ALEXIS: You're in the right place for advice! There are lots of folks here who can help. My advice is: drink LOTS more water -- you'll pee lots too, and this is healthy, but the extra water will better hydrate your system and keep your bowel contents from drying so much. Also, you can pop a glycerin suppository up your backside twenty minutes before you go, it'll help -- and it won't hurt. Another trick is to put some petroleum jelly on your anus, and work it inside before you start. These are all solutions that won't affect your diet or systemic wellbeing, except the water, which will have only good effects. You could also look at a home enema kit, as this is the single absolutely thorough means for cleaning yourself out, and accepting a pint of warm water in your rear end is much less traumatic than the motions you're having. You risk haemorrhoids developing as a result of the sheer stress your bottom is suffering, so please take care!

ALTHEA: Sounds like we dress s! imilarly! I don't usually use a slip, though I have some little dresses with a built-in slip. I had a wee out the leg of my shorts at a beachfront urinal last summer, which was a lot of fun. Since I learned to stand I've stood many times by preference, especially if it's convenient in terms of dress. But when I sit to poo, of course, out comes the wee, often at the same time!

STEVE: Yes, it was something of an eruption when I first used that steel wall! And I still remember the almost other-worldly feeling of releasing this torrent while being aware that people were walking behind me, and talking. It felt strangely like a validation -- hey, I'm here! Shrug, crazy, I know, but it felt soooo good!

The privacy screens gave enough room for two at a time, which presumably is enough not to seem like a crowd! I'd love to hear Louise's own stories of urinal-usage, especially her first-ever casual use. Was that the time at the swimming pool with you, or another time? ! Please ask her if she'd share her adventures with a fellow urinal-using gal!?

The beach story is amazing -- why would they segregate??? It was a nude beach for cryin' out loud! Shrug. But what really amazes me is why the guy needed to lift his daughters for them to do their stuff. I'd have thought hopping down by their mom would have been far less embarressing for them. I remember seeing a young woman with her baby, she casually lifted the little girl and pointed her like a garden hose. This was outside a Post Office, she had stopped to change the baby and "deployed" her into the shrubbery instead!

I guess the English nude beach culture is less up-tight than the Aus, as I've yet to see an open display. A woman, forty-ish and quite attractive, arrived on the beach, put down her towel, stepped out of her dress and squatted for a while by the towel, but she was so far off I couldn't see any details. She might have been having an entirely unabashed pee, I'd like ! to think so. I've kept my own weeing discrete so far.

ANNE: Phantom Poos and Floaters -- I've known 'em both. I feel cheated when I strain and grunt and rock around for a while to get this thing to cut loose, then it vanishes. Aw, nuts!!! The floaters are obstinate, they often fall free easily but want to stick around. Ha!

Cheers all,


On Friday I was leaving work and I rode down the elevator with a woman in a smart business suit. She was in her mi-thirties and I recognized her as someone who works on my foor in an accountant's office. As the doors closed, the woman unexpectedly said in a refined British accent "excuse me, do you mind if I fart? I've been desperate." I was quite shocked actually (quite something for me) but I told her to go ahead. She let out a long, booming, rippling fart which abruptly ended with a squishing noise. As we neared the first floor, the smell was overpowering and I could tell from the little farting and squishing sounds that this woman was doing a poo in her panties. It sounded a very wet and messy poo as well. I was dying to ask if she'd pooed herself but I couldn't. Anyway, I didn't have to - as the doors opened she said "hope that wasn't too bad for you - I've just crapped in my knickers. I'd better go back upstairs to clean myself up." I was genuinely dumbfounded! I mean, I! 've pooed in my panties dozens of times but I'd never tell someone that's what I was doing...even if it was an accident!


Just got back from a two week business trip of sorts and am enjoying catching up on the posts (yours especially, SANDRA).

