Timid Tigress
Hi, guys. I've got another story from my past. Actually, this is the first time I've told anyone about what happened.
The school I attended had dormitories on-campus since it was open to students from all over the state. Even though I only lived fifteen minutes away from school, I spent the night in the dorm once in a while if there was some function I wanted to attend at night or on a weekend. I guess I was about 8 or 9 when this happened. I was staying in the room with one of my classmates. We'd gone to bed at around 9:00 or so, I can't remember exactly when we were supposed to have the lights out. Well, some time in the middle of the night, I woke up having to pee really really bad. But I didn't want to make the long trip all the way down the hall to the bathroom. So I tried waking up my friend to see if she'd go with me. Well, this girl sleeps like a log. I couldn't get her to wake up for anything. By this time I was about to burst. Well, each room had 3 ! little closets in them. They were more like little cubicles with no door but a little partition closing off part of it from view. Well, she used the first closet to store her things. but the second and third ones were empty. hers was the closest to the door. I was sleeping in the bed closest to the window, and no one was in the middle bed. So, in total desperation, I did the only thing I could think of. I went into the third closet, behind the little partition, squatted in the corner, and relieved myself. I really hated to do it, but I surely felt better afterwards. Luckily, no one ever found out about what I'd done.
Okay, I've got a question. I've quite familiar with the design of toilets here in the U.S. There are slight variations, but mostly they're the same. But what are they like in the U.K.? I'm really curious. Could someone please describe one in detail for me? Thanks a lot.
Great stories, all. Happy goings.

If I really, really HAVE to go poop in a normal toilet, instead of my favorite place, which is down the shower hole while I'm showering,I wash my butt by straddling the edge of the sink, then wash my lips with a soapy hand and the warm tap running.
I put a bath towel on the edge of the sink, so I can slide off and so dry myself.
I discovered this magic trick a couple of years ago when I was in high school. (girls school)

For the past few weeks I've been working outside my own office, as we are implementing a new document management system for our client, a medium-size law firm. Unfortunately, the project has been brutally rough, with the system not even close to meeting the law firm's requirements. Nobody was happy with the system, especially not the attorneys. The law firm's MIS specialist, who was our main contact point, did not correctly communicate the firm's requirements and was subsequently let go. Our project manager was not at fault, but the stress prompted her to accept a job offer from another consulting firm. We were left to restore the old system.

It is possible to gain a good sense of a company's culture by going into their public restrooms, particularly if the employees are the principal users. The law firm I have been visiting is a good case in point, as there were two interesting incidents I witnessed. During the first week, when the system first came online and! caused lots of problems, I went into the women's restroom to pee. As I was sitting down and peeing, I hear someone rush into a stall. Another was following on her heels and began to bang on the stall door occupied by the first woman. I recognized the voice of the woman in the stall as a supervisor of the paralegals and the one who was banging on the door was one of her employees. Obviously the employee was very upset about something the supervisor said to her, and she was intent on carrying out the debate. Another employee came in and escorted the irate employee out of the bathroom, telling her to calm down. Once the commotion ended, I came out of the stall and washed my hands, when I started to hear the supervisor sobbing. Later that day she went home early and took the next couple of days off. At first, I thought it was stress over using a new system. Later, I was told it was not far off from how things typically were.

The next week I went into the women's! restroom, this time for a poop. I only needed to push out a couple of sausage-sized pieces. Suddenly I hear a woman rush in. She had a cellular phone in her hand and started to make a call as soon as she sat down. I wiped and flushed the toilet, after which I heard the woman say over the phone, "Yes, you're right - that's where I's none of your business what I'm doing." I recognize the voice as one of the attorneys, a rather pushy lady who made several complaints about our system. As I washed my hands, her phone conversation became more intense, as if she was in intensive negotiations with her client or another attorney. As I was leaving, it was revealed that the "intense" conversation she was having was with her hair stylist, a disagreement over how she did her hair the last time she came in. Over the last couple of weeks, I noticed it was typical of many employees in the law firm to bring cell phones to the restroom and carry out business while sitting in th! e toilet. Gee, I have only one more day to go, then it's home sweet home.

