Linda will be posting stories soon, but my guy wants her to be a bit better before he has her on as she refuses to sit or lay still.. and he's afraid she'll hurt herself again. I feel he still feels responsible for what happened. Well I have to say I feel a bit embarassed to talk about my pooping to a male.. but Linda says you're a great person to talk to.. and I want to get over my inhibitions so I'll talk. As far back as I can remember yes I've had to put much effort into moving my bowels. Only a few times I have not but that's cause it was ready to come out. Let me tell you a story. This was me pooping in front of my grand mother that one time.I had said hi to my grandmother and gave her a hug. She hugged me back and squeezed me so I thought the poop would come out there and then. My mom told her what happened and how I had to pee through my underwears. I told her I needed the bathroom, so my grand mother showed me where it was. She told me to take off my underwear a! nd put it in the sink. I did and sat down on the toilet. I relaxed.. as I felt that oh so nice feeling of the cool seat on my bare tushie.. the feeling that relief would soon be on me. Then.. I saw my grandmother in front of me.. I shreeked quietly and she asked me how my life was in America. Here I was trying to go and she wanted to make small talk. I stuttered out some replies.. and peed. (Somehow it sliped out)She looked at me and asked if I had trouble pooping. I red faced told her I was embarassed cause I had to push my brains out and make faces.(By now the poop was poking out) She laughed and stroked my head. She said she was like me.. cause she had to push with everything she had too. She showed me faces she made and the sounds she made. I felt less embarassed and I said yeah.. i do that too. (by now the poop was slowly sliding out.. and not cause I told it too) So I took a deep breath and told her don't laugh. And I went to work. Pushing.. straining.. grunting.. showin! g my teeth like a wild animal. She soothed me and told me my what a scary face you have. It felt good.. someone there comforting me... I took a break as I thought it was surely half way out or more. And we talked about things. My bottom felt funny and then my eyes opened wide as I went OH!!! She asked what was wrong. I told her the poop was moving on it's own. She kissed my forehead and said great.. no more pushing for you. So we talked somemore as I stuttered (The poop was opening me big time big.. then regular and back again sending tingling feeling up my spine) Then.. no splash. I got up and looked and there was a HUGE, LONG poop there half way down the hole. I felt so much better. So I wiped and flushed it.. after 4 flushes it finally went down. My grandmother told me not bad for a young girl. Then later I saw her poop.. OH BOY I thought I was bad, but she.. had it worse than me. After that I felt less embarassed as I finally met someone that pooped as bad or worse than me! . The two weeks I stayed we pooped togther. I know for a fact my guy does too.. I have timidly seen him poop. but the embarassment fades as he tries so hard and my heart breaks.. so I sit on his lap and sooth him and try my best to talk him through it. Um.. no my mother usually gave me a chance to do it on my own. I saw her once when I was 3 give one to my older sister (6) and it shocked me so much.. the shear fear of getting one gave me the edge I needed to poop.. even if I came out 10 years older from trying. But she did give me a supostitory (sp?)and well this was when we had company over.. a sick little boy named Miquel.. yup my guy.. and he saw me poop. I'll post it later if I get asked. But it's a reason I get emabrassed about the thought of him seeing me. Also Linda has now started trusting me in seeing her move her bowels as she sits there and we talk while it sounds like her dropped watremelons into the toilet. poor gal.. but we have come closer.. as she knows someon! e poops as bad as her.. but I have yet to.. go in front of her.. but someday i will and my guy too.But places like this help as I and others see people who have their problems and don't feel alone. Which is why I post here thank you all.

As it's April 1st, how about a few amusing items?

I wonder if someone might use the old posts on this forum to make the script for a Hollywood blockbuster (panbuster?) movie. Starring Moira McJobbie of the Scottish law firm Jimmy McCrapper & Partners. Co-starring Nicola Pan who marries Mr Buster and takes the double-barrelled name Nicola Pan-Buster...

In the 1970s, a BBC Radio One DJ called Noel Edmonds used to feature 'misheard lyrics' sent in by listeners. My favourite was from the 1970s hit 'You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille' by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition. The actual lyric was:

Four hungry children and a crop in the field,
You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille.

