I recall that once in first grade a girl who I will refer to as "Haley" raised her hand and asked our teacher if we could go to the bathroom. The teacher, who I will call Ms. Jones, said no, later. About 2 minutes later "Haley" started peeing right there in here seat onto the linoleum flooring. She jsut kept peeing and peeing. She was really nice and I felt bad for her. I don't recall if she cried or not, but she went to the nurse to get some bnew clothes and while she was gone a"Ms.JOnes" told us not to make fun of her and it had been her fault for nto letting Haley go etc. One really bitchy girl, whose name I will not change Charlene, made fun of poor Haley anyway. Ugh

Today I was hanging out in the parking lot behind a deli that some people I know work at with my friend who I will call Stella. Anyway, there's a bar there too and I was standing by the door and noticed that there was someone peeing. They peed for at least 30 seconds, really hard, but Stella was calling me so I couldn't time it anymore. Oh well.

Thanks everyone for answering my posts! I always thought that if I were a guy I would pee in the stalls.
Anyway, I have a story. When I was bout 6 or 7 I was taking a bath and I had to fart (or so I thought) but it turned out that the "fart" was actually shit. There were like 13 little strands of shit floating around the tub and I was like "Oh shit mom's gonna be SOOO mad!" so i drained the tub (and the shit) and drew a whole new bath. Luckily, she never noticed. I have another story about how I almost pissed myself in first grade. My class was playing dodge ball and I had to pee. I was extremely claustrophobic and had the idea that if I went in the bathroom one of the older kids would hold the door closed and refuse to let me out. I guess I was just paranoid. Anyway, I started to do the "potty dance" and pee was dribbling out of me just a little as I danced around. I saw down on my pink jacket and I guess it looked like I was humping it or something, now that I! think of it, but no one seemed to notice. I could see drops of pee on the blacktop, but still, no one said anything. Finally I asked my friend Kaitlin if she would hold the door open for me while I peed and we asked out teacher 'Mrs. Jones' (the same one from other story about "haley") and she said okay, so Kaitlin held the door open for me and I peed happily. I also remember one time ms. jones asked if i had to pee and i lied and said no but she could tell i did so i asked Kaitlin to come with me and hold the door open. In fifth grade I transferred to a different school that had the bathroom doors locked open. I hated fifth grade because I was very shy and did not make friends easily and one day I kicked the little white toilet paper dispenser so that the top opened. Then I spent the rest of recess prying it open. Toilet paper flew everywhere and I was very satyfied. In sixth grade they built a new annex and the bathroom doors were not usually locked open. I was afr! aid at first but by the end of the year I overcame my claustrophobia. It was so serious before that I wouldn't even get in a car or a closet or sometimes even smalls stores, but I'm almost completely over it now. In fact, a few weeks ago, I walked through a dark storm drian that was miles long with my friend, but that's a different story

MALE, OK but from what i understand, most mens restrooms do not have doors on the stalls, so if you REALLY have to shit, and your buddies are only pissing or washing hands, what would you do?

Hi, my name is Becca and I'm 9 years old. I was wondering, does anyone have any childhood stories where they had an accident, or were given permission to go in your pants by your parents or another adult on a long road trip?'s mine.

Ok, I live in Kansas, me and my family were going to see my aunt in Tennesee. My parents are really nice about accidents. Our trip started at 9:30 in the morning. My mom said we weren't stopping until lunch. By 10:30 I had to pee but it wasn't very bad. My 5 year old sister had to pee too, I think she had to go a little worse than me, I asked my mom when we were stopping for lunch, she said between 2 and 3. I got worried when she said that because now I had to poop too. At about 11:15 my sister told my mom she couldn't hold it much longer, and I started thinking I was gonna be in the same situation soon. Not long after my sister had both hands down her pants trying desperatly to hold on. About five minutes later I knew ! she wasn't gonna make it and watching her try to hold on only made me have to go worse. I had to think of a way to break her attention so she'd pee her pants and it would give me an excuse to at least get rid of half my problem, but I didn't need to, I guess my mom got sick of listening to her wiggle around. and told her to go ahead and go. She kept trying to hold on for about two more minutes and finally my mom told me to make her go. I reached over and pressed on her stomach and she started leaking slowly, then a big gush came and she completely lost control.

