Jessica from Canada
HI! me again. my brother is always on his computer and at the Being Cheap forum. he's always bragging about how rich we are.
(happened recently)
anyways, heres my story. it was a saturday night and my parents went out for the evening and my sister and brother had gone other places, so it was just myself and the empty house. note: my house is extremly large! so, i ordered a pizza, and got a few perriers and i was all set for the night. i watched some movies on TMN, and i couldn't think of anything better to do. then it hit me. PEE! i then realized that noone would be home for another 4 hours. so, i took all my clothing off and put on (only!) my night shirt and started to drink. after 1 and a 1/2 bottles, i started to really feel the urge. so, i walked around the house for a little bit. it feels weird being able to just walk around the house naked from the waist down. all of a sudden, i froze. i never thought that i needed to pee this bad. the bad part about going to the toilet in my house is that my bedroom is in the basement, and so is my own toilet(i have a thing about having my own toilet and only i can use it). when we moved here, i thought it would be cool to have a basement room. anyways, i crawled my way to the stairs to the main floor and ever so slowly did i descend them. when i got to the main floor, i squirted out a bit. when i had finally made it to the basement, i tried to run for my room. i found out that this is a bad thing to do when you have to go pee bad. i entered my room and i just remembered that the maid had been cleaning my bathroom and she locked it so noone would use it. i yelled in frustration and peed a little. right then i knew i couldn't go on. i hobbled over to my closet and i found my training potty next to my dolls. i placed it on the floor and as soon as i bent over, i peed everywhere. i stopped and carfully sat down and went pee. i overflowed it almost but i found an empty toy container in the closet and fi! nished up in there.

Bye for now! ;-)

Hello there, I was at school the other day, it was last lesson and I had just got changed into my games kit, I was wearing a white t-shirt and white shorts, the shiny short of material and you could see my light blue underpants through them. I normally wear white underpants when I wear these shorts but they were dirty.
We all went out on to the field, the first thing we were told to do is run round the track twice after we did some warm up exercises. When I was doing the exercises my need for the toilet, which I had earlier but went away, came back, I started running round the track. Every time I moved I could feel poo moving closer and closer to my underpants, then I thought I felt the poo coming out so I squeezed my bum together and grabbed the back of my shorts to check none had come out. I couldn't feel any in my underpants but as I carried on running further I felt poo sliding out again, by the time I stopped it I had done quite a bit of poo in my pants, but i! t seemed solid, also when my poo came out some wee must have leaked out as I had a dark blue patch showing through on the front of my shorts.
When I finished running and stood with my classmates I kept my hand over the front of my shorts so people didnít notice I had a wet patch.
The teacher started talking to us but somebody else was talking at the same time, she asked who was talking when she was but nobody answered so we were all made to do 10 press ups. After that she told everybody to divide into two groups and start playing basketball but she asked me to stay back for a moment and I didnít know why.
When everybody had gone she said to me did I need to use the toilet. I actually didnít any more as I had done enough in my underpants, so I said no, I was still holding my hands over my wet patch so wondered why she thought I needed the toilet, she asked me I was sure and that I could go if I wanted to, but I said no again. She then said I could go and sta! rt playing basketball so off I went. Near the end of the lesson we went inside to watch a video on basketball tactics, which went fine and I sat at the front and could smell my poo a little bit, Matthew, my friend, who was sat next be me asked if I had farted or something, I said, I thought you had and nothing else was said otherwise we would have go told off for talking over the video. At the end of the video as we left the class the teacher stopped me again and accused me of lying to her as she said it looks like I did need the toilet as the front of my shorts are a little wet. She said I should have gone when she said and not to be embarrassed, I agreed and walked off and got changed, I was pleased that she hadnít noticed I had done a poo in my pants.
When I walked home with Matthew I stopped as the rest of the poo was coming out, as I did a little more I farted at the same time. Matthew said was that just a fart or have you pooed your self again, I said a little! poo may had come out. When I got home I scrapped the poo out of my pants into the toilet and put on another pair of pants, not clean, as my mum might wonder why I had worn an extra pair of pants in the week, I put on a pair that only had a few skidmarks in that I had taken off the day before.

Haven't you ever held your pee with your hand? Instead of ruining a record amount of held pee cause you have to poo, sit and poo, but press down real tight on your pee hole with your finger. That will hold the pee.

