When I was a child say 9 or 10 we went out for the day with the family from nextdoor, they had two children, Both Girls one aged 3 and the other the sames age as me.

We had been in the car for what seemed like a long time and the oldest girl started to fidget. After a while a she told her mum that she needed to use the toilet. After driving for a while longer her need grew greater and she was no longer able to hold on.

Her Mother, who was was driving pulled the car over and said she would have to go on the road side. This is when the girl told her that she needed a no2. What happen next amazed me. Her Mother went to the boot of the car a produced a child's potty(a pink one) belonging the her sister. She said she would have to use this.

The Eldest child got out the car, Her mother quickly pulled her dress up and her knicker down and sat this 10 year old girl, on her sisters potty. She was barly able to get her bottom over the potty. She sat there in full view of every one in the car crying and pooing. When she got up to wipe I saw this massive pile of poo the potty, it was nearly full. Where she was too big for the potty her pee had missed and she had soaked her Knickers which were around her ankles.

She spent the whole of the day with no knicker on. We all agreed that we would to tell any one this story. Still this was a while ago.

Has anyone else got any stories to share when either you were young or your own children were taken short. I would love to hear them.

Hey, Ive been gone all week to Cancun for MTV's Spring Break and Im back now. I just found out Thursday, my mom told me she was flying me and Kristin to Mexico and her mom wanted me to come over and help her pack for Kristin, so I went over. I got over there and Carrie(Kristin's mom) who is like 35(Thats still in the cool parent zone, she graduated w/ my mom)asked if I want anything to drink and we went up to go through her stuff. We started packing and about 1/2way through her mom found a pair of crapped panties and asked me if I knew about these I just said "No, probably cheerleading, I know she wipes well" we just laughed, she knows Kristin and I like to accompany each other to the bathroom. We carried on and for a small joke we decided to pack her all thongs:) On the flight down Kristin said she had to poop, so we went in to the small airplane bathroom, and she did, I didnt have to though... she sat down and there was just 1 splat, she got up and there was just 1 7"er, ! she said the wierd bathroom made her nervous so we flushed and left. I'll tell ya much more later. On the Uk vs US thing, the moderators are right, just let it drop, opinions are fine, but telling people what to post and what not to is wrong, If it were coming down to taking sides from what Ive heard I would probably go US not because Im from there or because I like Diarrhea or because I dont like the UK, but because it doesnt seem like they really have anything to respond with and hopefully everyone else will quit fueling the fire also.

To Elena- Yes, man can I SYMPATHISE with working
overtime on a poop. I have to STRUGGLE with one about
every three days. If I don't work at it I don't go.
What have you found that helps the work the most? For
me, its taking a BIG, DEEP, breath and then rocking back
and forth. I most definatly want to do this ALONE as I
GRUNT a LOT and am imbarrassed as hell by it.
Please tell us more about your struggles on the toilet

Elena &Cousin
Elena writes:
Mad Otaku, best of luck as I have yet to see anime anime that shows pooping or peeing of females. I did ask Miguel and he said he's only seem more guys that girls in anime and manga. However, in one anime called Weather report girl,( note this is the animated one.. the live action one does not have this one but the sequel which hasn't come to the US yet does) there's scenes with a guy and later a girl being slipped laxatives and well not making it. It's not explict, and my guy enjoys the one with the girl as there's a long desperation scene with her. She is on the ait doing the weather when it kicks in and well she fights to keep it in and finish the weather. The voice act did a believable job as I thought wow did they make the voice actor hold it too to get the real affect? Anyway, that's my guy for you. Also he says Tenchi Muyo has shows a few scenes as well. But the most he is proud of was his issue of Gunmsith Cats. Which had Rally hiding in Bean's car and bursting for a major pee. She even thinks about going in her pants when Bean stops. She runs to the ladies room after he's out of sight. The show the ladies room door and you see a huge sound affect of Rally peeing, and they show her from the chest up with a classic look on her face as it comes out. I must admit I'm a bit of a prude but even I broke out laughing. His comic has gone missing and he suspects me.. but I'm innocent. really!! Anyway if you know of anyway please tell and my guy can die happy.. and he will. Sandra, how can you even read when you have a mojor poo? I can't.. I have to wait for the firework to be over before I can read anything. Lucky you JANE.. welcome to my world.. that massive poop you had.. that's me evey single time. poor me. Anyway here is my guy to add his two pesos worth.

