Andrew K
This is a cool site. I couldn't believe it existed until Katy showed me it. She's obviously written an essay because she's been so long. I'm not into writing much, so mine probably won't be as big as hers.

Well, we went into the bathroom, and I could tell she was in a hurry. I watched her lift her skirt up and then sit down. I didn't see her take any knickers down. Perhaps she wasn't wearing any ? I thought I'd sit down in front of her. Quite fancied the idea of a front view, but I could tell she wasn't happy after I done this.

I felt very excited about all of this, ever since she asked me if we could do it together. I had these dreams about it last night, seeing her pull down her school trousers, but unfortunately I woke up before I got to see anything else, with some wet PJs, if you get my drift !

Anyway, this was different from the dream, because she changed into a skirt, which I thought was much better than trousers. And then she said she needed ! to poo, and asked me to sit on the side of the bath instead. I got up, and heard her shuffle around a bit, and when I turned round, her knickers had appeared just below her skirt. This made me get very excited, and then I heard this tiny fart noise followed immediately by the noise of her poo coming out of her bottom. What got me even more excited was when I leaned forward and rested my arms on my knees, I could see between the gap left between the seat and the bowl, and I saw it coming out. The first piece dropped down and hardly made a noise at all, just a faint flop, and then the second piece was coming down, and all the time I could hear her bottom making these cute tiny little farty noises. The second piece dropped off and made a bit of a plup noise, and immediately I could see another piece coming out. Boy, she really needed to go ! The third bit dropped out and made the same faint flop noise like the first bit. And then she began to wee. It made ever such a musical tink! le in the water, and I could see it moving around. I mean, it didn't stick to a straight line like when I pee. And then to my amazement, I could see another bit of poo poking out. It came out a lot more slowly, and made a bit of a splash sound in the water along with her wee. And then as her wee began to slow down, one more bit of poo began to come out, really slowly. Her wee stopped, but the poo just kept coming out very slowly, and then it got real thin and dropped as well. It made a proper plop noise, very cute, and I told her so.

I know she has a thing about her bits. She showed me what she told you all yesterday. I think its been good for her to share her problem. But I thought I'd better go out while she wiped.

Thats it folks !

Katy has just told me I was supposed to write about how I felt when she was watching me.

I reckon I felt like the blokes in the Full Monty must have felt like. When it came to it, I felt surprisingly confident. I didn't care she was watching and just threw my trousers and pants down to the floor, and sat down to wee, seeing as she had to sit down.

We didn't do me straight away, I made her wait a bit, and we talked about as many boring things as I could think of while my dick went to sleep again, if you get my drift, because it had woken up and decided to visit the gym while I watched Katy on the toilet, if you get my drift.

When it was gone, We went in to the bathroom, and I had to hold it down while I did my wee, which I actually have to do all the time when I go for a shit, although I wasn't going for a shit this time. I did try to go, but could only manage a couple of pretty loud farts which made us both laugh.

However, after we left the ! bathroom, and she showed me this site, and what she had written yesterday, I suddenly realised that I did actually need to go for one. So I told her, and let her come in again.

I did two quite big ones, but I don't know if she could see. I didn't tell her what I could see after leaning forward. I'm sure she'll kill me when she finds out !

I told her she could stay while I wiped if she wanted, but she said she didn't want to, which I was quite pleased about, because doing these two quite big poos for her had turned me on again, and she would have seen it.

Don't know what else to say. Just looking forward to seeing what she has said about me now. She says its not like e-mail and takes a day to arrive on the site. So we're going to meet up tomorrow to read them.

This feels really funny knowing that lots of people are going to read all about what we did today. But thats o.k. I don't know if we'll ever do it again. I think it was just once only.! Next time I have a girlfriend though, I definitely want to see her go after this !

Public Toilet Hater
To Anne (bus driver)

Great idea! I agree with you. I would gladly pay a fee to use a public toilet, if the fees were used to pay an attendant to keep the facilities clean.

I'm used to living in the western US, where there is lots of open space. People could poop out in the desert nearly forever and not cause too much of a problem.

Actually, though, I agree with you about pooping in the open. I would argue that many public toilets in the southeastern US are so filthy that they truly are a health hazard. In comparison, allowing people to poop out in the street would not be any worse. A filthy pile of feces is a pile of feces, whether it is in a street or in a bathroom.