I hope this didn't suck too bad. I'll tell ya the rest later cuz it's my bedtime.


I remember your posts from last year in which you describe always pooing in the shower, and it sounds kinda fun. I know I enjoy giving my bottom a nice soapy warm wash, it feels wonderful, but I've always wondered about the hygiene factor of using the floor drain. Do you need to use a disinfectant solution down the drain to keep it from smelling bad, or from it perhaps becoming heavily infested with mold or whatever?

There was some discussion recently of squatting to relive oneself being a better, more thorough way (nature's own way, of course). Would you agree with this? In some curiosity, I tried squatting recently for a complete motion. I took my pants off, put down plenty of toilet paper, then got down and pood on the floor. It was quite a good feeling, though tough on the knees if you're not used to that position for long. I just bundled up the paper and dropped it in the toilet, then sat while I got cleaned up. I guess if my motion had bee! n somewhat firmer it may have been a more satisfying experience.

I must say, ever since I read your posts I've been fascinated with the idea of doing my poos where the flowing water and soap and all can keep things as clean as can be, but the thought of, well, *missing the hole* and having to then handle my turds is a bit off-putting. You probably discussed this a long time ago, but is there any special trick to it?

Happy poops,


While hiking in Scotland a few years ago, I came across a public toilet at a car park. It was at a scenic spot on a main road in quite a remote location. The cisterns (tanks) were behind wooden panels but there was a piece of panel missing in stall No. 2 in the gents toilet. By looking in where the panel was missing, I could see into stall No. 3 in the ladies toilet, through a crack where two pieces of panel joined. This was level with the top of the bowl and gave a fine back view of women who sat on the seat or hovered just above it but if they crouched more than a few inches above the seat, I couldn't see anything.

This was a popular stop with coach (bus) tours, most of which were full of retired ladies. They all did their wee crouching high above the seat where I couldn't see them (fortunately) and not a single one pooped. Unfortunately, most of the action was taking place in stalls #1 and #2, which I couldn't see into. Then my luck changed. I heard some large jobb! ies plopping in stall #2 followd by several attempts at flushing. I guessed that it hadn't flushed properly because after that, all the women who went into stall #2 came out again and used stall #3. The most interesting pee view was of a girl of about 20 who didn't pull her panties down but pulled them to one side to pee.

I only saw two poo views. One was an attractive girl in ther 20s who hovered just above the seat and kept her anus fully open, expelling tiny pieces of poop silently while taking to her friend in the next stall. The other was a woman of about 40 from a coach tour. She crouched just above the seat and peed a neat stream. Then she said to her friend in the next stall that she had got 'the runs' and that was why she had stopped going abroad for her holidays. She then sat down on the seat and I could see her anus through the gap between the bowl and the seat. She gradually relaxed it and a sausage of soft but not runny poop started to force its way out. ! She didn't let rip at full bore but let it out gradually through a partly open sphincter. At times, I saw her tense her muscles and suck it back in a little. Then she wiped and left.

I was glad I had given up the idea of hiking to the summit of Ben McBoggy and enjoyed the fine toilet views instead.

Bryian: it's good to see you back; hope you're feeling better. I wish I could have had a relaxed and open friend like you when I was in high school.

Nicola: I'll definitely keep an eye out for you at Studland. The place is becoming a real habit for me!

Adam from Canada: I'm 24, where are you from? I and I imagine quite a few others would like to hear your stories
from high school.

My young friend Nat (17) took a dump at my place today. As usual though, he shut the door, but I heard him strain a little, then one big splash, then some good farts. Such a nice kid and so open and genuine. It's always a pleasure to lend him the use of my toilet! His 18th birthday comes up in 2 weeks and I'm trying to think up ways to celebrate.

