There were a couple of terms in my college years where I had an exceptionally heavy course load. In fact, during one term my class schedule was so busy on Thursday that, from 8am to 5pm the only breaks I had were the 10-15 minutes in between classes. Moreover, in a couple of instances I had to travel across campus and had to jog or run part of the way to get to class on time. I was able to take care of my business in the bathroom most of the time. However, there was one instance I let an urge to poop build up until my classes were done for the day.

After lunch that day, I started to feel a rumbling in my stomach. I thought I had just gobbled up lunch a bit too quickly and it wasn't digesting right. I thought I could just hold it in until the end of classes. By the time the last class started, my stomach began to ache, and I could feel the poop start to build up and push to come out. I was not very comfortable for the whole lecture, but I managed to stay until ! it ended at 5:00, though it felt like it would never end. Once the class was over, I ran to the research library, which, luckily for me, was nearby. I usually studied there, and their restrooms were roomy and clean.

I went to the second floor, went into the women's restroom and into a stall, lowered my jeans and panties, and sat. Immediately I pushed out a series of long thick logs that were so soft they fell into the toilet as mush. It came out slowly but steadily for about a minute, and it had filled up the bottom of the toilet bowl and made a strong poop smell. I flushed the toilet and continued to push out soft mushy poop, as if I were dispensing soft-serve ice cream. It continued for several minutes, during which I would flush the toilet every minute. I was up to five flushes by that time. I pushed out mushy poop for another thirty seconds, then I felt a sharp pain in the stomach and started to push out more mushy poop, only this one came out much faster ! and in greater volumes. I flushed after another 30 seconds, then I pushed out yet another eruption of mushy poop, this one lasting another 30 seconds and ending with a loud thud. I flushed the toilet yet again, then I pushed out three more long soft turds before finally finishing. I wiped several times, flushed again, and finished wiping. I got up and saw a big skidmark in the bottom of the bowl, which did not go away after I flushed the toilet a final time. I felt several pounds lighter after that.

curious namer
hi, this is a question I have been wondering about men and urinating. What is the most common term/expression men use when they gotta go #1. And does this expression vary with age?

Someone mentioned that in the movie "Fools Rush In", there is a scene showing Salma Hayak sitting on the toilet. I didn't see the movie, so can anyone tell me if it is a pee or poop scene, and if there are any sound effects? Also, does anyone know of any female poop scenes in any recent movies? The most recent one I can remember was "Senseless". Thanks!

Poopsy woopsy
My friend had to go in class well she goes to the teacher and says can I go to the bathroom. he said no. So at break she went to the bathroom and did number2 and when she came out she had a big red and brown spot on her pants. She was having her first period and crapped in her pants.
Poopsy woopsy

On Friday I had a meeting at an ofice across town. After the meeting I could feel a poo coming on, so I asked the secretary where the ladies room was. She was young (mid-twenties) and I was quite surprised when she said "I'll take you there - I need to take a s**t". We got to the ladies room - the secretary took the lefta hand stall and I tok the one next to it. Very interesting decor - the wall behind the toilet was one huge mirror. The partitions between the stalls didn't go all the way to the back (mirrored) wall, instead there was a 3 inch gap between the back wall and the partition. What this meant was I could see a reflection of the person sitting in the next stall! As I sat down, I looked over and saw the reflection of the secretary's rear as she perched on the pot. I saw her cheeks perfectly! She leaned forward, farted and I then saw a light brown poo come out of her bottom and fall out. It didn't make any sound as it went into the water. My poos didn't either - the toilets were wide with high water so poos didn't have far to fall. Mine just slid in. For much of my own poo I looked behind and continued to see poos coming out of the secretary's bottom. We finished at the same time and left our stalls together. As we washed our hands the secretary said "I really needed that. Did you dump as well?" I told her that I did poo but decided not to tell her that I watched the reflection of her pooing!

I am curious as to hear women's opinions about men peeing in bushes, etc in emergencies. Do you consider this acceptable or disgusting or jsut unfair? And to men-where do you think is the best place to go pee outside in an emergency situation?

