The secret of pooping down the shower plughole is to get the cover off without anyone noticing it has been tampered with.
The one we have now, is a loose plastic cover and I can easily get it off with my fingers. The pace we lived in before had a cover that was screwed in! I had to wait till my parents were out, and get a screw driver and unscrew it and then put soap in the empty screw holes so noone noticed - at first.
The other secret is squating under the shower water and lining the plug hole with your own hole. It doesnt take much practice, but the feeling off emptyness and cleanliness after, is worth the trouble. Just by squating, you push on your intestines and push more poop out -that's my theory anyway.
You get to wash your lips with the soap from your body, and can wear a pair off pantees one more day.

Hey everyone! Again not alot o time, but Ill post one quik story! Yesterday Kristin and I went to the mall to shop for a couple of friends birthday gifts, we decided to eat at White Castle for some reason I still dont know, I hate it, but I ate it for her, hehe. Anyways on the way home her stomach and mine were making funny noises, LOUD funny noises, she said she had cramps but I didnt, I asked her if she wanted me to pull over and she said "Yes, that would work for me right about now..." So we got out, both took our pants off(Tearaways) and started going, Ill bet that was a sight from the road, a couple of exhibitionists dumping by the highway, lol! I let out 4 6"ers in rapid succesion and was done in like 40 secs while I was watching Kristin and her cheerleader ass(hehe, sorry had to say it) as she layed A TON of really skinny long turds, I mean A lot of shit here, when she was dont there was a soft mound under her about 1ft up and 1 1/2 radius, I would probably say if it ! was all measured out, somewhere around 15feet, keeping in mind that they were soft(Not runny or wet) and skinny about 1/2 inch thick. Then we pulled our pants up, jumped in the car and left 1 stinking mound and 1 stinking pile and headed home. Jessica from Canada, you go girl woohoo, do it the way god intended it to be done, peeing without the clothes in the way and skinny dippin, fun aint it? lol

Anne (the Bus Driver)
Hi all. Adrian, I have used the old earth or ash type privies. When I was in my teens an old aunt (actually a family friend but I called her aunt) used to have a cottage out in the countryside miles from main drainage. Her toilet was and interesting design. At the back there was a privy, kept very clean with a brown wooden polished seat with the round hole and a large container beneath which was filled with ashes from the open fire. Another container nearby contained clean ashes and after a motion one covered ones turds with ashes. This both absorbed any urine and seemed to stop the smell, kept off flies, and the resulting mass of poo and ash binded together to be removed and could be spread on the ground as fertiliser after a time. It was amusing to see other peoples turds lying in the ash and to drop ones own on top though of course there was no lovely "kur-sploonk!" sounds, just a dull thud if it was a big heavy jobbie.

Miss Belinda, I have had an 18 year old male cousin walk in on me and it didnt bother me at all. He was staying over with me a while back and I had gone to the toilet for a motion. I had just got my skirt hitched up and was about to pull my knickers down (white Sloggi Briefs as I recall)when he came in pretending that he wanted to comb his hair in the mirror. I saw through this and said, "if you want to come in while I do a motion you only have to ask, I dont mind." He blushed a bit at this, but did stay as I pulled my panties down and sat on the pan. I would add that he has seen me naked before so there was no problem there. I did my wee wee and he commented that women make a hiss when they piss, telling me that he had often shared the toilet with his girlfriend and had noticed this with her. I said I would explain how women's vaginal lips (piss flaps) caused this but there was something big on its way out of my bum and gasped going "NNN! AH!" as it started to come out with a crackling as your's also did. It was a nice ! big long fat turd but as I have an old style toilet pan with a long drop and a deep sump it made a resounding "KUR-SPULOOMP!" as it dropped into the pan. "Wow! that sounded huge!" he exclaimed so I got my breath back then said, "let's have a look then" as I got up off them pan. Sure enough, a big 12 inch long, very fat carrot shaped, light brown jobbie lay in the bottom of the pan, a typically slightly constipated women's jobbie, a bit compacted and knobbly. I wiped my bum pulled up my panties and it took 3 flushes to get it to go away. Belinda, lots of teenaged boys and older men are fascinated by women such as their mother, aunt, sister, cousin, female neighbour, school teacher etc doing a poo, the amount who write to this web page show that this is a very common fixation, and I feel that we both handled this sensibly. If you are not embarrassed by this natural function, and indeed, like me quite enjoy passing a good big solid motion, then fair enough. We all do it, as it sa! ys at the top of this page. Jay (of Jay and Page) sums up why passing a large solid turd gives men and boys a buzz with the situation of the prostate gland and Tony from Scotland has amply stated how hearing someone else doing a big jobbie or actually seeing their turd associates with this stimulus. As they say, if it feels good, do it! Jay, you are also spot on as to why men often do their jobbie first then pee when it is out but women either pee first or at the same time as they are doing their jobbie.

