I know it sound disgusting pooping down the shower plughole, but it feels so great after!! After all, it doesn't stick to the floor if you eat enough fibre, and, as long as you keep the shower going, its washed down straight away
I got the idea when I was sixteen a few years ago when I had to squat and poop in the forest on a school vacation. It felt so free and naughty at the same time, especially when you have spent most of your life at strict girl's schools.
The other secret is to never miss, and even if you do, the logs soon are washed down the plughole and down the pipes to the sewer. What the difference to going on the toilet and flushing well?
After I wash my red hair twice, and soap myself, all that goes down the drain too, straight after the poops.
Sometimes when I'm having a shower, I take out the drain cover and just squat, hoping something will come out. And almost always it does!
So that's one less poop sitting in your back-passage, that you mi! ght even not known about. That's got to be more healthy than waiting for the toilet?
What helps also is the large bowel of porridge I have in the morning, its one of the best things I have ever done, really, 1 cup of oats, two cups of water and 5 minutes in the microwave on medium.

Farting Girl: Farting is cool! My girlfriend Kristin and I fart aroound each other all the time(She usually wins) I mean is a really gassy girl but still very cute and has a cute lil azz. If she has just gotten done with cheerleader practice I guess that always works them up cuz man is she bad after that! I like the smell of her farts though, dont smell bad at all!hehe

Jay from Texas
Hi everyone...I'm back. Not much to tell lately.

to Bryian: We have a wal-mart here in Baytown,tx. the mens room is really a mess sometimes. there are 3 urinals, and 2 stalls. one of them there is no lock on the door (that's the one i use). anyways, I was in the same situation as you yesterday. I went into the stall looked in the bowl and saw not only giant logs, but also a small pile of liquid shit on top of it. so I decided to make my mark. afterward, I wiped myself and threw it into the bowl. you said the other stall had a bag of chips in it???? this other stall had those fruit roll up things in it. I guess someone stole them off the shelf.

Another topic I'd like to start is the act of Wiping ones butt, and either throwing it on the floor or in the wastebasket in the stall (if provided). I see that all the time at the gym and at the college I go to here in Baytown. anyone ever done that or seen it somewhere? Is there a possible answer to wh! y someone might do it???

Take care everyone!

Timid Tigress
On the subject of farting...
In my previous post, I mentioned my friend who I heard peeing in the middle of the night. When he went back into the livingroom where he was sleeping, I heard him fart rather loudly. I don't really find that offensive at all. It's not really a turn-on either. It's something that people have to do, and especially in his own house, he should be able to do that without worrying what other people think. But I doubt he would have done it if he'd known i was listening. It wouldn't have bothered me if he had.
In high school, a I had lots of friends who lived in the school's dormitory. One evening, one friend of mine, let's call her J, had a bad case of gas. The halls in this dorm echoed a lot, so you can imagine how her farts sounded as she walked down the hall. She was walking from the room with the telephones in it, down to the restroom which was at the other end of the building. Another friend of mine, call her K, grabbed a can ! of Lysol and walked behind J all the way down the hall spraying as J farted. It was quite a funny situation indeed.
In our girls' physical education department, we had a dressing room with two toilets. They were behind partitions but there were no doors to the partitions. Well, the plumbing wasn't quite right in these restrooms, and one toilet kept getting clogged. One day, someone flushed one and the other backedup. Another time, when the same toilet got clogged, both backed up at the same time. Yuck! In another restroom in the same building, one toilet overflowed and wouldn't stop running. so the teacher reported it to maintenance. Well, they took their own sweet time about acknowledging the problem, and eventually forgot. So this toilet ran and overflowed for about a day. man what a mess!
Yeah, sometimes I like flushing the toilet while I'm sitting on it. Depending on the toilet, sometimes little drops of water splash up and hit me when I flush it. ! It's kind of neat.
Okay, guess I'll go. I've actually got another thing to mention, but I'll save it, since there are so many otother interesting posts to be read.