David N.
"Ant" ... not all of us are interested in "pooping stories". I, for one, don't
like them very much, and tend to wish there were more of a balance of
subjects on the forum, which sometimes there is, and sometimes there isn't.
I read this forum because I enjoy the posts that are not "pooping stories",
and can tolerate those that are, usually. But of course I recognize that
other people are interested in other things, and I respect that... And this
being an open forum, it is what people make of it. So you see, your post
makes you sound slightly selfish, and a bit out-of-character for this forum,
which has generally been about sharing and supporting one another. Of
course, I'm not judging you, but just making a suggestion. Do you have
stories you could share with us? I'm sure we'd love to hear them.
Jessica, I've enjoyed your stories. Perhaps someday I may share some
of my own... have to have the time, though ;-)

--Da! vid

I had lots of fun writing last time, and I have to write
again to tell the story of my outdoors shit this morning.
Steve and I are trying to time our shits so we can do it
together on the toilet as another couple who write here
have done. We very often have shit straight after each other
in the morning or if we're going to have a bath together in
the evening. The thing is, now we want to, we seem to need
to shit at different times. Must be a matter of time, but it
is frustrating! To the story, and I was dressed smartly to
go to work this morning. On my way walking along , I
developed a really strong urge to shit, and by the feel I
could tell it was going to be a big dry one. When I was
walking past the park, I knew I would have to go and do it.
I went behind some bushes and squatted with my skirt held
up and my knickers around my knees. I could already feel
the turtle's head opening my bumhole. I did not care about the chance of being discovered, and I really enjoyed having
that shit as I pushed my large brown turd out of my bum.
It felt really good. After I didn't need to wipe as it
was a nice dry one. I like those. I pulled my knickers up
and carried on my way to work after a last look at what
I left behind.

Lisa33, have you ever *asked* a guy what you wanted to do?
I know other girls who have done this and not been refused!
Obviously you have to be more than just friends with him,
but if you ever go to the bathroom together, just ask him!
Oh, and hold him gently, don't squeeze!!!

PV, wow, you must be some gutsy girl to go in the men's
toilets all by yourself. I've never been in on my own,
I've always had Steve with me or that time with the other
girls. You must have had a lot of fun doing that, and it's
so daring!
I've not seen too many men's toilets. If I ask Steve nicely,
I think me might take me to see ! more. The one at the pool
doesn't have a grating. I agree, I'd like to try squatting
over one, it would be fun!
I'll try weeing with my bum facing the urinal the next time
we go to the pool. I think I might be able to do it quite
well. Steve thought I wouldn't be able to stand outside
the shower and wee backwards into it. I think I did quite
well, but you have to really really want to go and keep
the pressure on or you will probably just dribble onto the
floor! I did dribble slightly, but I did mainly fire
backwards as I was bent right over as if to touch my toes.
Of course I used one hand to aim my pussy backwards and
the other to support myself too!
My geyser wee at the pool was one of my best, and it just
felt soooo good. I can do them something like that quite
often when I've been really desperate, but I think that
one was possibly the best one Steve has seen for himself.
It was so noisy! At home he's watc! hed me wee heavily loads
of times.
I don't know how much wee I do when I do a big one. Steve
says it's a lot, he's seen more women wee that I have so
he would know! When we get home after a night out I'm
usually desperate to go again, so I'll wee in a bucket and
measure it out after. I'll tell you how much I do!
Try weeing in an alley, but if you're shy like I used to be,
make sure nobody will discover you, because it's really
embarrassing to be found like that!
Did you try weeing in a sink lik Steve asked?

Please tell me about any more standing wees you do.
I'm having fun now I've found another lady who stands, and
we seem to be on a similar wavelength!

Aim high!!!


Mark: if a girl is trying to hold in her pee by crossing her legs, she has to press them together tightly
if your gf was too drunk to walk to the bathroom, then she probably wasnt in much of a state to cross them tightly os the pee woudl just have run out

Thanks Harry for your insight about my TRAVELARS CONSTIPATION. I felt a lot of pressure in my rectum and stomach. I had to finally take a warm soapy suds enema. I knew that a fleets wouldn't touch it. Had great success. I have been constipated before but not to this extreme. I am usually an every day kinda guy.

