becca- i have a story for you.
once i was at a friends house and somehow we got ourselves locked in her room. her parents were out of the house and wouldn't be out for a while. now her room is very small and is painted light pink with light pink carpets all over the room. at first we were just like ok whatever, we'll just stay in here until her parents come home. so we started talking and playing games. soon we both had to pee. i was like
"michelle i have to pee kinda bad"
"me too omigod what will we do??"
"well i think i can hold on for a while."
"i can try"
so we played for a while longer and then she had to hold herself to keep from peeing and a few minutes later i had to also.
"im about to pee in my panties we gotta do something!!!" she said
"yeah me too"
michelle started jumping around "i gotta pee sooo bad!!" she wailed. "i wish i had a bathroom in here!" i was seriously about to pee.
"can we pee in our panties?" i asked her
"t! hen it'll get on the carpet and my mom will kill me!"
"wouldn't she understand we had to pee?" i asked
"no way" said michelle. she sat down on a chair and crossed her legs real tight. then she got up
"some just came out!" she said
"we gotta find something to pee in!" i said. we looked and looked and couldn't find anything. suddenly i got an idea. i went to her dresser and pulled out a lot of clothes and threw them on the floor.
"we'll have to wash them when we're done but im dying here and there's nothing else" said michelle. she pulled down her pants and panties in one sweeping motion, sat down and peed. pee was coming out of me right then and there and i was afraid i would wet her carpet, so without pulling my pants down i sat on the clothes and peed. oooh it felt soooo good. when we were both done we examined the soiled clothes. the big pile on the floor was soaked, i was soaked, and michelle was pretty wet from when pee had come out on the chair. luckil! y there was no pee on the carpet. we put on dry clothes (there were still some left in her dresser), hid the wet stuff, and when her parents came home they let us out of the room. then they went to do some errands and we took that time to clean everything we had soiled. though i didn't think it was fun when we were both so desperate thinking about it afterwards made me realize i enjoyed it a lot.

Lisa: That was quite a dump you took at the mall. The rest rooms by the food courts are not exactly my favorite places to have a pooping session. If the malls are more upscale, the restrooms tend to be a little better. Usually, if I had to go poop, I would go into the department stores and use their restroom.

One time in college, after a morning class, I had some free time before I was scheduled to work at the campus bookstore. I decided to go to the mall nearby and do a little shopping. My friends Carrie and Sara had classes, so I went by myself. I did not do my usual morning dump that day, so I was feeling it by the time I got to the mall. In fact, as I got to the food court I let go a fart. Fortunately, it was early and the mall was not yet crowded, and I don't think anyone heard. I rushed off to the ladies room.

The restrooms by the food court did not have doors at the entrance. I went in, and apparently no one else was around. I took the secon! d nearest stall, lifted my white miniskirt and lowered my white panties, and sat. I peed for a bit, then began to push out a long thick turd, which fell with a loud splash. I pushed out one more thick log, then made a booming fart that echoed throughout the room. After that, I began to push a series of thick but softer pieces that were just as big but didn't make as much of a splashing sound. After a minute, the smell began to fill the room, so I flushed the toilet. I dropped several more long thick but soft logs, then was finished. I wiped a couple of times, got up and saw a couple of logs floating in the water and a big pile of poop at the bottom of the bowl, and flushed. Everything went down with no problem.

As I was exiting, I saw two boys about age 10 sitting between the entrances to the men's and women's room, though they were closer to the women's side. I walked past them as a woman was approaching. As I was walking away, I heard the woman, who was app! arently the boys' mother, start yelling at them, saying, "I've been looking all over for you. What are you two doing? Let's go!"

I will never forget the most embarrassing day of my life.

I was in first grade. The teacher was helping us with testing.

The day before, we learned some letters in sign language. The teacher told us to show her the letter T for toilet in sign language if we had to go to the bathroom.

We started testing, when all of a sudden I had to take a major poop. I walked up to the teacher and showed her the T. She just ignored me. So I was standing there for like a minute, when I couldn't take it anymore. Of course, I pooped my pants right there in front of the teacher and the whole class. I was so embarrassed. It gets worse.

