Althea - great to hear I'm not the only one who goes for a morning group dump and just a general group dump at work, I need to hear more stories. I went into work today a little bunged up so took a book with me to the toilet, a couple of my collegues saw me heading there with book in hand and joined me with a couple of magazines. I had the full intention of being in there for quite a while, my collegues both dropped their panties and had quick slippery smelly turds and farted a bit, they gave me encouragement as I strained, finally I felt movement, two huge farts burst out, we all giggled as the others wiped and left. I sat there a bit longer then I could feel a large log emerging, a huge fat smelly turd dropped into the water with a loud splash, then at regular intervals six more large logs dropped filling the pan. Jodie walked in at this time for her morning dump, saw me through the crack in the door and commented on the smell before saying she would add to it, I felt there was more to come so I sat a read for a bit longer. Jodie had an explosive poo which sounded as if she was pebble dashing the pan, are combined smell was quite impressive. I squeezed a couple more logs out and wiped and flushed. I viewed the u bend as I left to see several brown stains stripping round the usually spotless toilet, always a good sign of large log amounts. I waited for Jodie who had now moved on to dropping more solid matter, she finished and wiped and told me she would have to return later.

I want to hear you buddy poo and joint pooing stories, work especially

Hi guys - just had a weekend away in Paris and have a few poo stories to enlighten you with. Me and my girlfriend Jodie stayed in a nice little hotel, on the first morning we sat down and ate a large breakfast, towards the end of the meal Jodie let out a small fart and informed me she needed a shit, we went back to the bedroom and Jodie went straight to the toilet, she told me to turn MTV up so that she couldn't be heard but I said I wanted to watch her and she said OK. Jodie sat on the toilet and let out two large loud farts before relaxing and dropping about eight of nine large logs with a few farts mixed in, the relaxed look on her face showed that she didn't have to strain at all. The logs plopped into the water one after the other and the smell was quite strong, when she was finished she sat there for a couple more minutes letting out a couple more farts and little pellets, she then wiped several times and flushed and pulled her panties up.
Later that same day after w! alking miles, we both decided that we both needed a large poo, we came across an automatic street toilet but only had enough change for one of us to go, the need was great so we both went in, it was a tight squeeze but we managed. I went first as it was my first crap of the day and I really needed to unload, I sat of the toilet and pushed out six huge poos which filled the bowl, the smell was strong and it took a lot of wipes to clean myself up. Jodie and I then switched places, the toilets don't flush until you leave them so Jodie had to add to my pile of crap which was piled on the flat plate below her arse, she farted loudly and then had a minor explosion a very windy liquid shit sprayed out from her arse, she wanted to sit there for longer and let more gas and shit out but our time limit was nearly up, so she had to strain and wipe. The result that we both left in the bowl was amazing and would have taken some cleaning, Jodie then found a local bar and dropped the rest of ! her load down a whole in the ground toilet as she squatted over it, she said it was probably the most natural feeling crap she had had for a while and she now squats whenever she can find somewhere to drop her loads.

Tony from Scotland: Methinks Elena is a fan of Japanese animation (animé). The most common way any sort of embarrassment or awkwardness is expressed in these shows is by way of a large sweatdrop which appears on the side of the character's head (I wish I had a link to show an example, as my description does not explain it that well =( ). As for Natalie's question about relieving constipation naturally, eating a lot of fruit helps. I can never eat enough Granny Smith apples, and as a result, my dumps are fairly soft. Also, I find that eating ice cream makes me poop softer logs that usual, too. Hello to young Linda, Steph, and anyone else who recognizes me ^_^

