Hi there its my first time but I work with Jodie and we were discussing this site while we were pooing at work yesterday. We had had a big night out and were feeling pretty rough, I said I had to go and have a long quiet poo, Jodie said she would join me. We went to the secluded upstairs toilets but sadly the five stalls were all in use with various smells and sounds coming from them. It seemed that everyone was pooing and chatting to each other. Out of the five occupents at least two were straining hard, through the gap in one of the doors I could see Vanessa (tall slim blonde) sitting and talking to her neighbour about her poo, she said it was the biggest she had had for a long time. By this time Jodie and I are bursting to the extent that we may have to use the mens. Finally one toilet flushes quickly followed by another, two neighbouring doors open and two of our collegues leave, the smell of fresh poo was strong but our needs were great. I closed the door and dropped my p! anties and heard Jodie do the same. I sat on the still warm toilet seat and relaxed and let nature take its cause. Jodie let out a large fart and we laughed, it wasn't long before I let a couple out as well. Vanessa in the stall on the other side finally dropped her huge dump and a huge plop was heard and a sigh of relief, I asked her if she had finished and she said there was more to come. Jodie and me now started our shitting, we both had to strain a little to form the initial logs out, mine was a series of medium poos with gas mixed in, Jodie forced a big one out, I heard crackling to my right and left as Jodie and Vanessa both dropped huge logs, by now we were having good indepth conversations about our movements. I forced a couple more logs out and had a good wipe before flushing and telling Jodie I'd wait for her. I stepped out of the stall and waited, again I could see Vanessa continuing with her mega poo, Jodie took about 10 minutes to finish her business then wiped an! d flushed and we went on our way.

Can you tell me about your pooing stories at work, do you poo together with collegues and chat while performing, do you find a quiet stall, when, where, how, who with please tell me all

Hi again

Steve, thanks for telling me about Louise, I do agree that stories of accidents can be exciting somehow. She must look fantastic in tight trousers or short skirts, I often wear the same, by the way!

On Tuesday night I was with my friend Anna (the one I have seen wet herself in the past), and we were giving a lift to a young friend, Tizzie. Tizzie is 12, and very pretty, very mature looking in her figure, and quite tall.

She often wears very short skirts, and on Tuesday she was wearing a very short snug-fitting grey miniskirt, with two slits at the sides, and sheer slightly shiny tights, which showed off her legs to good effect. She would have passed for 16 I would have thought!

As she got into the back seat of the car I couldn't help but see her white knickers, it looked as if she was wearing them over her tights. She looked fantastic!

Anna and I were chatting away, but I was aware of Tizzie fidgeting in the back seat! , I could see through the passenger courtesy mirror (Anna was driving). From the expression on her face, it looked as though she was desperate for the toilet, but perhaps too embarrassed to say!

After a little while, my suspicions were confirmed, when Tizzie looked down at herself, her short skirt had ridden up to the extent that her white cotton knickers were clearly visible! Wow, what a sight!

I think she was thinking that I couldn't see her, but Tizzie then proceeded to hold herself, with the palm of her right hand over the crotch of her white knickers, biting her lip, and looking anxious. Then she put her left hand so that she was holding herself with both hands, obviously in an attempt to stop herself from weeing there and then!

Poor girl, she was obviously wanted to go very badly, as she rocked backwards and forwards in her seat.

"Are you all right, Tizzie?" I asked, knowing the likely answer!

"Claire, I'm so very desperate,! I'm nearly wetting myself, I think I'm going to do it, I simply can't hold on any longer, I'm going to wet myself, I know I am."

At that point Anna joined in, to say that she didn't mind if her car seat got wet, because it had happened to her, when she had got stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway (I hadn't known that!).

"I'm starting to do it - can you please stop the car Anna, please please" exclaimed Tizzie. I could clearly see a wet patch on the crotch of my pretty friend's white knickers! Tizzie really was wetting herself!

There was a layby ahead, so Anna pulled in, I was wondering what was going to happen, because it was a busy main road, and there were quite a number of people around. Tizzie jumped out of the car the instant it stopped, and stood by the car, with a strange look on her face.

A brief instant later, a trickle ran down first her left leg, then both legs, the trickle quickly growing in intensity as Tizzie lost it totally! , weeing down both her lovely legs, clad in silky smooth tights. What a sight!

At one point she seemed to stop weeing, but then the flow started again, as if she had realised that she might as well do the lot in her knickers! It seemed to go on for ages.