The teacher took me into the bathroom and set me down on the toilet. I thought in my mind, "Isn't it too late for me to be sitting on the can now?" So there I was, sitting there with my red pants down, with a load in my pants, with no teacher. She wasn't there, because she told me she would be right back. Of course there wasn't a ! door on the stall, so I was hoping nobody would walk in the bathroom. I shouldn't have thought that, because right when I did, two kids walked in.

They were the two upper grade kids that I hated. I didn't know them personally, but I had seen them pick on other little kids before. I hated them.

I just sat there completely silent and humiliated. They walked over and stared at me, pointing while making fun of me. I just put my head down and waited for them to leave. I was so terrified, humiliated and embarrassed all at the same time. Finally, after what seemed to be a lifetime of embarrassment, they left. I was so relieved that it was over.

Then I thought to myself, "This can't get any worse now." When those two boys left I was sure the worst part was gone and over with.

The teacher came back. I was so relieved, because I thought it finally would be over. Then I looked down at her hand. She had two aprons. I was thinking to myself, "Why would w! e be painting at a time like this?"

Then I asked why she took so long. She said that she was in the main office calling my mom. She told my mom what happened, and my mom said she would be over in a little while with a change of clothes. In the meantime my teacher had gone back into the classroom and gotten two aprons. She got the aprons so I could wear them when I was waiting for my mom.

I had to take off my pants and underwear and put one of the aprons on the front, and one on backwards. All I was wearing were my shirt, my socks and shoes and two aprons, one on each side. The aprons didn't work too well, because you could see the sides of my butt. It was drafty and I looked and felt stupid.

I went back to class. Everybody stared at me like I was from another planet. I was so embarrassed and humiliated. I had to sit in class like that for about a half an hour dressed like an artist flasher, until my mom finally got there.

When I heard my nam! e over the intercom, I knew I was home free. The teacher walked me down to the main office and I saw my mom standing there with a bag of fresh clean clothes. I ran and gave her an enormous hug. I never was so happy to see my mom in my whole life. This time I knew for sure the terror, embarrassment, and humiliation were finally over.

My mom took me into the bathroom and helped me change. I never knew how much I loved clothes. When I was done changing, we gave the aprons back to the teacher and went home.

After that day, I was never shy again. Now I do things that get people's attention immediately. I love attention. Now I talk to anybody. Also, I think I know why I don't like art or why I'm bad at art. From that day on, every time I look at an apron, it scares me.

I got a good poop story for you. One time I was jumping on my friend's trampoline and I farted. At first I thought nothing of it, but then I felt something warm going down my leg. And since I kept on jumping, it got all over my legs and my back. It took me about a week to get the smell off. Another story I have is that one day in football practice I got hit so hard I literally pooped my pants. And the bad thing was coach wouldn't let me go change my pants so I had to practice for 3 hours with poop in my pants. Have you ever had to run a mile with poop with a jock strap on? Believe me, it sucks. So until the next time I poop my pants, LONG LIVE THE POOP!

I was in first grade. One day I pooped my pants, but I didn't want to admit it, so I sat there until the classroom aide finally came around sniffing everyone and found out it was me. I was six years old and I am absolutely sure this is accurate, because my classmates reminded me about it until we were in fifth grade.

hey yall
i had to pee around 2:00 today...wanted to see what would its 8:30 and I have a dull ach in my bladder....i am going ot go drink water and lay on my ???? to see how long i can last with out peeing all over. How many of you ever do this?

One of the questions I didn't see in the toilet survey is how many sheets of tp do you use at a time when you wipe following a poo. I usually grab a handful of paper to wipe, but recently I started counting the squares to see how much paper I really use. On the average, when I grab a a single handful of tp for my first wipe, there are approximately 8 to 9 squares. I usually need at least 4 to 5 handfuls depending on how mesy it is, but I was wondering if that 8 or 9 squares is the average for everyone else. Does anyone use more or less than that? One reason I wonder if I use an average amount is that no matter how hard I try, I invariably get poop on my hand when I wipe. I usually try to spread the paper on my hand to protect it, but when I wipe I dig deep into my anus, and when I'm done there are always poop smears on my palm. Does anyone else have this problem. I've thought about using more than 8 or 9 squares, but I don't want to risk a clog.