Portland Oregon resident
This morning the computers went down at my job, and since it was Friday the manager said we could go home if we would work the 6 hours off next week. So I left. Since my Mrs. is working all day, I decided to go for a walk, to a fishing spot I like in the fall, just to look at the water- we have had lots of rain. I parked at a Circle K and walked about half a mile to where some old rr tracks used to be, and down the grade into the woods. There is still a bridge about half a mile in. The creek was pretty high and a little muddy but it was a nice walk. I decided to continue on another 1/4 mile to where it crosses another road, then walk back to my car using the road. WhenI got close, I could see the road through the trees, running diagonal and decided to take a short cut. I was part way thru the woods when I saw a car stop on the road and a couple got out. So I stopped in my tracks. They started into the woods near me but not into my directon exactly, so I scrunched down. ! It was a man and woman, about 30. As soon as they were away from the road the man stood with his back turned while the woman undid her pants and squatted. The man complained that she should have gone at home and she said she didnt have to then. I could see her butt cheeks. Prettys soon he said, are you finished?. She said she was having trouble. He acted impatient. She stood up and stepped out of her pants and pantys and he asked her what that was for and she said she was afraid she would pee on them. When she squated back down I couldnt see ok but not as well as before. I was holding my breath and being very quiet 60 ft away as I would have been embarased to be seen watching. She wiggled a little and I could see her stomach expand a couple times but nothing happened yet. The man got mad and said he would wait at the car and he walked off.She said she was sorry but she was having a problem. After he was gone she started humming, and re-adjusted her squatting positi! on, a little better for me - - then said out loud to herself 'theres my poop'- 'here we come--' and I could see her butt enlarging and her production slowly, after some squeezing and straining, fall to the ground. She sat some more, said Gosh that felt good, mmmm. - and then wiped and got up and stepped into pantys and pants and shoes, and walked out of the woods. After I heard the car leave I went over an looked. Just one big turd, and a napkin she used to wipe. No wonder she had such a problem, It looked hard and almost the thickness of a baseball bat, about 6 or 7 inches long and tapered at the end. It was steaming a little. That was a little over one hour ago and I am still excited thinking about it, she was a little bit overweight but not bad, and had a pretty round butt and nice legs. And a nice sweet voice. Her husband or bf doesnt know what he missed, and he should be a little more patient and nice to her. I know it sure has paid off with my wife-- and ! I can hardly wait for her to get home, especially now. I think things like this are the experence of a life time. Does anybody have similar experences to tell about?

Yesterday I did a monster poo at work. The night before, my husband and I had eaten Mexican food which always makes me poo loads the next day. Anyway, it was lunchtime and as I felt really heavy in my bowels I decided I was in for a major poo so I took a magazine with me. I went into the left hand stall in the ladies room, hiked up my skirt (I was wearing stockings with no panties) and sat down. I leaned forward while flipping through the magazine, farted, peed a torrent and immediately I felt poo coming out. Initially it was quite painful and slow so I figured it was big! I heard the familiar crackling sound and I let out some gassy farts while it was coming out. 2 minutes later this poo was still coming out! Finally I felt it leave my bottom without making a noise in the water but I could tell there was more to come. I continued reading and let out 3 more logs which all made splashing sounds as they went into the toilet. I thought I was done and gathered up the toilet paper ! ready to wipe. Then I farted very loudly and a huge "mush" of semi-solid poo darted out of my bottom and hit the water so hard, water splashed up my rear! For about a minute more I pooed mushy poo and kept farting. The smell was bad! Finally, after 20 minutes, I finished, wiped and stood up. I looked into the bowl and saw a massive turd which coiled around the bowl like a spiral. It started out fatter than my wrist and was about 14 inches long. Then there were 3 poos lying around the coil, all about 5 or 6 inches long. Right in the middle was the huge "blob" of poo which had a cone shaped mush of poo on top of it which came out of the water in a point. I flushed, and of course, nothing went down. The huge amount of poo and toilet paper was just too much. When I was washing my hands a woman came in and went into the stall I was in. She looked into the bowl and said "good grief, I've never seen so much s**t." She came out to go into another stall and as she did so I told her tha! t I was responsible and I couldn't flush. As she closed the stall door she said "judging by that lot, you must feel a whole lot better now!" She was right!