"That's the worst one I've ever done" Tizzie gasped, with the clear implication that there were other times too that she had wet herself!

We found an old piece of carpet in the boot for Tizzie to sit on, and as we drove on home the three of us exchanged stories of when we had each wet ourselves, or when we had seen girl friends of ours wet themselves, actually we had quite a few stories to share!

Best Wishes


Jane. I don't think you're being entirely fair. The British observations regarding the content of US postings, especially in relation to loose motions, are just general observations. I don't think there is, or was, any intention to criticise particularly.

I accept that I my tone may have sounded heavy handed in relation Chris but it could hardly have been otherwise. If someone posts indicating that they are contemplating a course of action which is foolish, illegal or both, other contributors have a moral duty to dissuade that person from their intended course of action in the strongest possible terms. Inevitably, this sometimes means being forthright and sounding perhaps harsher than is really intended.


Friendly Observer: I think the reason one is more likely to find doors and partitions separating toilets, as opposed to showers, is because it is more offensive (to most, not me) to see someone shitting than to see someone bathing.

I just noticed a typo in my post from yesterday. Just as I started to type, my partner drove into the garage. I panicked and posted before I could proof it. He does not understand my interest in this subject and would probably be upset if he knew I regularly visit this site. I always have to remember to clear the cache and history in my computer.

I had an eerie incident at work last week. I was in the stall at work, and the only one in the restroom, when I heard someone walk in and proceed to wash their hands, tear off paper towels, dry their hands, then open the door and leave. I clearly heard the door slam shut. But I had this strange feeling the person did not leave. I quietly finished up. While I was wiping, I did not! hear a sound, but still had a feeling someone was in the restroom. I stood up and took my time buckling my pants and tucking in my shirt, all the time trying to sense if someone was in the restroom. I looked through the crack between the door and partition and did not see anyone, so I convinced myself I was alone. I usually do not leave the stall if someone else is in the restroom, so I waited about 30 seconds, just to make sure, then opened the door and stepped out of the stall. I jumped when I saw a man standing there in silence holding a paper towel in his hand. He gave me a smile, then turned around and exited the restroom. I know everyone by face who works in that building and I had never seen him before, nor have I seen him since. It was kind of scary but also interesting.

I had a good old-fashioned public bathroom experience with Chuck at work on Friday. We can dress as casual as we want on Fridays and that day Chuck had on sweats and a T-shirt. It was easy to tell he didn’t have underwear on given how tight his gray sweats were. Earlier that morning I had run into Chuck in the bathroom, he was only peeing but he had his sweat pants around his ankles even though there were two other guys peeing on either side of him. Right near the end of his piss he ripped a medium loud, but very long fart. It was wild seeing that happen with his naked ass for everyone to see. You could tell the other two guys were embarrassed. But when Chuck looked up at the ceiling a hooted, one of the other guys started laughing hard and patted Chuck on the bat. Later that morning, Chuck came by my office early than usual. “Dude, I gotta go BAD.” He must have really had to go because as we were walking down the hall, Chuck started waddling a little. “Oh man, I can! barely hold it in.” Chuck went charging through the door and carefully waddled into the stall. I went into the next stall and since no one was in the bathroom I stood up on the toilet seat and looked over the partition so I could see Chuck do what he does best. He literally ripped down his sweats and I could see a big one already poking way out of his hole. He bent over so I could get a better look, “This sucker wants to come out, NOW.” He slammed his ass on the seat and after some of the most glorious crackling that just kept going on and on and on and on, he had a very powerful explosion that propelled his gigantic brick turd into the water with a heavy splash. He also shot out about 6 really small turds one after another, all with big grunts and groans throughout. They all plopped quite nicely. Then Chuck looked up at me and said, “I got more dude.” He leaned forward and grunted for a minute or so and then a quick crackling started and then he proceeded to keep up! a crackling shit sound for the next 97 seconds. A cascade of small turds just kept dropping into the water and the crackling sound just kept going on and on along with Chucks moans and guttural grunts. It was truly remarkable and I was LOVING it. Towards the end of this wave, a few larger turds plopped out loudly with Chucking going, “OH … OH… OH… UH. Then Chuck had another explosion and some soft shit came spurting out of his hole. Chuck stamped his feet one at a time (just like Jeff Daniels did in DUMB AND DUMBER – he loved that scene). I started clapping and cheering him on – and he was laughing in his devil-may-care high-pitched falsetto chuckling that echoed throughout the bathroom. After spraying, splatting, and farting out a whole bunch of soft shit while he’s stomping his feet loudly on the bathroom floor, he was finally done. I was literally weak from excitement. Then I got a great birds eye view watching him wipe and when he came out of the stall I immedi! ately shook his hand and complimented him on one of his best performances. He beat on his chest and hooted, then left the bathroom laughing on his way out.