Dave ( security guard city parking)
This new job has turned out to be very rewarding sighting wise
While walking the lower level the other night I could hear a noise like running water echoing through the parking area . I followed the sound and found a lady in her early forties squatting beside two cars peeing a long heavy torrent of golden yellow pee She saw me and made no effort at all to cover up or hide what she was doing her panties were around her ankles and her skirt was hitched up showing clearly her clean shaven pussy I watched her pee for a couple of minutes then she shook her butt and pussy stood up and pulled up her panties It was a very pretty sight to see We didnít say a word to each other just smiled she got into her car and I kept on my patrol I saw her puddle and remembered how it got there every time I patrolled that level for the rest of the night.

Jessica from Canada
i just remembered something that happened in the 1st grade. this story always tortures me whenever someone brings it up. anyways, i went to school without any panties. i still wonder why i did that. so, we were in class and we had just had a little snack. i had way too much apple juice and apple juice tends to go to bladder like a bullet train. we were sitting on the carpet and i badly had to pee. we had the windows open and the cold breeze didn't help any. i put up my hand to go to the potty, is what i called it then. the teacher ignored me. suddenly, i squirted out some pee and another student saw me and said "teacher! jessica is peeing!" i immediatly stopped and the teacher took me to the office to call my mom and get the nurse to cleann me up. the only problem was i just peed a little. i still badly needed to go. so the teacher took me to the nurse and she put me on the bed like thing and went and got some tissues. the second the tissue touched my privates, i let loose. i ! must have really got the nurse good. she immediatly told me to stop and sent me to this little toilet in this small room. i was in there for what seemed like an eternity. after this, i was allowed to go back to class. i got more to come :-)

i know i post alot but, i like to share these things. when i was 5, i went to the hospital to have my tonsils removed. they give a long shirt and ask you to drink this stuff to make you sleepy. WARNING! this stuff makes you wanna pee real bad! while i was waiting on a bed in this room where you wait to have the operation, i was holding my self and the pee back. there were these toilets on the other side of the room and the nurse wouldn't let me go because i was about to go in. i was kind of embarassed because all these people were seeing my pussy. when i woke up after the operation, i immediatly got up to go to the toilet. the stuff they gave me made it hard to walk to the bathroom. when i got there, there was another little girl in there peeing. i almost went all over the floor because of that glorious sound. so, i hobbled back to my bed, holding myself for dear life, and found a bed pan. i felt like heaven. but it was kind of noisy. there was a problem. the bedpan couldn't h! old all the liquid i had peed out, so i had to stop in mid-pee. i then continued once the bedpan was emptied. i checked my bed. there was a medium sized wet spot on my bed. i must have squirted out while i was asleep.

see you later ;-)

Jessica From Canada: Please post some pooping stories... thx :)

I just finished pooping.....I've been sick all of last weekend and part of this week.....I had a bug that was going around(sore throat,stuffy nose, coughfing, conjestion etc.) I went to the doctor and they put me on an antibiotic, called Amoxicillan(Amox) and it has been effecting my bowel movements. The last few times i had to shit, it has been really soft and like a light brown/dark red color(maybe this color from the medicine.....??pills are pinkish). I've only went 2 times since i really started taking the medication. A few months ago, i was on this and i had no effects from this antibiotic. This time, hasn't been to bad cause i haven't been somewhere and all the sudden you have to poop, and its soft.....some other medications effect me that way. I just had a satisfying dump, felt good.

Today during my Art class the two security people came in and told us that boys had been going in the girls bathroom during art and they wanted it to stop immediately. Then when I went in the bathroom I wadded up a peice of wet paper and threw it at the ceiling. I haven't done that since third grade. It felt really good. Also, While I was in the bathroom peeing I read all the things everyone had been writing on the walls and wrote back. I think it's kind of fun to write back to people and then read what they say back to you (if they write back). It makes me feel like I have a little family in the bathroom at school or something. I always read everything people write in the bathrooms and if I find it of any interest I write back. Anyone else do that?