I would like to share my bathroom habits. I am very open about this topic and not at all afraid to discuss my bodily functions. I often say I have to tinkle around my family and will say I have to take a piss or pee if I really gotta go bad. I never close the door when I pee at home and if I have held the pee in for awhile, I will make a sound/sigh of relief as I pee. I can not hold in my pee for very long so I often go in bushes or behind buildings in emergencies. If I feel an urge to pee I gotta find a bathroom right away or it's to the bushes. I have also used avaiable bottles when necessary. I prefer to pee in urinals when in public restrooms and love troughs. I like to lean back when I urinate-it helps me to get the pee out better. I sometimes end up stopping and starting my flow as I pee to get it all to come out. I will often stay for at least a minute even after a short piss, just to get all the piss out-I can usually get a few more drops to come out. I usua! lly tinkle in large volumes. When at home, I pull my pants down all the way to piss, but when peeing outside, I only pull down as far as I need to. I tinkle very frequently-like at least 10 times a day so I get to use a lot of different places to pee-most often, my home toliet.

Going with the themes of celebrities pooping, who wouldn't want to watch Pamela Anderson Lee pooping? Can't you imagine Pam squatting down and grunting, straining, and pushing to force a solid column of poop from her anus?

I have to agree with bigd, when I have a poo, I just go, and it takes no less than a minute, too much time wasted on the toilet leads to a ring on your backside.

i was on a bus ride and had to go so bad, but for some reason, i managed to hold it, but the extra second it took to unbutton my jeans was too much and i peed all over them!!!!!

Public Toilet Hater
I clogged the toilet again today. Without paper. Just poop.

The ulcerative colitis has cleared up, and I have no symptoms.

However, I keep clogging toilets.

To Randi P.- I will have Nydia check out your post next time she is over.
Hair waxing reminded me of the time I called a salon about waxing. Now mind you, I wasn't just interested because of a hairy butt crack, but because I'd had surgery for pilonidal cysts. The doctor said I needed to keep the area free of hair. So I called a salon, asked for the waxing person, and asked her if she did male butts. She responded by telling me I was sick, and to F*ck off. So I never was able to follow the doctors advice. I tried reaching round back with a razor and you can guess how that turned out. I'll probably have a recurrence of cysts someday, althogh its already been quite a few years.
Well this wasn't really about pooping. Too bad I didn't go to the salon and then have to poop while there! That would have been a story.

Portland, Oregon resident
My wife, Donna, and I went for a picnic today to a nice spot we know of out toward Mt Hood. The weather was very nice so I cant say what followed was the main event as we enjoyed the nice weather a little too much. Anyway she needed to take a poop about an hour after we ate. There were no bathrooms so I went with her and dug a hole in ground. She is getting to be very relaxed with me watching. She did a nice production for me. When driving home I told her that my "observation" was that womens anuses are in a slightly different spot than mens. Of course I have very little experience with this subject, but her poop hole is so low it almost is below her butt cheeks. Mine is just a little below the center of my butt cheeks. She said she thought I was crazy. When we got home she called her sister Jan and told her what I said. I understand Jan said she thought I might be right. A few minutes later Jan called back and said she thought she could prove I was right. She came o! ver with her polaroid camera. I didnt get in on the fun- but Jan took a picture of Donna bent clear over, spreading her cheeks. then Donna took one of her, then she had me come in, with Jan out of the room, and took one of me in same position. Then we compared the three. Donna and Jan have their nice little holes in the same place. In fact I dont think you could tell which was which. I don't - mine is a little bit higher up, very easy to see this in the photos. Can we please have some in-put, or some confirmation on this from other participants here?

I have never seen a bathroom with doorless stalls. I would find that very interesting if I ever saw it. I don't think I could ever poop with people watching me, unless I was having urgent diarreah or a large movement that couldn't wait. Today I went to the mall to do some shopping. I ate at the food court which is known for its greasy, junk food. I had a burger, onion rings, a chocolate shake and later on, an ice cream. About an hour later I began to feel the mass of food fill my rectum. My stomach cramped and I began frantically looking for a bathroom. I had to stop at points to clench my cheeks together to prevent the huge movement from coming out. I found the ladies room, but much to my dismay there was a line. There were only 2 other people in line, so I decided to try and wait it out. the pressure was becoming unbearable so i let out a few sbd's. I got a few evil glances from people because of the raunchy smell. Finally a toilet was freed up. I entered and go! t a wiff of the distinct scent of a healthy movement, probably laid by the woman before me. A rumbling in my bowels reminded me of the trouble brewing below and I quickly undid my pants, and sat down. As soon as I sat down a large soft log came flying out, followed by another, then another then another. A wet fart came out followed by a bunch of mush that was accompanied by a few more wet farts. My stomach cramped again and I pushed, the pushed harder, and there was a gaseous explosion of a huge fart and some more mush and turds. Now i was done. I stood up and looked down. The toilet was a mess. A large mushy 12 inch log was floating at the top, around it were 4 5 inchers, and a lot of small pieces of diarreah-looking poop. The water was dyed brown. I wiped 6 times and flushed. The bathroom reeked. I felt a lot better after that.

dr. brown
In response to the names reminiscent of the toilet. I went to high school with a guy named Omar Dookie! The teasing was relentless! This is the absolute truth! He was of Middle Eastern descent. Thanks.