Cousin writes:Notmyname.. I'm lazy so I remain seated when I wipe. [laughs as he sees Elena blush as she reads over his shoulder]Adam from Canada.. I share this hous! e with Elena and Linda, Linda is okay but my gal.. [shakes his head] the arrangements are that when she goes to the bathroom I have to leave the country or she won't feel comfortable taking her monster poop. [Gets hit ont he head by Elena] um that's all for now. Linda will post sometime next week.. if she behaves.. and Elena will too if she behaves. Yikes gotta go.

Yesterday when I found this site I found myself wanting to have a shit, but I was having so much fun reading, that I didn't want to go to the toilet, so I jus held it. Eventually I found myself having a shit in my pants and boy it was big, i'm surprised it held it all. Also I ended up pissing in my trousers as well - and the funny thing about it was that I enjoyed it. If anywayone else, especially guys have stories (not from childhood) about messing themselves - please mail me with them.

Hi all!

In order of posting...

STEVE: Hi guy! Yes, it was wonderful to hear from louise direct, she's sure into her chosen passtime! As you say, it's such a shame there are so few gals into the art of the standing pee, I've read that only one woman in ten thousand in the US is even aware that it's physiologically possible! But when they discover the facts women are usually interested to learn, and liken it to a reawakening, a realization of amazing proportions. A lady on another list once related having told some friends about it and within a few days they were all calling her to say they had discovered they could do it too!

The holding-up thing might stem from babies being held when they start to wee while being changed, and it could have just continued from here... but it does seem a bit odd that only girls are so held. Could be a guy thing, some kind of macho control thing? Shudder, let's not go there.

Yes, I'm in complete agreement, any ! mom who will avoid installing self-consciousnesses that "blight" a child's life is a great mom. Similar to your beach obsrvation, I remember reading a piece by a chap in france who had seen a family get out of their car, and three kids, two boys and a girl, all happily go to a hedge and have a wee, all standing, all streaming neatly. Same sort of thing, I guess, a casual pleasure in the innocence of the act. That's what we need more of.

What a display of wee-styles those girls put on at the beach! I must say, they're very much more open than those I've seen here in Aus so far, though to be fair I've not been to a beach so crowded yet. Pakistani girls are a surprise at a nude beach anyway, as in Pakistan they are kept in a state of medieval social subjugation that would have them killed for walking out of the house the wrong way, let alone displaying themselves naked, much less in the act of urinating. That they could do it easily and openly in mixed company suggests t! hey may have been Indian rather than Pakistani, as some parts of India have a more relaxed social code, though still not quite *this* relaxed!

The variety is, I'd guess, probably natural... Even the super-gusher may have been normal, there's that much sheer variation in the biological mix. Though I do take Traveler's comments seriously -- see below.

LOUISE: Hi dear! Wow, your poo at the park was really something! That would be a really wild experience, especially in light of being dressed properly for work. There's something about it that connects modern culture with the ancient past -- no matter how much sophistication we pile on, nature is nature!

Yes, one or two folks have mentioned I must be gutsy for doing the men's room thing alone. I've anointed four at my college and about four more at our local shopping mall. After a while it became a game to see if I could get away with it, and I've been "walked in on" a couple of times. It's amazing it's n! ot been more often. Once was on a college field trip, I was heading for the bathrooms at a small community center, a guy went in the men's ahead of me, both stalls were occupied in the ladies, so I looked in the men's and found one narrow, steel-wall urinal. The guy had gone in the stall, and seemed like he was going to be in there for a while. I stepped up on the tile step and did my stuff on the wall. I was in shirt, jeans, sneakers and had my ponytail through the back of my cap, so from behind I didn't look too far from the male condition (lots of men have long hair in Aus), so when another guy looked in behind me he saw the stall occupied, and somebody standing there hosing the urinal! I've no idea if he knew I was a girl!

