I did a huge poo in my panties yesterday evening! I was at the supermarket checkout where all the lines were really long. I hadn't been for a poo at work during lunchtime and suddenly felt the need to go. As most of you know, if I need to poo, I need to go pretty much there and then - it just starts coming out. Fortunately I was wearing panties as the weather has got colder (I was still wearing stockings, not panty hose) and I was wearing a pleated skirt which makes for a pressure-free poo. So I had no choice. I stood in the checkout and started to poo! I let out a tiny, hissy fart and then I heard a crackling sound from under my skirt as the poo started coming out. It felt so good! I think it was fairly obvious what I was doing, particularly when the smell of poo appeared in the air. I thought it was funny when the woman just a few feet in front of me said to her husband "what is that stink? Did you step in something?" By the time I got to the checkout, I'd dumped 3 or 4 logs into my panties which felt really heavy. The poo was smelling strongly and I hoped that the weight wouldn't make my panties come down. I walked out to my car and put the groceries away. I looked around and checked that nobody was around and I quickly lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties and tipped out the poo on to the floor by my car. I saw several logs all curled around into one massive ball of poo. I took off my panties (I really hoped nobody would see me at this point, as my skirt was now hiked to my waist!), wiped my bottom with them, pulled down my skirt, then walked over to a trash can where I deposited my panties. Then I drove home and took a shower, making sure there was no poo in or around my bottom. I checked my skirt and it was clean as well. A successful panty poo!

Becca, tell us how you use the toilet at home, school,ect

Hi all,

STEVE & LOUISE: Hi! It's been a couple of days, very busy, I didn't get a hance to reply to your last posts.

What do I do if I walk in on a guy? It's never happened yet, but my stock routine is to gasp, appollogise, call myself a goose for going in the wrong one and leave -- having got an eyeful of the action anyway. Hehehehe!

Mystique is right. I saw a picture the other day of a girl using a urinal. She was backing up to it, with one leg raised, her foot in the next urinal! Well, that's pretty amazing. I tend to prefer a regular straight shot, and the sight of a women using it in the male way is a very powerful mental image if for no other reason than that it defies all gender stereotypes.

On hangups, Aus is very prudish on the surface, very liberated underneath. It depends on cultural niches as well. Biker culture is all out in the open, a biker meet will be women and men dropping their pants in the noonday sun to deposit whate! ver emerges, but that's not part of general society. At the beach there's an area that the fetish cliques use, you see guys with multiple piercings and clips on their nipples, chains dangling from them ... er, "yuck" I think is the word. But I've get to see a wide open pee or poo there.

Louise, yes, it's the thrill factor... I once used a men's room at college on the third floor, it had an open window over the urinal looking out on the trees in the courtyard, and there I was, weeing away at the wall while looking down on folks going by... Amazing experience.

Yep, not a topic to broach to my mom, more's the pity. If she was fit and twenty years younger it might be a different matter. But yours sounds a delight, and the kind of older sister I'd have so liked myself. The thought of three gals going at once is amazing! A family hose party! Yes, please, tell us about it!

Your advice to Katrine sounds spot-on by my own experiences.

An Olympic even! t -- it would have to be judged on volume, distance, neatness, ability to stop and start... I think the uniform would have to be a track/field two-piecer, with the crotch removed. For judging clarity, all pusses would have to be shaved. There would be categories for standing, squatting, leaning back, bending over, hands-on, hands-off... The desperation category... And yes, farts and poops would be misdemeanors!

I know what you mean about keeping your bum hair short. I got a tiny bit caught in the hair a few monthgs ago, I had ni idea it was there but when I pulled my panties down later in the day the5e it was, dry, no mess, but a surprise. I might try trimming and shaving, I have a yen to see my rear end in the mirror sans hair. And I shave my puss usually once every summer -- the itching convinces me not to for a long time! Hehehehehe!

We have a fixed shower grille too -- no experimental pooping here.