I am a 45 year old male and say I have to tinkle when I need to urinate. I am very open with my bathroom habits around my family, as I often announce when I have to "tinkle." I often tinkle at my bathroom at home with the door wide open.

I once had to pee incredibly bad. I had been driving for awhile and drank a lot of water and really needed a bathroom. I pulled into a parking lot near the race my daughter was entering and quickly headed for some bushes nearby. These bushes were near a sidewalk, but I had to pee so bad I didn't care. I took out my dick and started to piss but then a group of people were walking by so I had to leave, very annoyed cause I had barely started peeing. So after like a minute of scanning the area for a port-a-potty and having no luck, I snuck back into the bushes again. I had to keep pulling my dick in and out cause people kept coming by at random intervals, but I was not leaving those bushes till I emptied my overfilled bladder out. I never had to pee that bad before and have to keep holding it in like that.

HI. It's been a while since I've posted but am still enjoying cleaning school restrooms. The kids love their school restrooms

Fat Woman
TO PRINCESS- That was cetrainly an impressive post! Aa a large woman myself I can perfectly relate to your effortful bowel movements. If you read the previous posts you can see that when i go to the toilet it is quite an ordeal and I have to grunt and grip my ass as I sit there. On average it also takes me a good 30 minutes or so, not just because of the straining but also because I have to stop and rest in between bearing down. Being so overweight, I tire on the toilet quickly. I hope you post again soon!

Well, everyone, I finally was able to accompany my mother to the toilet and watch her go! She is now in her late 60's and while still active, she is still quite heavy about 30 lbs more than I. Over the weekend, my mom broke her ankle and so she is living with me so I can help her while it heals (My dad passed away 3 years ago). Well, obviously I have to help bathe her as well as help her sit on the toilet. She is usually constipated and this week is no different so ! I had to wait till Wednesday evening while we were watching TV. She shifted on the couch and grimaced slightly. "I think you'll have to help me to the toilet..." she said. Suddenly alert, I rose and grabbed her crutches and accompanied her to the bathroom. When we were at the toilet, I had her stand and lean on me while I bent down and pulled down her underwear. Then I helped her slowly lower her huge ass on the toilet. She let out a loud "OOMPH!" as she sat, her buttcheeks squishing over the sides of the toilet. Now, before when she only had to pee she would let me stay, but now she looked up at me and said in a slightly strained voice (although she was trying to hide it) "You had...better go now. I need to have a bowel movement and it will take me....a long time." She was really struggling not to grunt in front of me. "I will...(pant pant) call you when I'm done." I was desperate for an excuse to stay so I said, "Oh come on, Mom! It takes me a long time too! I'm heavy like y! ou and I know you've heard me this week grunting on the toilet. Let me stay and keep you company." She hesitated and was about to say something when suddenly the strain gripped her and she nodded and whispered "OK!.." as she began to bear down. I sat on a stool to watch. "UUUGGNNHH!" A large stool dropped with her first grunt. She jiggled her butt on the seat a little then placed both hands on her buttcheeks. "OHHHHHH...UGGGGNNHH...." Her grunts were breathy and effortful. "MMMMM....OHHH!" A huge stool broke off and fell. She sat back to rest and a minute later tried bearing down again but said she was too tired and we would try again later. She wiped and I pullled up her underwear and flushed the toilet (I did not look in the toilet as these things do not interest me). Well, i hope today she will finish the rest of her movement! I'll keep everyone posted!

KATRINE, I bet you felt really free and uninhibited when
you did your basement pee on the carpet. Isn't it good to
let rip like that? It feels real good to me if my boyfriend
Steve and I are peeing together too, you shpould try it
with your guy.

DEE, Hehehehe from what you say, you must have been really
wet after you tried a standing pee in the coffe place
toilet. It is a problem you can have with the standing
position if you are unlucky and dribble a bit. Do you
normally pee strong or do you dribble? My friend Emma is
a dribbler and does not seem ever to pee strong, so I
wondered if you are the same. When we are in the club
toilets I can hear Emma's wee trickling down into the bowl
when she is sitting down and she always seems to do it the
same. She says she has tried standing and it doesn't work
too well for her as she keeps getting her bum wet when it
dribbles round!
Yes, keep practicing your standing ! pee in the shower. When I
was a little girl I used to pracrtice in the bath and my
mum gave me instruction on how to do it. I can always stand
and wee if I want to shit or not, it does not make a
difference to me but it sounds like it does to some girls.
You did a measured 1.2 litres? That sounds amazing!
Were you really needing to go when you did that wee?
When I did my 1 litre + wee I was *really* full and I
would have lost control if I had notdone it when I did!
Steve held the bottle for me this morning when we went to
the bathroom together, and my morning output was about
825ml. Tomorrow I'll ask Steve if I can measure his
morning volume. I think it will be less than mine!