Another time was at college, I was standing there weeing at a long steel wall urinal, wearing the same sort of clothing as above, going through the zip of my jeans, with the waist band open and shrugged down just a bit. A guy walked behind me an! d into a stall, didn't register anything, didn't say anything... My heart nearly jumped out of my chest, though!

Going backwards -- interesting. Before I had any idea you could wee forwards I used to try to imagine how I would go if I was wearing kneeboots that would keep me from lowering my jeans any further than my knees. I came up with a half-squat with a far forward bend, so my stream would land behind me. But I never actually tried it, as a few days later I discovered you could stand up straight and pee a beautiful arc, which has been my goal ever since!

Yes please, do let me know your volume, I'm really interested to know! Oh, and yes, I've had a wee in a sink! It was a bit drafty about the bum, and I was conscious of the necessity to not let a poo pop out, but yes, I hoisted myself onto the edge of the kitchen sink and made all kinds of crackling noises with some splashing on the back of my legs! It's a steel sink, so there's plenty of sound effects. A! porceileine sink, or a really swank vanity sink would be an interesting piddle!

Looking forward to your next posting! PV

BLUE FLAME: Hi! Your point is well taken regarding shower drain poos, and I guess that's what I was thinking about. If one was to make a permanent habit of clearing your bowels in the shower, like Christine, it might cause some problems with straight forward hygeine. Heck, I've weed on my bathroom floor a few times, and though I've washed the floor down well afterward to the main drain, there's sometimes a smell that reminds me I'm not being thorough enough. The same thing would apply, only more so.

NJ: Hi there! Yes, I've read that a squat poo should be more thorough, and a more satisfying dump. I'll have to do it more often and see if I can develop a "style" or whatever that meets the requirement. Perhaps being really ready for an opening is part of the trick, then just hop down and relax, let bowel pressure and gravity take ove! r. A firm poo would slip away more easily, of course, and I tend to be softer in my bowel habit. Large, firm ones, please... Somebody -- anybody!

GABRIELLE: Hi there! Your technique sounds very similar to the one I'm using, though I tend to dribble a bit. I usually hold a tissue just under my outlet to catch drips if needed, it's just peace of mind really. Yes, writing your name in snow -- I've read that on another popular forum, and I'm delighted to make the acquaintence of the poster! Tell me, did you write your whole name out, or just 'Gab,' or 'Gabby,' for instance? It would take a lot of urine indeed to write out the whole thing!

Now, for a change of pace... Some very serious stuff, people, and, fair warning, it's not what you'd call fun reading:

TRAVELER: Female circumcision is one of the burning issues in health practice and feminism. As far as I know, it is statutorily illegal in Australia, defined as mutilation, and is surgically corrected (! labiaplasty, etc.) if a case falls within Australian jurisdiction. (THE MODERAROR MAY WISH TO DELETE THE FOLLOWING, IT'S PRETTY UPSETTING READING) The descriptions I've read/heard involve the removal of the outer lips, though I don't recall an excision of the clitoris. The inner labia are stitched together. An orifice the size of a matchstick is left for urination. This is a form of surgical chastity-belt and is inflicted upon girls as young as five! It is cruel in the extreme, agonizingly painful and leaves children scared physically and mentally. The surgery is reversed by a midwife upon the marriage night, when presumeably the girl is forced to have sex through an open wound.

Damage to the urethral orifice is far from unimaginable, given the practice by unskilled hands, and some little girls die from either shock or infection. However, the absolutely volcanic gush of urine Steve observed from that subcontinent lassie could only result from a post-reversal-surgical ! circumcised girl, and this would culturally be a married girl, so what she would be doing out of purdah and in another country is anyone's guess -- maybe she was one of the lucky ones and escaped.

I guess you can tell I feel very strongly about this issue, I'm very passionate about it. I feel the female genitals are a beautiful, natural structure, that give delight to both sexes, and the pleasure I receive from passing urine is a gift from nature to me. To have a cultural imperative change all this is anathema to me, and I feel deep down that it is a wickedness of overwhelming proportions that canot be removed from the world soon enough. Okay... rant over.

