Here's a tried and tested method for pooing in the car if you're driving. Unfortunately it's probably much trickier if you're wearing pants. With one hand, hike your skirt up to your waist and pull your panties to your knees. Slide your bottom forward so it hangs over the edge of the seat. If you push your tailbone against the seat you'll be quite secure. If you don't have a rubber floor mat, see if you have a newspaper around and lay it on the floor. OK, now poo! It feels great driving and looking at people who have no idea that you're dropping logs onto the floor of your car! When you arrive at your destination, simply tip the poo off the mat and wipe it down with water if you need to. If you use newspaper, fold the poo in the paper and take it to a trash can. I've really only done this when I've needed to poo and it's a long way to the next rest area. Sometimes I've pulled over and opened front and rear passenger doors which shield me from traffic as I squat and poo by the ! front passenger's side.

Louise - it surprised me too. I really wasn't expecting that much. I did feel full, but only in an early-morning sort of way.

Steve - it sounds like dribbling is hereditary!

Tinkler - if there's paper or seat liners available, I line the seat. Also refer back to Louise's fairly recent post about peeing standing up - personally, I can't seem to quite get the hang of this, and have resorted to using a medicine spoon with a hollow handle, with a hole punched in the tip. I'm still working on it, but it seems to be pretty effective so far. If you must squat, you can either lift the seat and get up on the bowl Asian-style, or remain standing and sort of crouch over the bowl with your bum stuck out as far back as you can - aim your stream right down into the bowl, and WATCH through your legs where it's going. I lower my panties to my knees and sometimes pull them forward to avoid getting the material wet. This works okay for me, except that I can't poo in this posit! ion.

Rob - That's completely, utterly unjust. Really unpleasant of her. Hope you're doing okay, that none of the shame and humiliation still linger. If not, then just know that she was just trying her best.

Tinkler -

Hi -- my dr. says that I have a small bladder too. That's why I wet my pants sometimes. I dont like public restrooms either. Sometimes when I'm shopping with my mom I would rather wet my pants than use a dirty restroom. Some of the school stories that are told here remind me of myself at school. On school field trips I used to wear pull ups so I wouldnt have to use strange bathrooms and-or wet my pants.


Haven't had a chance to post lately but have been keeping up with everyones great stories.
Ross--I usually pee before I crap but often I do both at the same time. I've never peed after the crap though. Also I always need to pee when I crap.
Can't remember who posted about using outhouses but I've used them often. My family has land in the mountains & we used to have an outhouse. It wasn't too bad except when it was cold. I prefer to squat behind a tree though. Much easier in my opinion.
OK now for my story. A couple weeks ago I had an accident. I was leaving work for the day & felt the urge to dump. I felt I could hold it as it's only about 20 minutes to my home. I'd gotten about 1/2 way when I got a severe stomache cramp & let out & booming fart. Another cramp hit but I still thought I could hold it. I'm on the highway with nowhere to pullover. Suddenly I hit a traffic jam. We're completely stopped. I sit in my seat kinda bouncing with the need ! to crap coming on strong. I let out another loud fart & feel the crap sliding out. I squeeze my cheeks together but that doesn't work for long. No longer able to hold it I begin to shit my pants. I lift me butt off the seat a bit & o soft turd comes out followed by another. Now I've started to piss as well. I continue to shit semi-soft turds as traffic starts to move again. My panties are filled up pretty good when I arrive at my house. I waddle to the bathroom & take off my jeans & dump the contents of my panties into the toilet. It's quite a load & pretty mushy from me sitting in it. I sit on the toilet to piss again & finish the job right. I did 3 more long logs with much farting. Then I hop into the shower.
Oh before I go--Thanks for the advice Louise but I'm not close enough to any guys to ask that kind of thing. Some day I hope.

The Crank
Kate Winslet in Jude? Which nude scene? I liked the scene where she was in labour and wash pushing. They showed her legs wide open yet stratigically covered her private parts. Only a girl like her would dare to do that scne I suppose. Great movie, though the director had a wierd sense of reel time. Wierd editing, very wierd.

You know, the way the French pronounce "une" sounds like grunting out a turd especially with it's nasal sound. Well, a girl did that sound in French class and sighed a sigh of relieve. Funny girl.