Jessica from Canada
Me again. in january, i went to florida with my family. we stayed in St. Petersburg because my grandparents live there in the winter. anyways, we went to the beach one day. i didn't want to get burnt so i had the infamous shirt that i wear to bed. i have had about 3 pepsi's, so i need to take a pee. i tell my mom i'll be back in a few minutes. i never realized how bad it was until i got up. i had to clutch myself. when i finally got to the bathrooms, i thought i might try something like PV did. i turned and headed for the males bathroom. i looked around to make sure no one saw me. as soon as i got in, i stripped of my bikini bottoms, so i had just a shirt and bikini top on. there is something that i like about having nothing but a shirt on. i wonder ;-). so, i hobbled over to a urinal, barely made it to. i first tried facing the urinal forward. it sprayed everywhere. i tried to stop but stopping in mid-pee is hard for me. i turned around and kind of sat in the lip of the urina! l. it sprayed alot for me again, don't know why. so i ended up picking up my bottoms (didn't put them on) and hobble over to the womens. once i stepped in, i knew i wouldn't make it so i let loose on the floor, when i sat on the floor. my parents were already waiting for me in the Bentley (YES, we have a Bentley!), but i had to pull my shirt down far cuz i didn't put my bottoms back on ;-).


PV... Ha ha! Well, I didn't expect Louise to post anything, but I'm glad she did. She does write well when she wants to, doesn't she? Thanks to her, everyone now knows I once failed to get out my nozzle in time ;)

It is a shame that women like you and Louise are still very much in a minority, or seem to be. Since I first took Louise into the gents' toilets at the pool, I can't keep her out of there! She absolutely loves it. It seems you both have a similar liking for the sounds you make when you wee on the steel. Louise has given a couple of her friends instructions on how to do the standing pee to try spreading the knowledge around, but due to the lack of any feedback from them, she thinks they probably haven't bothered to try!

As for the 'holding-up' thing, I suspect parents most often do this with their girls out of ignorance, thinking they need to take control of the situation because otherwise their daughters might wee on themselves if they are not sitti! ng on a toilet! I can't think of another reason why they would do it!
The teenage family we spent time with at the nude beach were wonderful to spend time with. Their mother, who had no discernible hangups about peeing and dumping, had always made an effort not to cause her daughters to have hangups that might blight their lives. That much was evident when you consider the group peeing, and as you point out, the way the younger girl casually had a dump into the water and not minding that we could all see it coming out of her hole.
You are quite right, it _was_ so natural, and the whole thing was _very_ nice.
As you already know, the mother seemed to have no hangups about other things either, I have to say, but I can't tell any more about that on the forum!
In contrast, such inhibition and shame with the other family I mentioned. Deary me!

Enjoy your weeing, PV.