Amy -- I'm with you. I would rather poop my pants than use a filthy public toilet. You may tell your mother that I, a grown man with 3 university degrees, poop my pants deliberately to avoid using dirty public toilets. I am a licensed professional adult, and I mak! e the choice to load my pants instead of sitting in someone else's poop.

How can it make sense to sit in someone's poop? Any doctor will tell you that poop is a biohazard. How do you know that the originator of the poop did not have hepatitis, cholera, or dysentery?

Pooping your pants is very sensible, but I prefer the idea of paying an attendant to clean the toilet.

Friday, April 14, 2000

Three men were discussing aging on the steps of the nursing home. "Sixty is the worst age to be," announced the sixty year old. "You always feel like you have to pee. And most of the time, you stand at the toilet and nothing happens!" "Ah, that's nothing," said the seventy year old "When you're seventy, you can't take a crap anymore. You take laxatives, eat bran - you sit on the toilet all day and nothing happens !" "Actually," said the eighty year old "Eighty is the worst age of all." "Do you have trouble peeing too?" asked the sixty year old. "No ... not really. I pee every morning at 6AM. No problem at all." "Do you have trouble taking a crap?" asked the seventy year old. "No, not really. I have a great bowel movement every morning at 6:30." With great exasperation, the sixty year old said "Let me get this straight. You pee every morning at 6:00 and take a crap every morning at 6:30. What's so tough about being eighty?" To which the eighty year old replied, "I don't wake up! until 7:00."

intrested about peeing
how many of you have wet the bed, and how often? any wet it on a sleepover, with a spouse, a best friend/ boy or girl friend, or a parent??

Amy-Aww, that's too bad that your mom got mad.

I have a story from when I was 7, my sister was 3. She still wore diapers but only at night. Me and my sister share a room, and back then we shared a bed because we had just gotten rid of her crib but hadn't got her a bed yet. We both went to bed at 9:00, I woke up in the middle of the night and I had to pee. I looked over at my sister to see if she was awake, she was asleep. She looked to cute and I didn't want to wake her up by getting out of bed so I just layed in bed, hoping that my need to pee wouldn't get worse. I layed in bed watching my sister sleep for a while, I still had to pee but it wasn't an emergency. I reached over and checked Lauren's diaper to see if it was wet. It was wet, that only made me have to go worse realising she could go whenever she needed to. I fell asleep and woke up a while later. Now I needed to pee BAD! I saw my sisters training potty up against the wall, but I would have to climb over L! auren to get to it. I considered just wetting my bed but couldn't make myself do it. I finally decided to go to sleep and if I wet the bed I'd deal with it in the morning so I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep, but I couldn't, my body kept telling me I needed to pee and couldn't go to sleep until I did. I looked over at my sister again, mainly her diaper and wished I was wearing one so I could just relax and let my pee flow. I knew that my mom kept Lauren's diapers under the bed and that I wouldn't get in trouble if I used one, my mom had always told me that if I ever wanted to wear a diaper I could. I really had to go, so I reached under the bed and took a diaper from the package. I took my pj bottoms and panties off. I didn't know how to put it on so I just spread it out and layed on it, but my butt covered almost the whole diaper. I had to figure ou a way to put it on because I was about to pee wether I wanted to or not. I tried several different ways of getting it on! and finally got it. I relaxed and at first the pee came out slow, and it started coming faster. I felt so much better, a little while later my ???? started hurting, I knew I needed to poop because it had been 3 days since I had gone. I didnt even push I just relaxed and let it come on it's own, after I was done pooping I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I was wondering if anyone had any childhood stories where you were accidentally locked in a room or got sent to your room by your parents and had an accident because you couldn't get out or weren't allowed to leave a room.

Hello everybody.

'JUST A GIRL', yes, you are not the only girl who likes to
see a man pee. I love to watch my boyfriend do it, but I
like to see others do it too. My boyfriend pees quite
strongly most of the time, and I enjoy seeing him hose
down the bark of a tree or wash a wall. I think it is cute
right at the end when he has finished and he first shakes
his cock and then pushes his foreskin forward to sort of
wring it out. I do not remember ever seeing another guy
wring his foreskin like that, and he does empty himself
out better than most men I think, so he does not dribble
in his pants afterwards. I think there is nothing wrong
with a man peeing outside, and I think that is a good
thing as I would have been offended many times if it had
been that I did not like it.
Do you have a boyfriend and does he let you see him pee?
Does he do it outdoors when you are with him?