Anne (bus Driver)
Adrian. I dont do a motion every single day, Id say 4 or 5 times in a 7 day week, sometimes I will go on consecutive days other times miss a day, even two days occasionally. Some times I go twice in one day. I go when I need I dont force myself, but leave my bowels to their own devices and I dont get many problems that way.

I did let my cousin know as about 30 minutes after we had eaten I passed a couple of good dry farts then patted my ???? and said, "Im just off to the toilet for a big motion" Now I HAD sensed that , like a lot of men and boys, he had an interest in women doing a number two. I had heard him lurking outside the toilet listening on previous occasions and I had deliberately "forgotten" to pull the flush one time and had observed that seeing the two fat jobbies I dropped that time when he went in to the toilet as soon as I had come out had given him a buzz. I have to say that letting people I like, male or female, watch me doing a nice big solid moti! on gives me a thrill too. Reading back through old posts I understand that as well as many men being turned on by women doing a jobbie, lots of women and girls like to let them watch. As long as both parties are happy with it and it is with full consent this can be an enjoyable shared experience. As others have said we enjoy eating together so why not enjoy passing out the waste products of that food, having an enjoyable meal then a day or so later being together to watch it come out a big brown jobbies into the toilet, perhaps rubbing your partner's ???? to assist.

Public Toilet Hater. Im glad you have recovered from UC but cannot agree with your wish for the authorities to let people shit in public. Like most here who enjoy defecation I am very hygienic in disposing of it products, washing my hands after etc. The odd poo out of doors in an emergency is fair enough, to me far better than having an accident in ones knickers (panties) but if everyone did their motio! ns out doors whenever they felt like it we would be back to the old days with diseases like typhoid, cholera, dysentery as happens in countries in Asia and Africa after floods etc. Our water carriage sewerage system has much to commend it. What is needed is the return to the attendant manning the toilets and if this means having to pay for admission I feel most would pay for clean, safe, non smelly toilets.

Wednesday, April 12, 2000

My god JW.. that sounded awful and embarrassing. I don't think I could do that with that many people there no matter how bad I had to go. Well you gave me courage so here's the rest of the story. Well there we were me and Miguel trying to poop. Well he was.. I was holding back a bit. But after seeing him strain and well do the same as me.. I felt a lot better. So I started to push.. stuttering I said.. so.. you...ppppppush lots too..when you do pppppoo? he nodded and I heard him grunt a bit. By now my bottom was widening and the poop started slithering it way out slowly making an echoy hissing crackling in my potty. I shut my eyes and pushed harded.. making a gnnnnn sound as it came out slowing out of my poor bottom.. it didn't hurt much but still this poop felt spikey.Miquel said are you okay? I opened my eyes and nodded.. I siad the poo doesn't want to come out.. but I'm showing it who is boss. We both laughed and then there was a LOUD plop in the toilet from Miquel. he closed his eyes and went ahhhhhhh. I scooted closer to him so we were facing each other but I could now reach up and hold his hand. I said feel better. He said yes.. but I got a.. (another plop) few more. I giggled and said it's my turn. So I pushed and pushed and it moved for a bit.. but then it wouldn't. It was gretting like the pressure was building up big time. Miquel said take it easy. My face was hot and I was out of breath. I told him it wouldn't come out any more. i tried again and felt like crying. Miquel told me to stand up (another plop) so maybe we could see what was wrong. When I we saw this rockhard poop was wedged in the corner of the potty and well it was so hard it could not move. getting up made the pressure ease up and it started out on it's own. It got softer and kinda broke off so I sat back down and pushed out more poop. After a while we were done and felt much better. We stayed and talked lots. Then my mom comes in and sees us sitting there both bare bottomed talking like nothing.. and I was scared.. but she laughed and said oh if only I had a camera. She told Miquel why didn't he use the other bathroom or why didn't I. I told my mom that i got here first. Miquel said he got here and the poop was ready to come out and it would have come out before he got to the other bathroom. My mom said it was okay. So she cleaned me up and Miquel got up too. But we went back a few times later and we kept each other company. my mom didn't mind because she was a nice UNDERSTANDING woman.. well sometimes ^-^;;; and well it was the first time i went to the bathroom with no problems. Sides she thought my crush on Miquel was ever so cute. my dad however was not happy when my mom told him. But me and Miquel did go infront of each other a few times later. Like who ever posted to Becca.. we used to race to see who could pee faster. (Miquel gave me time to undress and sit on my potty mind you... Gentleman that he was.) I'd love to here your story mind you. To Anne (the Bus Driver) England and Belinda. Yes.. I live with one... Miquel always seems to have something to do when I slip down my underwears and have a seat.... but I have since not minded and I finally have pooped with him there.JW was that really the biggest poop you ever took? Goodness.. can you go into a bit more detail as to how it was coming out. I can't even imagine. becca have you had to share a bathroom with your little sister and both of you had to poop? Me.. I always tricked my little sister somehow and she ended up banging on the door outside while I sat down and had a good poop with privacy. I'd love to hear a story of yours too.Well I'm off. Take care all.