I have 2 lady friends, one a bosomy brunette(late 40's) and the other is a willowy blonde(early 40's),both named Mary, and once a month we meet for dinner followed by a night of "fun" at a motel. But the other night, things did not go as planned. We had decided to try Pakistani food at a new place. Then we went to our motel and went up to the room.
About a half hour later, while I was engaged with the older Mary, the younger one suddenly squealed and ran to the bathroom. We could hear her in there, as she had not closed the door, and her diarrhea sounded massive. It seems kinda mean, but the one Mary and I kept making love til we were done. Then we paid the price. Fiirst me, then Mary, got painful bowel cramps. The other Mary was still on the toilet, in tears. We had nowhere to "go"! Finally, Mary and I hung our butts over the bathtub and let fly. We three sat there, buck naked and miserable. After an hour we were better but tired. We rinsed out the tub, then st! umbled to bed and fell asleep. And poor blonde Mary did not get any sex that time.All in all a very wierd buddy dump.

Hello everybody!

DEE, hi, I wish I was like you and had no hair around my
bumhole. It must be really good to be like that. Having
hair can be a pain in more ways than one if you let it
grow long, so I like to keep mine very short!
Sounds like you are like me and are naturally good at
standing! Maybe instead of splaying your lips, you would
better raise the angle if you need to by pressing two or
more fingers to your pube area above your pussy and
lifting upward. That would lift your pussy without direct
finger contact that could cause the lack of control you
are talking about. Give it a try, you may be surprised at
how good you get with practice! Yes, of course there are
differences down there, so what may work for one woman
may not be so good for another. When learning, you just
need to try different things until you crack it, pun
intended. Hehehe. Aim high, girl!

TINKLER, you do not need to sit on ! those seats if you do
not want to. You can hover above the toilet and keep the
seat up to give yourself more room! If you think you can
not aim well if you hover, I tell you that you can. To
show yourself you can do it, stand in the bath then
pretend you are hovering above the toilet. Try to angle
your body so your stream goes straight down vertically.
Then do this a few times for practice over your own toilet
at home. When you are confident, you will be ready to pee
in public toilets without sitting down! If you feel real
brave at some time, maybe you could then learn to stand
and pee by standing right over the bowl. At work if I
need to pee, I either hover or stand above the tpoilet
bowl. I never sit down, I don't know who has been there
before, and I understand what you mean about not liking
it. Sorry to hear of your small bladder, it really must
be troublesome not to be able to hold much urine.
Take care n! ow!

KATRINE, how have you been doing? Please tell us.

PV, I think my mum and I should hold "how to stand"
classes for England, and you could have all of Australia
to yourself. There would be a lot of work maybe! Thank
you for supporting my advice to Katrine and your other
kind comments!
If you did find you walked in on a guy, it would be
funny to see his reaction, and yes if you did you would
have to be sure you saw what you wanted to see! Hehehe.
For the Olympic event, maybe Steve would be hoping his
fave Pakistani girl would be entered in the competition.
I can imagine that girl gulping down a couple of cans of
lager about an hour before her turn to go, then doing
a blast for the judges. Hehehe, don't think even we
would stand a chance! There is a 40 year old indian
lady who I've heard doing a big wee when I've been in
the toilets at work. I wonder if she is anything like
Steve's Pakistani girl! . Wish I had the chance to see one
For Olympics, all pussies should be shaved, oh yes. The
whole idea really makes me fall about laughing. Hehehe.
Who is Sophie Rickets? I haven't heard of her, is she
an Australian? Is that her real name or is she called
Rickets because she stands funny?
We all went for a swim earlier, me, my mum, my sister,
and we dragged Steve along too! He was real shy about
weeing with us, and would not join us at the urinal!
I'm still having a fun time teasing him about that.
He's told me he is going to post the full story when
I'm done here, and I hope he does because I think he
tells a story a lot better than I do. I thought it was
really funny!

JESSICA FROM CANADA, hello! It is really nice to hear
another girl who has peed in a sink besdies PV and I.
It sounds like you enjoyed doing it.

Aim high and open fire!


Greetings to All on the forum.