Hi all,

STEVE: Hi, sorry about taking a while to get back to the board... Yes, I tend to agree that that Pakistani girl was almost certainly not mutilated, she was just at the extreme "open" end of the physical variety scale for urethras! It must have been en eye-opener! I discuss the circ issue with Louise and Traveller below, here I'd just like to say that it makes me sooo mad. When I look in the mirror, when I look down as I sit on the toilet, I am so glad I'm normal, natural and whole, and I wish all women could be.

Yes, Louise and her Mom are not alone! I would love to see a day come when a dozen women who feel as we do could all line up and use a steel wall, shoulder to shoulder!

LOUISE: The "thin veneer of civilization," I like that! Definitely, we shed it with our clothes, nature is what happens under them. Dang, I bet that boy got more for his birthday than his two front teeth -- what a stroke of luck for him to see a major player in this ar! tform in full fountain. Sounds like behind that bush is your personal outdoor latrine!

Going through the zip -- yeah, we gotta practice. I've been hesitant as I simply don't want to soil my clothes, but maybe an old pair of jeans that need to go in the wash anyway... I could just stand in the shower and wee on the wall, or try to!

More ladylike to bend over -- that makes me roar! Silly isn't the word. That's a male attempt to hang onto the myth of their invincible peeing bastion. I'm not raining on their parade, but women need waking up to the fact they can out-pee men by distance and volume most of the time. Bending over to pee backwards creates a pose of sexual submission, after all, and women are supposed to be the submissive partner. Hmmmmm... Who sez? Okay, we'll leave that one alone before we run into the Moderator!

Yes, I was pretty desperate when I did that 650mL, but I reckon I could go further. My impression is that 750 is probably the limm! it for me... Bladder size is proportional to overall body size, and allowing for you being a few inches taller than me your frame and organs will be slightly larger by averages too. Volume is a 3D element, so a small increase in diameter creates significant increase in volume, so a litre for you is easily reachable.

Darn, I'd love to pass a litre! But I don't think I'll get there... I did a nice 500mL last night, not terribly desperate but I'd been aware for an hour that I needed to go, after coffee about two hours earlier. I use a plastic container, a 500g yoghurt pot, just pop it between my legs, standing or sitting, and sighhhhh! Dee, try it this way, don't try lining up a narrow-neck bottle with your wee hole, just use a wide-neck container and you won't spill a drop. You can measure it in a graduated cup afterward.

I'll try the sink again and let you know how it goes -- it was dure fun the first time, and yes, the steel gives a good echo!

I'm so! very glad to hear that you despise the F-circumcision thing as much as I do, and that Steve feels so passionately about it too. I had never heard of it before it was featured in a TV news program. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My stomach turned, I felt like fainting, I was trembling with horror as an Indian campaigner described the cruelties inflicted on children in some parts of the world. Later, I read about it in my college newspaper as the student body was engaged in activism against it, and the thing that struck me that time was that in parts of Africa it is so ingrained that girls, once the horror is over, accept it as common and normal social practice, and make fun of a girl with normal genitals. It's an ancient precept that if you want to inflict a controling measure on one part of the population, convince them they thought of it themselves, and they'll do it for you. The question is, how do you fight that? Evidently, there are a great many who are as appalle! d as we are, and activate for the abolition of this custom throughout the world.

Damn right, sister, our bodies are ours, and lord help anyone who assumes the right to "administer" them.

TRAVELLER: Thanks for your extra info re F-circ. Absolutely, I agree it's not in the interests of any culture to place itself in some superior moral position to others over any particular issues, but, all the same, I'd like to see the US take a stand on this as I believe Australia has. It's a cruelty issue, and while it can be superficially likened to M-circ, the consequences are usually much graver and follow the person through life. And the bottom line is, how can a person take a terrified little girl and cut pieces off her in her most private and sensitive area, and do it in a manner "traditional" since the Dark Ages (or earlier?) It's one issue on which I'm prepared to get off my conservative social fence, and say: it's wicked, it must stop.