I'm back.... yup and I'm um full of stories. How is everyone? Good I hope. Well let me say hi to JW (A big smoochie to you)and everyone else. Okay well bedpans.. their great for lazy people like me and people who can't get up to go to the bathroom. But making GIANT HUGE MASSIVE poops in them is so hard. Especially if they are hard.. they stick and you push and push but then they break and ooooo it comes flying out. Okay here's a story from yesterday. I was laying in bed when my cousin came and told me her got me more more Furbies. So I ate 4 Happy Meals and his fries. Hey I was hungry. Anyway he went back to work and i stayed with Elena and we watched TV. (Okay you people who like buddy pooping.. get ready)I sent the need to poop coming on.. but I was not going to miss Gundam Wing on toonami.. it was that 24 hour special anyway.. I saw Elena grab her ????. I told her those meals made you have to go poop too huh? Elena nodded and said oh you have to go.... come on.[She carried! me to the bathroom] She talked to me about how she wishes Miquel was here as he was much stronger. (Heh poor girl carried me to the bathroom, I'm not fat or huge but Elena isn't sueprgirl you know.) And she said I seem to have fun with him as he stays with me and talks. I like Elena she's the coolest girl grownup i know..and I trust her.. She pulled down my pampies and sat be down and smoothed my skirt around my lap. I told her Hey Elena you can stay. We can talk girl talk. (I don't think elena knows much about being a girl..hee hee)Anyway she looked at me funny then said um okay. So I sat and peed.. that always easy. Elena talked to me about how she caught my cousin peeking at her when I went UNNGGGGGGGGG. Elena looked at me and said.. easy now. I said I can't.. that just got the tip to poke out. The feeling was getting really bad. Elena said hey if the feeling is really bad.. that might mean the poop is ready to come out and that i should relax and let it come. I said okay ! and relaxed.. and IT STARTED COMING OUT!!! I said YIKES!!! I sat there holding on to Elena as the poop started to come out. She said um.. maybe that wasn't such a good idea. I laughed . Anyway we talked and we sang to help keep my mind off of it. And after a while KAPLOP.. KASPLASH.. ploop. That was the fastest a huge poop ever came out of me. Whew.. well i sat there a bit and talked some more. It felt kinda cool pooping with Elena there. I mean it was a bit embarassing but we did girl bonding. And it was cool.. but it was odd how the poop came out so fast. Was it maybe cause of the grease from the junk food I ate? Well Elena got brave and let me stay when she pooped. man.. she poops like me... she's cool. I'll tell you more later okay. Bye


CHRISTINE-interesting thoughts on your squatting theory.
I've been experamenting with squatting and have to agree that sometimes I feel more cleaned out after that, as opposed to just a sitting dump. Must be the pushing on the intestines after all.


Kathy- Regarding your question about using children's suppositories, I would stick with the adult size. I bought a jar of children's suppositories once. They're a lot longer and skinnier than the adult kind. For some reason, possibly because of their size, I was unable to "get it up there."