'CAUGHT PEEING', hehehe yes I! liked your story very much!
I have a fascination with watching males pee and I wish
I was luckier and saw more guys doing it than happens.
I like to see how different other men can be to how my
boyfriend does it, or even where they do it. When I wrote
my message to Just A Girl I said that she is not the only
girl who likes to see it and I think more women like to
see men pee than will admit it. Until very lately I could
not admit it myself except to my boyfriend. Can you write
again and tell us about any other times you have been
seen peeing outside?

PV, are you about? I hope you are not having to queue in
line all this time with the men to get to a urinal!


Katy K
Hi. I've been hovering around this site for a couple of weeks now, and have been inspired to do something I've wanted to do for ages, ask my boy cousin if he would let me come in with him when he goes to the toilet. He said he would if I would let him see me as well. He is very nice, and always walks me back from school to my home because one day I got attacked by these two boys. They didn't do it with me, but they touched me, and ever since then I don't like it when boys look at me.

We talked about it lots today at school, and I've agreed to go when he's with me as well, although it will be scary after what happened to me. But I know I can trust him.

I told him about this site, and we've decided to post our personal experiences of this event, when it happens. His names Andrew K and he's 16. I'm 14.

Hello! I have been reading the posts to this site for a while now and I really like it! I have a question for the ladies all of you that like to hear about men peeing in their pants or shitting in their pants, were any of you ever sexually abused or raped? I am a girl and when i was little I was sexually abused and other stuff and I was just wondering! Thanks If anybody wants to know anything about me just ask!

Buzzy---love your stories of dumping at the gym. Sounds like you have a great time.
Caught peeing--don't worry about getting caught. When ya gotta go you gotta go.
Jarod-- I love hearing your stories about Chuck. He sounds like he really enjoys a good dump & you're lucky to be able to share it with him. Please keep your stories coming.
Fred_LimpBizKit--do you fart in front of your girlfriend? How long did ya know each other before you did(if you do)? I don't mind farting in front of guys if I know them. I frequently fart at work but try very hard not to do it in front of customers.

OK today I had a real satisfying dump. I was shooping a the mall. I'd had pizza at the food court for lunch & went on with my shopping. About an hour later I felt the urge to crap. It wasn't too strong so I didn't pay much attention. I left one store & as I was walking down the mall I let out a couple sbd's & one not so silent fart. In fact I got a couple of l! ooks. Then I got a powerful cramp & decided to head to the toilets. I went back to the food court where there is a decent place to shit. As I walked in the door I let out another loud fart. There are 3 stalls here & all 3 were occupied. I was the only one waiting so I stayed. I was really feeling the need to pee now as well. As I waited I heard one of the gals let out a long fart & a loud ker-slpoosh. Another was peeing & the other was just coming out of the stall. She went to wash & I quickly took her place. As I was undoing my jeans the girl to the left let out another turd with a loud splash & the girl to the right was letting out wet farts with what sounded like messy shit. At this point I was to involved in my needs to pay any more attention. I quickly sat & started to piss. As I did the first turd started out. It was fat & solid. It kept coming in 1 long peice. AS soon as it broke off I let out a booming fart that echoed in the bowl. Anoth! er turd started out. It was much shorted & was followed by 5 more short logs. I continued to fart betweeen turds. I felt another biggie coming & held my breath as I pushed. It started out slowly & I took a breath & gave another big push. It flew out & kersplashed into the bowl. A couple more farts were followed by several more turds. I'd been in here for about 10 minutes now & was still going. I had another cramp & pushed out a final long one followed by 3 more quick farts. I looked into the bowl & couldn't beleive how much I'd shit. It filled the bowl & stuck up above the water level. I wiped 3 times & had to flush twice. (these toilets have pretty good water pressure.)
Sorry if this was too long but wanted to tell the whole story. Going to a convention this weekend. They serve lots of greasy food at the hotel & I should have a couple of good stories from it.