Dr. Brown.

Public Toilet Hater,yes I do believe most males carry on the oppisite side that they are such as right handed maales carry on the left. Will other males confirm this? JacobG do thell us about your room mates and will other males talk about their ass hair problems?

I hope you'll post this on your site:
A couple of months ago I wrote to tell you how our friend Nicole had a poo outside in front of an audience comprising four males, me, her boyfriend John and two other friends. It’s quite clear she’s an exhibitionist and enjoys having an audience while she performs her toilet functions; since then we’ve seen her urinate dozens of times and defecate eleven times – we’ve been counting these.
I’ve been meaning to post again for a while but haven’t had time – anyhow this was the most recent incident – it happened last Saturday. John and Nicole and been to play in a badminton match – they are in a local team and play quite often. We three lads often go with them to lend some support and because it is often quite enjoyable. Nicole would usually sit in the middle of the back seat of the car for the journey which meant that two of us got to squash up against her then we would enjoy seeing her run and jump around in her short white flaired s! kirt; then to cap it all there might be some toilet fun at some stage.
We were on our way home after an enjoyable match. Nicole is 26 attractive and measures 34b-24-37 so she is a little ???? with ample thighs and bum but by no means fat. She was wearing a long wrap around skirt; even though it was cold she wasn’t wearing hose; she never did – her pale bare legs are always on show one way or another.
It was late afternoon and we were about half way home when she said to John who was driving:
“Can you pull over in the lay-by coming up; I need to have a poo.”
These are the words we were all hoping for I felt a shiver of excitement run up my spine and lurch in my stomach. John pulled over and we all got out of the car; I was watching as Nicole clambered out exposing a large expanse of white flesh as her skirt fell open. Once she was out of the car she said:
“Where shall I do it then?”
“You’ll have a job to get away from the road – there’s just this verge ! and a big thick hedge,” John replied.
“I’ll have to go here then otherwise it’ll be in my pants in a minute.” With that Nicole walked over to the verge lifted up her skirt, pulled down her panties and squatted down. We all quickly sat down close behind her; we all wanted the best possible view and not to miss anything.
Nicole was shielded from the road immediately adjacent by the car; her bum was facing the direction we had come from and I guess sitting behind her we partially blocked the view for the traffic coming that way but from the other direction the cars would have a clear front view of her. It wasn’t a really busy road but there was a steady flow of traffic. Anyhow she didn’t seem to care who saw what.
From our prime position we had a clear view of Nicole’s anus and the back part of her virgina. We saw her bottom-hole open a little and bulge out as she pushed; then there was a very fast fierce jet of urine from the front; then a big fart accompanied by som! e white sort of mucus from her anus followed by a sort of “phut” which sprayed out lots of little bits of shit with some force. Then there were three or four bigger bits about an inch long. She looked over her shoulder and smiled and said:
“I guess that’s it – mainly gas – did I get any of you.” Sure enough some of the little bits were on our shoes.
Whilst she wiped herself I walked around the front to see what was on view to the oncoming traffic. Sure enough, true to form she was making no effort to conceal anything; her skirt was lifted well out of the way leaving her trimmed pubic hair and virgina on show. I wonder if anyone in any of the cars saw her urine coming out – I gues they’d need to have pretty good eye site.


