PV and Louise, I was inspired by your measuring stories! I'd tried this once a year or so ago when I peed in a 1.5 litre drink bottle (I think it came up to about 1.2 litres, though not all of it went in the bottle), and today I thought I'd try it again.
I drank a lot of water in the morning then went about my other business, and soon enough I started to feel the urge, but I held it because I wanted to be really bursting before I went. The problem was that I also started to get an urge to poo (I think it was the fruit I ate last night). I farted to relieve the pressure, but after a few farts I felt the turtle's head and knew the next one wouldn't be a fart. All in all I held on for a couple of hours, but my stomach was really hurting. As I've said before on this forum I can pee without pooing but I can't poo without peeing. Holding one back just made the other worse, and so it was time to measure. I went to the bathroom with another 1.5 l bottle, stood in the shower, put ! the bottle to myself and started to pee. Big mistake. Because I had to poo, and because I was trying so hard to hold it in, my pee didn't come out in a strong stream like I thought it would. Instead, it split, dribbled, went down my legs and all over the outside of the bottle and on the shower floor. To make matters worse I could feel the poo starting to come as I pushed to get a proper pee stream flowing, and a little Hershey's Kiss fell out of my behind, then another, which made me clench my butt muscles as I had no intention of pooing all over the shower floor. Through all this i was still trying unsuccessfully to pee into the bottle. At the end my legs were soaked, the shower floor was wet with pee and all I had to show for my efforts was a quarter-filled bottle and a floor I'd pooed on. After peeing though my stomach didn't hurt as badly so I had time to clean up the shower before sitting on the toilet to poo. I started with a short gush of pee, then a few more Hershey's ! Kisses and then a soft 9-incher slid out easily, followed by a big load of mushy squiggles. This was when I wiped, but I haven't flushed yet because I think I still have some more poo inside. I know I need to pee again though. Maybe I'll try the measuring thing again another day when I don't have to poo so bad.

I have to go off to work early so a short post. I dont want to labour the issue as the Moderator has given judgement but I didnt see there being "friction" or "animosity" in the various posts highlighting and enquiring about the diffrences between US and UK posters. What makes the world such a fascinating place is diversity in colour, customs, diet, culture etc, and as long as one group do NOT claim to be better than another simply by colour or race or accident of birth then what is the problem. I am genuinely curious about certain US matters, the total lack of concern about doorless stalls which are a no go here in the UK, does a spicy varied diet have an effect of the stools many Americans pass compared to the more bland meals of Brits. Do Yanks have a harsher attitude to childhood accidents than British parents and teachers? This is NOT a question, to me anyway, of Brits being any better than Americans, simply a difference. However, the Moderator had ruled and I dont wish t! o go against his or her judgement so I suppose we will all have to drop the matter.

By the way, when I stopped my last post Theresa dropped 3 big firm goose eggs with resounding "KER-SPLOONK!" sounds then after a minute or so an easy 9 inch long very fat smooth curved sausage which went "FLOOMP!" we went back to bed after that. Best wishes from Tony to all.