Sorry I havent had a chance to post in awhile. I have been real busy, and Lynn and my bowels have been on different schedules. We have shit in each others presence a couple of times, but not together. We did finally shit together this past Saturday night. We had gone to a Chinese buffet and later out for drinks and dancing. Lynn was staying over and we returned back to my apartment around midnight. I think we both had to go at the club, but we decided to hold it until we got back to my place. Lynn and I let out a few farts on the dance floor, and another couple made some rude comments to us about getting our asses checked. This let to some angry words between us and the other couple, and a few punches, slaps and shoves were exchanged. The fight was quickly broken up; which was a good thing because Lynn and I were not faring too good (she had a bloody nose and I had a bloody lip). Lynn and I had crusted our underwear during the fight, and would have likely shit ourselves right ! there. When we got back to my apartment, we were still hyped up from the fight, and went straight into the bathroom and strippped down to our underpants. We decided to use the face to face technique we had used at Foxwoods. After lifting the seat up, I sat down first, and after pulling her stained underwear down, Lynn sat on my lap facing me and we embraced. We did not have as much room as we did at Foxwoods, so we had to squeeze tightly together. We both let out a few loud, wet farts and then Lynn began pushing out a large log. My shit was initially watery, but became more solid after the initial push. Lynn and I both had to strain a great deal to release our logs. We put our foreheads together and pushed and strained, while we grunted a great deal. We also ended up peeing on each other and a little bit on the floor. Lynn ended up dropping 2 long logs, both over 10 inches long and a much smaller one, about 5-6 inches. I dropped four logs, all in the 10-12 inch range. The peei! ng was problematic because our bladders were pretty full. We flushed 3 times during our shit, and didnt clog the toilet, but we left large brown streaks in the toilet. This was the least enjoyable of the shits me and Lynn have taken together, because of all the straining and peeing. We will still continue to shit together and will look for other techniques. Talk to everyone soon, keep up the interesting posts. Alan & Lynn

Harry (Pacific Northwest U.S.A.)
Anonymous>> Your question about traveling and not being able to go for 6 days has happened to me in the past on a few occasions...I've always referred to it as "traveler's constipation" because of change of diet, spending long amounts of time in a car driving and not getting out and about, among other reasons. I remember a time when I was in highschool in the late 70's when our family had gone on vacation during spring break, and during the entire week while we were gone, I was unable to take a dump, period. It wasn't until we got home from vacation that I was able to do so. At the time, we were unloading our camper trailer, and suddenly, I guess it was from all the activity of that, I felt the immediate need to go. I knew it was going to be a big one just from the feeling of fullness in my back passage and sure enough it was! It took me about 20 minutes to pass all of it, as it hurt coming out due to a lot of the water was absorbed more than usual and a very lumpy! mass...And being since the toilet had a very small trap, I had to push and pinch off small lumps until I had passed the monster of a log, which I estimated to be about 16 inches long...But the feeling of relief afterwards of getting it out of my system was the most satisfying part about it...Fortunately, because I had passed it in small pieces, I didn't clog the toilet...

Had a nice poo this a.m.I was at the gym and i felt like it was coming on,but i didn't feel the urge in my rectum yet-but all the same i went to the toilet and sat down and just enjoyed the sounds of morning poops in the other stalls,and there were a lot this morning.The guy in the next stall sounded like he was doing a morning coffee poop-lots of gas and soft poops splashing into the water!At this point,i relaxed my anus and just as the poop was filling my rectum,i opened my anus and just let it slide out-What a great feeling-A trully fresh dump!It felt soooo good.That happens rarely,but when it does,it feels great!The poop goes right from my decending colon right out my anus in one shot!Has anyone else done this?Just sit thee and relax and let things happen on their own-It's great.It was a nice load too-2 waves of sausage poops and some gas.I love pooing at the gym!BYE

Ok it shouldn't surprise me that there is more then one lisa her so I'll go by lisa33. I'm the lisa who told 2 stories of pooping accidents. Only been posting for a couple weeks.

to the other lisa--i've had those feelings have that sudden need to pee but when you sit only a drop or 2 come out. i find it rather annoying. Drop everyithing to go sit & get nothing from it.

Louise--Thanks for telling me about Steve. I hope I can find a guy like that someday.

No story this time but I'll answer any questions if ya got some.


How many times a day do you all flush your toilets at home? Cause based off of some of the posts I have seen, some people flush MULTIPLE times for many reasons.