Yes, we could really blast the wall, couldn't we! ? Imagine the whole line of us experimenting here -- all side by side at a steel wall ... all opening up and letting go! Amazing! Sophie Rickets has nothing on us!

It's wonderful to hear from you, I always look forward to your messages.

Bombs away!


Pee Oui

Three pissing scenes from various media that I have not previously seen on this site ( though I cannot claim to have read EVERYTHING here ) :

1) In the movie 'Magnolia' ( and if you do not want to know the plot skip ( cross-legged ) to next paragraph). A boy genius on a TV quiz show is winning easily but when he asks during a commercial to go to the bathroom he leaves the request too late and is told he cannot go. So a few minutes later he 'lets go' on his seat. Later we see the wet seat.
The embarassment makes him lose both concentration and the
lead. ( BTW as this is a three hour movie you'll have an accident of your own if you don't prepare properly. )

2) New Kate Winslet movie 'Holy Smoke' just opened here in London. Apparently there is a scene where Kate has to take a leak. I don't know exactly how explicit it is supposed to be except to say that it cannot be explicit ENOUGH.
( Kate's nude scene in 'Jude' is one of my ! favorite scenes for getting off on. The freeze-frame button on videos was invented specially for it. )

3) The English actress Sarah Miles mentions in her autobiography an occassion when she was at a party in Spain. In one room she found several women having a pissing contest. They were all literally bent over backwards , hands and feet on the ground seeing who could piss furthest. As I remember one of the women turned out to be Ava Gardner.
Two problems : I only ever read that while browsing in a bookshop and it seems the memoirs in question are in three separate volumes so I do not know which is the right one .
Second : looking the book up on A Famous Bookseller's Website ( I presume I cannot mention the name ) it is seen to be out of print. However the British Version of the website does have paperback versions available.

Greetings to All on the forum.

Dee - You're right, I don't think Louise would ever be in need of a hollow spoon. If I see any women washing a spoon like that, I'll know exactly what its purpose is! It amazes
me that such a simple tool could be used so effectively. If it works so well, it _deserves_ to catch on, but no doubt the masses would be limited by their usual discomfort about discussing such things. Shame.

PV - Ha ha. Yours and Louise's joking about peeing as an Olympic sport certainly tickles my funny bone. Louise is right, I can certainly think of worse occupations than being a judge at such an event!

I would like to tell everyone another story from the nudist beach. I did have doubts over whether to tell this one,
but now I think I will.
After this, I think there are two more that might be of interest unless my girlfriend can remind me of any others.
Once when we were walking down from the rocks, I noticed a woman, who was! somewhere in her thirties, with two small boys, and they were all walking in our direction across the sands as if they were heading up into the rocks themselves. When we emerged onto the sands, we saw the boys standing facing a rock face, penises in hand and peeing intermittently. Their mother was standing over them, watching their progress. Irritated, she was tutting and seemed to be telling them to hurry up, snapping at them mercilessly. Somehow I don't think it was helpful to the boys! When they had finally finished their pee, their mother seemed to order the boys to remain where they were as she climbed up into the rocks. Louise and I guessed why she was going up there, and we both thought the woman had been unduly sharp with the boys, so we thought we would give her a taste of her own medicine. We headed back up into the rock area ourselves, where we found the woman squatting and having a slow, trickling wee. Upon discovery, she looked up at us with a wide eyed, startled! expression. Immediately she tried to stop the flow, and started to get up, but her urine was still dribbling out of her, and she went red in the face as she squatted again, trickling very slowly as we walked past her. I looked straight down between her legs at her slow leaking, and she looked down at the ground in embarrassment. She was obviously unaccustomed to anyone seeing her urinate, and perhaps she will be a little more patient with her boys if there is a next time. Well...maybe.