SIMONE (from March 7th): I've travelled the world quite a bit, and agree that the French toilet were not the cleanest by any standard. However, they were spotless compared to some others, especially in the former Soviet Union. If you ever have to travel there, be forwarned: those were the most disgusting facilities I've ever seen They were the hole in the ground toilets, badly lit, often covered in crap by people who missed the hole, afforded little or no privacy, never had toilet paper-but plenty of party newspapers, and were seldom cleaned. If they were, they were just hosed down and all the crap would be spread around. On road trips, most people would opt for shitting in the woods, for a good reason (I did that several times myself and rather enjoyed it). Toilets in Greece were not great either-and you often had to pay for toilet pa! per. They would give you a piece about six inches long-never enough to really wipe yourself clean. If you ever go there bring plenty of tissues. Keep in mind that in all of these places, if you frequent a private home or a respectable restaurant or other establishment, you'll find that most facilities were adequate. But beware at public facilities, train stations, etc.

DAVE (from March 9th): Great story with the brunette and redhead shitting together in the parking lot stairwell. Wish I were working in your shoes at that moment! Please post more.

TIMID TIGRESS: Glad you had a nice spring break trip and that you enjoyed the toilet on the plane. For some reason I've never gotten to like them too much.

Take care everyone,

I'm a 26 year old male. I do just the same...workout lots, eat a very well balanced diet, and still have difficult movements sometimes. I use glycerin suppositories. You can get the off brand.....they work in 15 min or so for me. Really work well actually, since it's don't have to wait for it to get through your system-you know, no unexpectedness. Let me know how you make out with them.

Hmmm, this post is mostly for me, and off-topic for this forum. But you know, I've figured out what so many people have realized already on this forum. There's absolutely nothing wrong with going to the bathroom. It's human, it's basic, if one thinks about it it's not only human but universal, amoebas "shit" in some form or another! And it feels good always to get things which are bad for one, and which one does not need, out of one's body. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! It loosens me up! I like to fart, to poop, and to flush it all away when I'm done! That's really all there is to it!

Also, Someone named Tyler (coincidentally the name of my best childhood friend) asked on page 80 why "we" laugh at the sound of a toilet flushing. I think it's because 1. poop is bad for our bodies and 2. when the toilet flushes it becomes all right again, it's gone and being taken care of by society and nature! I really can only laugh when things are going to be or are all right! Good cheer to you all, and good night.

I thought I would make my contribution to what features I like most in people's posts. The best stories are those of shitting in stalls with no doors. I find those very enjoyable. I personally prefer diarrhea stories to constipation stories, because at least with diarrhea something happens! After that I enjoy posts of people who dump in the next stall to their friends, or watch their friends do it. I find the posts of women pissing while standing up fascinating. I also enjoy any story involving farting.

This Brit versus Yank stuff's gotta stop, its spoiling the forum. I'm glad Jane qualified her statements that had supposedly upset Anne so much, and hopefully it'll stop now. The British writers are indeed very good and add a lot of life to this forum, but they do tend to focus more on nationality (especially vis-a-vis Americans) than everyone else. Come on y'all, get with it and just write about poo! Americans and Brits are different...get over it and move on!!

Just Curious I would like to know how many college students are using diapers for protection.
I am using them when I have an exam.