John--This male also likes to sit on the toilet when peeing. Not only is it more comfortable but safer in case you do need to shit. In the middle of the night it's great because you don't have to turn on the light.
When using public washrooms if the seat is dirty, I'll just stand or else I'll wipe the seat off with toilet paper. I'm certainly not going to take chances by using my underwear as a seat cover as you mentioned. I wouldn't want to take the chance. I did that just once at home when I really needed to go bad and ended up soiling my underwear.
In my house the toilet seat is down most of the time because not only do I like to sit when having a piss but I also find myself having to shit two to three times a day.
It would be interesting to hear if there are other men out there who like to sit when having a piss.

To NATALIE-Whatever you do,only take natural things to make you poop-i don't know why you would purposely want to get the 'runs',but to each their own.Try prune juice and bran and then have some hot coffee-boy that will do it!Keep us informed.To JOHN-When i was a kid i used to sit on the bowl to pee,but i rarely do that now except if i'm sick with a stomach flu or something like that-then i sit to pee because when i pee i can feel my anus relax a bit and if i have the runs even when i pee,the loose poo comes out at the same time,so that's when i sit when i have to pee,but otherwise i never do it.I too love the buddy pooing stories lately.Keep them coming!I myself haven't really buddy pooped in years since i did it with my nurse friend.The only time i come close to it these days is at the gym toilet and that's just cause we're just next to each other.Had a good story the other day at the gym-It was in the a.m.and i doing my routines and i took a break and went to the 7-11 acro! ss the street to get some coffee.I don't know about you guys.but i love a good coffee shit.It really does the job for me,plus to me it feels the best when you sit down and empty your bursting rectum.Anyway, i drink the coffee and 10 mins later i gotta go bad,so i go to the toilet and pick a stall and at that time of the day,it's pretty active with guys doing their morning dumps.So i go in to a stall and sit down and right away i fart and a smooth sausage starts to open up my anus and snakes it's way into the bowl and as i'm doing this a guy comes to the stall across from me and doesn't close the door and cleans off the seat and he is nude and sits on the bowl with a newspaper and leans back against the tank and opens his legs.I saw another guy do this a while back and i told you guys about him too,but this was a different guy,As he is laening back i'm looking at him and i let out some more poop along with some gas and he doesn't look up,he just leaned back and i could see his ! anus start to swell out and i heard him start to push a bit and i saw this turd start to come out and it kept coming out slowly into the bowl.It looked like a monster.This guy didn't look up at all cause i kept checking so he wouln't see me watching him,Then this big poop fell into the bowl without a sound.That encourged me to poo some more and i let go with some mush and farts and then i saw his anus open up again and a lot of mushy,pudding like poop came out fast along with a long fart and i heard him grunt slightly and then i felt done and i just sat ther watching him push out some skinny poop and let out a few farts.I have to say,it was really a bit of a turn on for me.It seemed to me that this guy either was totally oblivious to it or he was doing it on purpose-who knows.I don't know if i could do that,but i enjoyed it.That's my closest to buddy pooping for me,i hpoe to see that again soon.I really enjoy pooing at the gym-you never know what's going to happen!Happy pooing! to all.BYE


Yep, that was some mighty pee for Louise! Ones like that are an amazement, they go on forever, and I'm not sure who they're better for, the pee-er or the pee-beholder. I agree about the stream in the gutter when you use a wall-type, it's amazing to see your bodily emmission making its way to the drain while you keep the tap flowing! And I LOVE the symphony of sounds the wall makes as you vary the angle! I think most women would get innocent enjoyment from these things if they learned to wee standing up, and put it to good use!

I wonder where the holding-up thing started? It seems pretty anti-intuitive, a way of drawing attention to what should be a (more),private act. Or making a drama out of what should be entirely casual. A bit yucky, actually. The family who all stood together at the edge of the sea to wee was nice, that was a happy kind of event, and the lassie having a poo in the water seemed entirely natural too. Why can't they all be as casua! l and simply as *nice* as that? Not that I'm saying there was any malicious intent in the other family, but as you point out, for a child with bashful bladder it simply doesn't help.