Hi everyone! This is my first time posting. I just love this cite! A little bit about me....I am a 21 year old junior, going to college full-time. I have had an interest in other people's bathroom habits for quite a while, especially people pooping. I had an interesting experience this afternoon at the mall, similar to Lisa's post from a few days ago.

I ate a decent breakfast this morning, and I usually have to poop after any big meal, especially in the morning. I didn't, so I went to run my errands. For lunch, I stopped at Burger King and had a Whopper and some fries. I then went to a big department store at the mall to get a birthday present for a girlfriend. I didn't shop too long before I felt a rumble in my stomach and went to find a bathroom. I found one in the department store, and since it was Saturday, I figured it might be real crowded. It wasn't too bad; all four stalls were occupied but only one girl was waiting ahead of me, with one fixing hers! elf in the mirror. The girl waiting ahead of me was wearing a name tag which identified her as a store employee. She had a pained look on her face like she had to go pretty bad. The two middle stalls opened at the same time, as both women were only peeing. Women in the stalls on each end must have had to poop, as they were both quiet. As I was cleaning off my tolet seat, I heard the woman employee in the stall next to me quickly wipe her seat off and it sounded like she pulled her pantyhose and panties down quickly and sat down. Just as I sat down I heard what sounded like an explosion of poop come from her stall. There was a pause, and another wave of poop and gas, which she was able to muffle somewhat by flushing. After she quieted down a bit, I was able to push out a long piece which landed with a plop. This opened my flood gates, and several pieces came out fairly rapidly, with several farts throughout. I heard pooping noises from the women in the end stalls as w! ell. It wasn't long before the smell in their became strong. Also, with four major pooping sessions going on, a line began to form. Strangely, the four of us finished up and exited our stalls within maybe 30 seconds of each other, so I got to see who my pooping partners were. The woman on the end next to me was maybe in her early 40's, and the woman at the other end was young, about 16 or 17. The store employee next to me was about my age, maybe a little younger.

I hope you guys enjoyed my story... I usually have to poop at school, since on 3 days of the week I am there all day, so I should have good material for more interesting stories.


Bryian - I'm 18 too. My mom made me shower before she spanked me that time when I was 12.

I remember another time when I was about 8 when I had an accident. I had to go to the bathroom but I was playing outside at the babysitter's house. I ran for the door, but I had just gotten inside and had my snow pants to my ankles when I let go. I wet and messed in my pants because I couldn't get to the toilet in time. Taking off my snow pants had taken too long. My babysitter was really mad at me. She gave me a spanking and because I didn't have any other clean pants she made me sit half naked for the rest of the afternoon. It was really humiliating. My mom was furious when she picked me up and I got another spanking when I got home.

On Friday at work, I thought I had to dump, so entered the stall in the restroom and didn't really have to go, I just had some gas. Anyway, as I was in there, someone came in to urinate, and then i thought he had left because I heard the door open and close after he was finished. I proceeded to let out a couple of very loud farts, then as I stood up to pull up my pants, I realized that the person was still in the restroom because he started to dispense paper towels. I left the stall and there was a young man of about twenty-two, a trainee who has been at the office for about a year. He gave me sort of a strange look, I thought. I am almost sure that he lingered in there to hear me. I wasn't the least bit mad or embarrassed, but sort of surprised. Does this happen often? I have been tempted to do this myself, but never actually have.

Greg (from Kansas)
Hey "just-a-girl", since you like to watch men peeing here
is a true story and it happened to me. A few years back I
was waiting for the bus. I knew I had a few minutes to wait
but I really had to pee. There was a construction site trailer office in back of me that looked like nobody was in
it. So I walked up there and unzipped my trousers and let everything hang out in all it's glory and peed. Halfway thru it I could hear a very procative and sexy female laugh
coming from inside. I figured what the hell, there is now
obviously no secrets now between us and I just pretended she
wasn't in there and I finished peeing! You know I made a point of peeing in front of there again just to make that
lady happy!

Hi Louise!

Yep, still around -- been busy, only had time to check in for a few minutes. I'll be writing a proper reply to yours and Steve's fab posts.