Bye for now,


DEE, it is really surprising that you could wee a full litre
and not feel you really needed to go. If it was me, I would
have really felt full.
I hope you very soon find someone who meets your needs. You
should not have to be on your own.
Take care now.


two cents
In response to your latest post, I would like to differ about men and pee shyness. This may not be true for all people, but at least in my family, I find that I am the most open about my bodily functions, much more so than my wife and daughter. I always leave the door open when I pee at home which my wife and daughter never do. Both of them also will jsut sneak off to the bathroom whereas I will often announce that I have to take a piss or dump. I don't mind if other people see me pee, as I feel most men don't since we stand at open urinals to piss daily. I hope this response is somewhat helpful.

Wednesday, April 05, 2000

Sorry I dont have a lot of time this morning, but on the recent celebritys pooping topic, there are many I would like to see, but 1 stands out in my mind far from the others
Mandy Moore who is a 15 year old pop singer.

Teenaged Girl
Marc, to answer your question about women's opinions on men peeing outdoors. I don't find it disgusting at all. When nature calls, you have to go. I know plenty of women who pee outdoors who may not mention it freely but surely do or have before. I personally don't find it gross. I think if it's your only option next to peeing in your pants, I'd rather see a guy pee in a bush then in his pants! Hope I gave a good opinion!

Amy-Yes I'm really 9.
I've got another story: A couple of months ago me and my sister Lauren were playing in our playhouse that our dad built for us. I had to pee but I didn't want to go inside yet. I didn't have to go very bad so I knew I could hold it for a while. About 20 minutes later Lauren had to pee, I felt sorry for her because she was trying her hardest not to pee her pants. Only one problem, our parents were in the house watching TV and even if she had been able to hold on long enough to get them to let us in she would have still left a stain on the carpet.
"Becca I REALLY need to pee."
"I know Lauren but you'll never make it all the way to the bathroom."
I looked all over the playhouse for something she could pee in or on. By this time I knew she was only gonna be able to hold it a minute longer.
"God I'm such a baby! I'm gonna pee my pants right here just like a baby."
"Lauren you're not a baby it happens to everyone, even me."
Just the! n I saw some old towels that we had used when we spilled something.
"Lauren, just hold on for another second."
I ran and got the towels and set them on the floor. Next I carefully slid Lauren's shorts off. Finally I put the towels in posistion.
"Ok Lauren, you can relax now."
I could almost hear her body relax. Then the pee started flowing, most of it was soaked up by the towels except for a little bit that landed right in front of the towels. I could tell that Lauren felt much better.

Ok, guys I am really having trouble remembering stories so is there any specific kind of story you want me to tell you about? I'll post another story as soon as I can.


To Tiff-- I have sons and helped pooty train them. Teach your boy to poo and pee sitting down. He can learn stand up peeing later when he's learned to control his needs. Also try letting him see you on the toilet for both pooping and peeing. That helps- kids like to be "grown up".

I remember an accident I had when I was 12. I had felt the urge to poop on the way home from school but managed to hold onto it. I got off the bus and began the hurried walk home from the stop. I had just made it inside the door when a large semi-soft load left my bowels and completely filled the seat of my underpants, causing my pants to sag heavily in the back. I had been having occasional wetting accidents lately, and when my mom heard me come in the door she smelled my accident immediately. She was furious! She gave me a swat on the seat of my loaded pants and made me go right to the bathroom. She stood there while I undressed and gave me an old ice cream pail to place my dirty underwear in. I was told to shower and wait naked in my bedroom for her to come back. When she returned, she took me across her lap (I was a little small for 12) and gave me one of the hardest spankings I could remember. My sister was home by then, and I know she was hanging around outside the door ! while my mom spanked me. My mother then made me do my homework, not allowing me to dress. I was finally allowed to get dressed and come downstairs for dinner. As soon as dinner was over, I was made to hang my dirty underpants on the line out in the yard. We only had a small fence outside, and all the neighbours could see my poop filled shorts hanging on the line. I had no brothers, so everyone who knew my family could tell who the dirty underpants belonged to. I was sent to bed as soon as I was finished. My underwear was finally taken down the next day when I got home from school.