Wow, she must be really embarrassed!! I can relate though......
Durring winter break, i was staying at my aunts house (for a week). My aunt's house only has one bathroom, cuz only she lives there. Well, every morning she is in there for two hours, usually from about 8-10 or 9-11. Well, on my first night there, we had a really heavy dinner, so I wanted to wash it down before bed. I had a ton of diet coke (Like 3 cans worth)! I had heard that it makes you have to go to the bathroom, but that was all my aunt had besides water (so plain), so I made a mental note to pee before bed. Well, my aunt came down and we were watching tv, and i went to bed forgetting to go to the bathroom. Apparentally my aunt had somewhere to go the next morning, because she was already in the bathroom at 7 am. Well, i woke up then and VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY EXTREAMELY DESPERATLY had to pee. (You dont understand...i couldnt move with out feeling like i was gonna pee right there. I di! dnt honestly know if i could make it to the bathroom. I had to go so incredibally bad, my bladder SERIOUSLY could not have even held another drop of anything...not even a swallow of saliva.)Somehow, i managed to sit up, with out problems (ya know what i mean)but as soon as i tried to walk (to the bathroom) I knew that it wasnt going to work. Suddenly, I panicked! I didnt know what to do, but i knew if i tried to go anywhere, i would have BIG PROBLEMS. I heard the shower on, which meant that my aunt would be in the bathroom for at least another hour and a half, and i didnt think i could hold IT for another second, let alone a minuet to think about my options. I slowly tried to look around the room, so see if there was anything that could hold liqued. I saw a vase with flowers by my bed. Well, i crossed my legs really tight and hobbled over there. I could feel my overloaded and overweighted blatter jiggling and i didnt know how much longer i could last! I oppened the window, dum! ped the flowers and soil, crouched down and started GOING. To my suprise, that vase was way to small, and i had to go way to much, that it started to overflow. At that same second, my aunt came into my room to see if i was awake yet. Well, she scared the ya know what out of me and i jumped, still peeing. Well, not to mention the fact that I was embarresed like never before, but I soaked the carpet so much, it went threw to the celling of the floor under us!! Once i finished, (seriously it was like 15 min later, and all over the entire floor) I had to explain to my aunt. When I told her how Extreamly Desperately I had to go when she was in the bathroom, she said i should have just walked in. I told her I wouldnt have even made it, and she asked y I had to go so bad. Then i had to admit to the 3 diet cokes, and she said that a) diet drinks as well as caffine make ya gotta go badly, b)Drinking anyhthing b4 bed makes ya gotta go, c) 3 cans was way overboard for anything, and d) I ! should have gone b4 bed. She also realized that my sheets were wet from leaking parts durring the night. When I saw that, I realized that if i hadnt leaked durroing the night, my blatter seriously would have exploded. To say the least, I NEVER went back to my aunts house again!!!!
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Replying to Original Article:

My 17 yr old cuzin was sleeping over, and right b4 bed she was eating salty pretzals, and to was it down, she had seriously 6 gallons of lemonade. Well, we talked for a while, then i went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Well, i came out to find an entire pitcher filled with yellowish liqued. Well, i thought it was apple juice for 5 sec, then i saw her embarrassed cheeks.....but apparentally, she didnt know that she wasnt the middle of the night i heard running (to the bathroom) but she didnt make it, and the next morning my mom had to wash the carpet. Well, she was staying for a week, and on h! er last night, apparentally she was dreaming about home and waliking under a waterfall, cuz i woke up to a really wet bed...lets just say that she hasnt come back to visit!!!

Sometimes my bladder gets really full yet I don't have an urgent need to pee. Other times my pee hole "screems" for immediate release and I gotta cross and squeeze, and even hold myself sometimes to keep it from leaking, while I QUICKLY find a toilet or private place, but it then usually turns out to be only a small release. Seems weird to me; anyone else get like that??

When listening to someone shitting in a public bathroom, what do you think about those "disturbing factors" like the flushing of the urinals or other toilets, so that you can't hear other persons relieving themselves?
I hate it!

Hey everybody. The only reason I was going to spike the punch was to maybe get to her a women poo. It has been my dream for a long time. So I won`t do it. I guess I will just have to wait until I meet a girl or women who would let me watch. Catch everybody later

Alexis: Drink plenty of water. Lots and lots of water everyday. Put fruits and raw vegetables in your diet. You might partake of just water and the roughage. Use laxatives only as a last resort. Citrate of magnesia or boiled senna pod tea is good for an internal cleaning. Senna pod is better. It is a natural. But if you drink it, stay home with plenty of toilet paper. Lay off the diet pills. They bind you.