Make like a fire hose,


Dr. Poop
This is my first post on this site. I look at this site daley. I like the womens peeing and pooping stories the most.
I have two stories for you today. 1. This is about an imberising moment being male and 26 years old about two years ago my grandma was visiting and came in and we said our helos and all that stuff she headed to the bathroom and I took her ssutcase to the guest room. As I then went into the londrey room, I could hear her peeing. As I walked past the bathroom the door was open and there she was with her skert hiched up siting on the toilet peeing a longloud streem. She notesed ne as I went past and said "oh I was in such a herry I forgot to clos the door. I left the room and broak down laughing.

2. this one is about my dad and a major pooping sestion he had a wile ago. This was so bad I could not stop laughing. He was farting so lowd I coud hear it threw the heat vent upstairs in my room even with the fan in thejohn on. not to mention he was ! doing a lot of wet messey farts

I also have three questions for the women. 1. Why do some women like to take a can of pop into the bathroom if they are going to pee? Because they will only have to pee it out later. 2. How comman is it for a woman to fart when she is siting on the toilet. 3. why do some women stand to wipe their bottom insted of siting on the toilet?

Hello everyone! I'm looking for Holly, the 13 year old who posted on page 200. Holly, come back and post!

Sunday, April 16, 2000


LISA- great story about your shit at the mall-love the detail. Looking forward to your stories from the convention.


Adrian the ambush motion has been refered to by many men who write here, such as Tony and George and I agree that women are far better off if like about 99% of the female gender they sit to pee as any unexpected jobbie will just come out into the pan. Personally, I would NEVER want to stand to pee, although obviously I have done this in the shower often, but in normal circumstances I prefer to sit as normal for women and agree with men like George and many others these days who also sit to pee, its safer, cleaner, more comfortable and empties the bladder more fully. (I wont start the boring Cubicle Vs Urinal and paruresis thread again I am firmly in the all cubicles camp).

as to letting my bowels do their own thing, obviously if I feel the need to go for either wee wee or motion I go to the toilet before I drive my bus, but I dont sit on the pan when not feeling the need and force myself to go. I think this probably causes more problems than it cures for many people. !

The only times since I was at school when I have done a jobbie in my knickers have been like the post I sent about the time I got caught in a traffic jam in my car on the motorway and obviously couldnt get over to the hard shoulder and go over the bank at the side, so did it in my panties and just drove back home aborting the meeting with my friend. On the few other occasions this has happened, luckily not while working but in my leisure time, there has been no secluded place to have a dunp, and luckily again it has been a solid motion not loose and I have been wearing a skirt not trousers or jeans and it was all retained in the seat of my knickers. On the other occasions I have been in a place where I have been able to hitch up my skirt, pull down my knicks and do it without being seen. I would only do it my my knickers if absolutely no other choice was available and I just couldnt hold it in any longer, but like most people this seldom happens to me, most of my m! otions being passed quite normally into the toilet pan to my great satisfaction and relief.

I dont see your surprise at my passing the large motion I mentioned as a single 12 inch jobbie. Turds this size are not that uncommon for me and other women. It was a solid well formed stool and came out as nice big one. Adrian, I thought about you yesterday as you would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in my toilet yesterday tea time. I was on early shift and came home at 3.00pm. After tea I felt that good old feeling in my ???? and back passage and farted then went to the toilet. I hadnt been the previous day so knew it would be a big one. I entered the toilet, hitched up my skirt and pulled down my knickers, (white full briefs with a nice blue flower pattern) and sat on the pan. I started my wee wee then the big fat jobbie stretched my ring and started to slowly come out. It was a whopper and I just let it come out by itself with a sustained but gentle push, goin! g "NN! NN! and even trying the "UNE!" sound posted here. It wasnt at all uncomfortable to pass, on the contrary, quite a pleasing sensation, perhaps similar to what many male posters have mentioned although of course a women doesnt have prostate stimulation. Anyway, this jobbie was doing itself and it was big! I also noticed that the tinkling of my wee wee stopped as it came out although I was still peeing and I discovered that the wee was running down the jobbie the way that water runs down the outside of a pipe or rod. Eventually it tapered to an end and slid into the toilet with a "Floomp!" I looked between my legs and wow! about 4 inches of it was sticking up out of the water. I estimate that it was 14 inches long and a good 2 1/2 fat at its thickest and slightly curved and a mid brown in colour, knobbly for about 8 inches then becoming smoother as it tapered. It took 4 flushes and a bucket of water thrown down the pan to shift it. I felt turned on and really great afterw! ards. I hope you can visualise from my description.