PV, I agree with your comments about women using a urinal breaking gender stereotypes. Most people would be surprised at such imagery even today, and I expect many would reject the sight of a lady using a urinal as a posed stunt that could not really work. Of course, we know better!
Thanks for your comments on Australian culture relating to the toilet. Perhaps the Great British attitude would benefit from leaning in that direction. Then again, I'm probably dreaming. It would take much to change what has become so ingrained in the national psyche. Brits, particulary young ones, do seem to go a little crazy when abroad, and then are more covert about some things when they return home.

Anyway, at my girlfriend's request, I'd like to tell the story of what happened when I was dragged to the swimming pool by my girlfriend's family this evening.
I was expecting my girlfriend Louise, her mother, and sister to be going to the po! ol without me, but they insisted I went with them. I knew they had all been drinking water beforehand, and when I had changed into my trunks and went to meet them, Louise took me by the arm and told me they were all going to use the men's toilets.
I had not seen her mother and sister in swimwear before, but
they were both stunning. Like Louise, they were both clad in one piece swimsuits. Louise's mother is a very well preserved, early fifties version of Louise, with a really shapely figure, great legs and bum, and long blonde hair. Louise's sister, at 22, is four years younger than Louise is, and is very like Louise in appearance. They have been mistaken for twins in fact.
Anyway, I went into the men's room first to make sure nobody was in there, and given the all-clear, the three of them walked in and stood shoulder to shoulder at the steel wall urinal. I remained by the doorway, as I could not bring
myself to stand beside either Louise's mother or sister! From the back, I saw them pulling the crotches of their swimsuits aside, and they were calling me over to them, but I was frozen. They were amused and giggling among themselves as they concentrated on their task, and between their legs I could see the steel wall getting blasted with three quite fierce streams of urine. From the back again I saw a glimpse of blonde pubic hair between her mother's legs. "Should I be looking?" I asked myself. They were playing with their aim, up, down, and to the sides, and sneaking amused little glances back at me as I kept my distance. They were finished weeing in about a minute ad a half by my estimate, and then they re-adjusted the crotches of their swimsuits back into place. Louises's sister said it had been great fun and really enjoyed herself. While Louise's mother and sister waited by the doorway, Louise stood with me at the urinal and watched as I weed. The other two looked on from the back, and they could see my pee stream arcing ont! o the steel wall. I felt quite nervous, and my stream was much slower than it normally is! It took me over two minutes to finish my own wee! I think I'm going to be given endless ribbing now about being shy!

Bye for now,


Pee Oui. I've heard about the Kate Winslet scene in 'Holy Smoke.' It was reported in the Sunday Sport, a tabloid paper which rarely takes any interest in the lavatorial, several weeks ago. What was not clear however, was whether Kate actually had to do a wee as part of the scene in question and it was thoroughly rehearsed or whether she was simply 'taken short' during filming and they decided to keep her accident in rather than edit it out. Perhaps someone in the know could clarify this point for me. The paper which reported on this decided to include a discreet picture of a Kate Winslet lookalike perched on the loo. However, she was perched at such an angle that had she really been weeing, I think more wee would have gone on the seat than in the bowl. Still, I guess it's called artistic licence.

Jessica from Canada
i have an odd and short story to tell. last friday morning, i woke up. i turned on my t.v. before getting out of bed. i swung around and the second my feet touched the floor, i began peeing in my bed. strange, huh? has this ever happened to anyone else before? please email me.

Adam from Canada

The same thing happens to me and it doesn't matter where I go poo/pee, I have been doing it since I was a kid. Someone made fun of me at school because I peed sitting down.


I thought I was the only person in this world who had a fascination with toilet flush sounds (especially when they are muffled)! Actually...I like the way they sound anyway (especially regular toilets that are in most homes). But I truly was surprised to read your post because I myself have flushed the toilet many times just for the pure Hell of it. And I often get a buzz just watching others do it too. Are you and I similiar in this way also?

In response to Martin V's question about peeing in bottles. This was common place on WWII submarines when the boats were running silent and deep. In the movie Das Bot (spelling might not be accurate), they showed the crew of a German U-boat pissing in bootles while they were hiding from the Allied ships. They had to be very quiet because the flush toilets in those tin cans made a huge racket and the sonar from the Allied ships would pick them up if they attempted to flush. One can only imagine what they did if they had to shit, because they did not have glad plastic bags back then.