Toledo.. I never thought of it.. but my guy thinks just like you and pointed that out. here Slayers is shown on TV in Spanish so yes we have seen it. My guy loves to write anime and has stories.. and yes he doesn't spare "those" kind of incidents. Personally.. I'd love to see the ordeal linda goes through.. I think it wouldn't be nasty.. but funny as heck. My guy tried to start a webpage with pics of such incudents and other embarassing pics of anime and videogame girls, but I think the site fell through. Anyway I don't think.. even with all the stuff they get away with.. that they'd show anything like that in anime.Anyway.. here is Linda who I let sneak on for being a good girl.


Hi everyone. hmm to big r. I have to say the biggest poop was prety long.. I'd say almost 2 feet but it was pretty broken up in the toilet. How many times did I clean myself.Um.. well the last part of it was soft and kinda messy but I don't remember how much.. but it was like 5! or 7 I kinda remember cause.. it took forever to get the potty unclogged and I felt bad, but my cousin said don't feel bad.. as long as you feel better. (I was sick at the time and almost went a whole week with no pooping.. best week of my life.. well till the end anyway)Um to the person who didn't know if it was right to pee in front of his daughter.. I think you should have. Well I mean you're her daddy and well.. who would you rather she learn this from.. you or someone else. I saw my cousin pee lots of times when I was small.. I do rememeber that it was odd and I wished I could aim like that... but it's nothing bad .. you had nothing to worry about.. after all.. it's not like you are going to tell the whole world.. and it's nothing nasty.. besides she is still small and not grown up. Think about it. Oh to the person who asked about Slayers.. I don't know if you watch Sailor Moon.. (it's beter in spanish.. the story has lots i never saw in america) well you see them change! .. and they have like body suits under their skirt outfits... my question is.. how do they pee or poop? If they had pampies.. they could just ull them down and go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. But they don't.. so I wonder.. do they take everything off.. or would they change back then get undressed like normal.Well I have to go. I prmoise a story next time okay? Bye
Elena and Linda

Timid Tigress
I seem to be getting another one of my famous sinus infections. I get them at least once a semester, usually toward the end of the semester. But I don't want to go to the student health center, because I always have a strange problem with one of the prescriptions they give me. The medicine is some kind of decongestant. They're really big pills, and they have a really strong smell. I can't really describe the smell they have, but I don't much care for it. If I hold my nose when I take them, the taste doesn't bother me too much. But here's what I really can't stand. After taking just one of these horse pills (as we like to call big pills) my pee smells strongly of this stuff for days. Even if I wipe really really well, more than I should have to, I still smell like this stuff. has anyone heard of medicine that does this? I don't have the courage to tell the doc, "Can you prescribe something else for that? If I take that, my pee smells like it for a week."
After! posting here for a few months, and reading others' posts, I've found that what interests me most is hearing guys pee. Pooping doesn't bother me, but guys peeing is what I find most intriguing. Maybe it's because, since my lack of vision prevents me from seeing a guy's anatomy, I can hear what he's doing. I guess it's the next best thing. I read lots of posts about people who like guys or women pooping the best. Who else likes to hear guys peeing, or women peeing for that matter?
I read the posts discussing women peeing and the physical characteristics of their vaginas affecting their stream. Is there a way to listen to a guy pee and possibly tell some things about thing? Just curious, coming from someone who's never seen one before.

There was a recent posting here about Mariah Carey being hospitalized for food poisoning, and there was some mention of her having diarrhea. I was wondering if any of the news accounts about this actually confirmed that she had diarrhea. The reason I ask is that I had food poisoning once and my only symtoms were vomiting and nausea. So I'm wondering if the news accounts actually said that she had diarrhea.

Emailed around the USA
Any time we get embarrassed, we can just think of this & feel better.....This is the funniest first date ever!!!

This was on the Jay Leno show on 9-7-99. Jay went into the
audience to find the most embarrassing first date that a woman ever had. The winner described her worst first date experience. There was absolutely no question as to why her tale took the prize!