Loren, a male friend of mine had to have a proctoscopic examination (thankfully nothing serious was found, just a totally benign polyp, since removed). His rectum was empty having been given suppositories to ensure this when he went to the clinic , then he had to have the proctoscope inserted up his bum with the help of some KY jelly then the doctor inflated his rectum by pumping the hand bulb. He said that ot felt as if he was needing a huge jobbie and he got an erec! tion to his embarrasement although the doctor said not to worry as this happened in most cases explaining the connection with the prostate etc.

Hi, Ryan S. What a cool story about videoing your cousin while he dumped. And Ryan thanks for asking; my dumps have been great--they're pretty much always the same. Reliable, big and solid but not too difficult to push out. Usually two or three good logs. And always around mid-morning.
Let me know when you are back online, OK? And tell me if you've had any more fun with the video recorder!

My friend Nat's 18th birthday is this Thursday and I'm going to buy him some birthday beers and dinner (the drinking age in UK is 18, by the way). He is the best kid in the world and our friendship just gets better. I'm sure that eventually I'll have the pleasure of being in his presence while he unloads his bowels! He's pretty open and no hangups.
Well, that's all the news that's fit to print.
'Bye for now, Daniel

Coastal-It depends, if were in public and we've both gotta go real bad Lauren does it in her pants because it's not strange for a 5 year old to have an accident. If we're at home it's whoever gets there first that gets to use the toilet. I have lots of stories where we both had to go but only had one toilet available, I'll try to remember some of them and post them later.


Marvin, the best urinals are the kind they have in some of the big beer halls in Germany. The whole wall from chest height down is stainless steel. There is a trough at the bottom. You just piss anywhere on the wall. It's great when you are really trashed. A joke here. A guy's wife wanted a breast enlargement. He said no way, they're big enough, plus it costs too much. She insisted. He said "well, wipe a piece of toilet paper between them every day and they will get bigger". She asked "how the hell is that going to make my breasts bigger?" He said "I dunno, but it worked on your ass".


To Ryan S.: Cool story that you got to see your cousin poop and got to see him record him self doing it.

Hi- I've asked many of you to tell your stories now I
guess its time to tell one of mine. When I was 4 or 5
my parents took me camping with an Aunt, Uncle and
several cousins. We set up a tent in a camp grounds
that had community shows and toilet facilities. My
memories are spotty but I do remember that I didn't poop
for several days. This got my Mother real upset. AT
one point she took me into the ladies toilets and made
me sit and "bear down" for a long time. I remember
hearing someone in an adjacent toilet how must have had
similar problems to mine as she strained over and over
to try and move her bowels. She did not grunt as I DID
but you could hear her draw a breath, hold it and that
forcefully let it out. I couldn't go, and when we got
back to the tent Mother and Aunt N discussed what should
be done. It was decided that I should have some soap
used to coat the inside my anus and then use a pot! ty
chair that was in the tent and used by my younger cousin.