The crank.. the girl you're talking about ... better not be me!! I'm as quiet as humaly possible when I use a public toilet. So I guess you'd have no fun there either. Anyway you guys sound like Miquel as he owns a cpoy of Fools Rush in.. he says he loves the movie cause it's romantic but we know better don't we? ^-~ Anyway okay well I was young and well barely getting the knack of being potty trained.. I was trained late as my mom didn't want to rush me as she did my sister and well they paid the price. My mom knew I had gone 4 days with no pooping so she took me into the bathroom and got the enema ready. I cried.. big time.. I mean I screamed and cried like crazy. My mom paniced and didn't know what to do. Well she was babysitting our neighbor and good friend's son Miquel (Sigh he was so cute back thenn.. what happened I'll never know. ^-^;;) Anyway, he was sick and had something like me and his mom had gievn him a supository and gave my mom some extra just incase it didn't ! work. She came back with one and told me if she could give me this. I said is it a pill? When she told me what it was I almost died again. She ran off and brought Miquel.. who was groggy and ill. (oh.. um sorry just my heart breaks when I remember him that way)He was a cuople years older than me at the time. He told me how they gave it to him and how it didn't hurt.. and he felt much better after it worked. Well I was still scared and I asked him to close his eyes and hold me hand. He did and I lowered my underwears and told mom to do it. She giggled at first and then did it.. it felt funny but I was okay holding Miquel's hand. Then she pulled them back up and told me it would take a while to work. We went to the living room where Miquel was laying down on the sofa. I sat near him and talked to him. My mom said something like Uh oh.. someone has a crush.( if she only knew. Miquel was my best friend and I loved him to death... he wasn't mean like the other boys.. rather than pu! ll my hair.. he liked to brush it and tie it up with ribbons. And he didn't mind playing girl games.. the only thing he didn't like was kisses. I used to chase him around the whole neighborhood trying to plant a smoochie on him.. oops sorry for rambling) Anyway there was a call on the phone and my mom went to go get it. It was Miquel's mom and they used to talk forever. Anywa Miquel got up to say hi to his mommy when.. I got a feeling deep down in my ???? and in my bottom. I knew what it meant.. I hurried to the bathroom and fell. I didn't cry as I felt something starting to come out. I then made it to my potty (it was like what you call a chamberpot) and pulled down my underwears.. but ehy didn't seem to wnat to come off. (When your small this happens a lot when you're in a hurry.) Finnaly they came down and i sat on the cold ceramic bowl. I peed a bit as I got ready for the worst. Then.. I got shocked as Miquel walked in. he said he was looking for me. i sat there looking u! p at him saying I had to pull down my underwears and sit on the potty and poop. (Yes I said this out loud in public instead of a simple I have to go potty and it drove my mom bonkers)Anyway he said are you pooping? I said yes.. in a strained voice. He said I have to go poop too. He closed the door and pulled down his Pajama pants and underwears and sat down on the big toilet. I rerember thinking... wow Miquel usues the big toilet.. I wish I could. (my mom gave him another supository to make sure all the bad stuff came out of him and it kicked in)I told him um.. i can't go away cause I'll poop my underwears. He told me it's okay... you can stay I know you gotta poop too. I thought wow.... he gonna poop here with me wathcing. (I never saw my dad or any guy poop so this was a first for me and since it was Miquel.. I was in heaven)Anyway I felt the feeling in my bottom get worse. So I said... if you don't tell anyone.. I'll let you see me poop too okay? He nodded as i saw his face! wrinkle up as he started to poop. Oopsie I'm out of time.. I'll continue this later.. sorry.

Greetings to all on the forum.

My girlfriend Louise produced a large log this morning and blocked the toilet, so I had to break it into two with a stick before it would flush away. It is some time since she did that (it seems she prefers dumping large turds in the park these days), so I suppose she was due for it!

'someone' - I hope the stories I've posted have been of interest. My girlfriend is also posting now and she has some remarkable experiences to talk about too. You don't say what sex you are, so it is impossible to tell whether you like to hear things from a male or female perspective.

Dee - I was fascinated by your description of that implement you peed through. Somehow I can imagine ladies who dribble might be able to use it, but my girlfriend Louise tends to squirt huge gushers and I don't think a hollow spoon would work for girls like her!
The little contest that seems to be developing between yourself, Louise and PV is quite somethi! ng. I have to wonder how many other women out there have been secretly measuring their urine output over the last few days.
Anne, Jane, Gabrielle, Cheryl, Jessica from Canada - if you have measured your own volumes, please let us know.

Katrine - In case Louise has not told you herself, and I know she's posted tonight but not who she's replied to, it is all in the splaying and lifting of the lips by using two fingers in an inverted V, and also pushing hard at the end of the pee to keep the pressure up. If you can stand and
reliably pee straight down, you are probably a good candidate for the 'shooting forward' move. The teenage girls we met at the nudist beach both got the knack almost immediately under their mother's guidance, and Louise learned her technique from her mother when she was a little girl.
If your mother isn't so forward thinking, then can I suggest you experiment and practice in the shower or bath. Let us know how you do, and with any luck yo! u'll be able to join Louise, Louise's mother, PV, Gabrielle and all in standing at a urinal! I think they will all tell you how liberating
it is to have that skill. Best wishes.