I'm surprised you find the adult kind to be harsh. I use a store brand of glycerine suppositories. And I have never found them to be a bit harsh. I just lay on my side and let my wife insert it. Usually I have a real good movement within 15 minutes. Once in a great while, the suppository won't work the way it should. Then, she'll give me a Fleet Enema. Which finishes the job the suppository started.

Do you have any trouble holding in the warm water long enough get good results? Whenever she gives a Fleet, I want to expel it as soon as it's in me. I never thought of reusing a Fleet bottle. I'll have to give it a try.

Mr. K
To Farting Girl:

I personally find it strangley attractive when my girlfriend farts.. I think its cuz she won't do it around anyone else but me.. She is an EXTREMELY attractive girl so I'm sure most people would have a hard time believing that she can fart as loud and long as she does.. For instance, She and I and one of our nameless friends were going to someone's house.. We were waiting in the driveway for the person to come home. She and I wer in the front seat, our friend in the back. Suddenly, a little fart came from her and she immediately started talking to cover it up. It was very small and apparently not audible to our friend in the back. She then told him to go knock again and make sure the person wasn't already inside.. As soon as he was out of the car, she put her feet on the dashboard and farted for about 10 seconds.. literally.. She asked me if I heard the little fart, which I did.. She then informed me that she had already let about 5 more before the ! one that actually made noise. (luckily, her farts typically don't stink unless she really needs to take a dump, or God forbid has eaten McDonald's french fries.

Anyway, it obviously depends on the guy. And perhaps somewhat on the girl. I think a key element is that it looks like she doesn't.. Are you a very feminine girl?? That is extrememly important to me. Its funny cuz I think we're splitting up after a 5 yr relationship and that's one of the things I'm gonna miss. It'll be a long time before I hear another girl fart :( Just so you know, she started farting in front of me after about 3 months.. I didn't fart in front of her 'til about 2 yrs. later.. weird, huh? Oh well, sorry so long.

Rose (and also Timid Tigress): I guess we do share a fascination with toilet flushing sounds, particularly the muffled sounds made while people are still seated. I usually don't flush the toilet while seated except when I've dropped a good amount of poop, and it feels good when I do flush it. I get a little more excited about it when I flush in a public restroom while sitting, and it's even better if there is someone else in the room. I also like to listen to others flushing the toilet while they're still seated. Except that one time in the university library, I don't recall another time when I've flushed the toilet while seated just for the heck of it. Since you guys brought it up, I might be a little more conscientious about flushing the toilet for a while.

There was a memorable experience overhearing someone else flushing the toilet while still seated. It happened one time right after I finished my first year in college. I went back to my Mom's office to pic! k up my Mom, and I went to visit my old boss, whom I worked for the summer before my senior year in high school. After chatting with my old boss, I decided to pay a visit to the same restroom where I had quite a few interesting trips before. As I was approaching a door, someone comes from behind, walks fast right by me, and bolts into the restroom. The woman looked somewhat familiar, though she didn't work in my Mom's office. She wore a light green skirt and apparently forgot to put on a slip underneath, for if you looked real closely you can see her white panties.

I was right behind her and saw her go into a middle stall and slam the door shut. I went into a stall right next to hers, and I could hear her lifting her skirt, lowering her pantyhose and panties, and sitting down. Immediately she peed a furious stream and released a loud fart, followed by several plops in rapid-fire succession. Meanwhile, I sat down and peed, and just sat there. I didn't need to p! oop at the time. She sighed as she paused for a little bit, then she started grunting and released another load, this time softer (but not runny) and more plops, though not as loud, indicating that the toilet was getting full, and a poop smell began to emerge. She flushed the toilet while still seated. I continued to sit down, even though I was finished peeing.