The best nude beach I know of here is the clothing-optional beach at Studland in Dorset. It's just a long, 3-mile stretch of fine gold sand and the only toilets are at one end of the beach. The clothing-optional area is at least a mile from the toilets, so nearly everyone steals away behind the dunes and into the scrubby woodland if they have to take a dump. It's very relaxed--the naturist area is used by gay men, hetero men, families and even some gangs of teens. A couple of years ago me and a couple of guys about 21 yrs. old ended up squatting in the woods and doing a buddy-dump, and last summer I saw a couple of young boys look around nervously, then their heads disappeared as they obviously squatted to do their business. Also last summer I saw a dad and his young son walking on the path and the dad just looked around a little and then stood there while the little boy squatted and pushed out a huge log. It's just kind of accepted at Studland that you will find piles of shit! and toilet paper if you go slightly off the paths. You can always tell if someone gets off the beach and heads for the woods with a roll of TP, usually hidden in a plastic bag or something. Totally cool place.

PV.... Sounds like you enjoy the urinals as much as Louise does. We went for another swim last night, and when I took her into the men's toilets with me she was bursting to go, looking very worried and hopping from foot to foot, crossing her legs, the works. At the urinal, she let rip with the most tremendous gushing piss I've ever seen her do. She sighed and gasped several times after she had let go, and her facial expression was one of total relief. I just stood and watched her as she continued blasting the wall for at least a minute and a half, continuing to pee more gently for around another minute after that! The noise she made was really quite loud, and the volume of yellow frothing wee running down the gutter toward the drain was remarkable!
"That's better", she said casually afterwards. I'll bet it was, considering she produced enough urine for two or three women!
I'm trying to persuade Louise to post for herself, but she says I'm better at describing events th! an she is! Anyway, she tells me the first time she used a urinal was when she was with a large party of women who were allowed into the men's by the owner of a bar. The second time was at the swimming pool, and since then she has been in there with me lots of times!

I agree with you about the segregation on the beach. It was really rather pointless when everyone was clothes-free. I'm sure that family must have dealt with how the sexes are physically different, so that attitude seems rather silly. I'm not sure which parent was to blame (possibly both), but I got the impression that they just had a hang up about the boys seeing female genitals squirting urine. I think the dad held his girls up in the air just to urge them to get on with it, as they seemed a little reluctant and were complaining a bit, even though they were both bursting.
Personally, my first full-on view of a girl urinating was when I was 9, and I don't think it did me any harm whatsoever. In fact, ! it was highly educational. The English culture can be rather inhibiting with these things though, I'm afraid.
We saw quite a number of women squatting like you've described. Many were, as you say, too far away to make out details. Others were almost close enough to reach out and touch, and were not shy about being seen full frontally either. We did see several younger girls being lifted up and "deployed" the way you described. I felt a little sorry for one poor little girl, who when held up in the air like that, seemed to develop a shy bladder. In the end, when she was put down, she just squatted and squirted in the sand!

I'll tell you more beach tales another time. I think there are 3 or 4 more good ones that I can remember clearly, but there are lots of others that are pretty much the same.

Claire... Good to hear from you again. Your friends do all seem so accident prone. Poor Tizzie, it does sound as if she makes a real habit of wetting herself. It sou! nds as if you and Anna looked after her well though. My girlfriend Louise almost wet herself again on Saturday night. I think she only avoided it because she was wearing one of her short dresses (white this time, very revealing and figure hugging). In a quiet alley, she was able to lift it up easily, squat and pull her g-string aside to wee a gusher. She was squatting side on to the entrance of the alley about 20 feet away. When a group of guys walked past the alley entrance, they gave a raucous round of applause! We think it might have been the highlight of their night!