I'd like to tell everyone about a group of around 10 very beautiful and shapely tee! nage/early twenties girls who for a while were near us on the nude beach. They had been drinking alcohol, and occasionally visited a little hole they had dug in the sand for them to urinate in. Most of it was fairly routine squatting and squirting, though interesting to watch to see the different weeing styles of the girls. If I remember correctly, each girl urinated into the hole at least twice. Three or four of them dribbled steadily for what seemed like minutes at a time, slowly soaking the sand. Another two or three produced average, steady streams. One girl seemed to have a tendency to produce huge gushers rather like Louise does, and gave the sand a good blasting while she half-squatted. Interestingly, there were two asian girls of Pakistani appearance who were also taking part in the drinks fest. When they went for a wee, I was most interested to watch them and see if they did anything differently. One of these Pakistani girls, as opposed to her friends who had neatly t! rimmed or partly shaven pubic hair, was really quite hairy down below and half-squatted above the hole in the sand, showing us a good view of her genital mane as she had her bum to us. A pencil thin yellow stream of her wee shot down straight into the hole, and left her black pubes wet with little droplets. She used her towel to wipe herself with when she went to sit back down. That was an amazing sight. The sight of the other Pakistani girl was even more amazing. When it was her turn, she half-squatted above the hole in the sand. Her shaven genitals were visible to us, and she let out such a ferocious sub-10 second burst of piss the like I've not seen since. It is difficult to describe such an eruption as a stream. Though her genitals looked perfectly normal, with prominent inner labia appearing to be something like Louise's in shape, the urine burst out in what I can only say was a powerful, torrential, widening spray. I've seen big wees before, and they have been all so imp! ressive not just because of the heavy flow or squirting, but by the time taken and volume as well. But this was different. It was _so_ brief, but awesome in delivery. The other girls in her group looked at each other in amazement, and so did a few other onlookers.
Perhaps someone else can comment on the physiology required to cause such a phenomenon. Wide urethra perhaps? Is this a secret characteristic of many Asian women that is never talked about because it is too embarrassing? I don't know if these questions will ever be answered.

Happy toilet times, Everyone.


Alex (N.Y.)
To Natalie: You could try drinking Surge, and eating M & M's peanut butter. It happened to me (unexpectedly). If you like this stuff then give it a try. I'm not 100% sure if it will work for you. Thats's the only way I know how to get it.

To Christine:

I was very intrigued by your post about pooping down the shower hole -- espcially in school. I've pooped in the shower a few times, although totally by accident. It seems the hot shower water not only maked me have to pee but to poop, too. Anyway, it usually is a real problem and takes a long time to get a poop to go down the shower hole.
I just couldn't imagine doing that in a public shower room, especially in school. When you do that doen't the other girls see it and to say nothing of what the teachers say. I used to get yelled and was even punished a few times for peeing in the school showers -- the teacher would absolutely go balistic if they ever caught anyone pooping in there.

Teachers dont make excuses
I was in class today, and the teacher gave a test. Mid-test, i had to pee, but felt i could hold it. Well, as soon as i finished the test, the bell rang and I rushed to my next class. When i got there, the teacher said i had to wait to go. By the end of that period, i didnt know how long i could hold it for. I ran to my locker, and my ex boyfriend was there. I am like i gotta go, and hes like ill walk you to class, so i am like FINE. When i got there, we were discussing the human body (science class), and i was like "can i go to the bathroom NOW?" and my teacher goes: you should have gone before class. By this time i Desperatly had to go, and i was so mad at my teacher, that i went. Everyones like "shes peeing!" I ran out of the room, and stayed in the bathroom untill the day was over.

Friday, March 24, 2000


Interesting contrast of Harry Vs Buzzy. Harry ruins what would have been a really good turd by passing it in little bits, while Buzzy does his properly. Sorry Harry, but to my mind you cant claim that you passed a 16 inch log if it was all in little bits, its what comes out in one piece that counts as otherwise people would simply aggregate a load of small turds. What next, claiming that a puddle of diarrhea or a load of mush would have been a big whopper if it had been solid??? Ever since I was a kid I have always striven to pass my motions in one big solid jobbie when this is possible and if it get stuck in the pan, so what! if at home I will push it over the bend if needed as if done in someone else's toilet who objects to such things, if in a public toilet I leave it for others to see and hopefully admire.