Oh Sandra, your post are great!

PV i love your post. I think it is cool that you like to pee. I think that i read one of your post a few days a go. It was about holding it for two hours that was cool. I also love to pee and poo to.

Another woman I would like to see doing a good motion and have a buddy dump with is the actress who plays the Borg "seven of nine" in Star Trek Voyager. There was an eposode where she is captured by aliens and one is scanning her and says "Interesting, long coiled intestines" I wonder if they too were interested in her doing a jobbie? A case of "you will be eliminated" not "assimilated" as the Borg usually say. The other Star Trek character I can imagine in a defecation scenario is Counsellor Troy the telepath in Next Generation. I could imagine her reading my thoughts and saying "So you want to watch me doing a motion" then going to the holodeck and setting the program to "mid 20th century Ladies public toilet in Scotland" as she launches a "photon torpedo"! Anyone else have favourite characters in TV or Films they would like to see doing a big motion?

Rob, what a sadist your mother must have been to inflict such treatment on you for having an accident in your pants! . Did she learn her parenting in Nazi Germany. I had hoped that such vicious treatment had ended. We can all have accidents in our panties, even Margaret Thatcher and the Queen are said to have suffered this.

Theresa and I have just had a super buddy dump before I write this. We both needed after we got up so went into the toilet together and I let her go first as we are both a bit ???? to sit together on the pan. She dumped 3 nice fat logs "KER-SPLOOMP! KER-SPLONK! KUR-SPLOOSH! then got up off the pan, I had a look then sat on it and also did 3 jobbies, a short lump KERSPLONK! the really big jobbie "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP! then another short turd "KER-SPLOSH! . We wiped each other's bums with moist wipes then had a look at the 6 logs in the pan. I had to flush it 4 times before our combined load went away leaving a lot of skid marks so I have put bleach in the pan to clean it.

Id like to try out those Italian pans if they are deep and give such good sound effect! s!

Sandra, that was some dump you did in your panties and Im glad for you it didnt leak out. I assume you wear large full cotton briefs? Each to their own thrills but of course I would be more turned on if you had done it into the toilet in the more normal way. Still, your stories are most interesting.

I have an opinion question about urinals. What type of urinal to you think is easiest/most comfotable to pee in? Personally, I think the "new" troughs are easiest-you don't have to worry about that annoying pee splash from other urinals and since you are standing right over top of them, you don't have to worry about missing the target as much. In second place is wall to floor urinals, though they often result in pee splashing onto my shoe at times from the pee hitting the bottom of the urinal. I hate small, in-wall urinals cause it's hard to get my dick even with the stall sometimes. Guys-do you have any opinions or feedback-i'm excited to hear some opinions.

To Buzzy: Great story about the black reflective backing to the shitting stalls. I would love to have been there.

To Matthew: I always sit on the porcelain rim to shit. It is usually cleaner than a seat (unless some guy has dripped piss over it), and you don't notice the cold when you get used to it.

Now that I am a regular user of public toilets to shit, I have some comments about washing and drying facilities. I have noticed in Britain an increase in the number of toilets with hot air driers rather thsan paper towels. I HATE hot air driers for three reasons: (1) they take ages to get your hands dry. (2) If you have not washed thoroughly, they are unhygienic because they spray an aerosol of bacteria off your hands round the room. (3) (and most important) they make a lot of noise so that I can't hear the noises in the other stalls. Another thing that annoys me is the piped music that they have in the toilets in shopping malls. It drowns all the noises from th! e adjacent stalls!