I don't know if any one has ever had a soap covered finger
explore the anal cavity or not but let me tell you...IT
MAKES YOU WANT T POOP. My mother and Ant layed me down
on one of the cots, my Mother covered her finger with
Ivory soap and push it into me. She felt all around and
while doing so gave my Aunt a running account of how very
full I was.

I was then placed on my potty and told to make "doo-doo".
At first I was really embarrassed about straining in front
of both my Aunt and my Mother, but quickly I needed to go
so badly that I didn't care. It turned out to be one of
the most difficult poops of my life. I must have strained
and struggled for almost five minites before my Aunt
decided I needed even more help. She produced a suppository
and, putting me over her knee pushed in into my backside
and held her finger up there for w! hat seemed like an
eternity. When she again placed me back on the potty she
held me under the arms and had me squat so my feet were
on the seat. I strained and strained and finally something
inside me gave and I began to move my bowels ever so slowly.
About this time my sixteen year old girl cousin comes wandering
in. Here I am, squatting on the potty, a poop half out
of me, fighting and struggling to get the rest out. Then
she said something I'll never forget

"Gee, Moma he sounds just like you do." My aunt told my
cousin to sush and ordered her out of the tent. My ordeal
ended when the biggest turd I ever produced finally fell
into the potty.- JW

caught peeing
Hi All-
I've got an embarrassing peeing story to share. Two weekends ago I was driving for close to an hour to a race and by the time I got there I had to pee like there's no tomorrow. I parked in a lot close to the starting line and immediately got out of the car and headed for a set of bushes near by. I had been peeing for like 30 seconds when two women were walking by a sidewalk, not too far from the bushes I was in. I didn't realize how close to a sidewalk I was or that my head was visible over the bushes because I was so concerend about finding a place to pee. But the one women walking by, says to the other, what is the guy doing jsut standing there in the bushes. Then the other replied-that's disgusting. He's taking a piss right there. The other women responds oh, how can he just pee right there-doesn't he have any respect for privacy. I was definitely embarrassed, but I jsut kept peeing cause I really had to go. Right after those two women walked by, my ! teenage daughter must have seen my head in the bushes and came walking over to find me since I just kind of took off after I parked the car. She had my registration form and was walking around the bush to hand it to me. She walked around and was like dad, here's your form, what are you doing here. Then she looked down and saw my penis and the pee flowing out. Oh, dad. She said-that's disgusting. Couldn't you find a bathroom. Then she went back to the car to await my return. After close to another minute, I finished my peeing. I was so embarrassed to get caught by two sets of women, peeing. But I had to go so bad I didn't even care where I was peeing at that point. But next time I have to pee outside, I will be try to head for some taller bushes and pee in a place farther away from people. But if I have to pee that bad again, I might just be caught peeing in the bushes again.

I still love reading all the great stories on this site even tho I haven't posted since March 13, 1999. That was because I had a great dump at school and also there was another kid in there and he left a great dump--anyway I won't repeat that but I haven't had anything to top it really since then. But I have had 2 good times at track meets so I will tell about that. First I was in a stall and there are 3 stalls and the dude on the end lets out this incredible fart. It is really long and dry and just keeps going and going. Like thirty seconds but probably not quite that long, and when it ends he yells out ROCKET FUEL!! And some kid at the urinal says YEAH! really loud! It was pretty funny. Then at another meet I was just going in to pee and this guy from another school went into a stall and his friend was hanging out waiting for a stall to open up.
And the guy in the stall starts giving his friend a play-by-play account of his shit. The guy rips a bubby fart and then he ! says Oh I feel it, and theres this crackling sound and a big splash! And his friend is outside the stall laughing and I finished peeing, but I kept standing at the urinal because it was so great listening to this kid and then he says Oh here comes some more and then another short crackle and plop. Then he says wonder what I ate--I feel another one! And then another crackle and splash! It was great and I just washed my hands and listened to him finish up and when he came out he was about 5'10 and a good build.
He definitely had a good poop. I would have stayed and listened to his friend but I had to get back. Later, I felt the urge to do a poop myself, so I went back and got a stall that was not totally trashed, and the guy next to me was crackling and plopping and I wanted to do a good one, but it just came sliding out very quickly. And when I looked in the bowl it was this 6 inch tube, plus a long 10 inch tube and another 5 inch tube. Which was really amazing, because! it didn't feel that long, but it just broke up on impact I guess. If it had stayed intact it would have been a new record for me! I would have preferred a little bit harder so that I could feel it more and felt like I was doing a real poop. But thats how it is sometimes. Better than being constipated!