Charley: I work in an office with many girls. The bathrooms are clean and comfortable. Sometimes we compare clothes and underwear. I wear slips and the girls like them. My friend Tawana joined Norma, Shannon and I for our morning group dump. We would talk about guys. Sometimes, it would be me and Tawana. Our movements vary from hard to soft to loose. Lately, my movments have been medium hard. Tawana's would be hard and thick. One typical morning last summer, Tawana joined me in the womens room after 8AM. I took off my denim skirt. My white slip was at my waist and b! lack panties were at my ankles. Tawana entered the next stall and did the same. My bowels were loose from drinking herbal tea. For about 20 seconds I expelled brown water and loose matter. As Tawana was talking to me, she was straining 3 pieces of doo-doo. Plop, silence. Plop, silence. Plop silence. All the while we were talking and she was straining her voice. She was panting for breath. She said how she her doo-doo was five inches each and almost 2 inches wide. She said she goes thru this everyday at home or before school. I'll tell you more in the next post.

alexis. If your condition is ongoing and you have suffered from it for some time (ie several days), I would recommend getting medical advice without delay. If, on the other hand, it is only recent or spasmodic I wouldn't be inclined to worry too much. Treat artificial laxatives as a counsel of last resort and avoid using them unless you really have to and all else fails. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Figs, Dates and Prunes are especially good for releiving constipation. Ideally though, you need to stay within easy reach of a toilet, if at all possible. The one thing you should NOT do is strain and make yourself sore. We all do it from time to time when constipated and I'm as guilty as anyone else in this respect. It's not good or wise though as I can weaken muscles in that department. If you can't poo after an hour on the toilet, it's fairly obvious that you don't need to and your body isn't ready for it. Follow my advice and see what happens. If you're still! having difficulty in a day or two though I'd go to the doctor and take medical advice.

I was constipated for a few days last August after an operation and it was horrible. I didn't do anything between Monday morning (a few hours before the operation) and late on Friday evening and it wasn't a pleasant sensation at all. The district nurse had said that she'd give me a laxative on the Saturday if I'd not had a motion by then but, thankfully, it proved unnecessary.

Hope you're soon able to 'get rid' and feeling better.

Althea:I went to High School in the south bronx and the place was a real dump and the bathrooms were the worst of all,water on the floors,no toilet paper,just those brown paper towels so all the girls i knew would have a roll in there back packs or locker or if not at least some kleenex to wipe with.The smell was bad too since people would throw used pads in the garbage and some times you'd see them on the floor yuk!.
I can remember one day when i was a junior having the most terrible case of the liquid shits,the kind wher it feels like your asshole is sort of quivering and you feel week all over,i was on the toilet for around half a hour in view of any other girl walking by as i made some very loud noise and bad smells,i kept my head down and tried to ignore them,i felt very embarresed to be in this state since before this i had only had to pee or if a bm it was a solid one. I can understand why the schools have to remove the doors but that was a day i wished we had them,! well when i was finished my asshole burned as i wiped and when i turned to flush saw that the bowl was filled with dark brown liquid with little squigily

Alexis, my advice is DONT TAKE LAXATIVES at least not the powerful purgative type which cause diarrhea. I would suggest Liquid Parafin (Mineral Oil) a simple lubricant, or perhaps a glycerine suppository to aleviate the immediate problem of very hard stools which are difficult to pass then drink more fluid, eat brown bread rather than white, wholemeal pasta, brown rice and perhaps take bran flakes as a breakfast cereal. You have actually said the cause. You are on a diet, this often causes constipation. Now ask yourself honestly, at only 120 pounds , (that's only 8 1/2 stones in British measurement), ARE YOU FAT! really FAT? in other words do you NEED to be on a diet. Dont be a martyr to faddish fashion. My wife Theresa is a bit ????, (168 pounds to you Yanks) overweight according to the charts, but not fat. I would not have her any other way. I describe her as cuddly. Im not slim myself either,(200 pounds), stocky Id say, but again not fat. So if the diet you are on is not! for medical reasons and as you are NOT greatly overweight then scrap the diet. My advice, start your diet on the 30th February each year!