Bye for now everyone,


Hello to everyone. My boyfriend Steve has wanted me to write here for a couple of weeks now. He doesn't know I'm writing this, but he will!
PV, you sound a lot of fun from what you've written. I'd like to share my experiences of using urinals with you. My first time I used one was when I went out one night with all my old college friends. We all had quite a lot to drink, and none of us had been for a wee for ages. When we went into a bar, there were so many of us that the owner looked into the gents' room to check it was empty, and he allowed us all in. There were only two cubicles, and you guessed it, both were quickly taken up with about two girls in either. The rest of us were queueing and crossing our legs. As Steve said, my mum taught me how to piss standing up. I knew what to do then, because I really needed to go. I went up to stand in front of a urinal. It wasn't one of those long wall types, it was one of those funny shaped porcelein bucket type things that have a drain hole at the bottom. I'm 5 feet 9 so I stood comfortably in my heels without risk of touching the urinal (yuk). I lifted my skirt and pulled aside my knickers, holding them with my left hand while I used my right hand to control my aim. It was very easy to direct my stream, and I had a little fun washing the urinal with my wee. My friend Jackie used the urinal next to me when she saw what I was doing, and she said she had never weed standing up before. She did not know how to control it, and she dribbled a lot onto the floor. Other girls tried to hover their asses on tip toe over the other urinals and just pissed on their knickers and on the floor! There were about 5 or 6 urinals, and there were puddles of bubbly wee in front of them all when we'd done. My own wee felt really good, and I felt really daring to be weeing in a men's toilet. I'd w! anted to do that for years!
You mentioned you used a beachfront urinal, and I don't know what one of those is. I once weed through the leg of my shorts - they were big enough to pull aside and I squatted! When Steve first took me to the men's toilets in the swimming pool I declined to use the ladies. There were cracked floors and nasty looking bowls in the cubicles. Didn't like them at all. He was very good to me and knew I was nervous as I was in there while he made sure no men came in. I was naked as I had taken my swimsuit off completely. I went to the steel long wall type urinal, and I foud a place to stand that hadn't been splashed by the dribbles from some guy's cock. I aimed my lips with my fingers and weed while aiming the jet outwards as high as I could get it. I loved the metallic sounds my wee stream made on the urinakl and how it changed as I made it go higher. I really love
washing that steel urin! al. I amazed Steve last night in there - that was one of my geyser wees, and it laster for ages. Again I felt so daring and excited. I love it best when we stand together and put an arm around each other while we pee. I feel so close to him as our wee mixes together.
Claire, Steve's replied to you and told you all about my accidents. I read his stuff and what he said was so good it makes me blush! I try to avoid weeing in my knickers, but I have sometimes just lost it and let rip! Steve once had an accident when I was out with him. He was about to get his cock out and wee on a wall. I've been with him loads of times he's weed on a wall. This time, he lost it and peed his pants. They were black ones and we were going home, so that was ok for him.
Lisa, about your dream. Steve lets me do that for him sometimes when we wee together in the morning, and I really like it.


To Natalie:
I do not know what foods can give you the runs, but I am with you, if I feel stopped up, I feel that the only way to free yourself is to get the runs. Lots of water maybe? I think I heard that there is actually a pill you take to give you the runs, if you or anyone knows about this, please let us know.
good luck and be careful about those runs, plan to have a toilet nearby!

HI. Im sorry i havent posted 4 a while. I noticed that ppl post their avarage *ahem* habits so here we go!
I pee every moring b4 anything! Then usually 1ce at noon and 1ce at 3 ... then however much more i go that day.
Bowel movements:
As far as these go: again 1 every morning. and like 2 more times a day. usually soild and pretty wide. long, bout 3" on a avarage.
I usually get this like 3 times a year. 1ce pretty bad (stomach flu) and them just minor cases. Usually this is farily chunky the 1st time then gets watery. I hate having the disease but it is my fav. thing to post (dont kno why) so thats why i post them more than others.
Like 1ce a year and I HATE IT! I can sometimes push it out by myself but when i go 1 day with no motions i usualy take a laxative. Anyways ill go w a story now so hold on:

2 yrs ago I was in bed. I dont remember if i woke up or was awake when it happened b! ut it did and i dont kno why! I had a strange feeling in my stomach, not pain or anything but there was something there. I ignored it at first but it was keeping me from sleeping so I decided to see if it was a bowel problem, I didnt think i was, but when i sat on the toilet and leaned foward a load of chunky diarrhea flew out! after about a minute of pooping I wipped and felt better ... until i got to bed. the feeling returned to my stomach and me to the bathroom for a nearly exact repeat of what just happened! Well i wasnt to desperate those times but just in case i moved closer to the bathroom. By the time i moved my bed stuff i was on the can 1 more time. Well i laid back down, pretty dismayed, ive never gone so much in so little time! and I had to go again! this time was different, as soon as i sat a river of liquid rushed out. I let it flow for about 1 minute and when it didnt stop I tried to slow it. I did and i finally finished and I felt MUCH better ... the feeling le! ft for about 5 minutes before i had to do a smaller version of above.I didnt go bad again that night.

Jessica from Canada
i am 12 and i am a girl. i have long blond hair. i was at my house with my friend and it was a sleepover. we had both drank about 4 cokes and it was about 12:00 am by the time we went to sleep. when i woke up in the morning, i needed to pee so bad, i could hardly contain myself. i tried walking to the door but when i got there, my friend was in there brushing her teeth. i didn't want to stand out in the hallway too long because i was only wearing a long t-shirt and i didn't want my mom to come upstairs and scold me for wearing only a t-shirt. i was holding myself so hard i thought i would hurt myself. about 2 minutes later she came out. i rushed in, but when i almost got to the toilet, i started peeing all over the floor. i must have peed for 2 minutes. when i finished, i asked my friend to help me clean up. i was soo embarassed (so to speak :-) ). i will keep you updated if something happens again.

HI! its me again. i just remembered another time quite similar from my last post. When i was 8, i used to play with another girl who lived across the street. we used to play alot together. we had a sleepover and i heard my brother, who had come back from summer camp at the time, about a prank he played on another camper. he and some other guy filled a bowl of warm water and put someones hand in it while they were sleeping, and he peed himself. me and my friend tried this. i drank 2 whole bottles of water and sat on a bucket, just in case (Don't ask!). just to be sure, i wore only a big shirt that i usually wore to bed, and nothing else. So, she put the bowl on a tv tray and asked me to put my hands in the water. i was almost about to explode anyways. i put my hands in the water and the pee flowed out of me like never before. it was real noisy too. my friend was laughing while i was practically crying from the relief. just then, i heard my mom come upstairs to see what was goin! g on. i panicked for obvious reasons. i put my hand over my pussy and me and my friend hid in the closet and we shut the door. i was so scared 1) because my mom might find out what we were doing 2) i am not very good at stopping in mid pee and holding it for a while. we were in there for 5 minutes waiting for my mom to leave. but just then, i squirted, then dribbled, and finally began peeing. my mom herd the noise from the closet and opened the doors. to her horror, there i was. only wearing a top, peeing my guts out, and my friend. i got in BBBIIIGGG trouble. i never attempted that again. untill 4th grade ;-)

Yank Vs. Britt argument? Why I am just a horny Yank who would love to take a tour of England and the surrounding European countries. Everyone tells me how they have enjoyed it. Maybe if I can get outa this rat race here in the States,.. someday.
Anyhow, in response to England person's question about using the opposite sex restroom. Yep, Idid once some time back and it was a blow to my ego. I had gone to a party ate too much, and got on the road at 12:00 at night for a 7 hr. drive down to my grandmothers house. My stomach began to ache and I cramped up, and just 20 minutes from her house, I could not hold it! I pulled into a small service station on the outskirts of town and ran into the place. There was no attendant around so I ran out back to where the restrooms were. The door to the men's room was open and when I looked inside,... YUK!! The place smeeled worse than a pigs pen and it was not fit for use by any civilized human. I then tries the ladies room, but it was lock! ed. Desperate I ran back into the clerks office and snagged a buch of keys I saw hanging from behind the desk. Rushing back to the women's room, I began to fumble the keys, all the while, feeling my rear end bulging up and near explosion! Wam!, With a twist of a key, I threw open the door slammed it back shut and threw myself overtop of that bucket. Now if you have ever listened to Niagra Falls, that is how it soulded for about 5 minutes. Relieved, I washed up and came out, looked around and dashed back into the clearks office. Just as I was putting the keys back, I heard some comotion in a back room behind the desk, and a moment later, the clerk emerged very nervously and offered assistance. I told him that hhey need to clean up the men's room and I started on my way. I never figured out why he was so nervous or what he was doing in that back room. Chow.