DEE: Sorry to hear ab! out your messing yourself trying to do the standing pee trick, but it's a bit of knack to amster. Keep at it, you'll get there, lots of practice is the ticket. When I started learning last year I used to go out in my back garden, wearing only a minidress, no panties, and just wee on the grass, or practice on the back fence. It also helped get me used to going in less-usual places!

Your misadventure with pooing and peeing together reminds me of an incident around a year ago... I was planning on anointing a urinal at the shopping center, so I was plenty full before going out. But I discovered I had mild runs, which is of course the kiss of death for holding your bladder. Never the less, I somehow managed to have a soft, urgent bowel motion at home and not lose a drop of urine! I was very pleased with myself. However, when a second wave hit about fifteen minutes later, I knew I was at the end of my ability, and emptied both. Good job I'd been held up and hadn't left to w! alk a kilometer to the center!

Cheers to all,


Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Adam from Canada I cannot think of any man I would like to have a buddy dump with but I do have a wish list of famous women I would love to do so with,

Sarah Ferguson former Duchess of York
Geri Halliwell the former Spice Girl
Hilary Rodham Clinton
Martina Hingis
Steffi Graff
Debbie Harry of Blondie
Kate Winslet
Xena and Gabriel from Xena Warrior Princess.

This is just a small sample, there are others, such as Helen Worth who plays Gail in Coronation Street but who may not be familiar to US readers.

Hope this interests readers, and Id like to read other people's lists of the women they would like to buddy dump with

After i posted yesterday,i went to the gym to work out and when i got there,i decided to go to 7-11 and get some coffee and i went right to the toilet along with my coffee.i didn't feel like i had to go,but i knew it wasn't far off so i went into the stall and sat down with a paper and read and started drinking my coffee.Meanwhile i hear all these guys taking their a.m, dumps and in about 5 mins i feel some cramps and the urge starts building.I think sitting there hearing all these guys shitting makes me have to go!Then the coffee starts to do it's thing-i relax my anus and let out a tight sounding fart-There's something about being in a men's room and you hear these other guys farting and shitting and i have no inhabitions about doing the same thing-like someone said on this forum and i feel the same way-as long as i don't know any one else in there i'm OK about public shitting,but if it's someone i know that's in there ,i feel i can't do it!Anyway,i felt another cramp after ! the fart and i let out one nice tight sausage poop and let it snake into the bowl.It was a long one,and right at the tail end of it,a lot of mush oozed out around it and flew into the bowl along with some farting.oy,did that feel good!and right as i'm doing this,i hear from a couple of other stalls the same type of pooping along at the same time!It was like 3-4 guys were shitting at the exact same time!I really enjoy that and is one of the reasons i love to poop at the gym.I had a messy wipe and i felt like i had to pee,so i started peeing and i peed quite a bit and right in the middle of peeing like crazy,i farted and let out some more mush.I love peeing and pooping at the same time esp when i i let out a lot of both!A very nice a.m. poop!Then i went to shower and then went upstairs to work out-felt like a million bucks!The best things in life are trully free!Keep up the super stories all!

Wow, have to say a big thanks to this lace for uninhibiting me! I've been reading it fr a long time and just got up the nerve to try something. I'm home in the house and just woke up, bursting with pee. Instead of heading to the bathroom though, I head downstairs. In the basement, there's an area that the last owners of the house carpeted for their kids. So I get there and shed my bottoms and get ready to pee on the carpet. I can't decide how at first and let a few litte drps out as I adjust. Finally I go dow in a partial front split and let it g. The pee comes gushing so fast tht I don't gt any on me, but I'm there for nearly a minute peeing. As it comes out it's making almost a drumroll sound on the carpet it's going so fast. The wet stain it leave is round across and bigger than a dinner plate. I am very happy that I managed to do this and am goig to keep on all through the day.

One day I was playing tennis with a friend. When we finished, we headed for the locker room. "Sal" headed for the shower, but as exertion often brings on the need to defecate for me, I took off for the toilet. In that locker room there are 3 toilets, over to the side of the locker area, and not far from the exit.They are open toilets, no stalls.
I was still on the pot, naked, when Sal came by leaving. He stopped to chat, and as we were arranging to meet for tennis again, "Jessie" walkedin the exit door. She is Sal's business partner. "C'mon, Sal, hurry up!" she said. Then she saw me. Her mouth dropped open and she turned beet red, but she just kept staring. It didn't help that just then I let go a monster fart, immediately followed by a loud Ker-Plop. At that point Sal dragged Jessie out of there, calling out a goodbye as they went.
The sequel is that Jessie called acouple days later to apologize. I guess she liked what she saw, because she asked me! out, and the evening ended very pleasurably.