Jessica - It seems like every time you saw a doctor when you were a little girl, your clothes had to come off and you peed uncontrollably. Those times must have been very embarrassing for you at that age! I must say I felt so
sorry for you even though the stories are so amusing.
Have you ever had a similar thing happen to you as an adult?

PV - Ha ha, yes, my first exposure to the delights of the female pee was a great one. She did love being watched on that occasion, and seemed to regard me as a special boy to wee in front of out in the street, but would not do so for anyone else. It seems I was honoured with that privilege
every time, and I didn't complain!
You're right about male urination being looked upon as crude, as it often is. Your argument makes perfect se! nse to me, and yes, of course you're right about female urination having a mystique about it. One of the more interesting aspects of female urination is how a female prepares for it.
There is plenty of variation with women. Will she drop her knickers or pull them aside? Squat, bend over or stand? Of course there is more reference to male urination, but in a country that often does not want even to admit that people have sex, female urination is something that is a taboo. You cannot discuss it. Hmmm. I think women deserve a little more
equality in that particular area. I'm not sure there is all that much cultural difference between Britain and Aussie land as far as the toilet is concerned. I suspect what I've said about the British public's collective hangups could apply equally to the Aussie public. Or perhaps you can tell me different!
Ha ha, great story about the men's toilet at the beach. I wonder what you would have done if the man had been still in there peein! g and you walked in on him...?
I read that my girlfriend has been misbehaving herself in the park again. Since that boy found her trying to flood the place I've often seen her having a little chuckle to herself about it, but she just shakes her head and says "the park" when I ask what she's laughing at. Most women would have closed their legs when found like that, but she tells me she opened her legs wider! I think she might have removed a little mystique surrounding female urination, at least in that boy's eyes.

Bye for now,


Katrine- thanks for your response. Yes, I would love it if you gave detailed stories of times you've peed in weird places, especially floors! Thanks.

Hi all,

Back on the board...

CHRISTINE: I remember that post, I think I read it waaay back! Yes, it's an amazing thought, being able to enjoy a squat poo and clean up thoroughly in the shower. I too have a fair amount of red hair that takes a double shampooing, so there's plenty of suds, and I shave in the shower too, soap up my under-arms and legs and shave them smooth with plenty of steamy water, so there's plenty to wash it all away. I guess if the shower and toilet drains share the same catchment (they're three feet apart with a wall between) it doesn't matter all that much which hole the poo goes down. Unfortunately we have sealed drain caps here, so I don't think the experiment is on the immediate agenda, but it would be nice to at least give it a whirl!

DEE: Thanks! It was quite an ordeal, but my record is now fairly respectable! The first time I ever measured myself, I was disappointed to find only 400mLs, despite having felt quite full, a! nd wondered then how some of these gargantuan quantities were arrived at. Practice makes perfect, I guess, though a friend just warned me that excessive desperation may well be linked with bladder or U/G tract infections, so it's not wise to make a frequent habit of it. I don't think I could go through with that every night anyway! To be fair, my bladder was empty at the start of the four hours -- I timed it since my previous emptying.

There are times I've slept the night through and been so desperate to wee in the morning that I've had internal pelvic cramps, I have to move very carefully because the muscles spasm. Not fun, I assure you, and I've mostly regulated myself around them these days.

That's a good idea, using that medicine spoon as a "spout." A surrogate penis, perhaps! But many women who have trouble with the device-free method can go using the plastic pal. I read once about a lady climber on Denali, Alaska, tallest mountain in the US, who used on! e to do a standing wee at the communal latrine hole one beautiful sunrise on the mountain. The French climber next to her had no idea she was a woman, in her bulky cold weather gear, until she was finished and turned past him!

NYDIA: Welcome to the forum, dear! I'm interested in the question of hair around the rear end -- I have a small thicket of hair to each side of my anus but it does not extend around it, and I am intrigued when I see photo models with beautifully smooth, totally clear skins around their outlets. I often wonder how it must feel to be bare back there, and whether it would be as itchy as when the hair further forward starts to grow back... Interestingly, soldiers in the field usually shave their anal hair simply to reduce the likelihood of getting in a mess when defecaeting. Thus the WWII nickname: "shavetails." Please let us hear how you proceed, and do tell us your stories, you sound like a lovely lady in an exotic part of the world.