Tuesday, March 29, 2000

To SANDRA-Don't you love those tex-mex dumps,i loved reading your post about that big dump of yours.I do dumps just like that after that after i eat mexican food-We should buddy dump together sometime! Great story!TO NOTMYNAME-i always wipe sitting down and i lean foward to get in and wipe my anus well. i couln't feel clean wiping standing up-the best way to wipe is to squat and speaking of squatting that's the best way to dump too.I love to poop outdoors and squat when i really gotta go and relax and let it rip,but i read in one post that someone did it indoors in the bathroom and put paper towels on the floor and dumped on that-that's cool but i wouln't want to clean it up after-yuchhh-not for me.TO CYCLONE-i can only speak from my own experience.That yellowish,oily stuff could be from some oil they sometimes use in chinese cooking or really oily mexican food.Try to remember what you ate the nite before-Was your dump loose along with the oily stuff too?If that's what you at! e,don't worry
Had a weird dump yesterday a.m.Had a lot of pizza tha nite before and when i went to shit,at first a lot of mush and almost loose poop came out real fast.Then i felt like i still had to go more and i still felt "full of shit"So i sat there and felt my rectum start to fill and i puhed a little and nothing came out.When i first sat on the bowl,i didn't have to push at all and all this loose stuff flew out,now i was pushing and i couln't get anything to come out!After about 5 mins of pushing,i finally felt my anus open up and this thick sausage started to come out,and it came out soooooo slow and took forever to finally splash into the bowl and it really didn't splash cause it was in the water when it was still coming out my asshole.I looked in the bowl and saw a 10" thick turd that was simi hard.It was strange.usually,i do the big turd first and then do the soft stuff after that.Then i pushed again and another sausage oozed out a little faster than the firs! t one,but this was almost as long as the 1st!!Then i let out 2 long loud farts.It was like a reverse dump!I looked in the bowl and saw 2 big ones that looked about the same size along with the pile of mush in the middle-It was almost picture worthy.the 2 sausage poops were on both sides of the mush in the middle.Had a messy wipe and flushed and thank god it all went down with 2 flushes.Had to take a shower after that and the weird part was i didn't feel finished,but i didn't go the rest of the day.I'm sitting here now typing this and i feel as soon as i get to the gym,i'm gonna go some more.Got to get dressed and head out to the gym.Great stories all-I also enjoy the good peeing stories too-I can sometimes pee for a good minute and a half after some iced tea or coffee!BYE

PV and Tony (Scotland) - Thanks for adding your comments on female circumcision. PV, I appreciate your enlightening me on the labial version. In case anyone was confused, the issue here is that both practices can or do affect the urethra, not to mention the other physical and psychological damage inflicted. I'm sure none of us wants to come off sounding like we know what's best for other peoples and cultures. Each culture must decide for itself. I'm just glad that at least some traditional societies are starting to see this for the unjust and inhumane practice it is. I don't think it's illegal yet in the US (some immigrant populations practice it here) as it is in Australia, although the US media have called some attention to it.

Yesterday was Oscar night in the US and Angelina Jolie took one home for best supporting actress in "Girl Interrupted." The film had some good insights into mental conditions. At one point, Jolie says to another inmate in the mental ! institution, "You're a laxative junkie. I think you have to poop and it's been days." And that character comments to Winona Ryder's character on why she eats alone and not in the cafeteria, "Well, it's [the cafeteria] like twenty girls all having to take a dump at the same time."

What's all this about UK/US friction here? An exchange student from Germany was our dinner guest last night. Afterwards, I kept thinking about how easy it was to get to know this person I'd never even met before. There's a science writer who claims we're all at least 52nd cousins. Sure, our differences are the spice of life, but our humanity - elimination and all - is our bond. 'Nuff said.

As I did not dare to hope, some more girls who like to wee while
standing are now speaking out. About time, too!
Gabrielle, It really is good to hear from another standing pee-girl.
I was facinated by what you said about peeing through your zipper.
I've never tried that because I thought it was probably over
ambitious. The best I've done on a couple of occasions when I've
been out at night with Steve, is to unfasten the top button and
zipper, let them fall slightly at the front and wee out over the
top. That was successful, and I could do it while Steve was
standing beside me in an alley. If he stood to shield me from view
I could do it without it being obvious.
Do you keep your top button closed when peeing through the zipper?
I'm going to try it through the zipper, that would be fun, and it
would be very practical to master such a skill. Thanks.
Yes, I agree with you about having to lean back to help aim,
but I thi! nk pulling up with the fingers is just as important.
My mum taught me how to stand and wee when I was 9.
Sounds like yours didn't, so how did you learn your method?

Emily, Hello. You and Gabrielle can show us the way to a higher
level of skill at the standing pee. I thought I was good at
standing, but maybe you are better. I'm going to practice the
'through the zipper' move and amaze my mum. I reckon to teach it
to her if I can do it well. I'll let you know how I get on.
Who taught you how to stand, your mum? Or did you learn it some
other way? Are you self taught?

Martine, Hi. Er...would it maybe be better if you recommended to
your daughter that she might pull her underwear aside to pee when
she wears her short skirt? Or maybe I miss the point.

