any fellow runners and make sure you get it all out before the start,not as you run as did the ladies winner of 2 years ago.She shit herself 5 times on route !!

Lili Von Shtupp
For Mr. Nature and Clueless Parent:
Thanks for sharing your concerns about daughters witnessing your outdoor pee situations. Since we can be frank here, why not let your daughters know that even if they have an emergency, it's o.k. to pee outside. Females have been denied the freedom of relief because our parents have shamed us into believing we had to hold it until we almost burst.

You've opened the door with demonstrating how daddy pees outside. How about finding a quick place for them to pee when they have an urgent need? They can even be taught to pee standing very neatly when they're young. This would help them for life, believe me.

This happened when I was in the 4th grade. I would have been 10 at the time. Several of us were standing around in the schoolyard at recess. Whenever some girls would walk by, oneor more of us would try and fart loudly. Well I could feel a good one building, when Jenny, a pretty blond haired girl from my class approached. She was kind of stuckup, and I was going to cut a big loud one to gross her out. When she was right in front of me, i gave a sudden sharp, hard push, and totally pooped in my pants. I just stood there with my pants full. The others soon began to notice, and started teasing me about messing my pants. When I went back inside, the teacher sent me to the office, and they called my mom. We only lived a block fro, school, so when mom got there, they sent me home with her. I had to walk home with my pants fullof poop.

Hi all, i'm 12 and i still wet the bed. I've been
wetting for almost four years, in the mornings when my mom comes in my room to wake me up for school she has me pull
down my panties and spanks me for wetting the bed. I weigh 110 lbs. and was wondering what size diapers would fit me. She sometimes thinks I wet the bed because i'm constipated so she'll take me into the bathroom, has me undress, get on my hands & knees and gives me an enema. That's probably the most embarrasing thing of all. She has been threatening to put me in diapers for a couple of years, and now i'm thinking they wouldn't be a bad idea after all. I don't get on the net much so if any of you kind folks respond to this it may take me awhile to thank those of you that helped at leat save the sheets and my butt from getting spanked.

Hi my name is Taryn and I'm 14 years old and I have been lurking here for a while. i don't really have any good stories to tell, except for one. Hope you like it.

When I was in sixth grade (I am in eighth grade now) i rode the bus to and from school. Usually when the bell rang to announce the end of the school day I would go to the bathroom to pee really quickly, since it was an hour long drive with all the stops the bus made. One day my class had a party and I drank tons of Kool-Aid and soda and I had to pee really bad after class, but my friend Laina (who rode my bus) wanted me to come with her so we could sit together (there were a lot of people on the bus and if you didn't have a friend to sit with you had to sit with anyone who came along) so I agreed for some idiotic reason i will never know. By the time I got on the bus I had to go kinda bad, but I couldn't get off the bus and walk all the way back down to school, which was a block and a half from where t! he bus picked us up in the afternoon. Laina ended up ditching me to sit by her friend Chloe, so I sat alone. After about 20 minutes I had to go REALLY bad. After 35 minutes, I seriously thought about asking the bus driver to pull over to a gas station or something so I could go take a leak, but decided not to because I knew the other kids would harrass me about it for weeks, after the incident wear Craig McCray asked to pull over so he could puke, but that's another story. So, I sat miserably in silence. After 45 minutes I thought my bladder would burst. After 55 minutes the only people on the bus were me, Chloe, her brother Jay, and this really hyper girl named Belinda. I was about to ask the bus driver if i could PLEEEEASE get off at the Texaco unless he didn't mind if I pissed all over his seat when Chloe started asking me about Disney Land (Laina had told her that my family was going to Disney Land the next day) and i could barely talk by this time because I had to ! pee so bad. I smiled and tried to speak but couldn't. Finally, i was able to talk and just said yeah, I was looking forward to it. She asked me what was wrong and I said I was really tired. She nodded and stopped talking. Luckily Belinda and Jay were in the back of the bus having a conversation, otherwise Belinda would have been yapping at me and I would have peed myself for sure. Anyway, we dropped off Chloe and Jay and then we were on the way to my bus stop. My bus stop was at the bottom of a hill in front of a small canyon about 6 blocks from my house. Sometimes my mom picked me up and sometimes I walked home. I flew out of the bus and was seriously about to duck behind a bush and pee but when my mom's car pulled up. I wobbled over to it and told her to hurry hurry hurry because I had to pee so fu????g badly. So she did and I didn't even bother buckling, I just hopped up and down in my seat until we got home. She unlocked the door and I ran into the bathroom an! d peed for the longest time. Afterwards my bladder still hurt for like half an hour from being stretched so much. Well, hope ya liked the story, I'll tell you the one about Craig ??????? puking tomorrow, no time now. Bye bye now