Louisa - regarding your last two posts: I find it amazing that you've never heard someone else poo in a public bathroom. I use the ladies room at work every lunchtime (nearly always to poo) and out of all the women who I hear coming into the stalls around me, I would say 3 out of 5 poo (very audibly, I must say!). Maybe it's the time of day. Even when I use other ladies rooms, such as other offices, department stores, etc. there's always the sound of at least one woman pooing. As for you never having seen doorless stalls, well this is more understandable. In my experience, doorless stalls in ladies rooms are usually due to vandalism but that won't stop me from using them. About 10 years ago I had the urge to poo in New York's Penn Station. There were 2 rows of stalls in the ladies room. There was a line and the first 3 stalls in both rows had no doors. It didn't matter to me - I went into the first one, lifted up my skirt and let out some loud farts and a few large logs...with! women watching! You'd be surprised how quickly other ladies followed once I'd "broken the ice." In France, I belive doorless stalls are more common. I once went into the ladies room of a movie theater in Paris (I think). I opened the door to see no stalls whatsoever - just a long row of about 10 toilets with no partitions! On top of that, the door opened on to the hallway so men waiting for the men's room could easily see women sitting on the toilets every time the door was opened! I went to the far left toilet to poo (it couldn't be seen from the hallway). It wasn't long before a woman came in and sat on the toilet next to me. She farted and I heard 3 or 4 VERY loud "depth charge" splashes as she pooed. Smelly too! Incidentally, my husband told me (and this has been confirmed by several male posters) that the men's room in New York's Washington Square Park has a similar arrangement - no stalls, just toilets with no partitions. He refused to use them! Actually, quite a lot of! women at work will pee and poo with the stall doors left open (usually while they are chatting) - I don't think that women are particularly shy about such things. I've had many ladies room "meetings" with my boss where she has signed papers in front of me while I watched (and heard) her poo. She spreads her legs so wide you can see the poo dropping into the toilet! In fact (if my husband is anything to go by) it is men who are shy about peeing next to each other or pooing in front of each other. Anyone else have comments on these matters?

Hello everybody.

KATRINE, sorry for not writing yesterday to give you tips
on how to stand up and pee. I read Steve's message and I
missed answering you. I agree with what Steve said to try doing,
but he missed things out! Try this in the shower. Place
your first two fingers of one hand either side of the top
end of your pussy in an upside-down V. You might like to
wipe your lips *before* you do anything to stop any
greasiness down there causing your fingers to slip until
you are practiced at doing this! Now use your fingers to
open yourself up a bit and splay those lips, and keep the
same pressure on both sides to avoid shooting off centre!
Start to wee, and keep the pressure on to begin with so you
don't dribble at the begginning. If you have now started to
wee straight down in a good stream, just try lifting your
puss upwards very gently. DO NOT JERK BUT DO IT SLOWLY!
Hopefully you will now find you are sq! uirting forwards a
little bit, but you will need to practice to get it right!
Eventually you will be able to start in the lifted position!
This way works for me, no doubt other women have their own
variations on it.

PV, we're here. It's just that we are almost always staying
with Steve's mum at the weekends and we're away from the
computer for all that time. Steve can not always post
quickly anyway because he is often working long hours!
Your bit on hairy bum holes made me laugh! I somehow can not
imagine it suiting the brave he-man image of solidiers to
be all shaving their bums! Hehehehe! I like to keep my own
bum hair very short, and like you I have little blonde
tufts either side. Keeping it very short prevents pieces
getting stuck there. Sometimes I shave it completely if
I feel like it. My pussy hair I normally keep shaven to
the sides with a trimmed inch wide strip of pubes at the
top, as that is h! ow Steve likes it and of course there is
nothing to get wet when I wee. Oh, and it can be itchy when
it is starting to grow back but it is not too bad. I think
the whole (hole?) shaving thing started years ago because
it is much more hygienic when weeing instead of having to
do it through a forest.
I don't think I will try shitting in the shower. We have a
sealed grill and it doesn't seem to be a good idea to me.