Ryan S.
Hi guys! How have you been. Hello Daniel. Have any good dumps lately? Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I just haven't had anything to post about. But I do now. Recently about a 2 weeks ago my cousins and my aunt came up to stay the whole week. Well we borrowed my grandparent camcorder because the sister and her baby was coming too. Me and my youngest cousin 12 (the other cousin was 17 i believe) has soft motions most of the time. Me and him talk about pooping alot. Well I thought I would show him the videos of me pooping. He was shocked and laughing his head off. Then he said he had to poop. I though cool what a great time to record him. I dared him to record himself pooping. He hesitated a little and said ok to the idea. I did the recording. The first time i would actually see someone poop. So he started with the first motion it was kind of soft and hard. I actually saw it coming out and everything. Me and him both made several videos during the week. We really enjoyed it. ! But we warned each other that if someone found out about the tape that we would be history. Well that Saturday when they left my sister said that we made a nasty tape. Ofcourse after denying it she said Andrew (my cousin that pooped) told her about it and she even told me where the tape was but thankfully it wasn't there at the time but she was right about where the tape was hidden. I though oh my gosh. Why would Andrew do something like that. He'll be coming back Memorial weekend and i'm going to ask about it. Me and him were the only ones that knew about it and i certainly would tell. Anyway other than that it was a blast watching each other poop. I am getting ready for his return at the end of May (Memorial weekend).

My computer will be down for at least 3 weeks. It has been causing trouble. Originally it was because of a fried motherboard. Well we've already replaced 3 motherboards because of mistakes made in the order. Finally this last one we got still is causi! ng problems becuase it is not recognizing some of my drives. Atleast my A: and C: are working. So we are packing it up and shipping it out to Dallas, Texas for a complete makeover. In other words they are going to take everything out and replace it. And the good thing is it is all free thanks to our extended warranty. Well I got to take a dump pretty bad so i think i'll do that now. Bye everone. I'll let you know how good my dump is in my next post. Bye.

Last summer at a major outdoor event, they had my favourite type of mobile toilets on a trailer with two rows of four unisex toilets back to back. One toilet had a small spy hole through the wall that gave a back view into the one behind just above seat level.

I saw lots of women come in and pee but none pooped. It was a bright sunny day and the toilets had white walls and fibre glass roofs that let plenty of light in, so the women's nether regions were very well illuminated. The most interesting pee view was a women who did her wee standing up with her bum about 6 inches above the seat. As she was pregnant, she had to keep her knees well apart when bending forwards. The cheeks of her bum were pressed tightly together so I couldn't see her anus but as her wee trickled down, I had the most amazing view into her open vagina. This was at just the right angle so that I could see straight up to her cervix.

Thursday, April 06, 2000

I get totally turned on by the feeling of a good shit coming on. I like to hold it until it's hard and big. It is such a great feeling to lie back and feel my hard shit protrubing partially out of my asshole. I push it out partially in and out and then like to have it go completely back in me. At my peak arousel I let it go in to a big heavy hard load and commence to having a great orgasm. I love taking a big shit in my underwear. Does anybody else?

LANCE: Pamela Anderson Lee grunting, straining, and pushing, eh? Not bad, but I'd rather watch another former Tommy Lee girlfriend grunting, straining, and pushing to shit: Bobbie Brown. Best known for her stint as a Star Search spokesmodel in the 80s and appearance in Warrant's Cherry Pie video a decade ago.

martin v
I'm not sure how many people have had to do this, but I have peed in bottles before in emergency situations. i hate to litter so I don't want to throw it on the side of the road but how else should i get rid of it. Any suggestions?

Out of curiosity:
Do you close the door when urinating at home or leave it open? I have two kids and always leave the door open when I pee. Women: As a wife, would you be offended if you husband peed with the doors open at home even with kids?

I have a question for everyone. Whenever I take a crap, I always pee after I am done. If I pee first, for some reason I have a harder time getting the poop out. Anyone have any ideas on why that would be? Does everyone else poop first and then pee? Is there a difference between men and women on this?

BRYIAN, why should it make any difference? We all have to eat and drink, and so we all need to poo and pee (even your aunt), and that's why we need toilets and sewage treatment plants. Besides, toilets are designed to handle human waste, so as long as we don't flush anything that isn't supposed to be in there, it's fine. I don't 'love' poo and pee the way some people do (i.e. scat play, and other stuff that the moderators here would very sensibly ban), but I enjoy the feeling of release when I go, and sometimes I hold on a little longer than I should so that I get a bigger release. Nothing very wrong with that, I guess. If ya gotta do it, ya might as well enjoy it :)

PV/LOUISE: I'm naturally hairless past my pussy lips. I'd never thought about it!