PV, Hi there. I really enjoyed that shit in the park, and it shows
how the "thin veneer of civilisation" (Steve sometimes says that)
is often removed even when! I'm wearing serious clothes. On my way
home today, I badly needed to wee, and I went back into that same
place I did my shit. My "log" was still there, but was very dried up
after 3 days.
A few feet away from it, I lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers
down to squat. I'd got started with a good squirting wee and I was
discovered by a boy of about 14/15 who saw everything. I was in the
middle of weeing this huge gusher, and it must have been quite a
spectacle for him as he looked between my legs at my private parts.
I can not help giggling when I think of it.
Ha ha, I love your urinal stories. Before Steve took me to the
naturit beach I would have been really embarrassed to be discovered,
or "walked in on", as you say. As I'm now happy to be seen by men
if I have no clothes on, I wouldn't mind too much if I had to wee
at a urinal shoulder to shoulder with men other than Steve, though
Steve would *always* be my prefer! red company.
with men either. It may be few other girls would like that as much
as me.
Snap, your weeing while wearing trousers technique is the same as
mine! Unlike us, Gabrielle and Emily seem to have gone a step further
and keep their buttons closed at the top. We need to get our jeans on
and practice, girl, or wee'll be left behind!
Weeing backwards can be quite a lot of fun, can't it? Still not as
natural as doing it forward though. I think it is thought of as being
more "ladylike" to bend over and do it backwards. Silly, don't you
On Saturday night when we got home, I did a geyser wee into a container
Steve uses for his car antifreeze. I did not know what to expect, and
I thought I might do a little more than your 650 ml, but it was a big
wee and I did just over a litre. Steve said he wondered where I kept
it all. I do not know if bladder capacity is related to height or not.
Did you say you were burs! ting to go when you measured your volume?
On Saturday I was felt really full, and needed to burst so much I
nearly lost it. I dargged my knickers aside, snatched the container from
Steve and felt such blissful relief to let rip!
Ha ha, it is draughty on a sink! When I did it I could feel the wind
blowing up my bum hole! Ha ha. I've not done it in a steel one, must
try that! The ones I've used have all been porcelein, still good with
lots of hissing noises.

Jessica, practice makes perfect. And splay those lips with your fingers
in an inverted V!

Aim high, girls!

Traveller, PV, It never occurred to me that the poor Pakistani girl
might have been messed with "down there" like that. I don't remember
clearly what she looked like between the legs, just that she did two
short and massive wees.
My boyfriend Steve once read an article in some magazine about female
circumcision and how the girl struggles to w! ee afterwards and have
periods and keep herself clean. He knew something about it already but
this particular article was very detailed. He cannot stand any cruelty or
violence towards women and his face was black as thunder as he read on
to himself. He was so angry anyone could do that he was speechless.
I too think it is horrible, and it should be outlawed across the world.
A woman's body is hers and hers alone. Men like Steve understand that,
so why do other men have to be so cruel just because they can?
It must be really dangerous, as the chance of stale urine causing
infection must be there.


Hello, everyone.
This is going to have to be a short post as I'm short on
time due to my long working hours and my girlfriend's tendency to hog the computer these days, but I'll take the chance to respond to some important comments.

PV - I think Louise has made it her mission in life to educate women on how to do the standing pee. Recent events seem to have prompted her to start talking about the subject again with her mother. When I see them, they are always giggling and laughing together about it. I dread to think what they are up to on the quiet!
I was surprised as anyone to see Pakistani girls on a nude beach, though rather interesting, I have to admit. Judging by their facial features, and very pretty they were, I would say both girls were Pakistani and not Indian, though it is always difficult to be certain. What I can be certain about
is that their behaviour was very westernised to the point of being 'loose', with the amount of four-letter words! coming from their mouths. It was quite a shock to see them weeing openly like that. I've thought carefully about Traveller's comments, and from memory I cannot recall the girl who did the awesome weeing as having any visible sign of genital mutilation. I do not know what the appearance of a so-called 'reversed' (impossible in truth) female circumcision victim would be, but she did appear intact. In fact, like I said, her genitals were very similar in 'style' to Louise's. I can imagine that girl as having been very sexually active at that time, but married? I doubt it. An escapee? Well, who knows? All I can say is she wees very heavily and probably made the hole in the sand deeper as a result!
By the way, Louise nearly flooded the bathroom measuring
her capacity on Saturday. Her output was over a litre!
Enjoy your weeing, PV.