Clueless Parent:

I think it would be very educational for your daughter to watch you use the urinal IF you can handle the situation as "matter of fact" as possible. If she senses that you're nervous or uncomfortable, you're going to cause her to think something is Taboo. Dads have the responsibility for their daughters understanding the male gender and as long as you answer her questions as straight forward as possible, you're going to be helping her adjust to differences.


Fart Girl
I'm curious if most females fart in the prescence of their boyfriend or spouse. I like a guy who is free with his farts, because then I don't feel like I don't have to hold mine in. It can get very uncomfortable doing this....especially when we spend long periods of time together or overnight! So far, most of the guys I've had relationships with have not been farters, even after I've "broken the ice" and let the first one rip. I always seem to have more gas than any of them! Guys: What do you think about a woman who will fart for you? Do you think it's disgusting? Ladies: Are you too embarrased to fart? How long into your relationship did you feel comfortable enough to fart in front of your guy? Do you think the guy should be the first one to fart, to break the ice in a new relationship?

Sunday, April 09, 2000

Last night I attended a meeting of a local writer's group to which I belong. The guest speaker spoke at length about local 'privvies' (outside bucket or ashpit toilets which were quite common on the old days) and I have to say that it was the funniest evening I've had for ages. One amusing anecdote followed on from another. Have any of the cotributors to this forum had experience of these very primitive and old-fashioned toilets? I assume that prior to the widespread adoption of modern sanitation, they were common not just in England but the world over.

Trekkie 1701
Star Trek characters shitting:

If you watch the Star Trek TNG episode "Disaster", you have Keiko O'Brien (Rosalind Chao) giving birth. She's grunting and pushing to have the baby and you can kind of pretend she's constipated with a HUGE turd.

Tony. Ladies I wouldn't mind buddy dumping with (or watching) would probably include:

Anne Robinson
Anne-Marie Dickson
Louise Hodges
Victoria Wood

I've just discovered this site and I love stuff about peeing.

I have read some posts about people measuring their pee and I am amazed that people could pee so much! over a litre!! I once waited till I thougth my ladder was gonna burst and all I could do was 750mL. Anyone got any tips on how to make it more?

I hope to post a lot later on on this site but I dont have much time now. I have some great stories.

Thom...I'm going to take your advice and start taking the jar of suppositories with me when I travel. Do you have to worry about them melting in warm weather? I don't always get constipated when I travel, but when I do I'd rather take care of the problem right away than to be uncomfortable until I can finally poop. I like using children's suppositories, as I thought maybe they are not as harsh as the adult ones. Do you think this is true? Sometimes I insert two of them if I'm badly contipated. As a kid, my mom always gave me suppositories when I got constipated. I don't remember ever getting an enema from her, though I do like to take one every so often now. I mentioned that because I'm going to take one right now. I pooped this was a very light brown sausage about 8" long, and not very thick. I haven't been eating enough fiber the last few days and it feels like I still have some poop waiting to come out...but it won't come out. I think rinsing out my an! us with a bit of warm water is just what I need to feel empty. I like to use a Fleets enema bottle. I used the original liquid in it already....but I found that the plastic bottle and enema nozzle can be washed and reused several times by filling it with warm water. Most of the time it's just the right amount of liquid to get good results, and I don't have to mess with the big red enema bag and hose!