The word 'crop' sung with an American accent sounded a bit like 'crap' to English ears. Noel wasn't allowed to say this word on BBC radio in those days but he hinted at it. The misheard lyric was:

Four hundred children and a crap in the field,!
You picked a fine time to leave my loo sealed!

I just saw Nydia's post,and when my sister comes over later today i'll show it to her since she also has a hairy butt and has given up on doing anything about it,i don't know how much nydia has but with my sister Donna it's real hairy from her pubic area and just goes back and up her crack and stops just over her a**hole,you can't see it when she is standing up but when she bends over it's as hairy as any guy i've seen.
When she does a poop she uses wet wipes that she always keeps in her bag as TP just won't do the job and at times i've been in the bathroom with her she's asked me to wet some TP to wipe with,and oh the hair started to grow about a year after her pubic hair started at 12 years old.
My butt has a little hair in the crack but not as thick and it stops before my a**hole and isn't a big problem when i poop unless it happens to be a real sticky one then i need a little wet TP to feel clean.
I was with a female friend at the park last sunday and she said she had to pee,and the bathroom just had a short concrete divider between the two stalls and no doors,my friend is like me.not shy so she didn't mind at all and we did our pee and i let out a big fart and we both gigled like little girls,i finished first and watched as she wiped her p***y and pulled her panties and shorts back up as she as done to me in the past when she finished first,I am hopeing to be able to buddy dump with her in the near future.

Chris - I've had a few male roommates in my lifetime and never once have two of us been in the washroom at the same time. The door is closed. Except I admit I only close the door if I'm sitting on the throne.

Tony (Scotland) - Where I'm from, doorless stalls are not common. In my neck of Canada, I don't too often come across doorless stalls and have never once used one that I have come across. I will simply hold it. It has sometimes been extremely uncomfortable but I don't really want to expose myself to everyone walking by.

i have cousins who all have bladder problems (or so it seems), and here are a few of their experiences. Once they were over at my house and my brother was playing with the girl outside. he said a joke or something and she started laughing and peed in her pants.

another time we were playing twister and the little girl was wearing a short dress and light blue panties. she was bent over so i had a view of the crotch part of her underwear. someone fell over and we all laughed and suddenly a small wet spot appeared on her panties, but she didn't seem to care. next play someone else fell and she laughed again and the spot grew more. she couldn't stop laughig and the spot grew and grew, until wee started dripping down her leg. anyway, then her mom caught her and made her run to the bathroom.

a laughing pee experience that happened to me is once i went to a birthday party and they had rented one of those big jumping things. i was jumping and having fun and laughing! , and i guess i had ignored a wee urge earlier because suddenly i had started peeing. i tried to stop it and run to the bathroom, and i just barely succeeded.

Saturday, April 01, 2000

Just wondering guys, what side do you wear your cock on. being right handed I wear it on my left. that way my right hand has easy access. Is that what others do? If you are left handed do you wear it on your right?

Timid Tigress
Okay, here's yet another pee story. Reading posts about doorless stalls reminded me of this. It happened a couple years ago. Me, a friend of mine, and a former professor of ours went to a park in a nearby town. We walked around the walking track, enjoying the nice sunny warm weather, and we sat around for a while. Well, at one point my friend and I both needed to use the bathroom. It was halfway around the track. So we walked around until we got there. Of course our former teacher waited for us while we went into the bathroom. It was a large room with a plain cement floor and cement partitions between the toilets, but no doors. In fact, I don't think there was even a door to the bathroom itself, just a couple of turns so that no one could see into the stalls from the outside. I don't think I'd want my teacher to see me pee. Eeks! Anyway, I went into one stall and my friend went into the other. And she had to bring me a roll of tp from her stall since there wasn't! any in mine. It was pretty much a normal pee, but certainly I was a little uncomfortable with no door.
I've been having strange poos for the last couple of days. I'll get really bad cramps and I'll make a run for the bathroom. I'll sit down expecting a good poop. But as it turns out, I end up sitting there, pushing and pushing, and all that comes out is a small amount of mush. It's not runny or anything. So I get up, quite disappointed, only to have to go back in a few hours for a repeat performance. I don't know why this is going on, and I don't know exactly what I can do about it. It's too soft to be constipation, but it's really dry at the same time. Has anyone else had this happen? What can I do?