Traveller - thanks for your post. Some time ago, I read an article in a magazine which condemned the practice of female circumcision! . It was quite explicit, and I found it horrifying that this still happens today. I won't discuss any further what that article said on this forum as it is probably too off-topic. All I can say is I look at my girlfriend and thank God it hasn't been done to her!
As I said above when replying to PV, I doubt the Pakistani girl in question had ever been "surgically altered". I still think she must be at one end of the scale anatomically, and I know from experience there is wide variation, and I have known many women who seem to just dribble and trickle. On the opposite end of the scale there are women like Louise, who squirt huge gushers. So there must be an anatomical reason for it, but I think it must be a natural one.
Cheers, anyway, and if you have any other stories to tell us from your travels about urine flow, please tell us!

To Gabrielle, Emily, Jessica. Hi, my girlfriend is
convinced she's not alone! Enjoy your right to stand!

Bye for now,


All I can say is.....lucky James!!

PS - What is Biopsychology?

Simon - I really understand how you felt when you say that you don't know how you didn't wet yourself - I was once in the same predicament. I don't know how old you are but this happened when I was nineteen and had just started work after leaving college. I was on my way to work and I needed to pee really, really badly. The bus was held up in a terrible snarl-up and I was sweating. The bus had automatic doors and so I couldn't even get off without creating a scene and asking the driver to open the doors. I'd also reached the state where I wasn't sure if I'd survive if I had to walk to the front of the packed bus. I can recall now that I honestly thought I was going to wet myself sitting on the seat. A woman next to me talked about how we were all going to be late for work but that was the least of my worries. Once or twice I genuinely felt that I was just about to start peeing in my pants. I was in such a panic and just didn't know what to do. Even if I did get off I'd have fo! und myself in a busy high street and so I was left with two options - either wetting myself on the bus on getting off and surely peeing my trousers in the street. I know that I had never before come closer to wetting my pants and I still haven't to this day! I found myself imagining how I'd explain myself to my work colleagues and, quite humiliatingly, how I'd have to tell my mum! I felt sick with the anxiety. Quite amazingly, I did manage to last out until the bus stopped although I had to get off one stop before work. I was so relieved that I'd made it that I went behind a tree and just peed like never before - even though I was in danger of being seen by other passers-by. I just couldn't stop and then kept spurting and spurting like I couldn't control it. I didn't know how I was going to stop myself without spurting in my pants. Eventually I did and walked the rest of the way to work and by the time I arrived, I was absolutely bursting again. I shall always remember that da! y and how I honestly thought I wouldn't make it in time. I've never been in that situation since, and your posting was a real reminder.

Slayer Moon
To "notmyname," asking if most men wipe sitting or standing. If I'm away from home, I wipe with dry paper while sitting down. Then I yank up my pants, exit the stall with more TP in hand, wet it in the sink, go back in and wipe standing up. I like to keep my butt clean.

At home, I don't wipe. I hop in the shower right after getting off the can and wash my butt thoroughly. This is best done with the strainer removed from the shower drain, so that will go down the drain. I don't know about most guys, but that's the way I do it. I'm such a cleanliness freak!

Adam from Canada
My pooping routine is..

1. sit on the can and let out fart
2. shit comes out naturally, sometimes I push if I am in a rush and it is noisy
3. after pooping, I pee (sitting down)
4. wipe (sitting down