Yes, please, tell us all the rest of the stories from that beach! I never tire of hearing about them. Unfortunately the weather is really turning now and there may not be a chance to do the nude beach again this year -- pity, I was hoping for another adventure or two.

Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures,




Hello there, dear! I'm so delighted you decided to post! Thanks for the compliments, and for telling your story of your first ever urinal pish! As it happens, your experience is similar to my own. I was in dress, thong and heels too, so our technique was identical, and it was also an individual wall-mounted urinal. The design was so good it was as if it had been designed for unisex us! age, I barely had to lift, just stream into the catcher with a totally sanitary lack of contact. I wasn't in company, though. It was at my local town hall, where I'd gone to pay a bill, and I psyched myself up and went into the men's room deliberately. It was super-clean, deserted and quiet, and I had a lovely wee all by myself. I walked out feeling so excited and happy! I know what you mean about feeling really elated after doing it!

I've never tried "backing up" to a urinal, though the type we have here with the steel wall and grated floor provides about a foot of grating space you can wee through, and it might be interesting to squat on this grating -- problem is it's designed for men's shoes, not women's! I think I'll stick to spraying the wall!

And yes, I love the noises it makes... What a volcano of wee that was you did at the swimming pool toilets. That must have been a spectacle worthy of record... At 5'9" you're a few inches taller than me, and I'd g! uess your bladder is a fair bit larger. Have you ever measured your capacity by weeing into a container? I measured myself not long ago, and my record is 650mL. I'd guess you'd have that beaten by a fair bit. But releasing after a lengthy "hold" is such sweet relief, isn't it? reminds me of a space launch commentary: "we're coming out of the scheduled hold at T-minus three hours and counting.." Ha!

A beachfront urinal? Well, I'd love to say they're seel or concrete urinals just built along the seafront where people can stop for a wee whenever they like, but actually it was just an ancient grotty old toilet block on the esplanade. I went to the beach there and used the men's room both coming and going. I was quite alone, no one bothered me, so I drew the leg of my shorts aside and weed on the steel wall with a very nonchallant air! Yes, I always pick a dry spot to stand too! Especially if I'm wearing nice shoes, such as at the cinema complex, I don't want to park my ni! ce clean white heels in a puddle of somebody else's wee!

How I envy you and Steve -- a loving hug as you share a wee. Delightful is the word I'd use!

I've never had a wee in an alley yet... It sounds like I'm missing something, as a matter of fact!

I hope you'll post more of your memoirs -- both wee and poo-related. I think you write very well, and you're an asset to the site!

Your urinal-using gal-pal,


Oh, Sandra...we all can only hope to have the amount of luck you seem to have...I wish a woman would come in an elevator with me and poop her panties!

Haven't posted her in several months, mainly because I haven't had any interesting poops lately. But alas, I've just returned from a 10 day trip to Germany and have a couple of items. Normally, whenever I go on vacation, I get constipated. Several years ago, I spent a week in Canada with a friend and I didn't poop the WHOLE time I was there. I think it must be a psychological thing, because now I don't seem to have that problem as much. Anyway, I was staying at a nice hotel in Frankfurt which had a breakfast buffet every morning. The first morning I went down, I noticed that they had some small individually wrapped pieces of pumpernickel bread. I'd never tried the "German" pumpernickel before. Well, about an hour after I ate the bread, I was in desperate need of a place to shit. I was on my way to Sachsenhausen on foot when I passed by a McDonalds. Good old Mickey D's. I sat on the toilet on gave a small push and out pops a huge greasy turd accompanied by several gassy farts. I don't know if it is possible for two small pieces of pumpernickel to go thru a human being that fast or not, but something triggered my urge to go. Later that night, I felt another urge to go. Luckily, I was in my hotel room. I sat on the toilet and pushed out several chunks of poo. When I wiped, there was no evidence of poop on the toilet paper. Now for the good part. This was the first poop I had taken in my hotel room, and when I flushed, the water swirled a bit, but the poop didn't go down the tube. I flushed again and the same thing happened. Now, I am used to American toilets in which you push down the handle and the waste is whisked away. After about 5 flushes, I finally figured out that you must apply pressure on the flusher thingie for about 5 - 8 seconds before the poop goes away. Are all German/European toilets like this? Is it a water saving technique?