This is my first post on this site. I recently ended up taking a buddy dump, with a women I work with who I can't stand. Brenda and I have hated each other since childhood, we are both now in our late twenties. We had gotten into a brutal fist fight at a party over a year ago and we dont even speak to each other anymore. We are both very large women. I am 5'4" and weigh about 330 pounds and Brenda is 5'1" and must weigh around 270 pounds. Everyone had ordered chinese food at work. After lunch I could feel a large movement coming on and I headed to the bathroom. We work in a very old building and the ladies room had two stalls very close to each other. There are large gaps in the wall where the toilet paper roll is, and there is very little privacy. Usually only one person uses it at a time. I had just sat on the toilet when I heard the door quickly open. It was
my hated rival Brenda. I said "occupied", but she ignored me and sat in the stall next to me. The toilets separa! ted by that delapitated wall are about a foot apart, and our feet were almost touching. Brenda started peeing and ripped a loud fart and her turd made a loud splash. I couldnt wait any longer and I cut a fart and began pushing a massive log out of my ass. I began peeing and continued pushing turds out of my ass. Brenda and I continued farting and moaning as we continued shitting. I looked through the hole in the wall and Brenda was looking at me, as our eyes met, both our faces were conturted. As we looked at each other, all the anger we had at one other seemed to leave our bodies. We were just two very large women taking a dump together. Our feet were alomost touching and I stretched my right leg out under the stall and put it on the opoposite side of her left leg. We planted our feet together as braces and continued pushing logs out. The entire bathroom smelled really bad. We continued to look at each other as we finished shitting. We were both on the toilet for at least 30 ! minutes. We stood up and began wiping our asses. I could see the shit hanging from Brenda's ass as she was wiping. We washed our hands in the sink and left quite a stink behind. Since our buddy dump we have began talking to each other again, and may buddy dump again some time.

I'm writing again today to tell you what happened after I tried measuring my ca-pee-city. I decided to go to a coffee place not too far away for dinner, and going out the door, I was more or less ok, but when I reached the bus stop I started to really need a pee from all the water I'd been drinking earlier. The sky turned dark and the wind was blowing, and soon it started to rain. My bus took about 20 minutes to come, and my bladder was getting fuller. When the bus came, I got on. I thought it would be just a short half-hour trip, but because of the rain there was a horrible traffic snarl, and it took over an hour to reach my stop. By this time I was close to bursting, and almost leaked while getting off the bus. It was raining heavily now and even though I had an umbrella I was getting cold and wet. I wanted to pee so bad, I couldn't walk properly and had to keep the tops of my thighs pressed close together. It didn't help that I could see and hear running water everywhere. I! kept having to stop and cross my legs tightly and bend over, but before I could get to the coffee place I was going to I began to squirt in my panties. I was embarrassed, but I was already wet anyway and it felt nice and warm. My panties absorbed most of it, and a little ran down my legs into my shoes, but the ground was wet and nobody noticed. When I got to the coffee place, my bladder was still full, but the toilets (one male cubicle and one female) were occupied and I thought I could hold on until after I'd had dinner. I ordered a regular latte and a sandwich, and sat down. I finished my sandwich and my latte, and when I stood up I felt a sharp pain in my bladder and thought I was going to pee myself for sure. My wet panties were cold and uncomfortable, and so were my wet shoes. I hobbled to the bathroom and locked the stall just in time. The sight of the toilet made my need especially urgent, and standing there, I started peeing myself right there and then. It was obvious! ly too late to line the seat and sit down, so I tried to do it standing up, the way PV, Louise and Gabrielle have written about. I lifted my skirt and pushed aside the gusset of my panties, but it didn't work very well. I pushed hard and got a thin stream to go into the toilet, but most of it flowed back towards my bum and down the inside of my legs, flooding the floor and drenching my shoes. I knew I was making a terrible mess, but I was so desperate I couldn't care less about anything but taking the pressure off my poor bladder, and kept right on peeing and peeing. I tried to stop and dry myself when I heard voices outside, but ended up peeing through the gusset of my soaked panties into the tissue I was trying to dry myself with. Finally I stopped and washed my hands, then opened the door. There was a queue of about three people outside, and the floor was completely wet. I tried not to look at them, and went back outside, where it was still raining. Fortunately my skirt was! black, and even though it was a little wet at the back, it didn't show at all. I did some grocery shopping, aware that I still hadn't completely emptied myself yet. On the way back to the bus stop I let another tiny little squirt go in my panties - this time, I think it was probably the coffee. The bus arrived, and again got held up in traffic. Walking back home from the bus stop, it was dark and I knew nobody was watching me, so I continued to let it out slowly, running down my legs, walking along the sidewalk. My shoes squished a bit but nobody seemed to notice. I squirted again on my doorstep, while opening the door, and had to make a dash for the shower, where I just stood with my skirt lifted and peed my panties royally, so that I wouldn't drip in the living-room. I'm glad I was wearing a skirt and not jeans, as I can't imagine the sort of mess I'd have made in jeans. Obviously I need a lot more practise at peeing standing up. I can sometimes do it naked in the shower, t! hough my aim isn't very good yet, but once I have clothes on, or a full rectum, it doesn't seem to work.