Sorry I havent posted for a while but I have been promoted and now have to take a more supervisory role covering two Sports Centres and have been away on a course.

Susan, your story of wetting your knickers then doing a poo in them only puzzles me in one aspect. I assume you wear wearing navy blue or bottle green or other dark regulation coloured school knickers such as the Montfort knickers I wear myself for (Field) Hockey or Netball etc. When you came back to class still wearing the wet and soiled knickers wouldnt the dark stain on the gusset and the bulge in the seat caused by the poo have been visible to your PE teacher and the other girls? Im suprised if this wasnt the case. I had a big accident in my knickers when I was your age and playing hockey but that was during the match when I felt a big jobbie come down and I couldnt leave the game to go to the girls toilets so I came out in my knickers which I also dribbled slightly as well at the time. I didnt get any ! mockery from the other girls over this as I had stayed on and helped our team win a very close run game. I have seen girls have accidents in their knicks during games and PE and it happened once to one of our teachers when she did a jobbie in her knickers when demonstrating an exercise in the Gym. This was luckily a solid turd but the contortions of the exercise she was enouogh to force it out into the seat of her Montforts.

Adrian, like Anne I go when I need and dont force myself. Again I do big long jobbies as I have often posted about and do also fart a few times before I go, which amuses my husband. I agree with you though that a softer stool will often be preceded by a lot of smelly spluttery farts before it is passed whereas a nice solid formed motion will have fewer and shorter squeaky farts before it is done. On the subject of Anne and her big jobbie I can echo your experiences as I often pass really big "panbusters" which come out slowly under their own stea! m. Like you I enjoy passing a nice big turd and experience similar sensations.

In my teens I had no problem allowing my young brother, boy cousins and even one of the lads in my class at school who I fancied to accompany me to the toilet and watch when I did a motion. I liked the two part story of Katy and Andrew K as I let my husband accompany me to the toilet at home and vice versa for number twos.

When working at the other Sports Centre I did a big whopper in the ladies a few times, my typical big long fat torpedoes. One one occasion when it stuck as often the case and I was washing my hands one of the female staff there went into that cubicle and then said to me "Its true then Nicola, you do block the bogs!" as this was said in a pleasent way and not as an insult I merely laughed. She then buddy dumped her own jobbie, a single fat turd of about 8 inches long, on top of mine although she could have used one of the other 4 cubicles which didnt have a big! jobbie in the pan.

I will be going to Somerset for Easter and will probably do a big jobbie on the sand dunes at Berrow or Brean so if anyone sees a big turd in the sand it could be one of mine!

To chris: Where do you live? I havenīt encountered anything like that in all my schoolyears. These girls seems really good at peeing standing. If I understood you right They didnīt even have to part their labias in order to hit the urinal.

Wow Becca, that was one cool story, So, how old are you know? Just wondering, ok, got to go, later everyone!

Anne (the bus driver). Thanks for answering my questions.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your latest post about coming home after the early shift and doing that really enormous motion. I'm not surprised that you hadn't been the day before as a jobbie of that size (fourteen inches long and two and a half inches wide) would take time to generate. You must have felt heaps better for getting that one out of your system. No wonder it took 4 flushes and a bucket of water to get rid of it. Obviously you needed to go in a big way. After a clear out like that though, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you don't do anything, or not very much, for a day or two. No wonder you were turned on. I would have been. In fact, I wish I'd been there! I know from my own experiences that passing a large motion can be quite a pleasant experience.

I accept your point about large jobbies. Maybe it's because I seldom do large unbroken stools myself, that I tend to expect other p! eople not to. Then again, we're all made differently, we all have different diets and different approaches to lavatorial routine. I love to hear about your big sausages though.

best wishes

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