Does anyone have any times where they pooped on the floor, or do you or your children poop on the floor at home?

Hi, someone asked so I'll tell you that I'm 16 yrs old. I was at my da's house when I wrote that and now I'm at my mum's and here I can't go on the floor anywhere cuz the carpets here are all white, so at my da's that was my first time on carpet. I've done it before in other places tho - I go backpacking a lot so I've done it outdoors. Sometimes at night me and my friends will go and do it together but we usually can't see each other then which is a shame cuz I'd love to watch a couple of my friends pee. I also like to do it in the garage when no one else is home. We have a drian that I'll stand over and pee straight down mostly. I'm trying to learn how to pee standing - like shoot, y'know? - does anyone have any tips? I'd love to learn how to do that. Anyway, hope to talk to you another time. I'm drinking water lots so maybe I can find someplace neat to pee here and then tell you about it!!!


Got any more stories about you or your sister. I would love to hear them.

Did your Mum take a potty with you when you went out for the day or would you just go in the street ?

Hey all, This is my first time posting, and i just love this site. It is so great, i can't wait to get home everyday and come to read about what you all do in the bathroom, i love reading about buddy dumps and the sound effects are the best.. Please if you have any stories about potty training your little boys to poop and pee in the potty, let me know i need some help. Thanks alot and keep those posts coming.



Regarding buddy dumping with celebrity females,
#1 on my list would probably have to be:
Elizabeth Hurley (if their is a perfect 10, she's the one!-
I'd give my life savings to watch her take a shit!).

I'll agree with you on Sarah Ferguson (the fromer Duchess)-
she's got to be the most beautiful redhead in the world, and I'd love to watch her take a dump.

I'll also add:
Amanda Koetzer (since you've mentioned a few tennis cuties yourself), Helen Hunt, Cameron Diaz,
Selma Hayek (spelling?)-the cute Mexican actress,
+ many many others.
(these are the ones that immediately come to mind).

PV, thanks for your squatting response/input the other day.
I love reading your posts!


Lisa and PV: Thanks for all the ideas, I'll try them next time! I'm about 5'3", not skinny but not fat either.

Louise, my shoes, legs and panties were soaked, but my skirt escaped the worst of it...I normally pee strong sitting on the pot or standing in the shower, but my problem is when the stream 'splits' and I get some of it going where I want it and some of it down my legs. It could also be that I'm not used to doing it wearing clothes. And yes, I was really needing to go very badly when I did the 1.2 l pee, but I wasn't quite at bursting point. I was slightly ill with a cold, though, and if I hadn't gone then, the next cough or sneeze would probably have made me lose it. Since then, I've had to hold on even longer a few times, and I think I can possibly do a little more than before. I'll keep you posted!

In response to the roommate question raised by ADAM of Canada...
I have had roommates at different times through the years. Depending on your living arrangment (ie.. one bathroom or two), it can be fun. I have only ever had one bathroom in any apartment I have lived. Hence, even if the guy is really private, there's always the chance to go in after him to check the air quality and/or condition of the toilet. I would guess most guys are pretty open, hence both of you could use the bathroom at the same time, one to dump and one to shower, or whatever.

I had to take amoxcicillin for a sinus infection and it really has me screwed up. 9:00 am I have to unload a HUGE amount of semisolids. then at 1:00 pm I have to dump a large amout of semi solids. and sometimes later at night. the shit totallt REEKS and smells just like those amoxcicillan capsules. plenty of gas to go with the semisolids too. I follow all the instructions on the pill container.