Steve and I tried the "buddy dump" thing this morning. We
finally both really needed to shit at the same time. It was
quite romantic in a funny way. We both had a wee first, and
then we sat on half the toilet each with our bums touching.
When we were both ready, we pushed our shits out at the same
time and both of them were pushing against each other as
they fell into the bowl. We wiped each other, but there was
not much mess. I think you have to be quite close to a man
to want to wipe his bum. It to! ok about 3 flushes to get rid
of everything, but neither of our shits was particularly

Aim high and open fire.


To PORTLAND RESIDENT-Interesting observation about woman's butts and men's.I'll have to check that out myself!TO LOUISA-My kind of girl!You sound like a great pooper-keep those stories coming!They're almost as good as JANE"S and SANDRA"S!Love your stories,ladies!Oh SANDRA,by the way-Great story about the restroom with the mirror behind the toilets.It reminds me of somthing that happened to me about 10 yrs ago.I was in the italian restraunt in NYC and i had a heavy meal and had to do a rare dinner BM.So i went to the toilet and went into the stall and noticed that behind the bowls was this black marble wall that was like a mirror and there was a guy in the next stall going to sit on the bowl and i could see his butt clearly as if it was a mirror.Then i saw him lean foward and let out a big fart and i quickly sat down,but continued looking at him.I then saw his anus open up and all this loose mush shoot out almost endlessly into the bowl.What a view!This guy really had to go!The! n i farted and did some mushy load of my own-I wondered if he could see me too,but at that point, i just turned around and continued to shit.Then i looked back and saw his anus pushing out some more mush.Then i farted and did some more myself.There were 4 stalls in there,but it was just him and I.I'd love to be in there with a full house.It was kinda cool.I never went back there.I should someday,but i can't remember where it was!Wish i could find a co-ed toilet like that,but this was fun also-I've grown to like watching and hearing guys taking some good dumps.Great stories-i don't care if they are male or female,i enjoy 'em all! BYE

The Fink

Hi. This is the first time I've posted anything here. But I gotta say, I've been reading these fascinating posts for a while.

Hey. Does anyone watch the Simpsons? There was this one episode where Homer gets a free ride with his family on an electric car. Anyway, when they meet the dealer, she says "Thinking about saying goodbye to gas?". Bart says "You Betcha" and belches loudly. Marge yells "Bart!" but suddenly cuts a tiny fart and says "well that shut me up."

There was also an episode of a show called "Family Guy" where Peter Griffin, the family guy, takes his wife's stage production away from her and turns it into an awful show, which, to the dismay of lois, everyone loves. At the end, Lois chastises Peter in front of everyone. Peter, while thinking of something to say, lets out a fart that lasts for about 45 seconds, starting softly and ending loudly. Everyone except Lois laughs and gives him a standing ovation.

! Has anyone ever encountered moments on TV like this before?

Joe K
In my college, thereīs a parking building which at ground level has both men and womenīs restrooms. They have a totally exposed design were privacy is nonexistent. In the menīs bathroom, the stalls are totally exposed to the outside. If a guy is shitting in a stall, he is perfectly noticeable from the outside cause the door is always proped wide open. The womenīs restroom has a similar design but it is seldom used and when it is the door is closed. However, the menīs is frequently used by many guys who take a dump there, after parking their cars, particularly in the morning which is the rush hour. The curious thing is why if thereīs a choice of restrooms throughout the campus; some of them really clean, private, and even luxurious, these guys decide to shit in the parking building toilets which is filthy, totally exposed, and dangerous, cause except in the rush hour, the place becomes totally empty; and why do they leave the entry door proped wide open??? If a guy has to unlo! ad a really noisy one and grunts, Iīm sure you can hear it from the outside. Curiously the urinals have more privacy than the stalls cause you canīt see them from the outside. I have taken a pee there several times after parking my car when Iīm literally pissing my pants but never a shit, and I think I would never shit there unless absolutely necessary. Sometimes Iīve had a strong urge to shit but still, I can perfectly manage to get to a more decent toilet in the campus, so I really canīt understand why some guys shit there cause Iīm sure they could find another place in the campus, so could someone, particularly the guys tell me why do you think this happens??? Please answer.