LOUISE: I think I may have found out part of my problem from your last posting. I pee a good stream, but it doesn't go straight down. It arcs forward naturally if I don't do anything at all to it, and when I try to ! splay my lips to keep them dry, it goes all over. Oh well, we're all built differently!

clueless parent
parenting question:
How do you explain urinals to a young girl? The other day, I had to pick up my 5 yr old daughter from school and then her back to my last hour of work. As I was preparing to leave, she said she had to use the bathroom and I also felt the urge to pee. I close up my office and so I was the only one around. Not thinking about it, I told my daughter she could come into the men's room with me. She entered a stall and so did I and when she went over to the sinks, she asked me what those other sink things were and pointed at the urinals-I simply told her this were a special thing that boys and men pee in. I was tempted to demonstrate, but would this be inappropiate if she comes to work with me again? Question for dads-Is it bad to have young daughters see their father pee. How do you explain why we pee standing up? I'm really clueless about all this as a first time parent, so I'd really appreciate some advice on the subject.

Random Questions:
Does anyone know
1. Who pees longer-men or women-I am talking average urination time-from the first to last drop. I know men spend less time in the bathroom-don't have to sit, lock stalls, etc, but which sex actually urinates longer on average? Anyone have any info on this.
2. On average, which sex pees in larger volumes/amounts-men or women? Any information on these questions, is much appreciated it.


To Becca: Do you have any pooping stories about your self or your sister, i would love to hear them

To Rob:That must have been embarrising when you shit your pants and your mother made you hang them on the line. The spanking must have hurt and been embarrising. Was your butt clean? or like did your Mom get shit on her hand cause u didn't wipe good enough? And how old are u(are u a teen?) Im 18

I pooped last night for the first time in 3 days.

Louisa: If you go back through the older pages, I have several stories about pooping in public restrooms. Mostly I recall my days in high school and college, when I had most of my massive loose (but not quite runny diarrhea-like) bowel movements. At first I did not particularly like pooping in public places like school or the mall, and I usually waited until I got home or, if I was really desperate, if the public restroom didn't have too much traffic, like in a quiet office or medical building. I started to get over my apprehension the summer before my senior year in high school when I worked at my Mom's office and had quite a few major pooping sessions. By the time I had gone through the first year in college living in the dorms, I was very comfortable using public restrooms to poop, as long as they were relatively clean. Louisa, I'm sure you will eventually feel more comfortable using a public toilet.

Rose: For some reason, I like the muffled flushing sound mad! e when I flush the toilet while still seated. I also flush to make sure I don't clog the toilet or leave a lingering poop smell, though it sometimes doesn't help when the poop comes out fast and furiously. Strangely enough, if I only need to pee or if I have a normal bowel movement that includes only a few pieces of poop, I will get up before flushing. There was one time in college, when I was at the women's restroom at the library, I came in just to pee. As I was about to get up and pull up my white panties and pull down my light blue denim miniskirt back into position, I decided to remain seated and flush the toilet, just for the heck of it. As I was listening to the muffled toilet flush sound, I suddenly started to push out some poop, and before I knew it, I had dropped three long sausage-like pieces. I wiped a couple of times, then flushed once more while still seated, after which I finally got up.

Jessica from Canada
Okay, this happened to me on the past weekend. i had my friend (same one from across the street) over for a sleepover. we had alot of pop and we went to bed and talked and told ghost stories. sounds stupid, dosen't it? anyways, my friend told an excellent and very frightening story. it kept us both in bed for the rest of the night. i was woken up by my friend who was shaking me to death. she asked me to go to the bathroom with her. she said she was scared after telling her story. strucken by my own desperate needs to pee, i decided to go. i was wearing, your right, the t-shirt that has been mentioned a lot of times. we walked across the room to my bathroom when suddenly we heard a long thud noise. my friend didn't scream, she froze and started to pee. i ran to her and told her to stop. we managed to continue to the bathroom. we rushed into the bathroom and managed to lock the door. she hurried over to the toilet, pulled off her nightgown and commenced. she looked so relieved. ! i totally forgot about my needs and hopped over to the sink. i carfully stood atop the sink balancing myself with one foot on each side of the bowl and began to pee. i got it all over the countertop. i pressed my hand against my pussy and sat in the sink bowl and tryed this method. it seemed to work flawlessy. try it. when we were both finished, we went back to my room and went back to sleep. don't worry, theres more to come ;-)