Dean - It's not the only time I have been in such a predicament, it happened to me only once before in '92, but worse!
I was travelling back to London from a trip to Ireland on a coach, I had felt sea sick on the hovercraft and foolishly drank 3 pints of water very quickly before getting on the coach, not worried, thinking 'no problem - there will be a loo on the coach' - not so, I remember thinking as I sat down knowing it would be a 8hr journey and my bladder was starting to fill, then I thought that I was just have to go once the coach started moving. I waited a good 15 minutes before I decided to make a move to the loo once I thought I was desperate enough, I made sure I was on the isle seat so I could get out and headed down to the loo in a stairwell in the coach, but when I got there it said "Out Of Order" and the door wouldn't open. I went back up the stairs and sat back in my seat, and started to think 'this aint funny'
my bladder was now heaving and all my at! tention was on going to the toilet. After another agonising 10 minutes I talked to the driver, and he told me he wasn't stopping for another 2 HOURS!! needless to say I went and SAT BACK DOWN!! jesus - was I in pain, I must have tried every trick in the book to take my mind off my bursting bladder until I thought I would definately piss myself, I had now been desperate for about 4 hours and eventually hobbled up to the driver, he was starting to get tired of me and was getting anoyed, and once AGAIN I hobbled back to my seat, I remember having to sit really still so as not to draw attention to myself while holding 3 pints in my bladder, after another 10 minutes I demanded he stop the bus as I was going to piss in his cab if he didn't, and he did!! - I can vividly remember leaning on the wall in the petrol station toilet in the cubicle pissing for what seemed like hours, and all the people from the coach outside waiting to use it. I will never travel on ????????? coaches ever! again, believe me it hurt.

Gotta pee..bye


I was in a recital, and i was really nervous..when it got
time for my number, i was ready to pee in my pants..i had to go like never before.I tried to hold it, but in the middle of the number, i felt spurts..i signaled the teacher at the door, and she made the lighting darker, and i ran off the stage peeing all the way..throught the night people slid all over my "accident'

I wipe back to front sitting down. When you stand up your cheeks close and you are sure to miss something when wipping. Also I have very little hair there, just some fuss on both sides. You guys with hairy bottoms must wipe forever. Michael, I wish I could have seen you wet and mess yourself. It's great just letting it go. Dean, you were lucky you didn't burst and when your that full it take a few attempts to get it all mout and you think you will never empty it all.

Adam from Canada
Does anyone have a celeberty or sports icon that they wish they could dump or pee with? I don't really have a celeb, but I do have a sports icon. My icon is Tiger Woods (golfer). I don't know why, but it is. I am not gay, but it would be an interesting experiance. I once had this dream that I was in CA and I ran into him while I was in a mall and just as it got to the best part, it was over. Do any of you ever experiance that type of dream?

Tonight I had a good dump. It was the first one in three days. Last night I had Mexican food and all day today I had gas. When I got home from work I ran to the can and dumped. It was 8 incher, 4 inches wide. There some smaller poops. The smell was something to cheer about. It smelt like fried beans/rotten eggs.

Well, yesterday, I started a new job which is also in a smaller place. The plus is some young good looking women and a more laid back atmosphere but the down side is a less lenient dress code (no jeans except Fri) and 2 small bathrooms (one for each sex).

About a couple of hours after lunch, I had the familiar stomach rumblings so I had to make way to the bathroom. THe big plus today was a very "musical" shit session but the down side is I would have preferred to do it someplace like a college campus with people around.