Pat The scene in my favorite movie, Fool Rush In (and no not because of what Elena said) goes like this. I figure it's for a pee as it's first thing in the morning but I could be wrong.. there are no sound effects as there is music playing.. you couls say it's part of a music montage.. anyway Selma puts the seaa down reaches under her nightie and lowers her undies and sits. Matthew Perry sees this and dashes off. ( I feel for the guy as I used to be like this)She waddles after him with her undies still lowered and brings him back. She sits him down on the tub and she sits back and does her thing as she talks to him. A few scenes later they go back and she is stil talking and has paper in her ands to wipe. Matthew has had enough and runs off again. it's a cute funny scene. I'll admit I would like to see my lady love in that postion and I have seen her pee as she has loosened up a bit.. but I still freak. I"m brushing my teeth or something talking to her.. I turn around and BAM ! she's on the toilet, blushing as she pees. I do jump a bit as well it's stil unexpected. I should be glad I'm not shaving or I'd probably bleed to death. I see Elena is telling you the story of when we were kids.. I vaugely rmeber it but she sees to remember it more than me.. and she's the one who says it was embarassing to think about.. but lately she remember and acts like it's the cutest thing. Oh by the way.. I did finally see Elena poop yesterday.. and so much more... guy warn your ladies what you're coming home early.... when i got there she was in nothign but her white bra.. and her undies lowered to her ankles on the toilet pooping. Sigh.. it did unnerve me though as i have never seen Elena nude since we were small. If you wann hear this story.. please ask Elena for permission.. as I have been thretened with my life if I go into detial.


WHOA, girl! You flush the toilet ALOT while pooping!

I was thinking something, Has any one of you on this board ever thought of where your waste (poop pee,etc) goes when you flush the toilet? I was thinking of this cause today in one of my ecology classes we got to go on a field trip, to a sewage treatment plant(same as water reclamation plant). We got to walk around there and see all the poop and it smelled there. This totaly has changed my mind about this topic, it makes me hate loving poop pee etc. At this one site at the plant, we got to see the convayer belt, come up from the sewage and it brought up used toilet paper....Then i got thinking this could be anyones toilet paper who peed or pooped this morning!! Then im like That used toilet paper could be my aunts cause she lives near this sewage treatment plant and i got all messed up thinking about this and i don't want to think of it cause it's basicly a turn off and it's discusting thinking of her wiping her self(and she is sorta heavy). Back at this site, a ! wire screen picks up the trash and is disposed of and i've heard that they have found babies, body parts,money and personal hygenien products in it. Any one have any questions? I bet none of you have every thought about what i just mentioned?

In response to the question from Pat about "When Fools Rush In". Yes, I saw that movie and I must say that the scene of the young lady on the toilet was basically staged and unreal. There was no noise what so ever, no sound of pee, farts, etc. None! She was just basically sitting there as if she was just using the toilet as a chair. Hope that answers your question. Chow.

Dork (and other interested parties): I've had two roommates and they each have their unique bathroom habits. I've posted about some in the past. These posts are more general than specific stories.

My first roommate had one strange habit. Sometimes, he would eat food while he was pooping - not only snacks, but complete dinners. He used to joke he was "taking it in while letting it out." He was very thin - maybe that had something to do with it. Personally, I could never eat while pooping. Usually, when he had to poop, he would go into his bedroom, shut the door, and turn on his boom box. I could never hear anything over the loud music, which was too bad for me because I love listening. However, sometimes he would not turn on the music and I could go into my bathroom, which backed up to his, and listen. A couple of times he was constipated and I could hear loud, vocal grunting.