To Me: I listen to Gary Craig In Maryland, so im not from Ct

Happy st pat's day to all-looking forwawrd to some corned beef and cabbage and reading all of your poo stories in the next couple of days!TO ANDY-i used to poo along with the nurse friend of mine in the woods in the summer-We used to get totally undressed and wiet till wew really had to go and then squat down across from each other and watch the poo exit each other anus,It was great-she always did more than me-this nurse could really go.Check some of my old posts for me detail.Got up this a.m. and had to poo,so i sat on the bowl and let out a long pre poop fart and let out a smooth sausage of poop followed by some mush and that was it,but it felt great.I got off as the mush was coming out my ass,interrupting the flow a few times.Does that happen to any of you other guys when you are pooing and you get off?Careful how you all answer this,i don't want to upset the moderators- just curious.Enjoy,all and eat and poop like crazy for ol'st. pat! BYE

Fat Woman
I must say I was shocked by Chris's idea to spike his mother's party punch with laxatives. He could make people seriously ill. Plus, people aren't stupid. He WILL be found out and depending on where he lives, could get sued.
TONY- Our toilets did not have weak flushes and on the occasions my mom did big whoppers, she would flush the toilet twice, watching to make sure it all went down. Personally, I don't have an interest in seeing poo, it just doesn't excite me, but I respect other tastes. I am now in my late 30s and live on my own but often I visit my mom and I still take every opputunity to eavesdrop. Her bowel habits are pretty much the same and she is still quite heavy. Do you still eavesdrop on yours? Also I was wondering, did your bathroom door have a keyhole and did you ever peep on your mum? If so, how did she sit? What were her facial expressions? Is/was she heavy like mine or slender? I will post some more stories later if anyone has some requests.

PV... Ha ha, yes. People often assume that for women to dress scantily like that is impractical, but I think girls like you and Louise know better!
It might be difficult to think of Louise's mother in quite the same way again! When I asked about it in response to her wicked teasing about the other night, Louise did admit that it was her mother who taught her the 'spread and lift' when she was just 9 years old, even though she has always been able to just stand 'hands free' and do it quite tidily. She does think 'spread and lift' does produce a slightly better result though, and of course, if she is standing and needs a good aim it's the way she does it. She says she did see an interesting article about it in a women's magazine, but it was not how she learned the technique. Apparently, Louise's sister can also do it very well, but I've not verified that personally!
Your stories of using the steel wall-type urinals are amazing! It must have been quite a gusher you produc! ed on that first time. Louise says your own experiences sound quite similar to hers, with a few girls in her group able to use the urinals in the same way. There were NO privacy screens. Unfortunately, on that occasion some women pointed their bums at the urinals, and pushed their genitals down, trying to direct their urine streams backwards! Apparently this wasn't too successful, and though some urine did go into the urinals, these women mostly sprayed their wee around wildly and just couldn't control where it went. The result was a wet floor, and girls with wee all over their legs and shoes etc. All women take note!!! Us guys have to use that room afterwards (only joking, girls wouldn't normally make a bigger mess than some of us guys)!
I've not been lucky enough to be in a men's room being commandeered by the ladies. I can only go from what Louise has told me about how they use the plumbing once in there.
The men's toilets at our local pool have no privacy screens, ! so when we use them, Louise and I can stand close together in front of the steel urinal.

Another three stories I would like to tell from the nudist beach...