Like em' Wet Leroy
Read a lot of the posts and thought this story might be interesting.I was seeing a girl who lived in a rural area "kelly" we had been out to a movie(late show) and stopped at the drive thru to get a bite as it was an hours drive back to her place and she would be pushing her curfew(she was 17).We eached ordered a meal deal with large pop,kelly drank the whole thing,in just minutes it was history.everything was fine til we were about 15 min from her house and she said we should hurry,about 2 min later she says it again.I made a comment about not liking my company."It's not that,I have to go bad" she replies.I suggest stopping but kelly says it's to cold to go outside and her outfit would be a bit of a hassle(tan skirt and ivory tights)to get back in order outdoors,just go faster and I'll be alright was the response.The truck was very quiet with the normally bubbly Kelly now clutching herself to keep going(or rather to keep from going),when all of the sudden I hear a sound like! air from a tire,sort of a soft hissing sound.I glance over in kelly's direction and she's moved over a littl bit and the sound is now more intense.I reached out and placed my hand on her thigh just below her skirt hem,by this time she is in full stream with the heavy tights wicking the moisture towards her knees, as the tears start to roll down her cheek "Oh no" she cries "I've just wet myself,my mom is going to be so mad!I hope she's in bed when I get home. Please don't tell her,she'll be furious if she finds out." Thank God when we pulled into the drive the house was dark,I got out and walked her to the door,when I kissed her goodnight I did'nt know wether to feel sorry for her or aroused by the sight of the pretty blonde standing there soaked front,back and to the knees.I later found out that this was not an uncommon accident with Kelly,that in the past her mother put her in diapers in the car for long trips until she was 12 and that she wore them at night until she was 15! .She said her mom would'nt be upset that she had peed her pants but that she had the chance to go to the washroom and did'nt.Well she did at least have the good manners to shampoo the seat in my Dads truck for him,more than his son had ever offered to do!

i wanted to share a story form my trip to the beach, all i can say is i've never done this befoere but i will from now on and thank god i was wearing a bikini! i'd ben drinking and had a huge amt to eat at a aprty earlier and then we went to the beach, well about two hours later i had to piss so i just sat in the sand and let it go, no one cared and a lot of peope who noticed did the same thing shortly after. they must have been bursting caus we weren't by any toilets. but after my piss i realised i had to shit too. i didn't want to do that in public so i went out into the water and swam to the reft. by this time it was pretty dark and there were nolights on the raft so i slid my bikini bottom down a little and hung my ass over then edge of the raft and exploded with little balls of solid shit. thank god no one could hear becaus of the waves and the music. i must have shit for five minutes and pissed more too but tht was okie becaus i liked the warmth becaus my ass was! cold from being bove the water. after my shit i silpped back into the water with my bottoms in my hand and rubbed my crack clean with my hand. thats what i've never done before. when i came out of the ater i still had to iss and i was dripping wet anyway so i let it go down my legs as i stood tehre. it felt so good to get that shit and piss out i will have to remember that.

Hi,my name is Nydia. I am Jacks friend the girl with the hairy butt. I am using Jacks computer cause I don't have one. But I am not afraid to post.Here goes.
I decieded not to remove my butt hair because I already shave my legs, pits and even my upper lip and chin(I am half Greek and half Salvadoran- hairy but pretty!)So enough shaving!As to the problem it causes with my pooping I will just keep dealing with it. The trick for me is that after I poo I use baby diaper wipes instead of dry t.p. I have a box of them on the bathroom counter, and carry little packets in my purse in case of public poops. Maybe this will help guys and girls who also deal with hairy butts.
I forget if the question was for guys only- but I always wipe standig up.
This is Nydia saying bye.

Thanks again, Lisa, for your tip on holding my pee hole while I poo, it worked wonderfully! I tried it twice this morning, first when I woke up feeling a poo in my rectum. It didn't work so well then because I was straining hard and my pee burst out from behind my finger, but after breakfast I started to feel proper cramps, so I tried again, and this time it worked! I pressed hard against my pee hole with my middle finger, and pushed, and a firm, fat 7-inch poo shot out of my poo hole. Immediately after this I felt a very interesting mixture of sensations, relief from the poo and a briefly desperate urge to complete the relief and pee, which I fought. It passed after a few seconds, and I'd lost no more than a few drops of pee, and I'm very proud of myself! I'm still holding on, and waiting to go in a bucket.