My current roommate is a little more open. Typically, before he poops, he ! goes outside to smoke a cigarette. He told me smoking stimulates him to go. Usually, he shuts the door most of the way, but occasionally, he does not shut it at all. I can be in the den watching TV and he will go into the nearby bathroom. I'll see him pull down his pants and sit on the toilet. He always spreads his butt cheeks - first his right side, then the left, then the right side again. Once I asked him why he did that and he said it makes it easier to wipe (I tried it a few times, but didn't notice a difference). Anyway, after he situates himself on the toilet, he sits straight up, closes his eyes, and strains out turds. Sometimes, he gets very constipated which makes me feel very sorry for him so I allow him smoke in the bathroom. He said that helps. Normally, I don't allow smoking inside, but I make an exception when he gets constipated. After we met each other and became more comfortable with each other, I told him about how I wipe with wet soapy toilet pap! er. He started doing that too. He also sits down to pee. He was the first person I ever met that did that. I thought I was the only one. Now, after discovering this forum, I know a lot of other men do it too. He MUST have something to read - a newspaper, a magazine, or the even the shampoo bottle - whatever, as long as it is something to read. Sometimes I laugh at him for reading the labels on the bathroom condiments. I must complete this post before he gets home, which will be any minute. I would be embarrassed if he caught me posting this. He is not aware of my interest in this subject matter. I'll post more stories as they develop.

Public Toilet Hater
To Dork: Some of us have to use both sides. At the same time! Being right or left handed has nothing to do with it. Fitting everything in has everything to do with it.

Alaska Guy
Howdy all in the forum! Been lurking here for the longest time, and thinking about posting for a year now. No kidding.

I am 25 years old, male. Stocky build, dark hair, usually a few days growth of beard (I hate shaving). I grew up here in Alaska and spend a lot of time outdoors fishing, hunting, and living off the land. When I was a little kid I did not have running water or electricity and I had to use an outhouse. Now I am a student, and because it is cheaper, I still live in a cabin with no plumbing. I have an outhouse I built and dug the hole for myself. I know this probably sounds weird to you guys-- using an outhouse in this day and age!!?! But a lot of students up here live this way.

I don't mind using an outhouse in the summer. Alaskan summers are very mild, they are great in fact. And I like pooping outdoors. It is a great feeling. In the winter.... well, you have to get used to it. Especially when the weather drops to -40 degrees below zero. When y! ou sit down on a frozen piece of plywood, it's a real shock to the system. Fortunately, I sometimes wear union suit long johns. Those help a lot, as they cover up part of your butt.

I like the simple things in life. Pooping is one of my favorite parts of the day. My loads are usually pretty big, and it feels great to get them out. I also like to be around other guys when they are going, especially if they are the rugged outdoor type. Since this is all anonymous, I guess I will tell you folks that I like sex with both women and men. But if you met me you would think of me as a down to earth guy who is straight. That's sort of how I think about myself. I think women pissing is a turnon, but I don't really want to see them taking a dump. I don't know why exactly.

My interest in bathroom habits goes way back. Maybe some other time I will tell some stories about women I have seen peeing and men pissing and taking a dump. One of my earliest memories goes back to wh! en I saw a friend of my stepdad's just as he was about to poop in the outdoors. Well I have gone on long enough so I think I will stop here.

Hello to all the posters, and thanks! One thing is I wish everyone would put in a few more details about what they look like and ages and so forth. Thanks for listening.

Public Toilet Hater, I'm happy you're better!

Marc, I think if anyone really needs to go, man or woman, they shouldn't be made to feel embarrassed about doing so. For reasons of hygiene, I think pee and poo should both be done in a toilet whenever possible (yes, I do know pee is sterile when it leaves the body, but it starts to smell as the compounds break down), but in desperate situations, anywhere else is okay as long as it doesn't interfere with other people (e.g. pooing in the middle of a pedestrian pathway). Bushes are fine.

Simon and bigd, I'm the same way. When I have to poo, it never takes more than three minutes, but I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables so all my movements are easy ones. I'm guessing it would take longer for people who are usually constipated.