I cant say I have exhaustive knowledge of British WC pans but have used a fair few in my time. Apart from the specialised types fitted to tra! ins and boats and planes, in houses, schools, public toilets etc there are about two types. The most common, in various colours although white is the most usual, this has a drop to the water filled sump at the bottom. Now this can be a short drop or preferably from my point of view, a long one and if the sump is long and deep the "KUR-SPLOONK!" sound effects are first class. As an anti vandalism measure in some Public Toilets stainless steel pans of this design are used and then the sound of a big jobbie being dropped is "BU-LONG!" The other design I dont like, this is more common in private houses and the entire pan fills up with water with only a few inches drop so no sound effects apart from a "flump" when a jobbie is passed. There is a round hole at the back and the toilet should work on syphonic action. The only advantages of this design are that one can see the whole motion before one pulls the flush as it doesnt partly disappear up the hidden bend. Also while smaller tu! rds are usually sucked away, really big ones often just swirl around and stay behind. As others have remarked in the past another feature in school and public toilets is that often the male toilets have a cut out at the front of the toilet seat while in girls and boys toilets the seat is complete all the way round, this cut out to deal with males wetting the front of the seat by peeing while doing a motion. Indeed, some of the pans in male toilets have a pointed front to accomodate the penis while in womens toilets the pan is round at the front. I have sometimes seen that the pans in the girls and womens toilets are larger and have a bigger sump than in mens, is this a tacit acknowledgement that women do bigger jobbies than men? In Primary (Grade) School toilets the pans are sometimes a scaled down version so any reasonably sized jobbies as done by older kids or adults will get stuck even if they would flush away in a full sized toilet pan. I remember Anne the School teacher ! relating how she didnt do a motion in the girls toilet at the school she worked in as she didnt want it to get stuck in the pan and actually had an accident in her panties instead. I would certainly have done it in the toilet and the hell with whether it stuck or not. When I was about 8 we had a teacher called Mrs Baxter who did a big whopper in the Girls toilet rather than go to the staff toilet. I actually sneaked into the girls toilet to have a look at it after I heard some of the girls talking about it. It was a fat sausage of about 8 inches which would probably have flushed away in a full sized adult toilet pan but which looked huge and stuck in the scaled down pan.

Theresa did another big "bear can" jobbie this morning before she went to work, (I have taken a days leave to go to the dentist and sort some other admin matters). She had done a wee wee when she gt up but told me that she felt there was a big jobbie waiting up there and as she hadnt been for a couple! of days it would be a big one. About half an hour later after coffee and toast, she felt the need so I accompanied her to the toilet, pulled down her pink panties for her and gently rubbed her ???? ????. She did a short wwe wee then said, "OH its coming, its fat!" I gently rubbed her ????, she gave a gasp and went "NN! NN! OH! AH!" and I heard it start to come out, then looking between her legs I could see this fat knobbly brown cylinder growing in size as it slowly exuded. "Try hard Tess, that's a clever girl" I encouraged her as her big brown lump started to taper then plunged into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" When she got her breath back I wiped her bum for her with a moist wipe then pulled up her panties and gave her a big hug and a kiss, then we both looked at the big fat beer can sized jobbie lying in the pan. It was well compacted and had been a difficult but to both of us very satisfying motion. As she had to go to work we left things at at that. Theresa'! s big jobbie is still lying in the pan and I will buddy dump mine on top of it before I go out. My little ???? wife often does big bricks like this to her pleasure and mine. All the best, Tony.

Here is an excerpt I found in a home repair news group.

>>While we're on the topic of disgusting basements, I have a problem. Actually two. The people who owned the house before us had some problems, and the woman would send her kids downstairs to their business...after she had cleaned the bathroom. Need I point out that there was no bathroom downstairs? Anyway, after I pulled out the carpet (I will have mercy and not describe THAT ordeal) I found the concrete no longer sealed, and stinking. Now, the other problem is that the walls are very old (the house is about 90 years old) and the concrete is extremely porous. Add to this no eavestroughing, and I have one hell of a moisture problem, which brings the ghastly miasma out of the floor.

Does any one have any more stories like this? Or does anyone let their kids go in a corner or like in the basement or closet out of convience?

Mad Otaku
I'm into anime too and I'd love to see an anime movie of Lynn Minmay from Macross making a huge, solid turd.

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