I went into the bathroom at the university library the other day to take a shit and found both stalls occupied. What was cool though was the fact that the two guys were obviously buddies and were in conversation with one another. There was a strong shit smell indicating one or both of them had dropped a good load. I decided to wait for one of them to finish up as I could hear toilet paper being ripped off. One guy came out and I immediately entered his stall. He had left the toilet seat covered in about twenty layers of toilet paper! What was even more surprising was that the other guy and myself finished up at the same time and when I glanced into his stall, he had also left the toilet seat with a thick covering of toilet paper! I have experienced guys puting down a couple of layers of toilet paper, but never this much. I guess they both wanted to be comfortable while they dumped!

Jessica from Canada
okay, i was on my familys boat (very large!) and we were on a little nighttime cruise through the florida keys when we were there in january. we had a large dinner on board and i drank a lot of mountain dew. when my parents went to sleep, i decided to go skinny dipping. i stripped down and proceeded to climb down the swim platform. i sat on the edge of the plat form and i decided to put my feet in the water to see if it was warm. well, i put my feet in and you know what happens when i put my feet in warm water, i PEE! i grabbed myself, looked to see if any one was around and clambered up the swim ladder and ran to the cabin. i opened the door and to my horror, my brother was up playing his playstaion. he asked me what i was doing and told me to put some clothes on before mom catches me. i told him to shut up or i'll pee all over the floor. that shut him up. i opened the door to the head and i couldn't shut it so my brother got a surprise. i went to bed right after and forgot t! o get dressed. good huh? see ya!

I like to talk about my experiences in college. I've never had more fun and learned so much than during my college years. I also had some of my most memorable toilet experiences during that time.

I worked part-time at the campus bookstore, and during football and basketball season I worked at the concession stands selling our insignia merchandise. Working during the football games was a whole-day affair, and I had to work all of the games my first year working at the bookstore. In subsequent years I needed to work only a couple of the games. During my third year in school I worked only one football game. It was the homecoming game, and we were playing a team ranked in the Top 10. I put in a good ten hours during that game.

At that time I was also experimenting with taking multi-vitamin supplements. I had been taking them for about a month, during which I noticed that I had more frequent bowel movements. That day, I had a poop before coming in to work! . During the time we were at the stadium, I made a few trips to the restroom, but I was only able to pee. Since I was on the clock, that's all I had time for. During halftime, I started to have the urge to poop, and my lunch break was coming up. After the second half started, I had my lunch, and I thought I could stop by the women's restroom and take a quick dump before going back to work. But there was still a long line, and by the time I finally got into a stall, I was almost due back. I quickly dropped a medium-sized sausage. I could have dropped more, but I had to hurry back, so I wiped myself clean and went back to work.

By the time the game was over and the crowd had dispersed into the campus, we started to pack up the merchandise. By this time my stomach started to ache and I was building up an urge to poop. I thought I could hang in there and wait until I got home, but it was becoming unbearable. Then my close friend Sara asked me to go with her to ! the bathroom, since she had to go badly, too. A couple of other girls thought it was a good idea, too, so we all went to the nearest women's restroom. It was empty, and the cleaning folks were about to start cleaning up, but we asked them if we could go before they started. They said OK, and we went in.

The stall I went into wasn't flushed by the last occupant. I saw a couple of long thin solid pieces of poop. I wiped the seat clean and flushed the toilet before I lowered my white shorts and white panties and sat down. I began to push out a long piece that was solid and seemed to get thicker as it came out. It finally fell out and made a big splash as it plopped into the toilet. It turned out to be the cork that popped out, and I suddenly let loose with a barrage of poop that felt like soft-serve ice cream. One wave lasted ten seconds, after which I let out some gas in the form of a booming fart that echoed throughout the room. The other girls gasped, and we! all started to laugh. I had a sudden cramp in the stomach and pushed out another soft wave that lasted 15 seconds. I flushed the toilet, then started to push out more waves of very soft but not runny poop.