Chee! rs to all,

PS: Steve and Louise, where for art thou?!

DEE, I think we are both at the top end of bladder capacity scale.
Even though you are 6 inches shorter than me at 5 feet 3,
it sounds your bladdre size might be about the same as mine! Your
belly must be bulging a bit at the time when you hold 1.2 litres!
I can often hold on for hours like PV, but if I have been drinking alcohol
I tend to wee a lot. By that I mean I produce lots of it, but I do several
big geyser wees a night.
Sounds like you do big wees too! My streams don't often split like happens
to you, but I think when it does, it is because my inner lips are tightly
closed and sort of pushed to one side at the time. I usually run a finger
tip down the middle to open up a little if you understand me.
My boyfriend says I do some of the biggest wees he's seen, but says
1.2 litres from a smaller lady sounds like a real spectacle.
Have you ever peed when your guy has been with you? Doing it together can
really bring y! ou close!
Yes, that is pretty much the "backwards wee" position as you describe, but
to direct it back instead of downwards I press my pussy down to aim and I
keep the pressure on.

CHERYL, your experience at the beach shows if you are the first to pee then
others will follow your lead. Did you wee through your bikini bottoms?
I don't like doing that, and I've always pulled mine down or to the side
so I don't get them wet. Did other women wee through their bikinis that
day or did they pull them aside? When I was 15 and on holiday with my mum,
I went into the sea, pulled my bikini down under the water and forced out
a big shit. It felt very daring and exciting because there were other
people in the water nearby, so I know how you must have felt too!

PV, I don't think I set out to be seen, it is just that when the lad saw
me and I was discovered I felt this thrill at him seeing my pussy weeing.
I guess a part of me! was kind of hoping someone else was going to discover
me the same way. I mean, I don't want to be known as "that girl who pees in
the park" to everyone local, but it makes my heart jump into my mouth in
a nice kind of way. I think you know how I mean from what you say about
being in a men's room. Yes, it can be a struggle to get dstarted in there,
but once I do start I really relax and let rip!
My mum is a lot of fun, and is in lots of ways more like an older sister to
me than some girls' mums are. Not many would hose the wall like she did,
and she really enjoyed herself and thought it was great fun. My sister can
do the standing thing too, and she will be coming with us next time. I'll
let you know what happens! Sounds like your own mum would think it was
odd and unnatural, even perverted, to stand and wee. Best keep quiet to
her I think!
Must practice more with the jeans on. Got them wet again at the front
last night, ! and it is a good job they needed a wash anyway! Your idea of
tight jeans helping to draw the labia back seems the opposite of what my
experience was. I thought it was a problem, but it maybe that my technique
was wrong. I'll try my really tight jeans again and I'll see how I go on!

I estimate I can squirt forward about 8 feet. I did see that old post that
talks about that 13 year old girl squirting for a full 13 feet, and I
agree it does sound too far. When I was 13 I think I could just about do
5 feet, and my 8 feet now is when I really need to go and do a geyser wee.
An Olympic event? Hehehehehe I can just imagine Steve as one of the judges!
What would they wear? Probably swimsuits or lttle bikinis maybe, or maybe
they would have to do it out through the fly!!! But then they would have to
be sure that the girls (or older women?) were peeing at the time and it was
not being squirted from a bottle, so all pussies would have ! to be shown and
that would probably mean bikini or something with no crotch. It maybe that
bikini bottoms would have to be taken off so they are not in the way!
Points lost for dribbling and farting, disqualification for shitting while
pushing to keep the peeing pressure up! I hope I'm not being too coarse that
this message gets refused!
Hehehe there would be no problem with drug tests, all they would
have to do would be to draw the wee from the puddle on the floor afterwards!!!
That's one for Steve to think about I think!!! Sorry men, you would not be
able to compete against the girls. That's one sport you would get less money
for playing than us!!!
Please let us know when you think you've weed the most you can. It sounds like
you are reaching new records nearly every day. I do not think any of us really
know exactly how much I can hold. I mean I could have done more than a litre
when I've weed in alleys when I've been r! eally needing to go! The largest pees
could be the ones you don't get to measure!