Well, that is all for today.....

Hey Traveller, that's pretty neat that the movie "Girl Interrupted" had those female poop references. Does anyone know of any other current or new movies where there are references to girls pooping or shots of girls on the toilet going #2?

One day while in the car with my grilfriend (I am woman) I had let out this loud smelly fart. She asked a crazy question. What was that? and I told her i farted, but I suggested that she pull over so I can poop. We pulled over behind an old looking house, and I began To poop. turd after turd fart after fart came out of my ass. My grilfriend tell me to hurry up, because she here's somthing. May I add it was daylight. She heard something alright, The police standing right behind me watching me take a shit. The owners of the house called the Police. I had to clean up my turds while my grilfriend stood laughing. I love to see my work but not clean it up. and may add it was good work complete with fart sounds!

I like to fart at home to make my sister mad because it smells real bad

Jane.. no but I have been in the situation where I've been on the toilet trying to poop, going through the whole ordeal, then fidnout out as I get otu breathless and worn out that I have been there hours. JW. first of all Linda says Hi, second I have no real method other than pushing and straining till my head almost explodes.. oh but the feel after it all comes out.. it makes it worth it. Becca I have no other stories.. except for this one that's not raod trip related. It happened a few days after the one I told you. Me and my cousins were at my grandmother's farm and we went to go see the chickens and stuff.. well I had to pee so badly but I wanted to go and not miss the fun. Well after a while man breathing hurt. I whimpered to my cousins (all girls thank goodness) that I was seconds from flooding my underwears. They giggled and said to go behind the barn. I said I could not make it. Then one pointed to an outhouse. It was a bit better so I waddled over there with the whole crowd of girls. (why they could not just leave me alone was beyond me)I got there and the seat was clean and inviting.. but it smelled something awful.. and then.. the worst part.. NO DOOR!!! i bounced up and down as I thought of what to do. My cousins watched and giggled as I suffered. Then some quirted out and I took a chnace. I lifted up my skirt and sat on the outhouse seat with my underwears still on and peed through my underwears again like last time. there was no way I was going to take them down with no door. My cousins formed a barrier around me and giggled. I felt bad but I was too relieved to care.[ having that awful poop in front of my grandmother days before loosened me up.. but not much.) Anyway I got up and felt like crying.. this time I didn't have any one's permission and would get in trouble. My cousin Maria did something that freaked me out. She slipped off her underwear and gave them to me. It was btter than getting in trouble so I, under the cover of my cousins slipped mine of and put hers on. And no one found out.. well till now. Oh by the way.. has anyone ever seen the book Private moments from public places? It's a book of pics of people fromt he bathroom. Freaked me out but you can get it at any on-line book store.

To Becca: I was in a marching band. I was about 13 and there was a familily party at home. My sister in law came to pick me up after a carnaval performance. On the way home I had to pee desterately. I was squirming around in the seat, I told my sister in law about my problem. Very soon my sister in law realized I could not hold it much longer. She pulled over and I said: "I cannot not pee here, there are houses everywhere." She told me to spread my legs and just pee through my panties. I told her my mother was going to be furious if I did this. She told me that if I would change immediately after we got home, let my panties dry and throw them in the laundry bin the next morning my mother would never know. She was sure, she said, mother would not inspect my underwear.

So, I ended up doing like this. Guess what? Nobody ever found out what I did and it felt great.

Even today, ever now and then, when I am really desperate I just wet myself and... enjoy it. When I! recently brought this up with my sister in law I learned she enjoys wetting herself ever now and then too.

I ran into that woman again yesterday, for the third time...the woman who never wipes herself or washes her hands after a poo. I was finishing off my lunchtime poo when I heard someone come into the ladies room and go into the stall next to mine. I heard the rustling of clothing but not the door being closed. Some of the girls do leave the stall doors open if they're in a hurry or if they're chatting to someone by the sink. I heard a fart from the next stall, a torrent of pee, then the sound of poo dropping into the toilet. I finished up, flushed and went to the sink to wash up. I looked in the mirror and saw that it was indeed the non-wiping woman. She said hi and carried on making quite a noisy poo. She then abruptly got up, pulled up her underwear without wiping, flushed and walked over and out the door. No washing hands again! I wish I had the courage to as her why she does that. Even if her poos are dry, what about the bacteria that must be on the toilet handle? I wouldn'! t shake her hands!

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