Tomy.. well it take a bit of imgination but what it is as a face with sweat globs on the side. See ^ is one eye, - is the nose, ^ is the other eye and the two ;; are sweat drops. I put this at the end of sentances to show embarassment.. such as when I do something stupid or something embarassing. That all. Well I and my fiance have been caring for Linda and I have never know such a small girl as her to poop so much. I mean.. wlel I'm not there when she does. I usually sit her on the toilet bare bottomed then leave so she can be at ease and I sit at the tabe by the door reading so i can hear when she calls me. It's a few feet away but I can hear her starining and maoning and huge plops. It's a bit unnerving. One cause I hear that poor girl fighting and two.. I wonder if my Miquel hears me too. I say that cause when I come out..and I see him, he's face is a red as mine. Is there anyway to find out.. I have learned to pee with him there.. (when I'm wearing a skirt or a LONG sh! irt) but as for moving my bowels.. wlel.. a trainwreck is quieter and I really don't think i could do nayhting with him there.. but.. I'd like to try if he's really interested. I just kinda read here and it seems it beings people closer together and I want that for me and my guy.
Natalie the best food is watermelon.. trust me.. we had some yesterday and we founf out just howbadly we need more than one bathroom. Please let me know if you feel better.. I know what you're going through.. I once went a whole week without.. um moving my bowels.. and when I did.. it was like the aforementioned trainwreck.

Natalie. The last thing you need is something that will give you the 'runs' as you so elegantly put it. What you do need is plenty of fresh fruit, vegatables and fluid (preferably tea or other warm drinks) to loosen you up naturally. Prunes, Dates, Figs and Licorice are also excellent but don't overdo it on any of those foods. Constipation can be frustrating but, believe me, you only want to take artificial laxatives as a last resort. You're much better off trying to achieve a motion by natural means - good diet and exercise.

What worries me is that you don't feel able to talk to either or both of your parents about this. You certainly should be able to talk to your mother about such matters without any difficulty. Growing up can be difficult sometimes and, believe me, we older folk have been there before. However, you should be able to talk to your parents about something so natural and ordinary as your bowel habits. I've got a shrewd idea that your Mum and ! Dad love you very much and they wouldn't want you to conceal something from them that was worrying you. Try talking to them. I think it would be worthwhile.


Natalie, I cannot for the life of me understand why someone would WANT to have the runs! its like saying you want to break your leg or burn your hand to my way of thinking. Can I suggest you read the advice I gave to Alexis who has diet related constipation and which others have echoed. Eat wholemeal foods, bran, eat more fruit and veg, drink fruit juice instead of coke or whatever. Take more exercise. If you need something to make it easier to pass your motions then the glycerine suppository or liquid parafin (mineral oil) or inserting vasaline (petroleum jelly) into your rectum might help. Eating figs or prunes or apricots or rhubarb will make your stools looser.

PV the phantom poo is a real bummer! I always hate it when I do a nice solid jobbie and after it KURSPLOONKS! into the water and I look down the pan there is nothing to see as it has shot up the pan. Sometimes it will slide down into view after a short time. Its usually the medium sized fat! solid turds of say 7 inches long that this happens with if they come out with some force and their momentum makes them shoot round the hidden bend, Smaller ones will stay behind and larger jobbies, the big panbusters, are too large to flush away.