She said it was midwinter .... snowing and quite cold .... and the guy had taken her skiing. It was a day trip (no overnight). They were strangers, after all, and truly had never met before. The outing was fun but relatively uneventful until they were headed home late that afternoon. They were driving back down the mountain when she
gradually began to realize that she should not have had that extra latte apres-ski. They were about an hour away from anywhere with a restroom and in the middle of nowhere. Her companion suggested she should try to hold it, which she did for a while.
Unfortunately, because of the heavy snow and slow going, there came a point where she told him that he had better stop and let her pee beside the road, or it would be the front seat of his car. They stopped and she quickly crawled out beside the car, yanked her ski pants down and started. Unfortunately, in the deep snow she didn't have good footing, so she let her butt rest against the rear fender to steady herself. Her companion stood on the other side of the car watching for traffic and indeed was a real gentleman and refrained from peeking.

All she could think about was the relief she felt despite the rather embarrassing nature of the situation. Upon finishing however, she soon became aware of another sensation. As she bent to pull up her pants, the young lady discovered her buttocks were firmly glued against car's
fender. Thoughts of tongues frozen to pump handles immediately came to mind as she attempted to disengage her flesh from the icy metal. It was qui! ckly apparent that she had a brand new problem due to the extreme cold. Horrified by her plight and yet aware of the humor she answered her date's concerns about "what was taking so long" with a reply that indeed, she was "freezing her butt off and
needed some assistance!"

He came around the car as she tried to cover herself with her sweater and then, as she looked imploringly into his eyes, he burst out laughing. She too, got the giggles and when they finally managed to compose themselves, they assessed her dilemma. Obviously, as hysterical as the situation was, they also were faced with a real problem.
Both agreed it would take something hot to free her chilly cheeks from the grip of the icy metal.

Thinking about what had gotten her into the predicament in the first place, both quickly realized that there was only one way to get her free so, as she looked the other way, her first time date proceeded to unzip his pants and pee her butt off the fender! .

Rescue accomplished, they returned to the car although for the remainder of the trip home there wasn't much conversation and apparently, despite their "intimate encounter," the two did not see one another again. As for the Tonight show...she took the prize hands down ....or perhaps that should be "pants down."

Anne (the bus driver). Thanks for the information. I suspected that you missed two or three days a week to do such big jobbies. I try to have a motion at least twice a day but, inevitably, there are days when I don't do anything. Also your description of doing a couple of dry farts ties in well with the 12 inch jobbie you did. I've tended to find from experience that sustained farting, not that I do it very often, tends to precede motions that come out in several chunks as opposed to one long one. It's still surprises me that it wasn't two six inchers though.

The bit about leaving your bowels to their own devices and only evacuating them when you felt the need was interesting. Surely such a policy is not without some risk of embarrasment, driving a bus as you do and not having access to a loo for a large part of the working day. I try to have a motion at least every morning and evening, even though a work in an office and can go to the loo just about any time.!

I agree with you about defecation in public. It shouldn't be allowed other than in genuine emergencies as the public health hazards would be significant. The mess made by dogs or, to be more precise the mess that their owners let them make, is bad enough. The consequences of letting humans do the same at will hardly call for comment. Have you ever needed to poo so badly in public that you've actually had to choose between filling your knickers (panties) and fertilising some discreet spot? If so, which did you do?

I think one advantage women have over men is that sitting down to do everything (except the minority who pee standing from choice) is that they never suffer an ambush motion. Several years ago (I was 18 at the time) I had an ambush motion whilst on a day out and it was very unpleasant indeed. Of course it could have been much worse and, thankfully, it was towards the end of the day. That said, it was bad enough - believe me.

Thursday, April 13, 2000

Well, for those of you who are scared of public toilets, don't read this!!!!

Anyway, When I moved into my dorm at college(West Chester University, in PA), I went downstairs to go say goodbye to my family, and I felt the urge to pee. I went into the men's room down there, and used the urinal(the stall was occupied). I flushed, and the pressure and the noise was so incredible, that I jumped about 10 feet, and ran...from that day forward, that was the urinal that could suck a foot off. I mean, If someone was drunk and puked in it, it wouldn't matter. The pressure was amazing. I still am afraid of it to this day.

Oh, well.
Cool site! Keep posting!

Bif Naked
I heard that Leah Remini (king of queens) was on some morning talk show (Dan and Brian or something) and she was very frank about her BM's. Said she starts off everyday with a healthy dump, and went into detail about how she shitted her pants one time.