I've become more aware of my body's timing now. If I drink a large amount, it takes me about an hour to start needing a pee. After that, I can hold it for another hour or so without becoming visibly desperate, though I'm really needing to go by the end of the second hour and usually need to make a conscious effort not to bounce or squirm. After that, I HAVE to squirm, rock (if I'm sitting) and cross my legs really tightly. At this stage I'm getting bad pee pains, and truly desperate. I start thinking about all sorts of ways and places to go and the thought of a toilet is enough to make me squirt. After another half an hour at the most, I start leaking and squirting small amounts, but I'm proud to say I've never completely lost control in public (though I've come close).

My timing varies depending on how much I drank, what I drank (coffee makes me go faster), if it's cold, if I need a poo, if I hear running water or other people going. The longest I've ever held a pee AND a poo together is slightly over two hours, when I was rushing to catch a plane...I caught the plane, but just barely made it to the toilet seconds away from messing myself. I've posted that story to this forum.

I'm now about 1 and a half hours into my pee hold (the poo came half an hour ago, just before I started to need a pee in earnest). I'm needing to pee but still able to hold on, and since nobody's watching I'm bouncing a leg up and down.

Almost two hours into my hold now. As predicted, I'm squirming, and I've got one leg tucked up under me, pressing against my privates. I'm going to see how much longer I can make this last.

2 hours and 15 minutes. If i wern't at home, if I HAD to hold on, I think I could just manage a little longer, but right now i'm going to head for the bucket, while I can still make it.

Oh, that felt SO good! I squatted over the bucket, where I'd made markings earlier and passed almost 1.2 litres again, which is a little disappointing as I was really hoping to do better. I don't think I can do a whole 1.5 l, but I'm sure I can do 1.3 if I try hard. I needed to poo a little more after I finished, so I just did it in the bucket, a couple of easy, thin pieces, and emptied out the whole lot in the toilet after I was done.

I'll be sure to try this again next week!

At the risk of incurring the wrath of the Moderator, (by the way are you male or female Moderator or is this done by a team?), there are so many peeing only stories these days that I wonder if the site should be called "The Urinal", however as this is an excretory action performed in the toilet fair do.

Fat Woman, Im glad that at last your Mom allowed you to stay in the toilet when she did a motion (BM) but must say I am a bit disappointed that you didnt look into the toilet pan and tell us what her "huge stool" looked like. Yes, you say this isnt your scene but there are many of us, such as myself, who DO like to see large solid jobbies done by other people and who would have thanked you for telling us. I will just have to use my imagination.

A lot of the old posters seem to have gone, Jay and Paige, Pooping Girl, Crimson, Vector, Jill (Electra) are they still out there , have they got bored by changes in the subject of the posts in recent times or have th! ey perhaps found websites on this subject that they prefer? If any of you are out there please let us know.

I had to use a doorless stall in the UK yesterday. I had finished work early and went for a quick drink in a pub nearby. After a pint of lager I felt a big solid motion on its way down so went into the Gents toilet. A man had gone in before me and I saw him walk past the first cubicle (stall) and go into the second, bolting the door. I got the the remaining cubicle and saw that there was no door, the hinges still being there but the door itself removed, (perhaps to re-paint or it may have been damaged by vandalism) Anyway, the turd pushed itself down into my back passage so I didnt have a choice to either hold it in and go elsewhere or wait till the man using the other toilet had finished. I went into the doorless toilet and undid my trousers and slipped these and my black Sloggi briefs down just to the top of my thighs. I sat on the pan with my "modesty" thus! covered and did my pee. Meanwhile I heard the chap in the next toilet drop two solid jobbies "Kerploonk!" Kursplonk!" My own turd started to come out at this point a nice solid but easy curved jobbie which slid into the pan with a "Floomp!" When I looked it was about 12 inches long and nice and fat and a few inches stuck up out of the water. I wiped my bum and quickly pulled up my panties and trousers then pulled the flush but the big jobbie stuck so I left it as I always do for others to see and went to wash my hands. The bloke in the other toilet then flushed and came out and while washing his hands said "You must have been desparate mate, using a toilet with no door. I'd have waited!" I just said "needs must, Its better than filling one's pants!" I suppose this illustrates the difference between the two cultures on this subject, as I gather this just would not have been an issue in the USA. Have any other Brits male and female had to use a doorless toilet when doing a mot! ion here in the UK?