Fat Woman. Yes, I still have listened to my mum doing a motion. She is now an old lady and lives in what we call warden assisted housing. That is the person has their own self contained apartment, (like a condominium), but a warden lives on site to help with any problems that may occur and a nurse, doctor, chiropodist etc calls regularly to help those residents with special needs. Mum is no longer as active physically but still mentally 100%. Last time I visited her she went to the toilet after lunch and I listened and sure enough there was as Smartboy put it the sound of a big stone falling into a pond, a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!" then a "KU-PLONK!" as she dropped two good solid jobbies. The flush in this apartment is quite powerful and nothing was left for me to see. Unlike you I DO like seeing the jobbies others have done as long as ! these are solid and formed, the bigger the better. As a kid I did look through the keyhole in the door of our toilet. The way it was built I could only see the bottom half of any adult sitting on the pan, in my mum's case from her chest downwards, so didnt see her face . I did however see her as she hitched up her skirt to her waist revealing her big white cotton knickers, (briefs),which she pulled down to the top of her thighs, then sat down with her fat legs apart. She sat in the normal manner, no fancy positions such as side saddle. Id hear the tinkle of her wee-wee, a fart or two, then the "OO! AH! NNN!" PLOP! PLONK!" as she did the first couple of hard balls then more "OO! AH! NNN! OH!" sounds,perhaps she would mutter to herself, "Come out you big swine!" then with the crackling sound there would be the "KUR-SPUL-LOONK!, KER-SPLOOSH!" as she did her two big jobbies. I would then see her take a couple of sheets of toilet paper putting it behind herself as she lifted her f! at bum off the pan slightly to wipe herself. She would look at the paper to ensure she was clean before pulling up her knickers and dropping her skirt. This was my cue to get away from the toilet door. Now as I have said our toilet DID have a weak flush, and my mum didnt wait to ensure that all had gone away before she came out of the toilet indeed I am sure that she sometimes deliberately left the toilet unflushed knowing that I would see what she had passed. Fat Woman, any stories about your mom doing a nice big poo from your youth or up to date would be of great interest.

Anne, I have also both done and seen both the floating ball type of jobbie which just wont flush away but bobs back up to the surface and the sticky jobbie which although not too big to flush away remains glued to the bottom of the pan. On the first type, the floating ball, my mum often did these as part of a larger motion, a fat ball as large as a goose egg, hard and constipated and knobbly a! nd although her bigger jobbies would have sunk to the bottom of the pan this big ball would continue to float on the surface of the water, even when the big turds had gone away after a few flushes. As a kid Id often direct my jet of pee at it and move it around pan. In the end it would waterlog and sink then flush away. The sticky turd I have sometimes done if I have eaten a lot of gooey sticky food full of gluten such as some cakes or buns, white bread and rolls, white pasta, pizza etc. The jobbie is usually smooth and soft but formed and slides out easily sinking to the bottom of the pan. Its the sort of motion which needs a lot of wiping afterwards and Im glad to use moist wipes in such a case. When the flush is pulled it stays behind, not because its too long but its sticky. Anyone else do these two types of jobbie or often see those that others have done.

Jane , thanks for qualifying your earlier remarks about us Brits. For my part I dont want to stop anyone po! sting about whatever aspect of defecation and associated matters they wish and the Moderator keeps a benign but strict control to block the more outre' matters that belong to "scat" websites. I,like the various other British posters, my friends George and his wife Moira, and the others whom I only know through this web page, simply prefer to read about people doing good, formed, solid motions, not squirting out diarrhea or loose mushy stools, and we would like to encourage more stories of the former NOT supress the latter. I agree that George's tongue in cheek suggestion of splitting the page in two would not be a good move, but what about this idea? On some of the other discussion groups I post to they have the convention of setting either the yellow smiley face for a happy posting or the frowning one if an angry or complaining post. Is it technically possible to have the facility to set an icon at the start of one's posting, say a LOG or a BRICK for a story about solid jobb! ies, a "SPLAT" for diarrhea tales, a WATERING CAN or a SHOWER HEAD for urination related accounts? The readers could see if the story was to their taste or not and either read or skip it. How about it Moderator?

Smartboy, a marvellous buddy dump with your teacher. I wish I could have done that with the pretty read headed teacher I had in Primary (Grade) School. I often fantasised about buddy dumping with her when I was a kid.

Elena what does the ^-^;; mean that you put at the end of some sentences?