There were very few instances of people pooping, at least as far as we saw. Apart from the younger girl in the teenage family we met and spent time with, not too many seemed to take to the idea of doing it in the sea, though weeing at the water's edge was a common sight.
At one place we stopped on the beach, there was a grassy area around 10 feet in diameter and around 20 feet away from us. Louise lay on her front, tanning her back. I lay next to her, face up. I felt her nudge me with her elbow, and she gestured to make me look at the grassy area nearby. A couple in their early twenties had stopped to use it. I think it was the man who used it first and stood weeing over it. His girlfriend watched with interest, and Louise also had a near full frontal view as she watched him while pretending to be asl! eep. The man then turned around. He bent over, bum hovering over the grass and after a brief moment, he dropped a turd into it. His girlfriend didn't watch him do it. When it came to be the girlfriend's turn, her need seemed to be more urinary. She semi-squatted over the grass and trickled a very gentle stream for what seemed an eternity. I think she was very shy about urinating in public as she did it with her eyes shut, and it affected her flow. The boyfriend had turned his back, which seemed rather pointless, as there were other people who would have been able to see. Once finished, the girl wiggled her bum, stood up straight, took her boyfriend's hand and they both went on their way.

The only other instance of pooping we know of involving that grassy area was a little more spectacular. The beach was quite crowded inland from the grassy area, and we were between it and the sea. From a short distance away, a couple in their late thirties approached the grass with th! eir 4 children, two girls and two boys. This family decided to practice toilet segregation for the sexes, unlike the family we spent time with. The boys, who looked about 12 and 10 years of age, went with their father to the water's edge, as they all peed with their backs to the beach. Louise could see slightly better than I could, and she could see their streams arcing out high. Possibly they were competing for distance! In contrast, the mother and the girls, who were around 14 and 7 years of age, were looking at the grass and seemed to be discussing how to use it. All three of them were shifting from foot to foot, and obviously badly needed to wee. While the father ushered the boys back to where the family was sitting down further along the beach, and then he rejoined his partner and daughters. After a few words were exchanged between the adults, to our surprise the father picked up the older girl in his arms and held her suspended over the grass. She was facing away from th! e main crowds on the sands, so her bum was toward us. Needless to say, her genitals were on show. I don't think she was happy about being in such an undignified position and was a bit mad at her dad, but without further bidding, she released a surging gusher of urine. What a waterfall that was, and the last dribbles ran down and dripped from her bum. Her father put her down and immediately picked up the 7 yo girl in the same way. Her genitals also visible now, she began weeing and squirted a strong stream which stopped and restarted several times, but I estimated it was rather a lot of urine for such a small body to hold. Before she had finished weeing, her anus opened up and she squeezed out a quite large turd, following up the main piece with a long series of little round pellets popping out in rapid succession. In the meantime, the mother had been continuing to do a pee dance, hopping from foot to foot. In the end, she gave up waiting, deciding to just squat and squirt. The! elder girl stood behind her to block the view from the back, but fron the front we still could see a yellow torrent which blasted into the sand.

To Jack... I won't name them, as it wouldn't be very nice, but my girlfriend Louise told me was once in a ladies toilet with some prominent British female celebrities. She had to wait for them all to finish their business as she didn't trust them, and in her words, "They had the doors open, and they were all pissing and shitting and didn't care who saw!"

Bye for now,


Anne (Bus driver)
Jane, if you come to England let me buy you tin of Whiskas (cat food)and a large saucer of milk. I cant speak for the other British posters but I deduce that they were merely expressing an opinion that the balance of postings in recent times seems to have been towards stories of mushy loose poos and diarrhea and that they would wish to see not necessarily less of these but more about people passing large solid, formed motions to balance the picture. I laugh at you Yanks sometimes, all that high sounding rhetoric about "Freedom of Speech" and the almost sacred "First Amendment" but I feel that it is freedom of speech only when you agree with it. We didnt have Senator Joe Macarthy and the witch hunts against anyone slightly left wing here in the UK, and although we dont have a written constitution or a First Amendment I would contend that we have a press with a wider spectrum of opinion in Britain. Even as regards so called pornography one can find far more explicit magazines c! atering for almost every taste, straight and gay on the top shelves of newsagents magazine racks in the UK than in parts of the USA. I did find your rather "in your face" posting a bit offensive, but perhaps diplomacy and tact are Old World attributes?

Adrian, I dont have a lot to relate of interest recently. I have passed some good big solid turds, usually two jobbies at a sitting, the larger about 9 inches long the smaller about 6, both just over 2 inches thick with good "kur-sploonk!" sound effects. No incidents on the stage carriage bus routes but after Easter I will be doing some excursion driving on a coach so may have some tales to tell.