She continued to push out more poop, and the smell was getting stronger. I could still hear several plops in succession, and she wasn't stopping. She flushed the toilet again without getting up. I continued to take it all in while she continued to drop more poop. It was a soft ker-splunking plopping sound, and it was unbelievable she was pooping so much, with no sign of letting up. She flushed yet another time and was still not finished. By this time I realized it was getting and late and my Mom might be ready to go. I rolled up some TP and wiped my vagina, then got another wad and pretended to wipe m! y butt. I got up and flushed, and went to wash my hands. As I was washing, I heard her grunt and push down a loud nasty wave of poop. Again, it was soft but not runny, but it was quite a load, and boy did it smell. She flushed the toilet again, and continued to sit with no sign of stopping. I left and went to check on my Mom. She was not quite finished, so I went to the front receptionist area and waited.

After a few minutes, I went back to the restroom to check up on the woman who was having a major poop session. She was gone, so I went into the stall she was just in. The poop smell was still lingering and still quite strong. I looked into the toilet and saw that she left her mark. There was a big brown skidmark in the bottom of the bowl, and a few brown stains near the front. I don't remember another time I had "spied" on a stranger having a pooping session.

Just thought I would enlighten everyones lives with my latest dumping story. I was at work yesterday and got to about a steady build up of pressure to go and have a large poo, so I took myself off to the toilet, we have a great little downstairs individual toilet so I shut myself in and lifted my skirt and dropped my panties. I hadn't performed so far that day so I knew it was going to be a large one. I let out a couple of little farts but my arse was so full there was no room for gas. Slowly my butt opened up and out slid the first log, quietly sliding out until finally dropping with a loud splash, over the next 10 or so minutes about 8 or 9 long turds dropped into the toilet, the sweet smell of fresh shit filled the air. I just couldn't finish it just kept coming and coming, eventually I had to stop because I'd been away from my desk for a long time. I contracted my arse and wiped several times and flushed, several skid marks decorated the bowl. I knew I would have to return! later to finish the job but I left the toilet with a great feeling of satisfaction, warning those waiting that they may want to wait a while for the smell to subside, they agreed and waited. Later I returned again and unloaded a few more healthy sized turds, a very satisfactory day on the toilet.

In response to your question about women farting on TV: I was in England visiting my relatives at Christmas about 4 years ago. They had on one of those "blooper" shows - actors making mistakes on TV. I remember a clip from a supposedly serioues drama which had a man and woman in conversation. The actress farted loudly and both the man and woman collapsed with laughter. By the way, talking of seems to me that farting in public is always associated with men. I have to say that I fart all the time. I fart in business meetings and simply say "excuse me." To me it's no different than coughing or burping and as long as you apologize, it's OK. When I was a substitute teacher about 12 years ago, I would always fart in front of my students. Apparently they gave me a nickname of "Miss Farty."

FART GIRL I love your post. I love it when a girl farts in front of me. I think it is sexy. I have not herd very many girls fart because most of the girls i know dont think its lady like. But i think that it is just part of life. I fart all the time in front of my family. They dont like it much but i hope one day they will.

Hey FART GIRL, to answer your questions about girls farting! I LOVE IT!! I CANNOT stand when a girl does not fart around me, it really pisses me off!! My ex used to fart for me all the time, she was really gassy and I LOVED IT! She would fart in my face while I was down on here (again I love it)and she would also sneak up on me while I was sleeping and BLAST right in my face! GOD I MISS HER!! :o) Anyway, I prefer the girl to fart first, only because females are usually PRISSY about those things (conditioned action)! What I mean about conditioned action, is that they have been TAUGHT to think they way they do. MOST of society is TAUGHT to think that pee, poop, farts, burps and spit are "dirty, gross, disgusting or unlady like" (if you can think of more, so be it) and it's the most frustrating thing EVER! I personally have been taught the same thing, but I have chosen to listen to my INSTICTIVE responses to these things and I love them!! I recommend ALL women to FART,! BURP, PEE, POOP and SPIT wherever, whenever they want AND in front whomever you want and not necessarily in the toilet! I LOVE it! The LOUDER and the SMELLIER they are, turns me on sexually!! ??? ???!! SO FART AWAY LADIES and all you young GIRLS reading these stories! There is NOTHING sick, gross, etc about toliet habits!! Ciao girls!