Hehehe, I can just think of it - you helping us flood the steel trough at
our pool, and Steve and I could make things more goldenly liberal at your
Aussie nude beaches!

Well, thank you very much for your best wishes, PV. Same to you and other women
who stand at the urinal with us. Aim high and open fire! Hehehe.


bad aimer
I prefer to pee in urinals whenever i can. i think the best part about urinals is that I don't have to worry too much about aim since if I hit the general area, it all ends up in the bottom of the urinal. but at home, without urinals, I often have trouble getting my aim in the toliet water right from the start. Do I start letting the piss come out to soon-should I wait longer to line myself up? I often end up nearly or actually hitting the seat for the first couple of drops. Guys, can you offer any suggestions for my ongoing problem.

Hi,all-TO JACOBG-Funny story about missing the bowl.That happened to me when i was about 12-13 and i squatted over the bowl and let go and it was a real long one and about half of it went on the back of the bowl and on the floor-yeccch-what a drag to clean up.Aim better next time!TO DANIEL(uk)& THOM-I myself enjoy both male and female pooping stories,but to each his own.The male ones seem to be more discribtive,but some of the female ones are funny and erotic in their own way.I enjoy stories that show how much the person enjoys pooing no matter what gender!Well,here's a male pooing story for you all-I was at the gym the other day and i was standing there talking to one of the instructors and i felt the urge to pee at first and i was drinking a lot of water and after about 5 mins i felt like i had to poop also and i kept listening to this guy talk and talk and i was trying to look for a moment to get away!Finally i said to him-"excuse me i got to go to the bathroom,sorry to! cut you short"and he laughed and i ran down to the toilets-I don't know which way i had to go more, poo or pee!I got undressed and want to a stall and i sat down without closing the door and i started to pee like a horse and halway thru the pee,my asshole exploded with this long,soft sausage of shit and i'm sitiing there in excasy leaning back against the tank with my legs spread peeing and shitting up a storm and all of a sudden i look up and i see this guy who must have thought my stall was empty walk right in there!I had my eyes closed and when i heard him there i opened them and looked right at him and i saw him looking down between my legs and he must have seen me peeing and shitting and when he saw me look at him,he said"sorry,i thought there was no one in here,sorry for the interruption!" and he nervously laughed and i just laughed back.Then he went to the next stall and i want back to doing the 2nd half of my dump and let out a fart and some mush and then i heard him ! hit the bowl and let out a BIG fart and he grunted and started to do a big dump of his own!Then i heard him say"Boy did i need that"I said " i know what you mean,i was holding this for what seemed like forever!"Then he said " yea,you looked like you were really letting go"and i thought i guess this guy saw me peeing and pooing.I didn't know what to think.I guess he was looking down and saw me going and i had my eyes closed and who knows how long he was standing there.I'll tell you this,he saw a good show! i really had to go!Part of me kinda enjoyed it in way.Then i looked in the bowl and saw 2 long sausage poos with a pile of mush along with lots of yellow a.m. pee.Then i wiped and the other guy was still in the stall and i went off to the shower and he said as i was leaving"Sorry about walking in on you ,again,"I said "No problem"and in a way it really wasn't and in a way,I may have enjoyed letting him see me.One question-when you guys gotta pee and poo at the same time,do ! you do both at the same time or do you do 1,then the other?Great stories,all!BYE

JACK- big thanks for the Selma Hayek/Fools Rush In tip!
I was so busy when it came out, I missed it. Now there's even more reason to rent it soon! So does she do just a piss, or is their a suggestion of a dump? (I suppose I'll find out soon enough).

PV- interesting idea on phantom poos- though I've never really felt that sensation (or lack thereof) myself. I've been trying a few squat poos myself lately, and have come across the same problem sometimes: something comes out, and I feel that there is more but it doesn't want to move. Maybe some fiber rich food or prune juice should help, though I don't get hit by constipation very often. I thought that by squatting I might shit more out, but I'm still experamenting. Well, I guess that we can keep experamenting with it/Keep me posted on your notes. Thanks and take care, sweetheart!

SANDRA- Darling, I've missed you and your posts the last few days. Hope to hear from you soon.


Monday, April 03, 2000

More celeb ladies it would be great to see pooping:
Shawnee Smith(Becker)
Leah Remini(King of Queens)
Terry Farrell(Becker)
Crista Miller(Drew Carey)
Erin Brocovich( both Julia Roberts and the real Erin!)

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