PV, I agree that it is annoying when you pass a nice big jobbie and it shoots up the hidden bend out of sight. I have done this often in the past and sometimes it slides back down into view a while later. I suppose you will call it the "Phantom Poo". The other type which I sometimes do and find amusing is the unsinkab! le jobbie. This is often a fat solid turd of about 6 or 7 inches or a fat lump the size of a tennis ball and a floater. When the flush is pulled the bigger jobbie passed which usually sinks will go away, perhaps after 2 or 3 flushes but the floating turd or ball will remain bobbing up and down in the water. This doesnt bother me at all of course, but is somewhat amusing. Eventually it becomes waterlogged, sinks and flushes away.

One of the other women bus drivers did an interesting jobbie yesterday in our ladies toilet. I dont know who did it but it was a smooth, fat, light brown sausage. It wasnt that long, about 6 inches I suppose but seemed to have been sticky as it wouldn't budge despite this toilet having quite a powerful flush. I wonder what she had been eating. When I used that toilet again later, for wee wee, it was still there but this time it went away leaving a large brown outline skid mark on the bottom of the pan. I supopose some foods with a lot of glut! en would produce sticky stools like this.

I hope Chris saw sense and didnt put laxatives in the punch. One time a driver at my depot did this, putting a powerful tasteless laxative, (the type used to clear out the bowels before a colonoic examination),in the orange juice in the canteen during. I was lucky as I dont like orange so only drink coke or Dr Pepper from the cold drink machine, not the free orange. Anyway, several drivers called in an hour or so later with severe attacks of the runs and a couple of both genders were taken short and shit their underpants. The company thought that the food in the canteen was to blame and the Public Health inpected the canteen and stool samples were taken.This of course discovered the presence of th laxative and suspicions were raised. The culprit was stupid enough to boast about his actions and was given instant dismissal by the company and a good beating a few weeks later by a couple of the male drivers who had been victims o! f his prank and didnt find it all that amusing. He was alos lucky not to be prosecuted for administering a noxious substance with intent to cause harm. So be warned, a joke is a joke, but some can have serious effects. I shudder to think what this prank could have done to someone suffering from colitis or taking medicines with which it could have had bad interactions. Even the contraceptive pill can be undone by attacks of diarrhea, though I dont think any of my female colleagues becamne pregnant as a result.

Hello all, this is my first time posting here. I'm here as I was shown this sit by a poster of this site.. you may know him a Cousin. I'm his fiance and well I was kinda surprised when he and Linda told me they post on this site. For those of you who have read his posts... no I'm not the same Elena he posted about a while back. I do know him from high school and yes I DID know Elena Ramiez. (This girl was born with no modesty at all ^-^;;) Anyway, I'm posting something kinda small as I have others to post.. this one is quite embarassing as well.. I'm not as "free spirited" as Ms. Ramiez.. I'm quite timid as to my potty habits.( yes I suffer from the dreaded shy bladder and bashful bowels) Anyway it happened a few months ago. Miquel and I (Yup that's cousin's name.. so ends the mystery) were watching TV and I kept sneaking the remote from him to check on the football (soccor to a great deal of you) scores while he was watching the movie.. the Big Hit. He galred at me and said i! f you keep that up.. I'm gonna tie your hands together. Most men bluff.. but I forgot my man is different... so after I did that 3 more times he tackled me and taped my hands together behind my back. (well one thing I do love about him is.. he never fails to get his point across ^-^;;;)And I found out first hand how strong masking tape really is. Anyway a few minutes later.. I regreted those 3 glasses of iced tea and was bursting. I squirmed left and right and finally I said... I have to go.. BAD!! He said oh okay.. and he had this wicked look in his eye. He said I'll take you the same way the cute asian girl was in the movie(CUTE?! Grrrrrrr)I thought he was joking (I shoud no better by now shouldn't I?) And he walked me to the bathroom.. I was still taped up and hopping from one foot to the next. To my shock he reached under my skirt and looking away (bold but shy) he pulled my panties down enough to where what needed to be exposed was. I held my skirt back a bit as I sat down. I was nervous like heck. I mean I have never NEVER gone with anyone in the room and well.. he's only seen me in my underwear. He stood there watching me with an unblicking eye as I sat there tense and with an ocean in my poor pulsating bladder. I said oops sorry no show.. guess it went away. (I was lying.. I was about ready to explode!! he then said well here this will get you in the mood. he turned on the water in the sink. NOO!! I felt every drop hit like a bomb in my head and in my bladder.. finally I said.. please leave the water running. He must have felt bad and he agreed.. so then the dam burst and oh I felt heavenly. I mena my body shook with relief. I shut my eyes as I didn't want to see him there watching. After like 2 minutes of straight peeing I opened my eyes and looked at him with a blushing face. He looked rather sad (Ha guilt is such a beautiful thing) So he cut me loose and said he'd leave me to do the paperwork. He shut the door and I sat there with my face in my hands. It was embarassing.. but.. I felt this kinda exciting naughty feeling deep in the back of my head. I've never done anything like this at all. But.. embarassment a side.. I kinda liked it. So I wiped,, pulled up my panties (sorry I'm not telling what color they are =Ž) And went and sat down next to him and leaned my head on his shoulder. And told him.. he'd pay when he had to pee. And I always keep my threats. Well that's all for now. hope you enjoyed it. Later.