I was at a wedding sunday, and the restrooms were mad up of individual toilet rooms with full louver doors and locking doorknobs ! it was great ! like peeing at home

Hello everybody!

TIMID TIGRESS, I'm glad more girls are giving the standing
pee a go. I try to encourage my friends, and some can now
do it but others are less keen.

ANNE (THE BUS DRIVER) ENGLAND, my boyfriend Steve is
really fascinated by the hissing I do when I wee. He says
it is part of thwe appeal of witnessing a lady doing a
fierce wee. From what I have seen and heard, women who do
a slow trickle when they wee do not hiss. It must be
because tricklers do not have the wee glancing off the
inner lips with as much force. I do love the feelings I
get when my lips are parted by one of my 'geyser' wees.
Steve also loves the crackling noises as I am having a
shit. Yep, I like to piss first before a shit.

PV, do you find you hiss a lot when you wee like me? When
Steve first witnesed me having a wee, he told me he thought
it was 'captivating' and enhanced my femininity, which I
thought was very nice! of him to say. I think because of how
you do big eruptions he would find like me you are his fave
type in weeing styles.

'CAUGHT PEEING', I wish I had been there to see your bush
watering! Two years ago in the summer I was out with my
boyfriend Steve to jog around the park. We had just left
the car and were walking fast to warm up before running.
Steve needed to pee first, and we stopped in a really
quiet place. Steve pulled his shorts down at the front and
got his cock over the top. His waistband supported his cock,
so he didn't hold it in his hand, using his hand to keep his
shorts down and tee shirt lifted up instead. He squirted his
wee, then he was surprised when two girl joggers came out of
nowhere from along the path and looked at his weeing cock.
They giggled at him and I am sure they were not
disgusted at seeing him peeing like that. They were looking
back at him all the time until they were out of ! sight, so
I'm sure they liked to watch! It was really funny, and I do
not understand why some women do not like to see guys pee.

CHRIS, what were the girls at the urinals wearing? Did they
have trousers on or skirts? How old were they?

LISA, I hope you find a nice guy soon. It is really nice to
do that for a guy, it makes me feel so special close to him.
Take care.

I would like to tell a story of what I saw when Steve and I
went to the naturist beach. I do not think Steve has told
this one. It might be interesting to 'caught peeing'.
I discovered a young boy of about 13 or 14 who was holding
his cock in his hand and he was weeing really hard against
a rock. He was really embarrassed and went red in the cheeks.
He turned away without stopping weeing, but we walked past
him, and I looked at him from the front again. He looked at
me quick in the eye and I gave him a smile that I hope
said he did no! t need to be embarrassed, but he looked back
down again. I hope he has thought about it and understands
now that I enjoyed seeing him wee and does not need to be
ashamed. I would not like to deprive his future girlfriends
the chance of seeing him pee because of me giving him mental
scars about it!
I liked seeing two mothers of small boys who were holding
their cocks for them when they weed. I thought that was real
cute, and so did some teenage girls who saw them as well.
Those ladies did not aim their little boys at anything, and
it did make me wonder why men usually wee against something!
Steve says he thinks it is "territorial marking" and it also
to "stop other people from seeing a front on view".
There was another poor boy whose cock was so small it did not
even move when he walked along. He was about 10 years of age
and he was circumciced too. He was near us and I watched him
squirt his wee out from his body ! and he did not have to hold
his cock.


I've not had a chance to read it in full, but the Daily Mail covered a story today about a young lad falling into a privvy. I guess it just goes to show that accidents do happen, especially if you're rather small for the hole in question.

Anne (the bus driver). I enjoyed your account of using the old ash box type privvy when visiting the lady you called aunt. No doubt it was an interesting experience. Although relatively uncommon, the privvy is by no means obsolete. The waste disposal people contracted by our local council still collect from privvy waste from a handful of homes which, for various reasons have stuck with the good old fashioned privvy. Also, I enjoyed your account of dumping in the presence of your 18 year old cousin. I wish I'd been him! You must have felt heaps better for getting the 12 inch jobbie out of your system. I know from previous postings you've referred to doing large jobbies and, on one occasion, the equivalent of 18 inches (10 plu! s 8). You must eat a lot or, alternatively, miss the odd day to produce such outputs. Did you give your cousin any idea that you wanted to do a jobbie before you went (let rip)?