Shit Bohn, I detest any extraneous nosies such as loudly flushing urinals, musak, electric hand driers etc in public toilets. I like to enjoy the sound effects both from my own defecation and others using an adjoining cubicle as long as they are doing a solid motion not diarrhea or a load of mush. I also hate those spoilsports who pull the flush as soon as they enter the toilet or who put some sheets of toilet paper into the pan before hand to stop the "Kersplonk!" sounds. These moves are only permissible to me if you are suffering from diarrhea or loose stools and on those occasions I have done this myself.

England Person. I have used the girls or ladies toilets a number of times in my life. Its not something I do! casually as it is actually a crime in the UK for a man to be in a ladies toilet unless of course he is cleaning or repairing it or it is with permission say when the Gents toilet is out of order at a pub or the like and customers are told to use thr Ladies whatever their gender. Funnily enough it is NOT as far as I know a crime for a woman to use a male toilet. I first used a Ladies toilet with my older cousin Lucy when I was 5 and she was 10. We were out in town and both needed a jobbie. Mum didnt like me using some of the gents toilets on my own as even then there were queers in some of them, especially those with no attendant. Lucy therefore took me into the Ladies with her. I got a real thrill to sit on the pan and do my jobbie where I knew girls and women had done theirs and litening to Lucy doing her motion and a woman in the toilet at the other side passing a substantial jobbie with a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!". At school when I was 10 I asked out of class and sneaked into th! e Girls Toilets and saw a big jobbie stuck in one of the pans. Since then i have secretly used the ladies toilets at various places of work when i have been alone say working on Sundays or late when all others have gone, but would not take the risk of using a ladies toilet when there were others about.

I was at a bar mitzvah, and It was so hot out. I was wearing a strapless top with a light blue skirt. Because of the weather, I was really thirsty. Durring the first half of the party alone, I had almost a dozen and a half drinks (half size cups). I had everything there. You name it, i drank it: water, sprite, coke, cherry coke, root beer, and kiddy coctails. After I finished like my 18th cup, I went out on the dance floor. As soon as I got there, the announced a slow dance. The bar mitzvah boys couzin came over to me and asked me if I wanted to dance. Him being a hunk, I said yes, even though I had started to feel like I had to go to the bathroom. I figured like 3 minutes wouldnt change it. Well, by the time we finished the dance, I REALLY REALLY REALLY VERY DESPERATLY had to pee.(You dont understand, I seriously thought my bladder was gonna explode with liqued) I told him I would be right back, but he asked where I was going. Ugggghhh, ya know how that goes. So I told him I was going to the washroom to fix my hair, and he goes "It looks nice, and It can wait a minuet. I have something to show you." At that time, he said something (I cant remember what now) and I cracked up. Know, you know when you laugh to hard you use your ???? muscles. Well, as I said, i was laughing really hard, and those involentary ???? muscles started to go, and I started peeing incontroably. I was sooo embarrased, so I started running for a bathroom. I ran to my friend, and i screamed "Where the heck are the bathrooms" and shes just like omigosh, ya know what matt said....and this whole time I have pee dripping off my blue skirt and I made a mess at this party. By the time I found the bathroom, I was still peeing (told ya I desperatly had to go) and that was like 10 minutes later. Once I was done peeing, EVERYTHING was yellow, including the entire front section of my skirt. I called my mom and told her to pick me up at that second!!!! I was so embarrased, I didnt wanna go to school ever again, but I was forced to THE NEXT DAY! Everyone who was at the bar mitzvah was laughing at me for months. I am still known as the girl who cant always pees!!!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