Saturday, March 18, 2000

Timid Tigress
Hello, all. I got back Sunday afternoon from my spring break trip to sunny California, except that it wasn't sunny. In fact, it rained some every day except Monday and Friday. But I had some interesting bathroom experiences. On the plane from Atlanta to San Jose, I used the toilet. I really like airplane bathrooms. Everything's at your reach, and it's nice and clean. I like them much better than bus bathrooms that have too much room to stumble around in. And one night, when we all ate at a nice Indian restaurant that was extremely crowded, I found out that their bathroom was a unisex one with only one toilet. A friend of mine got embarrassed when she almost walked in one a guy in there. Many of the bathrooms I visited throughout my trip had the automatic-flush toilets that flush when you get up from them. I get unnerved by thse, thinking they'll overflow while I'm still in there. I did run into a slight problem that week, though. The house where we stayed was already occupied by at least 5 other people, and there were 5 of us. We were asked politely by one of our friends not to hog up the bathrooms at night, since this was when the residents there all showered. Well, because I was afraid of taking up too much time in there, I forced myself to hold in my poop, even though I knew i needed to go. I didn't get constipated too badly, and I was able to let it out in installments whenever I had a free moment to do so. Now that I'm back here and in my normal routine, my bowels are back to normal too.
Now, here's my feedback on the subject of Americans having runny movements. I myself very seldom have a case of the runs. I also very rarely have hard painful ones. So I guess mine are the usual sort. Just about the only time I have a problem is if I'm coming down with something or I've eaten something that didn't agree with me. About two years ago, when I first started eating Indian food, I'd get a case of the runs if I'd eaten cu! rry for a week or so. But now Indian food is the least of my worries. As to the richness of our foods, I guess some of our food is rich. But compared with mexican and Indian food, ours is pretty bland, especially what I've eaten in California. Our food here in the south is pretty greasy, though. But I guess what upsets a person's stomach depends on the person. and as to the changing of underwear, I change mine everyday if I can help it. I don't feel clean if I wear mine for more than a day, even if they don't have any stains or skid marks.
Okay, I'll sign off. I'm going on a camping trip this weekend, and I'll post anything interesting that occurs with the bathrooms, and something almost always occurs.

Has any men ever pooped or ever wanted to in bed ON PURPOSE

Randi-pre-op transsexual-IN
I just saw yesterday on the CNN ticker that a town council in IOWA is now outlawing men from using the women's restrooms. Did anyone else see that? I feel sorry now for the pre-op transsexuals and transgendered people. They will have to be even more carefull now. Nothing neew with me. I still can't hold a job becuse of restroom issuses here in Indiana and my poops have been alright lately.

Sandra: I work in a fairly quiet office, and there are rarely more than three or four women in the restroom at any one time, but the busiest times for pooping is usually right after lunch. Presently, I poop at work perhaps twice a week, though I used to poop much more often, almost every day at work. I usually wait until I get home to poop.

It seems like all the folks from the UK have banded together to voice their displeasure for seeing diarrhea stories on this site. I find it a bit mean-spirited to criticize others' postings and pointless to say it is not appropriate to post here, since it is the job of the moderator to regulate what is and what is not appropriate to post. Folks, no one is forcing you to read or like every story in the Toilet, and no one is forcing you to write diarrhea stories. I just resent someone openly criticizing another's contribution that the moderator has deemed appropriate for this site, and with such an arrogant tone, as if one group! is superior to another. I apologize if this ends up hurting someone's feelings, but I sometimes feel I must speak up if there is a hint of a personal attack. I also apologize if this is a bit off-topic.

I will have more stories once my special project at work is over.

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