To answer Line's questions about being embarrased in a men's room: I don't usually get embarrased about other guys seeing my dick while pissing because it's pretty easy to cover up...either lean forward into the urinal to prevent viewing or cover it with your body. Also, there are usually partitions that separate the urinals so that noone can get that great a view. And, if you're still really embarrased, you can go piss in a stall. Most of the time, however, it's not all that embarrasing. As far as taking a crap in a stall and having everyone know you're pooping, I personally find that I only get embarrased if I have to poop and someone I know personally is in the men's room. If it's just a roomfull of strangers, noone will care if you're shitting your brains out in a stall. However, if you're friends are in there then it's a different story. Whenever I have to poop and am in a public place, I make sure I a)don't know anyone in their or b)crap only if one of my friends! is crapping too. Too many bad things have happened to me (i.e. being made fun of or people looking over the stall door) when I'm the only one of my friends crapping in a public restroom. I hope this answers your questions completely.

message to Line
Personaly, I never crap in public restrooms and if I need to pee I use a stall, I got beat up in one once by two f*#&ing drunk idiots once when I was younger, so I hate public toilets. If I have to use a urinal I am usualy very wary of anyone looking at my dick, I usualy stare at the wall or roof, and if I feel if someone is 'checking me out' I can't pee, I found this once in a pub toilet late one night, I was standing at the urinal, but couldn't pee, I started to get very self concious and just could not go yet my bladder was bursting, it was only once I managed to force it out that I realised I was being watched by two girls waiting to use the cubicle cause the ladies was full. Luckily I was a little tipsy but it still had an effect on me, I just smiled and walked past them although I was secretly thrilled as they were smiling as I walked past. But to answer your question, personaly, If I have a poo in a public restroom I dampen the splash with paper, but it does not! bother me that other guys might know i'm having a shit, many men use the stalls to pee as it can be very un-nerving using a urinal. Whoever invented the urinal should be shot, they are vey embarassing, and are an invite to perverts to look at you. Sorry thats just the way I feel, I have 'felt' eyes looking at me before.



TO NATALIE AGAIN: Also, I just remembered, the other day I overhead some people say that if you mix grapefruit juice, Dr Pepper, and milk you will shit your brains out

Adam from Canada

The only time I pee sitting down is when I have to make a dump. Do you do that to?

How old are you? I am in my mid 20's. I really miss using the washrooms in high school. I can tell you a story or two.

To Nataile:
Im Lactose Intolerant but lots of ice cream usually gets me going!

To Nataile:sorry last post said i was LI im not!!!
Im Lactose Intolerant but lots of ice cream usually gets me going!

I'm sorry I didn't put my name on my last post. I went carzy looking for it and there it was.. next time put name first. Anyway yes I'm into anime and that's basicly how me and my guy met. To answer the question on pushing a straining. well they both apply. Mainly cause anyone girl who has huge major poops like myself can say it DOES feel like your having a baby.As for straining it too applies.. when I try to go.. I'm usually with my eyes shut, grunting, my face wrinkled up and huge beads of sweat pouring down my forhead. if that isn't straining.. then just what is? Like today after some quiet time with john (as I lightly put it)I was laid down and actaully napped for 4 hours. Freaked me out, anyone out there have to work overtime on moving their bowels. What makes it worse is that I live with my beau and don't want him hearing to much so I suffer silently. It's odd as I see Miquel take Linda to the bathroom when she must poop and they stay in there and talk and such. They see! m very close. I only wish i were that close with him.

I have a bladder problem, and i dont feel that i have to pee untill its almost too late. Well a few months ago, i was in the car on my way home, and all of a sudden, an urge like never b4 hit me and i knew i had to be more than ever before in my life. i couldnt move it hurt so much! I was trying to hold it when i had to stop quickly and i lost it all over. I peed for 3 min straight..When i got home, i had to explain it to my embarrassing!

My cuzin is a bed wetter, and when he slept over, he peed on me!

Replying to Desperate for a pee....i have had several accidents while trying to do the pee dance to hold soo embarrassing!

piss man
flop flop
fiz fiz
oh what a releif it is.