All my best,


To "Not My Name" I simple lift my bum a bit off the seat and put the paper, usually a moist wipe under and wipe my bum. Some blokes do stand up off the pan as indeed do some women I know. Theresa sits as I do. In some cultures toilet paper is not used, a spray of water is employed to clean the anal region after defecation.

Drew I have taken a call on my mobile when sitting on the toilet pan doing a motion. Fortunately it was at home and the caller was a friend. I havent yet been phoned when sitting on a public toilet. It wouldnt bother me as long as it didnt bother the caller.

Traveller, I agree that any mutilation done to a child in the name of custom or religion is barbaric and to my mind that includes male infant circumcison and facial scars. Let the person decide for themselves when old enough to make an informed decision. The only surgical excisons should be for good medical reasons to save life or prevent disability etc. Just think, we would not permit! parents to have their boy child emasculated as a sex change because they wanted a daughter but if that person grew up to be a physical male but wished to change sex as an adult that would be permitted, so I dont see that they should be allowed to have parts of their childs body removed to suit custom or supersition.

Harry, sorry I misunderstood your psost about why you had to ruin a good turd by passing it in little bits. I have said this before, no offence to you but your parents are sure strange people.

Jane, Im glad your unhappy work project is over. I too have had to install systems in nasty customers premises and they blame YOU even if they chose the harware for themselves or had it inflicted by higher authority. I usually find the problems are from crap software I have to say it in most places the IT department write the stuff they way THEY want it not to suit the end user who is usually not computer literate. Anyway, that big motion you did with the 3 big long sirm jobbies was a beaut! Wish I had followed you into that toilet after you had gone and saw the mighty logs. Bet you felt really good after passing that lot!

Love all, Thersa has just woken up and has asked me to accompany her to the toilet for her motion, so I have to go!

Sunday, March 26, 2000

Maybe I'm missing something but I'd love to know exactly what the Moderator's angst is. There is no US v UK antipathy here, nor has there ever been. Perhaps someone would care to explain and lessen my confusion?

All right, we thought this thread would croak on its own. Guess not. This US vs. UK has to stop. In addition we do not wish to legislate and label what is normal and what isn't. Nature does not discriminate and neither will we. Labeling and separating will result in making first and second class forums depending on how someone decides to view them.Many people probably go to both extremes in the course of a day. Rest rooms aren't segregated based on these criteria. What would happen if we applied this kind of reasoning to other forums such as the Race Relations forum? This forum is for everyone, because this is something everyone does.

Here is my question too embarrassing to ask.

Do most men wipe standing up, or sitting down?

I had an interesting experience at the university the other day. I saw a guy walk into one of the bathrooms while he was talking really loudly into his cell phone. I was inquisitive as to what he was going to do, so I followed him in. Sure enough, he went into the handicap stall. I went into the adjoining one. What I found amazing was the fact that he carried on talking while locking the door, putting down the seat, wiping it, sitting down and even grunting in the middle of a sentence as he shitted. He was talking and laughing the whole time, but never mentioned a word about where he was or what he was in the middle of doing. I doubt if the listener realized that they were in conversation with someone in the middle of a dump. He ended the conversation and then got down to wiping and flushing. I looked in the stall after he had left. There was nothing to see, but there was a very strong shit aroma which indicated that he must have taken a pretty good dump

Well I don't have much of a story but it goes.

Once I was in school and my teachers name was Ms.Mulqueen and I asked if all of us could go to the bathroom she said "No in an Hour!" All of us were whispering, "An hour?" See I really had to go to the bathroom and I had to piss so bad, I told my friend that I really had to go she told me not to ask Ms.Mulqueen so I didn't I tried to hold it in I couldn't. So I asked Ms.Mulqueen if I could get a drink and instead of getting a drink I went to the bathroom. I couldn't hold it in much longer and then I went in my Pants! I went to get my jacket so she wouldn't see that I made in my pants.When I came back into the classroom she asked me why I had my jacket with me I lied and said it's cld sit down!!! When it was time to leave school I forgot I peed in my pants I let my jacket go and then I remembered. I hope nobody saw, I was so embarassed.