Hi gang,

Just had to post this -- a new record. I had tea, coffee and water, waited about three hours until I was doing a pee-dance at this keyboard, then put the pot between my legs and sighed with blessed relief. New record! I reckon about 700mLs. Not a patch on Louise's mighty blasts, but my bladder might be stretching. Plenty of practice and who knows where it might lead?



Greetings to all on the forum.

Claire - Are you still out there? I found your accident stories very entertaining. Please tell us if you have any recent ones that you haven't posted!

PV - Yes, the Pakistani girl certainly produced the fiercest deliveries of urine that I have ever personally witnessed. Both times she weed, she produced such awesome, ferocious blasts, and I cannot help but wonder how large a volume her bladder holds. I'm 34 now, and in the last 25 years I must have seen well over 400 women in the act of urinating, at least 70 or 80 of those being on the nudist beach we went to. I have quite a lot of experience and observations to judge by, and I've never seen anything quite like what that Pakistani girl did. The first time she blasted the sand was a big surprise, and the second time she positioned herself over the hole in the sand, I watched carefully to see if she would repeat the first awesome blast. Her second wee was probably about 8 seconds! in duration, but every bit as fierce as her first. Incredible!

I'll tell everyone about the first time I saw a girl wee. I was nine years old and I was friends with an eight year old
girl from down the street. One day we were upstairs in her house, and she showed me around the bathroom. She told me to turn around, and I was stunned to see her sitting on the toilet with her skirt lifted right up. She had kicked her knickers off, and for the first time ever I saw the genitals of the opposite sex, up close and personal. She seemed amused at my reaction, and she told me to keep looking.
Suddenly a strong stream of urine squirted out of her pussy and blasted under the rim of the bowl.
"Wheeee!" she squealed, and was highly amused at both my stunned face and the fact she was being so naughty and doing something she knew she really shouldn't!
At that age, quite innocent back in 1975, I wondered just why, only to wee out of, a little girl had to have a mound! with a long slit down the middle! Being an inquisitive type, I soon found out the reasons!
That girl would often wee out in the street after that little episode, and she would ask me to sit in front of her to shield her from view. She moved away a couple of years later, and about five years ago I met her once more. We got talking, and sensing I could have a joke with her I asked her if she still weed out in the street like how she once did. She broke into laughter and nodded vigorously, remembering the past, and said that she did still like to do it outdoors sometimes when she had the chance.
It was a pity I didn't have the luck to see her doing it as an adult. I'm sure it would have been quite interesting to see how her weeing style had developed!

Bye for now,


Hello everybody!

I went swimming with my mum last night and we went into
the men's toilet to stand at the steel urinal. We both
pulled our swimsuits aside at the crotch and we washed the
wall. It was a fun experience and we had both been really
wanting to wee for ages before. My mum enjoyed it too,
and part of the fun was the chance we might be discovered,
but mainly we enjoyed standing together and aiming.
My mum had some wee run down her leg, which she says is
unusual for her if she stands. Mostly she weed a good
stream and washed the wall like I did.
When we left the pool, we went for another wee as we had
been drinking lots of water before we arrived. This time
we "backed up" to the urinal and squirted it backwards by
using our fingers to push our pussies backward, which was a
lot of fun as we both dribbled some down onto the floor as
well as washing the urinal wall.
We must do it again sometime!


Got any more stories about you or your sister. I would love to hear them.

Did your Mum take a potty with you when you went out for the day or would you just go in the street ?