()....piss man says when ya got the urge
and ya gotta piss. it sorta hurts
but finaly when ya make it to the
bathroom. ahhhhhh releif then it
is a hell alot better.

later ak piss man ahhh pissssssinnn.!!

The other night my girlfriend was so drunk she couldn't walk to the bathroom to pee so fearing a flood on the carpet I carried and placed her on the toilet where she remained in the same cross legged position that she was in. To my surprise her crossed legs didn't stop her pee from flooding out, as that was something I always thought girls did to hold their pee. Now i'm puzzled as to why they do that?

Line, I'm gonna respond to your post about embarassment -- yeah, it makes me pretty embarassed. Or it used to. These days, though, I find myself more curious about the size of other guys than anything else, I'd like to see how well I measure up! (Pun unintentional!) But in actuality, there's sort of an etiquette thing with guys that we don't really look at each others' jimmies while we're pissing. So it's not really an embarassment thing. It would just be kind of like a girl having to pee in a doorless stall, I guess.

If I were going to take a shit, it would depend on who else was around...I don't think I'd be embarassed anymore though. I figure everyone makes those sounds, and the smell is the only thing i really mind, so if it was bad and i didn't know the ppl, i might apologize. But how about you? If you were about to let a nasty one loose, would you be embarassed? I myself would feel great knowing that I was about to feel REALLY great getting all of th! at shit out of me, and maybe having someone else accept that I need to shit, and keep me company or make conversation while it's going on, I don't like going to the bathroom alone much. Anyway, I usually just read this forum for a turn-on and relaxation right before going to bed, maybe I can write more one of these times, but I'd like to hear your responses! Bye for now!

Im glad that the re run of the 1812 Anglo American War has ened and we Brits wont be coming to burn the White House or at least the first American Public Toilet we encounter complete with its entire stock of "Ass Gaskets!". Seriously, I feel that the Britsh posters were merely remarking the apparent increase in stories about loose motions and that these seem to be of US origin. I notice that there are a lot more peeing stories THAT'S AN OBSERVATION NOT A CRITICISM! before various people accuse me of usurping the Moderator's position. These dont interst me, I have never got any thrill from peeing, but this is a toilet site so let the yellow rivers flow if that's your thing.

As you see I have adopted Tony's suggestion of putting "Solid Motions" at the start of my posting, so if this isnt your scene, as the song puts it, walk on by. Perhaps we should all do this, I would just go past any posting that started "Diarrhea" or "Watery" and read the others, i! n the same way as I walk past the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock sections in a Music Shop but stop to look at the CDs in the Reggae and C & W sections for example. I still like the idea of being able to set an Icon as suggested. Is this technically possible Moderator?

Daniel (UK) I have often been to Studland Bay and have done some big whoppers in the sand off the beach as you say. Look out for a well built muscular red head with long red hair and freckles doing a long fat firm jobbie, it could just be me! last year I went there with my husband and after your picnic lunch I went with him for a poo and we each did a nice big log each, his a curved sausage jobbie, mine a slightly lumpy carrot shaped turd, both fat and about 12 inches long. As I was geting up again a woman went past with her little boy of about 6 , both naturists as we were at that instance. "Look mummy, that lady has done a big poo !" she exclaimed as kids do. I laughed and the woman said, "Well, that's ! what we are going to do I hope!" and I saw she was carrying a pale blue toilet roll. Later when I went past that place I saw near where we had gone a fat solid jobbie of about 9 inches long and smaller thinner one about five inches and some discarded pale blue toilet paper so I feel that mother and child had both had in relative terms a good motion.

There are plenty of pills that will give you the runs, that's what laxatives do! Some are more powerful than others, from Liquid Parafin which isnt really a laxative but a lubricant and doesnt change the solidity of the stools, (that's whay its the only one I will use ) at one end of the spectrum right the way through to Picolax (Sodium Picosulfate) which causes profuse repeated attacks of watery diarrhea commencing about 1 hour from taking it and is usually used, (in conjunction with fasting) to clear the bowel prior to colonoscpy, barium, enema or an operation. There are older very powerful purgatives such as Jalap, Cro! ton Oil, Scamony Resin, Rue and Pennyroyal but these are actually irritant poisons and are dangerous and no longer used by the medical profession. My advice as always is, dont use purgatives unless order to by a doctor, drink more fluid, eat fruit etc, take more exercise, use a glycerine suppository and if all ease fails then a "Fleet" enema is good as a single shot remedy.