If anyone had an experience like this please respond

Becca, this may not be what you asked for but it's the closest I've come to it. I was about 8 at the time and visiting my grandparents in Mexico.. when I had to pee.. very badly. They kind to where it hurt to even breath. I told my mom could we find a toilet soon.. she said that we were almost at my grandmother's house so I could wait. Well I could not.. we were in the last town before we reached her farm.. which was like another 45km away. I said to my father that he better do something quick or I'd ruin his seat. Well they pulled over and my mom led me to an alley and said to go there. I could not.. never had I gone outside of a bathroom.. since i was like 3. She told me to squat and peeing through my underpants then. I said no.. She left and said try. I tried so hard to hold it.. and I had started to squirt a bit. So I squated and fought.. but it would not come out. They it happened, across from me was a dirty broken mirror and I saw my face. It was red and wrinkled up from! me fighting to pee and it made me break out into laughter. And it flooded out.. I was in shock but oh it felt oh so good.. and oddly warm. My body shook as relief finally hit me. Then I carefull let down my dress and walked to to car. My skirt was dry and no one would know what I did. It felt kinda naughty .. so as I walked to my car a few drops kept coming off of my panties as i walked and my mom asked if I had done it. I noded and she put a towel for me to sit on. I barely told my guy this story yesterday. Heh I did have to poop at that time.. but I held it till we got to my grandmother's house.. and that was an adventure as my grandmother followed me in and wanted to hear all about my life in the states and I had to POOP, and in front of her too. Bye for now.

To Kathleen - I think others would agree with me in saying that doorless stalls are the exception rather than the rule. At least, in my experiences with public toilets, I don't think I've ever unwillingly been forced to use a doorless stall. Usually, there will only be one or two stalls without doors but you're pretty much guarranteed a stall with a door. What do all the other guys think, am I right in my generalization? To further answer your question, Kathleen, if I ever was in a situation where there were no stalls with doors and I really had to poop, and I mean REALLY had to go badly, I guess I would just suck it up and use the bathroom in full view of everyone. I mean, we all got to go at some point, right? Now, if the urge was not that pressing, well, then I would just hold it till a better place came about. I hope this answers your question and I'm wondering if others can back me up. Thanks.

Steve, England: The Pakistani girl you saw at the beach with her "brief but awesome" urine burst may have been the recipient (I should rather say "victim") of so-called female circumcision at a younger age. This operation is actually an excision of the clitoris, performed on girls at the age of puberty in certain parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. I may be mistaken, but I believe Pakistan is one of those countries where it's practiced. The supposed purpose is to decrease the woman's sexual desire or pleasure and thus keep her faithful to her husband. Meanwhile, in some societies where this is done, the husbands are out cavorting as they please. (For those who don't know me here, I'm a guy, but injustice is injustice.) This practice is often performed by untrained laymen who do it as a tradition, without the benefit of medical training or knowledge of sterile procedure. The result in some cases is infection and even permanent damage to the urinary tract. When ! I worked in West Africa, public debate was just starting as to whether this practice should be abandoned as an outmoded tradition and a health problem. African colleagues told me that one of the common effects after the procedure is that the woman has a wide, gushing urine stream for the rest of her life. That may have been the case here. (I hope the moderators don't consider the above too far off-topic for this forum. I offer this information because Steve asked about the "why" of what he saw.)

Yes, it's me, long lost Traveler. It's good to see this board again with so many familiar and new "faces"! I'll try not to be such a stranger here, though I've been swamped with work of late. Take care, everyone.