To Tyler: Good story man!! I liked how those dudes were telling there play by play story.At school i've never seen all stalls occupied, and id listen in on that.

I've got a good story that i never told....Last week i went to the local wal-mart to poop, i didn't really go there to shop, just to poop. I could have gone at home but i really enjoy having to poop away from home....Anyway after that i was headed to get something to eat. I go in to the first stall and see that someone had pooped in there and left it unflushed so i decided to buddy dump on top of it, cause i've never really buddy dumped before.Then i looked at the poop and admired it then i got thinking what if some old person let it out,dumb me not thinking about buddy dumping on top of it, so then i stand up and looked to see what i produced,then i decided to excrete a fluid that guys produce and got all carried away then i go to flush and it would not flushed, i felt embarest for the perso! n who had to clean it up, so the water fills up to the rim of the bowl, then i flushed a 2nd time and give,up and i decided to go in to the next stall and finished wiping and the toilet there had looose shit(diahreha) and a small bag of chips in the bowl, then i leave and hurry out of there. It was a good experince thought. I was hoping that 2 kids that works there went from school to work and had to poop bad before they started there shift!!

TO CHIEF-I too love the feeling of holding a good load to do and to let it go while i get off-it's one of life's pleasures.I pooped in my pants once when i was about 9-I didn't care for the feeling of poo in my pants myself,but to each his own!TO JACK-Cool story about you and the 2 women at the motel.I would have enjoyed that moment a lot myself,although if i were sick maybe not,but try a nice pre-planned buddy poo with the ladies next time!I had someone walk in while i was pooing when i was about 11 and it was my cousin who was about 10 and i was sitting there starting to poop and he came in and said "are you pooping?' and i said "yeah" and i was startled that he walked in and i held it in and waited for him to leave,but he didn't and he said"can i watch you go?"and we were pretty close and i hesitated for a bit and then said OK and he said "I'll let you watch me if i can see you" and i said ok and started to poop and just as i was letting out some gas,he said "let me see it ! come out "and i leaned foward and let him watch.It wasn't a big poo,but he said "wow good poop"and for a while,any time we had to poo, we left the door open and let each other watch.That was the first time for me seeing someone else poo.He did some real big ones.Sometimes we would have to poo at the same time and take turns at who went first or second.We plugged the toilet a few times this way.Then as soon as we discovered women,that was the end of our pooing adventures and we never mentioned it again as we got older.I never see him anymore since he is far away and we kinda lost touch,but that's when i started to enjoy watching people poop.As far as the prostate thing,when i was about 10-11 for a while i used to insert my finger up my rectum and rub toward the front and found it felt rather good.Sometimes i would find that rubbing my finger up there for about 10 mins it would sometimes stir up a good BM.I would get a slight cramp and then feel poop fill up my rectum.Sometimes ! it would push my finger out and as soon asa i took out my finger,a big poop would come out!As i got older,i stopped doing that.It's funny the thing i did when i was a kid-I guess i was weird then too,hey but it was fun Any of you guys have stories like this? lets hear 'em BYE

Fart Girl:

My wife farts in front of me frequently, however she didnīt do it that much when we were first dating. I also fart when weīre together, but definitely she passes gas out more often than I do.

I donīt remember who broke the ice on farting

We also shit and wipe in front of each other many times. We donīt think of this as being disgusting, at least when she and I are alone.

Never did that with past relationships

Public Toilet Hater
Amy, Tinkler,

ALL RIGHT! More haters of dirty public toilets. Why don't more people admit it? Public toilets are so nasty that lots of people will go out of their way to avoid using them.

I prefer risking an accident in my pants, or simply unloading out in the open. It's better to dump behind a tree than on a filthy commode.

The government should pass laws that permit public defecation.