Let me tell you what happened to me a while back. As I said I did finally poop infront of Miquel.. but he says it doesn't really count but he gave me points anyway. You guys be the judge.Miquel, being the guy of the house was fixing the shower head in the bathroom. However I didn't know this. I had been at the store buying groceries and had to poop and pee so bad. Holding on at the check out counter was a nightmare, and well I finally made it. I set the stuff down on the table and ran undoing my jeans and getting ready to pull them down. I got a giggle from Linda who was watching TV on the sofa.I just kepted going and told her don't let Miquel go into the bathroom. I went in and shut the door but it stayed a bit ajar.. it was just a tiny crack open but well I had to go. I slipped down my jeans and underwears and sat. I gave out a huge sigh as... sorry I'm blushing up a storm here. As pee thundered out of me and I let out some gas rather loudly.Then it came out in sevreal LOUD ! plops. I know I had a goofy look of relief on my face. Then for some reason I turn and look at the shower and see Miguel with a look on his face fixing the shower head. He said had to go badly did we? I turned pale.. I just know it.. my face felt hot.. I couldn't breath.. and my heart was pounding out of my ribcage. I couldn't say a thing.He then pulled the shower curtain closed. I sat there trying to poop as quietly as I could. No luck.. they splashed louder than if I was trying to make noise. Anyway I couldn't talk to him for hours as it caused fits if stuttering when I tried. So tell me does that count.. or is it just a fluke as he says. I mean.. he wanted to see me poop.. he did. Weather I wanted to or not. (But man in jeans.. but bottom and hips were exposed. ^-^;;) Wlel nothing else really.. I only pull down my underwears and such enough to where what needs to be exposed is exposed. So I doubt he saw... "that".Anyway I asked Linda if she knew he was in there. She giggled! and nodded. I told her when she gets better.. I'm going to put her in the hospital again. Sigh well I have to go now. No not that kind of go.

i love this board it is so great. i am 16 years old and wet myself in the gym today at school. when i went to change my knickers i went to the changing room and decided to poo them as well. it was great i kept my knickers and skirt on and went back to class (hocky) and changed after the second half. what a lovely feeling it was.

To Louise
The girls were 17, 15 and 17. They were wearing Skirt, Tights, underpants , shirt , tie and jaket. They had underpants and tighs pulled down to just above their knees and the skirts lifted and peeing like that. THey nearly always use the male toilets.

Katy K
Just as I promised, I'm going to tell you about the toilet experience I have just had with my cousin Andrew. He walked me home from school as normal, and we decided today would be the day because Mum and Dad are out for the day, and we wouldn't get a better chance than this. Besides, I didn't want to give him the chance to get cold feet about it either. So it all happened just a few minutes ago.

When we got in the house, I decided to change into this nice skirt I've got, and out of my school trousers. Andrew seemed pleased about this, but I didn't tell him why I did it. It was because I knew I would have a much better chance of hiding my bits from his view.

We both of us had lots to drink at lunch time to make sure we would want to pee plenty, and I was really busting to go by the time we got home. After getting changed, I called him upstairs. He asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this, and I said yes. He also offered to go first in case I thought he would! back out after watching me. But I just wanted to get my bit over and done with, and I was bursting.

Problem was as we talked more about it, I began to get more and more nervous, and could feel myself shaking. Andrew didn't seem to notice, but I did, because these nerves were now making feel as if I needed to poo as well as pee. I've always been able to hold onto poo though, so I really didn't think that much about it.