Thursday, March 23, 2000


People use the terms "strain" and "push" interchangeably all the time when describing the muscular efforts needed to move a difficult bowel movement, but are they really the same thing? I hear the term "strain" alot when the subject is constipation, but "push" I hear more in describing, say, childbirth. Are the two concepts the same? Similar? Completely different?

I had an accident the other day because i wasnt allowed to go to the bathroom....i was soaked, i had to go so so so bad, and my teacher is like wait till passing period which is 10 min away,and im like i cant, and she is like you i sat down, and the next thing i know im peeing in my pants...what do you think about me not being let out to go??? I want responses, im really upset!!!

Push vs. strain:

When I was pregnant with my first child, an experienced mother explained labor and delivery as akin to having one huge bowel movement. There are some REAL similarities.

Regarding the student not having teacher's permission:

Why didn't you just leave class and run to the john? Was it preferable to embarass yourself in front of your classmates? If you had to throw up, you'd have left with or without the teacher's approval. If you're posting in the future, please try to observe grammar the punctuation. It helps your readers to LIKE understand what you're trying to say.

Desperate to pee
Hey, LISA, I'm glad to see you share my problem. I was beginning to think I was the only person like that in the world.

I am in High School and sometimes when I have to go, I have to start a pee dance while running to the toilet and sometimes I dont make it. However, just like you I have other times when I could hold on forever if it wasn't for the pain.
And sometimes I get those sudden urges when my bladder isnt all that full.
I have often wondered why this happens. Maybe it depends what you have been drinking before it happening...
Please anyone else who experiences this, reply too

Any men out there enjoy sitting on the toilet just to pee?
I feel I pee much better (and more relaxing) if I sit on the toilet. Even at public restrooms, I will head straight to a stall and sit. I won't pull down my clothes completely, just my pants; my underwear stay on and I just "pull" it to one side so my dick can come out. Only do this if you are sure no shit will come out, otherwise, you know what can almost happened to me once. Like I described above, my underwear stays on, but one time I felt a fart coming, but I realized it was more than a fart, and just barely stopped some shit from coming out, it did stain my underwear just a bit, so be careful if you pee this way!! (Otherwise, just do it the normal way, meaning pull all your clothes down, I only do this to save time and also for sanitary reasons, since my underwear acts in place of a seat cover).

TO NATALIE: Eat a bag of Velamints (a sugar free candy which can be found at Rite Aid, Vons, Albertsons etc.) and you will be shitting your brains out by the next day.

In other news, I read a book by V.C. Andrews called "Twilight's Child" about this pregnant 17 year old who has to stay with her evil aunt, who gives here 3 glasses of castor oil, which causes her to have to run to the bathroom, fall over, and shit in her pants as a result! Also, in other book by the same author (in teh same series, in fact) called "Midnight Whispers" there are 12 year old twins who have diarrhea. I thought it was kinda funny cuz I didn't think Linda Marrow (the person who took over when V.C. Andrews died in 1985) would wtite abotu that kinda of shit..... no pun intended. Also, in other news, I was in locker room bathroom at school today. I should probably explain that there are only 2 locking stalls that have any toilet paper in them, so if you get to pee before PE you should conside! r yourself EXTREMELY luckY! Well, I waited in line for like 20 years and had to pee kinda bad so I was really glad when I finally got to the bathroom. But the stall smelled SOOOO bad! And, to make matters worse, there a peice of toilet paper with a booger, shit, or blood stuck to the toilet paper box! Ugh! I almost thought I would bar and sincerely hoped that no one thought I had thought I was the source of the stench. Also, to all the males here, I was wondering 2 things. One, does it make you uncomofortable that there are stalls AND urinals and everyone knows if you're taking dump (it would make me embarrassed) and two, does it embarrass you that everyone sees your dick while you're peeing? Please post your answers, I really want to know!

-LINE :)

I just got back from a 6 day vaction. I have not had a bowel movement in 6 days. I may have to take an enema. Has anyone else ever had this problem.

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