Monday, April 10, 2000

Timid Tigress
Wow. I've also been quite interested in toilet flushing sounds. I think my favorite ones are the public restroom types. I've heard a few, including one here at our college dorm, that must have an incredible amount of pressure to it. When someone down the hall flushes it, I can hear it building up pressure here in my room where some of the pipes are. Depending on where I am, I'll flush it while still sitting on it. But I wouldn't often trust it if it's a public toilet, because you never know if it'll overflow.
Okay, two quick stories. First of all, I spent the night Friday night with some of my guy friends. No, there's nothing between us. They're the closest things to brothers I've ever known. Well, anyway, I was sleeping in my friend's spot and he was sleeping in the living room. (How nice of him.) Well, somewhere in the middle of the night, he came into the room to use his restroom. Unlike many of the others, he didn't close the bathroom door. I guess he! figrued what the heck, I couldn't see him anyway, and I acted like I was asleep. Anyway, since it was so quiet, I heard him take his thing out, pee, put it back, and flush. I've heard a couple other guys pee in my lifetime, his wasn't an extremely strong stream, but I'm sure I've heard weaker ones.
Okay, this one isn't one of my best stories, but it is a little funny, at least to those of us who were there. We used to live in an older house with only one bathroom. The plumbing left a whole lot to be desired, too. There was a pipe that ran along the wall on the outside of the house, right where the bathroom was. I guess the bathtub water went through it too, but I knew for certain that the toilet water did, because if I was standing near it when someone flushed, you could hear the water flowing through it. Also, most likely for maintenance purposes, there was an opening to this pipe, that looked like another pipe could be connected to it. Water never ran out of t! his opening--well, not until this one day. My cousins and I were playing in the backyeard in the grass, and someone had gone into use the toilet. Well, we were accustomed to hearing the rush of water as the toilet flushed inside the house. Well, I noticed that the water sounded a little louder than usual, and I warned the others to get out of the way. Sure enough, a river of yucky water poured out of the pipe and into the yard. And along with all that water was a few turds and lots of blue toilet paper. Yuck! Good thing we got out of the way. Of course, we picked on the poor soul who'd flushed the toilet. But I'm glad we had that valve outside. If we hadn't, that water would have run onto our floor, and probably into my room next to the bathroom.
Okay, happy goings. BTW: I'm going to try that standing pee. I'm not sure I totally understand how to do it. But I'll try.

about seeing male celebrites taking a dump....
I would love to watch Leonardo DiCaprio dump
as with Kirk Cameron there are others also...
anyone else have any other male celebrites they would
like to watch take a dump...please post...

Code Brown
I have often wondered about the prostate's role in dumping. I often pee first befroe taking a crap, but still have fluid come out when I push out a log. It makes me think that it is prostate fluid. I have never had a prostate exam to know if it is the same feeling. Anybody that can give me some info would be great.


Tell us some storys when you and your sister were being potty trained. When me and my next door neighbour were being trained we would race each other to see would could produce first. She always bought her potty with her and wouldn't use mine, not sure why.

To Chris: I would like to hear more about the girls peeing in the urinals. Did they go through the fly? Where do you live by the way?

Pee Oui
I actually went to see Kate Winslet in 'Holy Smoke' over the weekend. It would take too much time and space to tell WHY she is pissing in the relevant scene. Just say she is METAPHORICALLY pissing on Harvey Keitel. The scene is at night in the Austrailian Outback outside a hut in the middle of nowhere. We get a full length shot of Kate STANDING naked ( great ! ) Then from another angle we hear the trickle
of what is presumably her pissing while she is actually walking slowly. The camera cuts back and we can see it running down her legs. Since we can't actually see it coming out of her ( damn ! ) it could , of course , be rigged.
But in an interview a couple of months ago ( that first made me aware of the movie ) she was saying how difficult
that scene would be but her professionalism meant she had to make it real !! Also the implication is that Harvey Keitel got a completely clear view but whether he actually did during the filming is another question. Destined! to be one of THE great scenes for masturbating to.
Can't wait for the video to come out.

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