Monday, March 20, 2000

i have very hard and painful bowel movements. i dont know why. i dont eat anything bad... i eat very healthy foods actually. i am 23, 5'4" and weight 120 pounds. i excersise often. i think i am in good condition. it's just that sometimes i'm in the bathroom for up to an hour trying to squeeze my movements out. i usually leave the bathroom with a sore backside, all red and swollen, and have to lay on the couch to recooperate for about another hour. i've been thinking about trying laxitives to help out, but dont know the first thing about them like which ones are good, which ones are bad. i also dont want laxitives to interfere with my diet pills. my girlfriend is on the same diet but i've seen that she has normal bowel movements. does anybody know what i can do to fix this problem? maybe someone can help me and give me some advice as to what to do when i'm on the toilet and trying to pass a hard movement.

Dan: Whatever your friend, I rather have diarrhea, than puking. Although diarrhea gives cramps, I'd live with the cramps than the queasy sick feeling of vomiting. I haven't experienced anything like that since ninth grade. We used to get brutally sick. A stomach virus is nasty and frightening for a kid. Then again about ten years ago, when I did not take care of myself I had the worst liquid diarrhea at work. I thought I was going to die. Once my cousin a girl, got sick at school suddenly. Her friends took her to the nurse. Jeanette was her name, was sitting in the waiting room when she started vomiting. It was like a faucet we could not shut off. Afraid to send her home in the streets. Her mom had to come and get her. It lasted through the evening and night. After a day her bowels were loose and stayed that way until she was given antibiotics. She was cleaned out good. Then she was given a binding agent.

Lorie: Good story of you and Anna group dumping. I was in coll! ege. We has an open campus which neighborhood kids took advantage. That summer I was shooting baskets in the gym. We had a womens toilet in the athletic department. There were two stalls on with a door one without. I was in the stall without the door. A girl of 11 walked in with her bike. I was making a normal bowel movement 4 pieces five inches long about 11AM. She saw me and said, "I need that toilet. I have to make doo-doo and watch my bike." I told her to wait and I laid a 10 second fart. She could not wait too much longer. I told her I would watch her bike. We recognized each other. She took the next stall, closed the door, unsnapped her shorts, slid them down and her panties. I heard an uh, uh, uh then a splash. Then another uhhhhhh and 2 loud splashes. I had her bike and my basketball at my legs. I was finished, wiped and pulled up my yellow panties and maroon cotton gym shorts with a 2.5 in. inseam. My masterpiece was so good I did not flush. I waited for little friend! . I did not rush her. She opened the door to me to thank me for watching her bike. She reached for toilet paper with her blue shorts and pink panties at her knees. She stood up to wipe. She said, "I do this at school everyday."

Timid Tigress: I prefer aircraft bathrooms as opposed bus bathrooms.

PV: Good to see you. I like my loose short dresses or skirts during the warm weather. Sometimes I will wear a slip. I have done a standing pee with oversized gym shorts. I prefer to sit on the bowl to pee. When I ran around the rural countryside in puberty, I did not wear panties. It was fun.

Sondra: Where you been, girl?

Lorie: As for bonding, in junior high school we moved into new quarters with a simple 9x12 water closet with a toilet and sink. I had found another toilet where I could be alone. In 9th grade, I was in public school and in a dire emergency, I made wicked and crazy doo-doo in a three stall no-doors bathroom. It was one of my first. Only, because I saw my friend, Veronica having a bowel movement. Her blue dress, pink nylon panties and white slip were at her waist. I knew I could not hold it back, if she could not. High school had no showers. They were disabled years earlier. I went to a community college and we were treated to a new gym. The locker rooms had new toilets and showers. I was 18. I would change my clothes into my gym shorts and t-shirt. I always had to rest my bowels before squad practice or tennis. So, I would put on my shorts only and head to the toilet with my shirt over the back of my neck, wearing a simple bra. I used to release some heavy, gassy doo-doo and ur! inate loudly while I would gossip with the girls. I was eating lots of fruit and drinking lots of water back then. My titties were a little stacked. But, I looked like a school girl. The stalls had locking doors. My cheerleading coach, Susan would take me into her private faculty toilet. It had two stalls, one for wheelchairs. We would each take a stall and talk. She would lock the outer door for our privacy.