Jessica from Canada
Hello! Now heres my story. i think i was 7 and me and my mom had went out for the day. we were on our way to the doctors and i had been drinking apple juice. you know what happens when i drink apple juice:-). when we arrived there, we had about a 5 minute wait. i was squirming and figeting. i was then called in and i was totally wanting to pee. the doctor sat me down on the table and began his checkup. he then asked me to take my cloting off and go onto the scale in the corner of his office. i was grabbing myself alot when this was happening. after that scale stuff was finished. he asked me to wait there and he would be right back. i knew i couldn't last much longer, so i looked around the room for something to pee in, and then it hit me. there was a toilet down the hall. i saw it when i came in. i didn't think anyone would mind if i went outside the room naked. so, i carefully walked up to the door and snuck out. i was almost there when the doctor asked what i was doing and t! old me to come back to his office immediatly. i had a lot of trouble doing so. he asked me to sit on a different table this time and it was metal. i shivered, bit my lip and held myself as hard as i could. the doctor must have been totally blind not to see that i needed to pee. once i sat down, i started peeing. he shouted at me and told me to go to the toilet down the hall. i was running there and peeing at the same time. i opened and shut the door and released the floodgates. i opened the door and went back to get my clothes. don't worry, i'll have more stuff to come. ;-)

Elena- Please say Hi back to Linda for me. Ask her when
we're going to hear her storied about pooping in the
bedpan after she broke her leg. I have a question for
you. Were your poops always so hard to get out, even as
a kid, and if so deid your Mom do stuff to help you? Mu
Mom was VERY fond of the use of enemas and suppositories.
On occassion she was even know to go in me with her fingers
and dig stuff out of me.
FW- (I refuse to call you Fat Woman) I am interested in
your use of language. You are one of the few people that
use the words "bear down" to describe the efforts to have
a bowel movement. I never heard it called "push" or
"strain" at home my Mother always called it "bearing
down" I wonder what the origin of the term is?-- JW

Bye for now:)

I had an interesting shitting experience recently, when I did so much shit in the toilet, it actually overflowed when I flushed!

I forgot to say, I can pee without sitting, with most of my clothes on, but only if I pull down my panties to my knees and stick my bum out over the toilet in a sort of crouch, with my upper body bent forward (I usually look down between my legs to make sure it's all going in the right place, because it's easy to splash this way). I think this is the 'backward wee' position you've described. It's okay, and it works when I don't want to sit on a messy seat, but I'd really rather be doing it forward.

Hello everybody.

PV, I think that bush is one of my fave places, yeah!
From there I can see all the traffic driving past through
a gap as I squat there. Today I went there again and I had
another really nice wee. It felt so pleasant as it squirted
out and I felt so excited that I might be discovered again.
Unluckily I did not have any watchers today unlike
I was wicked to let that boy see me like that, he really
did see *everything*, and it was a lot of fun for me too
to see his shocked face! I'm still giggling when I think
about it.
My mum and I tried weeing through our jeans zippers
an hour ago when we were really needing to go. She
did a bit better than me because I think the jeans I had on
were too tight, and I had trouble getting my fingers in to
lift my lips up. We took turns to stand in the bath, and
we both did get our wee to stream out of our zippers, but
we did wet the front of ou! r jeans a bit. We must practice
more, and if you try it, can you let us know how you get on?
We can go a greater distance than the guys, can't we?
I showed Steve once when we were walking home one night that
I can wee about 3 or 4 feet further than him if I try hard.
I measured Steve's wee volume this morning, and he only did
about 375 ml. I think he does more when he really wants to
go, but I don't think he's often very full in the mornings.
We had a shower together this morning and I casually weed
standing up without aiming or anything. I did a big
streaming wee with a little sprinkling and it shocked him
as it splashed his feet. He jumped to get his feet out of
the way and it was very funny.
You're so right about the female circumcison thing. It
really is so terrible, and it is so sad these cultures
accept it how they do. I know those girls and women are
kept ignorant about their own bodies and the idea women
in other cultures are not messed with. Other than the
restricted weeing thing, do they never wonder about the
pleasure they are missing and they will never have like we
can? It's so sad. Steve really hates that part of it.

My mum is coming swimming with me tonight and we will go
to the men's to wee, so I'll tell everyone how we do.

Steve is away until tomorrow night, so he won't be able to
post until then, and then we are both away for two days,
so we'll see if we have any new stories to tell.

To all girls like me who stand to pee,
Aim high!


Friday, March 31, 2000

Great story Katrine. How old are you? Do have any other experiences about peeing on floors?

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