We both went into the bathroom. Now I was really shaking, but I quickly went over to the toilet and lifted the lid. The skirt I was wearing is great because it's loose, and I can spread it about half way down my legs again after I've pulled my panties down. I pulled them down, just enough to ensure I didn't wet them with my wee. And I was glad I did that at the time because Andrew came right up to the toilet in front of me, and sat cross legged on the floor. He might have been able to see up my legs, but I was scared enough without looking to s! ee what he was looking at.

I was concentrating very hard to let my wee out, but I was beginning to realise that my poo was getting just as urgent, and that I wouldn't be able to do one without the other. It wasn't that I didn't want him in here while I made a poo, but that I wanted to pull my knickers down further for this other job. I very often get splash back from my poos, and it would go all over my knickers while they were so high. He eventually realised something was wrong, and I explained I couldn't go because I really needed to poo. He said he would leave me to it if I wanted, but I just told him to go and sit on the side of the bath, because I really didn't want to poo with him sat right in front of me. He got up straight away and moved, and as his back was to me, I quickly pulled my knickers down further to a safer place. When he sat down on the edge of the bath, he smiled and encouraged me, saying not to worry if it smelled, but I was more worried about the! noise it would make. My poos usually make very loud plop noises.

I relaxed to go, and my poo began to come out straight away, like a snake, without having to push it out at all. I realised it was quite a soft poo, and the first three bits dropped really quietly into the water. And then my wee began to come. Considering how much I needed to go, it seemed to dribble out really slowly. Then another poo began to come out. As I felt it drop, it made a bit louder splash than the others had, but I think it was hidden by the sound of my wee. I had one more poo to come before I was finished, and it hadn't come out when my wee stopped, so I knew Andrew would be able to hear it, and sure enough it made quite a loud little plop. I looked at him, and he really smiled at me and said that poo noise had been really cute.

Now came the difficult bit, how to wipe myself while he was there looking. I really didn't want him to see this, and he must have realised from my face and! got and went out saying that he had really enjoyed that and he would go out to give me some privacy to finish off. He's so nice to me.

After I flushed, he hadn't come back in, so I went to find him. He was at the top of the stairs. He promised that he hadn't changed his mind, but he needed to wait a while so that he was ready to go for me. We talked for a bit, but not about me on the toilet. It was just like it had happened and he'd seen it all before. I must say I felt a bit upset with him avoiding the subject, so I brought it up. He said, I would learn all from his post, which he will make straight after I've finished mine.

He then said, lets go, and walked into the bathroom. He then undid his school trousers and pulled them down with his pants at the same time. I was quite shocked. I had expected to see his willie while he had a wee, but I saw all his bits. He said that seeing as I had done a poo, he would try as well, and sat down. His trousers and pants! were right down near his ankles, and he had his legs apart. He had his hand between his legs, to hold his willie down he said. But that meant I couldn't see anything, so that made me feel happier about hiding my bits while I was sat down.

I heard his wee start, running down the inside of the bowl, and it lasted quite a long time. After it stopped I looked at him, and he smiled, and took in a big deep breath, and pulled this kind of face that showed he was straining to do a poo. After a few seconds, there was a really loud fart, and he let his breath out and we both laughed. After that, I said he needn't try and poo if he didn't need to. But he said fair was fair, and he wouldn't give up just yet. He had several more breaths and made one or two strained grunting noises, and then another fart which made us both laugh again. He said he'd try one more time, but nothing happened. So I told him to call it a day, and thanked him for trying so hard for me. He got up and pull! ed his trousers up. Then we went into the study and I showed him this site. We'd only been on line for a couple of minutes when he said, I think I really do need to poo now, and invited me to go with him again.

We went in, and he pulled his trousers and pants down to his ankles again and sat down. This time it made me feel really excited, because I knew to expect him to pull his pants down. And it was especially exciting to see what kind of noise it made. And it smelled, much more than mine had. He gave me a running commentary. I can feel it ... its on its way ... its quite a big one, and with that it splashed into the toilet. I felt really turned on as he described the second one coming out, much to my embarressment ( because he'll be reading this tomorrow ). I left him to wipe in private just as he did for me, although he said he didn't mind.

I've been on this computer for nearly an hour and a half, so it must be a big post. I'll stop now and give Andrew hi! s turn. Hope you've all enjoyed it as much as I did.

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