Bryian I have visited sewage works and was well facinated by what I saw. The process is intersting converting the fecal matter and other substances into relatively clean water for return to the river or sea and the solids into a useful fertiliser. The methane gas produced is used to run the generators and power the plant. Apart from the primary inflow and the screening plant I was amazed at how clean such sewage works are. It was amusing to see some big brown lumps which hadnt broken up slowly floating past in the greyish river from the main sewers. Far from puting me off in any way seeing the sewage works and what finally happens to the jobbies I and others pass enhanced my interest in such matters. I am aware that strange objects flushed down toilets end up caught in the screens. Fetuses, dead pets, clotjing such as soiled panties, tights, (pantyhose) etc, childrens toys, false teeth, glass eyes, spectacles, hearing aids and other medical appliances as well as the expected ! samitary towels, tampons, and of course toilet paper which hasnt disolved. Perhaps more of use should visit these very necessary if unromantic facilities.

Hey guys,
I've been reading here for a while but never really had a story to share, but I have one that you guys might be intersested in. When I was in kindergarten ( I'm 13 now and is in the 7th grade ) the teacher once asked a girl if she had to go to the bathroom, but she said no. A little while later, She raised her hand and said she had to go. When she got up, her seat was entirrly wet. Heres another. Once in the 1st grade, the teacher asked a girl to go up and do the math problems on the board. She said she had to go, but the teacher said she could go after she had finished the problems on the board. Finnaly she finished, and went out the door. She was wearing Light blue sweat pants, and everybody saw the huge pee stain on her pants. I'll try to think up someothers, later

Diarrhea fan
Hey people:

Man, I think that I'm in heaven. Today what did I hear on the news, first thing in the morning? That that angel Mariah Carey, had been admitted to for food-poisoning! According to the article I read on CNN, and on the radio, she is suffering from food-poisoning, brought on by eating raw-oysters, yuck! Now, a lot of people would have been grossed-out, by the thought of Mariah's fine-booty, dripping liquid-poop, as she sits on the throne having the runs. I can't think of a more-lovely way, to start the day, than having this fantasy of mine coming-true. I hope that her recovery goes-well, but, God knows, I would love to see footage of her having-diarrhea. At least a few snapshots! Any one on this site agree? At least the guys?


Just got back from Italy and was amused by the toilet situations. THe "pans" as our British friends call them were deep and as the turds hit the water there were thunderous splashes. Very amusing!!! Unfortunately, their idea of public rest rooms means little cubicles with floor to ceiling partitions (really walls) so that you cannot listen or see the feet of the person next door. Why are our "stalls" unique to America I wonder? Also, frequently in public cubicles, there were no seats, just the bare porcelain bowl. Anyone have any idea why? I didn't have to use any of these, but I don't think I would want to sit on the rim of the toilet.

Mark B
Hello All,

With reference to Dork's comment about eating and pooing at the same time. Well sometimes when in a great hurry because I had to go out somewhere I have sat on the toilet while finishing a sandwich or a snack. I think its very funny and say to my partner "in one end and out the other"...

Hi! I have a very small bladder, so I end up have to urinate several times a day. This means that I often have to use public restrooms. Being a female, I'm very nervous about public restrooms. Most of the time I sit on the seat...I've tried squatting, but I most of the time end up peeing on the seat or on my pants. Is there anyone who can help me?

I saw a posting a little while back about an Ally McBeal episode wherein Calista Flockhart took a buddy dump with Courtney Thorne-Smith. Is that for real? I always figured they threw in the whole unisex bathroom angle on that show just to get guys to watch...Natural curiousity and all that. It didn't really hook me. Anyway, if anyone has details about that scene, please share.

For those who don't know, a major plotline on one episode dealt with Ally falling into the toilet because the seat was left up and getting stuck there. It was pretty funny.

JacobG, thanks for the observations. I agree speading my cheeks isn't an improvemennt. It must have been something he learned. How did others on this list learn their bathroom habits? Public Bathroom Hater, I wonder how many other males swith sides with their equiptment?

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