Hi PV: I also asked the question of sitting vs. squatting a while back. Apparently it's quite the norm in many other countries/cultures to squat. Like yourself, I have on occasion taken a dump over paper towels on the bathroom floor while squatting-after taking off my pants completely. I must admit that I felt emptier afterwards. Occasionally, when I have days where I can't seem to finish shitting everything out in one session, I'll come back and do a squat shit. Usually that does the trick-must be the pressure on the muscles, or something like that. The only problem is that if I'm away from home (which I often am), squatting over the toilet can be uncomfortable for the knees and hard if there is nothing to hold on to. Plus you have to deal with your clothing and aim so to not get the seat etc. Squatting outdoors, especially in the woods, I do enjoy sometimes.

Dearest SANDRA, I had a dump similar to yours the other day-Mexican food does the same to me, ! though this time it was Middle Eastern (lamb, etc.). I pushed out 3 long logs (about 8 inches a piece) with a few loud, long farts, then wiped and thought I was done. All of a sudden more firecracker farts and a pile of mush. I'm surprised the toilet didn't clog up. Was quite a relief, needless to say.

Thanks HIKER_UK for the stories. Keep them coming.

Take care everyone,

Jessica, Your gonna have to hold those lips open in order to get a nice tight stream without all the over spray. There's a site with actual instructions and diagrams; I won't bother to post it cause then they won't post this I don't suppose.

Gabrielle writes...
Hereís a little about women using menís urinals (my personal experiences).
I usually pee standing up in any location, and can use just about any type of menís urinal with
ease. I stand with my feet slightly apart, about shoulder width, and my pants and panties pulled
down to my knees. I lean back slightly at the waist, with some arch in my back. When I start to
pee, I push hard to start a strong stream, and push again at the end to keep the stream up until
Iím done. I find that I have good control over where the stream goes, and itís a pretty clean
process. Sometimes I dribble a little when Iím finishing up, but not too often. Most of the time I
donít even need to wipe when Iím done. If Iím wearing pants with a long enough zipper, I just
unzip, pull my panties aside, and go through the fly. Once while doing this outside, another
woman asked if I had a penis. She asked how I could urinate standing up without making a
! mess. My, what our mothers never taught us!!

Gabrielle writes more...
I donít really have any problems with drips, as I
said, I can often get away without even having to wipe when I go standing up. I always seem to
need a wipe when I go sitting down, however. Perhaps the lack of drips is due to 1)the fact
that I give a hard push to get the last of the flow out as I stop, or 2) the fact that women simply
have less length of plumbing between the bladder and urethra to contain urine, making it easier
to drain completely. Regarding aim: It wasnít great when I started peeing while standing on a
regular basis (probably 10 years ago), but it has improved over time. I am now precise enough
that I can go through the fly in a pair of jeans. Aiming and stream control are accomplished
mostly with the hips. When learning, a good technique is to place your hands against your lower
abdomen, on the pubic hair triangle. By pressing with either hand your stream can be angled.
By pulling up or pressing wi! th both hands you can point the stream upward. Try this in the
shower where it doesnít matter if you are sloppy the first few times. Eventually you may
become good enough to be able to write your name in the snow. (yes Iíve done this!) Hope
this insight helps.

Emily writes:
Fabulous page Iíve stumbled on! I am 24 years old and single. Since I first
started wearing jeans (my favourite garment!) I have worked on overcoming a womanís
problem, namely how to pee without having to pull your pants down and squat. I also
developed a method which enables me to pee through the open zip of my jeans as conveniently
as a man. It comes down to a strong start and a rapid shut-off finish (i.e. no dribbling). My
technique is simple. At first I pinch myself shut until the pressure builds up, then as the stream
starts to die, I push to keep maximum flow, then I can stop it fairly suddenly. From the age of
16 I have had this down to a fine art, never leaving more than the odd spot on my clothes

My stint at the law firm is finally over. It was a few weeks but seemed like several months. Most of the time the staff either didn't care that we were there or were annoyed that we had set up such a bad system. Nevertheless, we were very surprised that we were given a warm sendoff, including a luncheon in our honor and a presentation. I will be back in my own office on Monday.