Steve, I think the hollow spoon might work for women who do gushers too, all you'd need to do really is make a bigger hole in the end. Anyway since Louise is already able to pee standi! ng, she doesn't need one. Katrine, you might like to have a go with the spoon though, if all the practice in the world doesn't seem to work! One more thing I like about the spoon is that I can get away with not wiping after a pee, since my outer labia and hair remain dry.

Louise, yes, my belly does bulge when I'm holding a big amount! I understand what you mean about the inner lips. Another thing to try.... I don't drink alcohol, so have no experience with 'pub pees', and am currently single - have been for some years. I'm still looking for a man who really understands me, and if he's open about his toilet habits, and doesn't mind mine, then that's a real bonus!

I don't know what's up with my bowels today. I keep having to poo urgently, and it's not diarrhea. I've been about four times already, all different kinds - lumps, logs, loose - and even holding my pee hole, having to poo is playing hell with my pee measurement. I did manage to measure my morning out! put though, which was about a liter. This was really surprising as I didn't think I needed to go that badly, though I did wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee but I was really sleepy from an allergy pill I took, so managed to ignore it and went back to sleep.

Tuesday, April 04, 2000

Hey all,
I asked if anyone had potty trained their little boy to pee and poop in the potty, but no one answered me. Please if you have any advice let me know because i really need some help. Any tips you might have, please i need them. My little boy wants to be potty trained but i want him to know the correct way to do it. So if you have done it before please let me know.

I love this site and please keep the sounds comming those are the best. Any stories about buddy dumping, i love those. Talk to you all later, and please post advice.

Happy Pooping to All,

The girl celebrities I'd like to see poop are Sandra Bullock (Speed), Christina Aguilera (singer), Britney Spears (singer), Donna D'Errico (Baywatch), Mariah Carey (singer), Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity from The Matrix), and Tara Lipinkski (figure skater).

I have never heard anyone taking a dump in a public bathroom. Maybe that is just because I never stay in there long enough. I only pee in public unless I am alone and I have to have a bowel movement very badly. I dont mind having people hear all of the splashes and farts coming from my stall, but only when I am alone and I don't know anyone else in the room. One time at a restaurnt I suddely needed to have a movement, so I excused myself to go to the bathroom. It wasn't very crowded at the time, so I figured it was safe. I sat down and covered the seat with one of those seat covers that many public toilets supply. I heard someone enter the stall next to me. I was hoping that she too would have to poop like me, but she did not. I lifted up my skirt and pulled down my panties and sat on the covered seat. I let out a few farts and started to push. I don't grunt when I am having a movement, but I frequently have to push when I go. The tip of the log started to emerge, so I took a breath and continued pushing. The lady next to me got up, wiped and flushed. Someone else entered her stall. The 6 inch poop broke off and fell with an audible splah. Another one quickly followed with a plop. I thought that I was done so I stood up and felt that I was still a little full. I sat back down and started pushing again. A longer and softer piece began to come out and slithered into the water, making a crakling sound on its way out. I farted and then stood up looking at what I had produced. A 6 inch piece that was knobby, an 8 incher that was knobby but smoothed out towrads the end, and a bunch of small pieces that had broken apart from the softer piece. I wiped about 5 times, flush and left the stall. There was a long line and I become embarassed because I had not known that there were so many people in there. I had taken about 15 minutes to get rid of my load so it was a little embarassing returnin to the table too.
If anyone has any stories about urgent bowel movements in public bathrooms I would like to read them. Thanks!

Becca -
Are you really 9? I'm 8 and I've had some the the same things happen to me. A friend told me about this site and it's kinda neat - I can't believe I found someone close to my own age. Last week I was out playing and had to go real bad. I tried to hold it so I could stay and play. I finally sat down behind a tree and peed my pants. Nobody noticed cause I was wearing black jeans. I finished playing and by the time I went home my pants were mostly dry.


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