Glad to see you back Linda! I've been having a problem lately with my logs getting stuck in the curve of the water trap in the bottom of the toilet here in the apartment. It blocks the water flow, but one plunge will send it on its merry way. I'm not sure why this happens, as I don't lay the huge poops that others have posted about.. I average about 1.5 inches in diameter. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Also, for Elena: Ever watched the animé series Slayers? The way Lina packs in the meals, I wouldn't be surprised if the earth quakes everytime she tries to take a dump, despite her small stature ^_^

TO JODIE-Great poo story!I loved it! More stuff !Yesterday a.m. had a sushi dump at the gym.Was doing my routines and felt a poo coming on but i decided to hold it for awhile.After about 20 mins my rectum felt like it was going to explode.It was so full that i had a pretty good erection from the poo pressing against my prostate,so i walked briskly to the stalls after i got undressed and went in and sat on the bowl.As i was sitting down,the poo started to come out in this long thin snakelike sausage into the bowl.I think it was thin because of the slight erection i had.There was no gas.Then i looked and saw a 12-14 inch turd wrapped around the bowl.It encircled the entire bowl!The last couple of inches were soft,but most of it was pretty well formed.Then i felt another cramp and decided to wait till someone else came in to shit.I sat there letting my rectum fill up again and then a guy came into the next stall and sat down fast and let out a big fart and a lot of loose stuff and at this point i relaxed my quivering anus and all this mush shot out and at the end,a big long 5 sec fart and at almost the same time he was letting go.I love to do that.Then i got off at the same time as i was pushing out some mush.I enjoy getting off and dumping at the exact same time.Sometimes it's hard to do!Can't really elaborate without upsetting the powers that be here,but that's one of the best things about pooing at the gym! happy pooing,all!!BYE

big r
What is the longest poop you have ever taken and how many times did you wipe?


Jane> Girl, flush the toilet as often as you want to cause me and Timid Tigress were NOT criticizing! :-)
As for the bit of spying that you did, don't feel bad. I have done that too. I have even observed the feet of the person in the stall next to me...later noticing that the person would raise one foot from the floor (and I would hear the toilet flushing) indicating that this person flushed with her feet. I've probably only flushed with my foot one time just to see what it was like. Do you do that?

How about you, Timid Tigress?

why do I get teary eyed every time I poop? This seems weird to me and I hope it's not a rare or unusual case or that anything it wrong with me...It's just that everytime I go to the bathroom to poop tears come down my eyes.

Me and Louise are still curious about the urinal incident in your school.What method did they use? did they wear skirts etc?

Hello all. I agree with Adrian of England that bus driver Anne's account of letting her male cousin accompany her when she did a big jobbie was quite something! I would also have liked to have been in his shoes! She is a real sport!

Going back through old posts, and Anne's comments, plus my own researches into such matters over the years, prove to me that not only do a lot of men and boys get a thrill from listening to girls and women doing a solid motion and seeing the jobbies they have produced but that a significant number of such females are well aware of this and either tacitly condone or openly encourage the man or boy and get a thrill themselves from doing so. This varies from telling the lad that they are "going to do a motion (poo, jobbie, number two, BM or whatever)" rather than merely that they are "going to the toilet" leaving the toilet pan unflushed so he can see what they have passed, giving a graphic description of their motions eg "I did a really big! jobbie in the ladies toilet at work today...." right up to openly inviting him to come into the toilet with them and watch then doing their motion. It is only the mores of our society and the Judeo Christian bias that considers such matters as "dirty and unclean" that makes it difficult to broach such subjects even in these relatively liberated days. It is still far easier for a man to ask a women to have sex with him (by whatever method they both desire) than to ask her to let him watch her doing a motion, to discuss even previously taboo subjects such as menstruation, sanitary towels, tampons etc but not the size, solidity and other details of the BM she produced.

I thank the founder(s) and moderator(s) of this forum for providing a facility where matters relating to defecation can be freely discussed with almost as much ease as commenting upon the type of car (automobile) driven or the relative merits of say German and Californian White Wine. To my way of thinki! ng there is nothing wrong with someone male or female coming out of the toilet and saying, "That's better, I did a really good motion there, two big fat solid formed jobbies and it felt good!" or indeed as Moira did recently after Theresa and I had gone round to visit George and her for a meal, "Im going to the toilet for a motion, come in with me if you like". We did as she passed two big fat turds with loud "KUR-SPUL-LOONK!" sounds. By the way I cant remember who said it but I agree that the sound many people make when passing a big solid jobbie is like the French "UNE" I suppose a combination of "OO!" and NN!" sounds.