The others also had to poop. Sara was done in a couple of minutes, and Becky was done soon after that. But Cindy was also having a major poop session, and hers was a bit more runny. I had several more massive waves of poop and flushed three more times before I was done. I was wiping when I could hear Cindy still going at it. By this time Becky and Sara had finished washing their hands, and Becky asked Cindy and me if we were all right. I said I was finishing up, but Cindy was still going. I was finally done and flushed a final time before coming out of the stall and washing my hands. Cindy was still in her stall, grunting as she strained, and I checked up on her. She said she was trying to finish but her stomach still hurt and she couldn't push anything ! down. I said for her to relax for a minute, then try again. She did, and the next thing I heard was this massive wave of poop as she sent chunks of mushy poop cascading into the toilet for a good minute. I had never heard more poop come out of someone else than this time, and Cindy said, oh no, I think I clogged the toilet. She flushed and said, I think everything went down. She did a repeat performance of that massive wave of poop, then flushed the toilet again. She started to wipe, and it seemed like an eternity before she was finally done. She flushed a final time, then washed hands. Cindy said that was the worst pooping experience she ever had.

The other day at school, i walked into the (male) toilet and at every urinal was a girl. Each of them facing the urinal and peeing and not missing at all, i was amazed. There are anly 3 urinals and the girl at the center urinal went washed her hand and left and i went to it i got my penis out and watched the girls peeing (they was watching me. the girl on the left of me was quite attrative, she said to me "Don't mind you watching because you can only see my pubic hair" she was right but i was turned on by this sight. Soon after the 2 girls left and then I did.

Miss Belinda
Hello, how is everyone? Have any of you ever had anyone to stage a walk-in while you were poo pooing. I have a thirteen year old nephew staying with me for some reason or another likes to see me on the commode.This only happens when I get caught up and forget to lock the door and even when I do I can hear him shuffling around outside the door.This boy has a fascination with my poo poo.The other day I had just sat down and I had a turd that had just poked it's tip out and I was interrupted by the bathroom door flying open. Let me remind you that when I use the toilet I pull my panties or pantyhose down just above my thighs and if I'm wearing a dress it covers my backside where nothing can be seen. anyway, He barges in and asks me if he can wash his hands. I told him It would be allright and I continued with my poo poo.My poopoo always makes a crackling sound when it comes out and he looked at me an asked me if I had a long one coming out and I told him in a grunty voice that ! I did. This turd was long enough that it did'nt make a sound as it went into the water but the two baby turds that followed made a loud plooping sound in which he let me know he heard and as always, I stunk the whole bathroom up. Has anyone ever had this to happen to you?

I have one recent Chuck stories to share. Yesterday morning at work I was sitting in my office when I see Chuck walking by my doorway and all he does is knock twice on my door as he walks quickly by and down the hallway toward the bathroom. I know that this means that he’s got to go BAD, so I followed. By the time I got into the men’s room, Chuck had stampeded into the middle stall and was frantically unbuckling. “Oh My God,” Chuck groaned and he was pulling down his pants and underwear. I took the stall next to him but there was another guy peeing so I couldn’t stand on the toilet and check it out. When he hit the bowl (and he hit hard), I thought he would just explode. But instead, I just heard immediate crackling. It was very very slow going and Chuck was grunting a lot and I could tell it was one of his hole-stretchers. When it finally disengaged from his hole he just literally cried out and continued to groan as more turds started to quickly expel from his assho! le. There was a continuous crackling mixed with many multiple plopping and a few loud power-farts towards the end of this turd tirade. At this point being done, Chuck whistled loudly, obviously impressed with his performance.