the Portland resident
My sister in law Jan is kind of a sweeet pervert. I mean this in a nice way. My older posts tell of a couple of things she has done. She was over Friday night and I showed her this site, but I didnt go back to my posts about her. Maybe she will find it on her own now (Hi Jan!). Anyway she seemed to enjoy this site, took is url down, read several pages, and laughed, in a nice way. Sunday afternoon she called and asked if we would like to go to lunch with her. My wife had left, shopping with a church friend, so it ended up just Jan and I. After lunch she said, I have a little treat for you. Come with me. -We went out to the car and from her gym bag she produced a roll of surgical tape, asking me to carefully wrap both of her hands. So I did. Then she said to drive to a nearby ladies' gym and follow her inside. I did. We went to the woman in charge, who seemed to know her. That is a no-brainer because Jan works out in this place. She said to the woman, - "This is ! my sisters' husband; he is helping me because I had surgery on both wrists. Is it okay if he goes into the dressing room with me to assist?" The woman acted a little shocked, but then told Jan she (the lady) would have to go inside first and make sure nobody in there had a problem with it. Which she did, and nobody had a problem because the room was empty. The lady made a sign reading "Male attendant inside" and hung it on the door, and told us to go ahead. In we went. Jan went right over to the toilet stalls and sat down. She just sat there and didn't do anything. But while we were in there, two nice looking women came in. One of them quickly stepped behind a partition and got back into her street clothes and left. But the other one came in, quickly looked at me standing in front of the stall, and went into another stall and sat down. Jan and I could hear everything; first the sound of pee, then groaning, and crackling as the womans poop splashed into the toilet. ! It seemed an endless amount and there was a lot of groaning, then paper being unrolled, and I swear we could even hear wiping, though that may have been my imagination. During the time this was going on, Jan said out loud, "I'll sure be glad to get these bandages off so you won't have to help me, it sure is sweet of you." I replied something to the effect that a male nurse has to take the bad with the good. So what do you suppose happened? The other young woman flushes, comes out of the stall, looks at us, smiles, says, "god that felt good, I haven't been able to go for two days," and goes over and undresses and heads for the shower. I nearly had a heart attack. She was just adorable!!!! I guess she bought the dumb line about me being a "male nurse." Just then another woman came in and headed for the stalls but I don't know how that turned out because Jan got up, and unnecessarily flushed using her tennis shoe, and said, "Let's go." On the way out, she thanked the! attendant and told her that she had been planning on using the treadmill but her wrists were starting to hurt and so we decided to leave instead. The attendant smiled and wished her well. When we got out to the car Jan had me unwrap the bandages, and she laughed all the way back home about the look on my face while we were inside the womens facilities, and when the naked lady walked past. When we got home, my wife had returned and Jan told HER what we did, laughing the whole time. My wife looked a little stunned, then (fortunately) she started laughing too. What a day. What a nice day!

Monday, March 27, 2000

About two weeks ago I was on my way to work (about an hours journey)on the bus, I had not eaten much that morning but had the usual two cups of tea, anyway, the bus was late and started to get packed out, after a while I could feel my bladder begin to fill up and we were nowhere near my stop,and the traffic was terrible. I began to pannick as I was already late for work and could not afford to get off and find a loo, I had to hold on. After another fifteen minutes the bus had not gone much further and now I was beginning to shuffle in my seat, I was sat next to a woman of about twenty six or so and was trying not to attract any attention but my bladder was filling up to the maximum. It was another thirty minutes befor finally the bus stopped where I had to get off and I was in so much pain that I could hardly walk, I don't know how I didn't wet myself (I suppose it was because of the pressure in my bladder that was causing me to get an 'unwanted erection' that men get when ! they really need to pee, you know what I mean guys!)needless to say that I found a public loo and shut myself in a cubicle and had to wait before I could go, it was a painfull pee and took several minutes in short bursts to empty my bladder - what a releif I can tell you!!

ps - does anyone else (male/female) ever get those really long pees that last forever, where you just keep squirting and squirting for ages?

To "notmyname"--You should not be embarrassed! Anyway,the answer is: I always stand up to wipe after pooping.

Elena-Nice story, any more experiences? Also.....where do you live?

Back to the story...Ths time I'll include some dialogue instead of just a description.