i'm glad that some of you have enjoyed my past stories. i promised to tell of the few accidents i've had in the past so here's one from about a year ago. i work in a retail store & it's pretty laid back about who takes breaks when. anyway we'd just gotten our lunch from burger king & as there weren't any customers around we all ate. After lunch I began letting the others take they're break. I started to feel the need for a crap but couldn't get away at this time so i put it out of my mind. Now the others finially got done with thier breaks but we got very busy & stayed that way for the rest of the day. At 5 pm i got the feeling again. stronger then before but still no time to go. I continued to help customers. I was leting out sbds like crazy by 6pm. we closed at 7 but i can't leave to crap until the others have gone because i've got the keys to lock up. As they all file out & go home I fell the poop starting out my hole. I lockewd the door & headed to the! back & the bathrooms. I got about 1/2 way there when i farted & the turd slipped out. i couldn't hold it any more & i continued to shit. a big cramp hit me & a large turd started out. it hit my panties &curled back under my ass. now i started to pee (i always do when i crap) i made it to the bathroom but of course that was of little consolation now. i pulled my pants down & dumped my turds into the toilet. i had a brown stain in my panties but the biggest problem was my pee. i sat to finish my dump & pooped out 3 more large logs & had a lot of gas (i seem to have more than my fair share of that--i fart quite a bit on any given day. i threw my panties away & dried my jeans as best i could. i also had to clean my pee off the floor from walking to the bathroom.
sorry if this was long but you all seem pretty interested in details. i'll tell another story soon. my one dream is to hold a guys dong as he pisses..seems like it would be a real ! turn on..the sound of listening to a guy dump makes me HOT.
happy crapping all---lisa

Natalie: Typically spicy foods can increase bowl movement or eating a lot of fruit sugar, e.g. juice, apricots, etc. However, MY personal suggestion is to eat more insoluble fiber, a NATURAL laxative in the diet. Grains like wheat and oats are full of them, just incorporate them into your diet (make sure they are whole grains, read the label).

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Can someone tell me what foods i can eat to give me the runs? Without any laxatives or anything? I'm a little stopped up, and i dont want my parents to know, its kinda embarrasing, what kind of foods can i eat to give me the bad runs?

Adrian/Anne: My last post came right after your comments. Again, I apologize to you and the others. Of course, everyone should be able to express their opinion. It seemed so strong to me that I thought you were playing moderator and telling us what to post or not post. I just overreacted. I'm not saying to bring on more stories about loose stools or diarrhea, either. What gets posted is what we read, and I can live with that. So save your cat food, Anne. You wouldn't want me to have a big mushy dump in your house, would you?

I had to go back to see what Chris posted, but I do agree with those who condemned him for even thinking about sabotaging his mother's party. There was an incident in my dorm in my freshman year in college where someone spiked the refreshments with laxatives at an ice cream social. I missed the event, but several folks got sick. I had a story about what happened in the bathrooms, but in light of the Chris controversy, I won't post it. ! A close friend of my roommate had to be hospitalized and had to withdraw that term because she fell so far behind in her classes. They never did catch the culprits and dismissed it as a fraternity prank, since it was Hell Week for the pledges.

Right now I'm actually doing some work at home, trying to catch up after a major mishap on the special project I'm involved in at a law firm. I guess I am browsing here as a temporary diversion and will hopefully catch up with all of the stories and will start posting my own stories again. Cheers.

I thought I would make my contribution to what features I like most in people's posts. The best stories are those of shitting in stalls with no doors. I find those very enjoyable. I personally prefer diarrhea stories to constipation stories, because at least with diarrhea something happens! After that I enjoy posts of people who dump in the next stall to their friends, or watch their friends do it. I find the posts of women pissing while standing up fascinating. I also enjoy any story involving farting.

This Brit versus Yank stuff's gotta stop, its spoiling the forum. I'm glad Jane qualified her statements that had supposedly upset Anne so much, and hopefully it'll stop now. The British writers are indeed very good and add a lot of life to this forum, but they do tend to focus more on nationality (especially vis-a-vis Americans) than everyone else. Come on y'all, get with it and just write about poo! Americans and Brits are different...get over it and move on!!

Has anybody got any stories about having to use oppisite sex restrooms ? if so i would like to here them

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