Sandra i love your post. I would have loved to have been in line with you. I have a question? I have been trying to get my sister to watch me poo. The past two mornings i have left ths bathroom door open all the way. She has walked by me twice. But all she says is you could shut the door. does any one have any ideas about how i could get here to poo with or at least watch. The reason i want to is because i feel that it will bring us closer together. So if anyone has any ideas please say so.

Jay (J&P)
Regarding questions about pooping first and then peeing and the differences between men and women: I can't offer a complete anatomic and physiological analysis of these dynamics, but it's an anatomic fact that the prostate gland, unique to males, is "inline" between the kidneys and the point of discharge, and that a man's long urethra runs through it. If you reflect briefly on the fact that a prostate is best examined digitally through the rectum, you immediately learn that there is intimate proximity between the rectum and urethra and that a full rectum can, in fact, create enough pressure on the prostate to at least partially occlude the urethra by pressing on the normally soft, walnut-shaped gland. I recommend that men squat in the shower, soap up their middle finger, and palpate their prostate gland via the rectum--or give your girlfriend an education and have her do it. Assuming the rectum is fully evacuated, the gland isn't that far inside and you can feel it quite we! ll. The first realization of its presence and position is actually quite startling and just like any previously undiscovered body attribute, one wonders if it's normal.

So, it's natural that a full rectum would be emptied first, then the bladder, which would be temporarily obstructed by the contents of the rectum. I have actually completed evacuating, redressed, then needed to urinate again before leaving the bathroom and complete it in the urinal.

Since women don't have prostates, and in fact, since their urethras are very short (4 cm, perhaps? maybe shorter...haven't measured one lately), their urgencies are felt differently. Perhaps one of the more eloquent scribes such as Moira or Nicola would be able to do justice to this one--though I'm sure it's been covered before since they have been virtually encyclopedic in their delightfully detailed descriptions of both processes of elimination as experienced by women.

Just remember, men...don't be t! empted to fart too forcefully while peeing in a urinal--otherwise, it could be a complete brownout, literally! You'll realize you'd have been better off sitting to pee in the first place...something I've been doing for years around 50% of the time. Of course, the other 50% has been in a urinal or sink or wherever. After all, the world is a man's urinal...

One other thing and it involved sexual excellent prostate massage is obtained when a massive brown bullet train is positioned just through the membranes from the prostate, ready to make an express run through Sphincter Station...just one of the many reasons having a good motion is so pleasurable!

TINKLER, I hope you know what I meant by "hovering above the
toilet" in the way I said in my earlier message to you.
When you hover, you sort of bend over so your bum and pussy
are above the bowl. You can bend your knees a little bit if
you want as well.
If you hover, you can pee and shit too without touching any
part of the toilet. I think you will like it. Take care now,
and please ask me if you have any more questions!


Rob I loved your story hope you have more

Did anyone see Katie Couric on the Today show undergoing a colonoscopy on the air live? I missed it, but if anyone here saw it, I was wondering how explicit it was. For example, was Katie's butt visible when they inserted the tube into her anus? Also, I read where the person's colon is inflated with air during a colonoscopy and it's very common for patients to fart a lot during the procedure. Does anyone know if Katie did any farting while she was on the air? For that matter, has anyone ever heard a woman fart on live TV?

Saturday, April 08, 2000

BECCA: what to you do you u and your sister have to go and there is only one toilet?

Clueless parent -

I would say the best way to handle the situation would just be to let her see it, satisfy her curiosity, be relaxed and open. Treat it as no big deal. It sends the message that bodily functions are natural and, within the confines of society's limits (of course), can be performed openly. If she sees how it works, her interests will be satisfied and she'll be all right.

However, don't just get my opinion, a female opinion would be good as well. Ask your girlfriend/wife/parenting partner about her opinion. I'd do it this way, I'm pretty sure it's a good way of handling things. But some girls/women might have different opinions.

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