A few minutes after my sister peed her pants I got a bad stomach ache. I knew I couldn't hold it 'til we stopped for lunch but I realised I could hold it longer if I wasn't also holding my pee. So I decided to ask my mom for help.
"Mom I gotta go real bad, I don't think I can hold it 'til lunch."
"Pee or poop?"
"Ok, go ahead and pee in your pants, but you gotta hold your poop."
I relaxed and let it flow. It was about 3 times more than my sisters. I was fine for about another hour and a half, then we got stuck in a really big traffic jam.
My sister peed her pants again after we'd been stuck for about 15 minutes. We started moving slowly about 25 minutes later. We finally stopped for lunch at at 4:00. I wasn't hungry because I had to poop so bad, I was tempted to start pushing ! it out as soon as I got out of the car. Me and my sister headed for the bathroom right away.. When we got there all the stalls were locked.
"What do we do now Becca?" she asked
"We wait 'til there's a free stall."
"But I gotta go now."
"You're gonna have to wait, you can't poop your pants."
We waited in line for about 5 more minutes and I couldn't wait any longer, I gave a small push and the mess started to push it's way out, I pushed harder and my poop came out really fast. My sister saw me and she pooped her pants too.

I'll write more later, I also still wanna see more of your childhood road trip stories.

Hi all, this is my first post here. I am a male. I just got out of the bathroom and had an interesting experience. I pooped out some yellow/brown colored poop and along with it looked like a yellow/brown oily liquid which I am positive wasn't urine. Please give me some advice if you have any. I greatly appreciate it.


Dear All,

Hi, I'm James, a 19-year-old university student in the UK studying Biopsychology. I've been 'lurking' around this site now for around six months, just reading the posts. I thought I would post what I saw the other week:

Two weeks ago, I was sitting some exams (modular) for my course. Anyway, there are about 150 people taking these at the same time. In my set there has always been an attractive lady (same age as me). She has the usually stereotyped looks blonde hair, long legs etc and always wears sexy clothes. Well, it came to exam day and we were all sitting in the waiting area when Mandy (her name) came over to speak to me. She said all the usual stuff about how everyone was nervous and all that and I noticed she looked uncomfortable when she was standing still. I asked her if anything was wrong and she said that she needed to use the loo. Of course, I thought that she meant to do a pee so I said to her that she would have to cross her legs unle! ss she goes now because she wouldn't have time to go if she left it any longer.

She agreed and headed towards the toilets. She came back about a minute later with a worried expression on her face. She said that there was no loo roll and the janitor wasn't about. I jokingly said 'just drip-dry' and she looked at me and said that she needs to go 'the other one'. That made me laugh as she said it so quietly.

Anyway, she sat down on one of the chairs and waited to go into the exam. All the way through the exam she was moving and bobbing about. She was wearing these tight, white hipsters and she kept, every so often, touching her bum (which, I must confess, turned me on slightly).

We finished the exam and she rushed off to the toilet. I followed her (just to see what happened) and she walked unto the ladies toilet. I big sign said out of order was hung on the door with the lock shut tight. Mandy stood there for at least five seconds and with one hand o! n her ass she turned around and said to me she is in trouble. I said why and she said that she is just about to have and accident in her underwear if she doesn't get to a toilet very soon. She asked me what she should do and I just said I don't know. She walked down the corridor with me and about 20 metres down she started to walk much slower I asked her if she was alright and she said that it is coming out. I heard this crackling noise and she let out a few farts. Before I could say anything else she rushed back to the toilets to make sure they weren't locked. I ran after her and she was stood there trying to force the door open. With one of her hands still on her bum I saw this large bulge starting to form in the seat of her trousers.

It just kept getting bigger and bigger until her white hipsters turned brown. A stream of pee then started to run down her leg. She stopped, stood up and started to cry. I told her not to worry and that I would drive her home to get! changed. She was a mess. She kept saying that she was so embarrassed. I found something for her to sit on. When she sat down it made a loud squelch. On the way home she had gone some more as she figured that obviously it didn't matter.

The week after she invited me out for a drink to say thank you for being so understanding. Since then, we've been out four or fives. So, I guess I shall see what happens!