mr. nature
Clueless parent-
After reading your question, I wanted to share with you a similar incident with me and my 5 yr old daughter. I took her to a park to play one Sunday morning and the park was located in front of a school building. My daughter had been playing for a little, when I suddenly had the urge to pee real bad. There was no way I could hold it and I saw no bathroom facilities in sight, so I decided I would have to find a place to pee outside there. There were a few other kids playing there but just to be safe, I didn't want to leave my daughter alone. So I called her to me and told her to be safe, I wanted her to come with me on a little walk. She had seen me "tinkle" at home, but she had no idea of the concept of men peeing outside, so I was worried about this whole situation. I told her just stand right here at my side for a minute. I told her Daddy has to tinkle real bad. I was behind the school building and positioned myself at a corner wall and peed fo! r at least a minute. My daughter watched in amazement as my tinkle splattered on the corner of the building's wall. How come you tinkled there daddy she asked. I explained to her that if men have to tinkle real bad and there is no bathroom around, they can go tinkle outside cause they have a peeper. So if they have to go real bad like I just did, they find a place away from others and a place where they can put their tinkle, like some bushes, trees or a building side and they go tinkle there. But they should only do this in emergency situations, when there is no bathroom around. Understand. And she shook her head yes. I told her not to tell anyone about me and the building though. But somehow, that evening, my wife said oh, sarah told me all about how you tinkled on the side of a school building today. I turned bright right. I just said-when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Today I witnessed Chuck’s finest performance to date. Chuck almost never gets constipated but for the first time in many years he hadn’t shit in two days. One time he tried to go at the office and I was in the stall next to him. However, after five minutes or so of some very heartfelt grunting, straining, and short fart bursts, all he could expel was one ball turd that plopped softly into the water as Chuck made some completely cave-man straining-grunt sound. Finally, this morning, Chuck calls me up and tells me he went for drastic measures last night and took a laxative. “Better get over here, I’m about to start a serious bombardment.” I was over his place in 15 minutes and he answered the door in a pair of old worn sweats that were falling off and were down around his hips. “Not a minute too soon, dude.” Chuck said as he cocked his head toward the bathroom. “I can feel it building and I’ve been able to hold it but I’m ready to go for it.” We went into the bathroom ! and Chuck told me he didn’t think he should sit facing the toilet tank as he many times does with me because he might be “exploding all over the f___ing place.” He did take his sweats off and sat down with his legs spread as far apart as he could get them. He also leaned back a little and scooted forward just a bit to improve my view. He started narrating: “Okay dude, I think I got a big ol’ sucker comin’ down the chute. He grunted and I caught site of his hairy hole opening up. Chuck’s first turd is always big and this was real big. It poked it’s fat head out of his hole and Chuck curled his toes and pushed and he started up a good crackle. You could hear him straining as the turd winded it’s way out of his hole – and then it just stopped. “UHH.” Chuck grunted. “UHHHH.. MMMMM… UHHHH. Finally this big fatty couldn’t hold on any more and it splashed loudly into the bowl. Chuck yelled “F????N’ AY, do you believe that sucker? I thought I’d never get the motherf___er! out… oh shit.” All of a sudden Chuck had a wave of turd expulsion. The laxative kicked in big time. Turds were flying out of his asshole along with gaseous explosions the likes of which I haven’t ever heard before. Chuck was moaning because he was just unloading log after log. Some of them were difficult to get out and Chuck had to grunt and take many deep breaths and give some concentrated pushing. Then he started with some very continuous wet and dry farting, blasting one after another. “Okay dude, I think I got a little more. This feels like it’ll be a little mushy.” Sure enough, he started a small wave of liquishit with lots of fart bombs ripping away. “Dude, my hole is burning man.” He was finally finished and stood up, turned around and bent over for me to wipe. He handed me toilet paper and after wiping many times, I started wetting the toilet paper slightly with cold water to soothe his aching hole. “Nice touch dude, thanks,” he said and then started laug! hing, sniffing the air and hooting. “What a nasty ride that was,” he said still laughing.