Hi, everybody! Here is one of my earlier experiences. It happened when I was studying in high school in my 13th year. I used to go for special class in my teacher's house. She is around 28yrs, tall and with an athletic body. Since the exam was very near, my teacher told me to spend a whole day there with mathematics lessons. In the evening, I was very much tired. Teacher told me to take a wash in the Bathroom and be ready for the next session in the evening and she went out to some place. I went to her bathroom. I got undressed and began to pour water on my body. After few seconds I heard the door open. To my surprise I saw my teacher coming inside dressed in gown. She saw me taking bath naked. Without looking at me she went and sat on the commode lifting her night gown. She was not wearing any panty. She sat facing me. Being ashamed she never looked at me but looked down. I continued my bath. After few seconds I heard her peeing sound. Then she let out a lou! d fart followed by small farts. After the flow of farts, I heard a plop sound which seemed like the sound of a big stone falling on the pond. Then she started dropping more turds. Again she let out a hissing long fart. Then she passed some small jobbies which made the sound of rain falling on water. Then she leaned and took toilet paper and wiped her ass. She got up and walked out without flushing properly. When she went out, I looked at the bowl and was amazed to see the long fat turds and a collection of pellet type turds. I sat on the toilet and passed mine over my teacher's turds. It was a new experience to watch my pretty teacher poop. I still remember this experience with thrill.

To John/Edna's husband:
No I don't think there is anything wrong with you since I have experienced a very similar "drop in performance".
I could never manage "logs" like some described here, but back in my twenties my output was certainly more substantial than now. Back then I could manage the occasional firm turd and maybe an inch thick, but now it is always soft, and never in large quantities.
Like you I have a younger wife who has no such problem. She regularly dumps 2 inch thick logs, and likes to tell me how much she enjoyed it!

I'd like to offer my sincere apologies to the Brits for my last post. I did not mean to single you guys out as I ranted about how unfair it is to criticize another's contributions, as I realize you didn't mean to single out any particular contributor. You are among the best writers in this forum and give it some good substance. I want to set the record straight and will promise this will be the last word from me about this, as I think people are getting tired of the argument.

I agree that loose stools and diarrhea are not normal for most healthy folks, and there are many that have never experienced it. However, it does happen, and its unusual nature does prompt someone to write about it, since people are more apt to write about unusual events. I agree it is a rather unpleasant experience and would understand why some would not like to read about it. But it's almost impossible to deny the existence of loose movements and diarrhea, and unfortunately for some, part! icularly those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), it is a regular part of their lives. As far as any difference between US and UK in terms of solid vs. loose movements, I don't have a very good answer and won't venture to speculate.

As far as encouraging or discouraging certain kinds of stories, I think that positive feedback about the stories you do like is the best way to encourage those kinds of stories. I believe there are many who share your views, but I'm sure there are many others who either disagree or think you all (or we all) are taking this way too seriously. I think it would be a very big mistake if, as George suggests, the forum were to be split between "loose" and "solid" motions. I believe the audience who like all solid or all loose stories would be very small, and this would drive away all but the most diehard contributors. The vast majority do enjoy the mix of stories the appear hear, especially with the content being void of any vulgar langua! ge or inappropriate sexual material.

The bottom line is, if you don't like a particular story, skip it, ignore it, and read on. Sorry about the ranting, but it's been a very stressful last two weeks. I have some stories to share once the project is over.

you all talk about going to the bathroom at different places. but what happens if you got no place to go? do you go in your pants or do you pull em down and go? do you make it public or do you try to hide it?

have any of you been walking down the street or something and suddenly you find yourself shitting or peeing in your undies when you didn't even feel like you had to go? that happened to me. i was walking to a restaurant to have lunch and when i sat down i felt a wet lump in my panties, i ran to the teh bathroom and there was poop in there.

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