Today i had some intresting stories to tell.... After breakfast i had to shit and it was loose, Tonight for dinner i had dinner, from this locally country restaurant and i had fried chicken, the chicken was greasy. I got full, then finished eating and immeditly i had to shit, i went into the bathroom and the toilet was dirty. This bathroom had 2 urninal and a stall, the toilet was dirty so i thought should i go or not, i decided to go cause i knew i couldn't have made it home, and it was loose, i did have another urge(strong that i thought i would poop my pants) on the way home, but i was able to hold out till i got home. Once before i ate here and had turkey dinner, w/ gravy and had sever cramps and diahreha, and i had to stop at a gas station 5 min from home, i just couldn't hold off. Tonight wasn't as bad as that. My loose stools were either from too much fruit(had a bit of fruit today) or greasy food, don't know which. Gotta go


John, Ednas Husb.
When I was 16 yrs old this happened. I was painting the house. I had agreed to spend 2 hours each day after school doing this and in exchange was given enough money to go to the county fair afterwards. I had gotten into a botttle of my fathers Guinness while painting, then finished the work and started off for fairgrounds about a mile away. I had to poop but figured it could wait till I got there. Wrong, about halfway there my butt started to feel like it would explode and I could feel a turd starting to force its way out. I was in a semi public area, walking along a road, but I had no choice except to get down in the ditch and shit the whole mess out a autos whizzed along nearby. I dont know if anyone saw me and I remember I didn't care by then. I wiped using some school papers or something and had to clean a bit of poop out of my shorts but it sure was a relief to get that load out. I then went to the fair where I met up with my 15 year old girlfriend and we walked! around holding hands, her holding the hand I'd used to wipe and clean all that poop without having anyplace to wash afterward. I was worried I'd stink of shkit but she never seemed to notice.. Now as an adult I notice that when I dont have to go I find public restrooms somewhat disgusting when I stop in to pee, and am glad I dont have to shit. But once in a while when I am caught short, I am very glad to have a place to shit and then I dont care who knows about it or who sees or hears me doing it. It just feels good to get rid of all that pressure out my asshole.

NOTMYNAME I am a matron, and part of my jobis cleaning the mens restroom in a large railroad terminal. Sometimes, I go in and fine all the stalls ( which are all doorless) occupied wit gentlemen. I find most men wipe whie sitting down,but I have seen a few bums, in my face as they stand and face the wall, while wiping. I do not make a big deal, as some might feel a bit embarrased with a woman in the restroom

To Becca: I recently recommended my 14y old daughter to pee through her panties rather than be squirming around like she was doing (she was wearing a short skirt). Initially she said she couldn't but shortly after she stood still and let the pee flow through her panties down her legs onto the pavement. I myself ever now and then do that too.

Once I was bursting to poop (a big load of soft poop). I was wearing a skirt, a pantyhose and a long coat (it was winter). We live about a mile out of the center of the city and we, me and my husband, were walking home. I had to go so badly that about every 100 yards I had to stop to regain control. My husband told me, since nobody would notice because of my long coat, I could just as well let it go in my panties which is what I did.

Drew: You would have found the same thing at the law firm I was visiting for the past few weeks. It seemed that every other time I was in there someone else was in a stall taking to someone over a cell phone.

Have you been in a situation where you were reading while on the toilet and lost track of time? That's happened to me a few times, especially one time in college when I was at the library studying one late night. It was about 9:00 in the evening, and I was studying for a midterm the next day. I went into the women's restroom to poop. I had all of my stuff with me, and as I sat down I decided to pull out a magazine I had just bought. I started to pee, then I pushed out a couple of medium solid logs. A couple of minutes passed, during which I started to get into an article that I was particularly interested in. I pushed out another piece, but continued to read. A few minutes went by, then I started to pee again and pushed out one more medium log. Then I s! ettled down and continued to read the magazine, moving on to another article. At this point I was completely immersed in this magazine and completely oblivious to where I was or what else I was doing.

I proceeded to read the whole magazine from cover to cover. I was still sitting on the toilet, though I hadn't pushed down anything in quite a while. All of a sudden, the lights began to flicker. I looked at my watch and realized it was 10:45. I've been on the toilet almost two hours! I quickly put away the magazine, wiped a couple of time, flushed, washed my hands, and headed out the restroom. As I got to the front lounge in the library, my friend Carrie was waiting for me. She said, "What took you so long, Jane? I was beginning to get worried. We were supposed to meet an hour ago." I said, "Believe it or not, I was in the bathroom for almost two hours?" Carrie said, "Are you all right? Did you have another one of those...", and I said, "I'm OK. No, I didn! 't have a huge dump. I was reading this magazine all this time and lost track of the time." Fortunately I was prepared for the midterm and did well.

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