Back to my "retro" stories. This one occurred in college when I was at work in the campus bookstore. That day we had a heavy rush of tourists almost all day, mostly foreign tour groups. I was at the cash register ringing in purchases, and there were long lines at all of the registers, and people virutally everywhere on the sales floor. In the midst of the rush I started to feel some gas build up in my stomach and then an urge to poop. I bent down to pick up a shopping bag when I let loose with a big fart. It was so noisy on the floor that no one seemed to notice, and there was a big s! tink, but no one seemed to notice, either. For a while longer I kept working at the cash register, ringing in the purchases, taking in transactions, packing the merchandise, and so forth. I managed to fart a few more times, and no one seemed to notice the sound or the smell, except for the last one, when a co-worker, who had joined me and helped me bag merchandise, asked if I noticed that someone cut one. Finally, we were able to clear out the floor, and I was able to take my lunch break.

I went into the ladies restroom, into a stall, dropped down my shorts and panties, and sat. I started to pee, let out a couple of farts, and started to push out poop. It felt like a monster poop, but this one was especially hard. It felt like I was pushing out an extra fat Baby Ruth candy bar that was extra crunchy and extra brittle. It was long, and it came out very slowly. I had to push a little more than usual to get it to move. Finally, I was able to push out the first p! iece, which dropped into the bowl with a large splash, and then another piece came out, just as big and even more slowly. I pushed hard for a couple of minutes, but it took its own sweet time to go down. Finally it dropped off and fell into the toilet with a splash. Then I started to push out one that was much thicker than the other two pieces, and just as crunchy. I pushed with all my might, but it wouldn't come out fast. In fact, I had to stop to catch my breath, then I started to push again. But this piece was coming out ever so slowly, and I had to pause once more before making one more big push. Finally, after the front end was already at the bottom of the bowl, the other end passed through my butt, and the rest of the piece fell into the toilet with a big splash. It was one of the hardest piece I ever pushed out. I was finally done, and I only needed to wipe a couple of times. I pulled up my clothes, turned around and saw three huge pieces, each about a foot l! ong and a few inches thick. I flushed it all away. I felt much better afterwards.

Blue Flame
Hello all.

In regards to PVs post and the pooing in the shower drain. It is something that I would be wary about in my personal opinion. I know that the trap in the toilet is designed to handle human waste while the trap in the shower drain is designed for water and nothing much else. Keep in mind that the traps in sinks and shower/tubs are alike and only designed to keep the harmful sewage gases from venting into your home. The trap in the toilet does the same while providing a small basin of water to do your buisness in. It is made to be larger to let matterial through. I find that sink and tub traps tend to back up because of hair alone! I would take caution while pooping in the shower. The smaller trap may catch the poop and lead to odours and such. It could lead to some fairly unsanitary conditions.

Harry (Pacific Northwest U.S.A.)
Tony (Scotland)>>Sorry, I didn't make myself clear on my last post about the "traveler's constipation", and the size of the log I had passed after getting back from that vacation years ago...I'm the person that has mentioned before that we used to get in trouble if we plugged the toilet by passing large logs, and in that particular occurence, it was the same reason for the small bits being passed by pinching off pieces at a time, as I didn't want to plug the toilet in my parent's house...I too, prefer to pass one long solid piece rather than break it up in to several pieces. That's one reason why I like living where I am at now, the toilet we have is in an old house, and has a good flush to it, but I have managed on a few occasions to come close to stopping the toilet up after passing a major movement. I just stood by with the plunger just in case I needed to use it, though most of the time 3 or 4 flushes was enough to get the waste started on its way to the local sewe! r system...

Adam from Canada
Does anyone share a house or an apartment with someone? I have my own apartment and it is in a basement of a house. Sometimes I wouldn't mind sharing with someone who is around my age (mid 20's) and I would like to see what there bathroom habits are like.

Saturday, March 25, 2000

I remember growing up that my mother was always constipated. She would fill up the enema bag in the kitchen and then go into the bathrrom. The bathroom door would be partially open and I could see her sit on the toilette trying to poop. After two attemps and farts she would take a 2 quart enema. She then spent over a hour trying to poop. Later on I driilled a peep hole to watch her bearing down on the toilette trying to squeeze out the poop.

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