just a girl
Louise + Caught Peeing:
I too enjoyed caught peeing's story and wish I could have seen him watering the bushes too. I was excited to hear that another women also loves to see men pee, especially peeeing in public. I am fascinated when I see men urinate-they are so majestic-standing tall and watering whatever lies below them. I agree that men should not feel embarrassed at all about getting caught peeing in public. When you gotta go, you gotta go. And since men stand to pee, they are more visible while they are relieving themselves so they will likely be caught peeing more frequently than any women who ever go outside cause a lot of squat and go. So caught peeing-keep watering those bushes with no worries.

caught peeing
Glad to hear you enjoyed my story. So I should not be embarrassed if I am caught peeing in bushes or outside, even if women catch me? As a runner and man who has to pee a lot, I am constantly taking a pee outside-so if you like watching men pee outside. I rarely get caught, but there have been occassions, like the one I wrote about. Well, I gotta go pee.

Public toilet Hater

Hi - yesterday I got in SO much trouble. My mom took me to the Playland Play Park after school. The only bathrooms they had were those yucky green ones they bring in on a truck and they smell terrible. I had to go to the bathroom and mom noticed me crossing my legs and asked me if I needed to use the restroom. I said no I didn't and quit crossing my legs so she wouldnt notice. After a few minutes I couldnt hold it. I tried squatting down and playin in the sand so she wouldnt notice I still had to go. By the time I got up I peed my pants completely - my bottom was soaked and my jeans down to my knees - front and back. Mom said I just had to wear them that way becase she wasnt going to punish my brother and go home early just cause I wet my pants. When we got home I had to put on pajamas and couldnt go outside any more. She said that if I keep wetting my pants on purpose she will put me in a diapar. Even that would be better than! those yuky green potties.

Anne (bus Driver)
Adrian. I dont do a motion every single day, Id say 4 or 5 times in a 7 day week, sometimes I will go on consecutive days other times miss a day, even two days occasionally. Some times I go twice in one day. I go when I need I dont force myself, but leave my bowels to their own devices and I dont get many problems that way.

I did let my cousin know as about 30 minutes after we had eaten I passed a couple of good dry farts then patted my ???? and said, "Im just off to the toilet for a big motion" Now I HAD sensed that , like a lot of men and boys, he had an interest in women doing a number two. I had heard him lurking outside the toilet listening on previous occasions and I had deliberately "forgotten" to pull the flush one time and had observed that seeing the two fat jobbies I dropped that time when he went in to the toilet as soon as I had come out had given him a buzz. I have to say that letting people I like, male or female, watch me doing a nice big solid moti! on gives me a thrill too. Reading back through old posts I understand that as well as many men being turned on by women doing a jobbie, lots of women and girls like to let them watch. As long as both parties are happy with it and it is with full consent this can be an enjoyable shared experience. As others have said we enjoy eating together so why not enjoy passing out the waste products of that food, having an enjoyable meal then a day or so later being together to watch it come out a big brown jobbies into the toilet, perhaps rubbing your partner's ???? to assist.

Public Toilet Hater. Im glad you have recovered from UC but cannot agree with your wish for the authorities to let people shit in public. Like most here who enjoy defecation I am very hygienic in disposing of it products, washing my hands after etc. The odd poo out of doors in an emergency is fair enough, to me far better than having an accident in ones knickers (panties) but if everyone did their motio! ns out doors whenever they felt like it we would be back to the old days with diseases like typhoid, cholera, dysentery as happens in countries in Asia and Africa after floods etc. Our water carriage sewerage system has much to commend it. What is needed is the return to the attendant manning the toilets and if this means having to pay for admission I feel most would pay for clean, safe, non smelly toilets.

I was interested in the posts about women farting. Most women are very shy indeed about farting, men much less so. But you can't be married to someone unless you are both comfortable about hearing each other fart. When I was a child my parents wre always farting around the house and it used to embarrass me. I swore that if I had kids I would not fart in front of them. And I have kept that resolution. But with partners it is different, as I said. I love hearing my wife fart. She does it quite a lot, but usually only when we are outdoors. Strangely, she is always disapproving when I fart, usually because I don't say "excuse me". I think apologizing for farting is rather futile, unless it was an absolute stinker. But my farts do not usually smell very much. But what strikes me as rather odd is that although my wife always makes disapproving comments about my little anal squeaks, her farts are always much louder and longer than mine.

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